Getting the House Back in Shape for Fall

Yay, the sun room – she is back in order and it feels REAL GOOD! I worked hard on it yesterday. Also worked on laundry and the kitchen too. Was on my feet most all day except for eating and a little break to watch a show. Sipped on water, ice tea, more water, and then George fixed us a special cocktail and then a fine dinner! It was a great Saturday and a much needed day at home for a final push at getting the house back in order. There’s no A/C in the sunroom and it was pretty hot out there. I had a few windows open and fans going.

I had hoped for rain but the rain was west of us. I’m glad it DIDN’T rain here as it “trained” over the same areas. People west of here were in horrible floods with 10 inches of rain in a few short hours. Sadly there were lives lost. Ten as of now with 40 others missing. This is a terrible situation so please pray for these families. There is a pain in my heart as I talk about putting my house back together and realizing these folks lives and houses have fallen apart.

I changed George’s sheets and found Roger’s monkey that we washed was mixed in among the sheets. My guess is that George is sleeping with a stuffed animal too, lol. There is just something calming about being dogless when you have a substitute dog. We had slept with our dogs for so long. So when I made his bed, I put “monkey” on the pillow. Maybe it was a fluke, but I think not. I also took the pic of Roger that I’d had at the office and put it by his bedside. So he will see it every night and smile.

Part of putting up things meant I had to put all the dishes up that went in the bottom of the china cabinet. Most of these were on the couch in the sun room, lol. I moved them in the dining room/living room and put them in the floor along with pillows for me to sit on.

Got it done. Wasn’t as bad as I thought. I had to make numerous trips to carry things downstairs. So while the sunroom looked good, other parts of my house were now messy, lol. But as George said “you gotta start somewhere”. I have a method of doing things and it messed more up midstream but by day’s end it was all put up!

Before….and this was only 1/3 of what went downstairs!
After, and all cleaned up just before dinner time!

Not sure where the extra laundry basket came from. lol. But Roger’s dog beds are now downstairs. And I found some lamps in the process to experiment in new places. One is in the kitchen to give Mom some lights. The under counter lights that she bought don’t really work as well as she’d hoped. I have to work on the cord. lol. I don’t really like cords showing.

Not really fond of it there but we can remove it when she leaves. I like the light but not really liking the lamp there. It works though. And will help her a little bit. Mom seemed more excited about the puzzle table being added back. Yes, it’s amid musical instruments but what can you do? lol

This is the one I chose to work. It’s perfect for the “end of summer”.

Just when I went to sit down I realized the dining table had clutter and also I had put picture frames in my seat. So nope….work wasn’t over yet.

All of the above had to find homes too.

Most of it worked into here in this little cabinet. No – it’s not pretty. I’ll have to rearrange later. Despite my efforts at trying to make it look nice, it ended up being crammed in there. Another day. I mean, good grief who cares when it’s amid musical instruments and puzzle tables – at this point it’s just about function and that is really what matters to me. I’m not even a glassware person. But I do have some favorites. These I had to wash. They were greasy/funky. A bit of warm soapy water with a bit of vinegar in the water – a tip from Mom, and a tip from her Mom too I guess.

These two are my favorites of the little cordial glasses. We rarely use them. I told George we should use them sometime. Winter nights is a good time with a little Drambuie after dinner?

While in the basement, I found this lamp that I had put aside for some reason. I think Mom didn’t like it in her bedroom and wants her own lamp instead as it put out more light. It matches the decor here and gives the foyer a different feel. I hadn’t even realized there was a plug in the wall here. It covers up the painting a bit but it doesn’t look weird. It caught my eye all night as I passed it in the hallway. And this table also was cleared of clutter.

When I finally sat down yesterday it felt so good. I was very stiff this morning getting up out of bed too!

I will leave you with Fancy – I call her “Fancy Lou”. I always greet her with “Fancy Lou, How are You?” lol.

And I guess we need to work on the hearth next. I see I need to change some things there and I’ll work on that in a couple of weeks when I redecorate for fall. But it has been a blessing to be home with no plans this weekend. A chance to “bless the nest”.

