Plantain Sandwich, Finger Puppets of My Life, and Figuring Out my Schedule

Plantain Sandwich, Jose’s Sandwich & Grill

George and I had an excursion on Saturday – one in which time has not allowed me to share yet. It appears that not one, but all of my hobbies are being taking away – eaten away – one by one but at least this day was replaced by some fun. I’m forcing this entry in today to discuss at least an hour of my Saturday, although really I’m robbing time from my video editing this morning. The rest of our excursion (The Hermitage) will have to come for another day.

We began our excursion day out Saturday by eating at Jose’s Sandwich Shop in Hermitage, TN.

It’s way more than your average sandwich shop – it’s Venezuelan sandwiches. I want to go back again and get the “bowl” – pictured in the window above.

George’s Pepita Sandwich, Jose’s Sandwich & Grill
Peeking into the Inside of a Plantain sandwich

I did not eat all of the plantain. But I love plantain. The entire thing was so good. The beef, the sauce inside, and the ingredients were fresh with the lettuce and cheese. I don’t think people realize what a gold mine this is. It was so good. And the lady that was running it was so kind.

Oh look, the “bowl” is on the card here. That is what I want next time. Also I the same strip mall there is a hot chicken place, and Italian place and a Mexican place – none of which we have been to. So our summer bucket list (when I get time to work on it) will include these restaurants we’ve not been to.

Our day out was fun and hopefully on the weekend I will get some time to do my Hermitage entry – The Hermitage – Home of Andrew Jackson as opposed to the town of Hermitage which is in between Mount Juliet and also Nashville. It’s really only about 10 min away (the town) and The Hermitage is about 15-18 min away, closer to Donelson side which is on the very far out East side of Nashville area.

Thank You

Thank you everyone that left comments for Cody and Katy on the loss of their doggie, Findlay. She reads the blog and my heart has just been so heavy with this. I know how they feel but they had expected to have this dog until she was old -at least, so it has been a shock to lose a very important part of their family. You were kind to leave them a message (previous entry) and I appreciate you all for doing that.

Puppet Lives

Finger Puppets at The Hermitage gift shop

Looking at this photo made me laugh this morning. I was thinking that these puppets are the stage of my life. Which finger puppet is Sonya wearing at this moment? Let’s name all the puppets! The Work Puppet? The Homemaker Puppet? The Care-Giver Puppet? The Family Member Puppet? The Blogger/Writer Puppet? The VLOG-er and/or Video Creator Puppet? The Traveler/Excursion Puppet? The Project Puppet? The photographer/videographer “wannabe” puppet?

What you say? There’s only five puppets there and several are missing and not enough to go around? Yes! My thoughts exactly! That is why it’s my life, lol. At least we can find humor in the situation.

Can someone say “Bless Your Heart!” lol I need a heart blessing! I like the brown one on the end. It looks most like a dog. The black and white one could be Maisy and the black one “Little Bit”.

