Travel Planning, Planning Mom’s Move, and Christmas Planning

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Nice to have a bit of sunshine in our lives. After raining for several days, the clouds parted and the sun came through. It’s Friday and has been a busy week of working toward everyone’s agendas. At work and at home. Very little time for play or personal projects.

At work, the month end taxes have been paid as well as the quarter end taxes. I’m about half way through with the withholding returns. It seems to take forever, this process, but I’m slowing ticking the boxes through. We tried to add another state to the system and the system said “nah ah, not gonna”. Can’t pay taxes and file returns with “nah ah, not gonna” system information so that all has to be figured out with programmers before we can finish out the quarter, or even do reconciliation.

I was hoping it was Jesus, but it was just a double rainbow —“just a double rainbow” —I catch myself saying but in comparison to Jesus one can say that. Rainbows are special and so is a double one as it’s a sign of God’s promise, but Jesus himself parting the clouds would have been better —for believers anyway. this particular rainbow was so vivid. It’s the brightest most magical one I’ve seen and it was only part of one. It was a pleasure driving down the interstate toward it. To me it meant God saying, “I’m here, the rain is ending, I’m not going to flood the earth and it’s all going to be ok.”

We went out Wednesday night with Paul and Judy to eat with them and they brought a pile of leftover food from freezer and pantry, bless them. We bought their dinner in return. Their house closed Thursday, movers came supposedly and they are off to Florida now for their retirement home. Can I whine and whimper? It’s been fun having them around, good knowing friends are around the corner, people that care, someone you knew that would have your back when needed and for them the same. I’m thankful for friends that have understood my flooring situation with the dogs and my unwillingness to entertain with that going on. Both Judy and Lisa have still embraced me without judging (I hope) as we have mainly spent time at their houses. Now that we have new flooring, I will soon be able to pay the favor once Mom’s grocery boxes are gone from the living room, but Paul and Judy are gone! We will miss the annual ornament party too and our LRC games. I hear the invitations may still go out one day and they’ll see who shows up in Florida, lol. Maybe one day we’ll get a December vacation in FL. We could see Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken and then see Judy and Paul. But I don’t think they are close to each other. Complete opposite ends of the state. But we also want to go back to Maine for a vacation sometime so we’ll see. Lots of travel plans stuck in the back pocket, just waiting for “time” as always. Once we retire, we’ll have a bit more time. Our only limits then will be finances or health issues.

So we have spent some time planning our upcoming trip to East TN in December. The last I typed we just knew the dates and what we wanted to do but we have the timeline down so I can go ahead and book hotels. I’ve figured out one hotel and just have to pin down the other. I’m almost ready to get them booked.

We have had family conversations about Christmas. As of now, it appears that Cody and Katy will not be coming for Christmas because everyone will be coming there at River’s birthday in January. At this news I’ve requested that we at least be able to “do Christmas” together at their house. I was glad to have our little bundle of joy last year but I missed our special Christmas time still and I don’t want that to become habit. It’s important to me to have our “opening”. It doesn’t have to be on Christmas Day, as some have demanded in our family, but I’ll take what I can get.

So now conversations have to happen about what is happening as it is time to order gifts before we get so involved with Mom’s move and getting her settled. Will need to have time to ship things there or just order on Amazon and send there. I’m not sure what the answer is. They also don’t have much space and there is construction going on around their house with the addition of a new bedroom. So…we have to figure this out so we can get things started. We are flying to TX so won’t have a car load of gifts to take.

We’ve also asked for Christmas Wishes from them and also Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken, who also wanted ours. So we have things we will be ordering now, again, once I can get some time. Weekend is coming although it is shaping up to be quite busy. It seemed a clean slate but as the week has gone by we have added more and more to it. We are to take Fancy for a trim, Mom wants to eat breakfast out, George wants to go to yard sales while out. I’ll have to have a few hours to do laundry and prep for next week, a mini grocery run, need to get these hotels booked, some shopping done on line, and get this video done. The video is screaming at me. It longs to be finished. An hour a week doesn’t get it, lol! So I’ll be blogging a bit less to get some of this done. You all seem pretty busy too. I am sure people are reading as I get about a 100 hits a day but not all are serious blog readers!

