1 Year Old Birthday Party on Texas Ranch: “My First Rodeo” Theme

Getting ready for the party was fun! Katy had picked the theme out while on maternity leave. Way back then. She collected items since then. I made the little white and red streamers! George blew up the balloons with a machine that Katy had bought. Katy made a photo booth.

We realized we didn’t have anything for the vases. So Shelby (one of Katy’s best friends) and I went to the field and cut off weeds, lol! It worked.

Here was our rental car. A Dodge Charger. Which is hilarious. We moved it for the party though. As a lot of the folks stood around and talked in Cody’s “man cave” garage there. What a cool thing. They turned part of the carport into a garage and their garage is being converted to master bedroom ensuite. Just had to show you our car.

The party was the most precious thing. Even the pre-party pizza impromptu event with all the grandparents the night before, because everyone was there on the ranch – so we ate all together. River got to open a few pre-presents. This was on his actual birthday. River was the life of the party. We sat and watched him open his guitar from his Mom and Dad and he entertained us all and “worked the crowd”. He was so cute. And we all had such a good time.

So I’ve tried to capture the highlights. I just have some random pics left – things like sunsets and our trip back to share. This trip added to our stack of wonderful memories. I couldn’t help but reflect back to the Gender Reveal party in Aug of 2020. And again at his birth in Jan of 2021. It all made me smile. But I cried off and on the day we left. It was so hard to leave. Life is never fair, but have more trips planned. It’s just not the same as actually being there often. Two to three times a year is so hard.

Real Time Update

Payroll is done. I’m trying to stay over a bit each day and also get there early if I can without pinching into my morning “me time” too much. It’s really the only time I have anymore it seems – that one hour. But payroll is closed for the week. Anything and everything is reaching out for time and attention.

So Monday George took Mom to get her vehicle inspected and license tag transferred over to Wilson County, and then she had a string of things for him to do while he was there. He hauled off some things for Good Will to get rid of some boxes and then also brought in some more boxes for her to unpack.

A few days ago Mom had told me she was stocked up good for groceries but when I called her to say Hi and check up on her, she asked when I was going to the grocery. “Last night” I said. I had gone to get a few things to have for the work week. So she said “if you don’t mind, soon I’m going to need a few things – bread, biscuits, bacon, dog treats”. She said it was supposed to snow this weekend and she would like to have them before then. So George and I are going to the store after I get off work. I’m working late these days. I had told her we’d bring dinner but going to have to tell her never mind on that b/c it’ll be later than she will want to eat. I have to go from Antioch to Mount Juliet to get George and then to Lebanon and then back home.

Tomorrow night and Friday night I’m reserving for house cleaning as Kevin and Susan come and I need to “flip the sheets” and get their room and bathroom ready and do a quick dust and vacuum.

Saturday morning we brunch with neighbors and then we may end up with a couple of free hours in the afternoon until Kevin and Susan arrive. It’s also supposed to snow, but I have no idea how much or if it’s just a threat. I’m taking my computer home in case it’s a big event with leftover ice on Monday. I can’t afford to lose any more work time. I’m already having to reserve Sunday of the following week and then the last weekend of the month, Saturday and Sunday – so I have time to try to get quarter end finished. So I told George “NO MORE PLANS”. I know Mom needs things but it’s either going to have to be late at night or weekend. I can’t afford to lose my job and I am already being pulled away for prime work time for taxes next week as Mom has doc appts Thurs and Friday afternoons. Those are the days I normally have time built in for working on returns. Now I’m having to be away Wednesday too for a legal event for my company (which I am not even involved in and know nothing – a big huge time suck and waste of time for everyone, but they will soon know that and figure it out the hard way, after everyone’s time has been sucked, lol).

The cards are all stacked against me here from every direction. I’m just flat being set up to fail from all around me and in doing anything to a completion. I can only do so much with one lifetime, lol. I have pleaded with God to help me with this juggle of what has become my life.

Still I’ve made lists of things that I want and need to do and it will sit and wait on the list until God or somebody gives me a plate of free time. I keep hoping.

