Committing to the KYD55 Program: Self Improvement with 5 Pillars to the Plan

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Got the mid-week update going on here! Happy that it is Wednesday. It has been a quick start to the week. I told you I was working on a “plan” or “project” – yes trying to sneak some extra things in! Hopefully this will not be too time consuming. Initially it is taking a bit of time to get going – mostly in planning and in thought. And it is……the KYD55 program. It is a program to help you meet health goals and personal improvement as well as be an asset to those around you by serving. It is to be done in 55 days in an effort to spur on good habits and is sponsored by KYD – Keep Your Daydream. It is free. I think you can still enroll. ——-> KYD55

Their program started already but you can alter “your” 55 day starting point. At least I am. I’m starting mine Oct 1 and it will go through Thanksgiving. The program has 5 pillars, but within those you can set your own goals. Heck I suppose you could even make your own pillars if you wanted. Their recommended pillars are:

*Water (drinking a certain percentage of your body weight). I’m actually going to do 1/2.

*Read (for self improvement or work toward goals). At least 5 pages a day.

*Service (acts of service for others – big or small)

*Exercise (you determine) but move thyself

*Nutrition (you also determine the improvements)

I’m still going through the preparation stages and the “webinar” portion (a series of short videos on each one) to get prepared, make decisions, define my goals specifically, listen to their suggestions, and set myself up for success. I have to finish getting through the videos and sort of writing out my specific goals, rules, ideas, and so forth.

I have downloaded the app, found my water bottle and already started that habit. Having a big thermos of water and pouring into a pretty glass or cup is making me drink more instead of drinking out of a plastic bottle. It feels more like I’m in a restaurant, lol. It works. The bottle has a preset number of ounces of course so you always know how much you have had when you are through. I’m bringing filtered water from home, using some purified water – some I bring in and some work provides. It’s so much water I’m not wanting to use more than one water a day from work. I have always supplemented anyway, I just have to bring more in!

I have made some decisions already on reading. I’m continuing my 2 chapters of Bible reading every day which has a lot of small print. I’m counting that as 2 pages so I can get in more reading in other places. I am also going to do a lesson on Forgiveness – for part of my reading material. Likely it will be a Bible plan through YouVersion. I will also be doing an audiobook and pleasure book as well as one of my goals is to relax more and be less anxious and uptight and more content and happy. I’ll include the Canon lessons (reading or video) as a part of these 5 pages as it is also considered part of my improvement and movement toward goals. So if any of these things are part of the 5 pages – we are good! This makes me happy already! Wonder how many pages an audio book is for 30 minutes! BAM! lol

For nutrition, I’m still working on tweaking this. This is always ongoing but there needs to be some rules and guidelines but the goals need to be reachable, definable, measurable. So one of them is that I need to eat something green every day. So I’m going to go and buy little individual containers of green beans and peas in the event that it’s not on the table, I can go get it. lol I’m likely going to only allow so many bread portions and sugar portions during the week.

The exercise for me will be the hardest reach. So I have to make it attainable to start somewhere. Mostly I’m doing it in my bedroom. I am doing 20 toe touches, 20 reach ups —I don’t know what to call these, 20 side bends on each side, 20 punches front, 20 leg lifts, and I have to try to do 5 push ups. I can’t do one right now, lol. These are once a day. I have all day to do them! I also have to do a 20 min walk at least once per week. Surely I can accomplish these things. Being able to bend and reach and keep my balance and all these things are important for those of us nearing retirement. Watching Mom’s ability to do things diminish over time, has really been an eye opener. It’s true that to be in motion you have to stay in motion. Sitting long periods of time – you lose functionality. One must keep moving! I was already doing some of these anyway, but was not making it a habit every day. The 20 minutes of walking is for cardio. I want to say twice a week but I want to be a success. Once a week is an improvement and with all going on right now, I can only say I can commit to that. And these are all goals you must commit to and take very serious.

As for serving others. It’s suggested that you make a list of ideas so you don’t get to the day and not having anything. It can be as simple as writing someone a letter, checking in with them on Messenger, calling someone, or doing something for someone.

KYD provides tools, charts, lists, meal planners, and check off lists for the 55 days. So that has been good. I also already have my tracker I created for “wellness” a few months ago.

I’ll keep you posted how it is going. Right now I’m just getting prepared and setting the SMART goals. SMART is acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time based.

