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So far yesterday the diverticulitis pain was minimal. I ate bland – eggs, potatoes, rice, and peanut butter and crackers. Not exactly liquid but I felt I could get by with this. No fever yet or anything so that is good. I got a really good night’s sleep last night. Only minimal pain this morning so I will keep with the bland today. Have salmon patties tonight but I will pick at it and chew it really good.

I took a look at our SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO’s versus the Persona vitamins out there. I actually took their quiz to see what vitamins they recommended for my personalized pack. That was very helpful as it lays out for me what vitamins I should be taking. I then compared against what I’m taking. I have only started with this process. Last night I compared the main multivitamin. That SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO’s version of the a.m. and p.m. packs have about twice the mcg’s or mg’s or IU’s that Persona does. Also THAT SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO’s cheaper. I still have to compare the other supplements taken throughout the day – such as the mid day supplement I take that has cinnamon and pepper in it for digestion and also the evening pill that has magnesium. So I guess this will be a weekend project to grab the product book and compare.

My intentions are to do a shake up improvement of what vitamins and supplements I take. I think they will help. All this in an effort to get my gut biome to a normal state. I’m also looking at probiotics and doing some research on that.

I know there is a lot of controversy out there on whether vitamins and supplements help. However, I can tell you from experience – they have given my life more value as I have energy back and less pain in joints. I can tell the mood is better with certain ones. Ask just about anyone you know and they will say that vitamins and supplements help them. I think there are probably some bum ones out there that are ineffective due to the casings they are in, etc. But I do think it’s time to do a shake up and renewal of what I need to be taking. And our diets can use some improvement as well – as always.

So this will be a project. My intention is that I will be comparing to see what is in the SHAKE/SUPPLEMENT COMPANY THAT I DO’s then I’ll see what of all that I can get cheaper. I’m just not ordering enough product now to even get my $200 in free product through the challenges anymore. That is how I paid for my vitamins. So I will try to find them cheaper. George is also taking a lot of the same ones, so we’ll combine probably from a main stash. But if I know me, I’ll want to keep mine separate for inventory control. lol

Anyway, that is all for today. I need to gather makeup on and get out the door. Much to do today. Have to do a check run, pay 401k, pay weekly taxes for this week, do quarter end returns and a whole stack of other stuff. Never ends.

People need kindness out there in a big way. Make someone smile today. It really isn’t that hard to be nice to others. Everyone has their own situations going on. So try to make it a good day. Give a smile on a day when hugs can’t be given.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your tummy troubles returning! You’ll be in my prayers. I can imagine how tortuous it is to be a foodie and have these returning food issues to deal with. I hope you get over this episode soon and without anymore setbacks.

  2. Evening love…I’ve just done clapping in thanks for all the care that the staff in the hospitals and any other NHS staff also all carers who work in care homes and at home. We do this every Thursday evening at 8 pm….this I think is the third week and it’s wonderful to see so many people taking part, many many thousands of all ages… Glad you were feeling better this morning hope that continues. Only one more day till your weekend when I hope you can take some rest in body and soul… I don’t think I had realized you were not following the strictly Isagenics vitamins etc although I had noticed you didn’t seem to be taking so many of your mixers etc…it will be really interesting to read about the vitamins that you think really helped against perhaps others that might be good enough for you but more expensive ….I hope work has gone without a hitch today and you got most of what you wanted to do done!….We heard this evening that the shut down and isolation has been extended by another three weeks…at least, our ears perked up at the last two words…at least. I think we all hope that during the next three weeks the death rate from the virus will have leveled …we hear that there are I think he said over 16,000+ deaths so far and that’s just in hospitals, not counting people who have died in care homes or at home, it’s reckoned another 2,000+ it’s really horrendous. Thankfully in a way we in Wiltshire have one of the lowest deaths…but..we can’t just start moving around again and starting it all off again…. Take care love….enjoy the weekend surrounded by the main people in your life George and the dogs and cat all much loved. Hopefully you may even get a FaceTime call to dear Kate. Lots of love God Bless, Sybil


  3. Sorry to hear you are fighting this again. i have a vitamin regime i follow everyday and it has helped with my lupus and neuropathy. i hope yours will help reboot your tummy problems.hang in there. one day at a time. take care

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