Sadness, Moving Things Around, and Decorating for Christmas

My bedroom is back together and the cat is back in his weekend winter spot. I had been missing Maisy and Roger yesterday as they would lay and watch us decorate and flit about the house. It just especially hit me yesterday. My shoe rack is back together and no longer in two baskets of piles where I couldn’t find anything. Now I need to locate my other winter things downstairs that includes my scarves so I can put them out in the basket on top of the shoes. I’ve missed them last week. I could have used them on those 20 degree mornings we had.

I now have two drawers of pajamas! I can fit them all in. Not shown is the 1st drawer. I have more winter PJ’s coming – likely in the same tub as the scarves. I have to locate them in the basement storage unless George brought them up already. They may be in the kitchen. There’s a tub of clothes in there. But I had to stop working on clothes to get the Christmas done. I’m only about half way through considering the tree is not done yet. It seems we are always having to buy a string of lights. The middle section of the tree never wants to work on any prelit tree we seem to have. So we have to buy more and it’ll have to be today because I need to get the tree done today. We go back to work tomorrow.

My sock drawer is back, complete with section of Christmas socks and one bathing suit in case we go to a heated pool or hot tub in the winter time. It’s rare but possible.

I listened to Christmas Cafe Jazz on YouTube- just a pretty scene filled with beautiful Christmas music. I listened while decorating and moving stuff around.

Mid-day we took Mom some Turkey and Dressing and other leftovers and the rest of her clothes. George had to check a fuse. A fuse had “tripped” or whatever that meant on one side of her cabinets. I don’t know what would make that happen. But I guess it was an easy reset.

She wanted us to put her clothes we took over on her bed. She was going to put them up later in the day. It took us about 5 trips with the two of us to bring them all in. We had two complete car loads again. I think there are a few more things downstairs but mainly yard critters, some videos, and we’ll just have to go through and move things around as we straighten the basement and make sure we took everything over.

I had tears while putting up Christmas. Just so many emotions. First, I miss the love of my Maisy dog who loved me unconditionally. I am also upset that I couldn’t get Mom’s house put together more for her with the time we had the past few weeks. It was just the weirdest move ever. The boxes went in before the furniture making it very difficult to unpack. I had thought the last out items from the old house would be the first in. If we had done it that way it would have been easier on the unpackers (mainly me). But it was first out (all the unneeded items) and first in to the new house which meant we were accessing and unpacking a lot of boxes that were not needed. There are so many boxes and so many of the needed boxes have been on the bottom or where we can’t get to them and many of them heavy. George moved boxes around two or three times trying to find things. We still don’t have her TV hooked up and can’t find the remotes.

Since Mom can’t do much, everything totally falls upon us. I saw a Facebook post yesterday indicating she had made a mistake by moving. I think that is because so many things are still in boxes and she has downsized (well the space has) but her things have not much other than furniture. But with her statement on Facebook It makes those of us who have worked so hard to please her, feel bad. However, she didn’t have anyone to take care of her in Columbia as she and my sister quarreled and had a falling out and my sister has set a boundary with her to never see her again. So she gets no care from that side of the family. Mom would not hear of assisted living as an option, which I can see now would have been the best of options seeing that she is winded just getting up out of the chair and moving three feet. But it is what it is. There are just some facts that can’t change. And a big one is that it was her decision and we have all worked hard to make it come true. It’s a beautiful place and once we get the place together it’ll be recognized, one can hope. But there are only three of us trying to work on it and Mom can’t do much, and now I am paying for it with being out of line and I am having to quit lifting so much. Although I don’t seem to be doing a good job of it. Last night I was in so much pain with my rotator cuff and back that I had to take Tylenol and put a heating pad on my neck. Jaw still not right and will go to doc when we are back from our trip. I just don’t have time this week. I can open my mouth wide now but there is this one section of my jaw that is hung and will not open up.

There are a few facts that cannot be changed.

