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It’s Friday morning as I write this. My YouTube video is about an hour away from uploading so that I can schedule for tomorrow. With everything edited and uploaded I’m free to blog away. I have an extra few minutes, also, as Mom has a doc appointment today and I don’t have to leave until 7 a.m. A nice break from the normal rushing pace of the early morning hours.

Dogs have been walked for their business walk and fed, and I have showered and am sipping the first cup of coffee.

I waited to share the decor of our room for this post. I loved the beach decor of our condo rental in Panama City. I love the color scheme. The colors of the Emerald Isle are my favorite colors. You will see me in these colors often. It makes me smile and makes me happy and cheerful.

As we have gone through the week this week snippets of our trip have entered my mind as if it’s imprinting the good memories of the week to my brain. Little moments on the beach, moments in restaurants, walking to the car and having Little Roo step onto the little speed bump each time, and morning sips of coffee on the balcony while the waves swish in one by one. I miss it all. It’s like I should be there all the time, by the sea. It’s almost like that is my home but I am here and longing for home. I love being by the sea.

But life goes on and we’ll pretend that our home is by the sea and we shall go back one day and visit again, Lord willing.

Much like any other week, this week flew by. It wasn’t even a week. It was five days. And upon our return, another five days has passed even as quickly. Catching up at work is still underway. Even today, I’m still behind but yet only by half of a day instead of three.

The new dog is still here. I’ve made an appointment to get her shots, talk with vet and discuss being spayed and chipped. Maddie is fitting into our life and schedule beautifully. Only a few minor changes. It is a little more time consuming, and a little more of an expense, but at least she is little. The dogs are doing well cohabitating and while things are not perfect, they are getting used to each other and I can see that it will be fine.

Mom has been fine while we were gone, other than going stir crazy by not getting her weekend outing last week. She makes sure we know she is not happy about having to endure that. But sometimes we all have to sacrifice for another. I mean look at the sacrifices we have made to get her into that house and up here with us since she and my sister are no longer speaking. My sister and she lived in the same town, our home town. And then there was no one to look after Mom but me. So I refuse to feel guilty for taking a vacation that was only 1/2 of a week.

In the south we have a saying “suck it up buttercup” and so we all have to do that sometimes. And of course I knew she would miss her weekend outing and that she would let us know how stir crazy it was. And of course I was right. First things out of her mouth as predicted.

I’m learning to let my predictions and the washing of ire that flows through me – just pass – and not control me. I try not to predict because I think that plays a part of my anger when I see or feel anyone trying to get to me or manipulate me or try make me feel guilty. I realize now that sometimes people don’t even know they are doing it, it’s so natural to them getting their way. It’s built into their DNA to want to do or say things to manipulate you a certain way. They just don’t even know sometimes that is what they are doing. So I’m trying to be understanding and forgiving and realize that maybe it’s not as calculated as I make it. I do think people calculate to get what they want. I think we all do. So I’m trying to let moments like these go – both at home and at work.

I do realize I would be stir crazy too if held up in a house for a week or two without going out. Wait, what am I saying. I would love that! I could work a puzzle, watch TV, cook, eat, get the cleaning done, catch up with friends, organize things, write, read. Wow. Sounds like a dream.

But Mom can’t see very well, doesn’t feel good, loses her breath when walking any length, and then one day her internet went out again because when the ran the bill on her card, the card expired. She just got a new card. None of us realized that. I thought it was coming through her bank, but the card just expired as the new one came in and so she had to go a day or two without internet and that did not help.

Life is getting back to normal I guess and summer has truly set in, in the South. Near Nashville, our temps are going to be in the 90’s today. Even though I have to take Mom to her eye appt, I still have to go into work today. I will do as much of my Friday stuff as I can.

The video that goes live tomorrow is “spending a day with me and me giving time saving tips while caring for an aging parent”. I made a list one day of things I did that helped me to adjust. We mainly do not have to do things daily other than maintain her bills/bank, but we do doc appointments, grocery runs, fancy trims, and errands, take her to church, and out to eat. If it comes time for daily care – that is assisted living needs there. As we work, it’s difficult to spend all of our spare time there as we rarely have any to begin with. So I did a video that helps with how I’ve adjusted to having another person to “look after”.

I’m not sure I’m completely adjusted as we still have struggles from time to time. But God has been telling me things are going to be easier. He has been whispering “Things are going to get easier, child”. And then there is a song with those lyrics that keep playing in my head. I trust Him. I know it to be true. We are only passing through a season.

Nothing ever stays the same.

There are some other things going on in our extended family. News I’m not comfortable sharing. But eventually I will. Just pray for my family. It’s not my news to share just yet, but I will ask for prayer unspoken.

Poppy is so much better with little kids than I am. I guess I never knew how to play when I was little. I was an only child for the first ten years and no one really played WITH me. I was always given toys to play with. But Poppy knows how to play. Does that make me a bad grandma? I try to be goofy, make funny noises and just otherwise be me. Normally “being me” is being quiet, introspective, usurped in my own thoughts. That is how I was growing up so that is how I am usually. I supposed that is why I love to write. Odd that I would feel comfortable vlogging, but you see, there is only me and the camera! 😉

Anyway gotta get ready and run out for the day! Have a good day! Thanks for reading.

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  1. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s Vlog as always. I’ve enjoyed reading about your lovely holiday with the wee fella….he is so gorgeous. Never think you’re not a good Grandma just cause you think George is more able to perhaps play games etc. your the one he will remember making faces and funny noises with him and reading to him…Hope Mum gets on ok at Dr today and that once you get to work you fund the rest of the days moves fast,then you have a nice weekend ahead. It was lovely you didn’t have to rush about this morning and were able to take the dogs for a wee walk in the peace of a starting day. I love that time of the day when everything is quiet and peaceful. Take care. Roll on tomorrow. Xxx

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