Stormy Afternoon, Sangrita, Findlay’s Emergency Surgery, and a Maisy Dream

Thankfully the storms were not too bad. However, this little monster outside the window did NOT make me brave. I waited til it had time to pass and go on before I left. There was not enough “sheer” in the atmosphere for a full development of a tornado. It wanted to, but the ingredients were not there to finish it off – thank goodness. I drove home from work in a mostly dry situation but as I neared Mount Juliet the gully washers came upon me from the next rain pocket. I knew I probably wouldn’t have enough time to get home but I was ready to be home. I knew at least on that end I’d have places to stop if I got bad. Not so much on the highway b/w here and there. It was raining so hard it was hard to see if I was going into the garage correctly. Don’t worry, I was going slow and made sure. I had to turn the windshield wipers off to keep from throwing water all over everything on the sides of the garage as I pulled in, lol. Wow.

George made us a “Sangrita” of sorts with tequila, margarita mix (one with the least amount of sugar I could find), and sangria. It was really good. I teased him that there was no salt on the rim of my glass. lol. That always makes it extra special. But we can get that in the restaurant. George’s meal he fixed was out of this world. Better than any Mexican restaurant. He cooked some kind of beef roast and made slices of it and wrapped it in tortilla and had a sauce in there with it, and we had black beans and a tamale. No pics as we snarfed it down so fast and jumped into our video as we ate. It was so good. The best part – no crowds!

I think we are on Season Two of Downton Abbey. Trying to get through as many seasons as we can before Netflix yanks it. We’ve even been watching it over Ozark. But Ozark is not being yanked yet – as it’s a new season.

Well, I wanted to pop in and do a quick blog post. Now I’m headed over to work on the videos. It’s been so many days since I’ve worked on it that it is hard to dive into it. But I’m gonna do it. Sometimes I wonder what’s the point, then I remember “because I enjoy it, that’s why”. It’s just that sometimes selecting which thing to do in the short time we have is hard- something fun, something responsible?

These days of April and May I have been so tired. And need more rest and down time. I want another PTO day for myself but I don’t think I can have one right now. We have Memorial Day and I think I’m going to claim that as a Self-Help Mental Health Day.

I was able to vacuum and iron and get laundry done after work this week. And the last two nights were a little more relaxing. Wednesday night I worked on the puzzle I’d wanted to do at Christmas, lol. (Yes, I’m about 6 months behind in my to do lists, videos, and in life itself). And then last night I talked to Mom for a bit.

Pray for this little girl. Katy’s dog Findlay had emergency surgery after being sick for 3 or 4 days and not getting better. I got word last night as I went to bed that she had gotten through the surgery fine and was recovering and could be picked up today. She had a blockage in her tummy.

This girl below, my little Maisy, came to see me in a dream last night. She was there by my side, her little warm body with it’s black and white spots. I could hardly believe my eyes. I held her, and could not believe she was there. Yet she was. It was a brief moment and then the dream ended for whatever reason. But back in her body she was still not feeling good and something was wrong with her foot. Just as we were inspecting her the dream was gone. But I was so happy in the dream for those brief moments to be able to see her again. I miss her so so much.

Have a beautiful weekend everyone. May you have fun, get things done, and enjoy it. Hoping the same for me on my end. Today I work til 2 p.m. and take Mom to the primary care doc to be able to continue thyroid meds. Mom has the doctor under scrutiny to see if he will give her the proper attention (last time they didn’t take her temp nor listen to her heart or take BP, which was quite odd, but their computers were down). Her insurance is so limited and she sees him so little, I’d say she probably should just stick with it for now. There are not a lot of choices in docs close by. Best leave as is. But it’s her decision as long as it’s within driving range. If she wants to change she can find a new one she wants and I’ll make the appointment when she finds one.

Ok off to the videos. Not much time left now. lol. Time…what a concept, a luxury, a piece of gold, a priceless piece of a concept. Life moves way too fast for me now. I cannot keep up anymore. I’m fizzling out. Quickly. Muscles and brain capacity also are dwindling. But I keep pushing through. Going to have to work on the self care pieces, eating less, eating better, rearranging the supplements, walking more before I can’t any longer. I might have used “Icy Hot” several days this week to push through.

Enough on that. I’m really gone this time and will check in probably on Sunday. I’ll get started on laundry in the morning and sleep as late as I can before my Mother’s Day outing.

