Weary of Ticking Boxes but Pressing On

Well, I had to research who Og Mandino was. lol. Apparently he wrote a book called “The Greatest Salesman in the World”. And apparently it was a very successful book with reviews like “he captured it all right here”. So if anyone is in sales go back in time and give it a read, I guess? Anyway, as for me, I’ll take the quote in itself. Determination is a strong suit! And I’ve been determined this week to get caught up. I believe I have! I am now where I normally am when closing a quarter. I’m to the point of waiting on others information. All my withholding returns are done. I’m ready to do the unemployment returns but will do them when the information packets come my way. There are other reports I can skip ahead and do in the interim that I had said last time I would do. So I will do those. I have a lot of payroll related things to do today like process garnishment checks and upload 401k but this afternoon I will about be caught up to where I normally am in a quarter end. I will come in this weekend if I have things to do, but won’t if I don’t.

I WILL say, that I am “weary” though and losing my spunk. I’ve pressed hard this week both at work and at home. I’ve ticked off boxes like mad. I can say already I’m ready for a down day. A day to just do whatever. I thought about getting a pedicure, mainly just for the soak and the soft feet and the massage, but I think I’ll just do them on my own one more time or two and then go in the spring. I’m on the fence, but perhaps I should go just for the morale of it.

The coffee is good this morning. And speaking of coffee, I got my 6 month subscription started, so my first shipment is on the way. The sample packet was shipment one. So this is shipment two. I’m unsure if I have to schedule each one or if they just ship a month apart. They had a nice website but that part was a bit unclear and confusing. It’s Driftaway coffee. A bit pricey, but makes a great gift! I think the pricing is about $17 per 11 oz. Not something we would pay for during the year. But George loved giving the gift of food items this year. And we enjoyed the “test kit”. We make it fun and only drink THIS coffee out of a china cup! 😉

The To Do List is below. It’s kindof an expensive to do list too. Which is another reason I kinda want to put my nails and toes on the back burner! I had though I was getting the back up drive and external hard drive for Christmas, but didn’t. So….it is something I need to have. I think I’ll order the back up drive first and then maybe in a month get the external Lacie to house the movies. But George wants me to go ahead and order the lens for my camera as that is my birthday present. He keeps asking if I have ordered it but have hardly had time. I need to get going on the Big Sur download but need to make sure I have some time to deal with it all. I just need TIME! And time is something that is luxurious right now. This below is only one of 4 project lists. lol I will have probably 5 more projects added to the first one in a day or two. Once my chair arrives, that will take precedence and I’ll be setting up my office corner and moving things around. I look forward to this and I’m going to be royally pissed when it comes in if I don’t have time to work on it. lol.

So yeah, I’m weary of working as fast as I can to tick off boxes, but I still keep going. I will have to stop and insert some morale boosting activities. At home that would be a show or just doing what I want to do for a few minutes. At work, that might mean a lunch out. Or leaving on time one day instead of staying over. Or perhaps not coming in on a Saturday. I probably still will though if there is work to do so that next week is not so stressed. The last week of the month following a quarter end is always stressful. I’m slumped over my desk, shoulders hurt, don’t drink enough water, don’t take enough breaks, don’t eat right, stomach distressed, and working like a slave trying to get it all done. It is usually the week in which I either get diverticulitis or that fever thing I get from being tired. I usually end up in tears before the week is out as the data always comes at the last minute and then bam it is all on me to finish! I do love my job but I will say I hate those weeks like that. And I dread next week and I will need all the morale boosting things I can come up with next week.

So there you have it. The state of my current being. I’m still positive, just weary, and trying to prevent being overly tired or allowing the negativity to creep in. I’m kinda sitting on the fence right now. LOL I do start to get a little rattled when I cannot get done things I need to get done. I’ve been able to get a lot done this week despite how busy it’s been so I’ve tried to be patient with myself and understand it is not all going to get done at once.

Notice cleaning house is not on the list. It should be! As well as putting up Christmas related things and getting my house back to order. I have to have a weekend off for that. If I’m working, not much of that will happen this weekend. In a way that makes me mad. But like I say, I’m trying to be positive. Maybe it is ok if the tree stays up til Valentine’s. Yes, my soul shuttered as I typed that. That is NOT OK!