Here’s What’s Going On In My Head, My Heart, and Life

  • We are planning another Excursion for Saturday – mainly because we have a couple of gift cards to a particular restaurant so we are headed out to go to some areas we like nearby that area. We’ll start the day at lunch somewhere and then shop and explore our way until dinner. We have contacted our friends and plan to join up with them at some point.
  • My arm is better but….. I’ve decided it is hampered by lifting heavy things, doing a lot of data entry, and or blogging and writing. I do think I hit my elbow hard enough a few weeks back to have a hairline fracture as that still kinda hurts but it’s healing. I will mention this to the doc in July that I’ve had trouble with my arm. It feels better after a rest and the elbow only hurts if I lean on it like elbows on the table. So I just don’t lean on it. Icy Hot works wonders for when the muscles hurt. I do think I have a cyst developed on my right wrist just from years of working that muscle from typing. The knot on my lower arm I have determined that is where my arm rests against the table or desk and creating a dent in my arm making a knot of sorts form next to it. It’s almost like a callous inside my arm, lol. Hard to explain but basically a dent in my muscle making the sides against the dent bulge out. Am I making sense? Again, I’ll show the doc all the knot spots. I don’t want surgery and I don’t want pain meds and honestly really don’t want anything. I just really need rest more than anything.
  • I’m trying to work on a couple of projects but time not giving me any of itself to work with. Everything I do is stolen time away from something else. For example work yesterday was a 10.5 hour day with 45 min commutes on each end. I left in the 6 pm hour and got home in the 6 p.m. hour. So my personal time was gone. I ended up doing my video editing because it was nagging at me in my head to do it last night while George cooked, and I really needed to be working on other things. Dinner was ready before I got through working on the video edits.
  • I am wanting to convert cable but with me it’s a whole research thing b/c I want it to be right. And I have not had time to even *think* about it. I’ve at least made a list of what all I need to do: get a current cable bill, talk to Comcast, see how much various streaming live TV services are, check out the Hulu box and Live TV and check out YouTubeTV, etc. I’m just so confused.
  • I am going to get my REAL ID also and get that out of the way. I don’t want to wait until winter or 2023 close to the deadline or it’ll be packed or snowed out or whatever. I have to call and get that set.
  • I have to call and set a GYN appt. I’ve not been in several years and I think it’s worth a check out.
  • I want to do the Summer Bucket List.
  • I’d really like to do a few things on my Winter into Spring Bucket List to be able to check them off. If I could find about 3 hours of time.
  • I need to get a car wash with mud all over my white car, lol. After work I’m too tired to stop or have other things that need doing worse.
  • We began looking for doggies yesterday on a PetFinder website. I’ve downloaded three apps for it and mostly they pull in the same dogs. There is one I can’t get out of my mind but she gets carsick -extremely car sick, it said. I don’t think that will work but —her face. Oh she is so cute. Anyway that is a start.
  • My desk is snowed under with ideas, projects and to do’s.
  • I was able to get a refund processed for our recent tow when my car broke down. Yay – progress at SOMETHING
  • I’m taking Mom to Cracker Barrel tonight. George is going to stay home and work on his music project. He too, has been fussing over no time to do things. He’s been wanting to work on his winemaking also but that has been put aside for quite some time. I mean, we basically have given Mom all of our free time last year and a chunk this year. So our interests are few and far between when we get to spend time with them.

I’m trying not to be overwhelmed by the things I am not “getting to” and by not getting any days off or at home for like – a month. So I’m claiming Memorial Day as a stay home day with NO plans. I think company will be in town but we will have to plan time on other evenings. Memorial Day. It’s mine! For Sanity’s Sake! I have all of the PTO’s spoken for. A lot of it comes toward the end of year – at Thanksgiving, Christmas prep and shopping – when I really really really will need it and then rolling over some into ’23 so I have some at the beg of the year to use for that first quarter before I’ve accrued any yet.

The Time Thing….I Think I Have Figured it Out

Sorry to fuss about time so much but I’ve determined that until our schedule gets ironed out enough to be able to cover all the things I need and want – I will continue to vent about it. It’s a continual struggle that doesn’t go away until I get time for what I need to be a complete person and human being. It’s always something I’ve vented about when I feel life strangling me.

I’m just not willing to give anything in my life up. So each part of my life will continue to screw up the next part. I can’t give up work (yet), can’t give up caregiving, and refuse to give up things I like and want to do as that is a part of who I am as an individual. I refuse to give up going to church as I do think it’s important as we have started back.

One thing I can do is track my hours at work and cut back to 40 instead of working upwards to 50 (or more some QE weeks). I mean with expenses going up and me having a time problem and my income probably not going up I can cut back on my hours to at least give me some time back and it’ll just have to be what it will be. That will make my value go up per hour – even though I’m salaried. I doubt I will go by that during a quarter end month. Hmmm..if you work a snot load of extra hours over 40 during QE one could actually do less than 40 during the other times – not that I will do THAT but that is what would be fair. But I at least should cut back to 40 then.

I leave sometimes early for doc appts but I’ve been waaaayyyyyy far over compensating for those times by coming in early, staying late, forgoing lunches, and working extra during quarter end months —- and I need to manage my work time more to have more of a life balance. That is really the only place I can steal time from right now and it’s not really stealing – it’s taking what is rightfully mine back! :-O So that is the only logical answer I can come to. It’s the place that is sucking most of my day. So there ya go. Tracking starts today. :-). I’m so glad we had this talk! lol. I love coming up with solutions.


