Digital Subscriptions Worth My Keeping

Well, here you have it. Here is my digital subscription list. I do have one correction to point out that I just noticed this morning that I have my Blog Domain charge on there twice! I need to remove that.

I feel better now that I have a list. This does not include anything George and I have together, like Netflix, or Comcast. It’s just mostly my personal digital type subscriptions. Of course it does not list my cell phone itself or anything like that. And I don’t think I have any other ongoing subscriptions through apps. That I can recall! This does not include an app that was bought with a one time charge.

I just wanted to have a list of things that I use. One needs to know these things! I need to give it to George so he can stop these if something happens to me too! Eventually they would stop anyway when the credit card expired. lol

I stopped my Evernote premium subscription.

It was a pretty hefty price per year and I stopped it barely in time. I had already been charged the subscription in our bank account and supposedly it’s been reversed/credited back. I was told it was. I need to check with George to make sure. I want to say it was $87 or $97 – it was close to $100 per year. I needed it when I was doing the “side hustle” so I could have files with me on the go and on all devices so I could do the business in little sections of time on the go. Then I forgot about it. So I got rid of those files as if you had over a certain amount of storage, it would make you go premium. I had spent hours building Evernote and thought it was free until I reached a maximum and basically out of frustration had paid the subscription as I was deep into the organization of my files. This was such a money suck of an adventure to do the side hustle. I made money, but I spent more trying to get myself organized. Anyway I’m going down rabbit holes here which is what I do best! lol

Are all these subscriptions necessary or justified?

I’m going to say yes! When I look at what my goals are, what my entertainment is, my social life, my other expenditures, what I’ve given up this year —-YES!

For about $91.46 a month with my quick calculations I have enough to keep me wildly entertained and able to create, listen, learn and do most anything my heart desires, except for RVing of course, LOL.

I have what I need for the videos, for my entertainment during work commutes, the ability to listen to any song ever and download into my library if I wanna, as long as it is in iTunes. My social life basically sucks right now. Our life has slowed down tremendously, even though we manage to keep ourselves busy regardless. But point is we don’t go to concerts, movies, and quite frankly don’t go out to eat as much. I have also given up mani’s and pedis for a year. Gave up coloring my hair every couple of months! Even gave up hair cuts last year. I’m back on with those though but no coloring! Still only do mani’s on the occasion here and there instead of dropping the bucks on that every 3 weeks. And pretty much pedi’s only in sandal season and a periodic once a winter foot softening excursion around Christmas or January, lol.

So after consideration of all I’m doing, all I’m saving and what I’ve not been doing – I’m actually ok with this list. I’ve reviewed it’s necessity in my life and determined these things above can stay!

I do think we need to look at Comcast. I think we are paying for some things we are not using and need to right size it. And before retirement (4 years away, though) we need to look at cell phone bill again. I think we pay more for that than we really need, in fear we’ll go over. We need to look at our history and make that call. I probably use way more cell phone service though as I don’t have to think about switching to our home internet as we can use what we want(we are maxed out in coverage), so that will not be a good accurate thing to look at usage.

So what is CANVA?

I can use it for so many things. I can get graphics, gifs, jpgs, and create things for most any social media or blog posts. I can create phone wallpapers. And now they even have animation in your creations. I can download it without a background and can overlay it on videos. I can use it similarly to create graphics – almost as good as Paint Shop Pro, but not quite. It quickly serves my needs. I should use it more than I do if I had more time to be creative. I can use it on the go and across multiple devices. There is a free version but like most any other app – the premium gives you the services you want, and the free was annoying as the best things you like will be premium and it was always reminding me I didn’t have premium. After like the 10th photo I wanted and couldn’t have, and trying various other time consuming ways to get a background removed – I finally bit the bullet! lol lol lol. And I’m not going back. I love CANVA!

Epidemic Sound?

It has all the songs I can use royalty free on YouTube and other social media. They have me covered so I don’t get dinged with YouTube. They have so many songs on there and it also drops it into your iTunes as well once it’s downloaded. I guess that is an apple thing. It just appears in there somehow. It also has sound effects. I’ve been so happy with it. My only complaint is that their website was so pretty and then they made it all black! I don’t love that, but that is really a very minor thing as it’s content is amazing and the way it is laid out.

Tube Buddy?

I haven’t had time to do a lot of the learning on this one, but it has been critical and helpful in many ways especially with the Thumbnail for YouTube and also the End Screens. It also can help with analytics and key words. I’ve not had time to learn and play but I really want to. It’s on the list. I’m using it enough that I don’t want to go backwards to drop it. I recently found I have to be on Chrome and not Safari, as far as I know. Safari is safer on a Mac and Chrome has its deficiencies from a security standpoint. When I switched to Safari I lost my Tube Buddy. Drove me crazy trying to find it. But Google said it was extension on Chrome. Went to upload my video on Chrome and yep, there it was! Whew! I thought they had cancelled me. I was really confused. It doesn’t take much to get me confused either. Tube Buddy can help and I can use it more when I have time to learn.


