A Modern Haircut, A Lighted Toilet, and A New Filing Cabinet

Good morning! Got the hair cut. Love it. I went in showing her the cut I wanted but I told her I needed layers. And the back was heavy and I said “at this point, I just want a cute cut”. She asked me several questions and said that she wanted to make sure I had a cut that went with my face. She was careful to make sure she went with my goals in mind. She said she wanted to go much shorter – so we did. She said it would look a little different from the pic I showed her. It looked very different. But it ended up being one of the exact cuts that I had liked in the beginning, lol! And because I prayed over this (it takes a long time to grow your hair out), I completely put my trust in her scissors. She cut it very professionally and different from anyone I’ve ever seen.

Here is the BEFORE:


Keep in mind you cannot begin to know how heavy the back is. I mean three or four big fists full of hair in the lower back. Even the hair stylist (they all say it) said “oh my gosh woman you have a lot of hair on your head”. It’s thin at the top but oh so heavy. So I loved the feeling of the lightness when she was finished.

And here is AFTER:


I had fun doing a little photo shoot. Keep in mind it’s the end of the day, make up worn off from the 5 o’clock hour.

Now, take stock because it will likely not look like this again, lol! She did a lot to it to get it so straight and it had a lot of body. I’m not going to spend that time on my hair in the mornings because I like to blog and enjoy my coffee, do a devo and rush out the door. But I can see that I’ll probably be able to at least make it presentable. I will TAKE IT! I’m so happy to get rid of all the hair! I think I proved yet again that I do best and look best in a shorter hair style. Some people will say my hair was short to begin with. And yes it was a long bob but the hair, oh my gosh – I have to have layers. It will look completely different tomorrow most likely. But that is ok. I love the way it feels! The long bangs on the side got on my nerves by bed time so I will likely stick a pin in it, lol! It always goes back to whatever you had before after about two weeks anyway, lol. Gravity and we just can’t take time to style it like they do for 30 minutes!

I loved the new salon though! Imagine my glee when she said “would you like a glass of wine?”. It was very cold and very good.

Surprise Surprise Surprise!

When I got home I also squealed with joy. I actually screamed! George had bought me a potty light because I said I liked his and wanted one. I figured he would mental note it for Christmas but he bought it and surprised me now. The light comes on when you walk in the room (if it’s dark).

It warmed my heart that Hubby would give me a toilet light, lol. He totally missed my gleeful delighted scream as he had his headphones on recording music.

Other happenings:

The Calm app. I’m enjoying checking in every night. I get an alert asking me how I feel. It will also show you your history. It only takes a sec. It’s kinda fun to asses yourself and ask “good question, how do I feel”. There are other things you can listen to on the app – free things after your mood check in, to help with whatever your mood is but I never have time for that as we are usually watching a show.

Someday I’ll listen to those when I have “the audio time”. Audio time is hard to come by for things like that. It is short enough you can’t listen in the car, loud enough you can’t listen when around others unless you have ear plugs in, and you need to be able to concentrate on what it’s saying, so it’s not like you can listen at work (I do listen to music though at work).

The File Cabinet

Back when Mom moved, she said she no longer wanted her filing cabinet and was getting rid of it. Excitedly I said I’ll take it. I have a metal one downstairs and also a plastic one upstairs as the metal one is just so far down in the basement. I knew when I put my office together – we spent so much money on my Mac, my office journaling chair and table, and I spend some money making my videos and the software for it. So a wooden filing cabinet – I didn’t ask for. So when we moved her we moved it here. And I was even more excited over that than the new china cabinet. Finally this week we moved the bed out of the office and this weekend was going to move the wooden filing cabinet to my office for my files, along with a little black book case we had down there.

So Monday I get a call from Mom asking for the filing cabinet back as she needs it now. What are you going to say? It was hers to begin with and yes she gave it to me, but was I going to say No. NO way. So we have to somehow get it back to her house. George thinks it will fit in the RAV4.

I told George about it and he said, “First of all before we do anything, you buy yourself a filing cabinet for your office like you want”. He knew I was excited about it so I will take him up on it and get a brand new one. Mom offered to pay for a new one for me, but that didn’t make sense. So I’m ordering my new one. And so it works out great because this way I’ll be able to get one to match my current furniture. I’m grateful to have a supportive spouse.

