Cravings, Masks, and a “Little Katy”

Good morning! It is I here just popping on for a few minutes. Here’s a shot of me in my other mask before jetting into to Aldi’s for chicken. With the announcement of the meat shortage, I wanted to make sure we had some chicken in the freezer. Seems like my main go to has been chicken and we have had very little of it in the freezer. So I bought a couple of packs of ground turkey and a couple of packs of chicken and then George also hit up Houston’s for a couple of packs, so we are about 2 to 3 weeks out again. That is easier for me to eat over beef.

That said, I have been craving bologna! I think it was $8 pack at Publix. But George bought an off brand yesterday. At least it was beef, b/c he knew I had such a craving. Now I’m craving BBQ Fritos. I don’t know why. But I will be having some at some point!

It is a secret pleasure to go to the store. I mean yeah, you never know if COVID is lurking around the corner at you, but it pretty much is our source of entertainment outside the home.

A lot of our businesses were “back in business” yesterday and so there was a LOT more traffic on the road. Not near normal but you could tell a difference. It’s weird b/c we have the most cases yet and it’s 10X what it was. And this is expected to come back in the fall? Geez. So no one can really plan anything ever. So we will just all be exposed more I guess. I just don’t know what to think, but at least the phases of reopening made sense if they are going to reopen. So they may roll it back if needed. So I think that everything is probably going to be based on whether hospitals can handle it or not. That is how the whole decisions about staying home began, to flatten the curve so they could handle the numbers that needed care. Well the curve is flat right now but once we start going about as normal they’ll have to send us back home about two weeks to a month later as the numbers will explode. Unless the heat kills it. I don’t know what to believe anymore.

The masks won’t protect you…..wear the mask for your protection. You need the 95. Oh any mask will do now.

It’ll be gone when the heat hits it….it won’t be gone when the heat hits it.

We are going to flatten the curve….oh the number ill has doubled in the last week but we are reopening the country.

It doesn’t affect kids…oh wait kids are getting it.

It doesn’t affect pets…oh wait the pets are getting it.

I know it’s a learning curve….but the mask thing really? How can the same piece of cloth protect those around me but not protect me from others? “It’s mainly for those that have it” they said in regards to wearing masks. They is “the media”. It’s a piece of cloth – if it protects others it’ll protect me from them. It’s the same piece of cloth and we are both human – lol. Do they think we are stupid? This is the one that got me most. It’s mainly b/c they did not want us to be the masks and use the supply so they told little fibs. And I can’t blame the media so much as that they were reporting what they were told by the experts – so that we wouldn’t go out and buy up the mask supply. I’d rather just be told the truth and I’m fine with the medical industry having the best supplies and we buy the home made ones. But don’t tell me the mask doesn’t work so I won’t buy it. Just tell me the truth.

OK I’m off my rant. I guess that one is still with me.

A little bit of fun yesterday afternoon in the kitchen.

We got a “Little Katy” in the mail yesterday. How cute is that? I put her right next to Jesus. She’s welcoming you to love Jesus! I saw the little Jesus card in a Boys Town packet – where they send cards and stationery and labels and calendars and ask for donations in return. So I stuck the picture of Jesus up against the plant. I mean why wouldn’t we have a picture of Jesus around especially of Him taking care of His sheep with staff in hand. Sweet pic of them both!

My diverticulitis scare lasted a day. I snuck out of it. I ate soft foods. The culprit is just not being able to digest things like raw vegetables in this instance. I read some things about this when I googled it and it said that sometimes your nerves can be damaged where your body/intestines just can’t digest anymore due to muscle damage. I’m figuring if that is my case it was probably the Metformin I took or antibiotics or flu shot chemicals or something from an autoimmune thing that has probably been going on for years undiagnosed. However, I am able to digest most everything else so I don’t know what to think. But anyway at least I’m not having pain and I will have to be careful when eating salads so as to chew really good.

When I went to Aldi, George had said that if I wanted scallops to get them. Their scallops are really good. They are also $9.99 so we get a meal of them for $5 each plus the sides we had were rice and canned carrots. By the way LeSeur’s canned carrots rock! You can’t tell that they are not fresh steamed carrots. Great flavor. So we will get Scallops ever visit now. We only get an Aldi in about once every 4 to 8 weeks. So that’s fine.

The key to a good cooked scallop is to dry them good on a paper towel before putting them in the skillet. That way they crisp up.

I might have had a little bit of a dessert.