New Video Uploaded: Accepting Change, Being Flexible, and Letting Go

Here is the New Video and a Video Dedication and Tribute to our Maisy Girl. Link below:

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I appreciate your support always.

Happy New Year everyone! Back tomorrow for a blog update!

Time to Wrap, Training for my Trip, and My Dream of Maisy Dog in her New Place

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Ahhhhh! Finally. A Vacation Day to get ready for Christmas time. So I’m in my little office here at home. I have a card table set up in here for a place to easy wrap and prep the gifts. I’m going to turn the music on here on iTunes in a few and get started. I’ve got quite the stack. Mostly George’s left. He’s in the other room working so I can hopefully get them done without him walking in. I’m also wrapping Aunt Martha’s and Uncle Ken’s. I’ve already wrapped most of Mom’s and Kevin and Susans, my BIL and SIL.

Katy’s and Cody’s gifts are all taken care of and they have received. We did a 12 days of Christmas box for them each in lieu of our not being there as well. Cody’s parents are there now visiting and I was glad to know they were able to go out there in Texas to see them during the holidays. We are saving our time for January as we can’t do both. I was hoping for a Christmas swap then, but I think we’ll be too busy and taking care of Baby River!

Planning for Being Out

Yesterday, at work I did some training for my replacement to do time edits, and PTO coding, and how to do the overnight paks to the other plants and what goes in them, so that she can help do some of the admin pieces of my job while I’m out in January. Someone else will be doing the actual payroll. I’ll be doing the taxes the week I come back – they don’t take long and it’ll still meet deadline. Friday’s is mainly prep work for the upcoming payroll. Monday is a little different as you print all plant’s time sheets out and fix mistakes you find. We trained on that last Monday and will do some more this Monday.

News on the BABY front. Katy’s appointment went well on Monday and she said the doc does not let her patients go past their due date. She’s due Jan 19th. So at least we know that it’s not likely I’ll be gone the last week of January which is good news as I’ll at least have some time to have long days at work to play catch up from being out and meeting those 1/31 deadlines. Yes, don’t worry, I’m remembering what George and I discussed about reasonably doing what ANY OTHER salaried person would do when going on PTO. Not planning on packing a bag and working overnight by any means, but I will certainly do what I can given the circumstances. I’m not one to NOT try and meet my goals. I’ll work tirelessly no doubt to try and get things done. But in reality. There will be 50+ hours of work I won’t be there to do. Can I get the 50 hours spread out over the rest of the entire month of January? Maybe – but who knows. I like getting my goals and boxes checked off so I’ll give it my best shot anyway. If I’m gone the third week of January – that is usually the LULL week anyway where I’m waiting on stuff from others before I can go further, so perhaps it won’t be as bad as we think. Now that I remembered that I feel better. There IS ALWAYS that week after a quarter I can’t do much as I await for information to continue. I can’t believe I didnt’ think of that before. Wow, I think I’ve just solved the dilemma enough to not worry over it so much, knowing there is a week where I wait for stuff. So I won’t be missing out on as much as we think.

Strange Items on Alexa’s Grocery List

After work yesterday I went to the store. I needed a few things for my Rotel Chicken Spaghetti I’m having tonight. And George needed a few things for his casserole dish he was making last night. I also did a bit of shopping. I had to hide a few things so George wouldn’t see. lol

George always adds things to the grocery list. As you can see he added Michael Jackson’s nose and Larks tongue and a Walrus Mustache. It was supposed to be aspic and Larks tongue but Alexa separated them. He cooks so much and I googled it to make sure Aspic was a real thing and it’s a gel substance to thicken things. So I really thought he needed it. I looked for it. Couldn’t find it. I asked a lady that was older than me if she knew where it might be. That lady went and looked for it. She wasn’t even an employee. I didn’t have the heart to tell her later as we passed again on a later aisle that it was just my spouse playing tricks. Well jokes on me. I had called George and asked where the Aspic would be and laughed and said it was a joke. “Oh good! Now that I’ve sent everyone looking for it” lol

Dinner was good. George made a cheeseburger bake. It was spicy and tasted a lot like sloppy joes. He loves the cheeseburger bakes. I was afraid it would be too spicy and I would regret it later, but the biscuit softened the blow I think, lol.

I surprised him with an heirloom tomato from the store. Publix had about 5 of them in their produce section. Yeah a little more pricey but it’s Christmas time and considering it was a small one, I went for it. He was happy. They were good and flavorful.