But we are looking behind at a very busy last year and we knew January would be like this. And there is really very little that I can control, short of adding a bed to my office. Don’t think I haven’t thought about it.

Anyway, in the next day or so, I’ll share my new year goals (my new year starts in February as January seems to not have included me in it), and I’ll share my long list that is developing that I am chomping on the bit to work on.

So over and out. I’ll be back tomorrow I suppose for a bit. I’m not working on the videos right now because I have to tape a segment about Roger and I can’t do that on a whim. I have to set up lighting and prefer to be by myself when I do it. And there is no period of time in the near future. I can’t move forward until the Roger video is done. Then I have to work on changing the intro. So a couple of bottlenecks there too right now.

Ahhh I will quite typing before I get myself all worked up and forget that I need to EMBRACE what is, and forge forward. Meaning I can’t change a lot of things but just go with it and find a way to do what it is I need and want to do. It is just a horribly busy month. I have to find a way not to worry and fret and try to smile and be content. I’m afraid if I don’t worry though, I’ll be too relaxed and fail everyone.

Til tomorrow…..

Little Dudes Enjoying their Texas Childhood and Making Lists and More Lists

One of the things we did in Texas was go to the JR Livestock show. It’s a BIG deal! Schools let out for it each year. Our friend, Shelby, that we met as she is one of Katy’s best friends – she is the one that stayed with us here in Nashville a couple of years ago and we gave her the Nashville experience. So Shelby’s daughter showed some cows – I’m not sure the proper names, lol. But she was the champion in her class. How awesome.

Here she is. I’m so impressed at how pretty the cows were. They have to wash and blow dry them. It takes a lot of brushing. It takes about a week to get them ready.

Little Roo’s best friend, Little H, from day care was there. River was eating his little baby rice cake. lol
I don’t know everyone’s names, but these are Katy’s buds and then Katy is in the maroon coat, Shelby to her right and then me.

Being there for bath time was fun.

This was our gift to him, the ball pit. And when Little H came over for the party, he loved it too! Look at that face!

So we are back now and all is fine. It is taking a little minute to get all transitioned in. There is so much to do. I still have lots of pics that I’ll share all through the weeks and try to relive each moment. It was too much to blog each morning like I used to do. No laptop and no time to really do it. Since Little Roo gets up early too, our days started early.

I sat at the airport and made several lists – grocery lists, a Target list, a bucket list, Mom’s list. The folks that make fun of our list making need to be thinking twice about that because they might not get what they want if they don’t get a spot on it. ha!

Anyway, I’m working on all my lists. There’s much to do. And some of it is fun stuff. I will try not to talk about how much time I need to do it all, but I do look forward to doing it. I used to play this game on the blog with myself, that I would write what I would do today if I were off. It kinda helped relieve some of the tension of wanting to do it all and do it all right now. I like my life to be in order and I don’t mind working to get it that way, but I like to have some spare time at the end too to relax.

So today if I were going to be home, I’d do the laundry, go to the grocery store, do a Target order, vacuum, empty the trash in all the rooms, put stuff up, dust, and begin putting out my normal decor. We have company coming to spend the night Saturday night. We eat breakfast with neighbors Saturday morning. So most of my getting ready will be done at night this week from this list I listed about what I would do today. I’ll have to do all those things at night.

George is taking Mom to get her car tags changed over to Wilson County. He’s off today. I’m jealous. Very jealous! But embrace what is and forge forward – not much lamenting over what cannot be. But I’m looking forward to being able to work on the house and some of the lists. Yee Ha. Anyway, glad to be back home, but we had a fabulous time and we are considering the possibility of a Hot Springs meet up on Katy’s spring break – for a long weekend. Six hours is not too bad of a trip and that is half way for each of us.

Oh and I have lots of doc appts to make, including the yukkie one – colonoscopy that I have put off for two years over the recommendation. Since polyps were removed it’s necessary to do this. I put it off in 2020 as I just didn’t want to do it. So 2021 was the year I needed to do it, then our spare time for self-care was zapped and given to Mom’s move and all her appointments – so that didn’t happen. This year 2022 is the year. At least we are not having to pack and move so I should have some time to sneak in some appts of my own – not that I want to.

