It’s Always Complicated! But things are Looking Up!

Good morning all. Here’s a pic of us all at the zoo from Sunday. I get to see the little fella today again and then again on Saturday for a brief bit as they fly West. The time is quick and short and we don’t get to see much of them when they are here because they have so many to see. Life is always complicated.

I went and retrieved Mom and Fancy from Columbia last night. So they are here to meet Little Roo. Mom is going back to Columbia with George on Friday as he has taken the day off. He will be going to assess what is left of the furniture and likely do some measuring so he can plan the logistics of the U-Haul Move on Father’s Day weekend. And he’ll bring a load back of whatever is left in the house of smaller items. The move is a bit complicated as there are 5 (I think) china cabinets and 1 curio cabinet – made of glass that are going, two of which are coming here and I’ll be getting rid of one that I have. The freezer is coming here. Two bedroom furniture and mattress suites and a lot of other stuff goes to storage along with most of the china cabinets, including an extra large armoire and then a very huge wall size book shelf comes here that George is elated to get! There’s still some patio furniture. So very odd sized things, huge things and many many loads and to two different places. We can and DO see the light at the end of the tunnel. Mom was able to give away the really nice furniture she had that she won’t be able to take so we don’t have to pay storage for THOSE. There was no time to sell it properly or having a moving sale. Mom said looking back she wish she didn’t have to sell her house so quickly and could have held off til hers was built. But of course they would not build her house if she didn’t have a contract on hers since she had the contingency. If she had cash she could have done it that way. Not everyone has that luxury. Life has to be complicated!

What has made things more stressful is having to spend your beloved spare time in CareNow and urgent care center for 3 days in the past week for a cyst on my back that decided to act up and develop cellulitis. I have antibiotics that end in a day or two. I’ve been able to go without a bandage now as it is healing up. It itches like the dickens. (I guess that is a southern word? My grandmother used to say it. It refers to anything devilish). Itching is a good sign. I hope it is healing. But they did not get the entire sac so likely it will mean surgery at some point. I really want to just leave it alone for a long while. Nobody has time for surgery. I can’t even find time to do the colonoscopy. It’s ok I don’t really want to do that either. Life has to be so complicated!

WELL, HELLO there! One can only laugh at the things that happen in one’s busy day. A guy comes in with this thing on a pole and says excuse me I need to borrow your space for a minute. And puts this thing above on the vent. LOL LOL LOL Large amounts of very cold air comes down and he says “oh yeah that’s some cold air right there”.

Yeah it is. For a long time we had a system that was very comfortable. Except for maybe when a cold front came through and it had to be adjusted and whoever did the adjusting did a good job. At least the masses were happy for the most part.

Well now there is some fancy smart system in house that is supposed to be all elaborate and somehow just “knows” when to make the air come on and off. Only we can’t control it in house – I think there is a God of the Air Conditioning Unit somewhere up in the sky that determines what our temp is. Well it maybe a fancy system but it’s not working very well – well let me rephrase that, the air works great – it’s freezing all of us out of our office igloos. lol. It’s hot and humid in the office until about 10 when the air blows and it’s like the air has been captured from the arctic zone. Everyone reaches for sweaters and turns on office heaters. My guess is that this system was “supposed” to save money in the long run. My next guess is that we are burning more on electricity than ever before.

As they try to fix it – it’s getting worse b/c now instead of just adding a sweater or turning the heater on for the rest of the day – you go back and forth, LOL. Fan off, Sweater on, heater on, sweater off, heater off, fan on – all day long in a cycle. I blog this not to complain, but to share my amusement of how our techie world can sound so right but yet go so wrong. I’m not upset over it though, I’m amused and LOL’ing at the situation. I’m fine I just put on a sweater and adjust what I can around me. I’m adapting! And to have some guy come in with this above my head just sent me rolling! I laughed out loud! How can we make something so simple so complicated?

Lots of cloudy days this week and rain all around. We got a good shower at home the other night and I had a glass of wine on the porch as the rain storm approached. Monday night was the urgent care night. Tuesday night was the night I had to cut George’s hair and he cut the foam for my bed. Still was able to have a “wine sit” – I like that term don’t you? I had a wine sit in between chores.