  1. We can’t and won’t be there 24/7. We are trying to accommodate the best we can. But we don’t and can’t give 100% of our time.The move details are going to take a while to sort out. We knew it wasn’t going to be overnight.
  2. It took several weeks to move out of her old house. It’s the same moving in and setting up.
  3. It takes patience and resolve – which are things both Mom and I – I get it honest – are not very good at. We want it and we want it fixed right now.
  4. She knows where she wants things. I don’t. When I try to ask where things go she doesn’t know yet. I get it. Somethings she just has to figure out.
  5. The most important thing to remember is that: This was her decision.

I think George is going over there for a few things today. After sleeping I can’t remember what for, but maybe something for the TV or the rails. Not even sure. My mind is all over the place. But she has some mail and a flash light and some things he is taking over today. He suggested I stay here at the house and do what I need to get done being that today is our last day to get Christmas up and my winter clothes out and finish our laundry.

We also have to pack for our trip that we go on later in the week. Also Lowe’s has not called about the dishwasher we just had to buy and paid for install. It’s been two days. But I understand it’s been a holiday weekend and all and things are not normal. I figure they will call on Monday.

Mom was nice to buy a tank of gas for me yesterday. I had to stop and get gas. It does not take long for the gas to go when I’m driving to Nashville every day and then several trips to Lebanon in the other direction. So I appreciated that. She has taken us out to eat numerous times too in the last month and I appreciate that.

So today’s agenda:

  • Finish Putting Christmas out
  • Obtain Christmas lights and get that figured out. (I hate having to add the lights. I hate that part with a passion. And it makes me in a horrible mood.). Mood gets better when putting the ornaments on.
  • Moving my summer clothes over from the coat closet to the office closet
  • Moving the coats back up to the coat closet
  • Looking at this week’s to do list
  • Redoing my vitamins for the week
  • Putting a few things on the iPhone to do list
  • Changing George’s sheets – bless his heart I think it’s been 3 weeks.
  • Find my winter clothes container
  • Begin packing for trip – no more off days til then
  • Wash dishes
  • Fix eggs for breakfast
  • Wash 2 to 3 more loads of clothes
  • Vacuum
  • Watch a show mid-day with pop corn when I get tired
  • Might stop for an hour late afternoon and work on the iMovie and drink coffee when my back starts to hurt and my energy wanes.
  • I’m sure there’s more stuff but I am not sure what it is.

I did some Christmas shopping at 1:30 a.m. night before last – it’s kinda the only time I have had. I have asked God to help me and I think he wakes me mid morning to shop. lol. Mom also needs some things to be ordered. Once the move started it has been hard for us to sit down together and do it. She said she would try to send me the link. Or at least a picture.

I got a full night’s sleep last night of 8.5 hours. That was nice. I am a little stiff this morning but at least not in pain. The icy hot also was a quick remedy.

The alerts seem to be working for some of you and I have one person saying theirs is not working via email. It’s the strangest thing. I wonder if it is sending to trash or junk? Maybe it’s a sign, lol! It will need to be on the safe list. I need to sign up for my own blog with another email address and see if that works for me, lol, so I know if I get it or if I don’t.

So I’m off to it this morning. This big long list. What all are you doing today?

Visiting The Christmas Place Store and George’s Pizzette’s

Whenever I’m in a bad mood, I’ll just head over to the Christmas Store, where it’s happy and magical inside. It’s a bit like going through Disney. The spirit and magic of Christmas flows through you. The elves decorated the place up beautifully. I had to go around twice. The first time was for the vlog and blog as I took video and and photos. The second time I was able to take more of it in.

Did I buy something? Yes! I bought a little Roger ornament. It looked very much like him except we need to add a little pink tongue. lol. I’ll take a pic closer to Christmas when I get him back out again and hang him on the tree.

I’m pretty fond of this polar bear. And think it would be really fun to play Christmas-Opoly. I wish I had looked to see how much it was.

I know Mom was happy to get out of the house. The store was crowded though so she did a quick run through the store with mask on and back in the car. But she got some pictures and even a video.

Tis the Reason for the Season!

It really put us in the spirit yesterday. The day was cloudy and very cool with a high in the 50’s and a pretty good breeze at times. It was sweatshirt weather.

As per yesterday’s post, I guess you saw the next video was out.

I was pretty happy to have only a 2 week turnaround instead of 3. But we had a bit more downtime, less going on at home, plus I gave up some blog time.

