Social Distancing Birthday Party

And you would be witnessing a capture of a neighborhood social distancing birthday party. Aside from us all petting the pets (I guess we didn’t think that through til later) we are keeping safe. Our neighbor next door has two sons with birthdays this week. A neighbor made cupcakes for the grabbing and we met a 7 p.m. two times this week to sing happy birthday and catch up on neighborly news, compare toilet paper amounts left, and who started new jobs, and so forth. One of our neighbors scored a fed ex job from 1 to 5 a.m. He was not too fond of the hours but grateful I think to have some work. I worry what he is bringing home into the house with his grandma in the same home. Sorry I worry for us all! Also with one neighbor having lost his wife earlier this year and then the tornado in our community and now all this Pandemic. I mean a blessing in a way to have his boys home with him as one was in away in college – and now he has lost his job too aside from all of that. He has to have the patience of Job (Bible reference). I believe he was a maintenance engineer in the hotel industry. Triple whammy of a year for them. Anyway, I love our neighbors. We vowed to have a cookout all together when this is over. Heck we could probably do it now if we kept our distancing, lol. Most of our neighbors on our street are out of work. George and I are grateful to still have jobs.

Speaking of jobs, I am working today, on Good Friday. As mentioned, my company does not recognize the day as a holiday. I decided not to take the Saturday Payroll day I have coming to me yet. So I will be working on tax returns. But I will be working from home at least for a chunk of the day.

I do plan on taking some breaks during the day (aka getting laundry started, helping walk the dogs, and maybe stopping to clean or pick up something along the way) but I want to begin making some progress toward these returns because the way we are having to work – and the things we have to go through to get things accomplished –are just taking longer.

During these odd times, my mouth kinda watered seeing these turkeys around lunch time yesterday! lol. They remind me of cats. They see you coming and they kinda lazily just go the other direction. Like they are not moving quickly just kinda strutting off lazily. I don’t think we have turkey in our freezer, so….they might ought to watch out.

I asked for beans and corn bread last night. We also had fried cubed steak with it. Yeah maybe not the best of low fat options. It was good. We have leftover beans (they cooked in the crock pot yesterday) and cornbread for lunch today.

Tonight we are having beef stew and a concert, “Ringo at the Ryman”. I think Friday night is going to be our concert night. We are pretending it’s a night on the town but it’s in our den. George has DVD’s for us to watch.

Well, I did a bad bad thing this morning and I hope George is not mad at me. I totally forgot (before I started this blog) that it was a holiday for George. I mean since our company doesn’t honor the holiday (which baffles me BTW) and I’m working, I forgot it WAS a holiday. And so I went in to wake him up and tell him he overslept. He promptly said “what? It’s my holiday! I don’t have to work today!” OMGosh! I woke him up on his day to sleep late. I felt so bad. I decided I would blame the whole thing on my employer. lol. If they had honored the holiday I’d be in bed too. lol lol lol

He’s getting up now. I feel so bad. I will now be apologizing all day for it. He probably thinks I woke him up for spite – if I have to get up he does. But that is not the case.

So, anyway, I have so much to do this weekend. It would be nice to have 3 days to do it in, but it is what it is. It’ll be better to take the time off in a non-quarter end situation. I don’t want to get behind and then have people upset with me.

Oh I wanted to say the work week was kinda hard going back and forth. Half the files here and half there. So I don’t know how many times I rolled my eyes this week and said “oh I can’t do that til I get home as I don’t have the password” or this or that. We had server issues also making me work an extra day at the office. But I had to leave to finish out two of the days at home because the tax work stuff is here. It’s worked out fine though. It’s just not as efficient and I’m cramped at my little desk at home. But we will get through it.

I have noticed that a lot of the news is beginning to focus on things getting better and things not being as bad as expected. They quickly add – as long as social distancing occurs. Of course. But perhaps this will be letting up soon. I think as the heat comes in we will see a sharp downturn in the cases. Much like the regular flu. But what do I know? lol

But tomorrow I’ll go over my list of to do’s. Despite my decision to work on Good Friday, I am glad to be home and I’m glad the weekend is upon us.

Thank the Great Lord it’s Friday. I was so tired yesterday and just over the week already, but good today, glad to be home, and will dive into the taxes here as soon as I get laundry going and grab a something for breakfast.

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  1. Good Friday. Let’s see…nothing is normal this Easter. We will be having Ham, Green beans & Pineapple bread pudding. I might make a cheesecake but I might not. It’s only the 2 of us.
    I like your neighborhood social distancing. Good job. We have several natural springs on our property, so the Candytuft might not work for us. They like dryer soil. But, I’m going to look for one & give it a try. I love that baby bush. This comment is all over the place as per my usual self. We actually have had SNOW since yesterday afternoon. No real accumulation but it is COLD!
    I hope your workday is winding down.
    Ciao for now!
    Monica 😷

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