The “Story of My Life” | Driving into Storms | Paula Deen Experience

Yesterday was Friday, but I woke up knowing it was going to be a long day. My first thought was to dread it but then I said “nah, embrace it and enjoy it”. So I did. Or did I? lol It did have its foibles but most of it was a good day. And it was indeed long.

Up at 4:50 (because I had to snooze), showered, coffee, blog post and then I picked my song from Epidemic Sound for the video (it’s one of my favorite things about making the videos), and added a few voiceovers to the video while I was by myself and it was silent. Off to work (thank goodness not raining yet) and work at my desk.

Mom’s thyroid appointment was made months ago to get a late afternoon appointment. The doc office had confirmed our appointment at 4:00 yesterday (which means leaving at 2:00 so I can leave Antioch, go to Lebanon, get Mom to Hermitage in time). So plans were set. But then the doc office called. (They do that on Friday afternoon appointments a lot when the doc decides he’d rather do something more fun on a Friday afternoon than be a doc). Doc wanted to cancel.

Me: “Um well, Mom needs her thyroid meds and we have had this scheduled for weeks to get this time slot, so is there some kind of PA or someone else she could see to get this taken care of. We have rearranged our plans just for today.” (And Mom was in the midst of fasting for her bloodwork). So luckily they worked us in with his PA only 45 min earlier, which meant I needed to leave work earlier, but hey it is what it is. And with all those hours worked over for QE (not to mention my day is normally 9+ hours on a regular day) – I’m not worried about taking the afternoon off. I don’t get OT pay like hourly do – I get ZERO for my extra efforts and hours – and I already come in early for the doc appts for her eye as that is every month and I have a set time to make it up – but this one is already by nature made up! So I didn’t worry about having to leave earlier. 😉

Photo by Kat Smith on

So I get to Mom’s and tell her I’m earlier but that is ok – we can try to be early b/c the skies were building and storms were coming. I had my doubts we would make it w/o going through the storm. I don’t drive in the storms, but yesterday I did it for my mother. I felt like a storm chaser instead of the one who normally hides from it.

So Mom lost her keys. She can’t find anything in her purse. She begins looking everywhere. Can’t find them. I tell her no worries, we’ll look when we get back. They are here somewhere as you have not been anywhere. (Two weekends in a row helping people look for missed keys? Must be my life’s purpose!) So then we start to go, but “wait, I need my umbrella”.

As we got pulled out, Mom said she needed her mail. The clouds were getting closer. But I stopped to get it. I knew at that point we’d be driving thru the storms guaranteed. I’m thinking at this point in my life if I get flipped over by a tornado taking my mother to a doc appointment when I would never drive through a storm for myself, then so be it. At least maybe God would give me special star in my crown for that.

Then Mom exclaims as we get on the interstate “oh I forgot my grocery list”. (Not going back at this point).

So yeah, we get on the road and the skies build and we drive into the wall cloud. And then as we arrive at the doc office, the skies opened and an ocean of water fell from the skies all at once. I got Mom parked under an awning which I figure is going to blow away at any second. I had to wait for another car first though. Then I dropped her off and found parking (nothing really close but it could have been worse). I had an umbrella, but the wind was blowing so hard I knew I’d spend my time trying to keep it from turning inside out, so I just tried to make a mad dash.

Only one problem. I was wearing croc sandals. Have you ever worn wet crocs? These are dressy on top but they are croc like on the bottom. My feet were sliding all around. There would be no mad dashing. I was chosen to walk slowly and carefully and nearly drowned just walking in the rain. And of course there was some kind of rug that had blown out of place and was curled up over the sidewalk near the entrance and I had to figure out how to step over it in wet crocs without totally wiping out and surfing down the sidewalk. Of course there was a huge rug blocking the entrance, lol. The angels above must have been laughing their heads off, and I’m telling you, there might have been more fallen angels beside the devil if I’d seen them, lol.

Mom is like, “well why didn’t you use my umbrella?” Because I have an umbrella on my own and no umbrella is working in that wind. “Well you should have sat in the car!” “NO that would not have worked, you’d have been sitting here waiting on me, wondering where I was.” “NO, I’m here to see the doctor”.

