Storm Clouds Over Rosemary Beach, Hello Fresh Update, and How the Puppy Training is Going

My daughter has taken some really great pictures of storms coming through in the Rosemary Beach area of Florida as storm clouds and a squall moved through. Amazing pics – so amazing I asked if I could use them in my blog.

I used this one for a wallpaper for my phone’s Lock Screen.

Hello Fresh has been amazing this week. I forgot to take pics of the other two plates this week as we were so hungry, lol but here were the Hamburgers from last night. Probably our most fattening meal yet, but it was hamburger and fries so we knew that. Plus it came with a special sauce like thousand island sauce.

Here is what a meal might look like when you pull the ingredients out. One night we had Italian herbed pork chops, sliced and drizzled with a lemon sauce. The directions are very clear and they send you mostly what you need except for like salt, pepper, and olive oil, butter etc. The website or app tells you what you need to make sure you have before hand but it’s very basic stuff most households will have on hand. I go in on Monday’s and reset the menu selection for the week after next. By Wednesday your choice is locked in for the following Monday’s delivery.

Everything we have had has been truly delicious. I also ordered the Egg Bites (not shown) but they are made like muffins along with bacon and cheese, or sausage and cheese. Both were good. And filling. I won’t get them every week as boiled eggs or making eggs here are cheaper, but it’s great to have on hand as a breakfast for work every now and then. I liked it about as good as a Chic Filet breakfast and it was cheaper than that, lol.

I will also say that the Hello Fresh is giving me a new perspective to cooking. I’d have never dreamed of making a lemon sauce for pork chops. The pork chops were sliced sideways and the sauce drizzled over it. It was divine. I think it had oil (olive oil or veg oil), garlic, cream cheese, lemon zest, lemon juice, butter. I can’t remember what else without looking at the recipe card. I also decided I should get a notebook, find my hole puncher and see if I can’t fix up these cards for safe keeping. I want to keep every one of them. So this is going extremely well. As you can see they send you just what you need so you don’t have to buy the “whole” thing of glaze or cream cheese and waste anything. So if you went to the store and bought it all for one recipe you’d be buying bigger sizes. And that is ok too as you can use again for other things, but I can see where it could save you if you didn’t ordinarily use cream cheese for example.

Dexter says he likes the box it comes in!

So life has been just a little bit crazy. However, I will say that the shift to having a dog has made our life seem more complete. Dexter is filling the void we were feeling no longer having Tugie, Maisy, and Roger. I have some bitterness in my soul still at the impersonal approach and “made to feel inadequate” approach to the adoption process that we went through. I should think of it like searching for a job though. It makes you feel the same way when rejected or if someone else was chosen. So there is some of that bitter residue left over. I don’t really think it is something I will “get over”. I see why it happens and I don’t think the agencies are doing a bad job, I just know as a dog lover and the ability to give one a good home, I kinda felt like they judged us too quickly and did not give us proper consideration. I guess yes, I’m saying sometimes their restrictions are just too rigid for their own good. It’s like saying only perfect people get to go to heaven. Thank goodness at least God gives grace. So there is no way to really remove the imagery of what we went through back there with some of these adoptions agencies – it’s simply what we experienced and that can’t be changed. It was what it was and we remember it. Perhaps if we had continued we’d have eventually found success as they would be tired of us. But we found our Dexter in person where the people could see us and know by very own tears that we would be loving parents to him. And that seemed to be what did the trick to attend the adoption events and that way they see we are real people with real good intentions. But the reason for the paragraph was to say that despite all that being made to feel bad, we are filling the void.

It has been crazy though. We are really having to work at training, puppy proofing, and redirecting of his energy. He is calm most of the time, but a bit mischevious as puppies are some times. We will get through this. And he will be a good dog. Right now, I am short on sleep because he wakes up to pee (or I do) at 3:00 a.m. and he thinks it is time to get up and also there is a problem going to sleep at night. It’s taking an hour to get him settled so I’m short on both ends of the stick. The afternoons are often not very alert because I am so very sleepy. So this is critical to get worked out. I don’t always have time to go to bed earlier. So if he will not mind or do what he should – he goes to the hallway til he calms down or til I wake up. Last night b/w 3 and 4 and tried putting him back in bed with me about three times – all the while training him to sit, lay, rollover, stay. I was able to make some progress, but he was not able to sleep and wanted to play so back in the hallway he went til the alarm went off. He will get it eventually. He is a puppy! He wants to please but where playing and eating is concerned, he’s very stubborn. Here is quick video of night time. (insert eye roll emoji here, lol)

He is learning so much already. He is learning to come out of a room when I say come on and try to shut the door behind him. He used to sit in the room and stare at me. Now he comes.

