Shopping Again, Easter Decor, and my Furry Friends

Just a quick pop in to say good morning before diving into the day. It’s a BUMPY little start to the day. Storms all around, mainly with lightning, but enough to get severe t’storm warnings.

Yesterday at work went pretty fast. Got a lot done there and went out for lunch at Logan’s for a salmon Caesar salad. It was heavenly. I like to get away for lunch as it gives me some thinking and planning time. Got my planning done for Mom’s visit with us on the Easter weekend. We are cooking part of the time and going out some too. I also made my list for the weekend of things I need to get done and wrote up my grocery list and all. That was productive. I hate going into a busy weekend knowing I have things to do but if I don’t have my list made I end up being a “feather in the wind”. BTW, I found a cute animated “feather in the wind” for the end of my videos. I don’t know if you noticed it in the last one. But I thought it was cute. I am often like a feather in the wind, but have to reign myself in! LOL.

It’s getting LOUD out there! And it is supposed to storm all day and all night, with some of the worst stuff this afternoon and in the overnight. I don’t like it when it storms at night. I don’t like anything messing with my sleep. LOL

Shopping at the Home Store

I got the idea at the end of the day, that I wanted to stop at the Dollar Store and also the Home Store to see if there were any inexpensive Easter decor I could set about. I HAD SUCH A GREAT TIME! Do you know how much I miss shopping and hopping about? Everyone else was out too.

Sometimes I take pics of things I like but didn’t buy. This vase would be cute to put flowers in.

I don’t have a need for any more beachy things but I LOVED THE SAYING! So often I’ve gone to the beach, left the world behind, and come back with a renewed spirit, and always always always wanting to do more of the same! How can I live at the beach? lol. How can I move here? And so forth. Love being around the water!

I came home and unpacked my goodies. I’m looking forward to setting them about today as I do some cleaning.

It’s not much but enough to set about to give a Spring and Eastery feel! Looking forward to setting it all out.

Personalized Coffee

The new coffee came in. It’s pretty good. It has the undertones listed. I think I can taste it sometimes but mostly it tastes just like really good dark bold coffee. There are no flavors as such. I was worried about that. I would not be a fan of flavored coffee as they call it. But the “undertones” have a hint of flavor. Think of it like wine. I love my wine but I can never identify the flavor notes, lol. We mostly just make fun of those that can by sticking our noses up in the air, sniffing, rolling it around and saying “mmmmm that tastes good”. LOL

Little Bit hung out with us this morning as the storms began rolling through. And it’s official. I’ve asked God to bring me another furry faced little lap dog to love me. I miss having a little follower. I know we probably really don’t need another one right now so I’ll try to hold off until after we get a few trips to see Grandson under our belt so we can fly. Either that or the next one we have to get used to boarding. I just can’t bare to break a little pets heart by boarding though. That is the problem.

I love my Saturday’s and immediately after my prayers for an animal to love me….I was joined by these two. I’m honored that Roger is seeking me out lately and that Little Bit does too.

Little Bit STANDS on the PROMISES of GOD!

And plants himself firmly in the Word!

Ok so that is all I have today. I am officially kicking in the BUSY time to get the following done:

Today’s Clean up:

  • Clean up bedroom
  • Surface clean (windexing, cleaning counters, dusting)
  • Vacuuming
  • Laundry
  • Iron/wardrobe for the Work week ready
  • Clean up my Office
  • Put out Easter Decor
  • Clean up Sunroom
  • Check for Grocery items (what we have/don’t have) of the recipes I’m making next weekend.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do some of my OTHER to do List too! We’ll see. I’ll try to share pics as fun things happen today. Yeah I know I’m cleaning. But I like to make things fun!

Have a blast of a day yourself! What are you doing today on this fine Saturday? And pray for our storms to subside as it could get bad later. Risk for tornadoes. ::Sigh::

Good Food, Good Finds, and No Worries

It was nice coming back from Mom’s and good to be home Saturday night so that Sunday I could get numerous loads of laundry done and prep for the week. I actually got up early – for a weekend. I think around 4:30 and was able to get things done, get unpacked, do my devo and prayer time, and work in the house some. I knew we would be going to run errands, get groceries and that we would be out a few hours, so I started early so I would not end the weekend in frustration and being behind.

George fixed us an egg and avocado toast. I love the avocado now. It’s supposed to be a healing food and so good for you. Also George has found some tomatoes that taste almost homemade. We’ve been using them a lot to top off foods lately.

So I bought a rug at the Dollar Store for $18. And I really like it. Oh the increased moral it brings – good chii – when something looks aesthetically pleasing! Little Bit likes it, he says.

I took a pic to use as phone wallpaper. Feel free to snag it if you want!