So I sat in the doc office and froze my but off and was totally soaked and my clothes all sticking to me and looked like I’d gone for a dip in the pool with my clothes on.

So we get out of the doctor and Mom is like…”I need the first fast food place you can get to”. She has fasted all day. I say “I know I know, you need to eat”. Of course all of the fast food restaurants are on the left side of the road across 5 lanes of traffic and no light to get out and there was Friday afternoon traffic at an already busy highway any time of day. There would be NO fast food eating in that area because I could not get there! I tried to go right and make a block and come back but the lights are so long on that highway. I gave up as she was “starving” not having eaten all day so I told her we’d have to find something on the way home. I cut through neighborhoods to avoid traffic.

The interstates were shutting down b/c VP Kamala Harris was landing about that time at the airport for her commencement message at TSU today. (Insert eye rolling emoji here.) So we had all the back flow traffic. I got to Lebanon road and Mom had already mentioned twice how hungry she was and why wasn’t she seeing any fast food restaurants. I told her to hang on that I’m going as fast as I can. So on Lebanon Road I told her we’d see fast food. Well, it still took a while. Tractor Supply, a Mexican restaurant, car dealerships, auto repair shops. She mentioned again, where are the fast food places? “Mom, there will be some down here, I promise, I’m trying!”

Finally get to a Burger King on the left side of the road and we pull in after waiting a while and traffic never really thins so I have to dart with Mom over there going “Hurry hurry it’s on my side”. So I tell her they have whoppers or regular hamburgers and I figured she’d just want a small something or other so she wouldn’t totally spoil dinner. She says “regular hamburger ok” with fries and then when the speaker asked she had me “upsize” it all.

I’m so flabbergasted and rushed at that point that when he gives me her change and her huge heavy upsized Dr Pepper, that I pull off. Mom said “where’s the food?”. I said “shit”. Sorry, but that IS what I said. I had to pull over and walk up to the drive thru window in front of the other guy that just pulled up in my spot. They gave me the food and I got back in the car. Mom said “ha, that was funny”. I said, “there was NOTHING funny about that”. And THAT is the story of my life. It is a snapshot of what my life has become. Running around so hurried and smeared across life that I can’t function or do anything right. Especially while being rushed and taunted all over the place.

Anyway, while she is over there snickering and eating her burger and fries and coke just an hour before leaving to go eat at Paula Deen’s, I decide I need coffee as I’ve been up since before daylight and I need something to perk me up and make me more alert. So I pull in Starbucks. Of course it is also on the left side of the road across lanes of traffic. I don’t know – must be a fast food kinda thing. Nothing is convenient. Why are they always on the other side of the road? Never on the right. I guess we are always going the wrong direction? lol

Finally figure out how to get to Star Bucks and I have a Starbucks card to use. Get my coffee and give him the card and he says something. I said what? He said you still owe six cents. Oh, shocked, I dig around the car for loose change. I know it’s there. Oh there’s a dime. My fingers couldn’t quite get it. Finally I did get the dime and he says “ok I still need some odd cents”. Finally I understand he said “fifty six cents and not six cents” – I mean sounds of traffic, sounds from Mom making comments about how her burger is too small, it’s hard to hear. So I dig for a dollar. Then we could go home. I told Mom – “hey I asked you if you wanted a whopper or a regular hamburger –remember? You said regular hamburger.” She said “that’s ok”. I remind her a huge dinner is upcoming.

So I get Mom in the house and we sit and I want to watch YouTube and try to soothe my spirit a little more and relax a bit before. You Tube won’t work. Netflix won’t work. Nothing streaming would work? Has it heard that I’m wanting to stream only and cut the cable and now cable is trying to punish me or is it just the evil gremlins that follow my life and trying to play tricks on me to aggravate me? Who knows. Nothing will work for me but cable so I watch The Weather channel and finally the news. I don’t know what is wrong and I’m not in the mood to fight with it. So I give up. We wait for George to get home. At least the storms are subsiding and the sun is trying to make it’s way back in our lives.