So all that is going on around here is mainly this:

Gearing up for Mom’s move as George orders the moving van this weekend. PTO time is already put in and the time requested. They better NOT move the dates around at this point as we have already scheduled our lives and asked off for work and all.

Getting plans in place for Christmas, shopping starting.

Getting these hotels booked.

And me over here trying my best to get through the to do list so I can work on a video, most of my own personal to do’s taking a back seat to all the rest of the goings on. Tis that time of year. But I’m determined and I plan to find time to finish the video this weekend. Just a few more edits and tweaks – almost there. I just love the entire process of making/editing the videos. The hard part for me is just finding the time. It’s fun to finish one up and then pull in the next folder into the time line to see what we have and how to blend it together. I’m usually surprised as I forget things I’ve video’d. But I’m anxious to get more done as I keep them in my iPhone/iCloud til I’m finished but it still makes my phone slow at times. I’ll delete them once the video is made. They are already in folders but once I deleted them off my phone and they showed up black in the video. So I’m afraid to do that now in case there was a connection. But this is the time of year I get further behind in the videos. We have less time due to the holidays.

So the busiest time of the year is upon us. Do you feel things ramping up on your end? Or is it just us? We are just pushing early this year due to Mom’s Move falling at the time we would normally be out shopping so want to make sure we get it all in before we go in sane.

Better go and get on the road. My soul and my psyche needs more coffee. Ya’ll have a splendid weekend ahead. I’d love to hear your plans for the weekend. Anything special?

Saturday Morning Coffee Talk: Valentine Planning, Free Hearing Tests, and the Best TV Series

Saturday Morning Coffee Talk

Good Saturday Morning to you! At least it is here. Only one cup is poured as George is still snoring away. How great it is to be sitting here typing away on a Saturday morning with the day before me to work on all the things I want to work on and “doing my thing” whatever that is.

This morning at 7:32 a.m. I can hear the Nashville Star coming through. It’s blowing its horn as if to say “hello and good morning”. I think it is probably a mile and a half or two away as a bird flies. From the road system probably 3 to 4. Usually it does not “bellow out” its horn, as a result of controversy within the community in a debate of quiet versus safety, and a safer intersection built to replace the need for the horn. But truth be, I like hearing it. I’m not living next to the railroad tracks though. But the morning train goes along good with the gourmet coffee in a china cup! Today’s version much better than yesterday’s. I added a few too many beans to it and it was along the bitter strong side. I’m talking probably about 10 to 12 beans less today and it’s made it perfect. So I know how to measure it now. The tasting kit before was already measured, but now that I have a whole bag, I had to experiment. Ahhhhh, it’s good. It’s enjoyed today on this wonderful start to a whole weekend off.

Boring Blog Talk

I realize the blog has either been boring or not one at all this week. Nothing fun happened much. It was all work and very little play. When I say “little play” for me that means “little creativity time, little personal time”. I have been fairly content through it, but just boring, uninteresting, and nothing to tell about, and my days have been a bit robotish. I was thinking how awesome you guys are to come on here and read of me saying the same things over and over. Pretty much this:

*iMovie Talk

*Work Load Talk

*What I’m ordering this week

*What I’m “gonna order” next week

*Dog Talk/Some Cat Talk

*My Office Haven


*Now my Grandson

*Some camera talk

*What all my goals and intentions are


*Restaurant Reviews

At least some of the places change but in a COVID world it’s few and far between! And I appreciate you all coming in and hanging out, especially during the robotish weeks when I feel zapped from work and all I can find time to do is show you my banana and peanut butter sandwich for breakfast and my salad for lunch, lol!

This Weekend Talk

I’m looking forward to putting “my table” together and “my floor lamp” for the office – also the extra floor lamp is lighting that can be moved from room to room for filming. Well, let me rephrase that. I’m looking forward to having those things set up. I’m hoping George will do it for me but it’s good for me I guess to try to do those things so that I can show myself that I can. I’m not much of one for constructing things – even with instructions. But I think that is really a “mind set”. Someone who owned a boat once said “you can do anything if you have a good instruction manual”. See I do learn something from watching the sailing shows. I learn I can do things and am not restricted by lack of knowledge. You just have to find the knowledge and use it.

So this weekend?

