Tortilla Pizzas, Frozen Raspberries, Painting Kit for a Granite Countertop, and Boycotting Grocery Prices

Since going to Slim and Huskies a few weeks ago I suggested we try and make tortilla pizzas ourselves. Well it worked beautifully. You brush olive oil on the tortilla and then the sauce and cheese and decorate however you want it with your favorite toppings. Mine had pepperoni, chicken (from frozen grilled chicken tender slices), green bell pepper, and chives, and mozzarella cheese and I sprinkled parmesan on top. Last night we had them for a 2nd time as we still had the fixings to use up. George had a few other ingredients on his like jalapeño and banana peppers.

This makes the pizza seem a little less fattening. And there are all kinds of tortillas out there – some even healthy – so I guess you could try using various kinds. I wish we’d thought of this years ago. Our brains our funneled to think of tortillas as a Mexican dish and only for use in tacos and burritos. So dinner was fabulous the last two nights. Quick and easy fixes too. Quick and easy eats for those new puppy parents with their hands full.

Dexter, aka beagle/golden retriever mix, definitely has his spastic moments. We have to be on our toes to be able to redirect his energy with walks, tennis ball throws, and so forth. I need a little time to reorganize some things in the house but won’t get that time til tomorrow.

George and I have decided to “divide and conquer” life til this little guy is a little older, more trained, and more self contained. We have to work with him and spend time with him. But on the other hand we still have to work and take Mom places and the weekends are just as busy as the work week with little time at home. So we are going to take turns with Mom and store and put a lot of life on hold right now as we very importantly take care of the little guy and train him. He’s a project. So today I’m taking Mom to get her Fancy dog trimmed and groomed, out to eat, to Lowe’s and to Belk, to get Fancy and then take her back home again. George offered to take Mom to church tomorrow to give me a day at home so I can get our laundry done, get the house puppy proofed and organized more, and get sheets changed on both our beds, floors mopped, coffee ground up, meds and supplements in their daily dispenser, and reboot life! Perhaps some where in there I can put in some fun? Life is definitely not balanced but I’m taking him up on his offer and I will do my devo at home while I take care of things here tomorrow. Life is just too much right now. But I’m so glad we have Dexter (it’s like having a new born or a toddler all over again) in which we both take sigh of relief when he is “sleeping”.

Only he is ready to get up about 3:30 in the morning. Usually I can convince him to go back to sleep but the dang deliver guy delivered something at 3:50 as he had just about settled back down. So there is car lights and then soon after a flash light outside my window. The dog begins barking (hadn’t heard much of that until now), and I open my Nest app to see what it is. I easily see it is a delivery guy. Now that would have scared the bejeebies out of me if I had been taking the dog out this morning at that time and a car had pulled up and gotten out. Might have scared him too! lol So George got up to see what the barking was about. So I just fixed a pot of coffee as we were all up at this point. No sleeping late today. The coffee is good. My guess is that I will end up having to go to bed early to be able to get in enough sleep. I have been very sleepy this week on the drive home from work. Short by an hour or more every night and about 6 to 7 hours short for the week. So it’s another adjustment we will figure out.

A friend told me to grab one of these and try it. In the freezer at work. I thought it was yogurt but it’s frozen berries dipped in chocolate. It was so good. It did have about 12 or 13g of sugar. Added sugar mostly, so something to consider and not do very often. It was refreshing for a 90 degree day.

So, someone in the family was redoing some cabinets and in the feed someone talked about painting their countertops. I have known that you could do this on your own to give a granite look. But I wasn’t confident in my skills to pick the right colors and patiently mark off our kitchen for days while we did it, but I didn’t know they had kits! That takes the guess work and the color mix decisions out. And gives a more guided kit to work with – less chance of things to go wrong. I’ve never talked with anyone that has done this so there is research to be done, but this is an option I’m willing to go with when we redo our kitchen. When I say “redo” I’m not planning a huge redo but we will have to upgrade the stove top and plan to install a double oven. We may have to redo some of the cabinets but I am hoping we can find something that fits already. We will do new nobs for the cabinet doors and drawers (36 of them).

There’s really not much to tell ya’ll. Just working all week! Dealing with doggie in the evenings. I took Mom out to eat Wed night to Outback and we spent about $40 on steak each splurging and buying our own meal. It has really gone up. I won’t do that again for a while. We went to the store after. The next night while George went home to dog dog, I went and did more of our own grocery shopping so I had a few things for work and then things to fix the pizza with.