If you follow me on Instagram (@lesshustlemorecoffee) you probably saw some of this already. I enjoy doing stories on there when I have time. I also enjoy watching others stories. If you are on instagram, let me know. I think it’s fun to get to see tidbits of people’s day. I really really enjoy watching for my daughter’s stories!

But that said, my zoom lens came in. It came in about a week (or two) ago. I just hadn’t had any time to even open the package. But I did that Sunday. I wanted to make sure it would fit and work. I pointed it at a few things and zoomed in. But there was nothing to really take photos of much. I will play around with it some. We have talked about going walking on some of the new trails around here. I could take it then and try to get wild life or “whatever”. I want to zoom at a full moon and see if it will take a better pic of the moon. I guess getting a moon shot is on my bucket list in life. ha. But I am excited to expand my lens collection. I think I’m set for a while. Now I need to learn to use what I have and when to use each and get the best performance from my camera. Sadly, most of what you see on here is with the iPhone. That is what I always have on me when life happens!

This one is blurry. But I snapped a pic of Roger hanging out in the beach bedroom. And I love snagging photos to share from Instagram or Facebook. My precious little grandson. I want to scoop him up and love on him. He is missing out on his GrandMom’s love!

I hear he is fast growing out of newborn clothes and needs some daycare clothes. His Momma is going back to work soon. Their home time is almost over. It’s a precious time, a hard time of adjustment, but a very precious time to look back on. He is so sweet. He’s been on a growth spurt and also having a time sleeping but Katy and Cody are adjusting and able to get “enough” sleep to get by.

George and I ran our errands Sunday as he had an Amazon return to take to Kohl’s. Amazon is getting creative in their collaborations. I tried to find something for me and can you believe I didn’t? lol. Just nothing sung to me. I even gave someone our 25% off coupon we had. We tried to buy coffee with it and of course you couldn’t use the coupon on coffee. Really? Really. So fine, lost a sale.

This showed up in my memories on Facebook. I said a lot had changed. I will say the whiteness of the kitchen appliances along with the white curtains were refreshing, but I changed to stainless as things wore out and have different curtains. I do like our stainless. We no longer have wall paper as that changed to a coffee color and I no longer try to do plants either. I see a plant on the counter. I gave those up long ago. I just forget to water them. I prefer real looking fake ones. Low maintenance. George no longer wears his Hawaiian shirts much. We both are heavier now, but one thing remained the same beside the cabinets – that darn blue linoleum. lol

So we headed out for a beer stop after some errands but before our grocery run. It is a joy to get out and do brewery stops. Actually this one is just a taproom but has a lot of our local Nashville favorites and then some. It seems pretty safe. There is hardly anyone there at the places we have been. We like Homegrown Taproom in Donelson.

We were pretty hungry as it was about 2:00 or so. It had been a while since that early morning egg and avocado toast. So we split a sandwich. Turkey, bacon, avocado on sourdough and also with their green tomato jam, which was awesome.

I put up the pig pic I bought while I was in Columbia. I went in to Bleu 32 Vintage Marketplace to get a quilt ladder, but didn’t find what I wanted. I did find this pig though below for our kitchen and it reminds me of several things: 1) Being on the ranch in TX 2) that we love BBQ 3) We are pigs ourselves, LOL.

It fits in nicely right behind the stove.

After we got back from grocery shopping and put the groceries up, I was so tired. I grabbed a blanket and a glass of red and began watching some of my YouTube shows. A nice end to the day. George fixed hamburger steak and also fixed fresh green beans in the Instant Pot, and they tasted like they cooked all day. They were so good.

Yesterday I had a doc appointment! Mainly just to refill Rx. My BP was perfect! He said “lose some weight girl”. I told him George cooked some amazing dinners! He gave me a no no list and a “good to eat” list. It’s on our fridge. We won’t go by all of it but we will try to do better.

Anyway, better get off of here and get to work. It’s payroll day! And at 5:30 I have a hair cut appointment. I am sure I’ll end up with the same cut as always – my hair never does what is in the pics. Oh well. We’ll see how it turns out. I’ll enjoy the stages of letting it grow again and styling it various ways. Right now the heaviness of the back is getting on my nerves. And my hair has never had electricity in it until this year. I guess it’s the new blow dry brush I use. I have to douse in hairspray to make my hair not fly away and stand up! So yeah, it’ll be interesting to see what I walk away with today from the salon. It’ll either be nice or I’ll be in tears with a goofball cut. Is it appropriate to pray for ones haircut? lol It’ll at least grown back!

Ya’ll have a good day! After today I’ll be trying to work on my “to do list” a bit. Getting closer every day to making some movies! Just had a list of stuff I needed to do this year before spending hours at the time doing them. But it feels good to be so close. I just had to have time out to fix my PC, go see my Grandson, and catch up on many things behind. Soon. Soon. Soon. Maybe this weekend I can get the new Intro done and get going! I cannot wait!