So 55 days is about 8 weeks. I figure to set myself up for about 5 lbs of weight loss. I’d really like to say 8 as it would be losing a lb a week but….I’d be happy with 5 and can do that I think. I’ll set up some rules and guidelines for my meals – for example, I want to do fish once per week, less bread, less desserts. Dark chocolate is ok, one dessert a week or something like that. I have to make it SMART! I haven’t watched their video on this section so I need to do that. I’ll also develop a service list! I will include doing things for Mom as a part of that – so I’m already doing that some. George said he’d give me a list, LOL!

So this takes me to Thanksgiving and a push for being a better me. Of course it’s timebases but also is to create habits, so I will likely try and keep it up afterwards if I’m met with success. But I do think the 55 day challenge is good to reach certain goals like X amount of lbs, X amount of reading toward your goals, being a good person and contributing to your circle and your community with specific projects or kindness, and losing weight and/or being stronger and healthier. Having a 55 day push will give extra focus and set up habits to continue. I love it!

Outlook for the rest of the week:

Now that payroll is over, it’s the last payday of the 3rd quarter, so the focus now is on month-end and quarter end taxes and returns, doing my reconciliation sheet and so forth.

I have my OWN eye doc appointment this morning. Part of that is making sure I’m not developing into macular degeneration like Mom did. It runs in our family. She already was legally blind in one eye before she realized what was happening. So I go annually to an ophthalmologist.

Tonight I’m cooking Teriyaki Steak and Orzo with Spinach and Sweet Potatoes. If it’s good I’ll share the recipes.

Taking a friend out Friday for lunch for her birthday if she feels like going. She’s had recent surgery.

And George is going to play golf with a coworker from work on Saturday in Kentucky. So I’m planning a “special day” of my own. My options are coming together but I’ve offered to take Mom to breakfast at a new cafe/coffee shop in town and if it’s busy we’ll get it to go and eat in the car, a shoe store visit (I meant to go in spring and got behind), and maybe the Dollar Store or Dollar General if not too busy (Mom wants to do that). I’ll offer up a place or two for her if she wants to go too.

My other options for Saturday are to do the Fall Bucket List, Canon Lessons, Walk the Greenway in Mount Juliet, get my car washed, and do a photo shoot somewhere locally or around Mount Juliet. Many of these things still remaining on the summer bucket list. I also need to do some vacuuming this weekend of all the floors!

Meanwhile in Texas

Dear Daughter dresses up like a Pirate for the kids. What the teachers do! It’s awesome.

Precious little morning angel right there. He still has a little cough so keep praying. I think it’s better, but I need to check in with her today and see. I know she’s tired of me asking. But those lungs are so little and can fill fast.

We have a plan to visit now. We are going for his birthday. We are taking off 3 VAC days to go in Jan. We are flying and renting a car. I hope we can stay on the ranch to evade some extra costs, but we’ll see. At least dogs are not a problem now. But at that time probably Cody’s family will be there too so we prob won’t get to stay at the house next door is my guess. They currently do not have a spare bedroom. So….Katy said they may have somewhere else on the ranch for us to stay. We will see what happens. If not – hotel it is. But at least we have a plan. I will turn in PTO at work soon and will schedule the flights.

That is it for today! Working on the video tomorrow morning and will be back here on Friday. Ya’ll have a grand day.

Let me know what you think about the KYD55! I think it’s doable – a little push and precision on goals, but doable!

New Year, New Habits

The new chair is calling! Starting some new habits. I had decided to read the Bible backwards this year. Meaning that I will start with Revelations and work backwards. So the first thing each morning is setting in the chair, in my spa robe, after my shower, writing a prayer in my journal and reading a couple of chapters. Seems to set the direction proper for the day. Then from there I will do a blog if I have chosen it is to be a blog day.

Another new habit is going to the grocery store on Monday nights for the weekly grocery needs and bringing Monday night’s dinner home. I told George last week when we went it was really nice to do it that way. We didn’t have to interrupt our weekend and we would meet at home and head out and get what we needed together and we would pick up rotisserie chicken, already cooked for our dinner that night, a salad kit, and some sort of quick side – maybe a microwavable veggie or a quick can a beans on the stove. Both Publix and Kroger have roasted chickens. Not sure about Walmart, but we will throw Walmart into our rotations. I look forward to the rotisserie chicken. It’s so tender and good for us.

The next new habit is our eating better and making healthier choices. Having George on board really makes a difference. It’s hard to eat healthy if your spouse is not interested. So when I was mentioning possible potato salad at the deli last night, he was silent except to say “you can get what you want”. Sometimes that is our way of saying no not for me but you get whatever. So I quickly realized my mistake and said we could eat something else healthier. So perhaps we can help each other make better decisions. Will I stay away from potato salad forever? No way, but healthy food can be just as appetizing if we find a meal we like and create new habits and apply an 80/20 rule of eating healthy versus splurging.