So then Mom tries to remember everything that is on her grocery list as we were going after Paula Deen’s. I try to spark her memory. We go through every aisle and section of the grocery and every task of keeping house and making meals. I know without a doubt that Sunday we’ll be going to the store again for whatever items we missed. I want to avoid having to do things twice if we can because we get such little time.

So the cat settles in my lap, also having been drenched from said recent storm. The two of us settle with wet self under a blanket and he on top of it. Then Mom decides she wants a blanket too. I’m not getting up at this point. I point her to it. So she got up and got it.

George gets home and I drive up through the front yard to pick up Mom from the front stairs. Normally it’s not an issue, but the tires don’t want to go up the little hill in the grass as it’s rained so much. I have to back up a couple of times and still slide. I know George is cringing as he waits on the porch with Mom as his beautiful yard is being torn up. I’m cringing because I have mud all over my white car and even on the windows.

Finally we are all in the car and drive there. I think Mom is in a food coma in the back seat or a sugar high from her gallon sized Dr Pepper. She’s quiet unless she hears us talking about something she wants to know more about – like where we are going and what we are doing and asks us to repeat it if it was something she didn’t hear. lol

On the way we pass a couple of restaurants —Uncle Bud’s and McNamara’s (Irish) and Mom says “we can eat there if you want, at both”. But I tell her we will stick with our plans.

We get to Paula Deen’s and I’m hoping for a not big crowd on a Friday night before Mother’s Day. Who am I kidding. There was traffic so I couldn’t drop Mom off at the door. And then I found a parking spot not horrible distance away (not exactly close either) but Mom says she is up for a walk. She NEEDS to walk. So we get her inside and there is one seat available in the waiting area just for her. I park her and go shopping as dinner would be about 30 min – not bad for a Nashville hotspot on a Friday night.

We get seated. Mom and George order fancy teas and lemonades, and I order a glass of wine. I’ve earned it. Even though it was not as full of a glass as I’d have poured, it was still good.

They seated us by the window and a view of the Cumberland River. My heart new that God was rewarding me for my efforts as this pleased my soul. I was surprised the current moved so fast.

My spirit starts to feel better. I was getting hungry and we were seated with food decisions made and the meal on its way and wine! Yes wine! And then they brought those oooooie gooooie biscuits! Pure butter, garlic, onion, yumminess, fat grams, calories, obesity confirming biscuits. So good!

Then the ducks showed up. Loved it!

Then the rest of our “fried food” arrived and we had extra portions of it arrive later. Mental note next time – bring a gallon size baggy and stick the last piece of chicken that no one ate, in it and in your purse so it’s not wasted. There are no take out boxes granted except for dessert. We got to dessert to go as we were stuffed. Mom said she was miserable as we got in the car. I’m sure she was as she’d had two big meals just inside of three hours, but I totally get that she needed something to hold her over.

We said Good Bye to Paula and George had a little fun with Mom. Bunny ears.

And now for the real pic without George’s “help”.

No rest for the weary though. The day ain’t over! We head to the grocery store. I make George go out of the way to take us to the smaller Kroger so that Mom wouldn’t have to walk so far. She does fine with a buggy cart in front of her holding on to that, but when we forget things and have to walk a half mile back and get something three times, it’s just easier to be in a smaller store.

Mom asked if I was getting groceries and I said “no” and she said “good, you can help get mine”. So I read through the list and mentally tried to stage it all so as we went down each aisle I could grab the items. George was the person that “went back to get things missed”.

And he didn’t miss a beat or a note! lol

We got the groceries, got loaded back up, and headed back to Lebanon to Mom’s. Got Mom in the house. Fancy had pooped in the hallway five different times – five different piles. We brought groceries in -bags and bags as Mom reminded us it had been two weeks- (due to our being out of town last week).

As we unloaded groceries from the car Mom dealt with Fancy and Fancy’s Poop Campaign that said “please don’t leave me again for that long”. I noticed that one of the piles had changed form. Yep, not sure who but someone stepped in it and smeared it along. Could the day get any better?

Why yes, yes it could.

I stepped outside to get more groceries and I heard this “hissing unsettling sound”. What was happening? Was I about to be eaten by a wild coyote? Probably. Nothing would surprise this gal. I mean I have had a bob cat visit me in my window at work. And Tom Turkeys to greet me and walk me to my car.

