End to a Busy Week, Quick Eats, and a Cleaning Manual

Above shows the notes and reminders from another fairly busy week in my planner. We have just rolled on from one day to the next doing what we can. We are definitely moving along at “target” I think as far as Mom’s move #1 goes and in trying to keep up with life itself. It’s about to get a little crazy and a little fun now as the move climaxes about the same time company comes. Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken will be arriving this weekend sometime at Mom’s and Cody and Katy and River will be flying in the next weekend. We are taking the weekend off that Katy and Cody and River are here. We have plans with them. And also plans to see some of our best friends that we have not seen in over a year since the virus.

I just noticed there is a coffee stain on there and it’s in the shape of a heart. lol. Well at least my messes are creative!

Last week was a struggle in a way as I didn’t have much fresh food for the week in my office. I was out of unsweet tea, cheese, nuts, bananas, or other fruit, peanut butter, crackers. It left me on the search for afternoon chocolate! I did finally take some crackers to work from home. I love these flatbread crackers. And they are gluten free.

Friday I drove a different way – mainly because I missed an exit. I went to my old work stomping grounds around Elm Hill Pike and found a Jack in the Box. It seemed like an eternal wait in the drive through. No Jack’s I have ever been to has been quick, so not sure why that is. But their salads have always been worth the wait – most of the time. The lettuce was fresh, unlike other fast food places that put the old lettuce on the bottom and the fresh on top. They used to serve this salad with Southwest Dressing and also with little tortilla crisps. But “times is hard” I guess, lol. An old Southern sayin’ we often jest about, even though it is a serious matter. Running out of condiments is getting serious.

Speaking of condiments, Mom had an excellent “picnic” of sorts for a lunch for us yesterday. She said she was fixing sandwiches and I requested beef bologna as I’ve been craving a bologna sandwich with mayo! I used to eat these growing up.

Mom had fried chicken also and macaroni salad. I put a few chips on my sandwich because I like the crunch! Growing up we would have had cold pork and beens from a can with the meal and I would dip my Lay’s potato chips in the beans! But I was happy with the macaroni salad. It was Food Lion’s brand and it was all so good.

Also Mom treated us with a surprise, KEY LIME PIE! And when Mom slices the pie you get two pieces! lol lol lol

Last week I broke a tea glass hitting it with a box and knocking it to the floor so I was sure to put my glass up high where I wouldn’t do that again as we kept packing.

I got an entire china cabinet packed. Except for some Christmas dishes that I brought in for Mom to pack this week. We had packed all that would fit in the car and we were anxious to get back to Roger and to get some errands done so that today (Sunday) we would have mainly home time. George has to run to Lowe’s through to get a few things for a mulching project.

In the afternoon we got to FaceTime with River as he tried bananas for the first time. How fun that Katy will do this for us! I noticed that River noticed us more on the phone. He seemed to like his bananas. And seemed like he wanted more and more and was a little impatient between bites. He opens his mouth for more but closes it too quickly. He’s still learning this spoon thing!

While we were out running errands we stopped to get more wine and got to do a wine tasting and also we saw this. We did not buy it!!! But they had a cicada wine – label only – one can hope!

George fixed us an omelet with bacon for dinner. It was so good. Breakfast just sounded good last night. And we ate and watched the last show of Designated Survivor. Too bad it had to end there. But the last season had gotten weird anyway. A lot of the good characters had left, the remaining characters had changed their characters it seemed and there were too many new characters and the morality of the show went south. It seemed like the show was entirely produced by someone different that last season. There was a lot of unnecessary stuff in it this last season.

I’m a Christian so I’m not in support of homosexuality because God clearly states in the Bible this behavior is not in his plan. If this hurts anyone’s feelings, I can’t be sorry. It’s not my plan for how man lives his life- it’s God’s – so you will have to take up my words here with him. I just pass along what I read in the scripture. I will not judge those that have chosen this path – I’ll let God do that when the time comes. I don’t want to see a man and women having sex on TV through and therefore, I also don’t want to see homosexuals having sex on TV. So it turned raunchy there at the end of this show.

All that said, I will be nice to someone that is homosexual just as I would be nice to someone that I knew was having an affair. There is no reason not to be nice to someone. Their sexual business is between themselves and God. So don’t shoot the messenger here. It won’t do you any good, it’s all a God thing. And you’ll have to take up his plan with Him.

