Bavarian Pizza and Shopping Excursion

George’s Bavarian Pizza
Kielbasa and German Smoked Sausage

Saturday night George fixed an excellent German meal for us. Despite losing Roger, he continued on with his plans for this excellent meal.

The pizza was pumpernickel bread, pizza sauce, Swiss cheese, and thinly sliced kielbasa or sausage on top. It was really good. Lots of starches in this meal. I did not eat breakfast Sunday morning as it was still with me! lol I had one of my hydrate drinks instead.


Some of you wanted to see what I bought when I went shopping. I actually took *some* video in the dressing room after I put on each top for a vlog later on but I’ll likely have to do voiceovers instead of the audio b/c the music was so loud. I think the music is supposed to make you buy more but it was ruining my video time, lol! So I began just giving a thumbs up and thumbs down. Likely it will be Christmas time before it comes out b/c you know how behind I am.

So here is the shopping excursion. I had prayed before I went. I often do that now. I don’t want to spend too much, I want to buy what I need and will use. I want to find bargains. I want to find clothes that will last. My summer clothes had dwindled down. And some of my tops are too small now. But I did lose 9 lbs apparently from my LAST doc visit so it seems I’m going in the right direction despite all we have eaten. But we had really gained a lot during COVID. Maybe we have been so busy and on the move lately that we’ve kept some of the weight off. Moving helps with that. lol

Liz Claiborne White Skinny Capris but Stretchy! And a Green Top.

I was so happy to find this green top. When do you ever see this color? I loved the texture. It was lightweight. And I’ll have to iron it. I think it was completely rayon or something like that. But I have other linen tops I wear from time to time and don’t mind the ironing. I watch YouTube shows now while ironing, LOL!

I love stripes! And I bought a couple of striped shirts. I also found some cropped jeans. They were not capris but are very summer like and cute with the cuff at the bottom.

Bought a couple of flowery designed tops. I will also have to iron this one too, it’s rayon. But very lightweight for July and Aug months. All of these are work worthy and casual too and can wear to church so it fits nearly every occasion. And LOOK AT THOSE PRICES. You can do a clothing spree at places like Ross, TJ Max and Penny’s when prices are this good.

Flamingo Shirt

Look at this Flamingo Shirt! I absolutely loved it. I wore this to church yesterday with the white pants. It was so comfy and cute. Guess what! It was $6.99!

This one reminded me of the Pioneer Woman. The whole thing was cute. The back has pleats in it too if I remember correctly and the details n the sleeves were cutely made.

Well this little fringy thing is actually a kimono of sorts. I had the whole family trying to figure out what you call it. Cardigan, cloak, moo moo, duster… Everyone was throwing their ideas in the ring. But I’m not sure any of these are the word I was looking for. It’s open in the front and you wear over another blouse. Anyway, I’ll have to dry clean this b/c of the fringe, but I have another one too and I keep the home drying kits on hand. That way I’ll just wear these with a week or two of each other and dry clean them. Of course I think you can do a couple or three wearings of these as they are only overlays and not against your skin. Whew that was a brain workout this morning but I think we’ll call it a kimono. lol. Now I’ll be staring into the closet trying to figure if it’s black or blue on my striped tops and this kimono, but I think this kimono is blue.

And a cute little black floral top that I’m wearing today with some black pants. This one is polyester blend and these last forever. This one is very summery with short but flowy double layered sleeves. Covers the arm flab on top but tapers to almost no sleeve underneath but still very airy. LOL A unique top to me actually. I’ll have to wear my wool cape though at work lol, it’ll freeze me out wearing short sleeves in the office. I will try to remember to take my black sweater today. But I’ve discovered if I keep both my heater on one side and the fan on the other – it makes it quite comfy in my office. It seems like now it shuts off more so it goes from hot to cold to hot to cold and if I have both on it makes it consistent like it used to be before they hooked up this snazzy system that doesn’t work as well that everyone complained about. But I keep my wool cape there always in case I need it.