He has also agreed for us to do some upgrades on the kitchen once the flooring is paid for. And we are also in agreement to drop the cable and do streaming, so we’ll be working on that project soon doing some research and pricing and so forth.

I am happy to say that despite how busy we have been, I’m doing a pretty good job toward my 2022 goals. I’m making strides in a lot of areas and we have 75% of the year left! 😉

Oh not only was the Easter items found but I found my pink jacket. It was at work! I was so happy to see it.

I’m very behind on this week’s “to do” items though. I’ve been using my iPhone reminder app and it’s worked perfectly for me. But Monday night, I just needed some time to sit and drink a glass of wine and read and just chill before we set into our couple time of dinner and a movie or show which we do every night. It’s our thing. Our one and a half hours of the day we spend together.

And so I have a mounting list of items that need to be tackled. Last night was hair cut. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to get some things done. It is supposed to storm today.

Anyway, that is about all I know. I am feeling so much better these days. Every time I say that the devil tries to knock me down at the knees but then God makes it better again – sometimes even better than before.

Praying Out Loud!

I’ve been spending my morning drive time talking OUT LOUD to God. When I cross over the lake, it’s His turn. lol. I’ve really spit out some angry stuff – just getting it ALL OUT! I had not realized the power of praying out loud. The devil himself must be very frightened. lol It’s very cathartic. I talk to God like he is a friend, a father, a savior, and just whatever I need at the moment. WOW! That is all I can say.

George has been battling an ugly sinus infection this week from being out in the yard. It happens to him a couple of times a year now. Even though he consumes some local honey. He has not felt well this week. He felt the worst on Sunday. I knew he was quiet. He’s feeling better but still struggling to breath through his nose and deal with it.

Ok I’m going to work. I can’t believe it’s Wednesday already. I want to go hurry and get ready and see if I can’t get to work before all this rain comes! I’ll be back on Friday morning I think. I’ll work on video work tomorrow. I’m pretty far along on this next one so it’ll be ready to upload before long. Final Cut has been much easier and more enjoyable this time around, and much less frustrating so I’m getting around the curve – enough to easily get videos done like I want them. I have only touched the surface of what it can actually do but to be able to get them done and how I want them done, is good at this point.

Ya’ll have a good week and let me know what you are up to!!!

Spider and Airplane Dreams and their Interpretations

Photo by Mat Kedzia on Pexels.com

Wow, I was’t going to blog this morning. It’s my morning to work on videos. But I had to come and blog my dreams before I forget. I haven’t even done my devo yet. I awoke and had my shower but just trying to figure out these weird dreams I had. I always try to google their meaning, and I did this just now. I always believe our psyche is working something out and I know in the Bible, God sent dreams/visions to people. I don’t think that all dreams are God driven or spiritual based, but I do believe it is our mind, brain, and soul, working out something, maybe even things we can’t work out on our own in the day. Had I not googled it, I would have gone on with – “wow that is weird, where did that come from?”. Now that I googled it, I get it!

Dream #1 ~ Bugs, spiders in their webs, a retreat space, a baby, and a person who tries to help but really doesn’t

Dream #2 ~ An airplane that doesn’t fly, a pilot that is injured, waiting to take off but never do

Photo by Markus Spiske on Pexels.com

Ok so in dream #1 George and I are going somewhere, we don’t get there yet and have to take a detour to spend the night in a hotel for at least two days (because we didn’t check out the next morning). I remember it was a temporary stop on our way to our destination. It was a La Quinta. And I remember thinking “oh this is a nasty hotel” (normally they are not – this is my dream, lol). There were bugs and gnats flying around and things crawling on the ceiling. At bed time we got in bed and I chose to close my eyes so I could sleep and not think of the insects or I knew I’d not be sleeping all night. Then George said “oh my gosh look at that spider”. As the night grew, the webs and the spiders could be seen all over the room, and many were the venomous big bodied huge kind. I could not sleep and went into a room next door and George stayed behind. The room next door had aqua colored carpet and no bugs or spiders, but it had a baby and I didn’t see it’s mother around. The baby needed a diaper and I began playing with the baby. I think it was a girl. The girls Mom (too old to be it’s Mom) was nearby but had not been watching the baby. She came into the room and I told her about the spiders. She said she was the owner and would give me an insect spray to use. I said “no thank you” because I won’t be going back in there I’m sleeping in this room tonight. She “ok” and smiled and said you can stay here tonight. She said “I hate cleaning that insect room because I get lice just cleaning it”. (lol, I’m laughing here at my dreams). Then the dream was over and I found myself in the next dream.

