Working on my “She-Haven”!

I have some cute little photos I know you will want to see with our Little Roo’s eyes open and alert. I might have taken a screen shot of Katy’s Instagram, lol!

George has already given out all of his cigars. Bubble gum of course!

Our other baby is still hanging on. He needs grooming. We have not addressed that yet. He needs pretty immediate grooming on his nails and hair but an appointment around here is usually 30 to 60 days out unless you are off during the week. I keep hoping George will get to work from home some and be able to take him somewhere. They have to be gentle with him and be careful that he is scooped up from behind and not picked up from the middle like most tend to do. He is a long dog with some back issues when not picked up from a scoop up from behind. He gets anxiety when going to the groomer and having someone new pick him up. He shakes all the way when he realizes we are going (I guess he knows the routes). It’s sad to watch so we have not groomed him in a while. But we at least need to get his nails done and while we are at it, should let them cut his hair I guess. This is probably becoming urgent.

So my chair came in. Out of all the things I’ve wanted for several months, I think this tops the list. I’ve been so excited to be able to order and anxious to set up the office with this chair! I’m like a kid with a new toy. It may sound boring but this opens up the window for a lot of things – mainly study, reading, and learning time. For some reason I just wanted THIS SPOT and THIS SPOT ONLY in my little nest back here. I’ve looked forward to this for a long time and it will make my office complete. Well, one can hope, LOL!

So now the fun begins to figure out where all the other stuff is going to go! lol. I have already taken the before pics and I will show you the before and after pics once it’s all in place. I’m also going to do some video with it and do a vlog video for the YouTube on it. I’ve not stressed over vlogging and videos but I’m itching to get back into doing another iMovie. When you are over 50 you kinda forget what videos you took, lol. I’m going to have to start on the next one before long. But I need to get my workspace set up for it. I also need to get the update on the iMac done and get the back up drive in and do a back up first.

I feel so bad. I’ve spent a lot of money and I’m not through yet. But….I will do my best to be cheap the rest of the year! I’ll have enough to keep me busy for sure. I’ve bought the chair – most of it paid for with Christmas and Birthday money. I just bought the little table to go beside it – for $40.

How could I not. The wood is the same color as my desk and the fabric the same as the chair. It was meant to be. Maybe it will come with the cat? I need a little buddy! lol

George had me to order my Canon telephoto lens, which for now should complete my lens set for what I need! That took some research! If I become a professional I can upgrade, but that is a long way off if ever. I really just needed equipment for my blog and vlog and personal needs and I believe this will do it. I got the wide angle lens for Christmas and then the zoom lens for Birthday. I think I have all the avenues covered except maybe someday macro shooting might be fun. But hey let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. Someday I will need a windmuff/Rode microphone – but not needed unless I’m going to be doing a lot of vlogging outside. I figured if we traveled more I would need it then. Til then, I’ve mainly been just muting sound on outside scenes and playing music and doing voiceovers and hoping for non-windy days. As I do more outside shots I’ll invest in this. It’s not expensive. I do need to get a light ring to provide some extra lighting though. I will start with that. They are pretty cheap, but I will wait a week or two or a month to get it since right now I’m catching up on life and not doing a lot of filming. I think those light rings are about $30 ish. So no biggie.

Since I’ve spent so much I have decided to put off doing mani/pedi until March. That saves a bit. I also ordered a handbag and shoes from Marleylily. And with monograms! I thought it was cute. Katy has a purse like this I’ve ordered her for Christmas or Birthday (can’t remember since they are on the same day).

I hope these are comfortable, because after monogrammed if they don’t fit then…oh well.

I wanted these so bad – but decided I really didn’t need them.

I’m not sure I totally needed the other shoes either but I don’t really like the color of the beige casual tennis shoes I have. They are too light and more off white and don’t match a lot so I convinced myself that I needed those tennis shoes above. They are fancy enough to wear to work with business casual sweaters and tops.

I have hiking boots, some every day boots that are leather and durable and good in the rain, and I also have some rain shoes but they are not comfortable and I hardly wear them. The rain boots have been hard to fit and that was another deterrent. So I let these go. I am usually not in the rain/mud much anyway! But they are a cute fashion statement. Bought the time I’d buy them they’d go out of style right? lol.