Maisy’s Spot on the Sofa

Roger took Maisy’s spot the night before last. And Little Bit took it last night. I couldn’t stop staring at Little Bit in her spot. I think it was that I was trying to discover my feelings. I wanted HER (Maisy) to be there so bad, and feeling good again, and still with us. I was almost mad at Little Bit for being there and taking her spot, but yet I wasn’t. I was glad he there. I realize now at the pic, he was actually watching TV with us. We have been watching Northern Exposure from long ago, on a DVD GEorge has. It’s pretty cute. We also started Virgin River. George says it’s a bit like a Hallmark Channel show, but I like it. I’m sure we’ll finish it.

Little Bit tried to sit in my lap eventually since I had on warm flannels, but they were very thin apparently. I had not thought so until he started kneading his claws into them and into my flesh. It was like being massaged by a porcupine. I had to send him packing, lol. Little Bit is enjoying hanging with us more now that Maisy is gone. I think mainly b/c he has room. Maisy never liked any critter being in my lap and getting attention from me, but later on during her stay with us, she lightened up and realized Little Bit, nor Roger, and not even Tugie was a threat to her. She learned that I loved her no matter what. Very quickly. She even tolerated Little Bit’s trying to love on her – to an extent.

So I still cried a few times yesterday. The hardest yesterday was her not being in the living room with us, not being there to take out before bed, not going to bed with us. We went to bed last night at 8:30 as Roger is not sleeping well and wanting to get up about 3 times a night. I hug a 2nd pillow and clutch a warm blanket in my hands to dispel the feeling of grief over her as I drift off to sleep. I did that for the 17 year old poodle too when she left us but I had Maisy to pet and that made Tugie’s death much easier. Tugie was aloof for so long that we were no longer as close. It was a gradual fade of grief over time, while she was alive as I had to witness her decay as she aged. I loved her but I was so emotionally connected at the soul to my Maisy girl, mostly because she adored me so and I was so taken with that. No person or animal has adored me like my Maisy girl has! I’m convinced. Roger is fun to pet but like Tugie was, he’s getting so old now that his comfort is all that matters and he’s in his own world and really only thinking of his necessities for the moment. And I fear, in his final days, weeks, months. I’m not even sure how our trip in January would be for him. But it would be worse if we left him with strangers. And worse for us. So if he is alive, he will go with us. And we’ll do the best we can.

Dreaming of Maisy, in Her New Place

I told God that I needed His help because I was hurting so badly after missing my girl. I went to sleep praying to Him for help. So as I awoke this morning, I had been dreaming. We were at an event. There were lots of people. Nearby, on one side of the event, there was people on the corners selling and trading guns and on other corners pointing and shooting guns at people. I remember going the other direction to where there was peace and happiness and safety. As I did I saw Maisy running loose away from the crowds of people at the event. She looked different but I could tell it was her. I knew her to be my dog and I knew it was Maisy. I yelled for her to come to me. She looked at me and began to reluctantly and slowly come this way, but she was slow to do so as she was distracted by something in the distance. She stopped and fixed her gaze as I called. She tore off into the distance in a run as fast as she could. I yelled “Maisy NO, come back to me”. But she ran into a field of glowing wheat, the same color as she now was. As I squinted to see what she was running to, I saw her be greeted by a beautiful gold dog, the same breed as her with long flowy hair and a beautiful wolf like face, just like her own. Maisy jumped upon the bigger dogs back and a male dog came from the forest behind them and joined them. She was with her own, her pack, her kind….her parents.

As much as I wanted her back within my dream, I realized she was happy, she was free, she could romp and play and be with her Momma and Daddy and her kind. And that she had found much better happiness than I could ever have given her here. When I woke up from the dream, I still heard her voice say, “But I’m still with you Momma I didn’t really leave you- I’m a spirit and I’m able to be here with you in your heart and be able to romp and play too with my family”.

Tears streamed as I crawled out of bed this morning. The dream helped, but I cried tears of relief that she has found her new pack, tears of grief because I still miss her, and tears of joy that God would let me see a peek of her in her new state of being. I’m a mess this morning after that and she is not at my feet here while I blog. But I’m sipping coffee and know that God is in control. It’ll be alright. It may not be alright right now, this minute, but it will be. I know she is safe and happy. I’ve seen her family and her surroundings. I’m good with that. I’m grateful to God for showing me that. I am a lucky one to have known and been a part of this angel of a dog, I named Maisy.