I put fresh sheets on the bed for Mom’s bedroom which I’m officially moved out of now except for some jewelry from my armoire that I need – only getting a few main favorites for getting ready for work. I also had to get my sheets ready for my bed after George got the foam cut and we hauled the heavy thing upstairs.

I took a pic before putting the covers on it so you could see the foam. You should have seen the two of us trying to get this floppy thing up the stairs and through the house. In the stair well we had to change places (on the stairs) and pass each other which made for some interesting moments. It was hilarious. Too bad that was not on video!

I tried to do a panoramic view of my office and I’m sorry it was not a good photo as I left the lights blaring. Here was my next attempt after tweaking things a bit.

I am so very excited to have my little “space”. It is like a dorm room almost all to myself. It’s a triangle of sorts for sleep, creativity, and meditation/devotion. Roger’s bed of course is there as he likes that room too during the day time. I would leave the door open and let him sleep in there at night and come and go as he roams but I have to close the door as where my bed is, I can see the hallway lights if someone gets up and also a sensor light turns on – with the temperature control with Nest. So I will wake up all night if I leave the door open. I tried it last night and was awakened twice by people getting up. And the purpose of sleeping in here is to actually get sleep! Life has to be complicated.

Deer met me at the office entrance the other morning. It delights my soul!

So I’m hanging in there! And things are progressing along. Mom will officially be moved in with us- in a week from now. And then after Father’s Day weekend we can turn our sights to doing things around here and maybe enjoying ourselves a bit more.

We have been so crazy busy that we haven’t even had time to go to the grocery and get staples. I don’t even have eggs. George is gone to get us a biscuit, bless him. I was going to fix biscuits and peanut butter and jelly as Mom said she could eat that and be fine last night. This morning she says she’s tired of biscuits and peanut butter! LOL So biscuit out it is. She wanted to go out to eat breakfast but we are eating lunch out and dinner out with Cody and Katy. It gets complicated. Mom does not like sushi and we are going to go eat sushi so Mom will likely stay here and I’ll go get her a meal she will eat so she does not starve for lunch. Then we will all go out to eat dinner at a new restaurant tonight that Mom will like. Katy has been wanting to eat at the sushi place for almost two years and it has been planned for a long time so I’m not even asking to change the plans. Mom will have to adapt and either go or stay. But I’ll see she has food to eat. Life is always complicated. LOL

I realized as I typed this blog piece today that most everything I mentioned had its complications to it, so I went back and added the prase “life is complicated” to the end of nearly every topic. Seems fitting. Although life is complicated, I’m doing my best to bloom where I can. I’m sorry I don’t feel like much of a blossom – but more like a withered flower! LOL LOL

But some things never change. Even though life is complicated. Just try to be your best self. And while this may sound pessimistic, it IS very much realistic instead. I’m reporting it as it is. So if you only want the good rosy perspective, that would be amiss.

But I can say that yes, things are looking up, things are progressing. We are getting a tiny bit of time off for some fun. We are getting to see our Little Roo, the move will wrap up soon, and a different phase of Project Momma will be in session.

All is good and God’s in charge. Until Mom wakes up that is. ;-). Just kidding.

Quick Cleaning Spree, Little Roo Arrives from Airport, and the Week Ahead

Katy and Little Roo on the Airplane

Morning Cleaning Spree

My day started off at 4:30 ish. I got up and made coffee and began trying to catch up at the house. My house is in NO SHAPE for company as we have been home next to ZERO time in recent weeks. Even the evenings have been filled with running errands, urgent care, and taking care of necessities. So it was pleasant to have several hours straight in which to put a small dent in caretaking of our needs here and to once again try to bless our nest.

I began laundry and started working on the kitchen. I hauled things down to the basement. “Things” are a big thing of clothing storage for those things that are “too small” and another of “extra clothes” that I don’t wear often that I don’t have room for right now. I’m moving into my office, LOL! So I have the closet, a shelf, and a plastic set of drawers (normally for office supplies or kids toys) and a few baskets that fit under the bed for socks. Everything else is in that bag and I made a note to bring it back up after Mom moves into her new house. I just kept my favorite stuff out.