So I need to get a lot done today. I need to shower and get ready for my photo shoot here putting the office together. I have NO IDEA how I’m going to move stuff around. But I’m an organizer by heart and I will figure it out. I need for this office to fit my needs and be functional so I’ll keep that in mind. I will try NOT to spend anymore $$ on it, but I can’t say that I might not need some storage bins/options. We’ll see. lol

I will keep you posted through my January projects! I wish I could get paid for just being me FULL TIME! I have a lot of fun just doing things I want to do. Don’t we all? How cool would that be to get paid to just fiddle around in your house all day. I need to work on that. Only 4 years left til Retirement. Unless I write a major book that is a best seller, or the YouTube channel is such a big hit I have to do it Full time, LOL LOL! Yeah probably need to keep the day job for another 4 years. We’ll see. lol

Speaking of that day job, I didn’t have to work today. EVERYONE has busted butt – sorry that is kinda our expression – but we have. The bosses said they are happy where we are. I could not have gotten done what I got done if I hadn’t had help and trained someone to do some of my job. That person had the time so it worked out. I’m grateful! Thankful to my bosses for letting me go meet my grandson. I keep saying that but truly I’m thankful to have been able to keep my job for needing to leave at a horrible time. That said there are very few good times, I must note, but this was great and we all worked hard and made it happen. I can’t speak too early though, we still have a busy week ahead. But things are progressing better than I’d hoped. I was given information I needed ahead of time that I normally get it I believe and that helps us to meet our goals. I am also grateful not to have to work today. It was really impacting my mood in a big way. I think mainly just because we’ve not had a lot of free time in several weeks. Certainly the last TWO Saturday’s we were gone on the trip itself. Before that we were getting ready for the trip and dealing with coming off of Christmas. We are still dealing with coming off of Christmas, lol!

So I’m excited about the New Year and the new grandson, and excited to work toward some of my goals! Major goals include bible study, writing projects, video projects, photography, YouTube channel growth, having some fun excursions, working on health goals, spiritual goals, and maybe a few financial goals to aid in some of the dreams I have! Anyway it’s all very exciting. But just getting the foundations into place. And if I die before my goals are met at least I’ll have enjoyed trying to meet them! Sometimes it is sad to know that our time here on earth passes so quickly. I have so many things I want to do. I need some more good years to add to the calendar to be able to do them all. But oh well. I figure what doesn’t get done on earth, will get to be done in heaven. You know if God has a world built for us that is better than this one – it’s going to be amazing the adventures we will have.

But for now, I’m gonna go climb that mountain – that mountain of getting my office fixed up so I can write, dream, play, learn, and be creative! My She Cave is coming together. Well Cave is not a good word. Let’s call the She Haven! 😉 yeah I like that!

Coffee, Shopping, a Hot Toddy, and a Hot Spot!

For the “Birthday Day” Meal we went to Olive Garden. We were going to do take out. But the day had its challenges (made me mad is what that means) so I asked if we could just eat in instead of toting food home and eating it half cold.

I decided on Chicken Parm. I ate half and took the rest for lunch on Monday. It was delish. I went for the birthday dessert. Another layered Cheesecake. The one we had at Hermitage Steakhouse was better but don’t let that sway you, as they were BOTH very good. The one below was very RICH in chocolate and that is not bad right? The one at Hermitage Steak House was lighter, and had a variety of flavor and texture and sat on a bed of very tasty raspberry which gave an explosion of flavor. I could be a cheesecake connoisseur? Looks like I already am, lol.

And for those of you not on Instagram, here was a story I posted. I video’d pouring my wine, thinking it would be a good B roll shot on a video but probably not. This is what George did……See if you notice. How can you miss it.

He’s a mess for sure.

Shopping Experience Not a Good One

Shopping in today’s world is not a very pleasant experience. I needed another pair or two of jeans for the Texas trip. I only have one pair of jeans that fit good. Let’s just say that the last year has been a good comfort food year making the pants quite the tight ones. I had given all mine to Good Will, not ever going back, but ennnnhhhhh, looks like we ate what we wanted, so I’m baaaaack at full size! lol. And now without proper clothes. I had ordered some tops recently mainly for home. The tops seem to be easier to deal with as I have always liked them oversized and baggy. But the jeans, after Thanksgiving and Christmas, are just not fitting anymore. So we went to Belk. I thought maybe things had relaxed a bit but no dressing rooms. So I had to buy 6 pair and take them home and try them. Costs a fortune to try on clothes. I told the lady ringing us up we’d be bringing most of them back. Bless the hearts of anyone needing those sizes for the period of time as I had them at home. (That seems more germy than just going in a dressing room, as now my germs from home are back in their store.) Maybe they store them somewhere to let the germs die? So bless the hearts of anyone needing close to my size b/c I had them all at home trying them on. You have to take out a small loan to go buy a pair of jeans so you can buy the whole lot, take them home and keep ones that fit and take them back. We just used the credit card. (Rolls eyes). Then when you wanted to pay for something – it was a cake walk – keep walking around and around until the music stops and there is your register where you can pay. Every register had a person there but they were “closed” – “keep walking”. I was thinking the stores are desperate but there all 12 of us people were there wanting to buy things and only one person ringing it up. I don’t know that I’ll ever go out shopping again! I’m sure I will but this was insane. We just didn’t have time to order them and them come in – in time.

