Nonni and Poppy’s Day with Little Roo

We had a wonderful time with our Little Roo Thursday. George and I both took off work to get some quality time in with Cody, Katy, and River. We went to eat Sushi. Mom stayed home and took a nap, Sushi was not her thing. We had the sushi date planned for a long time. They don’t get a lot of good Sushi around the ranch area so it’s been the game plan all along. We took Mom something else to eat to hold her until we all went out for dinner.

Salad and Cucumber Roll, Mori Mori, Mount Juliet, TN

Knowing we would be eating a lot of calories later in the day, I opted for a small salad with ginger dressing and a cucumber roll. I don’t eat the raw sushi. I have but prefer shrimp, scallop, crab, or veggie rolls. I DO LOVE the ginger slice, wasabi sauce, and dipped in soy though. I also love the hot green tea.

I had a bowl of popcorn later mid afternoon too.

George at one of his favorite sushi spots, Mori Mori, Mount Juliet, TN
Precious Little Roo, needing a nap!
Mom with Little Roo

Honestly I don’t know when I’ve seen Mom smile SO BIG. She was so happy to meet River. I’ve been good to send her pics all along so she sees him grow. And now she gets to meet and hold him. She was so happy.

I’m thinking all we need NOW is to scare the little guy. lol. But we all took turns putting on the red nose. I think Little Roo is wondering what kind of family he was born into!

He wasn’t sure what to make of his little splash pad. But he had an open mind. The water was a little chilly – and he was confused as to why it wasn’t his warm bath water. But he was a trooper and didn’t cry. He would sometimes kick his feet. He got the little rings stuck on his feet and legs, lol.

After he got into dry clothes, his great grandma “Nana” tucked him under the blanket and warmed him up. She told him how his Poppy loves to freeze everyone out in the house with his temperature controls, lol, lol.

Meanwhile, Roger naps.

Nana held him while George fed him some sweet potatoes. He loves them. A bit of remnant can be seen on those cute little lips of his!

M.L. Rose Craft Beer and Burgers, Mount Juliet

We have a new place in Mount Juliet that we have been excited about. M.L. Rose – they have local craft beer and awesome burgers and a few other things. We have been to other M.L. Rose locations in the Nashville area in recent years. So this is exciting!

Little Roo was not as excited as we were.

We passed him around and tried to keep him entertained. At least three of us walked him, we all held him, his Mom fed him, he had to be taken out to the car to be changed (poopie diaper, it happens). No changing table in the restroom at M.L. Rose (gasp…)

Poor fellow. He survived the night.

Maybe when he can eat burgers and drink beer he’ll enjoy it more. I don’t blame him for being bored. We did the best we could. We even put him to himself in the carrier with the cover over him to give him some space. Oh no. That didn’t work AT ALL. He calmed down after being fed and was all smiles again. (It was a little early for a feeding but it worked.).

Southern Belle Burger, M.L. Rose Craft Beer and Burgers, Mount Juliet, TN

So this is why I ate a light lunch. My burger, oh my gosh, had pimiento and cheese, onion straws, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato and cheese, and bacon. Oh it was good. The Southern Belle.

So tomorrow we take them back to the airport. Sad to see them go. I know they will be glad to be back home and settle into their summer now that Katy’s school is out.

True to the fashion of my life these days, I was unable to finish this blog entry last night. I rarely get to finish anything I start in the same day anymore. So it’s Saturday morning as I end this. Had a wonderful 9 hour much needed sleep.

I had more to blog about but will save it for another day.

VIDEO UPDATE: I should be able to have it uploaded for 7:00 a.m. live time Sunday morning. That is my goal. This was a fun one to work on. Well they all are. But I loved going back to Texas in my memories with this one. I’ll pop an entry here whenever it goes live.

Ya’ll have a good weekend – what all are you doing this June weekend?

Short Hair Cut, Paula Deen’s Nashville, and a Fever Side Effect

Ok so here’s the hair cut. I love it’s simplicity. And this is without a “filter”. I look better with a filter as I have on no make up here on my face. But I will show you the real me. I recently saw where a couple of people made fun of those who use filters and one of them was bragging about how she never had to use one because her natural beauty shone through. LOL.

