Eating, Watching, Shopping, Hoping, Planning and… Grinning

Hello there! Finally getting to catch a breath and do a blog post while listening to iTunes (Relaxing Piano with Thunderstorm – lol) and sipping a glass of George’s homemade Sangria.

Above is one of our dinners last week! Don’t save the good meals for just the weekend! Every day is worth a grand meal! This one was great!

I also enjoyed a special cereal one morning at work. I was craving cinnamon, hadn’t had cereal in a while, and added a small bag of “Healthy Heart Nuts” for protein. It was great!

Normally wouldn’t think of adding peanuts or pistachios in my cereal – almonds yes – but it worked out.

Lunch Friday – I was ready to get out of the building. When I can get away I can usually watch a YouTube show. So I packed the makings for a “wrap sandwich”, brought a plastic glass and grabbed a cold tea brew from my office fridge. I drove around our complex til I found a good shady spot. My wrap was excellent, the view was gorgeous with the turning leaves, and I got to watch a quick 20 min video show. It did the psyche some good!

Thursday night I only had 5.5 hours of sleep. I really just needed to get through the day yesterday. I went home and fixed spaghetti for dinner as promised with the hot Italian sausage meat we’d had in the freezer forever. I usually go for the turkey spaghetti but we needed to use it up. It was a good dinner including a salad and I made a makeshift caesar dressing with the help of George helping me to figure out how to turn regular mustard into spicy brown mustard. It was darn close Caesar dressing.

We have been watching the Queen’s Gambit. It is sooooo good. Give it a try. I said Noooooo at first because I care nothing for chess. However George told me it was the #1 show on Netflix as of the day he told me that. Not sure if it still is, but oh my gosh we are HOOKED. It’s great!

Only a few left to watch as there are not many shows. We also have the Queen to watch which is out with the new series. This one has Diana in it.

So last night I was able to sleep ALL the way through the night. I think I turned over once and may have even got up to go to the restroom. I’m not sure as the nights run together, but I was able to get a full nights sleep last night. Maisy woke me up at 5:30 but I was good to go.

This morning we did not have a lot of time to linger. I’m not sure where the time went. I had a cup of coffee and the next thing I knew I had barely enough time to get a quick shower with no hair washing so we could get out the door and get Maisy to her trim. We’ll have to care for Roger here at home.

We dropped Maisy off at 8 and headed out for some adventures (Christmas shopping mainly). We had to stay close around for our groomer to call.

We went to Tractor Supply – an annual stop. I always forget to go there during the year. We enjoyed that. George bought himself a nice rain slicker marked down to $15 – the only one they had left. No one uses umbrellas to walk into the warehouse where his office is. They all use rain slickers. Ha. Peer Pressure at age 61 still exists I guess.

We stopped also at Rice’s to get us some bacon and ham. They are only open this time of year and around easter. We come here twice a year also! The smell is incredible and yes it smells like country ham. Just look for the ham (or the turd, as we like to say) on the building. The sign is part of the experience.

We also went to a yard sale and George made a find there. And we got an Egg, Cheese, and Bacon biscuit at BoJangles. Sinful and greasy but yet good.

We ran into Publix for a few things and then while in there the Groomer called and Maisy was ready for her pick up. We headed home and unpacked all our finds and sacks.

George asked me where his new rain slicker was. I didn’t have it. It was not in any of the sacks I had. I was so disappointed for him. He was so happy to find that one rain slicker on sale. He hopped in the car to go back to Tractor Supply to see if it was still there. I prayed that they would have realized it was there and held it for us. But these days ——

I began cleaning the house and doing laundry. About 30 min later I got a text and a photo. They held it for him knowing he might be back! Praise the Lord. It wasn’t the end of the world but he was so happy with it. What happened I think is they didn’t put it in a bag and when we left we grabbed the bags and headed out. We didn’t grab the hanger. But it is our fault. We are just programmed to grab the bags I guess. So glad it was still there.

We have had a nice little afternoon at home. George is getting the fried chicken ready for dinner. And I will be making home made mac and cheese. A very expensive version with Gruyere cheese. We were supposed to go to a party today and I had already bought the stuff. But the host had a family member that was sick and they needed to go out of town. It’s probably best anyway with all the COVID mess going on the worst ever so far.