Then suddenly it’s raining again? But no the skies are cleaning but I’m getting soaked. The sprinklers decided to come on and I got drenched on one side from my hip to my toes. But no bites from coyotes. I get the groceries and again, I still have on crocs, so I slowly have to glide through the sprinklers and me and the bags of groceries are soaking wet coming in the house as I try to step over smeared poop going down the hallway. I tell Mom she missed a spot. She says “well that’s ok I’ll have to get it tomorrow”. I just let it go and I don’t deal with it myself. If she can live with poop being there til tomorrow so can I. I’m soaking wet, and have to goooooooooo as my blood pressure meds were taking effect and I’d had to gooooooo many times already and I JUST WANT MY BED! But in the meantime there are more trips to the car and more twinkling tip toes through the sprinklers for groceries.

George comes in and said “what is up with the sprinklers? There’s no way to avoid getting soaked.”

We finally get in the car. George said “How was the rest of your day?”

I say, “It was fine. Just fine. :-O”

We drove in silence back to the house and I played candy crush trying to stay awake. He yawned. I wanted to try and keep us awake for the ride home. I was too tired to talk but I stayed alert to make sure he remained awake. We got home around 10:30 or so? Got ready for bed and crashed.

And here we are today. George has gone yard sailing and running errands and to the bank before our day out. I’ve made the coffee, and started the laundry and need to shower and get ready for our day. I may work on the video some while it’s quiet.

In the mean time Happy Mother’s Day to all ya’ll out there. Here is a card from Terre. So sweet of you! I appreciate it so much. You are so kind Tarryterre!

Near Death Experience or Just a Dream? | Slim and Husky Pizza | My Hair Products

Photo by Khanh Le on

Well, it’s my morning to do video work, but I felt the need to blog and I’ll reverse the roles tomorrow morning or do what I do best by robbing Peter to pay Paul with time, lol! But I had to come in and record my dream.

Around 2:00 a.m. I woke up and mistakenly (ok…on purpose) looked at my phone and when I do that, it wakes me up for at least an hour. Then I go back to sleep. But last night it was spotty sleep. Cat naps, I guess you’d call it. And then this happened. Was it a dream? I guess.

As I slept I was awoken by this bright light. It was shining at the top of my window and it lit my room and I remember the blues of the room being so pretty as the whiteness of the light touched it. As I looked toward the light, I remember smiling a big smile as the light and the warmth and the purity of it hit my face. My body was trying to sleep though and yet it was trying to be awake. There was a struggle between trying to wake up and trying to sleep. I remember longing to be awake and needing to be awake but I couldn’t wake up. During the struggle to be asleep versus awake, I felt a tugging upward and the covers I was under fell around me in a twirl and laid on the bed. As I sat up in bed and rose upward, the furniture around me looked smaller. And then there was an another struggle between sleep and being awake. Then I woke up for real. I sat up in bed. There was no light, the furniture was regular size and I was still under the covers. I was shocked that it was not daylight outside and that I had been asleep. I sat up and drank water, and tried to think about what had just happened as it felt so real.

I tried to find a picture of the purist light as best as I could on Pexels. Above, is the best I could do.

This dream, or experience, whatever it was reminded me of the “near death” experiences that people have described. I wondered if I had just had one. Did I quit breathing for a long while? I dunno! Maybe it was a just a dream. But the similarities are strikingly close.

I also remember Katy telling me “bye” in a dream just before this when I woke up the first time. But it was Katy, Cody and River gathering their things and heading out the door and she was letting it me know they were leaving. That was kindof a play back scene from Christmas when I had a fever and was in bed and she came back to say bye. It was not that I was the one leaving. But I did remember that dream and her saying “bye”. I did NOT see flashbacks of my life before the light though. Nothing mattered at that point but the bright light until I noticed the furniture was small and then woke up.

Weird. But if that is what death is like, I will not be afraid of it. The light was beautiful, calming, welcoming, and nothing like it except the sun is the closest thing to it but the sun pales in comparison to this light. I always have weird dreams. This one tops most. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it. So I had to come write about it.