I vacuumed up around the vent using the vacuum brush attachment, vacuumed the kitchen floor, and mopped the kitchen floor. I sprayed the counters and stove with a concoction I had mixed up around the time everything closed down last year of Dawn, vinegar, and water. It cuts the grease well and cleans! I took the burner pans off and scrubbed those. I put my vitamins together for the next week. I emptied my work bag of all the masks and soaked those as I was running out of fresh ones. I also restocked my work bag with things for work I was out of: Kleenex, hearth healthy nut packs, individual vanilla almond milks, Bob’s Red Mill Flax and Chia seed cups, and vitamin packets.

And I began at some point just trying to put things up. George vacuumed the den and living room. I only made a one room dent at good old fashioned cleaning. But I’ll keep going from “left to right” through the house until I get things eventually all clean. Really didn’t get through with the kitchen as I need to clean out the fridge inside and shine up the outside. The problem with me is I try to do things right and get all involved so a cleaning day may only mean one room gets done. I get lost in the details of trying to get as much of it done “right” as I can. Problem is – there’s no time to do it proper when you work FT and gone most weekends too. Evenings your pooped out. So….A while back I began the “connect the dot” method of cleaning. I had to do some of that yesterday. It’s where you take something to one room, get something out of that room that goes into another room and so forth- you just keep going until everything is put up all over the house going from room to room. It has its flaws but can make putting the house in order more fun. You can also clean by category. LOL. Go get all the trash out of all rooms, cups out of all rooms, dust all rooms, vacuum all rooms.

Did you need a cleaning strategy blog post this morning? Apparently I did. Why? I was thrilled to get to clean on my house yesterday! It needed it so bad. I didn’t get far but apparently it made a big hit with me.


I had been warned that removing the bandage and packing (see yesterday’s post) might be a bit uncomfortable and that it would be best to have someone else do it and to do it quickly. So before the shower, I braced myself by hugging/clutching a towel in one hand and pushing against a wall with the other. It was uncomfortable but mainly stung “after” he quickly pulled it out as the air hit it. I took Ibuprofen. I had forgotten to take it half hour before as planned, but I sure took it then. Still after about a minute it quit stinging. George rebandaged it. I hope we are on the road to recovery. I did notice another cyst building though in another area where it has previously been removed. It almost seems like a solar system of cysts – one goes and so another is built in an alternate place. I don’t get it. The lab results will be back in sometime this week I think to see if it’s ok, but this gets so annoying. I will make the appt with the dermatologist and take it from there. No one has time for this crap.


So about 11:30 we headed out early for the airport. Little Roo and his Mom and Dad was on the flight headed our way.

Nashville BNA Airport
Construction at Nashville BNA Airport

The parking was next to NONE. We went into a “FULL” lot in hopes that something would “turnover” and it did. We found a spot pretty quickly but there were few to be had. We decided it best to go in and help them with River while they got baggage and help them get out of the airport.

We had 15 minutes to wait, which I was personally glad for because that meant we could get some coffee! 😉

Coffee, This Way…

Coffee Found, at Green Beans Coffee Co, BNA Airport

Thank goodness they have some type of refreshment while on THIS SIDE of the security gate. I was grateful for it. George got a chocolate croissant for us to share. It was great with the coffee. I only had a few bites but it would hold me til we got to our late lunch.

I put the camera up for our meeting with them until a few minutes later. Then I felt the pangs of needing to capture the moments. WE went to Target for diapers and formula and then on to lunch at a local sub shop, Jersey Mike’s. We at there a week or so ago while moving Mom. I love the Italian sub with all the Italian meats – with the “Jersey Mike’s Way” + Mayo but minus onion!

River took a little nap at our house and then the kids went to Cody’s parents. They had turned the nursery into a boy’s nursery. They have other grandchildren locally.

Today we are going to the zoo. George has tickets already. There is rain in the forecast sadly. But we will do the best we can I guess.

