New Headphones, Party with Friends, Dead Body in Attic, and To Do List

New Headphones

The new headphones came in. No make up here! Warning! In relax mode! I decided to order these with an extra person coming in the house. I can listen to video clips and do editing at any time and don’t have to be quiet. I can listen to music and with these big honkers on my head people can see me working and know I’m getting in some “me” time. Nothing says “do not disturb” like some big honker headphones. One thing is for sure. I like my quiet time a couple of times a day. Some in the morning and some in the afternoon. An introvert requires it for sanity and rejuvenation.

Family has Flown Back Home

So no sooner than they got here, they are off again headed for their flight. Katy, Cody, and Little Roo flew home Saturday mid-day with a slightly delayed flight. Once in Dallas they had a two hour trip home, had to go pick up the dog Findlay and she said they all had to have a bath including the dog! lol. So they are glad to be home to relax some and since Katy is out of school she is happy to have nothing to do this week but unpack and enjoy being home.

Phone Wallpaper

Just playing around on Canva and made a b/g for my Home Screen. You are welcome to snag it if you want. Sometimes I like having multi designs on the Lock Screen. But it doesn’t really show up that much to tell you the truth. The background cannot be too busy or you can’t find your apps.

Summer Party with Friends. Christmas Gift Swap and a Pool Party!

We had a fine time at our friend Don and Lisa’s house. Above is their doggie Reese, named after Reese cup for his coloring. Such a sweet standard poodle. I was so incredibly tired though. I sat by the pool for a long while and just “vegged out”. I want to have our friends over for some fun too, but I’m not having anyone over til the floors are done. We are getting close folks! Very very close. Mom’s move #1 will be over with by the end of next weekend. ONE CAN ONLY HOPE! So I’ll be pushing for these floors. I’m at the end of the rope were the floors are concerned. The carpets have been abused way to long and now they are abusing us! lol. Flooring yes…. This has to happen!

Lisa had beautiful decor, as always! So pretty and inviting. I didn’t take pics of people for the blog. Not everyone likes to have their faces on display for the masses. I get it. Quite honestly, I enjoy taking pics of the decor and the food anyway!

Lisa had the most awesome watermelon salad. And I called it “salad fest”, with the hot temps outside in the 90’s, having the salads was so appetizing. I don’t have the names of all the salads, but they were all tasty.

George made an Orzo salad. This is it above. Loved it!

This was a coconut cream pie that George bought. It looked good to him. I bought some chocolate fudge iced brownies. Yummo.

As seen poolside. Love the birds on the cushions.

Lisa has beautiful landscaping and flowers. This was in the pool area. No pics of the pool area as people were all around. Trying to be respectful.

By the time it was time for us to get home to Roger dog, the sun was starting to go down. Snapped a pic of the sunset coming through Nashville. It was fiery through the clouds.

Video has gone live today. See previous entry.

If you didn’t see the previous entry, the video is now live. See the previous post for the link. These are a labor of love. I used to worry when not many watched them. I quickly got over that. It seems when you post it and walk away (after letting folks know it is out) it just happens that a few will go in a watch. My niche is out there somewhere. Working FT is hard to find time to put into finding my niche. The truth is I don’t have to be successful on YouTube, I don’t need it. I have enough money to retire before too long. But it is a goal to increase the subscriber load and to develop a following. When I sit down to try and realize where I want to go with this, and what my “success line” is with this, I realize I’m already reaching it within. The whole thing is a hobby and the fun is in the learning and in the sharing of our lives with you. I’m already doing all that. I’ve reached success already. If the things gets tossed around and grows and provides value to someone then that is good too. I just enjoy doing it, so I’m not letting myself get disappointed if the numbers are slow to grow. I was kinda the same way with the blog. The fewer that read it the less trolls you’d have, lol.

Trip to Mom’s for a few last loads…

Imagine George’s surprise at pulling what appeared to be a dead body from the attic. I’m sure you’ll see this clip again somewhere.

And the follow up….We concluded the dead body was “Mrs. White”. LOL. Mom used the mannequin when she used to sell Premiere Jewelry.

Meanwhile Little Roo was good at the airport and slept a lot too. I’m gonna miss our little man. I wish we could be near him often where we could babysit and play and spend time with him.

So what did we do today? Here was the line up!

We were on the road by 9:30 a.m. and then went to Mom’s and I packed up the remaining 1 last box of the guest bedroom items, taped and boxed some remaining kitchen items, hauled canned goods and pantry items to the car. Stayed at the bottom of the attic while George handed things down. Mom gave me the Lane cedar chest that was up there. And it’ll have to come back on the U-Haul truck.

