Sunsets and Small Talk on a Friday Morning over Coffee

I forgot my big drink mug one day this week and went to the break room and found a Ziploc container for leftovers. It seemed the perfect size to be able to make and shake my greens in. It looks horrid huh? But it tastes great. Might have some more of that this morning. Either that or the fruits.

I wanted to experiment with time lapse so I set the phone over in the office window for the morning thinking I might catch some good storm clouds. I really didn’t have a good set up as you could see the reflection of my cell phone but it turned out kinda neat actually. I didn’t have a tripod with me – I mean gosh I’m at work so no time to be taking shots, but all I did was set in the window on my iphone and do a time lapse. I made sure it didn’t have sound so no conversations recorded. I like the fact that WordPress has made it easy to add a video on here. I don’t have to put on YouTube or Vimeo first. I can upload from my photos as is. I love the clouds and I love watching them on time lapse. This was just for fun, but certainly could have been better staged.

Last night’s sunset was amazing. I should have grabbed my new camera but I didn’t want to miss the shot trying to fiddle with it. So the iphone was ready to go. Look at the colors. What really caught my attention was the color of blue sky intermingled within at times as the clouds moved.

I had company as Little Bit likes it when I sit on the porch and watch the sunset. You can even see the pink glow of the sunset on the porch in this pic.

I didn’t do anything to the photograph. It was a beautiful evening. And I’m just so surprised that I’ve not noticed the beautiful sunsets before this season of COVID. I guess we were always too busy to notice. So take THAT COVID-19. You did something besides messing everyone’s life up, which is your goal I believe.

We watched a movie last night and I had to laugh at the dogs watching with us for a while. Until they started watching me.

They are waiting for me to go to bed. They get to go out, get a treat, and snuggle. They await this nightly routine and look for signals of that part of the night to begin.

I began listening to this audio book today. I enjoy having a foodie type book to listen to, a sailing adventure, and a spiritual audio book. If you are on the computer version you can see my current selections. I need to finish We are the Russo’s but it’s on the iPad and I have to read it instead of listen. I rarely get actual reading time. I have too many hobbies. But I do want to have one reading night a week if we can tear away from the Netflix. I’ve heard this COOKED was a really good book that will change the way you look at food and food prep and that it will teach you a lot. I heard that on Eat This Not That.

Oh, and I have been trying to decide about some of my clothes. Since the Pandemic, I look at some of my Lula Roe tops and how crazy the designs are and I think “I don’t like those anymore”. I wondered if the styles were going more solids, and I was just noticing it in my subpsyche. So I checked out VOGUE. What better place for style. Although I figured it would be women having clown suits on with hair standing straight up as if it were starched rain. Yeah maybe there was some of that, but I found that pretty much anything goes for 2020 – stripes, polka dots, designs, jeans, dresses, short or long skirts, dresses, or pants. Big designs or little dainty designs, or solids. Layering was big. Big purses, little purses. Holes in the jeans or not. But mostly what I found was that they were showing pics of everyone from home doing their “stay at home” stuff. Check it out if you have time, it was fun. I’m having trouble all of a sudden adding a link so it may not work. I’m not sure why they have to change things around and make simple things difficult. lol


And if the link doesn’t work, just google VOGUE and go to their Postcards from Home section from their main page.

I have to go get ready and get to work. But the main thing we need to know today is that it is Friday. Yay. Then I can do all those things I’ve waited 2 weeks to do – that is 1/2 a month! Time. It’s just nice to have some time.

Any plans for the weekend yourself?

Sunday’s Sunset and Pet Pics

I know George must’ve been surprised at my sudden jump to go outside and catch the sunset. We were watching Bloodline and it was really good. But I saw the “glow” coming through the house and I knew it would be a nice one. Anytime the sun shines through with storm cloud remnants left behind it is always beautiful.

I had some company “Little Bit” who loved having me out there and he got some extra attention.

Sitting out there has been nice at sunset. Don’t do it every night, but here and there.

George came out and while I was watching the sunset, he saw there were deer on the other side. They almost want to come up to you but the dogs scare them away.