Photo by Sourav Mishra on Pexels.com

Dream #2 had George and I in an airplane and I realized we never took off but are going down the interstate on I-65. I was puzzled and confused and wondering what was happening. The pilot was trying to take off but didn’t have room. Our wings were over the cars, lol. He (the pilot) pulled off the interstate because he couldn’t take off. When he got out of the cockpit he had one shoulder pinned down and said “shoulder injury – workman’s comp – they’re trying to accommodate me and I can’t pull the plane up to take off b/c of my injury so we are going to try a smaller plane”. I get on the plane and am seated by George and I state “I can’t do this. This is not safe. I’m getting off.” We end up all getting off and waiting in a waiting room somewhere. The pilot had a girl friend there but made her sit somewhere else so no one would know she was his girlfriend but would think it was another passenger. I woke up.

Photo by Rok Romih on Pexels.com

Meanings of these dreams. Wow. So the meanings of the dreams when I looked them up are below.

  • The spiders in their webs. Being trapped in real life. And retreating from it, finding distractions, and talking to people who really don’t have a way of properly helping.
  • The airplane not able to take off. Having goals and aspirations but not being able to soar with them, not able to take them to flight. Not even able to get them off the ground. Having mentor or a leader who is not capable of leading the crew to their destination.

In neither dream, did I make it to the destination. I don’t really think this dream is foretelling as much as it is a dream for just explaining what is deep within my psyche. In other words, I don’t think it’s trying to say that I’m not going to reach my goals but that I’m delayed on the way. I think instead of foretelling it’s just a depiction of current circumstance. And I relate it purely to not being able to spend the time I want in my creative zones and in doing the things that really make me happy. The side notes are that I’m following and putting trust in people who are not capable of being a proper mentor for me.

I guess there are some squashed dreams in my life. Maybe several. And it was probably bubbling up from those. And the lack of time to work on current goals, aspirations, and projects.

I didn’t get to see the outcome of the dreams, as I woke up. They were really like a movie that didn’t get to watch the ending of and I got up from my sleep. So I’m not accepting that the dream is saying that I can’t reach my goals. I think it’s just telling me that at the present time, I’m feeling stifled, held back, stuffed down and not able to do anything just yet.

I suppose the ending can be written by me. Or life itself or others will write it for me. It will be what it will be. What will I choose?

Coffee Date with Myself, An Array of Emotions, and a Vent Session

I threw some green things up on the mantle since Valentine’s is over and spring and St Patrick’s is the next holiday. Yeah I know one side is heavier stacked than the other. I needed to have bought two of the “ferns” and I’ll get another when I go back to Hobby Lobby.

Panera Soup and Salad

Of course Friday I did all things Mom, Saturday we had our company and dinner party, so Sunday was the day to get anything done that I needed to get done for us. I didn’t get through with everything of course, as it was too packed. I got up and washed all of our fine glasses and cleaned on the kitchen a bit. I went for a walk Saturday morning which was lovely before the south winds started to blow. But I did get my glasses adjusted which with these pair I have to do about every six months. She told me they are about to fall apart and when they do I’ll just get another kind. I also got gas so I didn’t have to try to fit that in during the work week when I’m already in a hurry. I went to Panera and got a salad and soup while doing some planning for the blog, and vlog. I got the car washed and then also went to the grocery to get some items I needed for work and some fresh items for home that we needed. At home, I tried to finish up the laundry but still have one final load to do and will have to do my ironing this week. We had leftovers and watched Manifest and I headed for bed. I had slept until 7 the day before (must have been tired) and then didn’t want to go to sleep last night. Then I overslept this morning and George had to wake me up. ::sigh::

Signs of spring during my walk.
Little Bit in My Lap

Someone requested to see the gifts I received from friends this weekend. And here they are. We laughed and said that the longer after Christmas it was, the more we added to the gift pile that we gave to each other. We did the same. It’s quite the loot there! ;-). I love it all. Lisa is good to me. This was our final Christmas celebration. And it’s awful that we had to wait til February. Between life and work…oh my gosh, as you know if you have read my blog you know how busy it’s been. It was so good to see them though.