The Week Ahead

So, Tuesday night, I’ll change the sheets and bedroom over where Mom can have it. George has it on his list to get the bed foam cut for my twin bed in my office so I can get the sheets on it. Wednesday I get off work, go get Mom and Fancy, and we will throw in the car what we can. Mom is thinking “clothes”. I think I will bring in dinner. I told George we would just eat on our own that night.

Thursday we have time with River and Katy and Cody! And I think Kevin and Susan but George has all of this in his head. It could be today we see them (George’s sister and her hubby). I know we see them soon but forget when. I am living by my planner and didn’t write it down when he said. I just show up where I need to be! ha.

So a 4 day week for me. A busy one. And a HOLIDAY payroll. I will be working Friday but I think George will do errands and will run to Columbia to “reassess” everything so he can figure out the order and timing for the remaining loads on Father’s Day weekend. He will also take a car load back of things.

Then Saturday this next weekend we go to our annual “Christmas” get together (and birthdaying) with our good friends, the Irelands. And we take our beloved River and Katy and Cody back to the airport. Sunday back at Mom’s for a couple of loads before the final furniture U-Haul Father’s Day weekend.

Mom was able to get rid of all the furniture not being moved. Except that my sister wants my father’s desk. It’s the only thing left. We won’t have room to move it if she doesn’t take it. It will go to the road for the city to pick up if not gone by Father’s Day weekend. We are hoping all will be finalized then and we can leave. If she still has furniture to be moved if we run out of time Father’s Day weekend, we have the option of the 2nd weekend and can rent another truck then, but now it looks like we will be able to get it all Father’s Day Weekend. I think.

Video Update.

I was able to get the music done this weekend. I finished last night. Now I’m at the graphics stage. I was hoping to finish this weekend – and I still could if I get some time – but it’ll likely be next weekend before it uploads. I have decided to only release on the weekends and will now begin to set them up for a time to be released. So it’ll be ready to go I think by next weekend. The graphics won’t take long. I have to cover up River’s face in the video. And I have to cover up a butt crack scene where George sits and his plumber crack is showing. LOL LOL LOL And I have to cover up a license plate where it’s showing in Texas.

Anyway, I feel good today. I’m shying away from any negativity issues and keeping positive. Life is certainly more fun that way. I have to try and remember not to let things get me down or let other’s being negative and stirring things up, not get to me. It’s hard to do when you are tired. Life is what you make it PERIOD. We can all be miserable cows or pleasant pups! 😉 I don’t know where that came from but there it is.

I typed way too much. Off to shower and get ready for a day with River at the Zoo!

Voting, Texas Style Burrito, and Other Weekend Tales

Yay, the 50,000 hits were reached some time this week. I had posted that we were close. I wonder which one of you was the exact 50,000? Thanks again for visiting here these last few years. I’m enjoying the WordPress set up here.

Nothing will ever be like the AOL Journal set up we all had so many years ago. I think of that period of time often. I miss the AOL desktop world with it’s chat log on noises and the door shutting when someone would leave. Does anyone remember that?

I didn’t chat much on AOL as I was afraid of it, but it was fun that once you connected with people their Chat noise selection would come and go in the side bar and would echo out of your computer. Sometimes I’d forget and leave it on at night and you could hear people’s frogs, favorite song snippet, crickets, or whatever through the night. LOL Would drive George crazy if I forgot and left the computer on, lol. It was in the bedroom.

So Friday, I never found the $1700 some odd dollars and cents that are making the social security taxes off, but I did find two people whose last names had been changed to start with a P instead of what it was supposed to be. I did find that quite odd. When you are trying to find people alphabetically, it makes it harder to do because they are not there. Apparently they migrate to the “P” section. LOL. I tried to figure out how one would do that by accident, but if you go to enter one letter when you change someone’s name it empties the whole field so you can enter the whole name. So I will just say that is QUITE strange and leave it at that, but I hope there is no FOUL play going on. Weird things happen a bit. Things that make you go, hmmmmmmm. There are some people in the world that like to play with you a bit I’ve discovered. Alas, The day was not a bad one. It was a quiet one. But it would have been nice to see where the $1700 went. Maybe I should look in the “P’s” – buahahahahah! That is where the other losts things went.

