Beach Life Routine | Final Days in Panama City Beach, FL

Just sharing some of our beach life routines and the final days of our Panama City Beach, FL trip.

We are home now and two days into the work week. However, it’s been busy since the wheels landed at the airport, so just now getting to share the final days of our trip, the last day and the day we left. I may have to break them up into two entries, lol.

The pic above is an up close shot of the ocean on Friday morning. It was a calm sea but had this vibration look to it as if the ocean were sitting atop a washing machine agitator. It made me look up earthquakes and the most recent one was in Fiji – really far away. It looked strange to me but no one else seemed to even notice or think there was anything amiss.

This is such a beautiful pic of the beach. It’s just so pretty on the Emerald Isle as they call it. Destin is even prettier with a bluer tint and less green. I believe that is George out there with the grey hair.

Katy made all of us sandwiches for the cooler. Cody and George had gone earlier in the week to buy a cooler that would smash down and fit in the suit cases later. Katy tried to smash it in her bags but her bags were fit the brim and there was not adding anything to take back. The struggle was real. But my sandwich was great! We enjoyed having the cooler on the beach for our daily brew and sandwich.

We really enjoyed eating fruit at the beach. My favorite go to is cantaloupe on vacation. I’m not sure why. I guess I remember Mom having it on Saturday’s when we ate on the back porch, which was a special occasion because in TN it is often either too cold or too hot to eat on the porch, lol. So I always got it for our vacation times when I grew up. Bacon, eggs, and cantaloupe. But Katy got a watermelon and River loves it and we all had some on the beach.

Friday (our last full day) and Saturday (check out day) we had a goal to eat everything in the fridge. So Katy packed the cooler full of anything we might possibly eat out there.

The Daily Schedule at the Beach

  • I woke up around 6 ish each morning and fixed a K-Cup and sat on the balcony, watched the ocean and began my personal routine of: prioritizing the day. That included a Bible Study, World Bible School Grading, checking on Mom’s bank account for anything weird, doing a blog entry, checking on Dexter, checking on Little Bit, taking my vitamins, and doing some reading. I try to fit so much in that I have to have reminders, lol. Even on vacation.
  • Then I would take a shower and come back and wash dishes and clean on the kitchen.
  • George usually cooked up some breakfast. One morning a full on bacon, eggs, toast and fruit. Otherwise we all just grabbed something as we had donuts some mornings, oats, yogurt, fruit, toast, eggs, granola bars, bananas. One morning we ate breakfast out.
  • Then we would head for the beach. Around 9:30 or so I guess. Except that the day we ate breakfast out we shopped afterwards.
  • We usually ate sandwiches on the beach for lunch.
  • Then River would nap at 1:00 and be up by 3:00 or so
  • We found that once River was up from his nap, we could leave about 3:30 or 4:00 and go eat an early seafood dinner out and beat most of the crowds. That worked great.
  • We did a sunset dolphin cruise one day. Then we usually went back to the room. Some of our crew did night swims at the heated pool. I usually stayed back and relaxed with a glass of wine and a book on the balcony. Katy and I really liked the Coppola red wine. I think it was cabernet or a red blend. I’m not sure. But we hated it after it was gone, lol.
  • I was always first to go to bed, since I’m first to get up. I get so sleepy. I don’t think the others were ever too far behind.


The days they went so fast. I promised River I’d quack like a duck and made a beak with my Pringles. Sorry, no make up.

Is this not the cutest thing ever of Poppy and Little Roo?

He is very much in his twos and trying to be independent already. He says “no” a lot and so does his Mom and Dad. lol But he is a sweet heart. Our “kids” as we lovingly call them. They are good parents.

The Beach Rose was an excellent pic. It was so refreshing. The red wine was good after dinner for balcony sipping but the rose was good for before hand. We had about half glass each for two to three days. It lasted a while that way. Must find this again. It was a dry rose and not too sweet.

Here I’m sipping a white on this day while we wait for River to wake up. I read an iPad book I had on my Kindle app called “The Maid’s Diary”. I’m very into it but ran out of time to read once we landed. 😛 I still need to finish The Spare. I just don’t get much time to read and I’m behind my quota.

The key lime pies down in Florida and other southern coastal areas are amazing! We paid $27 for a whole pie which is actually a pretty good price considering what we have seen in other places like Tybee Island, GA. We finished it off!

Here’s my fish one night at Captain Andersons. And the loaded baked potato! Oh it was heaven. All of it.

Then some early evening beach time. I’m getting a close up shot from the balcony.

So work has been busy. Some stuff going on in our family (not immediate family but extended) and we have just been trying to get laundry done and the dogs back to their routine as well as ourselves.

I still have one day of photos left and will share those soon. I have started the next video editing for Saturday at 7:00. It’s a lot of footage. So I hope I make it! I should. But I just had to stop ad blog real quick.

Hope you all are doing well.

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  1. I am so glad you’ve had such a lovely family time out away from ..home stresses….now your r back in the thick of things again, but I’m sure you will have your beach days in front of your mind and try to shut out the stress that surrounds you…. Take care. God Bless xx

  2. There is such a bond between Grandsons and Grandfathers. The pictures of Roo and your husband is so cute. We just got home from a cabin in the mountains. Grandson and hubby were the first ones up in the mornings and out the door. It was on a riverbank and they loved exploring. Grandson brought his bb gun and was showing us how good he could shoot.
    Glad you got to spend some time with your family too. It feels so good to be with daughter and sil and grandson.
    Your beach pictures were good. I loved the white sand and the blue green of the ocean.
    Its almost the weekend. So hang in there.

    • Glad you had a good mountain trip! That sounds so nice. I bet your grandson would like watching the Game Wardens on TV. Lone Star Law. Shooting,fishing, etc. George and I watch it every night. lol Lots of seasons. It’s on Discovery Channel.

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