Coffee Date with Myself

So I went to Panera and actually had not only coffee but lunch since it was lunch time and I was craving a salad. The 1/2 and 1/2 deal sounded good to me and their tomato soup is divine. I enjoyed the meal so much as I looked over notes I’d taken in the past couple of years on blog and vlog goals. I really wanted to brain storm and turns out, most of that had already been done. I couldn’t think of anything to add, so I basically consolidated my notes. The restaurant began to get crowded, which around 3:30 kindof surprised me. It was hard to concentrate and I felt I needed to leave and let someone else have my table for four (I needed the room to spread out my notes and things). So my idea of having a brain storm and planning session wasn’t all I had hoped. I was hoping for an epiphany – a grand idea(s) – but it was not to be had. All I really did was confirm that I was doing what I set out to do and what I’ve laid out before me that has not been done was mainly because I’d not had time to do it. It’s all there waiting for me to do it.

I left Panera feeling an array of emotions over my VIDEOS/GOALS:

  • Confirmed – that I already had the plans and to do’s laid out and I was headed in the right directions
  • Sad – that I hadn’t had time to get a lot of my plans that I laid out done
  • Disappointed – that I’m not further along and that I’ve not had time in the past year to be more intentional with my videos (using my camera more, going on excursions, telling a better story, filming ourselves). And disappointed that I’m having to learn so many things all over again with Final Cut Pro.
  • Mad – that I have to almost verbally fight with others to get time to myself (not George he’s very supportive). If I have a day off, there is always someone or something wanting a piece of it.
  • Discouraged – about a lot of things – the INTRO I’m not happy with, we have not filmed much of ourselves in the last six months – just things! And I’m disappointed with my work of late because I’ve not had time to do things like I’d want them. And discouraged that Final Cut Pro is taking some time to learn. The audio sucked on the last video. Quite frankly a lot of that video sucked. I just had the footage and used it to learn the new software.
  • Happy – I do have an underlying happiness that I have decided to do the videos and it brings me joy to work on them, to plan them, and work at it and have goals with it. And I’m overjoyed when you all like them and I get a good positive response.
  • Hope – Because I do enjoy doing them, I know that there is hope of improvement and that one day I’ll get more time to work on them again and get on track.

I’m not really ready to share all my goals yet, but mainly it’s BLOG and VLOG growth. I’ve consolidated all my notes and will slowly be able to work on them over time. I looked and the next video is on the flooring. There is hardly any footage of us, so I’ll probably do a little filming of myself walking through the house in current time and introduce it and talk about the flooring a bit and the experience and why we chose those floors.

Growth and improvement are painful. So I have to look at it in that way. I haven’t had time to be intentional with things especially last year while packing and moving Mom twice and trying to meet all her needs as she lived with us and all the doc appointments and care. I let my work on all this slide and it shows. But it’s ok. I’ll doctor it up and patch it up and get up on the horse and ride again.

Everything takes so much time. Here I sit now having overslept, trying to do my normal morning and I’m likely to be late. Life slings us around and I feel like I’m on the end of a whiplash lol.


And if one more person asked me if I have done something yet when they know I have zero time to do it I’m likely gonna bite their head off. :-O I’m not into manipulation tactics and can see it a mile away when people try to make me rush to do something. ::sigh:: George says I don’t owe anyone a response for what I do with my time. Even though people may sit in judgment of it. He’s right, but if someone is too pushy with my time, they WILL hear my response, and I will call them out on it for not being considerate and will start to set some boundaries. Let’s just say that the tribe has spoken. I mean if you ask someone to do something for you, one can at least expect to give the person time to do it before they ask if you have done it yet. (Insert eye roll here).

I really need a break ya’ll b/c I’m about to lose my freaking mind. Life is too much. Somedays, I want to get in the car, drive west and never look back. Thank God for sleep because I think I’d totally loose my marbles. And this is where forgiveness becomes key for me every day because others shirk their God given responsibilities and I’m reminded of it nearly every day. I realize I can’t be everyone’s everything. You can’t please certain people. I’m not even going to try. I’m also not going to be manipulated. I have a new rule. The more I’m pushed the longer it’s going to take! I don’t do manipulation and guilt tactics too well. I’m on it like a fly on trash. I’ve had to put up with it most of my life and it doesn’t sit well with me. Tribe speaks again. The tribe is smart. lol

Off to work.