Well I’m off of here before I convince myself that I’m in a bad mood. I’m not. I’m going for more coffee and it’s all going to be ok and we’ll work on ALL AGENDAS. Mine, yours, everyone’s until it’s all done!

Behind Everywhere, but Moving Forward in Life

It sure is. And we are dancing all over the place trying to accomplish all the goals we set out for ourselves and all the goals that everyone else has set for us, and then some!

It amazes me how much there is to packing and unpacking for a trip. Just the making sure you have everything you need. We are so dependent upon all our things and we don’t want to be without them. Mostly everything is unpacked, but I cannot say that everything is put up. I’m still not in the groove, but slowly getting there. Just have been limping by and getting only the critical things done. Laundry is well underway. Work pants have been washed and ironed. I never dry my work clothes in the dryer. So I have to touch them up usually. They last longer that way and have less static.

Monday night we had to go to the store for a few things buggy load of things needed. We bought baked chicken from the deli area and had lima beans and a salad with it. It was so good. And good for us. We watched last week’s Below Deck while we ate, then crashed after!

Tuesday night, George paid some bills and worked on the finances. While we were out something went on with one of our credit cards. We figured it was because we used it out of area. But now I believe it was because a bill that was mailed failed to make it in time. The post office has been two and three times slower. George still pays by paper – most things. He never has trusted paying on line. I told him it might be time to change if we can’t trust snail mail to move! We can’t have that. Our credit score is perfection and we have prided ourselves at that. The only time my score has been bad is when Mom paid a school loan late once that was in my name. When I tried to sign up for something as a young adult I discovered my financial power was basically screwed and worthless. I cried and cried over that because I had done nothing wrong, but it was in my name. Not long after that I was given the whole loan to pay off on my own and was able to pay it perfectly. Mom had good intentions, she wasn’t trying to ruin my financial start in life, she just delayed it to pay for our Christmas. I can’t say whether that is right or wrong. I’m not judging. I’m just stating what happened. And since then through the years we have built up our credit and I don’t want the old USPS to mess that up. They do NOT want to have to deal with ME! lol

This was one of the calendar “insights” from last week. I meant to tear off the days and take with me. I had “calendar” written on my pack list and when I got to it, for the life of me, I could not recall why I had written “calendar” on the list to pack. Later I realized what it was. My desk calendar. I love the little sayings.

No one likes it when you speak the truth, but we all have to accept it whether spoken, hidden, or dancing right in front of you.

Have been trying to catch up at work. The ticking off of the boxes is hard to do while you are in payroll processing which doesn’t ever go away really. I came back from vacation into payroll processing mode. It took most of Monday to catch up on emails and make sure Tuesday was set to go, and to answer employee questions and needs and get organized again, but all is well and I’m now in the groove as far as work goes. I will need to work some extra hours to get caught up and get the quarter closed and the year closed. I can safely say that I think the withholding returns will be on time and if given the unemployment info soon, that too has a chance of being done on time. The w-2 reporting- I think we are usually behind on some of that mainly from a technical standpoint where you have to hand enter over a hundred w-2 information. That will NOT be on time! I can tell you that right now. But I will do my best to get as much done as I can. I plan to work this weekend. At least Saturday. Maybe some on Sunday. And then maybe some next Saturday. February is mine! Nobody touch it. It’s my hibernation month – as if we haven’t already hibernated all of 2020. lol.

I have so much I want to do though. And I will do it.

The first order of business for me was to order this chair and ottoman. I ordered it last night. It will go in my office. Now I need to order a little round side table that doesn’t take up a lot of space. I will make sure we don’t already have anything but I need something to put a drink on and a book on. Do you know how excited I am about setting up a corner chair in my office? I can watch my YouTube shows, my training (camera/YouTube), have a devo and prayer spot, reading spot, writing spot. It will be a project though as I have to move around what is currently there and it will make me have to “reset up” some things in my office but I have room to do so and it’ll work out. I plan to VIDEO all of this too! I can’t wait to get back into making videos but there is so much to do first.