We also brought all of Dad’s many fiddles here on this load as we were coming straight home so they wouldn’t sit in the heat. And so we came home and unloaded everything for the basement and put the canned/pantry goods upstairs as Mom said we’d need to use some of that stuff up. She also wants us to use some of the freezer items when it arrives. I guess she pay rent with food, ha ha! We will tease her.

OK so…then I had to run to Target. I wanted to buy some more of the towels I had bought but apparently they were popular. On line they were outrageous. And they were gone in the store. So I had to buy plain white towels but they were made by the same company so I know they will wash well and hold up.

I would have bought more from Target but their store would not let me see my Alexa grocery list that was on line. So tough tooty Target, I went to Kroger then and bought the rest of what I needed because if you block internet service for your customers then….you lose some profit! Those that have lists on their phone can’t see what they need. That’s bad, really bad.

So yep, off to Kroger I went for the rest of my things. And happily so. Thank you Kroger for allowing me to see my Alexa grocery list! You rock! You get the sale!

The home to unload groceries. George had mowed and showered. He fixed us a cranberry and vodka and so I decided to do a blog entry while I drank it.

Week ahead?

Another busy one.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on

Well, this is just another one of those busy crazy sink or swim kinda weeks with all of us. Including Mom, b/c so much needs to happen.

  • First of all we have to work Full Time this week all week.
  • My sunglasses broke so going in early Mon to take a long lunch to go get those fixed.
  • Arrange with the storage place to pay for the big storage unit coming open on the 19th and get the keys/lock Saturday morning. (Pray for us b/c if this doesn’t come open we are in trouble and have to figure something out).
  • Set up Fancy’s August trim (yes have to book that far in advance)
  • Mom has to get all her utilities set to change over to new people and cable and security and all that.
  • I need to find Mom a heart doc and a regular doc here in town or nearby
  • Mom needs to have her mail forwarded if not already via post office
  • I have a hair appt Wednesday
  • Go get Mom on Thursday evening – we get her, the last loads we can fit in two car loads. George is coming with me and he’s driving her car back.
  • Friday afternoon Mom has her first eye appointment (injection in the eye) in Hendersonville (I’ve been going in early on Tuesday’s to be able to get in extra hours for the month to take off for a Friday eye appointment once a month)
  • This weekend is the BIG U-HAUL move. It will HOPEFULLY be all over by the end of the weekend.
  • And try to get this house in order, iron, fold laundry change George’s sheets
  • And will be trying to adjust the house for Mom as she needs it with more fans, more lights, moving things where she won’t trip, etc. George has already been training her how to use the TV. lol
  • After this week, I’m looking forward to planning with Mom being here: Meal planning, excursion planning, shopping trip for me some pants, and maybe a top or two, flooring, planning Mom’s birthday, 4th of July, and George’s birthday. And maybe just maybe a little excursion away for a long weekend somewhere? Who knows.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel ya’ll! But it ain’t over quite yet. Prayers please for this final final leg, this last final week of moving!

Amazing How Much We Got Done!

Oh my gosh guys! You would not believe how much we have accomplished in the last week. And especially this weekend. Here was a peek above at last week’s to do list checked off as of about Noon on Saturday.

Saturday around Noon I “redid the list” and then was able to get all this checked off below by the end of Sunday evening.

So having gone into the weekend Friday night with as high as a 103 degree fever at one point, due to the shot reaction so it sure ended up well.

Saturday morning was iffy and I was slow. I probably staved off the fever with acetaminophen and probably pushed myself a bit more than I should have. However, at least I was home, in my jammies and getting things done in the house – mainly laundry, cleaning kitchen, ironing. I cleaned out the hallway closet in the afternoon and rearranged it.

I got rid of some things I don’t use, threw away old things, got rid of old lotions I never use.

It doesn’t look like I cleaned anything out though as I moved over all kinds of cleaning supplies from the areas underneath the bathroom sink so I could make room for me to have one side of the bathroom and Mom to have one side of the bathroom space.

George mowed and ran errands. And did a few things he wanted to do. He was productive too. I rested when I felt I needed to, had a huge horrible headache when the acetaminophen wore off. So as long as I took that every 4 to 6 hours or so I was good. I did have to take about a 45 min nap Saturday – just a brief one – when it felt like the fever was coming on.

I moved all of my things to one side. And Mom’s side is ready to go. Sadly we have pipes in the way, but what can you do. Not sure if this basket will be needed but I figure Mom might need *some* kind of basket to reach in and pull out for anything which will make it easier.

I’ve also created drawer space for her. And look ya’ll, this house was probably built in the early 70’s and I’m not even sure when this bathroom cabinet was built, so it’s not the best of shape anymore in the front. But it’s not the most persistent eyesore now (that’s the flooring) so we deal with it the best we can. The main thing is Mom has some drawer space.