Also I’m starting to boycott grocery prices. It’s really the only way I can make a difference. I normally just go and buy the brands that I want not looking at the price. But with prices going up and gas going up and all, I’m starting to be picky. The one with the lowest price gets my vote and I’ll buy it – unless I’m wary of it being something that won’t taste good. But for most things I’m going with the cheaper option. This will force the other brands to consider lowering their price – if everyone begins doing the same. It’s just the only way I can make a difference as an individual. So I will be trying to do more things like make my own tea. (I like to have tea at work sometimes to sip on and have been buying the individual bottles of unsweet tea.) I’d like to try making our own bread but then there is a time problem with that. I do want to experiment though with a recipe I have had. Bread hasn’t been that expensive but that was just already on my list of things I wanted to do at home.

What are you doing to offset grocery costs, fuel costs, and the pinching of pennies? I’m a little concerned about having to spend so much money just to get to work each week. At some point is it going to be worth even working? lol. We may all have to get remote jobs we can do from home. Here’s a six second clip of me at the gas tank yesterday.

We have also face timed with our Little Roo. It is pandemonium at our house when we get home – feeding spastic dog, walking spastic dog, feeding cat, and trying to coordinate talks with River Roo at same time but we wouldn’t want to miss out on a thing! I feel like I’m not effective though at doing it all at once. My mind is on overdrive and I can’t seem to do a very good job of splitting my attention. Finally after dog walked and fed I could sit and enjoy talking to River Roo! He is walking and talking! And growing! And they are going to the beach. I’m so jealous! I guess it’ll be a living forever before I get to see a beach again with all we have going on here, but one day I will.

Ok so I have started the laundry for the weekend, but need to get in the shower and get ready to go get Mom and Fancy. I’ll be back Sun afternoon or Monday morning.

I have already cleaned the debris of the last video and have set in motion the clips and photos for the next video. The next one is our anniversary day out in Nashville and also of us going through our freezer to see what all is in it. So I’m looking forward to getting a few moments every other day to edit this. Hopefully it won’t take as long and I hope our internet speeds are better for the uploads. Taking 2 to 3 days to upload to YouTube is almost enough to deter my doing the videos, lol!

Ok over and out, but the goal of this weekend is to clean, organize, puppy proof, and get more efficient since we have Dexter Dog. There is stuff everywhere as we have piled things from the floor onto any horizontal space we could find. You might even find shoes on the kitchen counter at this point, lol. So we are out of our comfort zones right now with the house and having to redo it a bit. I don’t even know where to put his food! But we have to put things where we use them. We had dogs before but we have filled up the spaces and bins. So I will need to get a few more baskets I suppose.

Well need to go. Dog dog is getting into everything – currently chewing on my curtains. So gotta gooooooooo! I need to shower and get ready to go any way.

“No No Dexter………”

Things Lost and Found, Productive Weekend, and Feeling Accomplished

What a weekend! It was productive on all fronts and we enjoyed it as well. Time well spent. All the normal weekend things happened such as laundry and picking up the house and vacuuming. I began working on the sun room, vacuuming it, washing the sofa covers and pillow covers and will continue this week/weekend to get it dusted, windows clean etc. But I went to get the easter things to decorate and I could not find them. I decided on a whim to do some organizing in the basement. Organizing is something I am good at. And I decided to do some things I thought my help us get started in cleaning out the basement some. While doing so, the whole time, looking for my Easter decor.

I began by putting all the empty cardboard boxes together, folding the moving blankets neatly, starting a Good Will pile, throwing away trash, and putting like things together. While doing so I discovered a box I’d brought home from the office when our office moved. (Thinking about this time in my life makes me cringe. Moving Mom during the holidays and trying to shop, family coming in, wanting to spend time with them, and then our office up and decides to move as well. I about lost my marbles and it’s still kinda up in the air whether I did or not, quite honestly). But I found this box. I had to buy more plants from Amazon. And I found my little turtle bobble head I kept on my desk. I missed him too. I will take a pic of him later. I am so happy to find this box.

George came and helped me look for the Easter items and said they might be at Mom’s but to be aware – she had sent a lot of stuff to Good Will.

