Pawhuska and Tulsa

Sounds like the world is turning sideways. We are trying to enjoy ourselves being removed from *some* of the panic. In the places we have been, we have been near calm people and not pandemonium.

Then we get in social media to connect with our peeps to find things going from bad to worse – mainly in panic. Once the schools and sports events cancelled then things started flying off shelves- most common mention being toilet paper.

Meanwhile in Pawhuska, OK ….

I am so glad if I’m away from home with the world going sideways I am at least with family and someone I love very much. I’m glad we didn’t cancel our trip, trusted God, and braved the world to get see each other for a bit!

We talk and calm each other.

She is awaiting to see if her school will close. It’s a small town in TX and they are interviewing teachers Monday about where/what they feel they were exposed to on spring break and will decide from there. Not sure what any of us have been exposed to with our airport travel. But we have washed hands and clorox wiped surfaces and hand sanitized after touching most anything.

I even offered our waitress a squirt of hand sanitizer after she took this picture of us with my cell phone. She accepted! lol She said it was out in her area. None to be found in Tulsa.

We did have fun day. It was gray but not raining but windy and 42 most of day and that was cold 42. Later it rose to mid 50’s.

Tulsa, OK

Then we headed to Osage County and onward to Pawhuska OK to see Pioneer Woman’s shop and to eat lunch there going through what felt like the old west.

The landscape was beautiful in this area especially on the way to her ranch.

Adding in Pawhuska we enjoyed the shopping and lunch and I spent some $ in here on a sweatshirt, earrings, lunchbox bag, and coffee.

I’ll share more pics from her shop in upcoming blog posts!

Chicken Noodle Soup, Mercantile, Pawhuska
Twice Baked Potato, Mercantile, Pawhuska

The food was Devine and my choices were perfect for a cold day. And the food was served the most hot I’ve ever been served in a restaurant. It was wonderful.

Tea was only 25 cents.

At the top of the pic you can see Katy’s pork lettuce wraps. Upstairs at the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile there is a bakery.

You can get the famous Spicy Cowgirl Coffee, which Katy bought.

We visited and I coveted the ice cream but didn’t partake. We shopped some cute boutiques in the area before heading out to Ree’s ranch area.

Downtown Pawhuska ,OK

Then we had to use directions from a paper to get to ranch. No GPS where we were going. Katy said “which way is west?” First time I ever used my iPhone compass. lol

The Landscape gorgeous and pics don’t do it justice. The land so vast with nothing but cows, pasture, and occasional pump jacks (oil) as far as you can see.

I can’t capture this in a photo.

But there’s a try from the ranch. only there are houses and structures there.

We walked around at the lodge area. I will share more pics in the coming days. Too much yesterday for me to get in all the pics!

Hurts Donut Co, Tulsa

We headed back to Tulsa and passed by this donut shop. Had to go in. Bought donuts for the hotel later (dessert). Then we went to a wine bar. Ordered a mini appetizer pizza which filled us up so we had to find salads for dinner!

Roosevelt’s, Tulsa

So despite the craziness we are reading about on our phones it’s nice to sit, toast to our girls trip and be thankful to be together. The salad and wine were great!

Roosevelt’s was great as the rain poured outside!

Then we headed back to the hotel to call our hubbies, do facial masks, and watch Keep Your Daydream on You Tube.

And sleep was good! Today we are shopping and looking for adventures in Tulsa! More tomorrow!

Be sane! How are things in your area? Out of TP? Lines in grocery?

4 responses to “Pawhuska and Tulsa”

  1. Not sure if this is the right reply to today/ yesterday’s blog. I’m no good at knowing what time zone everybody is in ! Anyway I loved loved your descriptions of your surroundings the bleak scenery included, loved the ones that looked as if you were heading into a one horse town in the 1920s !! ( We passed a few places like that on our Route 66 trip )…the food you at looked scrumptious Mmmmm and shops and shopping just the thing to take everybody’s mind of the virus. We in the U.K. seem to be lagging behind other countries in that we have been told just to take care extra care if you are elderly LOL 60+ …however I think as there has been a big jump in deaths and cases in the last 24hrs it’s only a matter of time when we will go into a partial lock down…. you just enjoy the rest of your break with dear Kate, give her a big hug and a 💋💋 from me..and much ❤️ T💋💋💋

  2. Those places look so fun! The landscape looks exactly like Wyoming. I love our wide open spaces here! I’m glad you didn’t cancel your trip and you’re enjoying your time with Katy. Yeah, the world has kind of gone crazy in the last few days. I got my small stock pile of groceries yesterday morning at 5 a.m. and they were already getting busy. I hear it’s insane today.

  3. It looks like a fun trip. Glad you made it ok. Your food looks really good. I have been thinking of making a pot of chicken soup. We are under a state of emergency here. They have closed the Schools and canceled my Grandsons soccer game. I still got to go spend time with them. They are good. just like everyone else worried and shocked at what is happening. It feels surreal.
    It did help my anxiety just being with my daughter and grandson. The eating places looked crowded today and many people were out and about. My husband went to Food Lion and they still had plenty of food. And milk and bread which is what we needed. But he noticed the toilet paper aisle was empty. I am glad I placed that Walmart order early. I have asthma so I am high risk and will be staying close to home. We have enough food to last for at least a month. I hope you have a safe journey home. Godspeed.

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