Well, I just really like having these books I can listen to when I’m on the road or stuck in traffic. I will likely drop this when we retire. I have so many actual books I will have time to read then. Even if we travel some, I will like the actual books better. Even RVing full time or in loops, I wouldn’t listen to them, but would prefer a book!

Apple Music and Apple Storage

As mentioned, any song, any time. I like the new song suggestions. This keeps me entertained quite a bit. I listen to music often, especially in my ear phones at work when I’m doing low level concentration activities. Not ever while doing payroll! Unless it is rain or ocean or monotone type stuff. And the storage for me was one of those “oh my gosh I’m so over this file project” after hours of trying to get my files organized I needed more space in the cloud to protect my working files for the videos so I gave in and upgraded out of convenience. I was hours invested in the project and now don’t have to worry about it anymore. lol. Plus George wants to do Garageband and it sucks the space!

Word Press Blogging?

Well that goes without saying. It’s long been determined that is worth it for me! It’s how I can live my life! It’s my therapy, it’s my photo album, it’s my journal, it’s my social life, it’s a lot and I’d be lost without it. It’s worth the extra for the perks I get for paying premium. I get bigger choices of skins to use for the domain, I get help if needed, a few behind the scenes perks, and bigger storage of photos and such. It was clear that a premium service was the way to go for me.


It’s so much more fun to have “your own domain name”. Easier for people to find too without having to add “dot WordPress” or whatever to the title. That was gift I gave to myself a while back.

So I’ll keep all of these and I won’t feel guilty when I work Full Time, don’t have much of a social life, and have given up a lot of my costs. Now that I have done this exercise though, it feels like it’s a little more in control. I don’t pay the finances as George does. He doesn’t know what all this stuff is really I don’t think so I just needed to reconcile what I’m doing and make sure that I’m not being charged for things I don’t use. I will give him this list so if he sees anything come through other than this he needs to ask me about it.

OK I gotta get off of here and get into work!

I loved how the computer looked yesterday! Love this flight scene! And leaving you with Little Roo and his tummy time from day care yesterday! Apparently according to his Mom, he is going to be a social thing. He loves the interaction with others and it is making him sleep better. He is having a good time! This is making his Mom and Dad happier and less worried.

OK over and out!

Blog Growth, A Clarification, and Sleep

The Blog is Growing, Thank You

Wow. We are about to hit a milestone marker here! Soon to be 50,000 hits on the blog stats. Thank you ALL for being a part of that. Even the ones who come to SPY on me have helped, so I thank you too. (Giggles) LOL.

And we have 196 people following on WordPress which shows in your “Reader” on WordPress. And there are 289 people who have subscribed for the emails.

Some are friends, some are stalkers, some are advertisers and just looking for follow backs, and many are friend that are here because you knew me from AOL Journals, and Blogger, but still, I thank you all as well! And for the many online friendships of caring and sharing through the years. We won’t talk about the troublemakers anymore, but they are always there peeking through the bushes hoping to catch a word sideways or to find out something insightful they didn’t already know. Why am I thinking about Arte Johnson on Laugh-In? We SEE YOU Arte! ;-). Thanks to ALL of you including the Arte’s for being there and joining in on the numbers!

Clarifying Yesterday’s Post

Yesterday I mentioned the plans from Thanksgiving, Christmas, and then went on to mention January and spoke of my concerns again of traveling with the dogs. Someone mentioned that perhaps my words my be misread and hoped my blog wasn’t public as it might hurt my family’s feelings. It is public. The words bothered me though so I went back to make sure I hadn’t said mistyped my words. But I hadn’t. I said what I meant to say and but if someone else thought that then I realized maybe I need to clarify what my points were yesterday. So EVERYONE understands and there is no confusion. I think as long as no one twists my words and tries to add anything that is not there, we are good.