George knew that removing the bed in here was important to me. I thought we’d have to both move the mattress but he did it without me even seeing him. I’m not sure how he did that without breaking things with such a flimsy bed. So now I have room to redo parts of this room. I sat in there a while considering the best look for it all. I have a wooden filing cabinet for files coming up and a black bookshelf in the basement which I intend to put camera equipment on. I’m not sure how the room will be rearranged. I’ve considered rearranging the entire thing to have a different look and feel, but that is more involved. I will have to play around with it and see. It’s cramped right now the way it is. But I will figure it out. The main thing is that the bed is gone. I’ve wanted it gone since November, but we had so many other fishes to fry that was more important. It’s taken a pretty minute to get Mom settled. She is not there yet but close. And we’ve had to pry away some to get some stuff done that we wanted done so that all our spare time is not spent over there.

The bed being gone is big for me. It’s a huge representation of getting my life back, my office back, some time back. The box being found is big with my plants in it. It made my day. And when we went to Mom’s yesterday, I found the Easter box. This has truly been a real life Easter egg hunt. For in the Easter box were these guys. I would have been very sad to lose them.

I’ve had these quite a while. And their presence made me smile! So happy these didn’t leave for very long. George had moved them to Mom’s thinking they were her Easter decorations. He did not know. I bought most of my Easter decor last year when Mom was coming to the house and spending the weekend and I wanted to make it festive for her. Matter of fact, I don’t think George believed me that I had Easter decor. He quizzed me strongly about what was in them to see if I knew. I knew then he doubted me. But why would I make that up?

I had forgotten about this little bunny though. I honestly don’t remember it and wondered if it was Mom’s and she didn’t want it or if I had just picked it up somewhere last year when buying last minute easter decor as last year was such a blur!

So I began putting out some of the Easter things last night as George fixed our beef stew for dinner, which was out of this world.

We will be having Easter dinner here. I encouraged George to go ahead and buy the spiral honey ham while we were at Aldi’s. And it is time to plan the menu! I want some salads! At least two! Like maybe a layered salad, macaroni salad and then a couple of hot sides and rolls and I want to eat off the leftovers for a few days! I’m looking forward to this meal! We’ll go get Mom and Fancy and have them over.

An Easter Bunny, River’s Books for us to read to him on FaceTime whenever he calls sometimes and there is my niece and nephew who we have so missed growing up these last few years after my Mom and sister’s last and final argument. It’s just so sad.

I hope my niece and nephew know we love them but they probably forget who we are at this point. My sister banished both Mom and her Mom-in-law from her life. And with all that strife and dissension that makes it hard for the family to all get together. I tried the first year but my sister was not happy with the timing and said we didn’t really want to see them and said to just forget it. So we did. My guess is from that conversation is that they really didn’t want to see us. And that is ok. You can’t make people like you. Especially if you don’t try, lol. I’ve missed my niece and nephew but my sister sent me updated pictures and I’m grateful for that at least. And that is all I will say. I don’t want to sin against my sister by judging her. It is what it is and I try to stay out of their relationship or lack thereof, but ultimately a permanent family division can’t help but have ripple effects on the whole family.

Where it has impacted me the most is what I’m having trouble with. We could have really used the help with Mom’s move. And I always thought that my sister and I would be close while taking care of our parents. We lost Dad early on, unexpectedly and the family seemed to ravel apart after that.

But I just have to pretend that I’m an only child. When I don’t think about having a sister my anger goes away and I don’t sin and then I don’t have to go through a forgiveness cycle all over again. You can love a person and not like their actions. You don’t have to accept it. But having to take care of so many things on my own has really made me angry at times. And I don’t want to be that way. I don’t want to let the actions of another person have ownership of me. So I choose to put it all away and forget all of it. It’s easier that way. The past and everyone’s anger in this situation has taken a toll on everyone.

My sister would tell you she “got out” for her sanity. So I guess I’ve chosen the insane route and it does feel like I’m going insane sometimes. But I feel like I’m doing what God wants me to do in serving Mom who is not only a parent but a widow and cannot do all the things for herself she once could. I would never turn my back on her. I guess I should never say never. It would take a lot for that to ever happen. I would have to fear my life was in danger. And while our relationship has also been a strained one across my life – she still put clothes on our back and saw that we were safe and I intend to do the same for her.

