Battery Died, But I Had a Ride

There is no need to make the statement at how weird and odd this year is. I guess 2020 will go down in the books as the year everything tanked. Normally I’d be all over the weather channel, keeping tabs on Isaias. And even though no doubt it as impacted a lot of people, we have been focused on everything going haywire around us while attempting to get ready for vacay. But my heart goes to those that have been impacted and I am sorry I’ve not been able to watch the news on it. Prayers for all!

Yesterday morning, I was determined to get the video out. It’s out. Not sure anyone saw it, or cares, but a few did and I appreciated those that commented as it made my day. I worked hard on it. But I do realize the following:

  1. It’s not going to be my family and friends that will follow, subscribe, and watch. Sure there are a few of you.
  2. It’s not going to be noticeable on Facebook as it might have a few years ago. FB has probably moved certain video platforms to lower viewing status in their efforts to control what’s being said that is doesn’t fit their plans/model (or political status, lol). I say that b/c I can tell which types of posts I get comments on and which ones I do not.
  3. It’s not going to get a lot of recognition on YouTube itself as there is too much competition.
  4. I’m new at it. And don’t really have a lot of skill yet and have basically been doing iPhone videos.
  5. It’ll be a constant improvement – that was the plan all along.
  6. I’m not sure I want masses of people watching it right now anyway, LOL.
  7. And I realize that the vlog watchers are really not even going to be you all that are here. Some of you will, most won’t.
  8. And this is the biggest one: My camp of Vlogger people IS OUT THERE somewhere. I just have to tap into them. And I will. Just not today. I won’t let the stats get me down. For each video I did, I have less views. They are going down and not up, but I just have to find my “Vlogger People” – lol.

So yeah, that took some time getting the Thumbnail up and getting it published. Was determined. And it’s done.

And then I do the dishes b/c I wanted to as they had piled up. George was staying home but I didn’t want him to have to do them. So I rushed through that and barely had time to get down to the car and head out for work so I’d be there early. Burning the candle at the top of the morning to try to get in to work and get extra hours in so no one complains Thursday at our leaving early so we don’t have to be driving late at night.

So I go to start the car and it won’t work. It was the battery. Thank goodness George was working from home for the dishwasher repair guy. So he was able to go and buy a battery at lunch and get the old one out which took coca cola poured on it as the battery was in bad shape and hard to get loose. He got the new one in.

The dishwasher repair guy didn’t come til late in the afternoon. They refused to let George know when they would be there. The guy came and the dishwasher started right up. Apparently something had blocked the thing that spins that allows the water to flow, back when that last load wasn’t done. Geez. All this time we washed dishes by hand and nothing was really wrong with the dishwasher.

So anyway, I had to take this guy into work yesterday. I noticed that George did not offer for me to use his new ride. LOL Naw….I was given the keys to the old Flinstone Mobile.

And yes, I was in a hurry and went to work with it on E. This is after I got to work so it was above the E when I left. Then yesterday when I left work, I forgot to stop at the station near me but luckily made it to Donelson at the Shell. This car is not very good for the interstate. Sometimes you need to be able to go fast to get out of a situation and this car will not provide that service, lol. And it’s a little wobbly. Easy to go left or right. It’s like an old man out of balance. But thankfully it did get me there and back.

I got there and got the payroll done. It was kind of an interruptive and aggravating day yesterday for a payroll day but it finally got done.

By the time I got home I was just spent. But I was relieved that everything was back to normal. Well, as normal as anything can be this year.

I was glad to see my doggies.

We ate something for dinner and I should have been doing the many things I’d planned to do, but I just couldn’t. I hung out on the Mac and social media for some “time off”. And then after dinner I did a few things. The rest I have to do tonight. A lot more has to be done tonight. Tonight’s the final packing night. Tomorrow’s the day. After work. George is off though but I told him I needed to work a few hours. It’s not a vacay day for me but I will have worked my hours for the week and then some Mon thru Thurs morning.