He is starting to learn his name as twice yesterday he looked up when we said “Dexter”.

He is starting to understand “no no” as several times yesterday he quit when I said it, but it was not consistent.

He is doing sit and lay very well. But only when he wants to.

George has bought a clicker to train with. The clicker means a treat will be involved if he does it. So the click will be associated with treats. George has studied how to use it.

He is very much wanting to chew on things and I may get him some new toys. We are almost through 2 weeks. I know his puppydom will continue for a while, but I think the first six to eight weeks in a household is the hardest as both puppy and parents are learning about each other, developing new routines and trying to figure it out.

The first week was the hardest but the most exciting. The second week was still crazy but maybe better than the first or equally has hard, I’m not sure. I think the second week is better from the standpoint that we know him better and have a lot puppy proofed, know how he will do during the day, know he can sleep at least 5 to 6 hours at night, knowing that he is paper trained. It could have been so much worse! And he doesn’t have the intestinal thing anymore so all has been better in that respect.

And I need to go and get ready and get out of the house for a Friday workday. I’m looking forward to being at home this weekend. Saturday will be laundry, cleaning, rebooting a few things and I have a list of accomplishments I want to do. Sunday I will be taking Mom to church and doing her things and George will be home with the dog. We are tag teaming things so we can spend time with him and train him and not leave him alone so much since we are gone most of the week.

I will pop in over the weekend at some point. I need to figure out a few places to put things as we have had to lift so much off of the floor. And I’m almost through with the next video. Expect it the following weekend though. It is the first time that I used double camera angles (camera and iPhone) and so the editing is more deeply involved with having two pieces of footage to cut in and out of. Just more time consuming. But I will be working on that in the afternoons as I can this weekend as long as I get my chores done.

And we have a trip to pet smart we need to do to stock up on things for Dexter for the next couple of weeks. We have a big coupon. I’m going to switch to Chewy’s for their “new pet” coupon we received through the adoption process for our next orders. I also have to do a Target order soon and maybe an Amazon order. Otherwise, I am glad we have no other activities planned for Saturday. I’m welcoming the time at home with the new dog as much as we can.

The other thing on my mind is the impending “food shortage” supposedly we will have because of Russia’s improper behaviors leading to the blockage of supplies and so forth on top of the already problematic economic issues. While it may be a while before it shows up completely here, much of it has already started. Baby formula for example. Didn’t the Lord say something about that in the Bible – whoa it be for the nursing mothers in those days? Ahh a chill ran over me as I typed it. I’m listening to a study on Revelations on my drive home and I will share it with you soon so you can listen too. I need to go today. I’m running very behind. Life goes on, but we really need to be prepared as I truly believe we are in the end times and the Lord will come soon as so many prophecies are already happened.

Ya’ll take care and I’ll pop in this weekend, Lord willing! Maybe some rest can be had! Either that or I’ll be getting some more coffee time!

Stormy Afternoon, Sangrita, Findlay’s Emergency Surgery, and a Maisy Dream

Thankfully the storms were not too bad. However, this little monster outside the window did NOT make me brave. I waited til it had time to pass and go on before I left. There was not enough “sheer” in the atmosphere for a full development of a tornado. It wanted to, but the ingredients were not there to finish it off – thank goodness. I drove home from work in a mostly dry situation but as I neared Mount Juliet the gully washers came upon me from the next rain pocket. I knew I probably wouldn’t have enough time to get home but I was ready to be home. I knew at least on that end I’d have places to stop if I got bad. Not so much on the highway b/w here and there. It was raining so hard it was hard to see if I was going into the garage correctly. Don’t worry, I was going slow and made sure. I had to turn the windshield wipers off to keep from throwing water all over everything on the sides of the garage as I pulled in, lol. Wow.

George made us a “Sangrita” of sorts with tequila, margarita mix (one with the least amount of sugar I could find), and sangria. It was really good. I teased him that there was no salt on the rim of my glass. lol. That always makes it extra special. But we can get that in the restaurant. George’s meal he fixed was out of this world. Better than any Mexican restaurant. He cooked some kind of beef roast and made slices of it and wrapped it in tortilla and had a sauce in there with it, and we had black beans and a tamale. No pics as we snarfed it down so fast and jumped into our video as we ate. It was so good. The best part – no crowds!

I think we are on Season Two of Downton Abbey. Trying to get through as many seasons as we can before Netflix yanks it. We’ve even been watching it over Ozark. But Ozark is not being yanked yet – as it’s a new season.

Well, I wanted to pop in and do a quick blog post. Now I’m headed over to work on the videos. It’s been so many days since I’ve worked on it that it is hard to dive into it. But I’m gonna do it. Sometimes I wonder what’s the point, then I remember “because I enjoy it, that’s why”. It’s just that sometimes selecting which thing to do in the short time we have is hard- something fun, something responsible?