Alright, I need to get ready and scoot on in to work. Hope you all have a great week this week. I may pop in for a quick bit in the morning but the next big blog entry will be Wednesday, Lord Willing. Then work is going to be a time suck this month as well as it’s quarter end/year end. Ooops I’m complaining. Or maybe just stating reality. We will go with that.

A Wonderful Family Christmas that Flew By Way Too Fast

First of all Thank You for those that watched the latest “Less Hustle More Coffee” video (see yesterday’s entry for the link to YouTube). Christmas was probably not the best time to put out another video but I didn’t want to put it off as I have so many to catch up on. I’d like to catch us up to being at least 4 to 6 weeks to current time. The next one will be Roger’s tribute and I am formulating ideas. It will involve some filming so that takes even more time. Plus we will be going to Texas soon.

I have a lot of pics to share. I have shared a lot of them on Facebook so some of you have seen them already if you follow me there and I show in your feeds.

This Christmas happened so fast. This past week we were working by day and seeing family at night and then we had a lot of cooking to do and prepping for Christmas, stockings for all that was there on Christmas Day, and so by Christmas Day afternoon, I was exhausted. Yesterday I was able to do almost nothing but ironing for work, washing our sheets for 3 beds in the house, and washing all the blankets. I watched Sister Wives or videos the rest of the day. And I’ve not slept well the last two nights and honestly am just not feeling good. However, life moves on and we have responsibilities so we thrust ourselves forward. Christmas just about kills me every year. But we love it and we have looked forward to everyone coming and it’s been a dream come true. So now we have to build our strength for Texas, to that little grandson’s birthday and the never ending year end processing that we are graced with when we are already beaten to death by the holidays. lol lol lol Yeee Ha, tis the American Way.

Christmas Eve

This was several families worth that had been dropped off for Christmas Day. And several large gifts at that. I think there were presents for about 21 people if I counted correctly. Not that many were there but there was gifts either to/from extended family and friends as well. Some had been shipped in.

We tried to create a good atmosphere and spirit. I loved having the TV on YouTube playing Christmas music to a scene of a living room or cafe with Christmas tree and crackling fire. Oh yeah, we are beyond just the fireplace scene, lol. One day I will share some of those Ambiance channels with you.

Pics of the mantle.

Dinner was turkey, dressing, baked sweet potato, whiskey carrots, cranberry, 7 layer salad, and rolls. It was good and we were stuffed. None of us could eat dessert, cheese cake.

Christmas Day

Little Roo’s Santa where Santa visited our house too.

Some of the food. I didn’t get it all I don’t think.

Katy’s birthday cake. She was born on Christmas Day! We have learned that no one really can eat many sweets by the time Christmas Day arrives. We are often left with most all of the cake leftover. So George bought Katy a cinnamon donut for her cake, lol. I don’t think much of it was eaten either, lol.

Present opening was wild and crazy and I loved seeing what I got everyone, lol. It was so special having Little Roo around.

Part of the Aftermath:

Earlier in the Week…..

A fabulous time!

Now today it is back to work for me to do time sheets and get the next payroll done. If you didn’t get a chance to see the video, see the previous post. Subscribe if you haven’t already so you will get a notification when it comes out.

So I will probably pop in at some point this week. Katy and Cody pushed through and are safe at home. Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken travel back tomorrow. If I don’t get back here in the next few days, it’s just me taking a break. If so, I’ll be back by New Year’s to do the “Year in Review” but goodness, let’s just go ahead and say all we did was move Mom. lol. I think that was most of our year.

Hope your Christmas was special and that you get some time off. Not all of us are that lucky. But I get most of my week off next week. It’ll throw the year end processing in a tail spin and I’ll probably have to make up the hours, thus losing the PTO but that is also the American Way ::sigh:: And I am worn out before it all starts. But I am not missing my grandson’s first birthday party – family is coming first. Maybe one day they won’t be so far away. It’s really hard for us to travel out there. And now especially with so much going on here and with Mom. Over and Out for now.