I have a couple of other things to share, but I’ll save those for tomorrow. I need to go make coffee. I’ve been awake since 3:30 with an active mind. Best to just go ahead and get up when that happens. I got a lot of sleep Friday night so it’s all good. I was holding off making the coffee b/c it would be cold when everyone else got up.

We are going to church this morning and I think George will be working on the yard some – weed eating. Mom and I want to go out for lunch – she hasn’t been out much this week so that will be good for her even if it is a drive thru. I will let her choose. The virus on the uptick in these parts so we will likely need to hang low these days, but will see what she wants to do. Drive thru works.

So ya’ll have an excellent Sunday. Gotta get that coffee started! 😉 Up nearly two hours now and I’m ready for it!

Tackling a Big Dreaded Project

Oh ya’ll! It’s time for the finish line! It’s time to get these last few – I mean “many” – things put up from where we had the flooring put down and had moved things out of the way and out of china cabinets and corners and so forth.

I’m the reality blog here. So you get the good, the bad, and the ugly. But here is what I’m working on today. I’ll show you the after tomorrow. Yes tomorrow! That means it will hold me accountable right? Will I do it? Or will I fail? That is the way to get things accomplished. Just put it out there to the world and tell everyone tomorrow you will show a pic of what was accomplished today. BAM! Accountability set! Also I will set some music in there and also going to set up and infuse some oils in the diffuser! And I’ll keep the end result in mind at how wonderful it will be.

It tires me out thinking about how many trips this is, in and out of this sun room, putting things where they go. In some cases, there is no where for it to go or things have been put where they go. So it’s not simply moving it into “it’s spot” but creating a spot for it.

And some things will have to go down stairs in the basement.

I have 3 rugs that I will no longer be using. I still like them. Just don’t really need them but rugs are expensive so I hate to give them away. I guess they will go downstairs in the basement as well. And let me tell ya, Mom’s stuff is down there on top of any storage we already have, so there is not much room left downstairs. Maybe I’ll give you a glimpse of that one day too. You will think we are hoarders. Well, some of us might be, lol. Anyway we will have to work on the basement once we get Mom settled, and her stuff out, then we can deal with ours. Maybe take some stuff over for the yard sales her community will have.

How to Get a Big Project Done?

  • Set up Accountability – like I’ve done here today but maybe you have a spouse, friend, partner, or other social media?
  • Set up some “feel good music”!
  • Diffuse oils with “energy” types of essential oils – like citrus scents
  • Picture what it will look like when finished
  • Break it down in sessions if needed. If I didn’t have today I’d probably try to put up “5” items a day til finished on work days.
  • Take small breaks to do something fun – like fix popcorn – or a cup of tea or coffee – or take a walk
  • Avoid getting into a Saturday Netflix binge watching and big meals that will rob you of your work or zap your energy.
  • Start the project early in the day
  • Think about the exercise you are getting in
  • Hydrate while working with a big huge cup of water over ice with a straw in it!
  • Open the windows and enjoy nature while working

That’s my tips and that’s what I’m going to be doing today!

Other Projects and Fall is Coming!

Anyway, I plan to do laundry today, and change George’s sheets, get outfits ready for next week, get vitamins restocked, and pick out a few recipes to fix.

We only have two places to go this weekend: church and grocery. So for once, I’ll have some time to get things done. Maybe, just maybe, I will have time to work on video and the big TO DO List.

But first things first. I want to get this sun room tackled and get the house dusted and vacuumed and ready for fall decorating.

YES! FALL is coming ya’ll. And Sept 1 – I not only put up my whites to the off season closet, but I’ll bring in some longer sleeve shirts to the back of my in season closet, and will pull out the fall decor and create and transform the house.

Then Oct 1 brings another round of off season clothes with a few sweatshirts and sweaters and the short sleeves go to the off season closet. Truth be known this occurs a little bit at the time as both of these closets are upstairs.

I need to be working on the fall and Christmas bucket list. ;-). It’ll go up probably Oct 1. I’ll keep Sept as a summer month so we can continue to work on the summer bucket list.

So, I have my work cut out for me today but I’m happy to be here at home. Happy to get to work on “my nest”.

Saturday’s are so important. Especially Saturday morning and early afternoons where the energy level is highest. And then, it’ll be time for relaxing!