We have go a lot of Christmas stuff coming together. My office room is the hot spot for its gathering. It’s just a good out of the way spot to put it all. We used to use the guest bedroom bed in here before the office was here. And I used my closet for George’s and Katy’s things. I have his in here too in a box that says “George, No Peeking”.

So the guest bedroom sheets are ready for Mom to come at Thanksgiving. And I dusted the room and cleaned up a bit in there. It’ll be up to George to clean his “office side of the room” in there.

I also got our sheets changed, have done a lot of the laundry and did my ironing for next week. Cleaned the kitchen and ground the coffee and opened all the boxes that came in this week.

Tomorrow I will finish working on the house and have to give George a hair cut. I may also cut mine. I need a pedi but think I may just do my own this time. I also have a walking appointment with my neighbor tomorrow, if it is not raining. So it’s been a busy day and I’ll just keep trucking along. We are going to get these holidays knocked out. Now if we can just keep COVID out of the family. He’s NOT invited for the holidays and we don’t him ruining our plans. We won’t think of that but will focus on beautiful things and will be positive.

I have not had time to work on the next iMovie due to all the holiday prep, other than a few minutes one morning. I am going to try to work some on it this week if I can. Maybe this weekend. This one has been hard as it had a lot to edit. A lot of footage still I cannot use b/c I was not very good with the video part of using the camera. It’s getting better. But not there yet. I did a couple of takes and so I’m trying to mesh the best of the two. I have to go get my Mac N Cheese made before I dive into it or I won’t want to get up and do it. When I start working on the video editing – I don’t want to quit – for anything or anyone. I’m hooked and focused. So I have to be careful when I start working on it – the day is over at that point, lol. That is how much I like doing it. I also have a whole 2021 focus list on how to improve the whole shebang. Most of all I want to have fun with it, but would like to be in a position to monetize it by the time we retire. I have 4 years to work on it, and get my niche right which really is going to evolve and change over time – they always do – LOL.

I have good news. I talked to George about the next vehicle. I told him I was wanting to get a truck so we could get something to hook up behind it. I told him I could wait closer to retirement for the truck and asked if we could get a Micro Mini to pull behind it as we’d be free at that point to go anywhere we wanted. His response….with a slight smile….”mmmmmaybe”.

I’ve been talking to him about this one. It’s fairly light and easy to haul. Easy to fit in places and such. We’d also get a topper for the bed of the truck to put camping gear, and “stuff” in for space. We’d be able to park it and unhook and go “do our thing” in whatever town we are in. I will want to get a package eventually for the solar set up so we can go places inexpensive and not hook up but still have power. This makes me want to jump up and down! 😉 To get a “maybe” means the world to me.

So I am thinking of something like this. I have no idea how much the truck can pull but I’ve seen trucks this size pull these micro Minnie no problem. I have something like this in mind. I don’t want a big truck but one big enough to pull something like a Micro Minnie. The sun roof will be cool for our adventuring and drive days. This is an older model. I’m ok with a used something or other. I can’t believe I’m willing to drive a truck. Might get a hat and I already got the boots – cowboy or hiking. lol. Ready for star gazing, fire pits, grill outs, meeting people, hearing George play an instrument around the fire, creating good cuisine on the road. I want to cook more. I think he might let us do this! He said “maybe”! That is the best answer I’ve had yet!

Well, anyway, I’ve got to go make some mac and cheese. I’m sure I’ll probably be back tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning.

What all ya’ll doing this weekend?

Leaves Turning, Sunsets, and Holiday Planning

Good morning! It is Saturday morning as I type this with an excellent cup of hot coffee at my side in my favorite “Blue Lobster” mug from Maine! I have noticed the leaves changing this week. I vow every year to slow down and enjoy it. As I rushed out the door to work one morning, backing out of the driveway, I suddenly realized the “time is now”. I got out of the car and took pics and a video. It’s not as pretty here as it is at work. I’m not sure what makes the difference. So I also stopped there and took pics of the fire redness in the leaves.

It seems I’m out the door at sunrise and home and sunset.

Cloudy morning on the way to work complete with bird splat on window view, lol. Gotta love a reality blog right? lol

A Triangle in the sky formed by planes going across the sky. Of course I took it as a sign of change. Triangle = Delta = Change. Ooops you can see the reflection of my white board through the window.

Sunset on the way home.

Leaving it behind as I travel East toward home.

Another glimpse looking West getting off my cloverleaf exit at Mount Juliet.