Wow, this post took an unexpected turn, lol. Anyway, I try to keep my mind focused and forget all that has happened so that I don’t form awful opinions, hold on to anger, and then sin. It’s also very cathartic to let these feelings out here that I have harbored and pushed down for so long. I see no harm it mentioning these things on the blog because anyone that knows us pretty much knows our family is divided. I don’t think it is much of a secret anymore so no family secrets are here. It’s all public knowledge. And these are my feelings anyway so…..yadda yada. You know my motto anyway – ya’ll not want to be news worthy tomorrow – be nice to your fellow man today! Lord knows many lips have flapped about me over the years by ALL!

But yes, every bunny needs some bunny! In a big way. And God fills in the missing gaps when other people are not present in their God given duties. A dog would help too. lol

We had a great weekend of getting things done and finding things! We ate well too. But not too bad. The chips were the worst thing I ate. I fixed chips and salsa and a turkey sandwich, also with chips because I like the crunch.

On Sunday we took Mom to church. And went to Ruby Tuesday’s after and had big salad.

I piled it high and it was so good! I could do this every Sunday. I love their salad bar! This holds me for a long time. But last night we had beef stew and it was excellent. We need to have it more often.

We also took Mom to AT&T to get her TV streaming live TV. We spent about 45 to an hour at the store and got her box and then had to figure out how to get it all started up at the house. It was a little confusing but each thing prompted us on and it was hampered by Mom forgetting and not knowing passwords but we got those changed (I can’t keep up with my own passwords either – so no judgement there). Between the three of us we got it figured out. It took all afternoon. Once we got her signed in we had to get the google microphone set up so she could speak what channel she wants as she can’t see well enough to pick the channels on the guide. (And she says she is going to get out and drive soon. :-O).

I did get to spend some time with the cat. I love it when he nestles on my lap. But mostly he doesn’t stay there long. George and I watched a movie Saturday night about 9/11 with Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. Last night we watched Law and Order but I didn’t really like it. Not my bag.

I’m pleased that we were able to get things done here and also Mom set up with TV and streaming. She missed her Hallmark Channel. So hoping that keeps her happy this week. I was even happy that by Saturday afternoon, I made significant progress on the next video and I think you will like it much!

The Week Ahead

So I get my hair cut Tuesday night. Storms Wednesday. :-O. Thursday to Mom’s for dinner. Sunday to church. I suppose Saturday we will continue to work on things here. I was thinking of getting a pedicure. Might do that Friday night or might wait til next week depending on how busy next week is.

  • Finding my lost pink jacket. I have one place to look. At work. If not there I’ll order another one. ::sigh:: It’s not here, not in our car, not at mom’s. The last place I remember it is in my car. Or at home in the chair. Not either of those places.
  • Finish ironing
  • Fix my google credit card expiration date which will hamper this blog if I don’t get the card updated for the annual renewal of my domain.
  • Check out the candidates for voting so we can early vote.
  • Set my annual physical with Dr. Pare for August.
  • Finish sunroom cleaning for the warmer temps and early summer evenings. By June’s end it’ll be closed off again until fall unless we have some rainy days.
  • Measure my patio table for an example of finding mom a table for her back porch.
  • Order Pics from Shutterfly – will I ever get this done?
  • Set up my puzzle
  • Work on my videos.
  • Learn how to do GIF’s in videos on Final Cut Pro. I thought I had this one figured out but something didn’t work for me the other day. So I’m trying to learn this and also learn a new trick each week.
  • Shop for Mom a cabinet for her laundry room
  • Read some
  • Cannon Camera lessons. Bless it’s heart it gets put off last.

So is this enough to keep me busy this week? I feel like we are getting into a routine now, thanks to God who I have yelled at, begged, (bless him for understanding as He does) and so I think we are settling in with a routine that works. If we can get some important things done as well as some hobby/personal time in, we’ll be good. We all have to be patient which is what our Sunday school lesson was on. I noticed that neither George, Mom, nor I offered any advice on that subject less we end up judging one another and saying “why you giving advice to others about patience?” LOL Yeah we all sat there with are mouths shut! LOL

Meanwhile in Texas

River said “Poppy”! It’s so cute. He’s learning to TALK ya’ll!!!!!

Y’all have a good day! Anything accomplished or fun you had on the weekend????