Photo by George Milton on

What you got going on, this Saturday??????? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy it, and get to do what you want to do.

Back tomorrow with a picture of what I accomplished. 😉

Egg in the Hole, Washing Glassware, New Vacuum, and Two White Teeth

Egg in a Hole

I think I learned this from the Pioneer Woman. Butter or olive oil in the pan. I use olive oil. I use a round biscuit cutter and cut the hole out, crack the egg in and according to how you like. your eggs, cook it up to 3 minutes. I did 3 yesterday but started with a really warm pan. That makes a difference. Normally when I cook it from a cool pan up to 3 minutes, it’s just a little bit runny which I like a little runny yellow yolk to be soaked up in the bread. I don’t like my whites runny – no sir. But even though I cooked it done yesterday it was still good.

So I cooked another egg scrambled and had egg ON the hole. lol. I dumped it onto of the circle cut out. So Egg IN the Hole and Egg On the Hole.

I had told Mom I’d fix sausage and biscuits, but I forgot she likes to eat within an hour of when she first gets up. My stomach was still full from dinner. I like to sip coffee and water and then when my tummy starts to growl or feel empty, then I eat. I can’t just stack meals like that upon one another. So Mom said “what did you say you were fixing for breakfast about an hour after she was up”. I was in the middle of so many things and so full from last night. I said “I was going to fix sausage and biscuits in a few”. She said she was hungry now and would just fix her normal breakfast, so I said “ok”. Since I took off to get my house in order, I kept with the program so I wouldn’t be frustrated this morning having fixed meals all day instead. I didn’t mind fixing it when I got to a stopping point, but we are just on two different eating schedules. I know that is an adjustment but we have things in the house so she can please herself and eat when she wants and eat with us also if she wants. Anyway since she had already eaten, when I fixed my meal at 9:30 (which by the way was not that late for breakfast) I just fixed myself my egg in the hole. I don’t think 9:30 is too late for breakfast on a day you are off. Just sayin’. But anyway we ate separately.

As I sat down she said “did you fix sausage?” I just had to laugh. “No since you ate your own breakfast I wasn’t going to fix sausage just for myself.” I guess she wanted to eat that too. I don’t know. Maybe another day. Might be her lunch. lol Eating schedules I’m sure have been an adjustment for her for the night meal. It was for me when I married George. I was used to eating immediately after work. Now meals are 7:30 to 8, whenever we can get the commute done, pets taken care of (when we had them), get a chore started or rebooted (laundry/dishes), check the mail, say hi to one another, pour a “five o’clock somewhere” and get dinner started. So Mom has snacks abundant to keep her appetite in check. I do too. I often come home and munch on chips and hummus to hold me over. I get in trouble for having too many meals in the day and I’m sure Mom is likely doing the same. But in the morning I can’t just dive into a big breakfast – I need that fasting time to digest dinner!

Rug Decor VS Bed Quilt Crisis

Not sure it really matches the decor, lol, but I added the rug that normally was in Mom’s room. (She doesn’t like rugs b/c she is afraid they will trip her.) But this chair was making some serious dents to the carpet. So I needed to add a buffer. I was afraid the chair would not scoot as needed but since the rug has a silky slippery feel to it, it gently glides across it. This will work for now until I can do something different. It’s really only the bed cover that doesn’t match it. So once the bed is gone, it’ll be better. Still would not be my first pick. It’s not the vibe or look I want for this office. But I’ll figure it out once Mom has left and my house is back in normal order and my office will then be just an office and creative space and no longer a bedroom.

I could move back in with George I guess, now that Roger is gone. But honestly while I’m working still I will likely just continue to sleep on my own as I get such good sleep that way. That way we don’t wake each other up when we get up. It’s been nice if I wake up at 1, to just hang out in the bedroom and read if I’m wide awake and not have to go turn on lights in the living room. I’ve enjoyed my little abode in here. I do have an idea though that might work. Since I changed the rug in here, I think I have a navy blue quilt I can use for a bed cover. I was going for the aqua feel in this room but the other rug was just too much with the new carpet. So maybe I’ll just go for the blue look and use the blue quilt. That’s a thought! lol. It will be easier on the eyes and the psyche, LOL.

