PTO Day, Poop – There it IS, Old Dog, and Video Editing Day

Well, look how messy my office is. I even have major crumbs on the floor at my feet – popcorn, tortilla chips – ha! Isn’t that a creator type at work? What a messy little spot on the planet. I must clean today!

It gets worse than that. After George left, Roger decided to poop in the hallway and then he stepped in it and left a line of poop tracks up and down the hallway in which I had about 8 feet to scrub and clean. I had just woken up and had that to do before I could sit and enjoy my coffee. When I got through with that, I went to the kitchen to find the SAME, but at least it was on linoleum. Then he stepped in his food bowl and all that went everywhere. I finally got to sip some hot coffee about an hour after I’d been up.

I don’t normally do Poop shots on social media. But I’ll post it to soak up your sympathy, LOL LOL LOL.

He needs a bath and a trim again. Bless his little heart. I know some of you have said “it’s time”. But it is hard to let them go when they still peacefully enjoy life. He has no pain that we can tell, he just loves to eat, sleep, have his meals, eat his treats, and loves it when we are home with him. He loves to go outside some. He’s just content. Yes, it might be inconvenient but that is not a reason to “let them go”. He’s been such a source of joy. And he still is most days. But he’s a little more work these days as he needs a little more care. You can tell by looking at him we don’t bother him for a grooming much as he no longer cares for it and can’t stand for too long. I should probably work on his feet some though to get hair off his paws. We discovered that is why he slides on the linoleum as his hair is grown out on the foot pads. But I’m afraid to do his nails.

He’s never been the prettiest when he sleeps but that his part of Roger’s charm. He’ll get a bath this weekend and maybe we’ll get him trimmed next weekend or so. I’m not sure we have time this weekend. We have to do it ourselves and it’s usually while he is sitting or lying, which is very difficult.

No blog entry yesterday. I was trying to get housework done, laundry done, cleaning after Roger and then I had my video to edit and work on. This dishwasher had a back log and I didn’t want to have to wait for round two for a clean kitchen so I tossed them all in sudsy water and got those done. Some things also don’t go in the dishwasher. When we drink our fancy subscription coffee we use china cups! Also the crystal drink glasses have a gold rim and they don’t go in the dishwasher either.

I’m happy to say that most of the Christmas video is finished. I really just need to go through it again, check for sound issues, make sure I’m happy with it, add in a couple of overlay photos and then I think I can start on the Texas video, which to me is going to be my favorite I think. I have some good footage for that one. Most of the rest of the footage is just things here at home for Feb and March – us working on projects and things. So we need to plan some excursions so I can have some things more interesting to vlog about. But I always manage to throw a video together just on various things. I NOW KNOW I can make something from nothing. lol But our excursions are fun. I’m torn between time out and doing things and time in and learning and reading and watching and creating. Sometimes I wish there were two of me, but that would be a scary thought for some. Did you see that movie Multiplicity? LOL. If not you should see if you can find it and watch it. It was great and a funny movie too. A guy figured out how to clone himself. Each time he did a copy of a copy as the original one was busy so he always sent the most recent clone to go get cloned again. Life was so busy he needed 4 of himself. But something started going wrong as he did a clone of a clone – the 4th one was really goofy. LOL

Well, I don’t really have a lot of interesting things to add to today’s post. I was just happy to be off yesterday. Although yesterday morning while scrubbing pooped on carpeted floors, I did notice that working at my work job was definitely more fun. By afternoon though I was able to get my proper prayer and devo done and work on the movie. George had been emailing me all day about various things, but I DO NOT DO EMAIL on my days off. Matter of fact, I rarely do email EVER unless I’m at work! I have known people that didn’t ever even look at their work email (if they did they soon ignored it) so at least I DO look at MY work email! I have to make myself look at my personal email. If a person needs me, they best text me. I’ll likely see that. I get so many emails I don’t even turn on the alerts for them. It’s too annoying. So I missed his dinner questions.

When George came home I really didn’t want to STOP working on the movie though. I didn’t want the vacation day to end. As the sun went lower in the sky I wanted to reach out and push it back up! I needed more time. We didn’t have anything planned for dinner and I wasn’t going to give up my precious PTO time to cook dinner either during my specially chosen time to be creative. And I cleaned poop this morning, so I deserved a meal out? LOL LOL. Anyway George went out and got Chinese. We watched an IMAX movie about the ocean as narrated by Johnny Depp and someone else, I can’t remember, sorry. I don’t recommend it anyway. I was glad when it was over and I went back worked on the video again and pretty much finished it off. Now to work on the Title and Thumbnail and as mentioned, review it etc.

