Simply In Between

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Very rarely do I have a time when I sit at the computer on blog day with coffee and feel I have few words. But today I do. I normally have a least something interesting that has happened to me or some grand thought or theme I’ve buried myself in. Today is just the raw me I guess.

Work has been – enhhh – home has been – enhhhh – I’m in between audio books. Traffic has been scary. The dreaded illness is on the rise and has been. Not every day can be epic, even when we try to make it be. The average day is ok too. I could share some special subject blog entries with you – some ideas I have for a rainy day when there are no thoughts and nothing happening in my world but grey bleak days – but none of those really interest me today for sharing. My heart just not in it.

No I’m not depressed, I don’t think. I’m just in between. That perfectly describes me, my mood, my life, my presence. I’m simply just in between! In between events, in between moves, in between stages of life, in between changes on the work front, in between just about everything. Life either all happens at once or you are waiting for something. I’m simply just in between.

All that said though, tis not a bad thing. Every season in life has its time. We are blessed, somewhat content, and have made the best of what we have. On the days we choose to make life more interesting we can do so, but some days all you want to do though is come home, sit on the sofa and watch a show or play all your lives on Candy Crush. Some days the brain just needs to disconnect, unplug. Some times you have to put away the calendar book after all the appointments made (it never ends) and to do list captured (it doesn’t either), and just be a speck in a moment of time with no movement, no pressure, no striving, no thriving. Just sit and be. I follow this @Peacefulmindpeacefullife on Instagram and it’s so full of wonderful things. I’m not sure who else was following but I liked their sayings and began following them too. They help you realize things you didn’t realize before.

As I look back on this odd year, much like last year’s odd year, I realize it really is a SWEET SEASON of being in between and one we will never forget. While all of us have had our moments of scrambling, trying to make life better for the entire team as well as meet our own individual needs, we’ve had some joy, some peace, some good eats, some good memories.

I appreciate this time I’ve had in my little space of our home in my office. My little but comfy 6 inch foam mattress, having my special space, my journal chair, my office space, and even my little “fake dog” and sloth snuggle button “Snuggie” that is my non-living no-needs companion until we get the real thing. My little room- it has become my “escape to” room for my introvert self-my happy place, my dwelling place – where I find God, peace, comfort, reading, scrolling, gaming, blogging, journaling, planning, and peaceful resting. When I put this room together, I had no idea how special it would be for me or how God was making a special spot for what my psyche and soul needs for this period of time. I’m thankful for that. Each piece came together beautifully – the office section, the journaling/reading/insomnia chair, and the comfy bed that only God arranged to pull together at the last minute! Grateful!

I appreciate all we have done this year so far as I work on the photo and video files for upcoming videos and when I look back at these I appreciate life for what it is and for what it was. I realize how God has been with us and as long as we follow His will, He will continue to be.

What a time of rest he has given us this summer and as fall returns our schedules get more gnarly and our to do list thickens as we move Mom, get all our realty appointments in, doc appointments in, help her decorate and unpack, and begin upkeep of two households needs, and doing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a birthday trip to see our Grandson, and doing quarter ends and year ends – I realize how busy we will become. We will have fun, we will be stressed, but we’ll make memories.

Upcoming Today and the Weekend

So it looks like our Labor Day weekend will be much more restful than the Memorial Day one! And yes! We are up for that. George and I will both be working on personal projects but no major plans or excursions. We have a fabulous meal coming together on Labor Day. I requested homemade burgers. Mom is making the potato salad. I’m making REAL barbecued beans – from scratch – you know soaking the beans and brown sugar and mustard and all that! 😉 I think one morning we will have a nice breakfast. One of my personal to do projects is to dust and decorate! Going ahead and getting ready for fall.

I found the fall totes downstairs. I was afraid it would be out of sight or covered up or hard to get to, but George placed things wisely of Mom’s so we can get to it. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, to resting, to decorating, to reading, to working on video clips and photo files and hopefully starting the next video. I need a catch up day.

