Why We Make Lists

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It is Friday, the end of another busy week. And a blessed weekend arises with the rare “nothing” on the calendar. Oh it’s not as if someone hasn’t encouraged us to put things on it. We’ve even said “no” to some fun but last minute invites. But we need this calm before the storm. The already busy season of the last quarter of the year is upon us and we have a triple whammy coming up -Christmas, Mom’s Move, and Year End at Work, and some Travel. Even though much of it is exciting and fun, it all takes time and time is hard to come by. Time is, by far, the most precious “commodity”, if you will, that is hard to come by!

If we sat on a sofa all day and had all day to think and putt, we might not need a list – depends on your memory I suppose. But we don’t.

So why do we bother making lists? Why do we do this to ourselves?

  • We get more done when we have a list
  • We remember what it was we wanted or needed to do when it’s written down
  • We get to do more of what WE WANT TO DO when we are organized
  • With a to do list, you never get bored
  • We desire to live our best life which is not meant to be sitting on a sofa unless that is where we want to be to watch or show or read
  • We don’t forget important things
  • We can prioritize and do the most important things first
  • A list helps us avoid forgetting things and avoid surprises that crop up having done so
  • Planning is important to us as time is precious
  • It’s true: If you don’t plan your own time, other’s will plan it for you
  • When we plan, we are in control of our own destiny instead of just a haphazard feather in the wind
  • We would NOT be organized if we didn’t make lists
  • We LOVE to make lists and choose to embrace them
  • When it’s on a list you don’t have to keep rolling it around in your brain afraid you will forget
  • The lists we make are not just chores, but fun things we’d like or want to do
  • We had rather live an organized life than one of chaos

Filling the Creative Side

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know that my frustration level increases when I do not get time to work on things that are important to me. There is a creative side of me that I feel I was born for, that I’m not getting to use enough. I can push it down and push it down but then eventually it has to come out. The creative side of me craves to be organized and planned, and have it all together. Let’s switch to third person. lol. She loves to write, be artsy, and create. She longs to be helpful in her creativity to others. She longs to complete her list to make a difference and to feel accomplished. She is there to be creative to make things better. She organizes clutter and chaos into a more perfect world. She puts analysis and meaning to misunderstanding. If she ignores this side of herself she becomes frustrated, impractical, and feels unworthy and unfinished to her calling.

Aside from my persona and wanting to live an organized and improved life and have time for my creative side, I have to be organized. So there’s FT work, there’s George, and now Mom needing extra care, we long to see friends, and there’s our house and of course all of the responsibilities that come with it. There’s doc appointments, houses being built, grandson we want to see, trips we would like to take. There is only so much time in the day.

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com


My planner has become my 2nd Bible. While God leads me along in Bible number 1. My planner is Bible 2! I know it irritates people when I have to pull out the planner to make an appointment or see if we are free. We work FT and my employer naturally expects me to be there for a committed amount of time. While some of it can be tossed around or moved around, I am expected to be there for the bulk of the week. If am to work FT, I must meet this commitment.

But the level of use of my planner this summer has been on OVERLOAD. Usually with just my appointments things are no big deal, I can easily work those in around work. Mom being on board in our family has upped the game with doctor appointments, especially with the two moves, finding and building and buying a house, setting up storage places, selling a house, living with us and reorganizing our place, and it’s brought a bit of anxiety in the juggle of the schedule while trying to work FT.

I know that Mom feels like she is a nuisance. She feels bad. There is no reason to feel bad. It’s just how it is. We have committed to helping to take care of her needs. And it wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have our planner and our lists so we can try to fit all these things into the puzzle of life.

Recently, we went to the eye doc and we have to make appointments two months out as the doc office appointments fill up. The day they wanted us to come was a day I had plans to pull our Christmas together. I normally have a day to shop and a day to wrap. I know from years of experience what it takes for me to get Christmas ready. I have to have a complete day dedicated to wrapping. So I scheduled it. I was dismayed and didn’t want to have to give that up and suggested another date. And the doc office was able to find a second appointment that worked much better for me. Much to my surprise Mom said “I’m sorry I’m so much trouble” and began to cry and headed off into the hallway without me (can’t see after her shot – yikes) while I was talking to the lady and getting the appointment card.