Coffee Tasting Experiences Continue

Well, I’m not sure I have a lot to tell. But I’ll just start typing and we’ll see what comes out. First I need to go get more coffee. We are taste testing the coffee gift still. We like all the coffees so far. Today was the 4th and final one of the kit we have. It looks like we cannot go wrong. The quality of the coffee is exceptional. I am learning how to taste “the tones” of the coffees. Today is fruity. Not really, but there is a faint taste of peach when you first sip. Just slightly. It’s hard to describe. But it’s ever so slight but still very good dark coffee. Am I becoming a coffee connoisseur? Sounds like it. We have to go in and rank them on the website. That’ll be hard to do. Not that it means anything here, but for the sake of me remembering, I’m posting this so I can come back and look. We have to wait til we get back from Texas to order it.

My ranking:

  1. Profile 3 (Guatemala) – Tones of Tropical Fruit, Lemon, Brown Sugar
  2. Profile 2 (El Savador) – Fudge, Toast, and Molasses
  3. Profile 1 (Ethiopia) – Tones of Peach, Lemon, and Orange
  4. Profile 4 (Brazil) – Tones of Marzipan, Chocolate, and Earthy

I am shocked that Brazil made 4th. But it’s like the cheesecake. It’s all VERY GOOD COFFEE. How does it compare to Starbucks? Hmmmmm. This gets difficult to put into writing but I’ll do the very best I can.

Starbucks coffee is very strong in taste. VERY Strong. Lots of earthy and chocolate vibes. It’s almost as if it is roasted having in mind that flavors and creams will be added to it. In their store I have to add cinnamon to calm it as it is so bold and strong. At home we add more water to it and get it just like we like it. I like to grind the beans for a fresher taste and not allow any fillers, not that they would but it gives peace of mind. Still the flavor is very robust and earthy – which we like very much.

This coffee is different somehow. It’s still a very robust coffee – looking this up in the dictionary – meaning of strong and rich and sturdy. The beans are to be ground fine to get the most of the flavor. The body is lighter – and somehow drinking out of a china cup helps release the finer tones of the flavors – although I’ve not tried it in a regular cup so not sure how accurate that statement can be other than I know this to be true in the past when drinking coffee from a delicate cup.

So basically this is a good sturdy coffee in which you can taste the slightest tones of flavor. A very good pleasant experience on a higher end of the spectrum of this morning ritual of goodness we pour inside ourselves every morning. It’s been one of conversation and sometimes laughter when we compare by using numbers. It sounds like “who’s on first?” from a Saturday night live skit. Well the 3 is better than the 4, but I really like #2, which sends one into howls of laughter in the kitchen. You really like #2?

And to be honest, the ranking – they are all so close in comparison that whatever they send us and in what order, will be fine with me.

Getting Ahead Before I Get Behind

So a friend gave me this daily calendar at work. It has nice sayings on it. I will be taking lots of pics of them. And will put them on my blog here. A perfect saying. I went in to work yesterday early and stayed a bit over. Left at 5:45 a.m. -ish here at the house and got home about that time in the p.m. yesterday.

I made good headway into getting my monthly taxes by the 15th paid in case we dart out to Texas. That way that deadline won’t be missed. Now all the deadlines are at the end of the month. But it takes all month to get there. Except for that one week where I’m waiting on things from others and that is how I believe I’ll be able to make it by taking the week off to Texas. Looks like the timing will be perfect too. I got critical things done for the first week of January and the last week of the year. And then I’ll have the end of the month to crunch things up and catch things up.

Prepping for Texas and a Hot Toddy

We are mostly packed and gathered for the Texas trip. Dear Daughter’s doc appointment is today in Abilene and perhaps we’ll know something today if they are inducing and getting it on the schedule.

I had meant to change purses, do my nails and toes, and repack my vitamins last night but honestly all my good hours were spent at work. When you work 11.5 instead of 9, you have given up your spare time at home. So I will try again tonight. I’m NOT hopeful as it will likely be another long day. It’s a payroll day.

Yesterday my left ear went silent on me. It seems to be better this morning. I could not tell what was going on with it. Maybe water had gotten in my ear somehow from the shower? George fixed me a very small hot toddy. I held a hot compress to it and I tried googling how to unstop your ear. I could not tell the exact moment that it went back. I think either it was gradual, or I got used to it. It’s not as annoying anyway. But sleep helped I’m sure.

