Tales from a Cold and Icy Tuesday

Good morning! Here was my view yesterday. We had a few minutes of sun and periods where the sun would try to shine through. I guess it gives hope! I called it “Southern Lights” on Instagram lol.

I think this was one of my favorite moments of the day. Because we have not seen the sun in days it seems. It did not last long. It snowed or flurried small flakes off and on all day.

So I had the best banana and peanut butter toast yesterday and drizzled with honey. It was filling. I thought about Elvis. I started my work day with this.

I had a buddy joining me all day yesterday. Little Bit was at my feet by the vent or was on the bed.

Yes I know the vent is rusted. I need to unscrew the vent, get the rust off and spray paint it. I’ve just not been that enthusiastic about something one rarely sees. I mean usually I’m not standing on my head taking photos of the floor, lol.

And then Roger also joined me for a while. He sometimes lets his head sleep on the floor. I think he is sometimes too tired to fool with getting his whole body on the bed and he just goes with that. Roger was mainly in the room b/c his Daddy was in the room earlier on the office part of the bedroom that he uses. The poor guest bedroom is now also two offices including the guest bedroom. And my changing room. Poor bedroom has to be multifunctional.

I think I’ve mentioned before we NOW have 4 computer stations in the house. That is 4 office areas! Two in the guest bedroom, my home office room which used to be a bedroom and then George is using the dining room table as a desk for his work.

Yesterday’s calendar message. These messages always seem to be relevant for the day you see the message. I’ve been prettied concerned for my daughter and her hubby and little Roo. They are just in a situation among 3.3 million other Texans w/o power.

They are staying with friends and was told that someone at the ranch is paying for a hotel room so they could have hot showers. No one has water. The whole town is out except for a few places. This is concerning and I hope the situation improves in a hurry. I keep praying.

Here’s a couple of cute pics Katy posted yesterday.

I just want things to get back to normal for everyone. But I am counting our blessings for being warm and with power and with water when 4+ million people across the nation do not have power and many without water also. I wish I could wave a magic wand. I can do that in a way. There is prayer. And I have prayed.

But today we are to receive our next winter storm. It starts at 3 p.m. today. Well it looks like they moved it to 6:00 p.m. I can see the snow already to our west though and it is supposed to bring 2-4 inches of snow and a .10 of ice. We are already still iced in.

I think it is not supposed to get much above freezing until Saturday or Sunday. I will be working on site once I can get out of the house and safely get there. I just have things to do that I cannot do here. I’m happy to say that many days next week are in the 50’s. At least it looked that way yesterday.

I had to get rid of the Valentine stuff on my phone. So I made a couple of new phone backgrounds via Canva, if you would like to download. I was happy the way they turned out. I went ahead and did one for March too. This first one looks pretty cool behind all my apps.

I have Little Roo on my Lock Screen.

I ordered some pics of Little Roo from Shutterfly earlier in the week. I have had so many things on the to do list but not really a stretch of time to do them. I have a return from Amazon to do. I have to take the receipt Amazon mailed me to the local UPS store. I don’t even have to box it up. They will do it for me there for free. But we have to dig out of the ice first. I have until March something so it’s ok.

I am not sure when I will have time to work on iMovies again. It looks like I’ll be working this weekend again and then we have another work week. And I think the following weekend I’m going to Mom’s. So…..this year has just been one big DELAY. I miss doing them. But I’m at least making progress. At least the upgrade has happened, and I have both external drives, one for back up and one for the files. I haven’t even had time to move all the files over. I need a stretch of time for that when I’m not rushed. So much I want to do but my personal goals are on hold I guess while I deal with life itself and everyone else’s wishes.

Ok I’m going to get off now before I talk myself into being sad/mad about not having any spare time lately. But the chores and work responsibilities have to be met. I have relaxed some and watched some shows here and there. But I’m way behind on that too. It may seem like we have a lot of time at home but we are working FT and then some, and just haven’t had a lot of spare time beyond the chores and such.

I also have to stop and do some mending. My best blue pants, the new ones, the hem totally came out all around. I have to go see if I can find my sewing box first of all, LOL. So stuff just keeps coming up that has to be done before I can start playing again. But soon. I’m not worried about it but I miss working on my hobbies/goals. It does a body good!

And those are my thoughts for the day. How are you doing and how’s the weather where you are? Keep warm and keep hoping and praying for Spring, as well as all those folks without power/water.

Photo by Trang Pham on Pexels.com

Take care. Til Tomorrow.

Dear Lord

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger on Pexels.com

Dear Lord,

Help me not to bite anyone’s head off today after not getting much sleep last night due to Roger’s needing to get up and down out of bed, and neither of us not getting much sleep. Even when he is sleeping sound, I am now waking up for no reason from dreaming that he needs up or down out of bed and attended to.

