Saturday Morning Coffee Talk: Valentine Planning, Free Hearing Tests, and the Best TV Series

Saturday Morning Coffee Talk

Good Saturday Morning to you! At least it is here. Only one cup is poured as George is still snoring away. How great it is to be sitting here typing away on a Saturday morning with the day before me to work on all the things I want to work on and “doing my thing” whatever that is.

This morning at 7:32 a.m. I can hear the Nashville Star coming through. It’s blowing its horn as if to say “hello and good morning”. I think it is probably a mile and a half or two away as a bird flies. From the road system probably 3 to 4. Usually it does not “bellow out” its horn, as a result of controversy within the community in a debate of quiet versus safety, and a safer intersection built to replace the need for the horn. But truth be, I like hearing it. I’m not living next to the railroad tracks though. But the morning train goes along good with the gourmet coffee in a china cup! Today’s version much better than yesterday’s. I added a few too many beans to it and it was along the bitter strong side. I’m talking probably about 10 to 12 beans less today and it’s made it perfect. So I know how to measure it now. The tasting kit before was already measured, but now that I have a whole bag, I had to experiment. Ahhhhh, it’s good. It’s enjoyed today on this wonderful start to a whole weekend off.

Boring Blog Talk

I realize the blog has either been boring or not one at all this week. Nothing fun happened much. It was all work and very little play. When I say “little play” for me that means “little creativity time, little personal time”. I have been fairly content through it, but just boring, uninteresting, and nothing to tell about, and my days have been a bit robotish. I was thinking how awesome you guys are to come on here and read of me saying the same things over and over. Pretty much this:

*iMovie Talk

*Work Load Talk

*What I’m ordering this week

*What I’m “gonna order” next week

*Dog Talk/Some Cat Talk

*My Office Haven


*Now my Grandson

*Some camera talk

*What all my goals and intentions are


*Restaurant Reviews

At least some of the places change but in a COVID world it’s few and far between! And I appreciate you all coming in and hanging out, especially during the robotish weeks when I feel zapped from work and all I can find time to do is show you my banana and peanut butter sandwich for breakfast and my salad for lunch, lol!

This Weekend Talk

I’m looking forward to putting “my table” together and “my floor lamp” for the office – also the extra floor lamp is lighting that can be moved from room to room for filming. Well, let me rephrase that. I’m looking forward to having those things set up. I’m hoping George will do it for me but it’s good for me I guess to try to do those things so that I can show myself that I can. I’m not much of one for constructing things – even with instructions. But I think that is really a “mind set”. Someone who owned a boat once said “you can do anything if you have a good instruction manual”. See I do learn something from watching the sailing shows. I learn I can do things and am not restricted by lack of knowledge. You just have to find the knowledge and use it.

So this weekend?

  • Yay! I can finally order that backup drive I’ve talked about
  • Clean and Bless the house
  • Do Laundry
  • Cooking a Pork Stew
  • Putting the table and lamp together
  • Working on the Food storage container set/pantry (if I have time)
  • A little bit of filming here and there
  • Putting back out all the normal nic nacs I took down for Christmas (a tub full)
  • A Canon lesson
  • Finishing getting my email done (from 1400 down to 471)
  • Eating popcorn and watching my shows
  • Working on the Spring Bucket List
  • Planning some vlogging ideas
  • Planning some excursions
  • Doing some reading

Ahhhhh so glad it is the weekend! Then NEXT weekend will be a big one as I will download BIG SUR on the Mac – well after doing the back up and switching my imovie files to the External drive.

Planning a Valentine Excursion

George and I are planning a Valentine Excursion. It’s not very far. We’ll be going to the Cool Springs, Franklin area and spending the day. It won’t be ON the 14th. Probably will be the 13th instead, but we are in the deciding mode and plan to make a day of it. So far we know we’ll be doing lunch somewhere and then we will be doing dinner somewhere. We will be shopping and doing things in between. In between definitely includes a favorite wine shop we like, Whole Foods (we’ll take a cooler), and the rest we have to figure out. We are hoping to steal away some time with a couple of friends but not sure they are ready to emerge in this COVID ladened world yet.

Free AARP Hearing Test

I realize that many people don’t like AARP b/c of their political/controversial beliefs or associations (honestly I don’t really know why or what it is) but I joined them for the articles and benefits. And if you ARE an AARP member you can do a free hearing test. It’s a number you call. I had slight hearing loss in both ears and it suggested I get a check up. I probably will not right away though. Maybe in a year or so or if I start feeling like I have difficulties. Sometimes I do have to ask people to say things twice. But sometimes it’s because they mumble or can’t enunciate properly where you can understand them. So I don’t take the credit for that. LOL

I really do need to start taking advantage of the benefits as that is what I signed up for. But we aren’t doing a whole lot anyway right now.