The sun scattered light about the sky and dispersed its light to the clouds opposite the sunset. The main show was not where the sun was going down but the reflection of light through the atmosphere.

Imagine how much better this would be with the new camera.

We had another good weekend day yesterday. However, the night before storms rolled through and I was awake. I think it’s a new fear that the big tall tree behind us will fall and it will fall on our bedroom if it comes that direction. With all the tree falls this year, it’s made me nervous. And a year like 2020 has been – you kinda start to think, “yeah that tree’ll fall this year”. I mean like someone said – “it wouldn’t surprise me if a volcano rose up in the back yard and started to blow lava” at this point. So point made, I decided to get up and see how bad the storm was. Maisy got up too so I took her out real quick before the main part got to us.

Turns out it was a slow mover. I grabbed a blanket and tried to just sleep on the sofa. I was awake though and it was hard to go back to sleep. About the time I did, the big part of the storm came through with loud thunder and a lot of lightning. Maisy was so scared. The wind was not bad and we didn’t have anything as a warning – other than Significant Weather warning. It wasn’t severe. But Maisy was snuggling with me and I put her under the blanket and hugged her. I secretly like those moments as she is not normally a lap dog – she wants to be with you but she likes her space. She gets hot really easy. So I hugged her and as the storm let up and scooted back over to her spot. Then we both fell into deeper sleep and George got up. He was not wanting to wake us up to start the coffee pot I guess and sat in the living room and read. I was in the den. I woke up a little before I was ready but I felt reseted enough and got up.

I started the coffee and rebooted the laundry and watched some of my shows on YouTube. George fixed us leftover porkchops along with some of Houston’s homemade biscuits. He ate his porkchops on the biscuits. I ate mine with a fork and put molasses and butter on my biscuits. MMMMMMM.

I knew better though than to keep sitting there. I’d watch YouTubers all day long. So I got up and began moving toward getting things done for the work week. I actually made a list on Evernote on my Mac so I can keep focused on the weekends. So I don’t “hobby” all weekend and actually get important things done. Here’s my reminders:

(Sorry it isn’t copying and pasting in list form and I don’t have time to put it that way but you get the idea)

___Ironing ___Clothes picked for next week ___Grocery Run ___Food for Next week for Work? ___Vitamins for Next Week ___ā€That Wellness Company” Orders __  Amazon Orders ___Target Orders ___Bless the House (Clean) ___Special Weekend Cleaning/Household Projects ___Looking Ahead on the Calendar ___Reorg To Do List ___Planning Time ___Special Personal Projects ___App Updates ___Check/Delete Emails ___Video Creations ___Delete Unused Photos & Set Favorites ___Watch my shows, read, create, have fun!

So I did a lot of those things yesterday (and the day before).

George fixed the most awesome roast for dinner. It was excellent – made in the Instant Pot.

oh and is it me or does the western US look like it’s complete on fire?

We enjoyed Bloodline. I think we are about half way through what is on Netflix. We are half way through season 2. We can hardly watch anything else because we are trying to see what is going to happen next.

One thing I’m seeing on this show is how one person can totally destroy a whole family. I know it’s fiction but I can see how it happens.

Before I knew it, our day was gone and it’s the work week again.

That loyal Maisy. She is just always there for me and by my side. I thank God for her every night. God knew I needed her and she needed me and He got us together. Same thing with Roger, for George.

I sing to Maisy almost every night in the sweetest voice tone I can manage.

“I love my Little Maisy Girl, I love my Little Maisy Girl”

“She’s a sweet little girl and I love her!”

“I love my Little Maisy Girl”.

Very simple, to the point and then we both fall asleep. She also knows the words “Let’s go Seepy”. And she scoots down to the end of the bed when I finish my song, give her a little hug and a kiss on the forehead and say “Let’s go seepy”.

Around here, the animals get better treatment than adults, lol!

And so the time has come for me to skidattle to work. Another work week is upon us.

