Sippin’ coffee here and wishing you all a good weekend. There is nothing like getting to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Instead of the 4 a.m. hour it’s more like 7! Trying to make up for missed sleep during the week. And a busy week it was.

Let’s review it: Work all day and the commute has gotten longer. It’s now 45 min and upwards to over an hour at times. I think road work might be to blame for part of it and just an increase in traffic volume in the last month. More working?

Monday – 5:20 doc appt for BP Rx renewal, Tuesday – Predators game (they won!), Wednesday – PM wind storms and stayed up late til passed, Thursday – Nails appointment, Friday – Publix Grocery night for Sonya (my 2 week stock up for work items). So the week was gone in a blink and I think I might have been tired.

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So I think me going to the store after work helps me a lot on time. I can casually walk through, look at labels, not be rushed and I have increased my buying level to cover what I might need in two weeks time (aside from any fresh stuff, which I just have George get as he goes the store a couple times of week). I used to go to the store at least once a week. But since our trip to Hot Springs, it seems I can lengthen it for two weeks. I also am back to doing a Target order about once every month or two. I order what I can through there for household goods, makeup, laundry, toiletries, etc. Also I supplement with Amazon for vitamins and some other personal items if I’m not doing a Target order yet. This gives me about 2 to 3 hours a month, it’s not much time savings but every little bit helps. I can get a lot done in 2-3 hours. But I’m losing it with the increase in commute. ::sigh:: Life is always trying to either suck your money or your time – don’t worry – I’m not getting started!!!! lol. (Some of you know me too well.)

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I had another dream last night. This time I went on a shopping weekend out of town with a friend. We had our own cars though for some reason and so on Saturday morning I drove on to a shopping location leaving the friend behind to get there on her own. We had not discussed which shopping location though (it’s a dream and it’s weird). I was going to call her to tell her where to go. But then I couldn’t find my phone. I didn’t know her number to call from anyone else’s phone. I felt helpless and sat inside someone’s boat which was located at the mall. (I have no idea why I wasn’t sitting in my own car. lol. Well if you are going to sit in someone else’s vehicle and you see a boat instead, why not sit there?) I stepped away from the boat only for a second to check out something and came back and thieves were stealing things from the boat and asked me if they were my things and I said “no I’m just sitting here”. I don’t know why I wasn’t scared. I guess because I’d been watching Good Girls. lol. The thieves decided not to take the goods. The owner came back to the boat and I explained my dilemma about my lost phone and my now lost friend since I couldn’t reach her and he tried to help me but I didn’t have anyone’s number and didn’t know who to call. But he let me hang on the boat. At the end of the day I decided I’d go back to the hotel because that is the only place that I knew my friend and I would ever meet up. But by then I’d lost most of the items in my purse and didn’t have keys, didn’t know where my car was and seemed to be collecting all sorts of things that didn’t belong to me as everyone was putting things in my purse to carry for everyone else. At the end of the dream there was a big party which had a show in which Rod Stewart was the singer and he gave away gifts, including marijuana as the state had recently legalized it, and everyone was smoking and passing it around (NOT ME!) and my friend was there and someone called my phone number and my phone was buried deep within my purse and there the whole time. And things started showing up again in my purse. Yeah there’s a lot of holes in that dream. And Rod Stewart, really? But weird dreams anyway. My fear is that I will lose my purse and phone and thinking about it yesterday because I had those other dreams, made me dream about it again. I had recently read about legalizing marijuana being prompted in a law and I guess that is where that came from. I care nothing about it but it would be nice to try CBD product and medicinal items without having to worry about any type of drug screen. As some have given people a positive drug test. Anyway interesting dream for sure.

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So I have quite the To Do list. I won’t get all finished. I never do so most of these will carry through April until I can get to them. <Pause> I have to go get some more coffee!!