  1. We are ELATED to be grandparents soon.
  2. WE look forward to meeting him.
  3. We CAN’T WAIT to meet him.
  4. We are LOOKING FORWARD to this precious time with family.
  5. I am a perfectionist when it comes to certain things like planning a trip.
  6. I love to plan and know what/where we are going to be.
  7. We love our dogs like humans.
  8. My dogs are rescue dogs that have been mistreated, pinned up, caged up and not cared for. Roger is terrified of crates. Both Roger and Maisy’s teeth are messed up b/c of crates.
  9. We love family so much to be with them, that I am even willing to sleep in a car if I have to on the property so we’ll be available.
  10. I would not look forward to sleeping in the car however, it would put a downer on the trip of course.
  11. I am used to staying in safe and let’s be honest, nicer hotels where the room is on the inside and not the door to the outside.
  12. I can stay in a small strip motel if I have to, and likely that is what it will be.
  13. Since we have the dogs we will not need to leave them in the hotel room all day as they will bark and Roger will cry and howl. We might be able to leave them for short spurts.
  14. Roger is very old and wobbly and increasingly unstable and confused. We think he may be in his last few months – or weeks – who knows.
  15. We could switch off going to see baby alternatively however I WILL NOT STAY IN THAT HOTEL ROOM AT NIGHT BY MYSELF in the event that one of us needs to stay with the kids so they can sleep. I will sleep in the car with the dogs before that happens if it is George’s turn.
  16. The House Sitter is not an option for reasons I won’t go into but mainly a logistical and time standpoint.
  17. Mom has offered to keep Maisy but I don’t want to do that to her. It is an option though, but if we have Roger, we may as well have her too right? They comfort one another.
  18. We are going. We will go and figure it out.
  19. But a person like me who likes the security of knowing and having a plan? Yeah it’s NOT THERE!
  20. Just because we love our DOGS does not mean we don’t love our PEEPS! We have enough love in our hearts for both.
  21. Just because we want to have a plan, doesn’t mean we don’t want to go!

Hope that helps in case anyone misread anything that wasn’t there yesterday. But I think I was pretty clear even then.


So it was Monday night last night and as usual, I did not sleep well. I am not sure what it is about Monday nights. I used to think it was payroll but sometimes it is not just Monday nights. I was just uncomfortable and tossed and turned. And tossed and turned. It wasn’t George’s snoring I don’t think. Unless that woke me up but my sleep was not solid after midnight. I was up several times. Some nights are better than others. I don’t know why. I don’t know if we need a softer bed, a harder bed, but it’ll be along time before getting another mattress so I try to put pillows all around. My arm bothered me. Anyway, it is what it is and we’ll try again to sleep tonight.

Update to Side Bar, YouTube Link Connections

Updated Blog Side Bar

I’ve redone the side bar to include the YouTube Channel so that it REALLY TAKES you to the website. Before it would just play the video and you couldn’t see where to Subscribe. NOW it takes you actually to my YouTube Channel itself. Then you can better see how to subscribe. Several had said they couldn’t see how to. Now I see why you couldn’t but this should solve that issue. My goal is 100 subscribers. It’s free! Then you won’t miss an update. I also have been adding in the video embedded from YouTube to the blog entry itself and I don’t think it lets you subscribe there either. So I’ll just provide the link next time. Hopefully this will solve those issues and make it easier for you.

How to find the Blogs Side Bar in iPhone or iPad.

On the computer version of my blog, my blog’s side bar is actually on my side bar, to the right LOL. All kinds of goodies there where you can follow by email or get a blog notification. You can see Facebook, Instragram, Twitter and now finally a link to YouTube. So when you click on the YouTube photo it’ll take you there.

But….on mobile platform the SIDEBAR is all the way to the bottom – for iphone you have to scroll past my blog entry to even see my side bar. Prior to today I had an infinite number of scrolls – so you could NEVER see my side bar on iphone or ipad. But now I’ve limited the number of blog posts to THREE with NO infinite feed scroll. (But it does have a button to see more posts if you wish to continue.) So now everyone can be happy! But at least now you can see my side bar on the mobile blog site – it’s just at the BOTTOM! See the You Tube icon and click and it takes you to the VLOG section of Less Hustle More coffee. And there also you can subscribe. Help me meet my goal.

Screen Recording Below of How to Find the Side Bar

Finding the Side Bar, Scrolling to the Bottom – then click on YouTube!

Wow. I have spent like 2.5 hours this morning trying to figure out how to do this. WordPress was not letting me enter a HTML code from YouTube it’self – I had a cute little icon made from the YouTube site to share but NO it won’t allow certain types of HTML with script. So…I had to link it via the photo I created (via Canva). I’ve viewed all types of tutorials. And I have finally got it set now.

I did a blog post previously already today so be sure and read it down below. Whew, now to go get some housework done so I can come back and play and create! Wasn’t meaning to spend so much time on this today. But trying to help make it easier for ya!

Easy Way to get to the VLOG version of Less Hustle More Coffee on iPhone or iPad

First click on the “Hamburger” icon as they call it, in the TOP LEFT CORNER.

And then it will open up a menu where you can see ABOUT ME and you can click on VIDEOS. VIDEOS will take you to the VLOG Version.

Hope this was helpful. Now come give me a subscribe! 🙂