Sunrise, SunDog, and Stupidity

The sky is firing up in the mornings when I leave. Last week though the sun was so bright in the mornings coming up this hill it was blinding. I had to take a different route out of the neighborhood so I wouldn’t be so blinded I couldn’t see again. That was scary.

Here is the screen shot of the hurricane. I see a rain band coming to Nashville. I hope everyone will be ok down there.

I enjoyed my shake yesterday. I added a banana. Who wouldn’t love that? It was really good. A coworker went and got a salad for us. I have had “luxurious salads” the last two days. I say luxurious b/c they cost a fortune but are so good. I’d missed my restaurant salads. And yesterday I had Logan’s salmon caesar salad. Yeah no calories in that at all loaded with parm cheese and some creamy caesar dressing. And to literally top it off, my coworker gave me the bacon and cheddar toppings thinking it was to go with my salad – neither of us realized at the time it was supposed to go on her loaded baked potato, LOL. Oh well. I told her it was good but I had thought whoever prepared the salad forgot what was to be on it. We laughed.

I’ve been seeing lots of sundogs lately. You can barely see this one. Go ahead and google sundog and click on images and you can see some with the full circle rainbow. Supposedly they are rare. I see them quite frequently at this location. The atmospheric conditions have to be right and it’s caused by light shining through ice crystals in the sky.

Supposedly it is good luck to see them but means “change” is coming. So the second one has to be true because things change all the time. Not sure about the good luck.

I do feel some change in the air though. There are signs of change no doubt poppin’ up every where. And of course it’s 2020, but 2021 could be even more interesting.

And for the stupidity part – George and I went to Kroger to get our grocery shopping done. I really didn’t get my list taken care of last weekend as we were at Mom’s. So we had a $200 trip this week. I think we kind of shocked ourselves. Plus the cost of groceries is no doubt going up.

The above pic shows how the carts were blocking the doors at Kroger (thus the Stupidity I mention). That is appalling. Nothing says we don’t care about our customer and employee safety more than that. I mean this is NOT an accidental empty box left at the back door while moving things around. This is a major entrance/exit. I wanted to go back and ask for a manager to fix it. But George was already headed to the car with our groceries so I just took a pic so I could help him. I’m about to email their corporate office. It needs to be addressed. I am just appalled. That is like Safety 101 for Idiots. Even if it were not a safety issue – it looks tacky.

Yes this is the Kroger North on Mount Juliet Road close to Lebanon Road. If it’s just a kid worker doing this and don’t know any better that is one thing but I hope the manager saw it and corrected it. Even an idiot would know not to do that, I would think. Geez. But again, it’s 2020. No one and no thing makes sense.

Hope ya’ll have a great day. I’m glad it’s Friday. Much to do at home. Looking forward to the weekend and doing “MY Agenda”!

Tropical Storm is Coming, Plus Flooring Likes vs Dislikes

I guess we will be getting some rain and wind from Hurricane Delta. It will still be a tropical storm when it gets to Nashville. This was as of yesterday afternoon. I’ve not listened to forecast today. We have a few shopping errands to run Saturday and I’m rethinking it. George says “nehh just take an umbrella”. Supposedly there is a window of time Saturday morning until Noon. I just really enjoy my Saturday mornings at home but maybe we can reverse it if it means beating the rain, wind, and storms – some could be severe.

Someone asked yesterday what flooring I was interested in. Probably something that is good for pets – like vinyl flooring. This is the look I’m going for:

Smooth, natural, long clean lines. I’m happy with either a light grey or a grey oak look. I don’t want a dark wood or really light – but something in between. This above is perfect as it has enough grey in it for me. Matter of fact, I like that a lot.

This is what I DO NOT WANT:

This looks choppy, busy, and just too much going on. It does not look natural and this would truly drive me crazy – ok crazier – hush up now! lol

So, it’ll be 2021 before we can get time to do it. But I’m looking forward to it for sure.

This is all I have time for this morning. Not sure where the time went. Must have been when cutting my hair. I chopped some off of the bottom. I’m going to see what one layer looks like if I can.

Gotta finish getting ready and go to work.

Starting the Labor Day Weekend and a Fun Day Out.

So this front came through and gave us some great temps yesterday with MUCH LESS humidity. We are getting our first taste of cooler drier air and a bit of fog in the mornings. And it is lovely by comparison to the hot humidity we have had the last couple to three weeks.

It’s a good weekend for the weather to give us hope for fall, as Labor Day Weekend is the weekend I get out the fall decor, put up my whites, and begin thinking about our fall schedule. We have some plans beginning to perk up but nothing huge. And likely no travel. I have a lot of plans for getting the house in order and some improvements done.

I am soon to be focusing on going through some things in the house and either disposing of it, donating it, or selling it. I’m not really wanting to do any more yard sales. I’ve said that before. But eventually we probably will do another one. It’s nickels and dimes and then some of the folks that have come kinda scare me a bit. There have been some crimes related to them as we live in that kind of world today. But all those little things you paid $ for you hate to just NOT get anything back for it.

