A Tribute to Jimmy Buffett and Mind is Exploding with So Much Going On

We are behind, mainly because of me. But our tribute to Jimmy Buffett, was to eat a “cheeseburger in paradise” as defined by his song, and to listen to his music, while talking about what his music meant to us. The burger was excellent. We tried to imagine a sailor (easy for me) trying to get by on carrots and celery while fishing the elements and sailing the mighty seas, and then coming to port, and letting it all loose and ordering a really hearty burger! Kinda how his song goes. We didn’t blow out any flip flops in the process, but we thought about it.

Jimmy was always my go to when I was stressed. His music always in my playlist and foremost in bringing down my stress levels as I pictured myself amidst palm trees and steel drums, sucking down a corona with lime, eating shrimp (and burgers- as we have that love in common) and just forgetting life. I’m appreciative of his music, and how he helped me relax during all the stressful times of my life. As well as the fun times. Both George and I were able to see him in concert, but it was separate times. I’ve also been to his restaurant several times. But he IS the ICON of stress relief for me. Thank you Jimmy. What did he mean to you?

I hate that we were not able to celebrate HIS life until now. But I had that little bout of diverticulitis, so I had to drink liquids and eat soft foods for a while. But we celebrated Sunday night. It was fun. I’m sorry Jimmy that you left us though. We will NEVER forget you as long as we live and as long as we can listen to our iTunes! And at Christmas I always listen to his Christmas album. He is one reason I want to have a tropical Christmas at least once in my life.

Monday’s can be a bit Stressful

Yesterday was not hard by any means. But when the weekend is over and Monday rolls around again, it’s just a hard yank on your mind to start the week all over. I mean, it’s not so bad really but I have so many things left over from the weekend, things that I didn’t get done from the last week, from the weekend, and then new things I’ve assigned for myself for the coming week.

It’s not even work that that stresses me out. And it’s not really stressful things so much. It’s mainly just that my mind is exploding from so many things going through it, and so much stimuli happening at once. It’s all good, I’m happy, I’m content, but my mind is just busy.

  • I was really upset at the wild fire that almost hit Katy and Cody’s house
  • I’ve been thinking about Christmas
  • I’ve been trying to get Mom’s Power of Attorney done (for everything and also her health one too). A learning curve for me.
  • We have a family birthday – got that ordered.
  • It’s quarter end at work
  • It’s fall and the change of seasons
  • Needed to update Hello Fresh
  • Did our new bucket lists for this quarter and rethinking things that need to be done
  • Sharing Christmas lists and getting them from others
  • Making plans for our upcoming Saturdays and getting our shopping days scheduled
  • Worried about Mom as she has been in AFIB. She’s better and I figure since she missed church she is ready to get out of the house.
  • Checking on my sister. Her white cell count is low and she is tuck in the house for a while herself. We are planning to get together for a Thanksgiving meal out.
  • Making reservations for this Saturday as one of our shopping dates out- but ohhhh the place we picked doesn’t take reservations, it’s show up and hope you are lucky.
  • River has been sick but he’s better now
  • We have our life group coming over mid October. I sent a reminder out via texts letting everyone know.
  • Yeah, gotta get the house clean.
  • Working on the YouTube goals and videos
  • Worried about the blog and no one commenting anymore. Do I even need to be doing this now?
  • Taking care of doggies

Yeah my head is exploding. So much also I did not mention.

To cheer myself I updated my to do list with some fall flair!

Sleep helps. We are blessed. I’m thankful. But it’s definitely busy. How are you guys doing?

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  1. I mostly read your blog and see your facebook posts but I am not good at checking out your vlogs.
    You are certainly always busy … I don’t see how you get all the things done you do get done!
    I love cheeseburgers….I wasn’t a really big fan of Jimmy Buffet but it is fun to see how excited you have been with him and his music!

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