Here is the website information if you want to get a free online hearing test. No Cost and Don’t have to leave your chair except maybe to get your phone. ha.


Netflix Shows

We have been watching some shows recently. We picked up another one.



We also have been watching YELLOWSTONE and we are on Season 3. But George bought the DVD for it. We enjoy it so much we savor it and so we are watching all these other shows in between. lol

Well, I need to go and get started on all these “to do’s”. LOL

Have I said how much I’m glad it’s SATURDAY and the weekend is here? I did NOT get through with the Year End W-2 reporting. I still have 66 more actual w-2’s to enter online for Oregon, manually – yes the entire w-2. I have done 20 people already. It takes a few minutes to enter and check each one. I go to the trouble to check it over b/c if you do not it’s hard to find the errors later. So I think it takes about an hour to do about 20 – actually maybe less than that. I takes about an hour to do 20 with some interruption – sips of water, answer an email, answer someone’s question, etc. So we are looking at about a day’s worth of entering left with some interruptions. If I have help with time entry I will finish Monday. If not we’ll just be late with that one. Then I have a couple of states that are not due until end of Feb. And I’ll work on those next. I’m so ready to be through with Year End stuff though. Pretty good though considering I had a vacation week in January. But I had help on Monday’s and Friday’s as someone helped with time edits, stuffing checks, and coding PTO forms with info needed for payroll run day. About 5 or 6 hours of help I’d say a week and that really saved the day.

So yeah. Let’s get on with the weekend! What are YOU doing this weekend? Enjoy the sipping and the slurping and the projects and the downtime! May you all have a bliss filled weekend!

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Much Accomplished, Another Baby Shower, and Planning for 2021

What a wonderful weekend it has been. Much has been accomplished. Having the extra day has been a God send. Most all of the gifts are wrapped except for gift cards and liquor/wine gifts. I do have stocking stuffers to get. And pretty much every day has been mapped out for the week as to what errands will be done when.

We have also planned out our Christmas Eve and Christmas Brunch menus. We are so ecstatic over the upcoming time with family.

I also need to mention that we DID NOT go the Ornament Party on Saturday (yesterday). As much as we really wanted to see our friends, we just didn’t feel it was good to be at a party with the virus raging as we go into the nearby Christmas holidays and in seeing our soon to be born grandson not long afterward. It’s risk enough being at work with family members of coworkers having the virus at times.

I snapped a few pics around the house for ya. So you don’t have to just focus on my words without some cheer around.

Roger again last night couldn’t sleep in the bed so George put him in the den/kitchen with doors to the rest of the house closed, like we normally do when we are gone. At some time in the early morning we heard him howling. He was put back in bed with us. But during the day he sleeps all day long. I’m not sure that he didn’t have a partial stroke the other day or a slight seizure of some sort. He was really acting strange and going sideways and holding a paw up in the air. I think I mentioned it yesterday. I just want him to go natural if he can. He’s just old and you can’t fix old too well. It’s a matter of time. I think he is losing some of his sight as well as he can’t seem to see where the water line is on the bowl. We have to keep it full. Or he will keep licking and standing there all day licking air til he quenches his thirst and finally gets it right. How sad is that?

George asked me if I was looking for a puppy? NOOOO. Not right now. Maybe after Texas, after spring, in warmer weather, after new pet friendly flooring. I can’t handle it right now. I need to get over this some more (losing Maisy) and let it digest and finish my grieving. Not that you don’t love another dog in different ways, as they all have such different personalities, but I just need to process losing her some more and certainly don’t need the headaches of another dog in Texas as that was an issue anyway. God and George must have known this was coming. I’m not sure Roger will make it long enough to go to Texas. I’m not sure even that he should go but can’t imagine anyone taking care of him either as he will be a hard one to keep – hard to pick up, won’t sleep at night, and so forth. He’s not going to like the trip very well either.

However, my heart is overjoyed that my friend Lisa, who lost her standard poodle, GiGi a year ago, has another one! His name is Reece (chocolate and peanut butter colors). I know she wouldn’t mind me sharing the love bug on my blog.

Did you know that hearing this news has helped even to heal my own heart some? It made me smile. I’m so excited for them. I can’t wait to meet him. They too had to wait to process some and also to do a few things before having another commitment. I want that for us too. Although I doubt we’ll wait a year. Our pets have always seemed to find us for some reason. So we’ll see what happens.

She’s about to pop!

Katy’s church shower was yesterday. And it was so nice just like the other one. I’m sharing the details. We also got a facetime from Katy yesterday to see all the things and to see the nursery coming together. Look at the shower details here. It was so nice. I’m real good at stealing photos at this point. What ya gonna do when you can’t be there in person and you are 14 hours apart?