My first thoughts were: “The fall is hard from a prideful haughty spirit” and the 2nd thought was “Beauty is sometimes only skin deep”. And the third thing I thought was “How unkind those words were to those like me that look better with a filter” as I had a lot of trouble with acne in my teen years. And the 4th thing I thought was “God seeks revenge on those that are unkind and make fun of others”. And my 5th thought was “Bless her heart!”. ha! And the 6th thought was “I’ll keep using filters if I wanna as it doesn’t matter what an ice queen thinks”! And my 7th thought was “I’m no better b/c I just called this person an Ice Queen” and then I had to repent.

The cut feels sooooo good. I should have done it sooner.

Paula Deen’s / Nashville

So, Thursday, a coworker (my immediate boss) and I went to Paula Deen’s as it is in our area. We had never been. Normally this would be packed but in Covid times has left it a bit thin in numbers. Plus it is a bit pricey at $18.99 per plate, the least plate in the house. The menu is currently limited. The online version of the menu showed you could order by plate but that was not the case when we got there. All that said, the food was great. Of course it was no Buffett style like the one I went to years ago in Savannah. I’m sure the COVID times have squandered that. But they had Southern Family style serving which is to bring bowls and platters to the table for all to eat “family style”. Well ok. So that is what we did only we pretty much separated our food. There are no to go plates b/c of the fact that it is “all you can eat” of said items. So we wasted food and had to leave what we didn’t eat on the table to be thrown away. I really wish there was a system that if it’s your first and only serving you can take to go orders. But no.

So would we go back? You betcha. The catfish was awesome. I had the grilled chicken and that was awesome too. And you get a free dessert, but….even for that price the tea was not free and we had to pay for that. I got the unsweet peach tea and it was divine!

I made a mental note to go back and Christmas shop here as there were some nice things in the gift shop. We didn’t have a lot of time to peruse it as we were on the lunch hour but we did a little walk through.

Here was my view at lunch that day. Wide windows and a view of Opry Mills Mall in the distance. This Paula Deen Restaurant also sits beside the General Jackson Showboat, which gives you entertainment, dinner, cocktails as you wind the way down the Cumberland River. George and I did that several years ago on our anniversary.

The restaurant is a gorgeous place with lots of “chandelier” type lighting and big flower vases. We woofed our food down and I didn’t get pics, but I did get the bread. It was “out of this world”.

Normally, in cafeteria or “meat N 3” restaurants in the South, you do not see alcohol served. I was impressed that they included the local breweries. It was not on tap but in cans, etc. And the variety of teas was extra special. I can’t wait to take Mom and George here.

I saved my desert for later in the afternoon. It was just the right amount and they DID let us take the dessert to go. Thank goodness. I got the banana pudding, if you couldn’t tell.

We’ve had the sunroom open some this week. And I noticed just how pretty and green the yard is looking out the sunroom window. I took this photo b/c I like the colors, the spikey plant, the little rag doll, and the binoculars. This is just a cozy setting to me. I love it when I catch myself admiring a “spot” in the house that I have put together. There are so many eyesores it seems, so when you get good “chi” it’s always a good thing.

George brought in some lavender from outside. I’m not sure I know what to do with it. Make lavender bouquets? I’m not always very crafty in that way, nor do I have time, but we’ll see? Let me know any ideas you have.

So this little boy Roger, was just beside himself Thursday night as George had a guys night meet up with Ron and Jack that he used to work with at Ron’s house. He got home about 10:30 and I normally go to sleep at 9:00 or 9:30. Of course I couldn’t sleep til he got home and then Roger was howling b/c his Dad was not home yet. I would NOT put him in bed with me b/c I knew he would not stay there. I didn’t want him to break a leg.

Here is his howling in the video below. It’s at the beginning of the video so once he stops there’s nothing else on there. You can stop watching. I didn’t clip it. It’s such a sad howl. It was hard to capture as when I would video he would stop and I only barely got some of it. I felt sorry for him. Above you can see where he is looking for George but he is not finding him. At last they had a grand reunion once he did get home and then we could all sleep. When I do girls night, I’m home at 8:00 just saying! I did cook dinner for him though and it was waiting on him when he got home. Had I known it would have been soooo late, I’d have stopped and got something to eat for myself. Never dreamed he would be that late. But he said that they caught up, laughed, and had a big time.

My Reaction to the Shot

Well, I got my shot Thursday at 5:40 p.m. I was restless Thursday night overnight, with just random pains and aches in different spots. I didn’t sleep well at all.