Toilet Paper, India, Little Bit, and Martini’s

Wow, yesterday flew by. First of all I got to sleep til 6:30. After several nights of waking up at 2:30 and tossing and turning. My normal wake up time is in the 4 a.m. hour. It IS edging closer to 5 through the pandemic and less traffic. But yesterday was a Sunday and Maisy held on until 6:30 and just had to get up.

My blog entry took a chunk of the morning. I had a nice little brunch yesterday of leftover steak from Long Horn.

And then we showered, took the dogs out, and then went to the store for a grocery run. I’ve taken a liking to the Slighty Mighty Lo-Cal IPA. This is a game changer for light beer. It doesn’t taste light. It’s just right. It’s kinda weird that I’m liking IPA’s anyway. I’m still a Kolsch girl.

One should note that there was plenty of toilet paper. I suppose Mount Juliet and the rest of society has now built walls of supplies and so it’s no longer in demand. I never really understood why there was such a shortage for so long. Were paper manufacturers not essential? But we are stocked as well and didn’t buy any. We were stocked as the only way we could get any was to buy like 4 of these you see right there. He got it on Amazon. It took nearly a month to get. He wanted to buy more but I wouldn’t let him. lol

I multi tasked worship with ironing yesterday. I must have ironed up a frizzy. No what I really did was iron up a dizzy. I was half way through ironing and had the slightest of a dizziness going on when I moved. Likely it was sinus related and with no other symptoms, I drank water, took vitamins, ate something, watched a video and sat down for a few minutes on the computer – or was it a couple of hours? lol I thought I should sit in case I passed out. Never figured out what it was. Might have been a blood sugar thing. I have no idea. But it went away. Then I finished the ironing eventually.

Much like Saturday, our Sunday was just beautiful. We had windows open and fresh breezes blowing through the house. I love the beauty of the curtains in the bedroom gently swaying back and forth.

Little Bit wanted to come in for a “little bit”. LOL. Something scratched his ear the night before and George put peroxide after he noticed something had gone on. It wasn’t bad.

Oh, we also discovered there is a skunk living under the brush piles next to the road so we are careful when taking dogs out.

Also looking at the blog data yesterday I see a lot of folks clicking in to the blog from India. Especially after mentioning the situations going on in Nashville. Very interesting indeed. Hello India. I’m sure you are not here for the Lifestyle Blog, but for information on the state of things in the US? This is only one page of info. But India goes on and on. Hey India – since there are so many of ya, will you subscribe to my YouTube Channel? I’m still at 7 and my goal is 100. I’d appreciate it. LOL LOL LOL Something here has definitely caught you interest over there. Maybe you wanting to build the latest washer? Or maybe you just wanted a pic of the launch? Or wanna bartend like the Hubby? Anyway, not a lot of political stuff here, so hope we don’t disappoint. But, you will learn how to vlog if you stick with me. šŸ˜‰

I had a special project that took about two hours yesterday that was an impromptu project so – I really didn’t get much done on my blog yesterday. I will try to attack the list this week. I could have used another day. I always say we need 3 days of off time and only 4 days of work to balance life. I also did my LTD order. Only I waited too long. Some of the things were not there. But I enjoyed my shopping time on there.

But my bartender met my wishes yesterday afternoon of a “Monkeylada Martini” which I found somewhere on some website – well here it is

It has banana, coconut milk, crushed pineapple, and light rum – mint for garnish. I did not want the gold sanding sugar for garnish. It was like a pina colada George said. It was really good. Also should be blended with some ice I think or stored in the fridge for a while. We poured this over ice in a cup. Too much would ruin the flavor but I needed it to be a bit colder. It was good.

Before I knew it George was saying “dinner’s ready”. And he fixed chicken tenders – I love how he makes them. He made homemade ranch for dipping. We watched the Taylor Swift show that was on Netflix. That was interesting. And we are about three shows in on Sweet Magnolias. It’s ok but not as exciting as Ozark, lol.

Well, need to get off of here and head into work. And I’m itching for that 2nd cup of coffee. Best go! Will pop in mid week sometime. Have a great Monday and week ahead!