Southern Storms, Easter Planning, and Weekend Outlook

Well, yesterday it was a stormy little afternoon and evening as this low pressure line moved north into our area creating very unsettled weather and thunderstorm cells. As I got home yesterday I could see the weather moving up from the south and could see this red blob above moving toward us. We had other red blobs but for the most part all the red blobs missed us.

I gathered the cat and Roger and got them in the basement. I took wine, dog snacks, my phone, my purse and so forth down there. I had already had some chips and salsa when I got home, fed Roger and the cat and this storm was getting closer. I knew it was coming before the alarm ever went off. Roger immediately went to sleep so I didn’t have to worry about containing him. All I had to worry about at that point, was whether George would get home. But he left early too. While the garage is connected to the basement, we go to a concrete block area underneath the ground that is just under the front porch. I call it my “Hidey Hole”.

No sooner than I got everything down there and George got home, it blew over and it would be a couple of hours more before more storms came through. Eventually as the low lifted and the front came through it morphed into more of a line.

I had to watch one coming toward Mom. I had told her to be alert already but texted her that storms were on their way. She called me from the shower stall in her bathroom where she and Fancy were. We talked until we saw the storm was kindof splitting into. It calmed itself but I could see it shifting it’s energy more north. I was happy with my ability to read the radar and make predictions. I called tornado warnings twice before they did! If I had a life to live over I’d probably go into meteorology, but not on camera I don’t think. I’m too goofy for that!

Anyway, I was glad that was over and that we did not have to worry about the storms coming through at night and being asleep (or staying up all night). So I slept good after the storms all went past, close to 9:00 p.m.

I am so glad it is Friday. But I will say it has been a very fast week. I’m shocked that it’s Friday. But I’ll take it.

Little Roo a Social Ham!

I think Little Roo is thinking he is going to miss going to day care this weekend. He’s turning into a social butterfly – enh, maybe we ought not say that. He’s just a little social ham! lol. Look at those chunky monkey legs! I love it. I love his little porcupines.

I don’t have a lot to share. It’s been busy. Nothing really interesting happening. It is month end and also Quarter End at work. I believe all of my month end is finished already but I began working on Quarter End printing of reports, and getting everything ready to work on. I have to pay Quarter End taxes and then I will work on some of the spreadsheets for QE reconciliation and doing QE withholding returns. And after all that I’ll do the unemployment returns. There are a couple of other federal returns too. It’ll be a busy month of April.

Prepping for Easter Weekend

Next week is a 4 day week as we have Good Friday off. I’m going to get Momma on Thursday and she will be spending the weekend with us. We are going to drive by and look at that community place she is thinking about moving to while she is here. We have some plans in place for meals in and a couple of meals out. I need to firm all that up this weekend, determine ingredients, make a list and get what I can this weekend, and then we’ll have to do a fresh ingredient run mid week I guess. I’ll need to make a schedule for myself so I remember what I’m cooking when. Our big easter meal will be on Saturday. I’ll be taking Mom home Easter Sunday. Have to work on Monday.

So this weekend I’ll prep some and also will get her room ready. I’ll be back to my old bed, sleeping with George and Roger while she is here. If sleep can be had, lol.

To Do List Hasn’t Changed Much

Also this weekend, I’ll try to get some things done on this list. Of course I’ll be doing all the cleaning and laundry and getting ready for the next work week. But this is like my personal list. I put “dust” on there so I’d do that first! I like to dust when the sun is bright and I can see it lol! I’ll do some spring cleaning too. May spruce up the sun room if it’s pretty so we can enjoy it when Mom is here. But this is my “extra and personal” to do list. And it doesn’t usually change much as I hardly get time to work on it. The Lula Roe blouse is “on its way”. lol. It’s not the “Morgan” blouse but another one.

So I might use the Cracker Barrel card today and finish that off for lunch. I asked George if he wanted to go out to eat tonight and he said he didn’t really want to but would if it was a big deal to me. It’s NOT a big deal to me. I can eat home just fine. But I will go for lunch then! I’m ready for a salad!