I bought two pair of black pants. Two sizes but both fit. One was just a little looser. But look at that. Wherever it used to be – it was $68. Now $14.99. Of course we all know these regular prices are usually not there for the long haul as companies run specials at 30% off and such. But one could typically pay $40 for these out somewhere when they are new in their shelf life. I pay thirties usually or twenties if I’m lucky at Belk. But on this day I chose to do the sale shopping first. So when I got to Belk I really did not buy anything. They had good sales, but maybe not this good. That is a good lesson. Always do Belk last. lol. I was hoping for another short jean capri but didn’t find. That’s ok. I might try to find the favorite kind I have now online somewhere as I know it fits. But I’ll give it a few weeks since I just did this spree. My car payment ends soon but we have flooring to pay for in it’s place for a while doing the 24 months same as cash.

C H U R C H / S U N D A Y

We went to church Sunday and all went well. There IS instrumental music – very lightly – before church starts but not during the worship service. I was surprised Mom went back after last week. There was no mention of church until Friday night when Mom asked if we were going. I told her we were planning on going. I wasn’t sure she would go or stay home and do her on line thing. She DID tell me yesterday she liked their preaching. And I think maybe she is ok with the Sunday school class. We have had some really good discussions in there. It’s really meant a lot to me these last few weeks to go to that class. It’s so good to be with and discuss issues of today’s time and it lifts us all up and also makes us think and ponder. It’s just really a good thing. I would hate to break away from that if Mom chooses another church. But I will keep my promise to take her where she wants (even if it is to drop her off and pick her up).

After church we went by Mom’s house. Her villa is on the left side. There was this truck there – huge truck – and a man and woman digging up stuff out of the dumpster. I took a pic of the materials laying about and also their truck and them, in case any materials were missing. They probably shouldn’t have been there. But I personally don’t have any problem with someone getting things out of a dumpster if they can use it. The man said they were throwing away perfectly good materials. I chose not to call the police but took a pic of materials, the truck and even the people. I called Good All and told them and also told Mom’s realtor.

In the afternoon I did MANY loads of laundry, cleaned on the kitchen some, changed George’s sheets, picked up and washed Roger’s blankets and watched a huge rain storm come in. I was so thankful for the rain and not having to water the flowers yesterday as it was a scorcher of a day. Very hot and humid.

And I started moving things around – emptying china cabinet and moving things we don’t use into the sunroom so it won’t be so much to move at the last minute. We are awaiting the call to see when they can do the flooring. I told George NOT THIS WEEK now, b/c they have waited to give me the transport side of the numbers to try to close month end (still don’t have them yet) and I am left to scramble this week to get that done and won’t be able to take off. Matter of fact, may have to work Saturday since I won’t get to work on it much until Thurs/Fri now that the data is coming so late. But still there is a LOT TO MOVE. So we’ll see what happens.

This morning Mom has a doc appt at 8:00 so gotta hurry and get out the door for that.

My focus for the week is to: 1) Get quarter end finished – working on unemployment returns for Transport side of the business and 2) Getting things moved into the sunroom. 3) Working on my photos/files for setting up for future videos and doing my photo storage to keep.

And I gotta go get ready!

Meanwhile in Texas, Little Roo outgrew his car seat and got another! He looks like the King of Breckenridge here in the new one, LOL LOL. I notice it has a place for his sippy cup!

Did you have a good weekend? I was thankful for mine even though it was busy.

What all did you do and what is YOUR focus for the week?

Things Have Been Tough Lately

Good morning from the doc office while I await my physical this morning! I was up at 4:00 a.m. Physical at 6:00 a.m. An unGodly hour but takes less time away from work.

Little Roo is ok but it tears my heart to see him do the breathing treatments. That said I’m thankful that the meds are available and he can have relief and care! God is good! So is his Mom. She’s a good Momma!

I guess Mom had a good birthday yesterday. We took her out last night to Hermitage Steak House. And I brought home pink roses for her.