I don’t know what to do. I explained to Mom – I’m glad they could accommodate us and make it a day I didn’t already have planned. I said it didn’t have anything to do with her, it had everything to do with me being able to get our family Christmas ready. I don’t think she realizes how little time I actually have and how much there is to do. And if I didn’t have my to do list, or a plan, I would simply plop into a chair and be done and not get anything done.

Of course then I’m drained for two days because not only do I end up bearing my own feelings, but of those around me, and what have I done to upset someone and why is this happening. Is it my fault? Did I do something wrong? Is this my punishment for trying so hard? What do I do?

Same day George comes home and says we’ve been invited to a Titan’s game Sunday. I immediately said “no!” He was upset with me, I could tell. He wanted to go but told them to give tickets to someone else. Now again I’ve disappointed someone or made them upset with me. Yet another person’s feelings to bear. But sometimes you have to protect yourself.

Photo by Tara Winstead on Pexels.com

Protecting Yourself

I can only be responsible for my own thoughts and feelings. I know my heart. I know I try to please everyone. Pleasing everyone I’ve learned forty times over, will never happen. Protecting yourself is not selfish. I am doing my best to fit everything in. I seek God and his word the first thing every day – not just on Sunday’s but every day. I put the needs of my family up high and the things we are trying to accomplish together. I try and keep an organized and clean as time allows household. I try to meet my employment obligations. I try and improve myself continually both mentally and physically. I try and maintain friendships. I try to spark my writing and creativity and travel and exploring with what time I have left. Life is busy and it throws curve balls. It takes a lot of juggling to try and fit ALL the pieces of life and its increasing challenges onto the plate of life we have. If I don’t have a list or a slice of time with something written on it – it’ll fall in the floor and get lost, it won’t exist, and that “thing” won’t happen.

Those around me should be happy that I make lists. It’s better for them if I do. And sometimes that means saying no to something else not because you don’t want to see that person or not because that person is a burden (they are not) but because you simply need to move around the pieces to make things work and tick. Embrace those around you that like to make lists and plans. Be glad and grateful that they do. That means they are productive, they care, and they are trying to live their best life.

It may mean they have to say no to spur of the moment activities. If you have gone at 500 mile an hour speeds for several days and it’s 7 p.m. and you want to sit on your sofa and read or watch Netflix – so be it. It’s each person’s decision to make and do what they want with the time they have. Each person knows his own needs not to be judged by another. We don’t have to accept every obligation just because the time is not filled already.

And I could type more but – you guessed it – the time and planner says I need to go to work! My personal allotment of time is now over and probably for the day. I’m going to work and work on Friday payroll prep and unemployment returns, then I have plans to get a mani/pedi after work because it’s been a heck of a week so far and I’m overdue. I will plan to sit and read all 263 personal emails while there, one of which is about Mom’s closing of her house coming up. And then I’ll come home, eat, throw in laundry and sleep.

More tomorrow! Lord Willing and the planner calendar is not overthrown. 🙂

PTO Time, Mini Basement Flood, and Pushing to Get My Agenda Accomplished

Funny this was one of my calendar pics this week, reminding me that I can do it, just not all at once. lol. Life seems to be getting busy now that the seasons are starting to turn. I always laugh at me “Hustling Less”. The blog is my reminder to slow down and enjoy life. But the world around us seems to keep us in a whirl as we try to “fit in” our own agendas, somehow. Oh well, I don’t want this blog to turn into another “ain’t got time for dis or dat” kind of blog entry. I’ll save that for another day. lol. Haven’t you heard that song and dance enough from me?

Since there is nothing hot and juicy to tell I’ll just speak from the heart. So…forgive me if I DO complain about not having time to do what I want. I’m sure I will.

I’m most worried this morning about my Katebug, who says she has her “sinus infection” going into her lungs and it feels like she is breathing in dust. I have told her this is NOTHING to play with to get to the doctor as it can come on fast. She has parent teacher conferences today and can’t go to the doc. I’m really worried about her. She has also been prone to having pneumonia. I need that girl back up here with me! They are having a tough time down there I think with being sick and trying to parent. They have a good support team but — I miss them and worry about them.