Ok so real quick- look at the style on the left and the style on the right from those videos. I really like my style longer, without bangs, and more of a bob with long layers. And sadly, without the glasses. I almost considered going back to contacts but I think they will be hard to fit. My doctor discouraged it. So here was yesterday. No make up here and a little touch up or two, and hair not really styled and very much windblown from the day – but I chose not to get anything cut off the top. I did get the bottom cut and shaped as it will be most likely February before I’ll have time to get it cut again. I’m not even making an appointment until probably January, if then.

Mom keeps telling me my hair is not looking as good as it did. She saw me in a video earlier in the year and said my hair was grayer. And lighter and said it’s darker now and that I need to start using her shampoo to make the grey grayer (whiter) again. I guess she will just have to look at my darker hair. I hate it bothers her so as she has mentioned it several times. She’s also not hesitant to bring out flaws of anyone else she sees on TV that she does not like their looks, lol lol lol. I tried her blue shampoo and I was not fond of it. I like my shampoo set ups that I have and if it keeps me younger looking rather than a “white as snow older” look, then great! We’ll get there soon enough. Let’s not wish it there. I imagine that what she saw earlier had been cut away when I got it cut. Don’t worry, it’ll grow back and be more noticeable as it grows.

Yesterday we also went to Jason’s Deli and I had the chicken pot pie soup which was really good. I saw they had free ice cream for all – the soft serve in a mini cone. I had just had my 1 per week dessert of Key Lime Pie the day before with it’s 44 grams of sugar (yikes). But I could not turn down the free soft serve. It was more than two bites, lol. So I broke my rule. Who takes two bites out of a cone and throws the rest away? Not me. At least it was mini and I didn’t eat all of the cone. It wasn’t much.

We also went to the Dollar Tree yesterday and I bought a bunch of Christmas sacks. I did not hold back. I don’t know how much time I’m going to have to wrap this year, so I just went to town on the sacks. I bought some headbands to put my hair back with at home. They were loose and don’t grab onto my head so I can’t tell it’s there. I wore one last night running around the house.

Prayer Journaling

I was so happy yesterday and relieved to be done with quarter end. I don’t have that tension on my shoulders. I didn’t get to do my devo and prayer time and devo after my shower as we were about to head out so I did it when we got home. I had a glass of Grateful Red (making fun of the Grateful Dead, lol -a rock band) along with a shirt that says Gratitude.

Here was my entry yesterday in the prayer journal.

I not only pray to God in it but try to be detailed enough of my thoughts that some day when I’m gone, Katy or River can have it to remember me by. Not sure how long the blogs will stay on line when I’m older and decide not to pay for the separate domains anymore, so most of my online blogs will be toast at some point. Virtual space that will go POOF one day and will then belong to someone else for some other reason. So my daily journaling throughout the end of my life will be the only “blogs” left. It is a prayer journal but it houses my fears and hopes and problems. The main reason for keeping it is to reveal how God really does answer our prayers to those that believe in Him. At the end of each journal book I go back and list all the ways he answered the prayers for that book. Very powerful. He shows me so many things when I come to Him. He is a friend and a confidant and He loves to show me nature on the days we are the closest.

There were some really intense and low feeling days in the last year or so and I’ll never forget the bobcat that came and sat on my window. I mean we are in an office complex! He answered a lot of questions with that bobcat. To me it was a sign that I’m strong, that He is strong for me, and that I’m self-reliant, and that need to learn and listen more and speak less. It was also taken as a sign of change, or that change is coming. And it has and it continues to do so. Change never stops. We have to embrace what we have before us, as it will always be different as time passes.

George’s Pizzettes

He made the rosemary dough up a day ahead. And then we had our personal pizzas last night with whatever ingredients we wanted. He bought the real mozzarella!

I thought to get a pic after eating half of mine already – above is one of George’s before it was cooked, and below is half of my pepperoni one.

Yes it is as good as it looks. I also had a red wine, Rioja, with it, and it went very well together. I really liked that Rioja wine. It was dark, deep, pleasant, smooth, bold. I am not good at describing wine. I’m not a snob, lol. But it worked well!

We have a little “beggar” in the house. Miss Fancy Lou!