Creamed cookies with whip cream squirted on it. My version of Cookies and Cream!

Well, it looks like we’ll be seeing family in May. Katy and Cody are coming for his brother’s wedding. And we will be going to see Mom.

I can’t believe it is Wednesday already. It’s “Work from Home Wednesday”. It’s a nice little break from having to drive in, put make up on, pack lunch and all that.

Also it is supposed to storm today. It doesn’t look like a widespread thing when I look at the radar.

Well, I need to get up and at it! And will pop in again probably Friday morning!

Not a lot to tell. I am just keeping myself busy though. I’m loving staying at home on the weekends but I do miss getting out and about too. Can’t wait to get nails done, get a pedicure, and go out to eat again and get the dogs trimmed. However, it’ll have to wait a while. Some things are opening up but just not sure I’m wanting to be involved with the masses yet. Really not even at work but sometimes work seems like a safe place – it’s a false sense of security though.

I don’t listen to the news now but about twice a week. It really helps the psyche. And when I get on Facebook it’s like reading the news and listening to people argue about it. So I pretty much stay away from that too. Seems like Instagram is more positive. People gripe on FB but put their good sides on Instagram, lol.

Well off to it. You all have a great day. You doing ok out there?

Country Opening Up, Diverticulitis, and Other Mid Week Talk

Look what dear daughter did! She is a hunter for sure. I stole this from her social media. She is a woman of many talents.

Well the news is sounding better about the virus. I’m really just baffled by it all. The cases are going up which is what we see in the graphs – even during the shutdown and social distancing. Up 28.9% from last week, yet we are talking reopening the country. And I’m hearing we are flattening out – ummmm, but the graph is going up. So the argument there is that the testing has increased but the ratio of those testing positive to the number of tests done are going down so therefore we can reopen.

This is why numbers can be so confusing. You can twist anything around to “fit the need”. I’m not in either camp really. I am just about as ready as anyone else to get back to a normal life where can go and do and see people, despite the fact that I love love love being home more since I’m an introvert anyway! That part has been a dream. lol. And I do get the fact that business and the economy has been harmed. I also appreciate the fact that the government looked out for people or society as a whole. I get the fact they are in the middle of trying to keep people safe versus tanking the economy. They acted swiftly despite all the accusations that they didn’t. I mean considering the fact that the country was basically shut down – that anyone including our president – give pause at doing so – is understandable in my opinion. I’m not being political at all – I am just speaking from a human being’s standpoint and how I would have reacted if it was me. Shutting down a country is a scary thing to do but it was brave and necessary. I get that it is complicated. But I guess we cannot be “safer at home” forever or “stuck at home” or however you want to refer to it. I guess the fact that this has got people’s attention – maybe if we ease back into society with ‘rules’ it will be ok. That is my hope. However, we all know that people live to break rules because everyone has to be their own individual self with their own individual will according to how they would have it. So we all know how it will go. Unless this virus is killed off by the summer heat – then – it’s gonna get bad before it gets worse.

So people are showing signs of having antibodies in certain regions. I’ve not looked at this much and don’t know a lot about it but that is promising.

Well in case you have been wondering, I’ve been several days with NO pain now as far as the diverticulitis. I’ve not even started the new supplement routine, although they have started arriving. All were to have arrived today in one shipment but some arrived yesterday, some coming today and some tomorrow, lol – I tried to help the deliver guy, by scheduling it to come at once but it is all coming different times.

I definitely think the probiotics help that I began taking again that I already had from Isagenix, the mid day supplement I take for metabolism that has green tea, cinnamon, pepper – I forget what all. And I’ve taken a digestive enzyme with dinner, and then at night magnesium. I’ve also, much like my Dad used to, drink a couple of glasses of ice water with and after dinner – replacing an after dinner glass of wine or decaf coffee.

This is making me savor that happy hour beer or glass of wine as a really special treat. But I’ve also with the same fervor, told myself to enjoy the ice water. And it really is becoming something I’m looking forward to after dinner. I fill my Isagenix cup with ice, add the filtered water, put the top on and add a straw. I go through two of these.

So, it’s been a couple of work days AT WORK the last two days. Today I am at home. It’s easier to blog on those days as I don’t have to put on make up or have a commute. I enjoy each day whether it’s at home or work. It seems about perfect to have two days there, one here, one day there and then one here again, that way I can toss things back and forth, print every other day and so forth. It’s been easier to get things done having only one day at home in b/w the other days.