At home, I made spaghetti. It felt good going home knowing there would be no time schedule for the next two days. AT this point in my life it really means so much. It always has but now it’s even more. I despise having to get up and leave something unfinished that I’m working on in the mornings. Again, always have. I have never liked to be interrupted. My focus is strong and it’s annoying. But being home felt good, with cooler air coming in and us being cozy on the inside. I made a couple of beds closer to the kitchen so the doggies would be close and not have to lay on the linoleum. It wasn’t cold inside or anything but they dogs, like people, like to have their perches! Beds, sofas, blankies!

Maisy picked her spot first. Then Roger, wanting to be where Maisy was began staring at her and then rooting at the bed. LOL LOL LOL

So then……

Maisy, has always been really good to Roger. She lets him have his way. They have really been very good to one another. Roger deserves the softer bed as he has more pain and likely a bit older. She was sweet to let him have it. She gave up on the whole area and just came and laid in the linoleum near by me.

Sleep was pretty good last night. Thankful for that. Got up at 1:30 for restroom break of course and have to have water, especially now with the heat on. And I have begun keeping a plastic cup by the bedside for the dogs too (the far reach so I don’t accidentally grab the wrong one, LOL). If they are awake and see me getting water, I figure they are thirsty too, and I give them a swig or at least put some on their lips/mouth. They love it. I get so thirsty sometimes it is hard to even swallow. So I figure they must be too. Roger was asleep so I only gave Maisy some at first. As I laid my head down Roger came over and put his mouth/tongue to my hand. Oh you want some too? OK.

At 4:00 a.m. Maisy was not having it, this laying in bed and not getting up like we do on the weekdays. I figured she must really need to go. So I took her. And of course she was wanting to eat after that. So I crawled in bed and then she came back and I put her up in the bed. You’d think I’d have been good and awake at that point. But no. I curled back up in bed with my Tugie blanket Katy gave me – it’s so warm and radiates back with heat. It is so comfy and warm and soft. Off to snooze land again. A tiny tongue hits my arm again. Momma I’m awake and want to go out and eat my breakfast too. Oh Roger! lol. I whispered, “Maisy must have told you she had her breakfast already”. They communicate. Those doggies. Maisy hovers nearby Roger breathing out with her hassles and Roger smells mmmmm that good fresh pet and he knows she’s eaten. Now he’s hungry.

George heard me whispering to Roger and said he would take him out. Bless him. So I fell back into a sweet snoozeland for another few minutes. However, Maisy cannot let her mother be. She wants me up and once I’m up she can snooze. LOL. What kind of a deal is that?

So, up and had coffee, started the laundry, got a shower, stripped the bed covers, bleached the bathroom, cut my bangs. Went out to vote. Then it was my turn to beg for food before we went to vote.

Me: Can we stop at Sonic and get a Breakfast Burrito? It’s on the way.

George: Or we can go vote first and then go eat.

Me: No it might take too long. The blood sugar can’t wait that long.

George: Well let’s go see how the line is.

Me: I’m not going to do well having to wait at all as I’m hungry now it’s on the way so just stop at Sonic.

George: Well we’ll drive around and see what it looks like and then will go back and get a burrito.

(pull around and get into the voting traffic and then see the line is moderate and out the building and down the sidewalk)

George: Not too bad

Me: Bad enough. I need to get some protein in my body.

George: Ok we are going to Sonic.

(At Sonic)

George: We’ll have two breakfast burritos and one coffee

Speaker at Sonic: Sir, I’m sorry, our grill is out. We can only do fried food today.

Me: (From the passenger seat). NEVER MIND, THANK YOU!

Speaker at Sonic: Sorry.

Me: IT’s OK! YALL have a good day!

Me: (To George). Just go to that new chicken place – maybe they have a chicken biscuit for breakfast.

George: Silent and pulling out of Sonic

Me: You know that chicken pl—-

George: Yes, honey I know what chicken place you are talking about.

Me: Can I please say something?

George: No, you may not.

Me: Ok then you will forever wonder what it was I was going to say!