These days of April and May I have been so tired. And need more rest and down time. I want another PTO day for myself but I don’t think I can have one right now. We have Memorial Day and I think I’m going to claim that as a Self-Help Mental Health Day.

I was able to vacuum and iron and get laundry done after work this week. And the last two nights were a little more relaxing. Wednesday night I worked on the puzzle I’d wanted to do at Christmas, lol. (Yes, I’m about 6 months behind in my to do lists, videos, and in life itself). And then last night I talked to Mom for a bit.

Pray for this little girl. Katy’s dog Findlay had emergency surgery after being sick for 3 or 4 days and not getting better. I got word last night as I went to bed that she had gotten through the surgery fine and was recovering and could be picked up today. She had a blockage in her tummy.

This girl below, my little Maisy, came to see me in a dream last night. She was there by my side, her little warm body with it’s black and white spots. I could hardly believe my eyes. I held her, and could not believe she was there. Yet she was. It was a brief moment and then the dream ended for whatever reason. But back in her body she was still not feeling good and something was wrong with her foot. Just as we were inspecting her the dream was gone. But I was so happy in the dream for those brief moments to be able to see her again. I miss her so so much.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. May you have fun, get things done, and enjoy it. Hoping the same for me on my end. Today I work til 2 p.m. and take Mom to the primary care doc to be able to continue thyroid meds. Mom has the doctor under scrutiny to see if he will give her the proper attention (last time they didn’t take her temp nor listen to her heart or take BP, which was quite odd, but their computers were down). Her insurance is so limited and she sees him so little, I’d say she probably should just stick with it for now. There are not a lot of choices in docs close by. Best leave as is. But it’s her decision as long as it’s within driving range. If she wants to change she can find a new one she wants and I’ll make the appointment when she finds one.

Ok off to the videos. Not much time left now. lol. Time…what a concept, a luxury, a piece of gold, a priceless piece of a concept. Life moves way too fast for me now. I cannot keep up anymore. I’m fizzling out. Quickly. Muscles and brain capacity also are dwindling. But I keep pushing through. Going to have to work on the self care pieces, eating less, eating better, rearranging the supplements, walking more before I can’t any longer. I might have used “Icy Hot” several days this week to push through.

Enough on that. I’m really gone this time and will check in probably on Sunday. I’ll get started on laundry in the morning and sleep as late as I can before my Mother’s Day outing.

Windy Weather System and Random Rambling over Coffee

We had an incredible wind system with rain to come through yesterday. It packed a punch mainly with 45 mph wind gusts all day and pockets of very heavy rain. Finally a line of storms came through about the time we were headed home. Again where I was, was mostly wind and rain. The clouds were clearing a bit as the actual front started to head in after the storm line. Most of us at work waited it out – at least my department did.

I had prayed for God to calm the storm and for me not to have to drive in storms or downpours. God answered that prayer for me. He told me in my head when to leave and I drove in calm wind and no rain and there was a hole in the sky in the direction I was going as if to say – “I’m here leading you and I’m with you”. When I got to work and entered the building and got upstairs I heard the torrential rain start up again.

I drove home in calm and a few sprinkles but mostly no rain with visible sun rays to my left coming through the clouds. The wind was blowing only very gently. When I got home the wind and a bit more rain came barreling through. So God answered my prayers. He is good to have done that.

I really don’t have much to add since my last post. I have been working, coming home, doing a few things, working on my to do list, and trying to stay afloat.

I have finally finished entering the 300 or so w-2’s in the last two states. I hope to never have to do that again. The first one wouldn’t let you check your balances – I could only see the w-2’s or hit submit. I didn’t enter all that for nothing so I submitted but how do you know if you had errors. There’s no way I would have entered all that perfectly. The second state allowed you to check the balances, my numbers are all right but it won’t let me submit. It says there are errors but I cannot find it. I’m sure it’s something simple but when the system doesn’t have a red asterisk or anything telling you where it is – it becomes an Easter egg hunt. I have been through the w-2 entry of 152 people 8 times. I see nothing. So I’ve had to email the state. I guess they want to make it as painful as possible so you will do an upload next time. I am going to stick out a limb for chopping off (sticking my neck out) to say that I am never doing this again!!!!! Whatever that means and whatever that takes. Either the system will be improved or some severe steps will be taken at that point or by that point. :-O I’m kinda done with that. Not just kinda! We will have to fix that or “else”. The tribe has spoken. ;-). The good news though is that it is finished – sort of – at least the entering has been done. I’m done, as I said! I will fix anything wrong if someone from the state can figure it out, but I’m done!!! Kinda in more than one way! ok again, not just Kinda. It’s real. I’m done done done. Wow, the Tribe spoke again. You think we are Done? ;-). I think we must be with a capital D.