The parts that are challenging is wagging work files back and forth. And judging how much work you will be doing for the time at home. Bring it all? Or not? It’s hard to judge. But I’ve learned to overload myself so I have what I need. It’s frustrating to get into something and part of what you need is at work or vice versa. So that big white tote bag is what I use to go back and forth. The flowered bag I got at the Mercantile (Pioneer Woman’s shop) and love it. I actually use it as a carryover work bag – I put lunch in it, vitamins, snacks, water, drinks, anything I need for the day. My computer glasses also are in there. An umbrella is in one end and water bottle can be put in the other. Each end has a pouch. This bag is perfect for my carryover bag! But lugging purse, work bag and my lunch/carryover bag all three – is a bit much sometimes. I brought a lot of stuff home yesterday (files) in the big white bag for doing taxes and such and I like to have never made it up the stairs. It’s month end again, so more states to pay.

I had to laugh at Monday’s selfie. I was trying to smile for the camera but it ended up being a smirk. I guess my smiles are just smirks. lol.

I really intended on eating chili for lunch yesterday and testing the waters from a spicy standpoint. But after looking at the sodium content of 1700 mgs per can- I decided to go with something else.

I ordered Cracker Barrel. They had free delivery. And they have a limited menu right now but still the old favorites. I had grilled chicken, brocolli, and pintos. And I ate a biscuit and butter. And then later on mid afternoon I had the other one. I didn’t care. I just ate it.

George fixed shrimp and grits Monday night and then we had hamburger steaks and onion rings (cooked in the air fryer). I went back for 2nd’s on the onion rings and George had eaten all the 2nd’s. lol. He said “oh I thought you didn’t like them”. He said I made a face when he said we were having them for dinner. I don’t remember making a face. I could have wondered if they would be good for me but I didn’t say I didn’t like them. I tried to get over the fact that he ate the seconds – I didn’t care that he ate the seconds – it was just that my taste buds wanted them and I was so excited to go back and they were gone. So I ended up air frying some more. After all it was only 6 minutes at 360. So then life could go on! lol

Here was his shrimp and grits dish.

Sometimes frozen shrimp can taste fishy and I thought these were fishy. That has no bearing on George as a cook. The grits were great, the dish was great. But I think we needed a better quality shrimp for the dish itself.

Well, I guess I need to go figure out breakfast and get plugged in and set up for work.

Oh, I did get the baby shower invitations bought yesterday thru Amazon. So I marked that off the list. And I had some time after work and before dinner to watch a show – I love to watch the YouTube shows but have to sneak them in when I can because they are not George’s favorites. It was a perk to get to do that yesterday.

Ya’ll have a great day and I’ll likely post again on Friday morning.

How do you feel about our country opening again? I’m not sure exact date around here but think it’s going to be around May 1 for some things. Our business is coming back at work also so that is a good thing. I am guessing that by mid May or end of May that we’ll be back FT at work and at our desks all week. But that is just me speculating. I really have no idea. All it takes is one of us getting that dang virus to mess all that up.

Well, ya’ll be good!

Trying to Stay Positive in a Negative World

Awww, Katy was in the “Buckaroo” News in her home town. She and several teachers did a parade through town past students homes to honk and wave while they continue to be out of school due to the COVID-19 virus. The fireman led them.

Being that the world has slid sideways, I thought I’d start sharing some of our vacay pics. Hopefully none are repeats but it seemed like I had to skip over some just for the sake of being able to get a blog entry out each day. Here’s some shots from the Mercantile in Pawhuska, at Ree Drummond’s store.

I wanted one of those mugs sooooo bad. But do you know how many mugs we have in the house? I could drink about two months out of mugs and coffee containers w/o having to wash anything. I love cute coffee cups. I. have had to get rid of some of the less favorite to be able to keep the most favorite. But I love these. I just would not let myself do it.

The bathrooms were gorgeous.

I just had to take a pic. It was on silent. But I’m laughing now b/c someone’s feet are on my blog. I bet they have no idea! lol. And there was plenty of TP. No one hoarding in Pawhuska.

I wanted this rust colored top. But it is open in the front. I don’t have a lot of shirts to wear under things like that. I knew it would sit in my closet forever before I ever went out and tried to find something to wear under it. So I didn’t buy it. If it had been a tunic – it would have been mine! I love that rust color though.

This reminded me of Maisy. And the one below reminded me of Roger.