Among other projects, Christmas items are still out. The trees are in the house still (artificial, but still). The ornaments and Christmas decor is packed, but the trees need to go down, wreaths taken down, Christmas dishes worked in the hatch, wrapping papers need to go down. A good dusting needs to happen and then I will set the house back up for a fresh start and put the normal decor back out.

I also need to upgrade my iMac to Big Sur and re do things for that. I need to order the back up drive and a external hard drive as well. And I need to order my coffee selection for the Coffee Club George gave me and oh, I need to pick a new security system for the mac for malware and such for Big Sur. I have a lot of things running out as far as household inventory and need to place a Target order most likely. Also George wants me to order my telephoto lens for my camera, but I need to research this one. I have to redo my Isa Order and need to do that probably today so I change what is in my autoship to something I need.

I want to do it all and do it all right now. But I’ll wait and get it done one thing at a time. There is just so much built up all at once. I think mainly it’s been building from about November and December and then after our trip – I had so many things to do “once January gets here”. Then January arrived and it was busy too. So looking like some of my projects will be done in February. This month is basically done! Well, toast as they say. There IS NOT much spare time left in it.

We have some fun planned for Saturday evening. And I look forward to that. We are going out with my BIL and SIL to celebrate BIL’s birthday! We get to go somewhere I’ve been wanting to go but never got to. Looking forward to our time with them and catching up!

This was another of the calendar days. There is a lot of **STUFF** in one’s life you have to let go of for sure. Katy even gave me a good book to read on the subject. I’m looking forward to it. When you get over 55 it helps b/c you can’t remember it anyway!

I liked this one too on my daily calendar page. Set your goals and reach for them – reach to the stars! At least you will get a good view if you don’t happen to grab a star!

And with that said, I need to go and get a few things done before setting off to work.

We are busy here, but happy! We have heard from our Little Roo. He’s doing pretty good on sleeping, still wanting to eat all the time instead of every 3 hours, and just had his newborn pics made yesterday. I’m looking forward to getting some pics and getting them in frames and setting them about.

Ok headed out and leaving you with this pic of Roger from a few years ago on our beloved Tybee Island trip. I loved our Tybee time. He was so young here. And Tugie was next to him. I miss her. And Roger is just very old now. He wobbles around like the old man that he is. He has slept fairly good since we’ve been home. Has to get up a time or two at night though. He is lonely without another dog around. But it is not time yet. George and I have mentioned we may wait a bit. And the flooring? We will be working on that soon. I think we will be doing research and doing this after Valentine’s day as the plumbing will be paid for soon. The date keeps rolling forward but we honestly have been too busy to even fool with it. But yeah that is a big one. Also my car payment is over in August! Woot Woot!

Have a good rest of the week ya’ll.

Baby Showers, Good Meals, Christmas Prep, and New Years Thoughts

Oh they had the shower for Katy at her school yesterday. So sweet. Love the Christmas theme. I bought her that shirt, hoping with the open front she could wear it. It’s cute. Loving that belly right there. She has one more week of school and then she is out until after the baby is born.

It’s so awesome they can celebrate in this way. Our new normal at work is not celebrating anything, no sharing of food, nada. In remote places life seems a bit more normal. So I’m happy she could have a normal in person shower somewhere. I think the church one is today!

It’s getting closer! And closer!

Christmas Prep

I was able to get a lot of wrapping done, but still have some more to do today. Not much though. Now I’m moving into “stocking stuffer” mode for George. I’ve searched for hours on Amazon searching various ways. I did find a few things. I hope they fit in the stocking, lol. But some time this week after work I’ll go to the store for other things and then will pick up some things there that I know he will like.

We are also down to the final countdown list as far as liquor and beer run gifts, gift cards, and I will probably buy my two bosses something for putting up with my goofy eccentric self all year, lol. I love working with both of my immediate bosses in my department. They are good to me, nice to me, respect me, try to understand me, patient with me, laugh with me, talk to me, answer my questions, steer me correctly, look out for me, say good morning and good evening to me, generally seem to care. Who is not blessed to have this? They deserve something from me. We all hand papers back and forth all day so I think we’ve already shared germs – it’s like your work family you know. So yeah, I need to do a few things there. And I believe that will finish me up.