Today Mom has her electrocardiogram. I don’t think we get the results until the doc appt where they will go over it with her but it’s not for a few weeks b/c the doc was only available on critical payroll dates or dates we already had other doc appts. But we finally found a date to work. I hate that but it’s a juggle to keep everyone happy.

I teased Katy that there was a Hurricane Kate out there. She said “don’t tell Cody”. He will tease her! lol

Meanwhile in Texas

“Grocery Cart Little River Roo”

Better go – we have an early appt this morning and then I have to go to work! Then we kick off our weekend.

Please tell me what you are up to this weekend?????

Saturday’s Strange and Erratic Schedule

Friday, I had a pretty severe craving for a steak and baked potato. I don’t usually have cravings for things anymore. So when it hits, I usually allow the splurge. Although probably erroneous thinking at times, I think that giving in to a craving maybe something my body needs. So I went to Logan’s and got the smallest steak, 6 oz, that they had. It was Friday and most of the week for a couple of weeks, I had eaten at my desk. A little treat out was what my psyche needed. I just needed it to be the weekend already, with so much to do at home. I had made a lot of progress at work, starting out the week a little behind and very busy, but quickly caught up to where I should be.

Saturday was very busy. And I was anxious to get things done at home and be able to make some progress on my list, but we had a mix of appointments, visits, and a couple of fun stops. Here’s kinda how that went.

*Dropped Fancy off to Groomer’s (8:00)

*Nader’s Donut Shop (8:15 Sausage Biscuit and Apple Fritter for later). Went in and got it to go.)

*Paul and Judy’s Yard Sale (8:30 Sadly, our friends are moving to FL soon)

*Farmer’s Market (9:30 Fresh tomatoes – they didn’t have the kind of beans Mom wanted)

*Car Wash – (9:45 got Mom’s car washed at a dance team’s car wash event)

*Bone Density Test (10:15 – Yes it’s a Saturday appt – done and over with).

*Houstons Butcher Shop – (11:15 Needed some chicken for the freezer and theirs is reasonable. Got a hamburger to go with fresh ingredients and like home grilled -very thick and very good)

*Home to drop off chicken to freezer, eat burger (12:00 ish and Mom is getting concerned because they have not called for us to pick up Fancy from spa).

*George and I went back to Paul and Judy’s to get a musical item Paul talked George into buying for a good deal. (12:40 ish and thinking the spa will call soon)

*Catch 22 (1:00 for a beer while killing time waiting on Fancy – hoping they will call while we were there. They didn’t)

*Home again (2:15 ish and set into laundry and vacuuming the house and working on things in my office. Now I’m getting concerned about Fancy and called to check – went to voice mail! :-O)

*Back to Pick up Fancy (3:00 ish – Got the call finally – last time it was 10:30 a.m. when they finished is why we were worried.)

*Fix popcorn for Mom and I (4:00 ish as rain rolls in and I’m tired and dinner is 3 hours away. Watch Hurricane coverage).

*Hang out in office (5:00 p.m. and also do some more laundry, plan next week’s wardrobe, reload my weekly vitamin container, clean up a bit, download iTunes songs I’d saved the names of to add to my iTunes.)

*Dinner (7:00)

*Watch Flip Wilson (7:30 watched the DVD pick after playing a game of elimination. Don’t tell anyone but I snoozed.)

*Texted with friends (8:30 One friend has two family members sick with “the dreaded” and another who lives in the neighborhood heard a loud boom or gun fire and wondered if we did too – No I didn’t hear it, Yes George did).

*Bed (9:00 ish – Laid in bed and watched the pet videos, OCD stocking of fridges, and other funnies on Tik Tok til my eyes were so heavy they couldn’t stay open.)

Normally when I type in bullet fashion, I’m tired. But I had a good night’s sleep! Here’s some pics!