And I will have to work on my weight loss program and be a little more intentional. I did some stress eating this week. I need to figure a few things out. I’ve even considered going back on my program full force, but I’m weighing my options.

Spring Blooms

And Spring has Sprung! Blooms are really getting pretty around here. I believe I’ll be planting a few things too come April 15th and the freezes are over. When May gets here it’ll start getting warm and by mid June we won’t be wanting to be outside much anymore during the day.

Ok off to get ready and go to work. Sooner I get there the sooner I can get off!

What ya’ll doing this weekend? I love to hear from you!

Shopping, Daydreams, To Do Lists, and Little Roo goes to Daycare

I noticed yesterday that Tube Buddy, a service I tapped into through YouTube, had given me a milestone award for reaching 800 views on my YouTube channel. That is really a drop in the sea, but for me it was a milestone at least. If you didn’t catch the latest video, the link is in the previous blog entry. I mainly do a real time update in the video but then have a segment of our Christmas included.

Have the next to do items set. This just keeps me focused as to what I want to accomplish next. I enjoy working on the list but honestly life gets in the way and I don’t get a lot of time to do “the next thing”.

This year is going by so fast. I thought I’d have more time for learning the camera and such but I have to remember how far I’ve come. I’ve basically been diving into doing video creation without having a lot of knowledge or experience and learning on the fly.

I put in some Amazon orders at lunch yesterday. Normally I do my shopping on the weekends. I had told George that the new Revlon hair dryer brush was just odd and really too big for my shortish hair. He said order another one. I feel like I can’t return the Revlon one as I think I threw the box away already. The first time I styled it I did ok. That was after watching a video. But the 2nd and 3rd times just didn’t turn out and I don’t have time to sit and beg my hair to do anything on a work day. I’m not going to be spending an hour doing my hair! I felt bad. But I have ordered another that has a brush size that will work with my hair. IN case you were wondering, the one I had that I loved began acting up. I guess I’ve had it for a year. The setting button was never perfect. It would be on high when it said low and so forth. But I could get it to adjust until one day I couldn’t. It would burn your hair on high. I set the smoke alarm off trying to use it. lol I decided it was unsafe. I had given Mom one and told her to be careful with hers. So, I’m excited to get this in and try the new one which has the same brush size as the old one. I’ll give the Revlon one to Katy if she needs it/wants it.

I also ordered this for Little Roo for his Tummy Time!

Guess Who Started Day Care?

Daycare sent pics to Katy and she also went over to see him at lunch. They are not far away from her at all. I know it’s a relief to get through the first day and to know it went well. It’s so wonderful now that they can send pics to the parents. He slept at first and then played.

Ok so this bottom pic looks like my Dad! My Dady’s smile and grin and eyes looked like that. They favor a bit. Katy said she has seen “Pappaw” in him before. The ears aren’t far off either.

The Importance of Day Dreaming

Here was yesterday’s calendar. I do believe dreaming is important. Day dreaming is a good thing! Whenever we have an idea formed in our heads, the natural state of our being moves toward that dream. We just naturally move in that direction, whether or not it actually comes to fruition.

I have a dream of RV’ing one day. Have no idea if it will come to pass as I’m married and have to have consideration of my spouse. I didn’t have that dream until AFTER I married. I didn’t even know it was something I would want to do. But as long as I’m able and can do it after retirement, I intend to. I’ve worked a long lot of years. It would be nice to do this and get out there and see things and do things, write about it, and video it. I hope it comes to pass. But as I dream of it, I watch others doing it and delight in their efforts, and see what they say and I’m so grateful to be able to “go with them”. It’s watching their videos that made me want to do my own videos even though we aren’t going anywhere! But I’m flexing that muscle so if I do I’ll be ready to document our trip. All I do seems to navigate toward doing this at some point in some way. I think it would be fun to be mobile for a while. But I’m good with a home base! I’m ok with not being full time. But I do want to take some long loops!