Then I’ll focus on the house and then Christmas will be here. Then we focus on getting our bag packed for Texas. And New Years which will mainly just be a good food eatin’ weekend, doing things in the house, watching shows, and getting ready for Texas, and hittin’ the reset button on goals and things.

New Year Reset Button

I love the New Year reset. It may vanish quickly for some, but for me, I DO tend to keep the things in mind I set to do. It seems like even though we may not always attain our New Year goals, we at least need that reset button to reflect where we have been and think about where we will go. IF nothing else, there is that. And I truly believe that our psyches move naturally in the way in which our internal directions (set by God or ourselves) have thought about or inquired. And as we know twists of fate, send us scattering in various off directions unplanned too (in my opinion as a Christian, these are God approved changes). So part God, part us, part fate, part universe – it all transpires somehow. And in 2021 much like 2020, I suspect that most plans will be changed unless you plan to not plan at all. lol But you know me and planning. I gotta give it a good try. That was a heavy loaded paragraph that did and could continue to go off in several directions.

Lunch Break

I fixed a pretty awesome spinach salad for lunch yesterday. It had a little goodness to it and a little badness to it. Spinach and carrots and peppers- oh yeah. But then Tyson fried chicken tenders, onion straws, and a dressing that probably was not the healthiest – was a mustard viniagrette but had some canola oil and sugar in it. :-O But I have been craving honey dijon dressing. I could not find it and didn’t really want to make it at home. But I ate this and watched a show or two.

Grief Update

I am getting behind on my YouTube shows. Part due to Christmas and part due to the fact that I was not in a place where I was in the mood to do so. My mind needed to grieve my Maisy girl. I just couldn’t watch happiness in a show. I needed to have that quiet time to release. It’s NOT ok that she is gone. But I guess each day gets easier in that I cry less, and feel a little less sad. I’m crying now b/c it’s still so raw just thinking about her not being here. Going to bed is easier but still hurts. At least I don’t have racking sobs, just a few tears or if tired just a sigh of sadness.

I have found that if I pick this little tiny dog up who has pretty eyes like Maisy, and rub it – strange as that seems – it mimics being able to talk to her. And it’s like she is in here with me. A far stretch from the real Maisy but yet it is comforting and a way to release my sadness. It’s much like my having the sloth that looked so much like Tugie – that sloth that pulled on my heart strings in Portland, Oregon – I passed it up and got home and realized I had to have it. Took me days to search it out and find it but I often pick it up and pet it or hug it when I need to be near Tugie, our deceased apricot poodle. See below middle right, my sloth, LOL.

We do what we have to do to feed and comfort our psyches.

Dinner Last Night – Chicken Rotel Spaghetti

So made this dish last night – as seen on my Instagram – give it a follow: @lesshustlemorecoffee

It was pretty good although for some reason it did not taste as good as Granny’s or Katy’s. Or as good as I’ve made in the past. But we still enjoyed it. George apologized when I arrived with my camera after he’d already sliced into it after it was done. I told him, “no worries – it’s perfect as you can see what is inside”. It’s making me hungry this morning. I haven’t had breakfast yet and it’s almost lunch time.

A New Shopping Website to Behold

Well, I have a new shop I like. It’s one of Katy’s favorites. I saw this while scrolling through instagram yesterday. Aren’t these tops cute? I could do without the reindeer though. But I like all the others. So cute. All of them. Yes one of each please and in big sizes so it’s roomy. I love baggy clothes!

Rogers Sleeping Issues

I’m running so behind this morning. But Mr. Roger has been something else the last two nights. He wakes up and is not happy and wants off the bed. He is continually waking us up and we have to watch and make sure he doesn’t jump off as he’s brave and he will hurt himself. Yesterday, I thought he was having a stroke -and he may have been. He was walking sideways, holding his paw up and losing his balance and his head seemed as if it was heavier on one side and making him lean if that makes sense at all. He is old, very old and not sure how long he will be holding out. I don’t think a trip to vet is worth it. I think we need to let him go naturally if we can until he is at a point where it’s just pitiful. I think we are almost there, but this is George’s dog. He will need to decide when Roger is not having quality of life anymore. It’s hard to let them go. So hard. But it’s hard to see them have a rough time.