I do believe in God and his son and the spirt and His plan and His kingdom. I believe we are all sinners too so it’s not fair for me to judge another and call them a sinner when I myself am a sinner. But I do believe and have been baptized with full water covering my body in the spirit to simulate a full burial of my old self and sin and to rise as a new person with a new life that has promise of eternal life because of my belief in him and has promised the Spirit as our help and comforter. His love is like a windshield wiper to continually wipe away and forgive the sin we have. We sin everyday somehow. But one must choose to turn back on sin and repent of it, as the Bible teaches.

Ok, I’m off my box there but just watching that last show made me go on that tangent.

Cleaning Book came In

Ok so one of you and I can’t remember who it was, told me about @gocleanco on Instagram. I started following them as you get some really good ideas for cleaning your house in their stories. I went to their website and ordered their “Cleaning Army Handbook”.

I don’t want to be giving away their secrets or plagiarizing here, but I will “tease you” with their pages so you can order your own.

They give you what tools you need, cleaning supplies, and even has a checklist for each room.

The book also is made with a plastic overlay so you can use an dry erase pen with it.

I’m so excited over this. I have often used the FlyLady’s techniques through the years, but found it to be overwhelming. I could never keep up because I worked FT and I don’t have time to keep up with them in their routines. I would have loved to have had the Fly Lady’s “list” though in a book like this. Maybe she has one too by now. I still use a lot of her concepts.

But I love the new concepts here. I like their theory of vacuum everything first to get the dirt out. Not just on carpet but everything. Brooms not allowed. They start with cleaning a room from left to right and top to bottom. And use powdered tide and water on a lot of things.

I had to wait about 3 weeks for this book to arrive as it came from Canada and had to go through customs I guess. I think it was about $21 or so maybe more with shipping. It’s only a little book, but I could just hug it right now I’m so thrilled!

Do I have time to clean though? Naw! But I can at least go at my own pace with this checklist!

New Porch Railing / Home Improvement

A big box sits in our living room as does a porch railing. George picked out a pretty one. There will only be a railing on one side. I wondered if that would be weird, but I remember Mom only having one on one side I think. George has to install it and I think he has to buy some special tools to do it with.

Also waiting for him to drill in my sign on the front porch as the wind kept trying to knock it off. Nothing is ever easy right? Also waiting for him to cut my foam for my bed. I might be able to do it myself but probably not. Trying to be patient as I wait for these projects. I’m also still waiting on flooring – just saying!

So I’ll get off of here. That is all I have for today. I will be doing laundry, cleaning, getting ready for the work week with my wardrobe and vitamin refills. Need to order some vitamins over Amazon. And I will work on wrapping those finals gifts that came in as we do Birthday and Christmas was our friends soon. I hear Roger will get a bath and we’ll trim him today. I will work on moving my clothes over today in anticipation of giving Mom the bedroom closet when she arrives. Have to also clear out shelf space and drawer space. I also ordered some baskets for the bathroom counter today so the bathroom we’ll share can have stuff on the counter without it looking bad when Mom arrives. Organized chaos! lol —OH! And I went to Target Friday night and bought a couple of more white towels and some tea glasses and a few other things! More organizing baskets to go under my “bed” in the office for storage and some poster board to a bucket list with. I had a great time shopping!

And happy to say that I’m now beginning to edit our Winter in Texas video when we went to see River. Excited about that and plan to get an hour or two into that today. Ya’ll be good! What are you doing this weekend?

“You are Here”: Update on Mom’s House Build and Move

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Monday morning brought the meeting on Zoom where Mom had to sign off on the plan review. A little glitch being that Mom could not get on zoom, but I don’t think she would have been able to see it anyway. I refused to do the meeting alone even though Mom said I could and the project manager asked me to. I demanded that we conference her in on audio and asked for the project manager’s patience and understanding. I didn’t want to be responsible if they left something out and I didn’t catch it. lol. I would never hear the end of it. I’ve also been in business too long not to cover my “assets” in anything in life. Just something life teaches ya I guess. Everyone always looking for someone to blame! So I made sure she was on the call. I mean this is a big deal signing off on a house being built the way you want it. I didn’t want to be the scapegoat if it all got screwed up!

It included changes she added during our Low Voltage and Design Studio meeting – in other words – extra outlets, media wall outlets, extra lighting, etc. I’m glad she was on it because there were a few things that they covered and had to let her know.