Fancy was one excited girl to get picked up. Her report card said she did good. She said hello to everyone in the lobby. And she gave me a hug in the car. We made it home just in time for the rain which mostly missed us.

George’s Cornish Hens
Cornbread Salad

So there you have it. A very busy Saturday. And you know what we are doing today? GOING NOWHERE! I was expecting to have had 1/2 of the day yesterday to get a few things done. While I made progress in sections, it was not as productive as I’d imagined. So I’m going to see if I can progress today.

Already this morning I’ve changed the sheets. I’m partially finished with cleaning up of my office. I am hoping to consolidate some notes. I am really feeling scattered as I have notes I’ve taken for about two months, maybe three – blog ideas, Christmas ideas, things to research, vlog ideas. And it’s driving me crazy having so many pieces of paper. So I’m converting it to Evernote and/or creating spreadsheets on the Mac so it’ll be across all devices. I think I started this project once not to get it finished. I have to look on my computer and see. It’s frustrating to start and stop so many projects and then try to figure out where you are when you pick up again. But I’m going nuts until I get this DONE so I can relax my thoughts and quit moving this stack around my office! lol.

As you get into your upper 50’s it’s especially important to write things down, I find. I won’t remember it later if I don’t. These lists keep me going. They keep me energized, in forward motion, and make life more fun. I like to plan and think things through. That said I’m not as complete with that as George is. He has a lot of lists that he likes to make too. A lot of what he focuses on is: our dinners, our excursions, and yard work. He also focuses on the finances and his hobbies of music and reading! Ya’ll know me and my hobbies!

I slept til 7:11 this morning. It’s 9:20 and I’m thinking I’m still not awake yet after 2 cups of coffee. So I’m going to go grab breakfast, a shower, devo, do more laundry, ironing, and then working on consolidating those lists.

Ok so I’ll do a blog tomorrow morning – that is the plan.

Are you having a good weekend? What is up with you? And what is your weather like there? Hoping none of my blog readers are in the path of this big monster below. We are supposed to get rain from it Tuesday/Wednesday.

Ok off to work (at home) and play! And tonight we have Fondue for dinner!

The Mess Before the Beauty, Clay Pot Chicken, and Other Craziness

Ohhhhh ya’ll! I’m so glad I started moving things Sunday night. Not having any time off and trying to do all this after work has kept us busy. I thought I’d share the “mess”. We’ve moved everything into the sun room and the bedrooms so they can move furniture with ease when they put the flooring down. I’m very excited. Have waited for such a long time.

I have to laugh, this card table almost looks cute with it’s flowers, bird house and boat. What am I saying? lol.

And George moved a lot of stuff to his bedroom. I had decided to split Mom’s food b/w all the bedrooms. George is like “what ARE ya Doing?”. He already had plans for the space in his bedroom. lol. However, we managed to maneuver around. I have to remember the dirty clothes basket is in the sun room, LOL.

What a mess our bedrooms are.

We tried to keep too much out of Mom’s room so she didn’t trip over it. George put this box there and she can’t get to her chest of drawers, LOL. SMH. (Shaking My Head for those that don’t know what SMH means!)

Anyway, despite all the moving stuff around on the final day of it yesterday for the flooring guys coming today to put the wood laminate down, George was determined to cook a full ON meal!

It wasn’t ready until 8:30 last night which actually is my bed time – or at least when I start to get ready for bed. It was really good. He cooked it with potatoes and celery. He thought we had carrots but none were to be found. We are in such disarray I think that we don’t know whether we are coming or going. I think we have enough to have leftovers for tonight, but not sure. I’m not sure we’ll even be able to get to the kitchen. I don’t know anything about this type of flooring and if we have to minimally stay off of it for a day or so or if we will be ready to move everything back.