So I need to find some type of on line sales thing for smaller items. I have one for my clothes with Thred UP. We have one for books, games, and such as George gets credit with his McKay’s membership. I guess I could look at Ebay again. I just don’t know much about the online sales. I don’t want anyone coming to the house but there are some things that are big that need to go. But all in all there is just a lot to go through that has collected over the years. I quit going through things because most of it seemed like George’s and I didn’t want to mess with it. At some point I think I just got discouraged at so many things collected and ignored it as a lot of it wasn’t mine. But it’s time to tackle it over the next few months. And it’s time to get the insides of this house fixed. Even if we don’t stay here ourselves, if we decide to move again, it will be more in a position to sell and we’ll be in more of a position to move. Those things have been on my mind lately.

So yesterday morning I was able to start doing a lot of things. I was in the middle of a lot of projects when it was time to go out for a fun afternoon of George’s birthday with my SIL and BIL, Kevin. We have had it planned so I knew it was coming, but still I tried to cram as much in as possible Saturday morning because I don’t really get a lot of home time and I had double extra projects this weekend.


  1. Fall Decor
  2. Bathroom Storage
  3. Organize the Camera equipment in the new camera bag.
  4. Organize my iMac files
  5. Cleaning out and going through some things
  6. Starting the next iMovie

And that is about it for the main projects aside from all the many normal ones like laundry, store, getting ready for the next work week, and so forth, and all those things on my list that I want to do as far as learning curves on iMovie, TubeBuddy, YouTube, and making graphics and so forth.

BOTTOM LINE? I was able to do enough yesterday morning to MESS UP everything. I have not cleaned up for the weekend yet, so there is all the normal mess of a lived in house on top of the projects lying around. I had just enough time to start working on things and not enough time to finish. So there is a LOT of “messy” about the house. I don’t like leaving it like that, but we went out and had a great time and I left my frustration behind as I was totally in my REORG and CREATIVE zone and had to switch gears. But we had a great time and had looked forward to it and it was nice to get out!

We met at Half Batch Brewing in Hendersonville.

It’s nice to be able to do breweries again. We wore masks when standing up in there and tables were distanced away. Honestly there was hardly anyone there. So that was nice too. I had us take this pic so we could remember this day, in our masks, at some future point in our lives when we look back.

We then went to a Liquor Store George wanted to go to – to see if they had certain things other ones did not for the cocktail hours at home. We needed Vodka for the fruity or herbal drinks and then an orange liquour for a special drink he wants to make. I bought a favorite, Quilt which you can now get at a $27 price point instead of the $44. And I bought another favorite Coppola’s “Rosso” which we first began enjoying in the days we frequented Sole Mio in Nashville (no longer in business).

Then we went to Sam’s Club. We had a great time there getting flounder, steaks, some canned goods, and some other frozen goods. We had assessed our freezer capacity so we’d know when to quit throwing things in the cart. lol We have a lot still in our freezer because of the cow, the pig, and our frequent going out and buying chicken or other meats during the “meat scare” and other freezer things we bought during the pandemic. It seems once we have space, we fill it up again.

Then off to the Lost Cajun where George had been wanting to eat. He loves that place.

I got a dish that was perfect and was not heavy with a lot of fried food. Most everything there is fried except for like Gumbo, red beans and rice and things like that. Mine was a sautéed shrimp, rice and veggies meal.

So back at home I watched my You Tube shows and George read. We were both happy. By 9:30 I fell asleep with clicker in hand searching for the next “show” so then I decided maybe it was time to go to bed.

Sleep was good. George has tried to take care of Maisy the last two days while I get sleep. It is nice that he tries, but it doesn’t work too well. Maisy is NOT happy until I’m UP! She doesn’t want me petting over Roger when I try to stir him up. If it’s just Roger and I in bed, then I have to wake Roger up and let him stretch so his legs will hold himself up. Maisy does not like it when I’m talking to Roger and taking care of him. She wants a tummy rub and my attention. Other times of the day she is not jealous but she wants that morning attention. I can’t leave Roger in bed though by himself. He will fall off or try to jump off and his little body can’t take it. So I end up just getting up and getting Roger up too. And Maisy barks through the WHOLE thing and it’s BEFORE COFFEE! No one wants constant barking before coffee and to be told what to do. LOL. But she is a demanding one. She is also a sweet one. And I would do anything for her. So I do. She loves me so. And I love her.

As I type, she is at my feet sleeping away. lol.

Well, I’m moving onward to get many things done. We have to go out to the store today to get a few things and then we will be in for the rest of the weekend. We are looking forward to our steaks today and doing our projects or doing whatever we want.

Are you doing anything special this weekend? Any favorite Labor Day meals you are cooking? Having any cookouts?