I loved the cow pillow. I could have bought up the whole store. And of course I thought of my Nanny Voss because she collected bulls. It was a joke really. Grandaddy bought a bull for his farm and she through a fit b/c they are dangerous. She was afraid he would be killed on the farm. When she said it front of me I burst out crying b/c just the mention of losing my grandaddy…..sent me wailing. He was my big buddy. I think he got the bull. And so did Nanny. Because from then on, everyone gave her bulls for Christmas. lol. She had a curio of bulls. I have her purple head bobbing bull! It doesn’t bob anymore but I have it. As for the pic below. It kinda looks like a bull but not sure if it is.

I took that shot because Katy’s town she lives in, in Breckenridge, the school sports teams are know as “the Buckaroos”. And apparently the newspaper is called that too. You see Buckaroo this and Buckaroo that.

The store was fun to shop in. I loved every minute of being there. I think I shared the meal we had with you already in a previous post. I won’t post again, but the food was excellent.

The upstairs was nice and relaxing and contained a big room with lots of seating and a bakery at the end.

I loved this spot. I could sit here and read and ponder and play games on the iPad. As long as there was a stool to put my feet up. I loved those windows.

Hopefully that brought you some joy. I feel like we all need that right now. Everyone in the world seems to be on edge, stressed, upset, confused, snappy, angered, snoopy, suspicious, accusing, backbiting, slandering, trolling, fussing, worried, selfish, unkind.

If you are lucky enough to find some folks that are in control, appreciative, kind, consoling, understanding, giving, thankful and grateful, God-led, encouragers, truthful, loving, pleasant, righteous seeking, positive, hopeful, spirit minded folk – stick with them because they are hard to find in our worlds these days. I am blessed by the ministers and pastors that give comfort while scrolling Facebook, giving live feeds – because most of our days are filled with negative news, negative results, and burdened with problems and mounting issues.

So news from New York that their peak is not going to be until July? Well, it’s just all over then. I keep thinking when April is over, or June. Now we are hearing July. Because we are going to peak after them right? I still keep thinking the heat of the summer here in the South will kill this protein germ with a fatness around it’s edge. The heat of the summer around here will kill nearly anything but ticks and fleas!

Much to my surprise George was pretty livid about me going in to work. I had no idea he was THAT upset over it, but apparently he had been thinking on it and he was pretty hot about it yesterday. However, he looked up the laws and there are loopholes so not really anything one can do. We both agreed we were lucky to have a job still as we are about the only people, besides the lawyer, that were still working. Everyone else laid off and to be fair, some are retired. His response was “what good does it do for you to be working and then get it and die or give to me and die”. True that. I just told him “look the situation is what it is and we have to trust God on this”. It is what it is. It could be worse. I could be in the medical field. Thank goodness I’m not. I could be laid off. Thank goodness I’m not. It really doesn’t matter what situation you are in, none of it is good.

And to top things off the stress of the situation is making me go into a diverticulitis state. I am having pains this morning and I truly hope that I can squeak out of a full blow attack. I am probably not going to be eating much today. I’ve had too much pasta and bread.

Anyway, I need to get ready, get packed and head on into work to do a check run. I’m just doing the check run to get 8 checks cut and then coming home and doing everything else from here to at least minimize being around others. Do you know how many times I wanted to just bust out crying yesterday? I mean it just gets worse every day. This battle b/w fear and faith. And everything in between. There is so much negative out there that it becomes a struggle to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But it will be there. Yes, it may be the light to enter His holy kingdom for those that don’t survive it, but hopefully we will all get through this. I want to live to see my grandchildren.

Pawhuska and Tulsa

Sounds like the world is turning sideways. We are trying to enjoy ourselves being removed from *some* of the panic. In the places we have been, we have been near calm people and not pandemonium.

Then we get in social media to connect with our peeps to find things going from bad to worse – mainly in panic. Once the schools and sports events cancelled then things started flying off shelves- most common mention being toilet paper.

Meanwhile in Pawhuska, OK ….

I am so glad if I’m away from home with the world going sideways I am at least with family and someone I love very much. I’m glad we didn’t cancel our trip, trusted God, and braved the world to get see each other for a bit!

We talk and calm each other.

She is awaiting to see if her school will close. It’s a small town in TX and they are interviewing teachers Monday about where/what they feel they were exposed to on spring break and will decide from there. Not sure what any of us have been exposed to with our airport travel. But we have washed hands and clorox wiped surfaces and hand sanitized after touching most anything.