  • Yay! I can finally order that backup drive I’ve talked about
  • Clean and Bless the house
  • Do Laundry
  • Cooking a Pork Stew
  • Putting the table and lamp together
  • Working on the Food storage container set/pantry (if I have time)
  • A little bit of filming here and there
  • Putting back out all the normal nic nacs I took down for Christmas (a tub full)
  • A Canon lesson
  • Finishing getting my email done (from 1400 down to 471)
  • Eating popcorn and watching my shows
  • Working on the Spring Bucket List
  • Planning some vlogging ideas
  • Planning some excursions
  • Doing some reading

Ahhhhh so glad it is the weekend! Then NEXT weekend will be a big one as I will download BIG SUR on the Mac – well after doing the back up and switching my imovie files to the External drive.

Planning a Valentine Excursion

George and I are planning a Valentine Excursion. It’s not very far. We’ll be going to the Cool Springs, Franklin area and spending the day. It won’t be ON the 14th. Probably will be the 13th instead, but we are in the deciding mode and plan to make a day of it. So far we know we’ll be doing lunch somewhere and then we will be doing dinner somewhere. We will be shopping and doing things in between. In between definitely includes a favorite wine shop we like, Whole Foods (we’ll take a cooler), and the rest we have to figure out. We are hoping to steal away some time with a couple of friends but not sure they are ready to emerge in this COVID ladened world yet.

Free AARP Hearing Test

I realize that many people don’t like AARP b/c of their political/controversial beliefs or associations (honestly I don’t really know why or what it is) but I joined them for the articles and benefits. And if you ARE an AARP member you can do a free hearing test. It’s a number you call. I had slight hearing loss in both ears and it suggested I get a check up. I probably will not right away though. Maybe in a year or so or if I start feeling like I have difficulties. Sometimes I do have to ask people to say things twice. But sometimes it’s because they mumble or can’t enunciate properly where you can understand them. So I don’t take the credit for that. LOL

I really do need to start taking advantage of the benefits as that is what I signed up for. But we aren’t doing a whole lot anyway right now.

Here is the website information if you want to get a free online hearing test. No Cost and Don’t have to leave your chair except maybe to get your phone. ha.


Netflix Shows

We have been watching some shows recently. We picked up another one.



We also have been watching YELLOWSTONE and we are on Season 3. But George bought the DVD for it. We enjoy it so much we savor it and so we are watching all these other shows in between. lol

Well, I need to go and get started on all these “to do’s”. LOL

Have I said how much I’m glad it’s SATURDAY and the weekend is here? I did NOT get through with the Year End W-2 reporting. I still have 66 more actual w-2’s to enter online for Oregon, manually – yes the entire w-2. I have done 20 people already. It takes a few minutes to enter and check each one. I go to the trouble to check it over b/c if you do not it’s hard to find the errors later. So I think it takes about an hour to do about 20 – actually maybe less than that. I takes about an hour to do 20 with some interruption – sips of water, answer an email, answer someone’s question, etc. So we are looking at about a day’s worth of entering left with some interruptions. If I have help with time entry I will finish Monday. If not we’ll just be late with that one. Then I have a couple of states that are not due until end of Feb. And I’ll work on those next. I’m so ready to be through with Year End stuff though. Pretty good though considering I had a vacation week in January. But I had help on Monday’s and Friday’s as someone helped with time edits, stuffing checks, and coding PTO forms with info needed for payroll run day. About 5 or 6 hours of help I’d say a week and that really saved the day.

So yeah. Let’s get on with the weekend! What are YOU doing this weekend? Enjoy the sipping and the slurping and the projects and the downtime! May you all have a bliss filled weekend!

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Much Accomplished, Another Baby Shower, and Planning for 2021

What a wonderful weekend it has been. Much has been accomplished. Having the extra day has been a God send. Most all of the gifts are wrapped except for gift cards and liquor/wine gifts. I do have stocking stuffers to get. And pretty much every day has been mapped out for the week as to what errands will be done when.

We have also planned out our Christmas Eve and Christmas Brunch menus. We are so ecstatic over the upcoming time with family.

I also need to mention that we DID NOT go the Ornament Party on Saturday (yesterday). As much as we really wanted to see our friends, we just didn’t feel it was good to be at a party with the virus raging as we go into the nearby Christmas holidays and in seeing our soon to be born grandson not long afterward. It’s risk enough being at work with family members of coworkers having the virus at times.