I have to find her two little metal baskets like mine so she can put her counter top things on the bathroom counter. That way we can keep the area clean. One thing that will drive me crazy is things sitting around in a clutter. I can deal with organized clutter a bit, but I need to see clean and uncluttered countertop space! That said, I need to add “baskets for Mom” to the list.

Then off to Mom’s we went with two cars and loads of boxes inside of boxes. We stayed and packed for a few hours. I went and got lunch. I had wanted to do sandwiches – things bought at the store to throw a meal together but Mom wanted something bought out and wanted McAlister’s. I went and stood in line, for an hour or longer due to the church crowds. Glad to see people are out now, but gaaaaahhhhhleeee, that was ridiculous. If it had just been for me I’d have long turned around but I patiently waited as I had orders for all – all across the board – salad for me, spud for Mom, and sandwich for George.

Anyway finally back home and eaten, much of the day was gone at that point. However we had enough room for 3 more packed boxes so I went to get them and coming back in the dining room one of the boxes hit my tea glass left from lunch that I was enjoying still and it crashed to the floor breaking in pieces. Darnit! So the day went downhill for a bit there with the long wait and glass breaking, but better than one of Mom’s china pieces.

We got a lot of fine glassware packed and in storage. All secured in our basement now and unloaded. Thank goodness we have had this basement.

Then I moved our coats from the coat closet to our downstairs closet and I moved my seasonal clothes from my office to the coat closet. Before Mom comes I’ll move my clothes from my current bedroom (guest bedroom) to my office here. This will be my office and bedroom. I hate that I cannot sleep with George and Roger. When Roger passes, I will try again. But Roger’s need to be up and down all night plus the snoring and George getting up plus my own getting up in the night at times -is just too many factors – too much waking up at night. So it is necessary from a health standpoint (not falling asleep at work, or driving, and feeling better) that I be able to separate myself off and get sleep and sanity. So much to my surprise….the closet switcheroo has been started.

I still have to bring up the plastic chest of drawers (just a plastic storage unit) and it will have to be kept in front of the closet here as there is nowhere to store them. My closet will just have to remain open. That grey bag there will be going to the basement. It’s just temporary storage of clothes I am not wearing now that are too small, sadly. lol

I also set up two baskets to put my shoes in at the bottom of the closet, but I may have to set those up on top of the storage system as I won’t be able to get to them, if the storage things are in front. It’s all a work in progress.

I moved the table over in front of the window so I could set up the cot. I could have gotten a smaller cot but honestly the twin size seemed like for me it would be more comfortable for stretching out and turning over and such. It’s a tight fit, but it’s gonna work. Now George just has to cut the foam.

It didn’t take Roger long to find his new spot. I’m washing the blanket I normally keep on his bed. It’s all tight but it’s cozy and I like it. It fits my need. It’s kinda like a little RV space without the kitchen, ha!

I’m going to use what bedding materials I have at home for the bed. Once George cuts the foam I can set that up. I will use an old quilt as a foam mattress cover to put around the foam. I will use regular size sheets – I think we have an extra set I can use, if not I may have to order those. Twin may be too small since the foam is 12 inches thick, so probably have to use REG sheets size and tuck it in.

I have a quilt that is Reg size that will be a bit big probably but maybe not since the bed will have some height to it, but the colors will fit my room. I really like quilts as comforters these days because they wash easily and keep their shape. I have a blanket that I use to sleep with that radiates warmth back from my own body heat and that is all I will need as it’s summer anyway but George likes it cool sometimes.

All that said, I’m so happy with our progress. It is amazing that God gave us energy and will power above anything else including recovering from that Covid Shot and the big fever it caused.

So now we can focus on this week’s list.

Today I have a conference call with Mom on Zoom for one of our meetings. It’s at 8:30. A bad time for me now that I missed part of Friday, but it will have to do. So my lunch time is basically at 8:30, lol. That means I’ll be heating up my lunch, and eating at my desk while doing time sheets at my normal lunch time.

We have our plans set for doing a Cargo Van move, escalating all the things we can move that weekend and then we will do the final moving after that – I think Father’s Day weekend for that.

So there is still so much fine glassware to pack. We made only a small dent. So we will be back to Columbia this next weekend to help Mom pack but she is getting a friend who offered to help, to come over and pack some. We left Mom with boxes and wrapping supplies but had to order a serious amount of bubble wrap to be delivered there this week so the packing can continue.

Eating the elephant one bite at a time. We’ve bit off a lot and chewed it! We are coming around the curve. But it’s time to get serious about getting Mom here to our house. The front porch railing has been ordered from Amazon to help Mom – actually all of us – get up and down the stairs easier. There are only 3 steps but they are pretty big ones.