George: I’m just kidding. Yes you can say something.

Me: That chicken place may not be open for breakfast but if it’s not there’s other places down that way.

George: I was about to say, I don’t think they are open for breakfast. (Pulls in, and no they are not open for breakfast and pulls out to the main road for another place.)

George: Let’s do Hardee’s.

Me: Sounds good to me.

(Arrives at Hardees, cars around the building and lined up on the road)

George: This is going to take forever!

Me: No just go somewhere else, Starbucks is down the road.

George: (Steps on gas and gets in left lane away fro Starbucks, lol)

Me: (Quiet. Not sure what is happening.)

George: I have an idea.

Me: This is gonna be good, I usually like his ideas.

George: The Mexican place

Me: (Still confused.)

George: We have found our Texas breakfast burrito.

Me: Wow and they have a drive thru! Cool! And no one knows about this place yet.

George: We’ll see. (We order a steak burrito, and a bacon burrito).

Out comes breakfast thru the window. Coffee the size of Texas itself. And the burritos the width of a boa constrictor and as long as your forearm! lol And the burritos so hot I can’t even open the bag. So we drive over to the voting place again and park.

I get the burritos out and begin eating as George starts to get out of the car.

Me: What are you doing?

George: Going to go eat in line to vote?

Me: I can’t eat this burrito in line? It’s too hard to eat while standing. I don’t want to eat in front of everybody.

George: This is going to take forever.

Me: Look you go vote then and I’ll come back later if you are in such a hurry. I’m not eating this burrito in line in front of everyone.

George finishes burrito, grease going everywhere.

George: Can you tear this last napkin in half?

Me: Yeah.

Me: (Half way thru burrito). Ok I’ve got enough in me I won’t get shaky. So we can go in.

George: (No argument from him, gets out of the car).

We go in and vote. It takes about 20 min if that long. The closer to the building the faster it goes. It was fine. It was touchless if you wanted it to be. I touched the screen and then used hand sanitizer. That was probably the only extra thing they could have done was to have hand sanitizer available for those that didn’t have any but it was fine. Now we wait. This election will be interesting.

Bird House at Charlie Daniels park, while standing in line to vote.

So we got all that done. I hate that it was so much trouble to get to a burrito and then a lot of trouble to have time to eat it. I guess that was not part of George’s agenda. But I thanked him afterward for letting me get food and then for giving me the chance to eat it. I started to say eat half of it, but that was my choice. lol. I chose to make it go quicker for him since I was obviously putting a kink on his morning.

So we are back now at the house. I’m not sure what the hurry was. We had no where to be. But yet we went, did that, and are back home now.

We have plans to go eat with friends tonight in a new place and we are just elated to get to see them.

It’s really our turn to have people over, but I’m honestly so embarrassed at my floors that I really hate to have company. I can’t wait til we get the floors done. Everyone else has such nice kitchens and flooring and updated houses and ours is just old and outdated and tacky. I can deal with tacky but not really wanting to share and expose tacky, LOL. Everything has to break before it can be replaced. Anyone for a sledgehammer Sunday to tear up a countertop? LOL. Breaking it might get me a new one? I started to do that the old TV not long ago. That Mother Earth of a behemoth elephant style of a big screen we liked to never got in our house in it’s beginning and liked to never got out – oh wait – we didn’t get it out – well we did for about 5 minutes – it went out the front door and then got parked into the basement where it will remain likely until we both die. LOL. OK I’ll quit complaining and try to feel blessed with what we have, which is much. I’m sorry. I just speak the truth. And that is I’m done with the floors and I do want an updated kitchen. We are getting there little by little. The fridge and dishwasher and microwave are finally stainless. By the time it all gets done it’ll be time for us to move out somewhere. We always seem to leave things nice for the next people. I want to enjoy it though before we move on if we are going to be paying for it. It’s easier to sell a house that looks nice and we end up having to spend it in the end anyway.

Ok I’ve gone down a rabbit hole I didn’t intend to go down. And that rabbit is not there anyway. It’s off kaddadling (new word) about in another arena.

So the main thing is…we voted. I got to eat. We made it home to tell about it. LOL