I even offered our waitress a squirt of hand sanitizer after she took this picture of us with my cell phone. She accepted! lol She said it was out in her area. None to be found in Tulsa.

We did have fun day. It was gray but not raining but windy and 42 most of day and that was cold 42. Later it rose to mid 50’s.

Tulsa, OK

Then we headed to Osage County and onward to Pawhuska OK to see Pioneer Woman’s shop and to eat lunch there going through what felt like the old west.

The landscape was beautiful in this area especially on the way to her ranch.

Adding in Pawhuska we enjoyed the shopping and lunch and I spent some $ in here on a sweatshirt, earrings, lunchbox bag, and coffee.

I’ll share more pics from her shop in upcoming blog posts!

Chicken Noodle Soup, Mercantile, Pawhuska
Twice Baked Potato, Mercantile, Pawhuska

The food was Devine and my choices were perfect for a cold day. And the food was served the most hot I’ve ever been served in a restaurant. It was wonderful.

Tea was only 25 cents.

At the top of the pic you can see Katy’s pork lettuce wraps. Upstairs at the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile there is a bakery.

You can get the famous Spicy Cowgirl Coffee, which Katy bought.

We visited and I coveted the ice cream but didn’t partake. We shopped some cute boutiques in the area before heading out to Ree’s ranch area.

Downtown Pawhuska ,OK

Then we had to use directions from a paper to get to ranch. No GPS where we were going. Katy said “which way is west?” First time I ever used my iPhone compass. lol

The Landscape gorgeous and pics don’t do it justice. The land so vast with nothing but cows, pasture, and occasional pump jacks (oil) as far as you can see.

I can’t capture this in a photo.

But there’s a try from the ranch. only there are houses and structures there.

We walked around at the lodge area. I will share more pics in the coming days. Too much yesterday for me to get in all the pics!

Hurts Donut Co, Tulsa

We headed back to Tulsa and passed by this donut shop. Had to go in. Bought donuts for the hotel later (dessert). Then we went to a wine bar. Ordered a mini appetizer pizza which filled us up so we had to find salads for dinner!

Roosevelt’s, Tulsa

So despite the craziness we are reading about on our phones it’s nice to sit, toast to our girls trip and be thankful to be together. The salad and wine were great!

Roosevelt’s was great as the rain poured outside!

Then we headed back to the hotel to call our hubbies, do facial masks, and watch Keep Your Daydream on You Tube.

And sleep was good! Today we are shopping and looking for adventures in Tulsa! More tomorrow!

Be sane! How are things in your area? Out of TP? Lines in grocery?

Living on Tulsa Time

The plane ride to Dallas was smooth. I sat next to a talker. We had an empty middle seat between us. But midway we ran out of interesting things to talk about and broke off into our own worlds.

On the plane, during boarding, a big group who was settling in to their seats got up and grabbed their bags and left. They had to get luggage off for them underneath the plane and our flight was late to Dallas.

We arrived I was excited to get to see my girl! She had a table at a restaurant waiting!

We split a salad as it was pretty expensive.

It was perfect to get us through the next few hours!

Our ride to Tulsa was only 45 min in the air. No service. They claimed it was too bumpy but it really wasn’t. Often on short rides they claim that.

We arrived in Tulsa and got the rental car. And drove to our hotel. Tulsa is dryer and less Green than Oklahoma City. The roads are in need of paving in some areas. But seems like a nice place so far.

We wiped down our hotel room as we had our plane seat area.

And changed clothes to get out of any germs. I will say that as close as you are at the airport and in planes- it would really be hard NOT to get something contagious. Especially while in a huddle trying to load when lining up. We took inside seats on the plane.

American Solera Brewing, Tulsa

We found a cute brewery- but we didn’t like their beer so much. We spent 48 dollars on two flights and an appetizer and tip. (Insert your favorite rolling eye emoji here.)

Katy said next time she would choose a brewery with normal brews instead of decor. lol Don’t get me wrong. We had a great time and good conversation and the beer – well – it’s great for those that like sours and the new flairs of brews. I’m still trying to like IPA lol – but it was fun regardless. We each have our own tastes.

So it was t our favorite but it might be yours! The place was adorable!

The evening was warm. 70’s!

We then went on to our dinner at the Irish restaurant. We were so excited to go in. A true Irish experience- not that we really know what that is! lol

Kilkenny’s, Tulsa, OK

I picked a nice Italian wine for dinner. and ordered this wonderful dish.

It was the Jenkinstown Cottage Pie. Not many peas and carrots I noticed but the dish tasted great!