Friday morning, I was moving slow, had to drink coffee BEFORE I could even get in the shower. I debated about going to work as I really wanted to go back to bed, but I didn’t have a fever and I needed to go and get some things done for payroll related matters to prep for next week. I also need my PTO time. And I never like to wake up and just call in. On Friday’s I also have to sign checks and it really messes things up if the alternate is not there. I didn’t know her schedule so I pushed forward.

I began to feel worse and worse. I was trying to push through but after I got the most important things done I just made the decision that I had no choice. I was miserable and at that point could think of nothing else. Our thermometer at work usually registers me at 95 lol, so it wouldn’t know a fever if you lit a candle under it. I figured if it showed normal I probably had one. My eyes began to get dizzy – well you know that feeling that you get when you start to get a fever? If you move your head too fast you feel dizzy and fuzzy. I get that way when it hits 100.

So I went home and on the way there I thought I could not stand it until I could get in bed. I listed the things I had to do before I could get there. Pull in garage, pull myself upstairs, change Roger’s diaper and give him a snack, go potty, take my temp, change into jammies, text George and let him know, then crash.

Crash I did. I woke up two hours later with 102! It got up to 103 and I got scared and took acetaminophen. At that point my knee caps were about aching off. That was weird. It was like my knee cap was about to give birth. It hurt. I’ve never had a fever hurt so much. The acetaminophen knocked the pain out and took the fever down to 100.

So this morning, I feel more normal. My fever is down to 100 now even after it’s been several hours with no acetaminophen. The last one was at 4:00 a.m. I was so tired of the bed! I kinda feel like the fever is breaking as I woke up in a sweat.

Anyway, I had been warned this could happen. Some of my coworkers experienced this and others did not. I was hoping it would not bother me so bad. But I’m glad that is over and I hope the fever does not return today. At least I feel 10 times better. I can sit and do this blog entry where as yesterday I would not have been able to sit here and type anything worth reading.

My little buddy slept in his bed beside my bed yesterday. At 4:00 he began his howling because he knows his Daddy comes home. Funny how they just know – I guess by the sun. George came home and mowed. Roger howled the entire time, even when I showed him I was here. He knew it was time for his Dad to be inside. Finally he felt the vibration of the garage door when George shut it down for the night and his Dad came through the door. Happy dog to have him here the rest of the night.

It’s a God Thing!

Oh my gosh, I forgot to tell you! You know the cot I need for my office so I can sleep in here when Mom comes? I was going to order that Thursday night. Well Thursday during the day, we got an email that there were cot bases they were going to give away at work – due to a plant move. Can you believe it? The exact day! Heck yeah! So my boss let me go over and get one before they were gone. While there they gave me some foam that had been constructed that was not the right size and unusable and they said they were giving that away too if I wanted it, but it would have to be cut. George thinks he can cut it to fit the cot. So I saved $300 ish. I was so excited. What timing. This only can be a God thing! So I’ll be working on the office “again”. lol

Much to do this weekend as normal. I’ll post my to do list tomorrow. Did pretty good this week though. Although I’m moving kinda slow today, as long as the fever is below 100, I can function. So I think this is passing.

Did any of you do this on your 2nd shot? I think it’s worth it though. So we can begin to live somewhat of a normal life. I requested a lifting of the mask mandate at work because most have had their shots that are going to get it. The rest are basically saying “I don’t want it and will take my chances”. And so we should not have to continue to wear the masks at work if we are fully vaccinated and beyond 2 weeks as CDC recommends. And certainly not have to continue to wear masks just because others don’t want to get it. Let them wear the masks. Just sayin’. I’m done with the masks after two weeks of this vaccine. I’ve paid my dues. I’ve complied. Now Let me free! I can hear them now though, the one that wants to not wear masks is the one that left with a fever! ha. Can’t you just hear ’em now? But it was a side effect of the shot, but you know how people love to talk and make issue of things. I’m no fool. I know how it goes down. But again, I’m done with the masks now that I’m fully vaccinated.

Healthy Grocery Shopping, Eating Out Splurges, Work Out Channel, and To Do List

Yesterday was an errand running day as Saturday was busy packing Mom and cleaning basement. And so we put gas in the car, got my oil changed, went to drop off GoodWill, went the liquor store/beer store. (I needed lo-cal beer and George wanted more gin). And then we went to the store. I had to say that our grocery buggy had the most healthiest cart I’ve seen in a while. I tried to get a pic of the rest of the cart but George had it emptied before I could get there. You would have seen my Totino’s pizza. I always keep a little pizza in the freezer. I don’t think I can give that up! lol It was about the only unhealthy thing in the cart. I bought some HALO top ice cream. I needed to wear my HALO – I love that stuff! I like the mint chocolate chip. Notice the ice cream is hidden among the yogurt, lol. It’s really not too bad on the calories and sugar though.