The week is going by fast. I have been a bit tired lately but rest seems to help. I am having one of those weeks though where I feel like a robot – just going from work’s list, to my list, to sleep and then start all over again. Rinse (shower time, lol) and Repeat. In my “free time” –if you want to really call it that –I’ve done the following in the evenings after work:

I have followed up with the police report and ordered it via email. At least I think I have. Government websites are weird. It sent me a copy of my request (the form I completed on line asking for the report) but did not say, “we’ll send you a copy”, how long it would take, or even that they received it. lol. I just got simply a screen shot of the form where I asked for it, no words, nothing. Weird. I guess we’ll see what happens, if not I’ll call and get their office business hours and go down there – meaning more time off work I guess. ::sigh::

I also refigured my PTO with the current amount plus what will accrue til the first of the year. Since I’m salary and paid bi-weekly my accrual is 4.896 per pay and there are 7 more pays after this last pay day. I have 48.126 hours and with the upcoming accruals will add 34.272 more for a total of 82.398 – if I did the math right. I’ll be rolling about 32 to 40 hours into the new year for our trip to Texas of 3 PTO days plus one or two more if needed. I’ll be taking 1/2 day for Mom’s walk through where she sees the house for the first time and only time before closing to make sure all is well. Then she closes 4 days later so I’ll take the whole day for that.

I want to take 2 days at Christmas – one for shopping, one for wrapping. If Katy and Cody come I have that extra floater day that I was rolling into January that I could take a day for if needed, if the schedule works out.

And that leaves me with two days to take off to help move or help Mom set up her new household. The rest will have to be done on the weekends or maybe some in the evenings if we want. I think life is busy NOW, just wait a few weeks. lol

Also I was thrilled to just be able to get the coffee beans ground for the next 7 days. Geez! lol

I finished folding the laundry and got the ironing done Monday night – it’s mainly just pressing because I hang dry my work clothes. They last years longer that way. I ran out of time on the weekend trying to get other stuff done and we were gone much of Saturday and then was busy videoing the Beef Bourguignon on Sunday. So not much time to do housework and laundry over the weekend but I did get the vacuuming done in the main rooms. Need to do bedrooms this weekend.

I ordered some things for Mom and put some things on the grocery list for her. Some of the personal items she wanted you can only order by the case on Amazon unless you do the “fresh” order. But it’s non emergency and so we’ll just get those things this weekend at the store.

Oh I can’t believe I didn’t tell you since this is big – the basement flooded a bit. Somehow. It has to do with the pipes that connect out back. George knows. I don’t understand what happened, but he switched the switch to septic tank and said the problem will resolve itself as it was an overflow. So he’s been doing the wet vac and fans downstairs. I don’t think it got into Mom’s boxes or anything but mainly rose up through the downstairs toilet and overflowed from there and into the garage. ::sigh:: IF life can’t be busy enough.

So the rest of the week will be hard to get ANYTHING done on the list, as I get nails done tonight, we are going to a dinner Thursday night for a fundraiser banquet for a group we support, and then Friday night Mom and George have plans for us. I’m interested to see how that goes. Anyway, “no rest for the weary” as they say.

I have a push to get next week’s meal plans done (so I buy the right stuff at the grocery since the challenge starts for me 10/1), do the fall bucket list (it starts 10/1), work on my “community serve” list (it’ll be more like serving family and friends – also starts 10/1) and then I have a few emails to make that I should have already made (yikes) and then I can begin working on the other list – the one I showed Monday in the previous post.

Ok I’m going to say it “I never have enough time to do what I want to do” and it’s so frustrating! I have looked longingly at my Fall Bucket List poster board and constantly saying “soon”, “soon”!

I’m trying, I really am. I’m set and determined to get a few things done. Looks like I’ll be penciling these things in for 10/2 Saturday morning though, lol. Unless I can get to some of these tonight after getting my nails done.

I’ll be working on the video in the morning so will see you guys Friday morning for another post! Friday posts are always cheerful because it’s Friday. 😉

Is there something on your list that you get frustrated you can’t or won’t get done? My list changes weeks to week and I guess I put too much on there to begin with!

Simply In Between

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Very rarely do I have a time when I sit at the computer on blog day with coffee and feel I have few words. But today I do. I normally have a least something interesting that has happened to me or some grand thought or theme I’ve buried myself in. Today is just the raw me I guess.