It has been a quick minute of a week this week. I could hardly grasp that it was really Friday. Much accomplished yesterday with cleaning up from quarter end – meaning neatly packing up the reporting materials and prepping for the next one with worksheets and getting them ready to go for the next one. I also began getting everything ready for the next payroll quarter that starts in January. What does that mean? Tracking excel sheets where I have to track the numbers of employees for each state on the 12 of the month for unemployment reporting, making labels for all the tax sheets and payroll records where I have the w/e dates and pay dates. Saves me from having to write it about 30 times – just pop a label on it, and makes it easier to read and find when doing returns. I also placed the request for the files for our 2021 withholding and unemployment tax files. I also made out my 2021 calendar already with all the Friday pay day requirements for each payroll – certain days of the month require commissions to be paid for sales folk, auto allowances to be paid another Friday. Some paydays require holidays to be entered, some we deal with the fuel expense once a quarter for the sales folks, and then we have every other week is a salaried payroll in which I need to make sure I include their withholdings and deductions as a part of my records for tax filing and 401k uploads. So the calendar is set for 2021. I use my down time (not a lot of it) when it’s not quarter end or month end, to do prep work to make the quarter end easier and to catch up on what got behind during the quarter end. It works out about right on the time line. So it felt good to get started on some things I needed to get done and get ready for. I had to box up some 2019 records to make room for the current records. All that will go to storage. And we are about half way to the next quarter end lol. Time is flying by. By the time you get through with one, caught up, it’s time for the next one.

Dinner has been good this week. We’ve been busy a lot at night. But George fixed a pork roast one night.

And beans and corn bread! YUM.

We love this skillet! It’s my bacon skillet. But it makes excellent corn bread.

George gives Roger some much needed loving. He’s just an old doggie now. We have decided not to even take him for the next grooming. Just not sure we want Roger nor the groomer to go through it. He’s so uncomfortable and moany and groany and whiney when he’s not happy. He is more and more intent about being where George is. He seems happy at home because he is used to it, but he gets lost, stares at walls, stares into space, looks for George in the wrong places, trips and gets hung on our shoes, table legs, falls and wobbles over. And his back legs splay out when he walks on linoleum with his back legs not strong enough to stand up on the linoleum at times. We know our time with him is limited.

I don’t like to think of it coming but sadly it is. He is just a very elderly dog.

All week we have worked hard, we have done chores, we’ve planned some, we’ve done health insurance webinars, made weekend plans, made Christmas plans, made plans with friends, made to do lists, ordered Christmas gifts online, and have really been moving forward with plans/life despite the rage in coronavirus.

None of us knows what tomorrow brings. We are making plans and sometimes plans have to change but for now WE ARE MAKING PLANS. And it’s just been a busy little week of doing all that plus keeping up with the house and the dogs and ourselves.

So Friday night, even though I needed to be doing a ton of other things, I grabbed a hot tea, a blanket, and caught up on a few of my YouTube shows. It’s just what my soul and psyche was needing. I love our little den with the BAT (Big A$$ TV). It’s perfect for our day’s end.

So Katy’s shower is today and we’ll be going to a virtual shower and spending it live with my SIL and BIL Susan and Kevin. We will be celebrating Susan’s birthday after the shower.

Here’s our peeps right here, a photo of the last time we were together:

This is an angle I rarely get to see, the sun coming in through the sun room. Saturday’s it is so pretty. The sunroom is usually closed off these days as the evenings have been too cool. You can see the leaves changing. I keep fresh quilts/throws on the love seat there – I really need those stair step kind of a quilt rack to put it on. Where you can put 4 or 5 on it. I will grab in there and get the next one when it’s time to wash the current one. As always there is system for everything with me. LOL.

So for the next week or so the focus will be on Thanksgiving – cleaning the house, getting guest bedroom ready for Mom, listing and obtaining ingredients needed, and when to cook what and who is cooking what. George is hoping to secure the smoked turkey soon from Aldi. Christmas gifts, ordering is important. I have asked off for a vacation day in December. I had one day to burn so I wouldn’t lose it. Will still have my 40 to use in January – it will be 40 by then. So that felt good knowing I would at least have a day to do “something” toward Christmas.