So today we are going to do an Aldi run. I’ve not been there in a while. Looks like it will be a pretty day today. We are also going to run by Lowe’s. We may go get a burger as I have a little left on a gift card. But the BIG NEWS is that we are going by Lowe’s to look at flooring options – not to buy yet – but we really want to look at the options, the pricing, and so forth. I asked George about how much of the house we should do and he said “the whole thing”. I’m not sure he meant downstairs though. I think just the upper. I was happy with that. It needs the upgrade. Right now our entire household is really starting to look outdated. George doesn’t like to upgrade anything unless it is broken. I’m the broken one here. It gets to where I want to move out when everything begins to look outdated. He doesn’t like it when we update something because he says I already start on the next thing. Well of course, I’m a person that takes improvement seriously. It’s who I am. I am woman and I like things to be neat and tidy and aesthetically pleasing! If that is a flaw, I’ll take it. It’s what we do as women. We plump our nests so that we want to stay there. Otherwise, we will enjoy looking at the nice fresh updated houses on the real estate market – or the latest RV’s where she can create her own space! Best keep you woman happy out there men! It’s expensive either way!

So excited there are still two days left of the weekend! I should have the video up on Sunday. And then I can begin to work on my to do list some more. Never have enough time to do all the things I really want to do! But I keep trying!

Vacation Catch Up and Plans for the Rest of the Week

Leftover Vacay Snacks

Well, I pushed through the tiredness yesterday and got a lot of things caught up from being gone at work. Only one thing today that is big that will completely catch me up from being gone last week and I’ll then just be dealing with this week and a few extra things I need to do before the next quarter end and also to box up some things as I’m running out of cabinet space. I did however allow myself to eat some M & M’s left over from the trip. :-O

At the end of the day I drank a BEA drink which is on the system I do. It’s a carbonated drink with a lot of vitamins and a little bit of caffeine and it has some supplements in it for dealing with stress. I love it. I think this is what gave me the surge of energy to get home and dive into more laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I got two more bags unpacked yesterday – the pets’ bag and the snack bag. The snack bag was unpacked yesterday morning before work – thus the pic above. I threw them in the fridge so they would be cold. Since Texas and that heat wave, and that Texas sheet cake served cold at Perini Ranch, I’ve since preferred all my sweets/desserts cold. lol

Oh speaking of desserts. At our hotel in Arkansas, instead of buffet breakfasts, we were given snack bags. Usually a piece of fruit, fruit juice and a muffin. So we saved the muffin. As you know muffins are not really that healthy for you. It’s basically cake. So I decided since we had them to make a cake out of them. I bought some fresh blueberries and whip cream and plan to put them in the fridge. We are having the blueberry muffin tonight with those toppings on it. Yeah do we need dessert? NOOOOO! But I don’t want to waste the free muffins either. I think it will be more fun to slice them and serve as dessert. I’ll try to take a pic, lol.

I’ve not had any time in my office much other than doing these entries but this weekend I’ll get my pics transferred from the camera. Katy and Cody have requested that their “faces and houses (on the ranch) not be on YouTube” so I will honor their request. “Not everyone likes to have a camera shoved in their face.” I’ve heard so many vloggers say this about members of their family or others that are around when the filming begins. And just because it’s my hobby and I’m proud of them, doesn’t mean they have to put up with my hobby and my being proud of them does not give me a motherly badge of right to include them in our family vlog sessions if they don’t want to be a part of it. So I will just go ahead and tell you that some of Texas, including the reveal, will not be in the YouTube videos except for the Sunsets and Sunrises and pets, food, and other places we went. But I get it and even though I’m severely disappointed about sharing the reveal, I will respect their privacy wishes. So I will not be including them in my future YouTube videos.

I am looking forward, however to sharing the wonderful footage that I have and any future excursions we go on. I have a few ideas. But til then I have about 2 videos to put together. Sometimes I forget to film things and sometimes I’m not in the mood. lol. But I am still loving the hobby of it all and plan to get into a regular rhythm of it around the first of the year. Til then just kinda “practicing” and “learning”. But eventually want to get on a regular schedule. And that makes me nervous a bit. I think the only way I can do that is to get them made and several done in advance so that in real time I have some slack here and there if we have a streak of busy days in a row. We’ll see. I don’t think I could do a weekly schedule right now. Two weeks would even push it. But three I could handle, keeping in mind I work Full Time.