Fancy, waiting on her Mom to get out of the shower.

We put Fancy on the bed so she wouldn’t get into trouble on the new carpets while Mom was in the shower. She’s pretty good though and faithfully goes outside but we don’t chances.

Getting Mom Out of the House

Since Mom didn’t go to church last Sunday she’s not been out of the house much. I was in the mood for a salad anyway so I thought it would be fun to go out to lunch. So we went to Cheddar’s. We were met with these honey butter slathered rolls. I mean how can you turn that down. I need to eat less bread but it is the MOST tempting thing for me.

I ordered salmon. It was ok but not the quality I’m used to at Logans and look how small it was, lol. The broccoli also had some black/grey stuff on it. I just cut around it and ate. The rice strangely was really good! The best part of my meal.

Then I took her to Lens Crafters to get her eye glasses adjusted. She had asked weeks ago but we’d not been out that way. So I suggested we haul over and get that done and off the list. Mom bought my lunch by the way, which was kind of her to do.

Once home I set into finishing up getting the house in order. It’s still going to take a few days but I began by working on the glass ware that was in the sun room. Soon we will be wanting to sit in there and I just needed to have time to wash all the glassware before putting it back in. It was so dusty.

Mom offered to wash all these while I worked, but I was not going to ask her to do all this and I know where it goes and all and she can’t half see and it would be so easy to break these fragile things in the dishwater or the counter so I wanted to do it.

I’m laughing now as I’ve told you all “I don’t like glassware”. Well to be honest I’m just NOT a glassware person. But most of this was given to me by others. I don’t use half of it. I really like the fragile wine glasses more than anything. I do like my china and Christmas even though they are rarely used. But they needed some attention so Mom suggested to put white vinegar in the soapy dishwater as it helped make them shine.

Wine Glasses back in their “spot” in the wine rack. We have a lot of wine glasses. These are some crystal ones we use when we have company. They were REALLY dusty having been sitting out like this.

So I set about getting all this washed. I did not have time to put the china up yet though. I am not washing those because they really are not that dusty since we used them at Christmas and they have been in the cabinet except for the last week. I always rinse them anyway before we use them at Christmas.

I have put a lot of this up already that you see in the above pics. I have not put up the glasses that go around the china in the china cabinet as I have to put the plates in first and the glasses will go in the surrounding available space. I’ll have to work on that Saturday or maybe some after work today.

As you can see George still has to move his musical instruments, extra TV’s and computer monitors back where they go. Maybe he needs an extra day off too, lol.

I cleaned the glass on the china cabinets and cleaned the shelves.

New Vacuum – Kenmore Canister with Lots of attachments and a LONG extendable pole for reaching high.

I finally got all the glassware moved into this little cabinet you see above – no pics yet. And I was able to get the vacuum together and get it to “sort of work”. I think I may not have the hose on good as it stops working here and there until I push the hose in good and then it’ll come out again. I’ll have George look at it. Other than that, I like it. I’m not a very good maintenance type of person and I hate reading instructions. And most of the time they just have pictures anyway where you go “Huh?” But I think I will like it once we get that kink worked out.

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

Secret Ingredients to My Chili

I fixed chili. I have a quick version and it tastes like it has cooked all day. Silly me, got busy and forgot to take a pic! I just threw in a couple of cans of each: diced tomatoes, tomato sauce, tomato paste, and 3 cans of beans – 1 kidney and two chili beans. Oh, but before I added those I chopped a sweet onion and sautéed it and hamburger meat then added the canned ingredients and then the spices.

Spices were cumin, garlic powder, onion powder, salt, pepper, Mexican seasoning, chili powder, and red pepper flakes.

Secret ingredients: honey, balsamic glaze, dark Hershey coco powder.

Meanwhile in Texas

He finally let his Mom look at his teeth!

She face timed me and I made chili while talking to River and Katy. Not crawling yet though. She tried to get him to come toward some of his “food pouch” as he loves to eat but he would lay on his tummy and swim like a fish. He can’t use his knees yet to scoot forward. What a cutie pie. Wanna hold him so bad! She’s a good daughter to FaceTime and share moments in time with us.