  • Give George my cell phone check (work pays us to allow people to call us on our personal cell phones – a blessing)
  • Laundry
  • Make sure Little Bit has water/food
  • Have my photo ready in my iPhone to show the hairstylist.
  • Find my pink jacket – it’s missing – in George’s car? My car? Work?
  • Pick a recipe to fix for next week to give George a break while he does yard work or music work
  • Check out the Wilson County voting lineup and do research on the candidates as early voting is starting soon
  • Move the bed in my office to downstairs. (I’ve broken it up but need George to help me to put it downstairs).
  • Set up my puzzle
  • Iron for next week and pick out clothes for the work week
  • Set up my BP meds and vitamin supplements for the next week in my weekly container
  • Start cleaning and opening up the sun room
  • Order Pics from Shutterfly. (I have two pics I have put off ordering since Christmas if not before).
  • Windows clean – that has been on my list for a long time
  • Work on next video
  • Learn to go Gifs in Final Cut
  • Measure my table in the sun room and try to find a similar one for Mom
  • Shop for her cabinet for her laundry room
  • Camera Lessons – need to do another lesson or two
  • Basement – Help clean and get rid of things in the basement

That is what I intend on doing today but like I said, it’s just going to snowball on throughout April and I have things scheduled that will pop up on my iPhone Reminder app as well. Mom also needs more help unpacking and Good willing, and we might work that in tomorrow after church and lunch out and AT&T store, if she can hold out without having her nap. But she will probably be too tired and we’ll have to schedule a Saturday. If we do that, I’ll be claiming Sunday as my home day and will do a devo there. I can’t give all of my personal time away as that is where the trouble starts when I’m left with only tired evenings or half a day to get a week’s worth of stuff done. I’m having to claim some time back this year. We are about a year behind on everything.


Momma sent Little Roo a Mickey Mouse when she heard he loved to watch Mickey on the TV. Katy said he was soooooo excited to see that Mickey was in his house! Then he asked to have Smokey the bear that we bought him in Hot Springs. So he played with them in his ball pit.

What are ya’ll doing this weekend? Whatever you do enjoy it!

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Home Sweet Home, Surprise Stop for Sushi, and Czann’s Brewing Company in Nashville

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So we are home from our magical little trip. Sleep was good last night, and not near long enough. I’ve discovered that naturally my body seeks out about 9 to 10 hours of sleep now for some reason. When I’m off I normally sleep that much. So the 6.5 during the work week is why I’m so tired by mid-week I guess. I’m learning these things of late. I did not want to get up this morning at 4:20 and honestly – I didn’t. I set another alarm for 4:40 and that seemed like 2 seconds.

The drive home seemed long on the last half of the 6 hour journey. We had stopped to grab lunch at Wendy’s. And then as we approached Nashville, I reminded George “we are never on this side of town” and suggested that we go to Czann’s grab a beer and maybe hit Trader Joe’s for a few groceries for this week. He agreed and was totally up for that.

A lady at Czann’s told us about a good sushi restaurant called Sonobana. We were so full from the weekend and sushi was about the only thing that sounded good. Of course eating out with George is NEVER light. I ordered what I wanted to eat and then he ordered a lot of appetizers for the both of us and it was too much. I should have said no. lol But it was all so good.

Then we went to Trader Joe’s and brought home some healthy food for the week as well as some favorites that we like from there – like their tamales. They have beef tamales and also black bean tamales – like original ones that are frozen and taste so good and so freshly made. Anyway we are planning on eating foods that make you lose belly fat this week. My nudge challenge did ok but was blown out the window on our trip. lol

I snapped this while watching Dr. Berg on YouTube. He’s mainly Keto but has some really good lessons on eating. No I’m not taking Cod Liver Oil but I might buy the pill version. The hamburger listed here is hamburger steak. While red meat is not so good to eat all the time, once or twice a week is supposedly fine and this is a hamburger patty (not the hamburger on bread with toppings). I was shocked to read that too. I think we bought most of this but the sauerkraut and broccoli sprouts. I actually did buy nutritional yeast to sprinkle on things.

Oh, while waiting for a table at the restaurant we went to a little market next door and bought some asian foods. Oh well, you can’t see what we bought as the bottles are turned around but these are sauces and noodles for some Asian dishes that George likes to fix.

So it’s back at it this week. A full week with some catching up from last week. Most everything was done but a couple of things. And when I close payroll tomorrow it will be Month End/Quarter End so I will have a LOT TO DO over the next month. A lot of staying a bit later, not taking much time for lunch and maybe a few early days, but at least the days are lighter now so it won’t be dark.