A Dozen Roses, A Forgotten Valentine, New Bookshelf, and Developing the Next Improvement Challenge

George gave me a dozen roses on Valentine’s morning and they are so pretty. He wanted me to take them to work so I could actually enjoy them since I’m there all the time. They are opening up beautifully.

After work, we took Mom one of her favorite things – a hamburger meal from Wendy’s and also a Valentine card. We went ahead and got chili and a frosty so she’d have dessert and lunch the next day. We even took Fancy a plain burger. lol Not exactly a healthy meal for someone with heart disease but she can’t drive around much anymore and she misses her hamburger excursions. So she was happy to have that.

George and I had a nice Valentine’s dinner at Fulin’s here in Mount Juliet. I had the chicken and vegetables in garlic sauce. You know I’m a realist right? So I have to mention that while I loved the meal and the very attentive service – the booths and tables are tearing apart. I sunk down in my booth and felt like a kid at the table. And the windows were nasty with finger prints and such. So that was a disappointment. My ankles swelled up afterwards too from the salt. So yeah, it was a nice time but….the environment bothered me. I like to eat in a clean place and no decaying/collapsing furniture. My seat was a booth where the cushion had degraded underneath, and it was like the cushion part sunk into the furniture itself. I almost had to reach up to eat, lol. But it’s our fault really, as we WANTED a place that was less desirable so we didn’t have to make reservations and could walk in and be seated – and our goal was met.

We came back home and watched a show. Fun times for 30 years of marital bliss. I even forgot to give George his card until bedtime. lol. We normally swap at the same time and he wanted to wait for me to give him his, so I meant to give it to him at the restaurant and totally forgot as by the time we worked all day, took care of Mom’s gift and finally got to the restaurant I was in relax “ain’t gotta do nothing else today” mode. Then realized it as I reached for my phone that the card was still in my purse. I apologized and he said “hey it’s NOT late, it’s still Valentine’s”. True that. But it was late for what I had intended. He had not wanted it yet that morning when I went to give it to him. But it’s all good I guess, he understood. He knows that I am scatter brained but do all these lists and alarms to keep me on track. I should have had an alarm set at dinner time, lol lol.

Someone at work asked me if I was ADD after telling them that story. I said “no, I actually have excellent focus on things” and that is usually what makes me overlook other things. But in our busy lives now we are pulled in so many directions in a small period of time that it definitely LOOKS and FEELS like ADD. We have a lot going on and a lot we want to do on top of normal responsibilities so it definitely keeps the head turning 360 degrees at all times. It’s a wonder I don’t leave my head sitting on the kitchen table as I head out the door. I have to be extremely organized to get anything done, and yet there is proof I fail miserably sometimes at the most important things. It’s always when I finally relax that I forget something. Mainly we just don’t have time to relax much I guess but that final hour of the day over a meal, watching a show together. Oh – and then – gaining weight together because we are eating right before bed. But I try to wait and eat after I’ve been up a few hours.

So the work decor is finished. George put together the bookshelf for me. I needed that to put paper on for my printer, and a place for Kleenex (I use it as napkins mainly, as I eat at my desk lol). The envelope box fits there as I stuff the TN checks each week. I also have letter head there for a quick reach. A perfect fit to fit the need. I knew it had to be thin but big enough for a pack of paper to fit on it. So I am happy with that.

I may actually get an upgraded map of the world one day. (I saw one in Hobby Lobby that is much bigger that will look better in that space that was actually on a wood background – it was beautiful). But ya know what? It’s totally functional like it is. It’s not a place I entertain people. The lights are usually set to low anyway as I like “low light” as long as I have a desk light and can see. The decor is mainly for me so it feels like a nice cozy place to be. I mean I want it to look nice for others too but it’s me that is in the room all day. So YAY. I can cross another thing off my list for 2022! I love it when something comes to a completion. Even though we know things change and everything is always a work in process. Nothing is ever totally complete! But I’m marking this one OFF THE LIST!

So the Girl Scout cookies came in. I ate an entire box at work last week. My limit is normally 2 per day. Somehow I upped that to three – just don’t look at the calories and fat and sugar on the nutrition chart! But ummmm, wow they are just so good. I love peanut butter. And peanut butter with chocolate is always my favorite. Thank goodness the number is dwindling per box as the years pass.