Photo by Gustavo Fring on

Today is Mom’s eye injection appointment. I’m leaving at Noon and going to Lebanon to pick her up and we will drive to Hendersonville and then back to Mount Juliet to make copies of her tax receipts to send to her accounting (my aunt) and then we’ll eat something and pick up a few groceries from her “list” and then I’ll take her back to Lebanon and come back home to Mount Juliet. I will be a worn out puppy by day’s end.

Knowing tonight would be busy I thought I better get the video finished up so I can meet my goal of a 7:00 a.m. video in the morning. It’s so fun. I am anxious to get started on the next one already. I haven’t even looked to see what it is. But I think it will be probably August time frame. I’ve not video’d much this year so eventually I think I’ll catch up to current time.

Tomorrow, I’ll rise fairly early and get started on the house. Our company arrives tomorrow around 1:00 or so. Looking forward to it too. George has worked so hard on our meal tomorrow. He went to grocery Wednesday, and he started making some preparations last night and up this morning to marinade and prep and he will cook some tonight so he won’t be joining Mom and me for dinner. I asked if there was anything I could contribute and he only said to help him make the charcuterie board so I’ll do that and get our house picked up and vacuumed and freshened up. Their Christmas gifts are wrapped now and ready. I finished that up Tuesday night.

Then Sunday I’ll need to get laundry done and probably go to the store for the work week next week. I need some healthier options and some fresh fruit. Did you hear there is an avocado shortage? Look it up. Apparently there is a fight over them b/w the drug cartels who are also importing the avocados. I read some article on it that George sent. I didn’t understand it entirely but amused that it is even an issue and that it involved the drug cartels. My guess is they are hiding the drugs amidst the avocados. lol lol lol. Anyway, makes me want to go buy a few and I guess that was probably what they want you to do.

I haven’t really kept up with the Russia news much but geez what I have heard is scary and what scared me the most was that our troops are heading over to the Ukraine region. Did I hear that right? Apparently Russia said they were removing their troops from Ukraine. I didn’t believe it when I heard that and I guess our country didn’t either. I mean Russia doesn’t exactly have the trust factor going for them. Whatever they say it’s the opposite. I am not a political person and certainly not astute on foreign affairs but let’s just say the average US citizen – especially my age, probably doesn’t have a good trust factor going on in their psyche where Russia is concerned. I don’t even know why they feel the need to go into Ukraine. Why are they doing this? You can tell I avoid the news by my lack of understanding. But are they not a superpower enough without having to go pick on little people? lol I hate wars, and I hate the threat of wars, but where there is greed, there will always be just that. Everyone wants to take over this and that and beat their chests and say “I’m the greatest”. I was reading in the Bible just this morning that when the Lord returns he’ll be removing the evil kings and in a striking method of destruction.

So that is all I know. I’m going to get dressed and get on into work. But first, my video is uploading to YouTube and it is at 82% and has 2 hours left. Wow. I’m not sure why it’s taking so long. Maybe it is better quality upload or transfer than before. I had less choice of how to upload. I guess it decides for you to upload at the best quality. And that is fine. So I’m glad I started last night. I upload to YouTube as private but will have to set the thumbnail and then will schedule it to go live in the morning. And also will have to alert all the social media that it is up. The goal is that more people will watch if I make it go live on a weekend. Saturday is best I think.

Soon I will have my meeting with myself to go over all things “Less Hustle More Coffee” – a little planning session to brainstorm and create more “to do’s” ha! I’m really looking forward to this session. And I’ve decided to actually go get coffee at a coffee shop to work on it where I can concentrate and not be disturbed. Although, I could just sit at my desk here at home and do it. But I think I’ll get distracted. I mainly just want to get a vision for where I want things to go so that I can be aligned with that and prep for it or be ready for it. What I want, what I don’t want and all that.

Hopefully it will be uploaded when I get home. I’ll have to stay up a bit late I guess to finish it off. ::sigh::. Maybe we won’t be out too long though and I’ll have some of the evening left. But I’m trying to keep my commitment to myself (and you all) for the 7 a.m. live tomorrow!

Ya’ll have a Good Friday. I’ll come back and post the link tomorrow for the video. Then Sunday will post pics from our party – the food anyway. I’ll probably do a video clip too for a winter video. I need to video a few things around the house for my Jan/Feb video to at least show what we’ve been up to: show my bedroom and office coming back to normal, our bucket list getting marked off, and such. We’ve led kindof a boring life lately and just not much fun things to video but we’ll have a few things to put together and will make it fun.

I keep rambling. It’s time to go put on some Friday jeans! It’s 29 degrees. I also need more coffee!