So off of here to get going. I don’t know if I will be posting again tomorrow. Likely not. It may be while we are on the road. I can blog from my phone. But we’ll see. I may be the one driving.

Prayer requests for safe travels, a safe trip all the way around – no Corona virus, no wrecks, a fun time, no car issues. I kinda won’t believe that this vacation will happen until I see us actually arrive in Texas. Not many plans have made it this year. So I’m kindof expecting something will happen to destroy our trip. Yes I’m a realist. This year has show us that plans are useless, but yet we still try. God says always just say Lord Willing. So that is what I will say. We will soon be in Texas, Lord Willing.

It wasn’t just Maisy that crashed hard at bed time. I joined her, then Roger and George. The sleep was good and much needed.

Now off for another day. Wondering what it will bring. I’m scared to ask.

Camera Decision Made for My Lifestyle, Blog, and Vlog

Ugh! It was a HOT one yesterday, but I was inside in the A/C all day working on Friday payroll prep activities in advance of next week’s Payroll. Was also able to do some preliminary work (“pulling of numbers”) for doing my quarter end reconciliation. By the time I got off of work, it was still hot but a summer dry frontal system was coming thru lowering the humidity and it felt more like Arizona heat at that point. I was even surprised that it was 96 degrees! But that said, I finally made the decision on what camera to get!

Decision Made on Camera

So while I have a lot of other things I should be doing, I could not get ordering the camera off of my brain! It seemed like a big chore to figure out which camera would be the best for me as a starter camera for making videos and yet one that I would enjoy personally and also for the blog. I went to the main source that I normally use for information. I went with the YouTuber’s recommendations. I mean even the iphone takes great photos so my main interest in investing in the the camera is to do the vlogs and enhance my photos. I was a little confused at first. I steered away from anything over $1,000. That’s overkill and not needed at this point. My goal when I began looking was around $500 and I figured it would be more like $700. And it will be as I will probably buy a couple of items to go with it as needed. Like maybe a flash, some filter lenses, microphone and wind muff, and things I don’t even know I need yet, ha! Oh and the wide angle lens.

Hands down in my price range, it was clear that the Canon EOS M50 was the way to go as it has good color, dual pixel CMOS, a good autofocus, LCD touchscreen, and a microphone port which is a must. And it has built in stabilization. And I could go on. It has 4k capability but not recommended as that is not its best functionality. I’ve been told I don’t really need that as most everyone does excellent videos in 1080, although it has the ability for 4k but takes away some of your features and crops the video down quite a bit. And that is fine. The down side is the battery life – but I ordered a charger with 2 extra batteries to help remedy that, as recommended. The good qualities and the price make that doable. So I’m learning a lot but have a whole lot to learn. At least (I think/I hope) that I’ve chosen the right one for me based on the overwhelming recommendations on this camera. Oh and I already know I will want a wide angle lens. But will have to wait for that!

The Canon EOS M50

But here she is. I’ll be doing a lot of video watching to learn how to use it! And then from there I’ll take pics in the yard. Then I’ll branch out to taking various pics in the community as well as video and will be learning how to use it. It seems fairly simple though compared to many of them out there. And it’s lightweight and easy to grip and hold. So I’m excited!

By saving up my spending money since March (money on getting my nails done, hair done, and probably a bit less eating out) has allowed me to do this. I handed over $400 to George immediately just cash I had. The rest he allowed me to use our Amazon $ from ordering all year. We normally use it at Christmas. And then there was the rest of my stimulus money that he told me was parked in savings for my use. Although I didn’t get to use that as it’s no longer there. I brought that up, but apparently he spent our stimulus on fixing the roof/chimney. Darn it! I didn’t know that! Oh well at least the roof no longer leaking in the sun room around the chimney. Good thing I had not ordered that extra wide lens to go with it already thinking I remembering I had that money tucked away, huh? Maybe I should have and just called it an oopsie I didn’t know. lol. Yeah b/c I really didn’t know and it would have been the truth. But I do work too, so….I do see the wide angle lens at some point. But I have enough to keep me occupied for now til I learn what I’m doing with the regular lens it comes with. I actually thought the wide angle lens came with the kit I ordered as it had an extra lens with it but turns out it just had it showing separately I guess. That is why my heart is set on the wide angle b/c I thought I had it in this kit and I don’t. 😦 But it’s all good. It’s not necessary to have it yet, it just shows more behind you at a wider angle. It’s a later thing. And it won’t take me long to earn enough to buy it anyway with just my blow money.