So my next To Do items Isome previously mentioned) are:

  • Change purses
  • Nails and Toes
  • Download Big Sur
  • Cancel Sophos
  • Find Security Replacement
  • Catch up on Email

Revamping the AT&T Cell Bill

Not sure I mentioned it but we stopped at AT&T to check on temporarily adding a line for my iPad. He asked if it was cellular ready. Duh…I seem to remember choosing one that was not, now that he mentioned it. It was cheaper and I didn’t need it at the time. But he upgraded our plan to allow for a Hot Spot. The plan actually costs the same but it switches us to paperless billing (dangnabbit). But we took the bait so I could have a Hot Spot. I’ve needed one a few times this year. So all is well and I can use my iPad while we travel.

I better get ready and go to work. Likely won’t get there early today. But I can’t give ALL my spare time to work just to have a week off. I mean if you work all the hours of your vacation the rest of the month, is it really a vacation? One could certainly argue you got time off in a row, but honestly, it’s never time off. The hours are going somewhere else in the month. You can betcha sweet dollah on that one!

Ya’ll have a beautiful Tuesday. And I’ll be back at some point with news on the plans. I am having a bit of blues that our holiday days are over. I wanted to get more done. But we did good I guess. We got enough done. I know there is another mis typing in this entry but I couldn’t find it, to fix it. And need to go to work, so just forgive me instead! We are REAL here!

Eating, Watching, Shopping, Hoping, Planning and… Grinning

Hello there! Finally getting to catch a breath and do a blog post while listening to iTunes (Relaxing Piano with Thunderstorm – lol) and sipping a glass of George’s homemade Sangria.

Above is one of our dinners last week! Don’t save the good meals for just the weekend! Every day is worth a grand meal! This one was great!

I also enjoyed a special cereal one morning at work. I was craving cinnamon, hadn’t had cereal in a while, and added a small bag of “Healthy Heart Nuts” for protein. It was great!

Normally wouldn’t think of adding peanuts or pistachios in my cereal – almonds yes – but it worked out.

Lunch Friday – I was ready to get out of the building. When I can get away I can usually watch a YouTube show. So I packed the makings for a “wrap sandwich”, brought a plastic glass and grabbed a cold tea brew from my office fridge. I drove around our complex til I found a good shady spot. My wrap was excellent, the view was gorgeous with the turning leaves, and I got to watch a quick 20 min video show. It did the psyche some good!

Thursday night I only had 5.5 hours of sleep. I really just needed to get through the day yesterday. I went home and fixed spaghetti for dinner as promised with the hot Italian sausage meat we’d had in the freezer forever. I usually go for the turkey spaghetti but we needed to use it up. It was a good dinner including a salad and I made a makeshift caesar dressing with the help of George helping me to figure out how to turn regular mustard into spicy brown mustard. It was darn close Caesar dressing.

We have been watching the Queen’s Gambit. It is sooooo good. Give it a try. I said Noooooo at first because I care nothing for chess. However George told me it was the #1 show on Netflix as of the day he told me that. Not sure if it still is, but oh my gosh we are HOOKED. It’s great!

Only a few left to watch as there are not many shows. We also have the Queen to watch which is out with the new series. This one has Diana in it.

So last night I was able to sleep ALL the way through the night. I think I turned over once and may have even got up to go to the restroom. I’m not sure as the nights run together, but I was able to get a full nights sleep last night. Maisy woke me up at 5:30 but I was good to go.

This morning we did not have a lot of time to linger. I’m not sure where the time went. I had a cup of coffee and the next thing I knew I had barely enough time to get a quick shower with no hair washing so we could get out the door and get Maisy to her trim. We’ll have to care for Roger here at home.

We dropped Maisy off at 8 and headed out for some adventures (Christmas shopping mainly). We had to stay close around for our groomer to call.

We went to Tractor Supply – an annual stop. I always forget to go there during the year. We enjoyed that. George bought himself a nice rain slicker marked down to $15 – the only one they had left. No one uses umbrellas to walk into the warehouse where his office is. They all use rain slickers. Ha. Peer Pressure at age 61 still exists I guess.

We stopped also at Rice’s to get us some bacon and ham. They are only open this time of year and around easter. We come here twice a year also! The smell is incredible and yes it smells like country ham. Just look for the ham (or the turd, as we like to say) on the building. The sign is part of the experience.

We also went to a yard sale and George made a find there. And we got an Egg, Cheese, and Bacon biscuit at BoJangles. Sinful and greasy but yet good.