I also tried to pick dressings that were not filled with canola oil. I picked avacado oil types and we will try that. I’m not sure what the healthier dressings are other than olive oil ones homemade. What types do you buy that taste good? I bought a bottle for work and home. They are pricier but if it keeps you from gaining weight, it’s worth it.

I’m also back on the morning shakes again with the company I use. Just really trying to get back in the habit of that. Not only did they help me lose weight before, but they put the nutrients into my body. I’ve had quite a bit of inflammation and pain this week from weeks of overeating, eating bad things, eating fast food and being spotty with the vitamins as we have been so busy and off our routines. The impact of the shakes are pretty immediate. The thing is they are good. I just have a problem having a cold breakfast in the winter! But on those mornings I just have to have eggs I will have that. But everyday may not be good to have eggs due to the cholesterol factor. Peoples bodies are different.

Here’s one of my daily calendar pics this week. I think I do pretty good at creating my own paradise. lol Always looking for ways to “make my world better”.

Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Pain

This week I’ve had extreme heel and ankle pain. It started coming back from Texas. I think it’s also because I had over a week of not wearing my crocs. I have to have crocs when I’m running around the house on my feet. They support my plantar fasciitis. I had completely recovered wearing the crocs and have kept it up thru the years. But just a week of not wearing them has completely ruined that. In reading up on it, it can take 6 to 18 months to get it back right where it’s not hurting every time you get up in the morning or get up from sitting. This time the ache has been so bad that it radiates inward to the bone. So I’m having to make sure I have on my crocs and I guess it’s just going to hurt for a while. Then my right arm hurts too when we have to much sugar and I don’t get enough nutrients. It’s like a warning bell!

So I think the shake and eating right will help all that too.

I really want to start having some more tea. I may invest in a kettle again. Our microwave is well – just stupid. It doesn’t work appropriately. We need a new one. I suppose it would be silly to get a kettle though if we need a new microwave anyway. It only takes 1.5 to 2 minutes to heat up a cup of water to throw a tea bag in. Our microwave buttons don’t do what they are supposed to. You have to keep hitting random buttons to make it work. And it won’t quit beeping once it starts until you go over and hit random buttons. For now we are dealing with it. George bought it. Not sure if it has a warranty. Not sure he has the receipt or whatever. I’m sure it’s probably just expired. But I think it’s about time for another one. If not though, I’ll be getting a kettle for tea so I can avoid having to “fight” with the microwave when I need a cup of hot water. Yeah I could boil water on the stove, but the kettle would be cuter. lol. No worries. This is not important right now. But the thought of putting a kettle on brings a cozy thought.

Speaking of cozy. Roger was sleeping good. He sleeps good sometimes in the evenings when he realizes his pack is there. He really must miss us during the day if it is a day we are both gone.

Technology Woes and Updates

Well this morning my email with AOL is not wanting to send. It says my “server” is not working. I’m getting mail but can’t send. I’m rolling my eyes right now. I hate it when things start to go wrong and you don’t have time to deal with it. I’ll have to fight that battle when I get home I guess. Maybe it’s just a faulty email address but that is not the message I’m getting. The first thing to do is REBOOT and then see!

I’m waiting til the next weekend to order my back up drive. Then when it comes in I’ll download Big Sur and then see what else I need to do. A little nervous about all that but it’s been enough time that I think most everything I use will work. But that remains to be seen!

Itching to work on the next movie but I want to get the back up drive and update first. Then I will need to order another one just to house my iMovie and iMovie files on so they won’t be on my iMac and slow it down. This is a process and one I’ve been meaning to do for a while. When I asked Santa for it, I thought I’d be getting it for Christmas. George thought it wasn’t an exciting gift I think. But I feel bad spending the $$ for it all. We did reason with ourselves last night though. We normally are very active, going to concerts, out to eat constantly, shopping and such and we mostly are at home now and so naturally we channel that energy and $$ toward whatever we are doing here. So I’ll go ahead and get these things accomplished and get it OFF my very long list! That all starts this weekend. Gotta love progress. I sure do.

The Big Sur update takes more space/memory so I think it’s important to go ahead and make these changes. And apple provides security updates so I want the most secure. So I’ll be working on all that soon!