I also watch those that sail because of my love for being on or near the water! And that dream I can say with confidence will never come true. I have always been intrigued by sails across the world and the love/hate relationship of the sea with it’s hurricanes and tall waves and shark infested waters. I might be lucky enough to go for a day sail some day. But a passage, I don’t think I’d care for. I’m certainly not strong enough to sail. Nor brave enough but my love for this kind of thing, and my day dreams naturally take me to the water’s edge any time I can get there. It’s just a natural thing.

So, my fortune cookie yesterday. We had several from our Chinese meals over the weekend. The restaurant threw a lot of them in the bag. I said when I opened this yesterday, I wasn’t sure whether to laugh or clap. The blue linoleum came to mind. lol. RV’ing came to mind. ha.

I threw the sloth on the bedroom bed I’m sleeping on for cuteness. I’m pretty fond of him there. It makes me smile when I get in the bed. I remember sleeping with stuffed Snoopies when I was a kid. I thought here I am at my age with a stuffed animal on my bed! LOL The sloth was bought as he reminds me of Tugie, which is the poodle in Dad’s lap. It’s the hair and nose that did it. And so as I lay down and night and see the sloth, I’m reminded of Tugie. And it makes me feel like I have a dog in bed with me again. It’s a far reach, but at least it’s one that does not keep me up in the night. lol

This one, Roger, will keep you up at night! Bless his little heart.

That is about it. It’s payroll day and I need to try to figure out how to calm this hair before going into work and need to pack my lunch.

Ya’ll have a wonderful day. Be back soon.

Getting Ready for St. Patrick’s Day, Weekend Progress, and Planning

Ahhhh what a glorious weekend! George and I got out and ran some errands yesterday. We had planned on going to a restaurant that we thought was already open, but it was being built! LOL. No worries, we went to Burger Republic. I’d been itching to go there. Always a good time and a good vibe. We also had a spirit store run – liquor store. I hate saying liquor/beer store! Anyway we went there as there were a few items we can’t get at the store. We go to Providence Wine and Spirits. They had a nice St. Patty’s display.

We noticed that our favorite taco company is coming to Mount Juliet. We love Oscar’s tacos in Franklin. However, there’s so many places to eat in Franklin,TN that it doesn’t always “win” when we play our “games” to decide where to eat. Lots of top places to eat in Franklin and we are there so infrequently that it’s hard to eat at them all. But we’ll be eating here a lot when Oscar’s opens in Mount Juliet. We’ll be regulars for sure. We love our tacos.

We both did the Irish flight at Burger Republic. It was fun! And very good of course. We sat and planned all the restaurants we wanted to go to in Mount Juliet and also in Franklin. Since Nashville has been so crime ladened and the traffic and parking so bad too, we like to go more toward Franklin for our excursions. I’m going to doing a Bucket List for Spring/Summer which is really more of an idea/goal list I guess. I’ll be hanging that up in the kitchen in the Bucket List section. That wall has been blank for a while! It’s been pointless really to have it during the pandemic.

I got a gluten free bun and it was good. It had a homemade taste. And salad instead of fries. Don’t get too excited at my attempt to cut calories as I had the creamy jalapeño dressing, LOL. It was all very good and I was truly stuffed when we left. Then we went to the grocery store.

Harp made the best “beer lace”. I love to see the beer lace. I guess little things can amuse me.

Progress on the To Do List?

Well, of course, I have to remember that a lot of what I did this weekend was in the house and not on this list. This list is to help me remain focused! It’s a place to park all the things I think about. And I put household things on there that are out of the ordinary sometimes to force my doing it.

I cleaned out a section of our cabinet that houses the Tupperware. Oh my gosh that area was driving me crazy. I always put the top on the container after it dries and then you reach up and get it and it’s all there. George puts them up there separately and eventually you tear the whole section apart looking for matching tops and bottoms! Not to mention it is just the top of my reaching and I can’t even see all that is on the shelf. So in my reaching, things fall off and hit me in the head. So there is no point of raining curse words along with the falling Tupperware when you can just have a calm peaceful reach for a set – (well it’s not really Tupperware but rubbermaid and off brands). Anyway, I stopped to do that this weekend and was happy to have it on order again.