Snow Melting and Pros and Cons of Working at Home

Little Bit greets you! After losing MaisyDog, it’s been really nice to have Little Bit at my side. Truthfully, I think I’m his default plan. Roger dog is with George and so he doesn’t prefer to hang out with Roger so he hangs out with me. But I’ll take it. I do miss the photo opps that pets bring. I love taking pics of them in the house. They are our children. Maisy loved having her photo taken and I snapped away with my phone or camera. Sadly Roger is not too photo opp worthy right now. He needs a good grooming in a terrible way! We shall soon be making many appointments as March approaches. I’ve deemed it “appointment month”. If you were on Instagram you have seen a lot of these today.

Had the workday today. Had some payroll things to solve. Got it all taken care of. Well everything that I can do here. The official plan is to do housework and goals tomorrow and then work on Sunday. It’s going to be very very busy Sunday too. But it’s necessary. There are some critical pieces to my week and mainly getting ready for the next payroll.

Melting but Streets are VERY icy!

The snow began melting today. I loved to hear the sounds it was making. However, it’s not melted anything from our streets. If anything it’s icier.

Here’s George trying to get up the drive to go to Walmart. RogerDog is out of diapers. It took 3 tries. Here’s the first one. The rest of the videos are on Instagram. You can follow at @lesshustlemorecoffee – also a link in my side bar if you are on the pc. If on the phone or iPad, scroll to the end to follow. Love to have you!

Took some afternoon shots in the snow, messing around taking pics of shadows and light.

The above would make a good iPhone Wallpaper if you are into the ice and the color! I tried it and it looks nice.

Other than that our day was just busy working. I did however, make a list though of what I like and dislike about working from home. I think it would vary according to what job you are doing and what the situation is. But here are my thoughts on working from home in the payroll/tax position that I am in.

Pros for Working from Home

  • No drive to work
  • No having to pack lunch
  • Get to work with pets
  • Get to work in your sweats
  • Get your own bathroom
  • Can do laundry while you work
  • Can prep for dinner on your breaks
  • Get to sleep later
  • Chat with your Spouse if he’s home too
  • Watch a show on the Big TV on your lunch break
  • Can get caught up on lenghty but piddly data entry projects as there are so many things I can’t do from home.

Cons of Working at Home

  • Some urgent things cannot be done from home due to lack of proper equipment: supplies, technology (can’t print, scan, create checks, or send overnights from home, and my tax files are at work)
  • Creates a lot of anxiety at times when you feel helpless to be able to resolve something.
  • In my HR/Payroll Career (leaving specific companies out of it), it has always surprises me if someone thinks you should have lasso’d the moon when they know you don’t have the _______ (fill in the blank for the situation) to do it. I used to be anxious because of these rude surprises. It’s like a Jack-In-the-Box and it Pops Up to scare you on a whim when you least expect it, especially if someone yells or gets angry, embarrasses you, or creates a hostile work environment for you. And that is a big NO NO! Happy to say I don’t usually encounter these types of issues now, but if anything gets close to that I have ways of dealing with it.
  • Hampers plans, schedules, and routines. Since my job is not normally a work at home position, it means that it’s temporary for now and often it’s on a whim – something has happened – COVID, Ice Storms, or whatever. So there is not a lot of time to prep for it. You grab and go! So NOT having the supplies and technology you need hampers getting things done in a big way. That brings us to the next point.
  • Working longer hours when you go back to worksite to make up for what didn’t happen at home.

Some Work Surprises in Alternative Working Conditions can Pop Up When Least Expected

But it’s ALL GOOD. I always work out whatever issues or problems that come along as soon as I can. Maybe on another blog post I’ll share some of my ways I’ve dealt with anxiety and job stress and dealing with others who cause the same. I think we learn to be anxious by our experiences. I’ve learned so much in my career about stress, anxiety, dealing with _____________ (fill in the blank)! I’m happy to share.

Let me know if there is anything you particularly would like for me to share or discuss and I’ll be happy to write on the subject. Or feel free to ask questions. Much like Sybil asked about my work a day or two ago – I got two blog entries out of the subject. LOL

Awwww ya’ll. I’m just so happy that we are thawing out soon and life can get to some sort of normal – whatever that is these days. I’m happy, content, and looking forward to many things in the days to come – even if they are simple! Despite all that happens, we are blessed, loved, and have God to watch over us. And He does. He even sees that the birds have what they need. He says “don’t you know I’ll take care of you too?”.

Nite Nite <—–I used to end my blogs of long ago with Nite Nite. I used to blog in the evenings like I’m doing now. I think I prefer mornings, but as I said – when you work from home you get off your routines. Somehow I have done that!