  1. We were not happy that due to a very slight grade on her property there will be a couple of stairs going down to get to the patio. Dismay and ::sigh:: – so much for completely flat and no stairs. The front will not have a grade and no stairs. But what can you do? She will be using the back more than the front but what can you do? It’s the land and the way it has to be built for some reason. So George will have to add a railing for her there too.
  2. They let her know where the A/C unit would be. It’s going to be far enough away from the patio that we hope it won’t be noisy while she sits on the patio. I think that will be ok.

Anyway they went over everything and so that meeting is done! We are really pleased overall with the Goodall Home process. It is very organized. I’m pleased to say that we are making our way through the stair steps and things will start to slow down on having to “be places” after the Pre-Drywall Meeting. That meeting will be in a few weeks. They will call us in a couple of weeks to set it up.

We have completed 1-6 steps here. We of course will do the Pre-Drywall Meeting in person. So I will have to take off work for that, go get Mom and bring her in.

They told us they will be breaking ground next week and starting on the house! That is awesome!

So once this Pre-Dry Wall meeting is done we will not have any more on site meetings til it’s built and then we will have several. And the final move in. BUT we will have weekly zoom calls or conference calls with the project manager. He informs us of what was completed that week and what would be completed the next week.

Also we will likely ride out there on our own some and view and take pics – but at least that we can do on evenings and weekends.

I’ll admit my tummy leaps every time they say “meeting” and “it has to be on a “Monday – Friday” during business hours. My head is spinning at the amount of time we are having to take off work. I saw in the beginning that any vacation trips would be out the window this year unless it is a weekend trip but where can you go for two days? lol. That’s stressful in itself. But it will be worth it to have the most disrupted year of our lives, to be able to get her up here. So worth it.

I’m very pleased that my work has been so incredibly nice to me over all this. They have let me off, let me make sudden trips, alter my hours a bit and so forth.

This morning I am going to sign off on the storage unit. I have to drive over to Lebanon – about 15 min away and sign the lease agreement. We are having to get two instead of the one big one. They chuckled when I asked to for the big one. They said they hardly ever have those. So it will be good to get that done. I took work home and did that last night since I’d be missing that this morning. And I’ll just eat lunch at my desk this afternoon. So I should hardly miss a beat of getting work done.

I got to sleep in this morning. George had to wake me up before he headed out so I didn’t sleep all day. I was unusually tired last night. And still tired this morning. I think it’s the shot. I remember getting tired after about a week of the 1st shot. I imagine I’ll do the same this week. Probably have not quite recouped from the illness brought on by the shot. No fever left but just have not bounced back and every now and then I have very sharp pains that roam still.

Upcoming Plans: Shopping at Target and a Pedi!

So GOOD things on the horizon though. I’m going to set that PEDI for tomorrow after work I think. Then Friday I have a fun visit planned for Target. Just imagine the pic below as their RED LOGO! I’m SO looking forward to it.

Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

I’m going to walk though slowwwwwwwwly and look at EVERYTHING! George is going to wonder what happened to me!

I’m going to buy a couple of more towels so we have enough – mine are getting old anyway. Gonna buy tea glasses as most of our glasses are low ball, beer glasses, wine glasses, juice glasses, or fine crystal, etc. We usually sip wine with dinner but I need to have some tea glasses for Mom and I as we will be drinking a lot more tea. I need some small little baskets for the counter tops in the bathroom for Mom’s make up supplies, and routine products used for easy reach and low clutter.

I need face wipes, a family calendar for the den so we can all be on the same page. (I will still have my planner though as I have to have it with me at all times).

And Mom needs 3 huge clothes tubs for her off season clothes to bring here. The seasons will just be changing when her house is built but we’ll probably have to do some clothes swap out before she moves. Also if the house is delayed it all we go into cold weather. So we will keep her extra clothes on site in the tubs like we do some of mine. This house has nice closets but no walk in closets so off season clothes don’t fit.

So yeah, lots to look forward to as the days pass.

That is all I know right now. Work, getting this move done, Mom here, and then her house built, and the other move done. But we have come a long way. Amazed that her house is already under contract and that we have moved a lot and packed a lot already. So much more to go. Still praying for strength and stamina! 😉

Better go get ready to head out the door. Ya’ll have a splendid day and I’ll be back to say “hey” on Friday.

I have been, as you may know, working on videos on alternate blog days. I began going through my iPhone photos and deleting unnecessary photos and videos and the next step with it is to drag over any video footage or photos that will be used in upcoming videos to it’s “assigned iMovie folder”. I have to do Feb 27 through current date. Anything before Feb 27 I’ve already moved over. Yes, there is a process! lol I make it a habit to go ahead and move over any Canon video as it is shot so I don’t forget!

