Raging Ranch Fires, Fundraising Events, and End of the Month Activities

Good evening friends. I fail at having so many things going that I can only touch a finger to each project and then only flit off to the next thing. It’s been a very fast week. Although a pretty good one. The first half was working and then video editing at night. The second half of the week – we went to a Pregnancy Care Fundraising Dinner. The one we do annually. And then Friday night we went out with some long time friends. It was very nice.

I had Saturday off yesterday. It was the first Saturday fully at home, in about 3 weeks I think.

I finally got Maddie’s picture up in the office at work, pic above. Pic below, I have been drinking some hot tea and even bought a couple of more kinds for work.

We have had more social time with people at work lately. My bosses birthday and another coworker’s birthday and a retirement party too.

My Real ID is done. I’m Ready to Fly in 2025!

I also got my REAL ID done. I can’t believe it. I had to dig out all kinds of documents. I went once before and didn’t have everything I needed. I didn’t have the real birth certificate. It was only the hospital one. I had to send off via the mail for my REAL birth certificate sending copies of documents and $15. I also forgot the $15 the first time, thanks to my busy life and not really having time to pay attention. It came back. Sent it off again. Whew! I guess I need to order a “fire box” to put all my documents in.

Fire on the Ranch in TEXAS!

Speaking of fire. There was a fire on the ranch in Texas. It swept by my daughter’s house. The wind blew it in a different direction from their house. It was very scary. She was with Cody and River and they were monitoring the situation in conjunction with local authorities and ranch personnel. It was too close for comfort. I’ve seen what these windy fires can do in trapping people and going so fast. I’m just so grateful that my family was not harmed in this. I pray for their safety every morning and for God to look out over them. He did. I thanked Him last night and again today several times.

This is in back of Katy’s house. If you kinda remember where the gender reveal was. This is where I always take sunset pics, and go for walks.

Contentment Found!

Got a sweet photo of George hanging out with Dexter this week. I just have had such sweet feelings of contentment this week. I love our home, our doggies, our set up. Yeah, things need improvement and change is always welcome. But I feel really blessed. God provides us with some true escape to the real world crises and to all the bad things going on in the world. And even a place of rest from our busy lives. It may not last forever, as we never know what will happen in our days ahead. But what a joy to come home to these dogs and our little life at home every day.

Eating, Coming out of Diverticulitis

I introduced nuts back into my gut this week. I have been avoiding seeds but decided to add these back in. I also added pop corn back. After diverticulitis scare (a couple of weeks ago) you have to be careful til you can edge back into normal. I enjoyed eating oatmeal for the fiber. I like the Thrive Market oatmeal as it is unsweetened and it gives you a whole cupful as opposed to some of the other brands which offers half a cup. Unsweetened oatmeal is hard to find in packets, but I’m in love with the Thrive Market version. I added honey packets. I ordered “Nate’s Raw & Unfiltered Honey” packets from Amazon. There’s so many times I’ve wanted honey at work. I took a jar once but it got sticky and gross and I took it back home. I don’t need that to worry with at work. lol I am not sitting in a kitchen! So I bought some of these to eat with oatmeal or bread or whatever I need it for.

Fundraiser Event. Why We do This?

Thursday night we went to the Pregnancy Care Center fundraiser. Look at this pretty table. We get to see our friends every year. We have been to all of them but one.

The dinner was amazing and it was great to see our friends. We have also been friends with them for over 30 years I guess. The lady that is over the centers in our county was in the youth group at our church over 30 years ago. She married Curt and we helped with their funding to do missions in Scotland. And when they came back she was placed in charge of the Pregnancy Care Center so we followed them to support that cause too. Why? We were invited and answered God’s calling.

We have seen the Pregnancy Care center work for people in a crisis pregnancy situation. Someone to “meet them where they are”. They pray with them, offer support, hold their hand, offer free ultrasounds, give them supplies and counseling, pray, do Bible study. Often when they hear the heart beat and feel the support, they choose life. We sit and cry when the stories are told/shown. The numbers are astounding. About 80% that go, end up choosing life. They have someone that can aid them through. The centers are growing and also doing some training in the schools – abstinence I think. But it’s a wonderful program.

Last Quarter Bucket List vs the Upcoming Quarter

Well there was a lot we didn’t get done. But there was a lot we DID get done. I’ve pulled some of the things into the next one. But the quarter is going to be busy. I left room at the bottom for us to add anything we forgot.

You can see I’m working on the puzzle though! It’s underneath. lol

I was sitting here while talking to Mom one night. My “in house” bartender might have brought me a rum and coke. It burned my esophagus, so I don’t want that anymore. I’m not sure why it did that. But, I had to each cheese, lol.

I was a little worried what spaghetti would do, but I tolerated it fine. I think it’s the corn syrup that might be impacting me sometimes. I’m trying to watch out for that and any added sugars. I’m trying to do gluten free too to see if that will help me either in weight or with the tummy. I am by no means getting rid of all of it, but trying to curb it. I did spinach spaghetti mixed with protein spaghetti – made with beans or something.

Crisis Tonight.

Well, I’ve been dealing with a crisis with World Bible School. In a message tonight one of my students said they were considering taking their own life. I prayed with them over the software text chat. I googled hotlines for her in Nigeria, which is where she lives. She didn’t want to call but promised me that she would watch their video (if you don’t want to call, they have a video). I chatted with her. She says she has no one. We have chatted through the afternoon. She seemed to be more at peace after the prayer and was loving knowing that someone cared enough to chat with her as she went through these feelings. I told her I’d be available and look for her messages tonight. It was 11:15 p.m. there in Nigeria. She was going to try the breathing techniques I gave her that help me fall asleep. I kept telling her she was not alone and God would give her a sweet hug overnight if she would rest in Him and accept Him. I told her we were sweet sisters “in Him”. She seemed to feel better knowing that even as a stranger, someone cared. I painted a picture of better days and that this would be strengthening her for the rest of her days and that one day she would would be helping someone else like I was helping her.

I told her to message me in the morning when she got up. I told her I’d be here looking for her messages tonight until I went to bed. So pray for “JOY”. Pray for Joy to come to Joy. I’m not sure what her life story is. And I had no idea that I might possibly be saving someone’s life tonight. So many are so broken. I told her that her named meant JOY for a reason. And she needed to find out why and that it would be shown to her.

I gotta go. My WordPress software is telling me I’m done. It gets slow after I have so long of a post.

George is fixing “Cheese burgers in Paradise” tonight. In honor of Jimmy Buffet. More later.

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  1. So sorry not to have made a comment for last few days but I have been a bit under the weather. I’ve had trouble with my eyes. Well one in particular, but I have an appointment at the hospital on Wednesday afternoon so hope they can decide what’s wrong and that it can be sorted.
    Anyway been great reading what’s been happening at your end,..what a fright that was down in the raven h at Texas. Thank goodness the fire turned before it reached Kate and Cody but must have been a very anxious time…..for everybody…..I am so pleased that you were able to help Joy and hope that she has been able to tell you how she is feeling now…it’s amazing how you were just there at the right time….Well love must go, but know I’ve got you in my thoughts and prayers. Xx

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