George was happy to comply by giving her some shredded cheese.

I noticed that Little Bit had circled every hour on the hour from about 3:30 to 8:30 so George let him in. We have to work on his winter box and get it on the porch so he has a warm bed again. He stayed in for a little while and then we put him out with treats. It was not supposed to get to cold last night.

Sleep was good last night. Not much time for housework either. The house will probably not get a good cleaning until after we move Mom and will probably be “on the go” or a bit at a time as needed – as it becomes urgent – lol. I will probably not dust again until the day after Thanksgiving. lol lol. When I’m redecorating for Christmas that day.

Today’s agenda includes the following:

Getting the blog done, laundry finished, ironing, changing George’s sheets, getting Halloween candy to take to work as I’ve been eating some fellow coworker’s Reese’s – just the “one or two bites” -lol. I have to restock a few things for the work week. We are going to look at fridge’s today with Mom. Although we don’t have measurements yet for the area so we can’t really buy anything yet til we know for sure. And then we are going for Cori Dogs if they are open. I may go in Penny’s for a second. And maybe bath and body works. I have a coupon for a free item with any purchase.

Ok, not sure if I will be here tomorrow or Wednesday. I go into work early on Tuesday so no blog then. If I have anything new to share I’ll be here tomorrow, if not probably Wednesday. Tomorrow we go see Mom’s new house, so I’ll be itching to share on Wednesday for sure! We are very excited. We have to take a “pluggable item” with us tomorrow so we know if the electrical outlets work. I’m going to video it and also take pics. And then also do a real walk through to test things without the camera in hand. Then I have to be at work by 12:30 to do time sheets and prep for Tuesday’s payroll. But I’m off on Friday which means I will have to bust butt during the week and it’s also month end. But I have til the 15th. Ye Ha. Busy times.

You have a good week too! Our fall leaves really just started turning good the last few days. So I’m hoping to get some photos soon, if I have time for mini photo shoot with the good camera. But that is not priority right now. More later. Let me know if you made it to the end. Long one today.

Quarter End Crunch, Mom’s Ailments, and Electronic Goods

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The world is at our fingertips this morning! Or is it? Maybe the world has us by our toenails. I guess it’s a matter of perspective. It’s mid-week. Big things are looming.

Quarter end – is going very slowly this time. System program failures causing things not to balance. And I’m behind on it now, having lost precious hours seeking what needed to be found, waiting on data, leaving for appointments and all. Even though the doc appt time has been made up already across the month twice over at other times. But I’m looking at some very long days for Thursday and Friday to finish the crunch week out. I have a hair appointment today which I’ve had on the books for about 8 weeks or so- maybe 12. I’m not cancelling as it’s needed and it gives me a mid-week break. But the rest of the week I’ll be trying not to work on Saturday. If I have to work on Saturday, I will be in a wretched mood next week for not having been able to do what we needed to do over the weekend. So for the sake of all of us, let there be some rest and rejuvy time. I think since the end of the month falls on a weekend, the due dates are Nov 1, but I’m only working 1/2 day Monday as the closing walk through is that date. I have to get to work by 12:30 and will only get to work on time sheets and payroll related activities before the Tuesday payroll. I am not fond of the last week of quarter end.

I realize now why diverticulitis has usually tried to occur during this time. It’s hard to drink water. I’m purposely focused on trying to get through with things and I forget to drink. I only know this as I’d been tracking it. I see what these last two weeks do to me now. I also get the crunchy munchies. I stopped and fixed popcorn one day. Crackers help. Nuts aren’t enough. I’m also craving something and can’t figure out what it is. I want to stress eat terribly. I have to figure this out – how to handle these stress inducer times so that I don’t totally forget my goals and end up eating as a reward. Awareness is half the battle of anything they say.

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So, I get home and everything seems normal. Then Mom tries to get up and she just flat can’t walk! She winces with every step and acts like she is going to topple over. I’m thinking Is this really happening? Just days away from seeing her new house where a walk-thru is scheduled and she can’t even walk to be able to walk through it? There is something wrong with this picture. A little over a week to close and the house is hers and I’m thinking, Should she even be buying this house? It’s not like I’ve not already wondered this, but with her being able to shower herself, fix a meal, get up and down out of her chair and bed, and get about – we can sustain her in that house. If she cannot walk, we can’t sustain her there.

