I’m a long time REALITY blogger from the Nashville, TN area. Married to “Hubby George” for 28 years. Also known as “Chef George” as he loves to cook. We have a daughter, Katy who is married to Cody and living on a ranch in Texas. We own two sweet rescue dogs, Roger and Maisy, who have been known to rule the household. And we cannot forget our black cat Little Bit, who can be a “little bit” of a troublemaker on occasion.

George and I both work Full Time, but are looking forward to our retirement. After a stressful 30 years of having a Human Resources Career, I recently switched to a much less stressful role in Payroll and Accounting and love it. I spend my weekends being geeky, writing this blog, making graphics, making videos, making plans with George, our family, and our fun loving, cocktail sipping, music-loving -foodie friends. I enjoy reading, playing computer games, and watching other’s YouTube Videos – usually those that sail or travel, but I’m kinda geeking out on those tech gurus out there.

What you see here, much like life, takes on many forms and will change from day to day. I share life lessons, restaurant reviews, fun cuisine, brewery and winery excursions, fun ways to decorate, ways to de-stress, share friend and family time, and sometimes a bit of humor. God sets my paths, and He will be here among these pages. True to the blogs name, I seek ways to relax and sip coffee or have a glass of wine.

This is a REALITY blog and so you never know what life balls will be thrown my way from day to day. I am usually brutally honest with my posts. My motto has been, “Be nice today, cause you might be on the blog tomorrow”.

Journaling and capturing my day has been the best and most lasting hobby I have ever had, as it has led me to so many other hobbies and it keeps opening doors for me.

Thanks for being here and I hope you will follow along by following in the sidebar, signing up for email reminders so you don’t miss a post and Subscribing to the YouTube Channel where the blog comes to life.

The YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4sHeSAsISlEW8qjJAK1TcQ