After dinner we wanted to get Gelato at the place we saw down the street. We went in and I went to the restroom first. When I came out Katy Said “we have to leave”. I said “why?”

As we walked out Katy said that they were closing early because the employee had been exposed to someone being tested for the Corona virus. And yikes I just used their restroom.

So we went back to the hotel from there. Slept pretty good. Woke up a couple of times. I’ll stop there! We are on the way to Pioneer Woman!

Excursion to Downtown Nashville

When Company Comes….Fresh Flowers

So guess who is home for a visit? Our Kate! She brought her friend Shelby that she teaches school with. And we have had a blast. Picked them up at the airport Thursday night and we ate Sushi at a local Asian restaurant that we love. Then Friday the girls met up with friends at Arrington Vineyards, in Franklin, TN area while we worked. Then we headed to The Pharmacy Burger.

Just to make them feel special…

Saturday we had a lazy morning where I did laundry and worked on the blog and they slept in and watched Lifetime Channel. Then we headed out for a day on the town. We caught a hop on and off Trolley Tour and was able to allow Shelby to see Nashville. I must insert that waiting for the trolley that very few minutes was hot as Hades and it was hot on the bus but at least shaded.

Superfood salad from Milk and Honey, Nashville, TN

So we got off in “The Gulch” in Nashville and tried to grab a seat at The Pub but it was overly crowded. We walked further down and was able to get a seat at the counter (ok -bar) at Milk and Honey. After last night’s burger and knowing what was for dinner, I tried to eat healthy. This salad was excellent.

Beautiful Day in Nashville but it was HOT!

We got back on the trolley to get back to downtown Broadway, where we were going to pop into Robert’s Western World, to let Shelby experience it. Much to our surprise some friends of ours were there from Michigan and also some local friends. Imagine our surprise.

Me, Katy, and Shelby on Broadway in Nashville
Katy and Shelby
Katy and our friend Herb (Who jokingly leaned in to Photobomb)

We had plans to meet some friends of Katy’s at Hattie B’s for some Nashville Hot Chicken. So we headed to our car and headed over. Mainly due to parking, we found ourselves doing a lot of walking yesterday. I had four miles on my Apple Watch by end of day.

Hattie B’s Nashville Hot Fried Chicken

Not exactly a healthy meal. I at least got the black eyed pea salad. And the crinkle fries and ketchup were on my radar. For some reason my piece of chicken was “complicated”. It was a breast and wing (quarter) and it was hard to get the meat off of it. I laughed at my term “complicated”. I mean who ever gets a complicated piece chicken? Me apparently. It was wonderful. However, I am afraid my “hot, sticky, and miserable” began showing. I am sure I seemed quiet the rest of the night. I was truly miserable, tired, hot, sticky. I tried not to complain. Everyone else was too. I was ready for a/c and a nap.

India and Casey

Katy wanted to go to Jeni’s ice cream after. So we went there. A storm began brewing. We finished up and everyone wanted to go get a cocktail at a speak easy place, Patterhouse House.

Patterson House decor, Nashville, TN

The cocktails were good but the place was hot – very hot and we were crowded around in a small booth. I was glad to be with my girl and her friends, but I truly was miserable. I could hardly join in the conversation. It was after 9 at that point, my shoulders and neck were hurting, hot, sweaty, could not cool down, sleepy, and morale dwindling. So finally we left and came home with a/c full blast. I took a shower and put on jammies and the bed felt so good.

Last night our Roger dog didn’t sleep too good. He moaned a few times and this morning continues to moan at times. He often moans when he needs to go out. We take him out. He had loose bowels yesterday so may be something he has eaten that is not setting right with him or hurting him. He seems to not be comfortable. We are watching him to see if this is just a tummy issue or something else entirely. But we are worried about the little guy.

I think even after two cups of coffee, I may try to go back and get another few minutes of sleep before beginning the day. Today Katy and Shelby are going to eat lunch with Cody’s family and then George and I are going downtown Nashville to an old friend’s retirement party. I am not sure what the plans are for tonight. All I know is it’s HOT here in July in Nashville. And the heat is certainly oppressive and no one’s a/c downtown seems to be working very well. So hopefully today will not be as hot. It’s cloudy right now.

I don’t really have an actual list of things to accomplish this weekend- however I do have a list rolling around in my head. At some point should put it on paper.

Well, I’m heading back to bed! I need more rest! 😉 Ya’ll have a wonderful Sunday.