Ya’ll have a big day! It’s payroll day for me. And taxes and year end processing will be on the back burner for about a day and a half until I get the payroll and after payroll stuff done. Then I’ll have half of Wed, and two very long days out of Thurs and Friday to focus on getting it done. If I have to I can work Saturday but honestly I don’t think I’ll have to. I mean if anything had to be paid in on a Saturday it would post late anyway as banks are not open. I will be mean cuss if I have to work Saturday. So lets all hope not! I don’t prefer to be a mean cuss, but if I don’t get my rest and rejuvy, get my laundry done, my house in order, and work on personal things I need to work on then we ALL have to deal with the consequences! And it ain’t perty to deal with me when I’m off my schedule! lol It is what it is. That is something about me that is likely not to change!

New Year Goals and Why You Shouldn’t Give up on Resolutions

All the Christmas has been gathered. It’s time to load them back up in the tubs and send them back to the basement for another year. It’s kinda sad to see them go. Although I really am not a fan of red, I do enjoy our house being a “Santa Land” for six weeks or so. It’s kind of a lot of trouble, but I enjoy doing it.

I normally have them packed on the 1st of January, but have been doing some other things. Today is the Day!

Blog Boom!

WordPress sent a note that my traffic is spiking. It’s true that this blog is gaining momentum. It’s never been a goal to increase the blog’s readership and I’m not really trying to. As with growth, comes a lot of other things too, but I’ll take it. Welcome! For someone just chatting about her life and thoughts – I’m shocked that 33 people an hour would be here.

Much to my surprise Little Bit hung out with me in the laundry room yesterday. I asked him if God sent him to me to be “my Maisy girl” for a while as she was always at my feet (actually though she didn’t like the laundry room). Later I figured out that he was scared of Roger and wanted protection. LOL How anything can be scared of Mr. Roger dog is beyond me. LOL

Coffee Club

So…..George gave me this coffee club from Driftaway for Christmas. I hadn’t been using it because I wasn’t sure I wanted flavored coffees in the flavors of Tropical Fruit and Peach and Lemon. I am a real fan of totally black and unflavored coffees. He’s been after me to try them. So I finally told him that I was waiting til I was in the mood for “flavored” coffees. He laughed and said they were NOT flavored but the listing at the top, such as tropical fruit, fudge and molasses, etc., were just the “tone” of it. “Ohhhhh” I said, “that makes all the difference”. So we had a pot of coffee in the afternoon yesterday, and I set up my account from George’s gift order. And soon (after two more days), I’ll go in and rank them.

I’m trying them backwards. So the Profile 4 we had yesterday and the Profile 3 is today. Surprisingly the Profile 3 seems to have more taste than the Profile 4, even though 4 is darker. But 4 (see very bottom of the coffee envelope) is from Brazil and 3 is from Guatemala. And Guatemalan Antiguan has always been our favorite flavor of coffee. But I have to wait to order so it won’t deliver while we are gone.

Much to my surprise, George grabbed the china cups to drink it from. Now I think he has started a trend. Coffee tastes REALLY good out of a china cup. My china is “Barrymore” by Noritake. It’s a Japanese made china set, which is interesting considering that it’s called “China” and most everything comes from China.

The coffee club by Driftaway has certain regions in which they obtain the coffee. And you are basically picking your region, at least that appears to be the way it works. I’m sure Guatemalan will win with us because it always has before.

New Year Goals for 2021

Wow don’t we ALL have hopes and dreams for this next year? How could one NOT after 2020. These things below are a compilation of everything including a bucket list, a resolution list, a to do list, an obtain (get it) list, an aspiration list, and a dream list. Because – WHY NOT just go “WHOLE HOG” here? So 1, 2, 3, here I go and these are not in any order of importance.

  • Vlog goals/improvements – This is deep and all inclusive from learning my camera, learning YouTube, YouTube Buddy, growing the channel, enriching the content and on and on.
  • Weight loss/Self Care – Always on the list. We can’t give up. Seeking fun ways to slim down while still being true to our foodie selves and not having to drink shakes on a cold winter’s morn.
  • Taking care of family
  • Pet situation is a big concern for 2021. I think we will be losing Roger soon.
  • Flooring – Praise the Lord, we get new flooring.
  • God – Intensive studies, journaling, and being more accepting of His day to day guidance and protection, in a more personal way.
  • Developing a study area – chair in my office which will also be a YouTube watching chair for watching shows on the iMac when George is using the other TV or listening to music! I’m so excited about this.
  • Reconsider all the Subscriptions that I have. Some need to go.
  • Reconsider our phone and cable costs. We need to rightsize everything based on usage/needs.
  • Big Sur Update on the iMac. Ditching Sophos’ internet protection and finding another that works with Big Sur.
  • Complete the entire Canon Camera Series (part of the first goal listed actually)
  • Use the InstaPot – I’ve never used it. George has.
  • Begin reading REAL books again.
  • Keep growing and learning.
  • Keep trying to be a better person- this could be a whole entire blog session in itself. lol
  • Be excited about life even though we are still in a Pandemic but hopefully crawling out of it before long (?).
  • Minimizing a few things and maximizing a few things. (Also a whole new blog post).