Weekend Outlook & Other Thoughts

And so as I knew it would – finding the camera choice and doing this blog has taken a chunk of morning. But I’m two loads in on the wash. We are about to go out to run some errands and then I’ll be in for the weekend.

I’ve put in a request for Beef Stew this weekend. And what we have tonight will be something fresh we get at the store I guess.

Got the big Target order done – ordered some cleaning supplies, vinegar, and household goods, and alcohol pads in case we have injuries. You can’t get rubbing alcohol at least at Kroger anyway. So I have those in case we need to wipe wounds/cuts clean. I have peroxide already. Oh I forgot to order bandaids. Anyway Kroger was short on a lot of things and with the next wave of virus coming thru I wanted to make sure we had back up. I like to have at least one of something on hand now as some things are not as readily handy anymore.

George says as it gets closer and closer to time to go to Texas it is looking like we may not get to go due to Corona Virus. We decided to wait to decide when we are about a week out. He’s not worried about cancelling hotels but I am. Hey if he’s not worried about the hotel room then there is no worry over the wide angle lens, right? HA!

Anyway, excited to get back to my Saturday. But I can tell you that I am really excited about my camera! I’ve asked George if he will go with me to do some photo/video shoots? He really didn’t answer until I said “we could visit some wineries – maybe some will be open for tasting in some of these off the beaten path towns”. So we are making plans. But I’ll film the neighborhood spots first. I can’t wait to see what this camera will do! And I can’t wait to get out and use it! And my heart is still set on going to TX and I look forward to using it there. I just hope we get to go! I’ll be praying we do get to go.

More tomorrow! Gotta get get going on our Saturday. Wow, it’s almost noon!

A Blog Post About Nothing or is it About Something? You decide.

When I got up this morning and realized payroll is over I get to blog this morning, I thought Oh I have nothing to say really. But how many years have I been doing this? On the mornings when I have nothing to say, usually outpours my most deepest thoughts. That can be good or bad. lol. But it is what it is, my thoughts.

Now that I am over 50 and can’t remember anything from two days ago – lol, I often have to look at my photos to see what happened. I always take pics of things that are special to me. Looking back, not much happened in the last two days in my world.

A friend gave me a mask and it’s my favorite one yet. It doesn’t smash in my nose. It meets the protocol. Absolutely love it. Always make friends with people with sewing machines. ha. I’m just kidding. She was my friend/coworker first. But she came in with a pile of masks, having had fun with her new sewing machine. I wish I had become a sewer. But I became a blogger instead with my spare time. I think that is why I always want more time off is because I have a lot of creative energies that don’t get expressed. I would have a lot of hobbies if I could. I already do. But sewing never got flourished b/c of the time factor and probably the expense of having to buy a sewing machine worth having. But, I’ll take blogging. Anyway, I’m grateful for my friend giving me a new mask. If she will make more, I’ll buy some! 😉

But honestly in my opinion, I kinda think our world is moving fast out of the “Rona” as the young ones call it. I am seeing more and more without masks, just giving it up. Of course at work we are all OVER the mask thing, but of course it is required. I don’t mind wearing it to protect each other though. But yeah, we are kinda tired of it.

And yesterday, only having about 1/2 of a night’s sleep (which is never enough for my persona), I was very frustrated with the world. I am not sure that anyone but George knew of my struggles but I had just about had it with the world. I guess I should be happy that it waited til I hadn’t had enough sleep as others who have had enough sleep were already agitated with the world. I think that just about 3/4 of the people I had conversations with yesterday were agitated about this or that.