Work has been – enhhh – home has been – enhhhh – I’m in between audio books. Traffic has been scary. The dreaded illness is on the rise and has been. Not every day can be epic, even when we try to make it be. The average day is ok too. I could share some special subject blog entries with you – some ideas I have for a rainy day when there are no thoughts and nothing happening in my world but grey bleak days – but none of those really interest me today for sharing. My heart just not in it.

No I’m not depressed, I don’t think. I’m just in between. That perfectly describes me, my mood, my life, my presence. I’m simply just in between! In between events, in between moves, in between stages of life, in between changes on the work front, in between just about everything. Life either all happens at once or you are waiting for something. I’m simply just in between.

All that said though, tis not a bad thing. Every season in life has its time. We are blessed, somewhat content, and have made the best of what we have. On the days we choose to make life more interesting we can do so, but some days all you want to do though is come home, sit on the sofa and watch a show or play all your lives on Candy Crush. Some days the brain just needs to disconnect, unplug. Some times you have to put away the calendar book after all the appointments made (it never ends) and to do list captured (it doesn’t either), and just be a speck in a moment of time with no movement, no pressure, no striving, no thriving. Just sit and be. I follow this @Peacefulmindpeacefullife on Instagram and it’s so full of wonderful things. I’m not sure who else was following but I liked their sayings and began following them too. They help you realize things you didn’t realize before.

As I look back on this odd year, much like last year’s odd year, I realize it really is a SWEET SEASON of being in between and one we will never forget. While all of us have had our moments of scrambling, trying to make life better for the entire team as well as meet our own individual needs, we’ve had some joy, some peace, some good eats, some good memories.

I appreciate this time I’ve had in my little space of our home in my office. My little but comfy 6 inch foam mattress, having my special space, my journal chair, my office space, and even my little “fake dog” and sloth snuggle button “Snuggie” that is my non-living no-needs companion until we get the real thing. My little room- it has become my “escape to” room for my introvert self-my happy place, my dwelling place – where I find God, peace, comfort, reading, scrolling, gaming, blogging, journaling, planning, and peaceful resting. When I put this room together, I had no idea how special it would be for me or how God was making a special spot for what my psyche and soul needs for this period of time. I’m thankful for that. Each piece came together beautifully – the office section, the journaling/reading/insomnia chair, and the comfy bed that only God arranged to pull together at the last minute! Grateful!

I appreciate all we have done this year so far as I work on the photo and video files for upcoming videos and when I look back at these I appreciate life for what it is and for what it was. I realize how God has been with us and as long as we follow His will, He will continue to be.

What a time of rest he has given us this summer and as fall returns our schedules get more gnarly and our to do list thickens as we move Mom, get all our realty appointments in, doc appointments in, help her decorate and unpack, and begin upkeep of two households needs, and doing Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a birthday trip to see our Grandson, and doing quarter ends and year ends – I realize how busy we will become. We will have fun, we will be stressed, but we’ll make memories.

Upcoming Today and the Weekend

So it looks like our Labor Day weekend will be much more restful than the Memorial Day one! And yes! We are up for that. George and I will both be working on personal projects but no major plans or excursions. We have a fabulous meal coming together on Labor Day. I requested homemade burgers. Mom is making the potato salad. I’m making REAL barbecued beans – from scratch – you know soaking the beans and brown sugar and mustard and all that! 😉 I think one morning we will have a nice breakfast. One of my personal to do projects is to dust and decorate! Going ahead and getting ready for fall.

I found the fall totes downstairs. I was afraid it would be out of sight or covered up or hard to get to, but George placed things wisely of Mom’s so we can get to it. I’m looking forward to sleeping in, to resting, to decorating, to reading, to working on video clips and photo files and hopefully starting the next video. I need a catch up day.

Today Mom has her electrocardiogram. I don’t think we get the results until the doc appt where they will go over it with her but it’s not for a few weeks b/c the doc was only available on critical payroll dates or dates we already had other doc appts. But we finally found a date to work. I hate that but it’s a juggle to keep everyone happy.

I teased Katy that there was a Hurricane Kate out there. She said “don’t tell Cody”. He will tease her! lol

Meanwhile in Texas

“Grocery Cart Little River Roo”

Better go – we have an early appt this morning and then I have to go to work! Then we kick off our weekend.

Please tell me what you are up to this weekend?????