Anyway, I’ve learned lately to just take one day at a time. I mean I definitely PLAN for the future on the important things – and try to sneak in some fun things – and some goals. But as far as trying to figure out the details of some things – my head will just explode, so some things just have to roll on by themselves and I have to let go. I think that my head tries to explore so many futuristic possibilities on every part of my life that I often exhaust myself trying to think of a master a plan. And George is already a step ahead of me most of the time. But sometimes I have TOO many thoughts and TOO many plans. It’s fun, but it’s frustrating when there is not enough time to finish a thought.

Awwwww….Fancy Lou (Mom’s dog). I call her “Fancy Lou” but her name is really Fancy…..she just came back to see me this morning and say “hello”. That means a lot when a dog comes and seeks you out lol.

Sweet friends sent cards to us on our loss of Mr. Roger. I appreciate that so much and so does George.

So now that Roger is gone, I have to remove him from the video intro. But I will not do it until I’m caught up with real time. My next video will be spring. I haven’t decided if I will do a real time update. But likely I will put a black screen with a picture of him saying Roger passed on July 24, 2021. We will do a special little tribute to him as well on one of the videos either in real time or at the point in time we catch up to now on the videos. I’ve not had time at all to work on the videos this week. I’m having to stop to work on files and I don’t like to be interrupted and have to go to work while I’m in the middle of it. It’s too hard to try to remember where I was and it breaks my stride. So I’ll have to have a chunk of time to work on it.

Quarter End is a little Tootie Fest! Some things happened that make it harder this time even though it was supposed to be easier. :::sigh::: Oh well. I’ve prayed that God helps. I hope I can get finished Friday. I think I will be with the important stuff. I am really going to need to be here this weekend at home if I can. There is one state however that I’m having to hand enter every employee that has worked for one state and it’s the state with the biggest turnover, so lots of people had wages and I’m having to hand enter everyone. Yes, see why it’s a Tootie Fest. <—–It’s better than saying a few choice words that OTHERS would and have used! But I will go to work, put my earbuds in, get it done and be the little robot that I can be. The problem is that my arm is hurting from moving and lifting all this stuff around, so the arm that bothers me sometimes is not really in condition to be having to do a lot of data entry. But I can wear a brace if I need. Right now it hurts at the top and radiates down to my elbow. I’ll be glad when this week is over. But it will take me through next week and maybe the next one since the upload didn’t take and I have to hand enter everyone’s wages. I’ve paid the tax already so no late charges, but that part I have to send in and it will be there in a couple of weeks, likely. (I was given the wrong info to upload and now I have to manually key it all but with the correct info). The problem is that I also have to go in and type in what we incorrectly sent too, ::::sigh:::: yes, it’s a Tootie Fest already. Welcome to my world. At least we can laugh and call it names! It makes one feel better. And certainly it could have been called worse. And probably has – but not on this blog. I won’t say for sure! lol

Oh and it’s Month End already now and I need to be working on that but at least I have til the 15th. It’s pretty easy to get through the monthly paid taxes. No crazy Tootie Fests for that! lol lol lol

And it is HOT as Hades on a Firecracker this week. We have heat warnings out. I do not like summer after July 4th, lol. I don’t much care for August either. But it’ll all go by fast.

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Ok over and out ya’ll. Gonna hop to the day and see what it brings. Oh and I’ve not even had time to look at my lab report and doc notes that were sent. I figure I’ll wait til the weekend when I can log in and download it to compare with past reports. I think he may have scheduled me for a hearing test which I cancelled as it was this week. I have to set my own appointments and frankly I really don’t have time for my own appointments unless they are just really necessary. Having to put some of those off til next year. We have too many irons in the fire this year with Mom and house sale, house moving, house building, and all her medical appointments. So maybe next year can be the year we re-align our own health. There is just no time to sneeze anymore. But we will figure it out and then later in life we’ll be like “remember that ONE year” —“yeah that was a big bad busy Bertha Butt year”. I’m not sure why I feel the need to name things: Tart Farts, Tootie Fests, and being Bertha Butt Busy. I guess I just really have no other words. lol

Ok over and out for real.