Green Pitcher from Publix

I bought the above pitcher at Publix this week. I have looked at this and the glasses for two years. The glasses are too much and too big – they were margarita glasses and I don’t have room for them in my cabinet, but I bought the pitcher as goes great with my cactus kitchen. I made tea last night. It was too weak. I guess I didn’t let it steep long enough or maybe I needed an extra tea bag. I used one family size bag and it should have been enough. Anyway even though it was weak it had lemons in it and a tiny bit of sugar just to take away the bitter. But it was still good. I love the pitcher and it will sit atop the fridge when not in use. A weaker tea is better anyway for sleep. ha.

That said, last night I slept good on the front end, going to bed at 8:30 but I awoke about 4 times b/w 12:30 and 3:30. I slept another strong hour before the alarm went off. I feel good today though.

I made an appointment yesterday for a Pedicure tonight. I’ve waited long enough. They need it. My feet are in need of some TLC. I cannot pamper my feet like they can. I’ve planned all along to get this done the week after Texas and the day has arrived! I’m looking forward to the treat.

But most of all I’m looking forward to the weekend. Where I can recover some and get caught up at home and get some things done I want to get done.

We have plans for Sunday we will drive in to meet Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken and Mom for a late lunch/early dinner – mid afternoon to avoid the crowds. They are up from Florida and staying with Mom. They arrive Saturday and we’ll have dinner on Sunday. All the other days we work and can’t take care of pets and get down there in time for dinner after work. Too far for a work day meal. They could come to us and spend the night here, but with our having been to Texas and in/out of gas stations, rest areas, shops, a gender reveal party, and so forth, we all decided just to meet for a dinner and not a long visit. My house is trashed anyway and I cannot imagine it being an enjoyable experience right now, but we would do our best if it weren’t COVID times.

Anyway, the things we risk for our kids. We had preferred to stay in for the most part, but I was not going to miss the gender reveal. No sir. A lot of trouble to get down there. And we are old enough to have some trouble if one of us got it. But hopefully all will be well. We at least have followed restriction guidelines where ever we were. So there’s that.

Anyway, maybe all this mess will be over with by the end of the year. I have my theories. But it’s all so controversial and so I will keep them to myself. That said, I do believe the virus is real and people can and do catch it and get very sick and some die with it and that is horrible. That’s all I will say for today. ;-).

Time to go take the doggies out and get ready for work.

Post Vacation Chaos

Photo by Kat Jayne on

Ahhhhh, that surge of energy post vacation on Monday has waned. I really think the culprit was Monday night, trying to push through and ended up staying up 2 hours past bed time and it really destroyed me for Tuesday and today.

So we got home mid afternoon Sunday. It took a while to get everything from the car to the house and to the rooms they go in. We removed things from suitcases but that doesn’t mean anything really went anywhere. Most of it still on beds or in kitchen. I’ve been sorting through and trying to put things where they go. It seems like it would be a simple thing. But there is all the sorting of it and putting it back in its spot. And the pulling of souvenir gifts to those that helped while we were gone.

Then there is the laundry which is always ongoing anyway only all your favorite things are dirty so most of what I needed for work needed to be washed. So I’ve done what laundry I could to give us what we need. My vitamins and supplements and BP meds needed to be redone for the week – I certainly don’t need to throw that by the wayside in this COVID ladened world.

Monday night our neighbor came over and we talked while I cooked dinner. Dinner was late though as I had to also go to the store Monday night. Oh THAT – let’s back up. I was talking to Mom as my Aunt and Uncle are coming up and Mom wanted me to call them to discuss our “getting together plans”- so I got on autopilot and went home instead of the store. Then got up stairs and realized I meant to do the grocery shopping, dropped off my work bag and headed back out. Got to the store and realized my mask was in my work bag. I had taken masks out of my purse to wash them from the trip. Arggghhhh ::sigh::

I was NOT going back home. So I went in and bought a mask and then continued my grocery shopping. No one arrested me or verbally judged me in the interim.

Got back home and it took 3 trips to get the groceries in as George was mowing. Finally got the groceries put up. Of course having to take the BP meds with a water pill on board also means during all of this – a need to GOOOOOO! More than once!