Why you Shouldn’t Give Up Your New Year’s Resolutions

There seems to be a trend in the last decade or so for people to QUIT having new year’s resolutions. Depending on the thought camp there, that can be either good or bad. To give up on all things that have to do with aspirations, dreams, and becoming a better self, is certainly not good. To ascertain that one needs to do this all the time and not just New Year’s is certainly acceptable in thought and practice.

I really think the change of seasons is a good time to jump start any new plans, ideas, self help, and set new targets for the quarter or seasons ahead.

Why should we NOT give up our _________? (Dreams, goals, aspirations)

  • Must keep the hope that our lives are served out in the purpose intended by God or the universe if you choose to think of it that way
  • Must have a direction to steer toward as to not spin in place and surge downward
  • Need to focus on things worth focusing on and reach out for our potential
  • Need to have some control over your life or someone else will
  • Need to have stepping stones to get where you are going
  • Low hanging fruit is within reach and should not be ignored
  • A plan can be made and a plan can be changed, but no plan is to be stagnant or a feather in the wind
  • One can sip wine or coffee while contemplating the next move 🙂
  • Life is exciting when a goal is reached or a project is maintained
  • Often your forward movement opens other doors you never dreamed would open
  • We all have potential that has been untapped.
  • Life has surprises tucked away in corners and treasures tucked away at various turns
  • Sharpen your skills and interests and increase your value to society

We could all go on and on, but we can’t just stop here in life and let the weeds take over. Must keep moving, growing, learning, and defining our lives.

January (New Year) Food Traditions Globally

I was reading the January section of the 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanac and these food traditions are consumed and considered vital in the first days of the new year in many parts of our world:

Of course most of us know that black eyed peas are considered good fortune here in the US?

Dutch homes consider any ring shaped food as symbolizing “coming full circle” and leading to fortune – such as a donut. Wow, I would really like to have a donut right now. I forgot about them. I’ll get one in Texas for sure.

Irish eat pastries called bannocks, which I’ve never heard of.

India and Pakistan – rice promises prosperity.

Apples dipped in honey are a Rosh Hashanah tradition.

Swiss homes enjoy dollops of whipped cream to symbolize the richness of the New Year. Even dropped on the floor and allowed to stay there. What?

Birthday Plans

Today is my birthday! Last night we celebrated with my SIL and BIL, Susan and Kevin. We went to Hermitage Steak House. It was not easy to get this pic. I was in about 8 people’s way and had two get out of the way (George and Kevin), lol. But it was worth it. I love the feel of this steak house in the log cabin.

They have the best steak ever! And it was decorated so pretty and elegantly. And the fireplace was wonderful.

Today’s Specific Goals

Mainly need to get these Christmas things out of the way, get the ironing done, make a Walmart run for snacks for Texas and a few things for work so I have meals to eat this week until we get the word to head South West. I have a big list of things to do including change purses and such, give myself a pedi, and all that.

George is fixing us a steak and egg breakfast as we had a steak thawed that needs to get used. We ended up taking longer to eat the lamb (two dinners) than expected and he’d thawed the steaks already. Then tonight we will be doing Olive Garden Takeout.

Other Notes

Oh we got some gifts in the mail yesterday from my Sister for Christmas. That was nice. We get to shop and eat!

I’m so excited to get to see and hold my Grandson soon. How exciting! I have to remember to go back and see who guessed his birthdate correctly after we get back. If I forget, remind me! I better get going on this day. These days off go by so quickly. It amazes me how I’m so good at entertaining myself. lol I guess it’s a God given talent in itself. I did spend the first 10 years of my life as an only child. So it comes natural. More natural than I thought it would. The internet helps with the blog and vlog and games and Netflix and all the audio books, not to mention regular books. No wonder we never have time for anything anymore. LOL.

Your Turn to Share

Now it’s your turn. What are a couple of your biggest goals for the new year? Do you have any New Year traditions or foods that you do that were not mentioned? Leave a comment below. Love to hear them. Ya’ll have a good day. Check back in with you later!