Before going to grocery, I realized it was 2 p.m. and I had not had anything to eat since early morning and it wasn’t much. I asked if we could go get a salad. George said I could eat at the store. lol. I said no I don’t want to eat at the store, there are no tables, no where to sit and eat. I told him I would try to find a drive thru so it wouldn’t take up any time in his day for me to eat. He can go all day without eating but I have a blood/sugar issue and if I don’t eat I can get really shaky. So I was trying to avoid that. That is probably one major reason why I overeat.

Suddenly George had a change of heart. I don’t know what did it, but he said out of kindness “pick where you want to eat”. Yes there was a little annoyance in the tone, because it really wasn’t what he wanted to do but he was giving of himself to let me eat. Where did I pick?

Martin’s BBQ.

Time Out at Martin’s BBQ, Mount Juliet.

George was quiet and probably didn’t want to be there, but I enjoyed getting some patio time, sipping a cold beer, and eating a couple of brisket tacos. It was just what I needed. The potato salad was good. The tacos were great, but the green beans were so salty I couldn’t eat them. George got the ribs below. I think his meal was more filling. Then we just had a bowl of soup for a late dinner while watching “Thunderboldt” which we only got half way thru before I fell asleep and had to go to bed.

So, it’s just been a kinda crazy week. I just had notes everywhere across my planner last week! My life’s an open book anyway, go ahead and take a peek.

Our Crazy But Productive Week

It was a bit crazy last week for sure. We had two dinners – with family and friends, a trip to Columbia to start packing Mom, a nail appointment, a COVID Vaccine appt, lots of research, lots of lists of things to remember, boxes to collect, oil change, shopping (several stops at several places), and lots of phone calls to make. All that on top of working FT! We definitely get things done!

Here’s some things I’m going to focus on this week. I am laughing because “French diets/how do they stay so slim?” is still on my list. I mean sometimes I should just reach for the low hanging fruit and just stop and look it up. And that darn Nest device. I just don’t want to fool with it. It keeps getting pushed down the list. I don’t even know what it’s supposed to do. George gave it to me for Christmas so I could control the temp from wherever I wanted to put this, but we control it from the hall and my phone. I’m not even sure we need it. But I’ll try to get it hooked up and put it at the other end of the house. It just didn’t want to work the first time and I don’t have time to fool with it. It may just go in a closet! But I’ll try one more time. I’m not sure if he can return it at this point. He didn’t seem interested in wanting to fix it either. I just really don’t think we need it. I can control the temp from my phone and my phone is usually with me. But it might be good for Mom.

I never get far down this list. But I usually get a few things done from it. I did work on the iTunes a bit yesterday. I just needed a fun project and music was just the thing. I still have lots to look up and download to my iTunes – I have the monthly paid iTunes so I can put any song I want in the library. I did not get finished so I left it on the list.

I will look up songs I hear that I like, when I’m out or in the car on the radio. I click on Sound Hound to identify the song (it hears the songs and saves it to your history on Sound Hound). Then I go into Sound Hound’s history later when I have time and look it up on iTunes and download it and then erase it from my history. A neat little way to remember to do that. I love Sound Hound.

OH and this is big news…..


I wanted low impact to start with. I can’t do high impact cardio stuff right now, but this got my blood flowing and I was able to keep up. I love this YouTube channel! It’s called IMPROVED HEALTH! if you want to do it too!

This made it so much fun. It was about 30 minutes.

Oh, and if you can believe it…I also cut George’s hair yesterday too. I think I need to go back to work to get some rest!

Meanwhile in Texas

Cody and Katy have booked their trip to see us. They will be here in June. They fly in on June 5th and fly out on June 12th. I think we are picking them up at the airport on June 5th and have plans with them on June 6th and then we have a party we are going to on the 12th so we have to see what time and all but I think Cody’s parents may take them to the airport when they leave. So we can’t plan anything around Mom’s house on those two dates. lol

Oh and I lost two pounds!

That is all I have for today.