Like how cute is all this? I know that the younger generation is really getting into these board displays. It’s awesome. I’ve seen recipe books on putting them together.

And of course all of this is perfect for Texas.

It is really getting exciting to realize that our little grandson will be here soon. The days are getting closer.

I spent some time this afternoon trying to segment all of my to do’s that were floating around in my head. My office is still a bit cluttered as the wrapping station is still in here. I have to keep it up until probably mid week or so, to make sure we don’t have something else spring up. But we can keep it at the bottom of the basement stairs and grab it if we need.

Having a few minutes in my office space at least on one side of the room, I was able to gather my thoughts, segment out what to do this week, next week, after Christmas, and after New Years. I’ve had some time to list everything out and prioritize. You know me and my planning. I have to have to have a plan! With or without COVID world, I WILL HAVE a plan. I’m coming out of the grief a bit more and concentrating on living and what all we get to look forward to for the coming year – EVEN IF much of it is spent at home.

So with all these things swirling in my head and looking at my current little small planner and how even with nothing going on, I’ve filled it to the brim – I decided to up my planner size. It’s a little bit bigger with enough room to write appointments or errands or reminders on one side and to do lists on the other for each day.

So I ordered this one. It has a flexible cover. I’ll never use a hardback one again. It’s 8 X 10 but much better for my needs.

And with all the “planning” and “learning” I’m going to be doing this year with camera and vlogging, I decided to go with a plain 3 subject notebook for note taking, planning, and keeping up with my thoughts and ideas. It’s also flexible, but I ordered a normal size notebook b/c I plan to learn a lot and plan a lot and those “big” ideas need to be parked where I can see them. This makes me happy.

I do have some thoughts rolling around in my head and it’ll be fun to see where God leads everything.

Eating, Watching, Shopping, Hoping, Planning and… Grinning

Hello there! Finally getting to catch a breath and do a blog post while listening to iTunes (Relaxing Piano with Thunderstorm – lol) and sipping a glass of George’s homemade Sangria.

Above is one of our dinners last week! Don’t save the good meals for just the weekend! Every day is worth a grand meal! This one was great!

I also enjoyed a special cereal one morning at work. I was craving cinnamon, hadn’t had cereal in a while, and added a small bag of “Healthy Heart Nuts” for protein. It was great!

Normally wouldn’t think of adding peanuts or pistachios in my cereal – almonds yes – but it worked out.

Lunch Friday – I was ready to get out of the building. When I can get away I can usually watch a YouTube show. So I packed the makings for a “wrap sandwich”, brought a plastic glass and grabbed a cold tea brew from my office fridge. I drove around our complex til I found a good shady spot. My wrap was excellent, the view was gorgeous with the turning leaves, and I got to watch a quick 20 min video show. It did the psyche some good!

Thursday night I only had 5.5 hours of sleep. I really just needed to get through the day yesterday. I went home and fixed spaghetti for dinner as promised with the hot Italian sausage meat we’d had in the freezer forever. I usually go for the turkey spaghetti but we needed to use it up. It was a good dinner including a salad and I made a makeshift caesar dressing with the help of George helping me to figure out how to turn regular mustard into spicy brown mustard. It was darn close Caesar dressing.

We have been watching the Queen’s Gambit. It is sooooo good. Give it a try. I said Noooooo at first because I care nothing for chess. However George told me it was the #1 show on Netflix as of the day he told me that. Not sure if it still is, but oh my gosh we are HOOKED. It’s great!

Only a few left to watch as there are not many shows. We also have the Queen to watch which is out with the new series. This one has Diana in it.

So last night I was able to sleep ALL the way through the night. I think I turned over once and may have even got up to go to the restroom. I’m not sure as the nights run together, but I was able to get a full nights sleep last night. Maisy woke me up at 5:30 but I was good to go.

This morning we did not have a lot of time to linger. I’m not sure where the time went. I had a cup of coffee and the next thing I knew I had barely enough time to get a quick shower with no hair washing so we could get out the door and get Maisy to her trim. We’ll have to care for Roger here at home.

We dropped Maisy off at 8 and headed out for some adventures (Christmas shopping mainly). We had to stay close around for our groomer to call.

We went to Tractor Supply – an annual stop. I always forget to go there during the year. We enjoyed that. George bought himself a nice rain slicker marked down to $15 – the only one they had left. No one uses umbrellas to walk into the warehouse where his office is. They all use rain slickers. Ha. Peer Pressure at age 61 still exists I guess.

We stopped also at Rice’s to get us some bacon and ham. They are only open this time of year and around easter. We come here twice a year also! The smell is incredible and yes it smells like country ham. Just look for the ham (or the turd, as we like to say) on the building. The sign is part of the experience.