Something I’m eating is making my stomach burn though – I’m starting to think it is chocolate. Although sometimes it’s been ketchup. I also suspect soy. Those three things are under my microscope. I’m trying to figure it out. When I get the burning feeling it makes me want to eat more, to make it go away and then I end up overeating.

I’m going to NOT eat the cookies today as I have 2/3 of the 2nd box left. I want to see if it is the chocolate. So another day I’ll try it again and see. But I suspect chocolate. It might not be the chocolate but another ingredient in the cookie. It’s so hard to figure things out. Bottom line is I don’t need to be eating them anymore period. Next year I will buy them and give them away. I always want to support my friends grandkids! So that is important but yeah- next year, we will make someone’s day and give them away. I really don’t need to ingest the sugar anyway.

To Do Lists

Yesterday I got Mom’s orders done that she needed on Amazon. And when I take her to the doctor Friday I guess we need to come by the house and make her tax copies for her accountant (my Aunty M), and I’ll get us something for take out for dinner and then we’ll take her home.

Our friends are coming over Saturday around lunchtime for a fun day of eating. We are doing a Tagine meal (I say we but George is doing the cooking), and it’s a Moroccan meal. I’m putting the charcuterie board together and will take pics as long as it’s not a disaster, lol. He planned the ingredients though to go with the Moroccan theme. We’ll also do Christmas with them as we usually do in January but in recent years it’s morphed into February because of our Texas trips and my job in payroll/accounting.

Oh and Thursday (tomorrow) we are supposed to have severe weather. I’m so glad Mom’s doc appointment is Friday. So we won’t be traveling in that.

Other WINS for the week is Mom’s heart echo gram is scheduled and my colonoscopy consult appointment is scheduled. I have a lot to do this week but it’s all easy. Yeah it carries over if I don’t get it done. I am loving the iPhone reminders app. It’s working perfectly.

Hoping to get some time tonight and tomorrow night to finish up the list. I have some Amazon orders that I need to get done, still haven’t cancelled Isagenix auto ship yet as I have to call them during certain hours to do it and I need to wrap some gifts and send a greeting card that is long overdue, and update my reading books on this blog and GoodReads which feeds into the blog widget here. That way not only you all can know what’s on my book shelf but also at the end of the year I know what all books I read. I just go back to GoodReads.

Working on Developing the next “Improvement Challenge”

I struggled some with brain fog yesterday and short term memory issues. It was a bit scary at times. I think it was totally related to the lack of good sleep the night before. I feel much more connected and together this morning. I had missed a day or two of my B vitamins and that did me no favors. I just need to eat more nutritionally and that will help – I’m lacking in greens, but doing pretty good as far as fruits and veggies. I am working on my March “layered challenge”. I was so taken and enthralled with the last one, it’s worth doing again. It will have several layers to it, it will be relevant to my needs and goals for 2022. I will share more on that in a later post. Maybe you can do it with me – as a push or focus toward what it is YOU want to accomplish this year. I’m setting my challenge for either 2 or 3 weeks – I’ve not decided. It takes 14 days to set a habit in motion – I heard that anyway. I might stretch it to 21 for an extra push. But I’m working on the details of what I want it to include. It’s just a nudge to try and put healthier habits into my life and to reach for goals I’m shooting for but have been a little behind in getting there. I can tell you that the layers are going to look like this: 1) Water – it’s important enough to get its own category 2) Nutrition which will include greens again as I struggle getting those in daily, and need to work on that. Another category will be a 3) personal improvement category which I’m still defining but has to do with paying more attention to others and loving more. 4) Another category has to do with my goals for 2022 and still working on that. I don’t want to include things I’m already doing as that would be silly. But it needs to be aligned with goals and things I’ve been putting off or having trouble starting – like doing my camera lessons. 5) Another category is self-care – stopping to take care of me and my needs also aligned with goals.

The problem is always time though, so I need to make sure it’s doable and not going to stress me out. It just needs to be “a little nudge” of a challenge. I don’t think I’m up for a full blown knock me off my concrete sideways kinda thing where I’m setting myself up to fail. So it’s just a little focus challenge to get me going in the right directions on a few things and set up some better habits. Still working on defining it all but that is a sneak peek. I’ll share it once it’s ready! If you want to do your own, just start thinking of four or five different areas of your life you have been wanting to improve. We’ll take it from there. I’ll do a special entry on developing your own challenge ha!

What ARE some things you would like to improve and work on this year?