Lunch Out at Slim & Husky

I had lunch with a friend at work at Slim and Husky. It’s been on my bucket list. It was so good. I am looking forward to George trying it. This one has three types of pepperoni on it. I’m a pepperoni freak. But I had them add spinach and they laid it on too, so I got my greens, lol. They used olive oil on the crust – at least at looked like olive oil. I hope it was. It was brushed on before they added the sauce and ingredients. So good. It makes me want to make pizzas at home. The crust was thin and good. It had corn meal in it I think.

They also make their own cinnamon rolls and had about 6 different ones or maybe more. I got the regular ones.

So much for cutting back on the bread. I guess it was good the pizza had thin crust so you could use the rest of the bread for cinnamon rolls, which I’ll have for breakfast today.

Inexpensive Hair Products I Use

A friend was asking me to send a pic of the hair products I use. So I gathered them up and took some pics.

*The Herbal Essences Curl Boosting Mousse is used if I’m in a hurry and I usually use it on dry hair. This particular moose will aid the curls to stay in place and will take wavy to a curlier status and will calm any frizz. I mainly use it in the back and scrunch it. I use it 1) if I’ve let it dry by itself and I will style the front a bit and then just scrunch the back and 2) Sometimes on 2nd Day Hair (I love that phrase as opposed to 2nd Day Air) I will just style the front a bit and scrunch up the back.

*The Aussie Hair Spray is wonderful, but I don’t use much. I lightly spray on most days if I have light curls or waves I want to stay in place. Just know that adding a lot of product makes it feel dirtier on days you don’t wash it, so I go light on it if I use it at all.

*The HS Professional Argan Oil – honestly I found it in the cabinet last night and haven’t used it in a while, but I think I will use some when I’m going to be using a flat iron or curling iron.

The fun thing about having a layered bob and enjoying growing it out a bit, is getting to experiment with the styles and various products, including various hair clips. I’m having a grand time with that.

*Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo – is good for 2nd day Hair of course. It really just makes you feel shampoo’d. I use it on the roots for a quick lift me up and a clean feeling. Just in a few spots. Usually not the front.

*My favorite product though is this American Crew forming cream, b/c I’ve finally learned how to use it. Putting just a tiny bit in my hands and rubbing them together then using my fingers to piece apart in the front, put hairs into place, fix some little wisps or make my layers do what I want and then the rest I crunch the curl in the back. It’s just enough to shape without weighing it down.

And I’m throwing these in here b/c they are the newest addition to my hair styling – I have only used each of them once. I will have to use them again before giving a review. I mainly just wanted to experiment but really haven’t had time to think about it. I forget they are there as a choice and do my regular thing!

I don’t really straighten my hair much, but I really should experiment with that as the stylist made it look good that way. I have experimented with the curling iron some and making the curls at the root but not the bottom. My hair is a little short for it to work but I moderately got some effect from it yesterday. I want to try that with the flat iron too. Anyway it’s fun to play when you have time. Mostly I don’t have time and end up just using my curling hair dryer with the brush like wand – making it straight as I dry it and then crunching it up for waves.

Ok I need to head out. It’s been nice to get to go out for lunch. Rarely get to and I’m going out again today.

Here was my breakfast yesterday. It was Rice Chex cereal, Whole Grain Cherios, Alpine Muesli, a package of Heart Healthy nuts, a banana, and Vanilla Silk Almond milk. It was really good except the cereal gets mushy too quick for me. This morning I’ll be bad and eat the cinnamon rolls, lol.

I was also very happy to find Cucumber Perrier! It made my heart glad. I love cucumber water with citrus. We make it at home sometime in just regular water, and we call it Detox water. It’s so good for your body. I love mineral water anyway.

Ok I need to get out of here. So ya’ll have a grand day. It’s Thursday and Cinco de Mayo meal is tonight at home. And also it is supposed to storm today and tomorrow. And I hope it doesn’t storm while I’m out driving around. I’m going to pray it doesn’t. The storms where tornadic in Oklahoma. But I don’t think it is supposed to be that bad here – although there is still the possibility – it’s just not as great. Right now it looks like a lot of rain! But it’s the spin up cells in the dry sector than can build up in the sun that causes the most problems.

OK I’m running wayyyyy late today. Over and out.