Anyway, better gooooo!

Iris Blooms, Moringa Superfood Supplements, and Life’s Getting Busy

The Iris are blooming! They look so pretty against a backdrop of a freshly mowed yard! George worked hard in the yard this weekend and even washed and cleaned all 3 cars! Coming home yesterday after working all day and a trip to the store, these were a sight for sore eyes and soothing to a tired soul.

And no problem with the Rosemary surviving! Plenty of it!

The Moringa came in. I invite you to do your own research on this. You may be ordering it too when you read about it. I have only been taking it a week. They say it takes about a month to begin seeing the efforts. Two capsules a day. Safe. And when you read about it- it seems like a wonder drug. But you can do your own research on it. I mainly bought it for blood pressure reduction, but it has many other good functional qualities including helping metabolism. It said to be careful while taking with blood pressure meds as it may go too low. Well if it does then maybe I can get off my meds, lol. I will let you know what happens.

I went for a walk yesterday in our complex. And Sunday I also did a 20 minute work out that including “fighter lunges” – that’s what I call it. It’s boxing as you do squats, lol. Oh my gosh I could hardly move yesterday and getting up and down out of a chair was killer. I was kinda taken by the shadows and trees in the breeze. It reminded me of the eclipse.

I was so tired after my walk and lunch yesterday. And sleepy too. I wanted to nap so bad. I have been incredibly tired. Like…..tired on steroids tired! For the last 3 days. I think it’s for about four reasons: 1) the exercise taxing my muscles 2) moving Mom and lifting moderately heavy boxes – nothing major -but still heavier than what I do on a daily basis, lol 3) The lack of good sleep – meaning instead of 8 I’ve had six the last few nights – except last night was 8, thank goodness! 4) Possibly the COVID shot with my body trying to react to what has happened to it with that COVID injection shot.

I do feel better this morning after an 8 hour sleep.

Mom’s Move and the Video Update

Things are progressing. Mom’s realtor sent in the paperwork. He said he forgot. We’ll forgive him. lol And they are going to come video her house Thursday. Wooops! I totally forgot about the fact we’d need the house to be cleaned before the videographer comes in. We were thinking about having it ready by the time it was listed. Mom said no worries – she’s getting it ready. I feel bad but I think they probably won’t be able to see the dust. lol. They will be viewing the room from afar. She is getting the boxes we left for her to pack in – out of the way.

Thursday night I’ll go get her and then Friday she and George will go to her Low Voltage meeting. I’m anxious to see how that goes.

Made a LOT of progress on the video Saturday and Sunday. It was fun to work on and close to being finished. George is in it and he is going to make you laugh. I laughed out so hard when editing! I just need to continue editing it some. Need to get the length down to keep it around 17 to 19 minutes. It’ll probably be ready for upload in the next week or so. I would guarantee it over the weekend but we are going to be busy both days of the weekend with back to back trips moving Mom’s stuff. This will continue for weekends to come as we slowly migrate her stuff here by car. All of this is because we just won’t have the time to pack it all and move it all at once. That would take about 2 weeks I think, lol. We don’t have that kind of time when you work Full Time.

The house date to list has been moved to May 5th which is Mom’s Design Studio meeting day where she picks out everything for the new place. So that way they can list that day and it can start being shown on May 6th. We didn’t want people wanting to see it and Mom being gone. She has to be gone of course anyway, but….Fancy (dog) will be there and Mom has to be around to take her out and leave the house while it’s shown. So this works best.

This is all about to get exciting! We keep progressing from one step to the next. But there’s a lot to go!

Meanwhile in Texas

Dates are coming together for some special days with River and Katy and Cody. We have a zoo day planned but we also are taking another day with some PTO time and getting off work to hang with them. This makes my heart happy. And Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken will be coming the week before that.

Lots of things going on! The calendar is filling up. And this was a cute Instagram story post that Katy posted about our Little Roo!

Ok, I will check in with you guys probably Thursday morning! I’m doing the video editing every other day sharing blog time and that seems to satisfy my soul and give me a scheduled time to work on it – even if it is only an hour every other day. I’ve hesitated to do this in the past as I was learning iMovie because it was frustrating to have to leave it. It still is a little frustrating and I have to pull myself away but as I learn it becomes less frustrating to tear away in the middle of it. If that makes sense. I know what I mean but hard to put in words.

ok…over and out!