We also went to a yard sale and George made a find there. And we got an Egg, Cheese, and Bacon biscuit at BoJangles. Sinful and greasy but yet good.

We ran into Publix for a few things and then while in there the Groomer called and Maisy was ready for her pick up. We headed home and unpacked all our finds and sacks.

George asked me where his new rain slicker was. I didn’t have it. It was not in any of the sacks I had. I was so disappointed for him. He was so happy to find that one rain slicker on sale. He hopped in the car to go back to Tractor Supply to see if it was still there. I prayed that they would have realized it was there and held it for us. But these days ——

I began cleaning the house and doing laundry. About 30 min later I got a text and a photo. They held it for him knowing he might be back! Praise the Lord. It wasn’t the end of the world but he was so happy with it. What happened I think is they didn’t put it in a bag and when we left we grabbed the bags and headed out. We didn’t grab the hanger. But it is our fault. We are just programmed to grab the bags I guess. So glad it was still there.

We have had a nice little afternoon at home. George is getting the fried chicken ready for dinner. And I will be making home made mac and cheese. A very expensive version with Gruyere cheese. We were supposed to go to a party today and I had already bought the stuff. But the host had a family member that was sick and they needed to go out of town. It’s probably best anyway with all the COVID mess going on the worst ever so far.

We have go a lot of Christmas stuff coming together. My office room is the hot spot for its gathering. It’s just a good out of the way spot to put it all. We used to use the guest bedroom bed in here before the office was here. And I used my closet for George’s and Katy’s things. I have his in here too in a box that says “George, No Peeking”.

So the guest bedroom sheets are ready for Mom to come at Thanksgiving. And I dusted the room and cleaned up a bit in there. It’ll be up to George to clean his “office side of the room” in there.

I also got our sheets changed, have done a lot of the laundry and did my ironing for next week. Cleaned the kitchen and ground the coffee and opened all the boxes that came in this week.

Tomorrow I will finish working on the house and have to give George a hair cut. I may also cut mine. I need a pedi but think I may just do my own this time. I also have a walking appointment with my neighbor tomorrow, if it is not raining. So it’s been a busy day and I’ll just keep trucking along. We are going to get these holidays knocked out. Now if we can just keep COVID out of the family. He’s NOT invited for the holidays and we don’t him ruining our plans. We won’t think of that but will focus on beautiful things and will be positive.

I have not had time to work on the next iMovie due to all the holiday prep, other than a few minutes one morning. I am going to try to work some on it this week if I can. Maybe this weekend. This one has been hard as it had a lot to edit. A lot of footage still I cannot use b/c I was not very good with the video part of using the camera. It’s getting better. But not there yet. I did a couple of takes and so I’m trying to mesh the best of the two. I have to go get my Mac N Cheese made before I dive into it or I won’t want to get up and do it. When I start working on the video editing – I don’t want to quit – for anything or anyone. I’m hooked and focused. So I have to be careful when I start working on it – the day is over at that point, lol. That is how much I like doing it. I also have a whole 2021 focus list on how to improve the whole shebang. Most of all I want to have fun with it, but would like to be in a position to monetize it by the time we retire. I have 4 years to work on it, and get my niche right which really is going to evolve and change over time – they always do – LOL.

I have good news. I talked to George about the next vehicle. I told him I was wanting to get a truck so we could get something to hook up behind it. I told him I could wait closer to retirement for the truck and asked if we could get a Micro Mini to pull behind it as we’d be free at that point to go anywhere we wanted. His response….with a slight smile….”mmmmmaybe”.

I’ve been talking to him about this one. It’s fairly light and easy to haul. Easy to fit in places and such. We’d also get a topper for the bed of the truck to put camping gear, and “stuff” in for space. We’d be able to park it and unhook and go “do our thing” in whatever town we are in. I will want to get a package eventually for the solar set up so we can go places inexpensive and not hook up but still have power. This makes me want to jump up and down! 😉 To get a “maybe” means the world to me.

So I am thinking of something like this. I have no idea how much the truck can pull but I’ve seen trucks this size pull these micro Minnie no problem. I have something like this in mind. I don’t want a big truck but one big enough to pull something like a Micro Minnie. The sun roof will be cool for our adventuring and drive days. This is an older model. I’m ok with a used something or other. I can’t believe I’m willing to drive a truck. Might get a hat and I already got the boots – cowboy or hiking. lol. Ready for star gazing, fire pits, grill outs, meeting people, hearing George play an instrument around the fire, creating good cuisine on the road. I want to cook more. I think he might let us do this! He said “maybe”! That is the best answer I’ve had yet!

Well, anyway, I’ve got to go make some mac and cheese. I’m sure I’ll probably be back tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning.

What all ya’ll doing this weekend?