Last Day in Tulsa and Headed Home!

We have had a wonderful trip. We are at the airport now which is eerily empty.

We had a great time yesterday all around Tulsa shopping, trying brews, and then finally an Italian dinner! A rainy day at first and mostly cloudy the rest of the day.

I had asked God to calm our fears and I believe He did find ways all day!

We happened upon a tea room that allowed for quiet meditation.

And we had some nice quiet time there.

Then we went to find breweries.

Marshall Brewing, Tulsa

We were getting hungry as our free Hampton inn breakfast was not lingering. But not much food there. So we ate Pickle pretzels lol. They were really good.

Also had my goldfish. And I wiped down our table with Clorox wipes. Kept hand sanitizer available.

God kept doggies in our paths….

Renaissance Brewing, Tulsa
On the ceiling….
All gone!
Mother Road Market, Tulsa

We needed food but not too much…. so we went to Mother Load Market and got sushi.

Some unusual signs, but signs of the times.

The gray day continued, we shopped a bit more as it was too early for dinner!

This place was a bust. Not much open and what was was not shop worthy for us anyway.

This was unique though. lol There was a bath shop there.

Not much there. So on to the next place.

This pic above is for Sybil from UK lol Also it was nice to see Tulips.

We didn’t buy much – too high in price as it was a high end shopping spot.

Fun to look and walk around though! Then we went to Mondo’s Italian restaurant. It was great!

My Chicken Parm was great!

And that’s it for now. Need to get final things done before boarding! Take care!

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  1. Thank you and Kate for keeping us up to date in all you’ve been up to. It is wonderful how close you both are. It does ones heart good just to see your smiling faces ..the photographs have been wonderful and by now you should have boarded the flight and you will be home soon. It will be great to be home and into your own bed….bliss….take care keep washing the hands….night night xx

  2. hope you got home safe and sound. looks like you had a wonderful time. get a goodnights sleep. terrific memories you and katy made.

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