Fun Little Mountain Shops in Waynesville and Asheville, NC and Fun with Family in Knoxville, TN

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Happy Saturday Morning! Here’s some fun entertainment for you to watch while sipping your morning coffee (or by chance your afternoon beer if it’s later in the day when you see this).

George and I went to Waynesville NC and onto Asheville, NC for our shopping adventures and I wanted to put this together. I have been looking forward to editing this video for a long time. I LOVE Waynesville and after seeing a different part of Asheville (other than the Biltmore, lol) I have learned that shopping there was fun also. This will give you a GOOD taste of what it was like. And the music – ahhh yes. You know I love to pick good music for the occasion.

OOOPS! I did make a mistake in the video though. Kind of a big one. George caught it. I AM ANXIOUS TO SEE IF YOU CATCH THE MISTAKE. LET’S SEE WHO IS THE FIRST ONE TO CATCH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I chose not to fix and RE upload it though b/c it takes so long to upload.

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Thanks as always for watching. Happy Saturday and Happy Weekend! I got to sleep in this morning and almost missed the 7:00 a.m. video kick off. LOL. We are going to early vote this morning and do a couple of errands then back home for a laundry and “check things off” the list day. I’ll do an update tomorrow. What you guys doing this weekend? HUH?

New House Walk Thru / Visiting the Christmas Shop

Walking through Mom’s New House for the First Time / Visiting the Christmas Shop

Here she is! She was so happy. She has a beautiful villa in which to reside. God is good. He made so much happen and so quickly. This is the one where we did a walk-through before the actual closing. She then closed on the house and we celebrated. It has pics of the deer that we have come strolling through in the mornings/evenings and also a stroll through our local Christmas shop. It’s almost July so get a cold blast of a feeling by watching. Of course you know, I’ve added some good music all through.

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I’m already working on the next one!