I snapped a few pics around the house for ya. So you don’t have to just focus on my words without some cheer around.

Roger again last night couldn’t sleep in the bed so George put him in the den/kitchen with doors to the rest of the house closed, like we normally do when we are gone. At some time in the early morning we heard him howling. He was put back in bed with us. But during the day he sleeps all day long. I’m not sure that he didn’t have a partial stroke the other day or a slight seizure of some sort. He was really acting strange and going sideways and holding a paw up in the air. I think I mentioned it yesterday. I just want him to go natural if he can. He’s just old and you can’t fix old too well. It’s a matter of time. I think he is losing some of his sight as well as he can’t seem to see where the water line is on the bowl. We have to keep it full. Or he will keep licking and standing there all day licking air til he quenches his thirst and finally gets it right. How sad is that?

George asked me if I was looking for a puppy? NOOOO. Not right now. Maybe after Texas, after spring, in warmer weather, after new pet friendly flooring. I can’t handle it right now. I need to get over this some more (losing Maisy) and let it digest and finish my grieving. Not that you don’t love another dog in different ways, as they all have such different personalities, but I just need to process losing her some more and certainly don’t need the headaches of another dog in Texas as that was an issue anyway. God and George must have known this was coming. I’m not sure Roger will make it long enough to go to Texas. I’m not sure even that he should go but can’t imagine anyone taking care of him either as he will be a hard one to keep – hard to pick up, won’t sleep at night, and so forth. He’s not going to like the trip very well either.

However, my heart is overjoyed that my friend Lisa, who lost her standard poodle, GiGi a year ago, has another one! His name is Reece (chocolate and peanut butter colors). I know she wouldn’t mind me sharing the love bug on my blog.

Did you know that hearing this news has helped even to heal my own heart some? It made me smile. I’m so excited for them. I can’t wait to meet him. They too had to wait to process some and also to do a few things before having another commitment. I want that for us too. Although I doubt we’ll wait a year. Our pets have always seemed to find us for some reason. So we’ll see what happens.

She’s about to pop!

Katy’s church shower was yesterday. And it was so nice just like the other one. I’m sharing the details. We also got a facetime from Katy yesterday to see all the things and to see the nursery coming together. Look at the shower details here. It was so nice. I’m real good at stealing photos at this point. What ya gonna do when you can’t be there in person and you are 14 hours apart?

Like how cute is all this? I know that the younger generation is really getting into these board displays. It’s awesome. I’ve seen recipe books on putting them together.

And of course all of this is perfect for Texas.

It is really getting exciting to realize that our little grandson will be here soon. The days are getting closer.

I spent some time this afternoon trying to segment all of my to do’s that were floating around in my head. My office is still a bit cluttered as the wrapping station is still in here. I have to keep it up until probably mid week or so, to make sure we don’t have something else spring up. But we can keep it at the bottom of the basement stairs and grab it if we need.

Having a few minutes in my office space at least on one side of the room, I was able to gather my thoughts, segment out what to do this week, next week, after Christmas, and after New Years. I’ve had some time to list everything out and prioritize. You know me and my planning. I have to have to have a plan! With or without COVID world, I WILL HAVE a plan. I’m coming out of the grief a bit more and concentrating on living and what all we get to look forward to for the coming year – EVEN IF much of it is spent at home.

So with all these things swirling in my head and looking at my current little small planner and how even with nothing going on, I’ve filled it to the brim – I decided to up my planner size. It’s a little bit bigger with enough room to write appointments or errands or reminders on one side and to do lists on the other for each day.

So I ordered this one. It has a flexible cover. I’ll never use a hardback one again. It’s 8 X 10 but much better for my needs.

And with all the “planning” and “learning” I’m going to be doing this year with camera and vlogging, I decided to go with a plain 3 subject notebook for note taking, planning, and keeping up with my thoughts and ideas. It’s also flexible, but I ordered a normal size notebook b/c I plan to learn a lot and plan a lot and those “big” ideas need to be parked where I can see them. This makes me happy.

I do have some thoughts rolling around in my head and it’ll be fun to see where God leads everything.