I also want to work on the next LessHustleMoreCoffee YouTube video in iMovie. I’ve started it but have to stop long enough to make some strides toward our holiday goals so I don’t get too stressed. I will get stressed, but trying not to. We already have almost booked up our Saturday’s. We are really looking forward to getting the days off after Christmas. lol. It’s b/c the weekend falls that way. So yeah, looking forward to that down time after all the rush.

A lot going on in my office it seems. It doesn’t look as messy from a distance so that is good. I’ll be sitting here doing some orders and making some plans.

And “Christmas Corner” is expanding as gifts are starting to be purchased. It’s so exciting! And I guess I should get up and get started on the house and getting ready! I am going to wear makeup today. So excited! lol.

I’m leaving you with Mr. Turkey! George said he liked Mr. Turkey! Made my heart glad. That is what he is there for, to make us smile! I love a bit of holiday flair and so glad to find him.

Mid-Week Update, Reading, and Future Plans

Photo by Marina Sirazetdinova on

Good morning! I really have absolutely nothing to say here today. But poppin’ in so we’ll see what comes out.

It’s been busy since we’ve been back from Mom’s. Checking off lists and getting things done. Laundry done so that George has his shirts and I have my pants, LOL. Payroll done and month end moving along at a nice pace. Trying to clean and organize in my path as I go along. Grocery lists being made and little plans for the weekend to hit Aldi and I want to go to Hobby Lobby as well.

Looking forward to the weekend a bit for some free time to clean, organize the house, and organize my life as I call it – mainly just planning and getting things done I want to do. Like perhaps the next video. The next video I think will be of our trip to Columbia (not the last one but the one before) where I had the camera with me. This past trip I took the camera but just really wasn’t in the mood to video anything. Sometimes that happens. I mainly just wanted to “be” so I that is what I did. But I will have some extra things to go on that one. I may have enough to do another video after that. Something has to inspire me to video – like travel or something interesting going on at the house. Not many things have happened lately. I think I video’d some things about fall decor and getting that out. I’ll have to see what I have in my collection. And I’ll have to video some more as I get comfortable doing it on a whim.

Of course we have Thanksgiving coming up and I’ll likely video our getting ready for that. And getting ready for Christmas and such. That’ll be fun. And I’ll video our surprise trip to TX in January when the baby comes. All of that will be a mystery – traveling with two dogs to Texas on a whim with no reservations and no places to stay. You can come along for the journey.

The next thing on my learning list is to watch the videos about my camera itself, more about the care of it and learning what all it will do. Then I want to learn more about vlogging and how to use it when vlogging yourself. I find it awkward and too upclose. I mean I even need to know how to hold the thing on the tripod. I can’t even figure out how to get the camera on the tripod that came with it. I have been using a different one.

We decided to do the flooring in the house after the baby is born and after our January trip. The pace picks up for the months of Nov and Dec. And January is the wild card month, so we can’t make plans for having it put down really until February at least. Who knows how backed up they are since COVID and people are upgrading their homes – plus the factor that no one wants to work anymore and no one can find help. I kinda figured that since we hadn’t jumped on the bandwagon – it would have to be next year. I was fine with that. There will be a lot we will have to do moving a few things for it to happen. And we’ll be wanting time to redo and redecorate a few things – that always happens when you start moving and shaking things around. So that’ll all be next years project -but there went my Christmas present so George is buying me some extra things for my camera – filter lenses, wide angle lens. I might ask for a ring light for videoing and perhaps a few more little things to go with that.

I told ya there wasn’t much to tell. Just me thinking about the future plans and ideas.

I’m wanting to have some reading time but that is hard to come by. I do get Audio books in. I’m listening to Jen Hatmaker’s new book right now. It has some really good points in it. She’s basically saying that God made us each unique and special and that we should be who we are and say what we need to say and not apologize for who we are but to embrace ourselves to be the women God wants us to be. I can’t put it like she does – otherwise I’d be writing these books myself. But I’m glad I bought it. She is funny and interesting to listen to. The audio book has a few extras.

One thing for sure is that I’m enjoying sipping my coffee this morning. I guess I’ll go on and get ready and go on in.

Keeping an eye on the Hurricane as it heads to the gulf. I have family in Destin. They are saying it will be headed towards New Orleans. Seems too far away to tell, but just praying as this one is a CAT 4 did I hear. Likely a CAT 5 before reaching and this is not going to be one to be around. This will be a deadly and disastrous storm, I’m afraid.

Ya’ll take care.