But the good news is that with the time I had at home, I was able to get caught up on laundry, ironing, and I GOT THE INTRO TO THE VIDEO DONE! It may not be the BEST intro but it was what I could “piece together” for now. It’s not BAD by any means. But as I have better clips to use in the future I can be more organized and save those clips for using in the intro. I really wanted videos of us instead of just photos. But I’m going with what I have for now so I can move on. I realized that getting this intro done was the FINAL “to do” keeping me from doing the videos.

So I began working on the Christmas video. No one is going to want to see our Christmas video in March. I think most everyone kinda keeps the holidays out of their videos so as to not “time stamp it” so much. But I want to capture what it’s like being it our house at Christmas on a video. It’s a special magical time of the year!

I like being a little bit behind now that I am organized as I can now begin to work on the videos and hopefully get them to a 3 week apart faithful commitment. If I can get them made ahead of time and can get them edited and ready to go by the 3 week date. I need to have them ready to upload at a certain date and time so those watching the channel know when it is coming and can depend on it. Right now I’ve not wanted to make a commitment I cannot keep. This hurts the ratings if you want to grow the channel. All I can commit to right now is “about once per month” which is what I said on a prior video. This is all a learning process and I didn’t want to set myself up for failure. Working FT, I don’t get a lot of opportunity to do these. Weekly is too much and for now even the 2 weeks is too much. But I’m learning so much at once and I’ll get better and faster as time goes by. I am having to learn how to use the camera, how to use the software and various ones – not just iMovie, but YouTube, TubeBuddy, Canva, and so forth, and the Mac itself was a learning curve as I came from windows. Plus there is learning accessories and devices and storage and back up, etc. 2020 and 2021 is certainly a learning curve time period and the foundation setting as well. But I can and still say that I love EVERY bit of this process! Even when we are not doing anything, I’ll find something to vlog about, and learn about. Still so much to learn! And I’m always planning up to new levels and improvements. But the INTRO is done and I can move forward! The hurdles are all cleared now!

The other big win was getting the hem back in my navy blue pants. Now I can wear blue matching tops again! LOL

I also got caught up on some shows. I’ll never get caught up on those though b/c I always have more selected than I can possibly watch. But I like to watch them while eating or when I get tired and need to rest my legs from working in the house.

Outlook for the Week Ahead?

So, what’s up for the rest of the week? George is making a corned beef meal for St. Patty’s day on Wednesday. And we bought some nice quality beer to go with it. I think we bought Scottish Ale. And you can see below my “make up” or DNA shows I’m “British/Irish” in origin.

This time last year St. Patty’s day was such an afterthought. We were all focused on the virus. I remember thinking in April I was looking forward to St. Pat’s and realized “oh wait, that already passed”. It was weird. Our brains were on overload and trying to figure out what was going on.

So I need to get off of here and get ready for work. But I’m going to leave you with Roger. He’s a sweet little boy. He sleeps most of the time now, gets up to get water and food and goes back to sleep. He follows you when he wants a treat and he’ll gallup to you if he thinks you have a treat in your hand. lol. He still has some energy left for Gallups but most of the time he wobbles when he walks and loses his balance.

In the week ahead I’m looking forward to St. Pats, but we are supposed to have severe storms that day. I’m looking forward to updating the to do list for the following weekend and I’ll try to work on a few things during the week here. I am still thinking of taking a PTO day Friday. It’s just a good day to do it as the next quarter starts soon and it’ll be harder to get off for a while! We do have Good Friday HOLIDAY coming too and this will give me a couple of good much needed catch up days.

I’m also looking forward to sun being out later. Of course it’s a rainy week this week but daylight savings has happened now. And I’m looking forward to planning some for the next quarter, personally! We have some things we want to put on the calendar! So ya’ll have a good week! What’s on YOUR agenda?