I really haven’t glanced too much at the to do list yet. I wanted to enjoy a few days without thinking about a to do list. I know I have a few amazon orders to do, have a lot of laundry to do. I will resume with my video projects and get on with the clean up of the last one and will set up some files for the future ones from my iPhone. On my board it says I need to organize files from Dec 19th til present so I need to do that.

On the way to Hot Springs, I deleted over a 1,000 pics and videos that had already been copied over into files and many in a video. Once the video is made and uploaded I’ll delete them from my phone. I only do that a couple of times a year- or maybe quarterly. I usually can only do a few at a time as I do it while waiting or riding somewhere. I’m afraid to delete them from the cloud until I’m done – I’m sure it would be fine but one time all my pics went black in iMovie and I’m not sure what happened so I just leave them there from now on until I am completely through. But…I need to do the flip side and get the ones I haven’t made into the files for creating the next movie. I give them a theme or a title and break them up into their respective folders. For example, I’ll have one called “Hot Springs”.

Ok so I guess I’ll be back on Wednesday for a mid-week check in. I think Mom has her doc appt on Friday. And then Fancy Trim Saturday. So we at least have Sunday this week to do things in the house and do errands, store again, and then try to get some of our fun things done. The struggle is real to sneak those in.

I have a ship load of laundry to do, but I will have to do that at night I guess. Not here to get it done. And I’m getting off of here before I begin wining about time. I’m getting slower to accomplish everything but still determined to get it all done.

So ya’ll have a grand week and I’ll be ticking off boxes everywhere I can.

I Could Get Used to This Three Day Weekend Deal

I could get used to this! Three days off in a row at home, where I could do anything and everything or nothing at all, in the order I want, and in the time I want. I have not had that in a while. I did not leave the house. I still had enough to do and was enjoying myself that when I went to bed last night I thought I could probably do this for a month and not even miss the outside world. Then I said nah maybe a week or two and I’d be ready to get out. But seriously I became a Geekazoid and in a creative mindset. I had so many things I’d been wanting to do. Of course I didn’t get them ALL done – I’ve got quite the list.

I fixed oatmeal Saturday. Yesterday George fixed omelettes. I was able to get some exercising in by a YouTuber that is around my age that leads them. I need to do that every day! It felt so good to exercise. I wanted to start out “gentle” with walking and light cardio. So I did “Improved Health” on YouTube. I wanted to do twenty minutes though so I did two 10 minute segments. It was walking and stretching.

I cleaned house, did laundry, video’d a “Spend a Vacation Day with Me at Home”. I worked on and finished the “Flooring” video. I had to tape a couple of segments for that. I was able to get some Cannon lessons in – yay! This has been on my list forever. I watched some healthy eating videos from Dr. Berg’s channel.

The cat loved being inside and hanging with me while I worked on video work.

The bed is broken down of it’s covers so I can get that downstairs. I haven’t asked George to help me move it yet. It will take two of us. It’s been snowy or cold or windy during our off days and I haven’t had the heart to ask him to help me move it as he needed some down time too. But soon when it warms up, I want the bed to go downstairs and the wooden file cabinet and a bookshelf to come upstairs. The bookshelves I plan to set my camera equipment on (I think). Maybe office supplies that are in a basket. We will see what works. I think that office is always in change mode, lol.

I also spent time yesterday learning my different lenses and what they would do. I already had this down a few months ago but non-use makes you forget the details. I was worried I’d bought the wrong lens for vlogging as I’ve such an issue with it. I have the 22 mm lens and may have meant to get the 11-22 lens but what I have will work. It’s just my headshot is up close and personal and I don’t like that. I had rather be farther away. I’m still a bit uncertain as I really liked the way the 11-22 looks while vlogging while handheld so I kinda need to research that some more. I am having to use my iPhone for the vlogging while moving so I don’t have such a big head shot in the video. I may have told George the wrong thing or maybe he just ordered the wrong thing – I don’t remember what I told him. I just know that I wanted a wide angle and it is a bit wider but it’s up close and personal and there is no zooming back and forth with it. I hate putting all the videos on my phone though because it uses up a lot of space. And they stay there a while until my video is done and YOU KNOW I’m six months behind real life. I will get the camera thing and lens figured out. But I have no right to buy another lens until I begin using and learning the ones that I have and finish some research on it. I have what I need for now to get the job done. Well, maybe not. I have had to scratch most of the vlogging footage and use the iPhone. lol. But part of it was the settings too. And the angles. I’m just trying to learn. But I made headway at learning the manual settings yesterday. It’s starting to sink in. It’s just that since I’m 59, if I don’t use it every day I lose the information I gained and forget it.