We ran into Publix for a few things and then while in there the Groomer called and Maisy was ready for her pick up. We headed home and unpacked all our finds and sacks.

George asked me where his new rain slicker was. I didn’t have it. It was not in any of the sacks I had. I was so disappointed for him. He was so happy to find that one rain slicker on sale. He hopped in the car to go back to Tractor Supply to see if it was still there. I prayed that they would have realized it was there and held it for us. But these days ——

I began cleaning the house and doing laundry. About 30 min later I got a text and a photo. They held it for him knowing he might be back! Praise the Lord. It wasn’t the end of the world but he was so happy with it. What happened I think is they didn’t put it in a bag and when we left we grabbed the bags and headed out. We didn’t grab the hanger. But it is our fault. We are just programmed to grab the bags I guess. So glad it was still there.

We have had a nice little afternoon at home. George is getting the fried chicken ready for dinner. And I will be making home made mac and cheese. A very expensive version with Gruyere cheese. We were supposed to go to a party today and I had already bought the stuff. But the host had a family member that was sick and they needed to go out of town. It’s probably best anyway with all the COVID mess going on the worst ever so far.

We have go a lot of Christmas stuff coming together. My office room is the hot spot for its gathering. It’s just a good out of the way spot to put it all. We used to use the guest bedroom bed in here before the office was here. And I used my closet for George’s and Katy’s things. I have his in here too in a box that says “George, No Peeking”.

So the guest bedroom sheets are ready for Mom to come at Thanksgiving. And I dusted the room and cleaned up a bit in there. It’ll be up to George to clean his “office side of the room” in there.

I also got our sheets changed, have done a lot of the laundry and did my ironing for next week. Cleaned the kitchen and ground the coffee and opened all the boxes that came in this week.

Tomorrow I will finish working on the house and have to give George a hair cut. I may also cut mine. I need a pedi but think I may just do my own this time. I also have a walking appointment with my neighbor tomorrow, if it is not raining. So it’s been a busy day and I’ll just keep trucking along. We are going to get these holidays knocked out. Now if we can just keep COVID out of the family. He’s NOT invited for the holidays and we don’t him ruining our plans. We won’t think of that but will focus on beautiful things and will be positive.

I have not had time to work on the next iMovie due to all the holiday prep, other than a few minutes one morning. I am going to try to work some on it this week if I can. Maybe this weekend. This one has been hard as it had a lot to edit. A lot of footage still I cannot use b/c I was not very good with the video part of using the camera. It’s getting better. But not there yet. I did a couple of takes and so I’m trying to mesh the best of the two. I have to go get my Mac N Cheese made before I dive into it or I won’t want to get up and do it. When I start working on the video editing – I don’t want to quit – for anything or anyone. I’m hooked and focused. So I have to be careful when I start working on it – the day is over at that point, lol. That is how much I like doing it. I also have a whole 2021 focus list on how to improve the whole shebang. Most of all I want to have fun with it, but would like to be in a position to monetize it by the time we retire. I have 4 years to work on it, and get my niche right which really is going to evolve and change over time – they always do – LOL.

I have good news. I talked to George about the next vehicle. I told him I was wanting to get a truck so we could get something to hook up behind it. I told him I could wait closer to retirement for the truck and asked if we could get a Micro Mini to pull behind it as we’d be free at that point to go anywhere we wanted. His response….with a slight smile….”mmmmmaybe”.

I’ve been talking to him about this one. It’s fairly light and easy to haul. Easy to fit in places and such. We’d also get a topper for the bed of the truck to put camping gear, and “stuff” in for space. We’d be able to park it and unhook and go “do our thing” in whatever town we are in. I will want to get a package eventually for the solar set up so we can go places inexpensive and not hook up but still have power. This makes me want to jump up and down! 😉 To get a “maybe” means the world to me.

So I am thinking of something like this. I have no idea how much the truck can pull but I’ve seen trucks this size pull these micro Minnie no problem. I have something like this in mind. I don’t want a big truck but one big enough to pull something like a Micro Minnie. The sun roof will be cool for our adventuring and drive days. This is an older model. I’m ok with a used something or other. I can’t believe I’m willing to drive a truck. Might get a hat and I already got the boots – cowboy or hiking. lol. Ready for star gazing, fire pits, grill outs, meeting people, hearing George play an instrument around the fire, creating good cuisine on the road. I want to cook more. I think he might let us do this! He said “maybe”! That is the best answer I’ve had yet!

Well, anyway, I’ve got to go make some mac and cheese. I’m sure I’ll probably be back tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning.

What all ya’ll doing this weekend?