Last night George had to put him in the kitchen and living room and shut the door – like we were gone for the day so we could get rest. At 2 or so this morning I got up and went in there. He was pacing back and forth from one room to the other. He finally got in his bed and snoozed after 30 min or so. I went back to bed after about an hour of being up. I slept in late. So my day started late.

My To Do List Today (Sortof):

I’m behind. But here is what is on today’s list – not necessarily in order:

  • Eat lunch and watch a show
  • Laundry
  • Pick wardrobe for next week
  • Iron
  • Finish wrapping
  • Do Vitamin refills
  • Update to do lists
  • Change bed linens
  • Look up a couple of addresses for Christmas cards (2 I didn’t have addresses for)
  • Clean my office
  • Pick up the house
  • Watch more shows (lol)
  • Work on iMovie stuff
  • Work on New Year stuff

I won’t get all that done and there’ll be stuff to pop up that I haven’t even remembered. lol.

Video Channel Update

Oh and future videos. I went to sleep thinking about how to handle the future videos, where I was wanting to go with the vlog and such. I really need to schedule some time to brainstorm a bit and map out all of the things I want to do. I’ve done some of it, but need to do some more. And make myself a schedule of sorts, in order for which to do and accomplish them and improve upon them, and continue learning how to vlog and video.

First things first, I’ve contemplated the absence of Maisy in them. I will need to address a real time update insertion into the next video segment. I will also need to be working on a new intro after the next couple of videos in which we catch up to real time. I need to do a better intro anyway. George and I need to be more up to date as I don’t color my hair anymore. And we don’t have Maisy. I think I’m not going to put Roger in it because I know he will likely not be with us much longer. I was thinking without our dogs and pets, we are just not very interesting. I know that is not true entirely, but I do need to vlog with more intention instead of just showing what I’ve taken pics of and such through the month. Yes those are things we’ve actually done and are part of it, but I DO need more intention and purpose with them and bring that value to others – this is the hard part – do I bring value to anyone through the videos – not a lot, lol. So MUCH improvement to make and I’m glad to pop back into this and see what we can come up with. It’s hard to work full time and do this though, as it takes a lot of time. But I’m enjoying all the process, even if no one else is. As said, eventually I’ll find “my camp” of people and will get better and will have more followers. But in recent days I just did not feel like doing any of these things with the loss of Maisy. It seemed to big of a task to redo the intro or how to even start to do videos without her. I still don’t think I can do a tribute video. It’s just too much for me right now. But these things are on my mind now that the wrapping is mostly behind us and this is coming up on my radar.

Photo by Anete Lusina on Pexels.com

The video life would be easier if I didn’t blog all the time. lol. Keeping all the hobbies going is tough sometimes. But in years like 2020 it’s made it easier except that there is little interesting to blog and video about. That is part of my thing for 2021 is to etch in some outdoor experiences and safe places to visit, video, and get pretty photos of. I don’t know, I wish we could go ahead and get a truck and pull behind RV so we could go out on the weekends or even the long weekends and get started with some adventures, but that is not to be. Wow if I could get these videos to be something worth watching and monetize them then that would help fund that project, lol.

Adventure Goals

Something like this is what I’m thinking will be affordable for us.

Love something like this with the Off-Grid solar package, and eventually the Winter Package Add ons

I started to ask Santa for one. But, I think it’s a bit too early for George. ha. I did ask for a wide angle lens and pretty excited about that as it’s easier to vlog with. We need the cold weather package and the off grid package both to go to the pretty places off the beaten path. But I’d be ok to plug in to the whole schlimazel – I’m afraid it would be for us city folk getting used to not using water, filling up the tanks fast, cooking without every utensil and spice on hand, small refrigeration, finding our comfort levels in a small space. I get it. A lot to get used to. But we minimize and enjoy the experience and get to go out and see things and be near nature. And see me panic when a storm comes, LOL.

Well enough blogging today. I need to get busy as this day is getting away!