Hermitage Steakhouse had a different vibe. The white tablecloth, candles, and elegant atmosphere is gone. Cheap tabletops and the wait staff seemed able but preoccupied. Food tasted the same. Have to ask for bread or you won’t get it. But the food was great and salad bar excellent. The prices had soared! Im ok for paying the price along with excellent but if I am paying 45 to 70 for a steak – give me candles and elegance! 🙂 Just saying!

I hope it’s ok to have coffee this morning. Last two times I didn’t and they said I could have black coffee or water. So I did have coffee. If that didn’t suffice this time I’ll have to come back for lab work.

Things have been tough lately. No break anywhere it seems. Work busy. Home busy. Just life going sour and sideways. But one thing is sure. My God remains sure footed and present!

I’m sorry for blasting my feelings out about all that’s gone South this past week. I’m not one to sweep much under the rug like most. My honesty spills forth. I guess it’s good and bad. I’m sorry if I hurt feelings or invited the trolls that lurk as they do.

But in a way I’m not sorry too b/c I have innocence in the matters of which I’ve spoken and have a right to speak and have an opinion that usually is not otherwise heard. So there’s that.

My sensitivity is on overload lately! And feelings hurt easily myself. For several reasons. I know others have been talking about me behind my back. That doesn’t help.

So better go! More later! Thanks for all your comments lately!

Little Roo has RSV, Life’s Issues, and New Coffee Pot

Please pray for Little Roo who has RSV. Going around daycare and their church. He’s having to do breathing treatments. Should be better in 2 to 3 days as he has been given a steroid and also antibiotics. So keep him in your prayers. He had a fever a few days ago. Seemed to be fine and then it began going in his chest, wheezing. He also has an ear infection along with it. So PLEASE PRAY. I know God’s got this as I have prayed for his health and to keep him healthy.

Pray for the parents because it’s scary when your baby is not feeling well.

Also pray for George and his work family. His friend/coworker/and boss committed suicide over the weekend. Everyone is in shock and devastated. George and his work crew have therapy on site today. George was supposed to work from home today and will come home after that.

At lunch he is going to go to the flooring place and set up our flooring details.

I want to thank everyone for watching the video that did and some left a comment either here or there. The link is a couple of posts back if you missed it. I gained a subscriber! Thanks! At home we always watch them when they go live. We had to wait til after church. Mom actually sat with us for it. I wonder what she thought about it. She never said. She got up and went to her room and was there all day. It’s hard to get any compliments EVER from family. I don’t know why. But most of them come from you all. I know George is supportive of them and will give me suggestions. It’s just rare to hear any good news from anyone anywhere it seems. So I love you all for encouraging me on and inspiring me, listening to me, actually responding to me, and I thank you for that which is MUCH above just watching the video. A little bit of cheer and inspiration goes a long way. Otherwise you doubt yourself, question yourself. But I’ve lived long enough now to just keep plowing through and doing what I want. Living for praise or approval from others is in vain anyway and a rare thing. If I approve and God approves, I guess that is all that matters.

Anything else is gravy.

Did I show you the new coffee pot? Since my Mr. Coffee coffee pot did not last much over a year, I went with Hamilton Beach. I have a crock pot (I think) by them that we like a lot. And there you can see my “mule” coffee cup. Forgive if I have shown this already. My life is in such turmoil right now I have no idea whether I’ve come or gone or whether it’s today or tomorrow.

Better go so I can get in early. Although after working late last night I think I’ve paid my dues.

We are going to celebrate Mom’s birthday tonight at a special place. I hope she has a good day. We NEED good days!

Off to close payroll and I hope my Little Roo is doing ok.


But at least I’m thankful for the things that are going well. It took a few minutes to think of them – but food and shelter and a good cozy bed were at the top of the list. Not many more tummy pains so that is good.

I’m going to go and try to enjoy the day and take delight in small things – such as hot coffee and knowing God is nearby.