At the table as we ate she began shivering miserably. Horrible shaking. I wondered if she was going into shock or having a stroke or something. I got a blanket and put around her while she ate and it calmed down. She says she thinks it’s gout and has begun consuming apple cider vinegar. She says that the extra dieretic the doc put her on is likely doing it to her. I knew as did she, from the moment he prescribed these, based on what she was saying, they weren’t going to work and she wasn’t going to be able to take them. Other than being out of breath and it being a misery to move more than a few feet at the time, she was doing pretty good. Anyways, during the night we ended up having to go to the girls room at the same time. So as we passed in the hall she said her foot was doing better. If it’s gout, it can get better. This is just crazy. Everything is crazy. I guess we will see what transpires in the coming days. None of us is really in control. We are only at life’s mercies. And I guess God will make it what he is going to make it, which is pretty much a mystery most of the time. lol

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I know that God’s not going to give me any more than I can’t handle. We know we are biting an elephant one bite at a time. We know we adjust the sails when the wind blows from a different direction. But it’s these worn out days of life where I feel very much like a robot. Wake up, pour coffee down, go do anyone’s agenda, try sneak in my own in the five minutes left, sleep and doing it all over again.

I’ll be back Friday for an update but I appreciate any prayer you can give to us right now for final pushes through this week’s and next week’s hurdles.


Well George sent an email yesterday that if I needed anything electronic – might not be able to get it soon and if you can – it’ll be expensive – to go ahead and order it. I considered ordering my lighting kit I’ve had on my list (it’s a light with white umbrella diffuser) but was waiting til Mom left as it can take up some room. And I’ve chosen to just put that on hold and I hope I can get it next year. I may reconsider. I think it’s either $59 or $69. I have been using sunlight and floor lamps and a ring light. It’s worked. But as you know I want to get better and better. And want to look better on screen. But I guess this can wait. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on me right now.

But I went ahead and ordered my Rode microphone and dead cat (wind muff) for my camera. This seemed a bit more urgent because I have others that have used this particular one that I know will fit my camera shoe and works well with vlogging. I also don’t know how much longer my particular camera will be a thing ya know? So I went ahead and bought that on Amazon yesterday for $59. George was happy to have another Christmas gift.

I teasingly told him lots of clothes come from China that I might need to stock up! lol. Our country is going to have to gear back up to supply ourselves or be able to get in supplies from elsewhere. Our global supply issue is in a crisis right now and with China’s issues – not only in another virus crisis but with their economy and policies shifting – things are going to be changing it seems. You can read about it in the news articles. Or is this just a ploy to get us to spend more money sooner. Who the heck knows.


We are in full mode Christmas prep already. Not having much time to be able to do a lot of shopping over the months to come, and worried over the economy and supply and demand, it seemed the right thing to do. We are not finished by any means. And life is pretty expensive right now. I just try to remember we’ve not done much in the last two years but we are spending a lot right now across the board. Plane tickets, hotels reservations, two trips, Christmas, blog upgrade coming up. And our Christmas gifts are not cheap – new iPhone, electronic recording things for George, new upgrade to Final Cut Pro for videos (that’s my birthday). So yeah, the spending is on overdrive right now.

And I need to head on out of here and turn my day over to someone else for a while.

I hope you all are doing well. And I’ll be back on Friday. Lord willing. I may have to go in to work early and if I don’t get back Friday I’ll get back when I can. Prayers please for all at hand. Anything you need prayers for? We can pray for each other.

Meanwhile in Texas.

I’ve not posted in a while about Little Roo. He is crawling fast! And pulling up. He’s likely to walk early. He is chasing the family dog and he and the dog both love it. He’s playing peek a boo – learning to hide himself and hear his Mom say Peek a Boo. And he laughs. He’s learning so much about his world and how it works. I’ve ordered some Christmas and Birthday things from Carter. I hope we don’t all end up getting him the same things, lol.

I’ll get to see him soon. Still haven’t heard about Christmas but waiting. We’ll know soon.