But me having not very much sleep, and on a payroll day, I just had to duck into my role and get it done the best I could. And not focus on the rest of the the earth. I just held everyone, including myself, up in prayer.

I’m sick of this year, I’m sick of Rona, I’m sick of all the racism (I’m not racist by saying that – do I really have to say that? This is mainly what I’m tired of!!!!!!!!!). I’m sick of politics. I’m sick of the weather. I’m sick of the floors at home. I’m sick of everything.

I know that is not the “….Tude” to have. But it is how my persona works. I like to fix life and I want it to be better. And for it to be better you have to recognize and state there is a problem. And when you state there is a problem, people think you are complaining. So it’s just best sometimes to just: ignore the Rona news, ignore the political news, ignore all the racial tension and judgement and false accusations, and just enjoy the weather whatever it brings.

We didn’t get much from Cristobal. Matter of fact most of our prewarned broadcasts never happen. The ones that they don’t focus on, spins up tornadoes. So you never know what to believe. I choose to just do my own weather forecasting, lol. Mainly by looking at the radar and wind energies and temps. Nothing wrong with seeing a black cloud coming and saying “hey it’s gonna storm!” With no warnings at all, this one had me wondering yesterday. This cloud was moving and heaving and I watched it as I was concerned it would blow up into a cyclone of sorts but the wind energy from the system had mainly puffed itself out.

I had to drink some serious coffee to get through the day on top of an e+shot.

I also knew not to push myself into getting a lot accomplished at home the last two days. I did nothing but work on getting my emails down, reading a few blogs for pleasure, and supporting my fellow bloggers.

Mom told me she had posted some pics from long ago. I think I’d seen them at some point but so glad she posted them digitally. Now they are mine too.

This is my grandfather, Chesley who my grandmother and several called “Chet”. I really miss him. This is my Mom in his hands. And my Aunt standing by his side. I wonder where it was taken. I think it might be in front of the house on the sidewalk on Dimple Court in Columbia TN where their house was at the time.

Here is my grandmother who I called “Nanny”. And my Mom. And what was the dogs name? Someone in the family will have to tell me.

And I think this was at the house on Dimple Court? It sure looks like it. Spent a lot of hours in that house. Nanny was the best housekeeper and an excellent cook.

Here is my Aunt Martha and Mom (left to right). And what dog is that? Ya’ll (Mom and Aunt Martha are gonna have to tell me). Was that Butch? Wasn’t there a dog named Butch?

I think that is the next door neighbor’s house you see behind them. Looks like they both want to hold the dog.

This is my great great grandfather. Was that Nanny’s father or grandfather? Or grandaddy’s father or grandfather? Who are they holding? Is that Momma? My family is going to have to tell me.

Aunt Martha will tell me as she reads my blog. She often comments as cocosmom on here.

Oh I did a post on Facebook yesterday or was it the day before – to just mainly have everyone remind themselves about judging others and not letting God have that – without just expressly stating it as you get raked over the coals when you even mention unity or that God loves us all. Is that real? Yes it is. So – A lot of people read The Shack. And a lot of people needed to be reminded about God’s love, forgiveness, and judging others. God nudged me to do this post.

I simply posted asking if anyone had read it and what their take away was and what would someone miss if they didn’t read it. I had overwhelming responses. Not everyone said what they got out of it or didn’t. I only really had one negative response. Everyone else said they loved it, either the book or the movie, and some gave reasons I was looking for. If the world could just stop and read this book right now with all that is going on, we’d all be in a better place. No one needs to be mistreated, everyone needs love, everyone can improve, we all need healing and it’s no ones place to judge another’s heart. I won’t accept or allow anyone to judge mine. I will tell you in a heartbeat that is not your job. I draw boundaries. No one knows my heart better than God. And I won’t be told to shush about everyone loving one another and about how we are all important in God’s site. That is just wrong.

Well it’s time for me to go to work. Payroll is done of course and I have to stuff checks for our TN plant and work on taxes. I received a milestone badge from wordpress having made 200 posts on the blog.

Ya’ll have a good day!