Hot Springs Day 2

Little Roo enjoys breakfast floor level! He ate earlier than the rest of us!

The owners/staff left flowers and banana bread for us! A nice touch!

I took some cabin house decor pics! Lots of nice things in the place to admire! This place feels cabin like inside but is really a house! The ceiling makes it feel like a cabin.

That’s black out curtains added in this room for nap taking! In case you wondered.

In case one has the desire….don’t, lol!

Here’s the house. It’s waaaaay back in the woods. Stucco.

We had breakfast at the house. And play time.

Then headed to Hot Springs in town for some shopping and pizza! I wasn’t hungry but River was. Some were almost hungry so we split one pizza.

Random shopping pics.

George was very interested in the round ukulele! Look what a big boy he is!

After afternoon nap time, we ventured back into town to the Arlington Hotel for a seafood buffet dinner – oh my word it was so good! Hotel is at the end of this clip.

Waiting in the lobby – (DD Katy). Notice the grand decor.

Overhead view because ya gotta see it!

Then there was dessert because it was free! Not pictured (devoured).

And it’s taken me off an on all day to get the blog entry done as we’ve been busy. But hope you enjoyed our glimpses of Hot Springs Day 2!

Few words. It’s hard to type so much on my phone. I’m not a big texter either.

Slept better last night. I’m not sure George did. lol Maybe we just take turns lol. Actually we were both up a few times for potty breaks- ha! When I get home I can take my BP meds in the morning, but afraid to while traveling (water pill).

Ok off to play Christmasopoly as the River naps! Coffee brewing!

A Wonderful Family Christmas that Flew By Way Too Fast

First of all Thank You for those that watched the latest “Less Hustle More Coffee” video (see yesterday’s entry for the link to YouTube). Christmas was probably not the best time to put out another video but I didn’t want to put it off as I have so many to catch up on. I’d like to catch us up to being at least 4 to 6 weeks to current time. The next one will be Roger’s tribute and I am formulating ideas. It will involve some filming so that takes even more time. Plus we will be going to Texas soon.

I have a lot of pics to share. I have shared a lot of them on Facebook so some of you have seen them already if you follow me there and I show in your feeds.

This Christmas happened so fast. This past week we were working by day and seeing family at night and then we had a lot of cooking to do and prepping for Christmas, stockings for all that was there on Christmas Day, and so by Christmas Day afternoon, I was exhausted. Yesterday I was able to do almost nothing but ironing for work, washing our sheets for 3 beds in the house, and washing all the blankets. I watched Sister Wives or videos the rest of the day. And I’ve not slept well the last two nights and honestly am just not feeling good. However, life moves on and we have responsibilities so we thrust ourselves forward. Christmas just about kills me every year. But we love it and we have looked forward to everyone coming and it’s been a dream come true. So now we have to build our strength for Texas, to that little grandson’s birthday and the never ending year end processing that we are graced with when we are already beaten to death by the holidays. lol lol lol Yeee Ha, tis the American Way.

Christmas Eve

This was several families worth that had been dropped off for Christmas Day. And several large gifts at that. I think there were presents for about 21 people if I counted correctly. Not that many were there but there was gifts either to/from extended family and friends as well. Some had been shipped in.

We tried to create a good atmosphere and spirit. I loved having the TV on YouTube playing Christmas music to a scene of a living room or cafe with Christmas tree and crackling fire. Oh yeah, we are beyond just the fireplace scene, lol. One day I will share some of those Ambiance channels with you.

Pics of the mantle.

Dinner was turkey, dressing, baked sweet potato, whiskey carrots, cranberry, 7 layer salad, and rolls. It was good and we were stuffed. None of us could eat dessert, cheese cake.

Christmas Day

Little Roo’s Santa where Santa visited our house too.

Some of the food. I didn’t get it all I don’t think.

Katy’s birthday cake. She was born on Christmas Day! We have learned that no one really can eat many sweets by the time Christmas Day arrives. We are often left with most all of the cake leftover. So George bought Katy a cinnamon donut for her cake, lol. I don’t think much of it was eaten either, lol.

Present opening was wild and crazy and I loved seeing what I got everyone, lol. It was so special having Little Roo around.

Part of the Aftermath:

Earlier in the Week…..

A fabulous time!

Now today it is back to work for me to do time sheets and get the next payroll done. If you didn’t get a chance to see the video, see the previous post. Subscribe if you haven’t already so you will get a notification when it comes out.

So I will probably pop in at some point this week. Katy and Cody pushed through and are safe at home. Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken travel back tomorrow. If I don’t get back here in the next few days, it’s just me taking a break. If so, I’ll be back by New Year’s to do the “Year in Review” but goodness, let’s just go ahead and say all we did was move Mom. lol. I think that was most of our year.

Hope your Christmas was special and that you get some time off. Not all of us are that lucky. But I get most of my week off next week. It’ll throw the year end processing in a tail spin and I’ll probably have to make up the hours, thus losing the PTO but that is also the American Way ::sigh:: And I am worn out before it all starts. But I am not missing my grandson’s first birthday party – family is coming first. Maybe one day they won’t be so far away. It’s really hard for us to travel out there. And now especially with so much going on here and with Mom. Over and Out for now.

Let us Gather! And We Did!

My heart is happy and full this morning! What a fun night out with family. Let us “gather” and we DID! At the table, Florida, Texas, Maryland, Middle TN and East TN meet up! Wow! What a blessing! And a one of a kind evening together. Little Roo was soooo good. He was passed all around. And our food was good. ML Rose was really good. I think most of us had burgers as their burgers ROCK! My heart sings this morning! Thank you Lord for family and for this wonderful evening!

And look at what I got on the camera on the way home. This camera on this iPhone 13 also sings!

We were moving so ignore the blurry trees and neighborhood, but look at the full moon behind the clouds. I can’t wait to have time to do some night photography – maybe this summer or perhaps in Texas. There was a peachy tone around the halo of the moon. You can kinda see it here.

Ok so I’m going to go work on the zoo video now. I hope the footage is good. I’ve not seen it in a while.