Then my kitchen is horrid as vacation stuff all over to unpack. Most of it still NOT unpacked and in the way in the kitchen. So I moved that over. I washed up and cleaned up the counters. I have to have a clean kitchen to cook. I did the best I could. We had to eat. So I chopped onions and green peppers to get the spaghetti started. And remembered I wanted to call Kate to ask her something. Had just found a station I liked on Alexa but had to stop it to make the phone calls. lol. I did and we talked for a couple of minutes and the doorbell rang. I told Katy I would call her back.

A neighbor came over and I was glad to see and talk to her. We opened a bottle of George’s Chardonnay he bottled and split it between the three of us as George was back from the yard mowing and had showered. We talked and talked. How fun!

I had to finish our dinner though so talked to the neighbor while cooking. Realized I hadn’t been thawing the meat. Dug around in two freezers. Couldn’t find the ground turkey – guess we ate it already. Found some beef in the freezer. Plenty of that. So we have a new microwave as the old one petered out. The defrost is not as nice. Not sure I ever figured out how to make it work. George couldn’t either but finally got the meat thawed. Wow this dinner was more complicated than I thought. Continued to fix spaghetti. Tried to get the neighbor/friend to stay but she was not wanting pasta. It was whole grain and a spinach one, so not as bad as regular pasta but we could not convince her. So she left as we started to fix plates.

We watched Below Deck until half way through when we were finished eating. It was 10:30 and we still had night time routines and dogs to take out.

By 11 or so we were in bed.

At 5:30 Tuesday morning George had to wake me. I was startled and was sleeping good. Darn it. Really? I have to get up?

So rushed around yesterday morning trying to pull myself together. A reboot of the laundry. I felt horrible. But all I could do was push through. I texted both Katy and Aunt Martha – both of whom I was to have conversations with and apologized I never got back to them. I ran out of day.

Then set off to do payroll Tuesday morning, amidst prayers of “Lord please be with me, I’m so tired, don’t let me have a wreck, help me do payroll, help me get through the day please, and give me some energy.”

I got through the day, through payroll, and had just enough energy, caffeine, food, water, and God’s love to get through. A text from Mom by end of work day “call me on the way home”. So off we go and a call to Mom:

“Did you talk to Aunt Martha yet?”

“No ma’am I didn’t get the opportunity yet”.

“Well I need to make plans”

“I know I do too” and I explained last night. She knew we were tired, but asked that I please call and get it worked out.

OK I will.

So got home, rebooted laundry Tues afternoon, folded 3 loads. I have had some time to wash but not to fold. I called Aunt Martha and Mom and made reservations this weekend for a meal out, warning all that we have been to Texas and gas stations and groceries and shops and a gender reveal party with 40-50 other people – outside but everyone came in to use the restroom. It’s not been two weeks. But – even with mixed feelings – all are ok with us going out to eat in a remote location. Well a remote table that is. We’ll see how that goes. Reservations made during laundry folding.

George fixed a cajun dish last night akin to Jambalaya with the smoked sausage and rice and left over green pepper and so forth. It was awesome and I have leftovers for lunch! We tried to finish watching Below Deck but the Xfinity or Comcast or whatever our cable is would not let us “resume” as it has in the past. George let it play thru during dinner so it would be ready but I was on the phone and making reservations and I guess the show reset back to beginning. So George said a choice word at the TV, lol and we gave up and watched Somebody Feed Phil who was in Venice and that was fun to watch.


So here we are on Wed morning and I’m fairly exhausted. My spirits are high but I’m looking forward to Saturday to get a break. A break I say? We have to go get oil changed for sure and then finish unpacking and doing an intense cleaning of my house. Once all that is done I can start on my “other” to do list.

But oh – after the fairly hot dish George fixed I opened these:

We bought these in Breckenridge and they are so fresh and awesome. Some times you need a “digestive” like the Italians. lol

I’ve had my coffee and off to try and conquer the day. As much as there is at home to catch up on, there is almost as much at work. So off to address this NEEDY world we live in. 😉

I am running about 30 minutes late this morning. This blog entry not helping. But I am sorry, my insane week calls for a calm cup of java while letting out the stress over my words. Either that or combust. So I may be a few minutes late this morning but I’ll be a better person because of it.

And that is all she wrote. 😉