Thank you for helping me to be calm when I stepped in his sh#@ this morning in the dark and spread it all over the carpet, while I was already aghast and mad at the lack of sleep. And for George who patiently cleaned it up while I showered and got the crud off my feet.

Thank you for the hot coffee to wake me up. And the essential oils in my shower to lighten my mood. And for my chair corner to read about loving others in John I and II while I’m ready to scream bloody murder through the neighborhood for my rude awakening this morning.

Thank you for my patience that we do not have pet friendly floors yet even though soon we will not have any pets any longer. And hopefully we will not have carpet any longer. Thank you also on that note for giving me patience with my husband that we still have blue linoleum since 2008 when we moved in and I said it was one of the first things I wanted to change in this house. Continue to give me patience with our outdated kitchen with it’s new microwave that has to be begged to work, with the nasty and broken stoves that make me not even want to be in the kitchen anymore, and the ugly outdated plastic countertops – or whatever they are made of. I promise to cook again and more often, if it gets updated.

I know somewhere in my heart I need to be grateful this morning. And I’m trying. But right now I’m crying out over a lack of sleep, lowered morale from life’s sh#@ which sheds light and brings to the surface all the other things in life I’m irritated with. I mean if one steps in sh#@ before coffee in the morning it seems to give license to moan and groan at least for a minute?

Thank you for being the father you are and for being patient with me for venting first instead of glorifying you and praising you first. I know you understand my human powers are not as perfectly ordered as yours. Thanks for being our refuge, our Daddy, that we can run and sit on your knees and pour our hearts out, with sh#@tty feet, clean feet, ugly feet, ugly kitchens, blue kitchens, shaggy carpet, and with dreams about wooden floors, RV’s, retirement, and most of all SLEEP. I know you take requests. I’m praying for all that by the way. Send your angels to guard me today. I’m going to need it. Can you send the archangel Michael? He seems nice. Does he look like John Travolta? Just kidding. I know that wasn’t nice. I can’t see him anyway. But for a morale booster on a sh#@ ladened day, it is a fun thought. Sorry! Forgive me several times I know I need it. I promise my attitude will get better. But keep me from the pitfalls – I mean sh#@falls of life!

In Jesus Name,


Back Home in Tennessee!

What a long one! Two days of travel but we are home again. Thanks for all your prayers over this long awaited and quickly fleeting trip to meet our Grandson. We made it. And here is a very tired ME, consoling Roger for the last few miles as we headed for the last 40 minutes to home.

Hoping George picked Nashville and not Jackson, MS LOL!

It was a pretty quick day. But the last few miles always the longest. We played “What am I thinking of?” And it lasted many miles! It takes a while to guess things like: Dust, Catholicism, Boppy, Cell Phone Tower, and Brewery. We had quite a few laughs.

At home we unloaded of course, which seemed to take forever in the cold wind. And I fixed spaghetti, which I’d been craving. Called my neighbor/house sitter/Little Bit looker-after and gave her a few surprises (and payment) for taking care of things, and got the remote back to the house/garage so I can get back in/out of the house tomorrow. It’s so nice to have someone to take care of these things.

We watched Below Deck and I went to bed at 8:00. I feel somewhat rested this morning and ready to tackle the things ahead. I had a bad dream though. I dreamed that the person in the position before me in my job, came back and fired me saying I was making too many mistakes. I kept saying “what mistakes?” They couldn’t tell me what they were as there were not that many other than just human ones that everyone does (+ or – 3%, lol). I realized I was being cast out because they liked someone else better than me. And came home and told George and we went to call our lawyer. Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream, LOL. Thank goodness. I like my job and want to keep it. I guess we dream of our fears. I’ve feared that I would lose the job because my grandson was born during the most critical time of the year. Of course, my company has been very kind to me through this. I’ve worried about this for some time because I am a responsible person and want to meet my obligations. And I’m happy to say that everyone realized family responsibility does indeed come first and my horribly timed vacation was approved. I was prepared to lose my job over it if I had to. But of course I’ll also be expected to pick up the pieces and get the quarter and the year closed as if nothing ever happened. I will try to do just that as best as I can. I will do what is humanly possible and will give it a few extra hours. And as George says, “You will do what a reasonable salaried person would do in this situation”. So yeah I won’t be living there but I’ll be trying to get the boxes ticked off the best I can. The first order of business though is getting the next payroll done and making up for being off last week. Then I can move forward to the rest.

Also there is a LOT of stuff to be done at home. Big things and little things. But we have a lot of time to work on it and through it. Plenty to keep me busy for a while. Most of it fun things. I will come up for air about March! lol

Anyway, glad to be home but I miss my Little Roo. Katy sent this to me yesterday of Findlay watching him in his swing.

So I better be off to work. Gotta shower and get ready first so as not to scare anyone. I’ve not even had coffee yet. I came to let you all know I was home while it was brewing and kept typing as usual!