So, I am packed for Hot Springs – well for the most part. I have to add jeans and my nightly bedtime routine and morning routine items and electronics, lol. Seriously considering taking my camera this time. We will be by a creek and I think it’ll be fun to get some good shots. I can practice what I have learned! At least I have my cheat sheets coming. They may get here in time. I hope so.

I have a few things gathered for our trip to take. We never had the time to play Christmasopoly at Christmas and didn’t get to drink the Quilt wine either (expensive wine, so we saved it – Katy and I have a story about that one). It’s a big bottle so it should last all weekend!

George spent some time in “his office” which is attached to my bedroom.

Sidebar: I think we need a house with 6 bedrooms, and two kitchens and a music studio -lol. Each an office, each a bed room, two guest rooms, and each a kitchen to stock and decorate as we wished. But we make do. lol

I really would give the kitchen an overhaul in many ways if it were my choice. Our kitchen is very outdated with it’s old stove, ancient countertops, microwave built in that no longer works and then mismatched everything as far as glassware. It’s hard to find a place for everything and if you do it gets moved or changed. So in many ways I’ve given up on the kitchen as I’m not the main cook.

Even yesterday I moved George’s guitar off of the card table so I could work a puzzle and he has already moved the guitar back onto the card table. ::sigh:: I was working on videos so decided not to start the puzzle yet. I’m getting close though. It’s a Christmas scene and I wanted to work it over Christmas. And then the winter. And now it’s almost spring. There is just so little time to literally “work it in”. I know he can see that I’m trying to do this but he moved it back. Here it is before he moved the guitar back to the table.

And the puzzle I want to work.

There is and has been a constant battle for space, temperature 68 versus 71, and well as I said- I kinda gave up on many things (glassware being one of them as he gets attached to each little thing and spices which seem to take on everything and has no rhyme or reason and you can rarely find what you need without getting a chair and spending thirty minutes looking for it). Soon I will move the guitar (again) and work the puzzle. The guitar does not belong on top of the puzzle table. Everything needs its own space, but not there on the puzzle table- that is NOT it’s space.

So I began uploading my video last night and went to bed and it was 59% and got up this morning to check on it and it’s at 59%. As I’ve typed this blog it’s still 59%. I guess I’m going to have to scrap it and start all over. It’s stuck. But this is what gets you. You work so hard on the video itself and then it takes forever to upload. But something is wrong as it’s stuck this time. OK I deleted it and restarted it. Maybe it will load today while at work. One can hope. If not I’ll try again tonight. Now it’s at 1 %.

George added back the possibilities for dinner based on the freezer items. Some things are NOT in the freezer though. But we have ideas of what we want to fix. Makes me hungry reading it. The Loon Pasta and Loon Chicken salad are mine and have been on the list for over a year. That is how I roll. lol It’s the time thing and whatever little time I get – do I want to spend it cooking? Not really.

George cooked with the Tagine last night. And I’m shocked that the dining room table is not filled with more things. Mine and his. So enjoy the sort of clear view! lol

One day I’ma gonna work dat der puzzle! (To the tone of “one day I’m gonna climb that mountain” – as heard on the Waltons!).

That’s really all I have for ya this morning. I guess I’ll be back on Wednesday morning.

It was just amazing have three days off and at home to do whatever I want. Each day went so fast. But I had enough time to get to do some Geeky stuff and that makes me happy.

Oh, I also put all of my appointments in my iPhone. Surprisingly the iPhone calendar itself would not work. It says I don’t have storage in iCloud but I have 2 TB I’m paying for in iCloud with not even a fourth of that being used. But when I used the Google calendar then everything started showing up in the iPhone calendar too. I think I had a problem with that before. Anyway now my things are showing in both calendars. It’s weird that the iPhone one won’t work without googles help. Oh well.

Ok off to work. I’m leaving later than I wanted, but it’s hard to transition from off for three days to working – plus the time change and losing an hour. So I need to rush, but probably won’t. At 59. I have about decided my rushing days are over. Plus the last three days have me very spoiled. The weather should be getting warmer thought.