Thank you Lord, for giving us the energy, drive, and stamina to get all this stuff done! So much more to go but yet we have come so far!

Resetting and Focusing on the To Do List with Focus Matrix App

If you have been following my blog long, you know I use the Focus Matrix App for my To Do List. It has the 4 quadrant method for organizing your To Do’s and it’s easy to reprioritize them and check them off, delete them, and add new ones.

I don’t know what I would do without this app. I believe it was a small fee to be able to have this cross over to another device and it’s been well worth it so that I have it on my Mac and also on my iPhone. This totally keeps me settled and true to the app’s title, it keeps me focused. I use the four quadrants a little differently than they suggest. They have categories based on the quadrant method of to do list from long ago back when you took a pen and a legal pad and made a cross on the page with the following categories: Important and Urgent, Important but Not Urgent, Not Important but Urgent, and Not Important and Not Urgent. I tend to get confused by the Not Important But Urgent field. If something is Urgent, to me it becomes important to get done so…….I ended up doing my own version.

My version is a little more simple. It’s just mainly in order by what needs to get done first including what I want to do first. The pink list IS my urgent “do first” list. The green, is sidelined but will slide over to the pink side once there is an opening! Ha! Skipping the Blue for now. The grey one is “next to never” – just things to do some day and as they become more important or doable in the near future time frame, I’ll move it up the list to the green or the pink.

The blue section? Well I decided to put dishes I wan’t to make here. Mainly so I don’t forget about them. They may stay there for months until I get the hankering to do it, lol! But I will move it into the list as time approaches and I’m ready to do it. For now my to list is so big that I don’t want cooking items taking up precious “to do” space! LOL LOL

The phone version gets all squashed up but you can scroll each section up and down so you can see the entire list. I mainly use it on my Mac as I’m at home when I do my planning for the most part. I also have just a regular planner I keep with me at all times. While I work I jot down things that pop into my brain, and I usually have it with me for appointments and other plans. I just CANNOT convert to a virtual calendar. I like looking at the week at a glance. I guess it’s just what I’m used to. And I use the planner to make “sub lists” for that day like “refill vitamins, stop at the store, bring Kleenex to work tomorrow” and so forth.

I usually “REFOCUS” the week ahead using my Focus List. I spent the weekends also DOING those things on the TO LIST and then resetting it for the following week. I usually don’t put housework on the list – but if I’m so “list intense” and having issues fitting housework in – I will put it on the list so I don’t over look it. Sometimes we get so busy I have to put it on the list to make sure it gets done! But we are home this weekend so I’m not going to forget to get the laundry done or vacuum. I’ll do my normal weekend routines.

So all that said. I refocused this morning! I know what I need to do and in what order.

It is nice to have two weekend days at home, and we are running around doing errands and having a Mom’s Day weekend here at home.

Mom’s House Update

Numerous people have toured in the last two days. More this weekend. The deadline for the house bids are Monday at 1:00. We were shocked that Mom has to have a decision made by Monday at 3:00. The realtor had not explained that to Mom. The receptionist or the assistant mentioned it in their conversation leaving Mom with all kinds of questions. George called the realtor back and he apologized for not explaining that to her. (Helloooooooo, is that not important?). We were all shocked that she only had 2 hours to make a decision on an offer! But that is the way the ball bounces.

So the realtor is going to include both of us in the emails. (Let’s see if he remembers!) As Mom wants George and I in the decision making process. So George and I are taking late lunches and will be discussing these offers with Mom. If Mom doesn’t answer by 3 the bids expire. A different real estate world for sure these days. It would have been nice if this had been explained before the house listed so one would know what to expect. I think the real estate agent needs a check list of things to go over with the seller. A big oopsie on that one on his part. But he has promised to call Mom today and explain to her the process. Anyway, the good news is people are interested. I’m praying that Mom has some good offers and that she will have enough to be able to get the new house and to be able to meet her needs. That is really all we ask and if the Lord wants to reward her over that, then He may. She is a widow and a Christian so I hope that He does!

Meanwhile in TX

River is 4 months old now! I think he is outgrowing his 3 to 6 months clothes now! Wow. And he ROLLED OVER! In this shot below I think you can get an idea of his “adult face” here. His face looks so grown up in this shot below.

It’s just a few weeks away from the day I can pick this little boogar up and love on him.

So……I am behind on the videos this year for sure, and haven’t had time to work on finishing this one. I’m going to try to get it done in the next few days? Why? So I can start on the next one. I’m truly sorry for being so behind. But it’s been an unexpected year. Last year we had all this TIME to sit around and do things like that. This year has been overload on steroids all of a sudden.

So on to getting things done. About to get a shower and head out with George for some our Saturday errands.

Take care!