The Clock is Ticking Louder, Little Bit Lost and Found, and the New Black Cat

Sometimes you wonder if God is trying to tell you something. I can feel change in the air, but yet, it’s not just the season of the year. The clock above, has been a pretty addition to my bathroom. But lately it has begun to tick very loudly. So loudly that it jumped from the wall and landed on the bathroom counter, breaking a necklace.

I didn’t see it happen. George heard it. He had not realized the necklace was broken. I found the necklace and was confused as to how it was broken and asked him if Dexter had some how gotten it off the counter and broke it. George said “oh it must have happened when the clock fell off the wall”.

I don’t really believe in ghosts so much, but I do believe in spirits. I think of ghosts as humans who have lived before. I think of spirits as either good or evil – of the devil or of God. I’m not saying ghosts don’t exist. I’m mainly saying that the Bible mentions spirits and I do believe that the Bible is God’s inspired word.

I don’t know if this is a “spiritual” thing or if the clock is just becoming old and therefore its mechanisms are becoming loud. lol. But it makes it you think. I guess it’s kindof an Eastern or Asian mentality to think it to be an omen of some sort, like when a picture of someone falls over, that something is about to happen. Those kinds of things make me shiver. I’m not one to deny those types of things, but I DO KNOW that there are spirits and principalities because the Bible says there are.

So is the clock pronouncing something to us? God didn’t say there would be loud clocks, lol, but He did say there would be signs in the sky. Perhaps the clock is pronouncing something in my immediate world. Or perhaps as mentioned it is just older and having to work harder, to work.

Power of Attorney and Medical POA

At lunch yesterday I have worked on Mom’s papers. I had to call about the Living Will. I think all of us dread having to even think about those things. But I had to know how to draw up the papers. So I called Mom and asked her all the questions. I paid for the form, which we can edit an unlimited time. It’s $55 per form. So both forms are completed. The Durable POA will go into effect when signed and will even continue after her death. Although in the state of TN since she does not have a living spouse, her WILL will have to be presented to probate court.

Anyway that way we can handle for her whatever she needs us to whether she is mentally incapacitated or not. It is one that she can revoke anytime if she is not mentally incapacitated. The medical POA also includes a Living Will which basically just asked a couple of questions about how she would like things to go if in a dire medical situation.

Now to get all of us together and get it signed in front of a notary. I have some options as I posted a couple of days ago on NextDoor app. So we have some options to consider. I’d like to make an appointment if I can so we KNOW it is going to happen. Getting me, Mom, and George together in a place that notarizes is not a small thing. I was hoping someone at church could do it as that would be ideal to do after church one day in a side room. But so far no one knows of one.

Also our schedule is really busy for the next couple of weeks, but we need to get this figured out.

It’s kindof all stressing me out. Trying to get this done on top of everything else going on. I ate popcorn with olive oil and salt as I paid taxes yesterday.

Little Bit Lost but Found

We were not sure where he was last night, nor this morning. But Dexter found him. He was in the sunroom, locked in there. He evidently went in there with me last night when I peered out to see a fire in our neighborhood. The fire was a fire pit it looked like but it also looked like it was getting out of hand amidst the trees behind us (over a few houses). I saw it as I drove home from taking Mom out to eat last night, to get her out of the house. So apparently, I shut the door and locked him in there, not realizing he had snuck in. I think he came up the stairs with me when I came in from taking Mom home and then followed me in the sunroom.

Dexter and George walked around outside looking for him this morning for a long time. Dexter found him this morning though after coming back in, letting us know that Little Bit was in the sun room. He stood at the sunroom door until George came to the door. Poor Little Bit. He was good though and for the whole night did not do anything to the carpet in there. I’m sure he was secretly happy he could snooze on the blanket in there in peace. After all, he would have meowed very loudly if he’d wanted out. The little booger! Meanwhile the new long black cat that has been visiting for the last few weeks, enjoyed a peaceful meal outside hogging all the food for himself. George fed Little Bit though when he put him out. lol

I guess we have to name the new cat. I’ll get his pic soon. He’s come around and is letting us pet him and nosing the cats. He just needed love. He is not threatened by us now and will come loving on our legs. He’s very sweet so I guess we’ll accept him. We think it’s a “he” but we are not sure yet. Once we find out we’ll name him. And I suppose we will need to do shots or something and perhaps get him fixed. But I think we need to make sure he’s going to stay around first before we spend all that kind of money. He is a stray. He could even be someone else’s cat.

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  1. I was just wondering how Little Bit was doing and then you had this story to tell….glad Dexter helped to find him for you!!
    When you put olive oil and salt on your popcorn do you heat the olive oil up and drizzle it on or do you spray it on the popcorn? I have never tried that but it sounds interesting!

  2. Hi Sonya, what an adventure Little Bit was having…..not !!….poor George and you searching for him.   As you say maybe he was just enjoying peace and quiet in the sun room. Clever Dexter thought for showing George where he was.  As for the strange new cat hope he has not got another owner.  Over here all cats must have an identity Chip so perhaps he has one.  It’s quite likely he has a home they are very good at finding “another ….home “. where the owner will feed them !!…..
    But no doubt the vet will be able to check him…..The mystery about the clock falling I think is cause it’s getting old.  Probably with you doing so much with Mums POA..etc you’ve got the future very much in mind…..Anyway hope this week has gone well at work and you can look forward to the weekend….Take Care. Xxxx

    • We finally got both of our living wills signed by a notary in a small-town fire department. LOL. We went to our bank to have it done but found out the notary at a bank can’t do the living wills, and she sent us to the fire department.

    • No requirements like that for cats here- it’s all up to an owner to chip their pets or not. Mostly people have done dogs. This cat is theeeeeee longest cat I’ve ever seen. Perhaps we will name him “stretch” after a stretch limo. They are long and black and sleek like him!

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