My New Avatar, Solving Household Woes, and Eating Out Again

Here’s what it looks like to work on a video – the little bit I worked on last weekend. Everything is in the timeline I just have to tweak each pic and video, and add transitions, add in layers and text, and then the last thing is the audio. It’s quite the project. And it’s fun until things go wrong. It’s been good to get away from it the past day or two. I’m not sure I’m totally happy with the logo page. And I grabbed the wrong logo to remove the background from. So I had to fix that.

Did you know you can go to “” in your browser and remove the background from a pic? So far it’s been free. Now my logo can work on more than a white background. But I’m learning how to do “picture within picture” and that is how I was able to layer on the logo. All that said, once invitations are done I can whittle away it.

I should have been videoing some this week already – like our adventures to buy the washing machine and our going out to eat again for the first time in weeks. But darnit, was just not in the mood and in a hurry I guess. I did at least get photos but I should have video’d a bit while picking out my new washer. I will get in a better habit of capturing our week. For the most part right now these videos are in “test mode”. I mean really other than everything breaking, we really haven’t had anything exciting or videoworthy to share. But I figure those of you that read the blog when there is nothing to share, will delight in our videos as well, lol! I’m really excited about it but I will say it pushes the edge a bit with still being in the learning curve with Mac and iMovie and trying to do big projects instead of itty bitty ones. I dive in always.

So – I got ahead of myself. The washer repair guy showed and said “it’ll really be just as cheap to buy a new one with parts and labor”. George checked and it had been 5 years we had the washer. Warranty just expired. So we went to Lowe’s last night and bought another one. I got tickled yesterday that George told me “the repair man said to just buy a cheap one”. I figured he thought he needed some leverage so I would not go in and pick out the big charmer that sparkled and sang to me in the florescent essence of Lowe’s. I get it. I’ve always wanted those spaceship looking appliances that make you go “woah”. But they were always too big to fit the spaces we needed so he lucked out. I didn’t see many of those by the way. There was one set – the rest looked more normal. But I really liked the glass top. I did not pick the most expensive, but I did pick one that had a fairly good size tub so the comforter could be washed in it. I picked a mid range price. I didn’t get caught up in all the buttons. We purchased extended warranty this time. There once was a day when these things would last 15 to 20 years. Five? Really Whirlpool. It was a part that used to be metal and now is plastic and it broke. Whirlpool die hards would go buy another and Whirlpool gets better sales when they have quicker turnaround sales. But I didn’t play that game. Whirlpool let me down this time so I passed it over. I won’t forget it either. They are tarnished in my book.

So we’ll try the LG from Korea and see how it does. I wanted to buy American but there were only Whirlpool and Maytag and Maytag was the most expensive on the floor. And I wasn’t playing that game either. So they outpriced themselves. And I also passed over a China one I liked b/c frankly I’m just mad -rightly so or not- that there is so much “hype” over how they do things over there. No one can get the facts or the real scoop and they are secret and sneaky. Yet every product we touch was made from there. And I have developed a distrust over the years. I don’t have facts, just suspicions on nearly everything. So I kindly passed the Chinese washer by. “Bless it’s Heart.” lol

Oh and here is a good place to mention that the new toilet wasn’t working properly and kept running. And the downstairs repair work didn’t work right around the downstairs toilet and it leaked. They had to remove the carpet in that restroom. Why was carpet in there anyway? It needs to be something different. lol So plumbers were back yesterday and fixed the toilets, we think. The roofers on the other hand were rained out to fix the leak in the sunroom and to block off the chimney and concrete over and all that. Geez.

Katy and Cody came and got Findlay aka “Little Stink” as George calls her. She is a sweet baby and we will miss her. I was sleepy before coffee when they arrived and I realized later I forgot to hug Findlay bye. She still has so much energy but not nearly what she had.

Here’s a pic of Sunday with Katy working on something for the shower in June. Findlay loved sitting on the sofa in the sun room. We ate dinner in there Sun night. Dinner was Sushi and Chinese. (Yes I know, I’m fickle – I like my Chinese food – most of it was made in America though, lol).

Here’s my Facebook Avatar. I went with heavy set. You’d think I’d pick a skinny one, but I chose to do the plump version. lol. I don’t think it looks like me though. I did the best I could. My hair now is also going to kindof gray and really dark brown/blackish. The brown is almost out with the last cut I did this weekend. So eventually I’ll redo my Avatar. This will do for now.

A duck flew in to say “hi” yesterday at the office.

It was a dull gray day for much of the day. I tried to lighten it but when I did you saw the window reflection. I think I have a duck friend. lol

We had dinner at the Lost Cajun last night after Lowe’s. Our first sit down since the Corona mess in March. Much of what they have is fattening. So what appealed the most was the fried shrimp and catfish platter.

I wanted potato salad and red beans and rice instead of slaw and fries. The potato salad had one diced potato in it, the rest was just the sauce, lol lol lol. George gave me some fries and I cut it up and put it in there and called it a day. That was kinda weird. Otherwise it was all excellent. The red beans and rice was really kind of a main dish or a big bowl anyway and was an upcharge. They should have it has a side option as a cup of gumbo. Other than having a “side problem” the fish and shrimp were great, the service was excellent. The staff was happy to be there and serving and in a great mood. And they serve beer – not much – they could improve by offering local brews to support the community. Their choices were Bud products and Abita and something else. Not a lot of choice but we went with the Abita Amber. (I think). Yes you get honest reviews from me. I will even give pointers on how they can improve their business in case they read, which they won’t. Unless some skimmer program picks it up. If so “hello there”. lol

Speaking of people who read, I’d like to say hello to the following Countries that have visited the blog:

I know some bloggers/readers from Australia and UK and I know someone who is in Singapore but it doesn’t mean that is who is reading. Someone from Canada has been reading for a while. And India has been showing up for some time as well. Sometimes China will. We’ll see if they show up after this post today. They were reading as I posted and blogged about the pandemic, for sure. I thought that was interesting. I think France, Denmark and Uzbekistan were just mistakes? lol. Anyway, welcome to the blog!

Well it’s payroll day and I need to get a move on. I am happy knowing that the washer is on the way.

I am worried about getting the invitations done and having time to do that while working FT. I want to mail them over the weekend or at least by first of next week.

I have to put two inserts with it – it’s why I made sure to get an envelope type. Anyway I plan to work on this some tonight, but I’m taking Friday off too. I just need a long weekend to try to get some things done, get laundry done, do some home projects and geeky projects and have a great long holiday weekend. One step at a time.

I joined the premium Zoom for the shower and now I need to see if I can add Ellen as a user and host – if not I’ll let her have the account and I’ll sign on as a guest. I think. I also need to go and shop for a few shower gifts and decor, in coordination with what Katy is doing. So we can get that in the mail. But one thing at a time. Invitations first.

So I’m glad to be taking a PTO day Friday.

It’s payroll day so once again…I keep typing, but I need to go! I am in a much better mood knowing the washer will be delivered Thursday. And it did much for my morale to go out to eat last night.

Roger says Hello. Bless him. He’s getting old now and his feet and legs are so wobbly. See you in a day or two or three as life happens.

Ya’ll have a GREAT couple of days!

Taco Tuesday, Repairs Galore, and Could I Have Had Covid-19?

I can’t believe it is heading toward the midpoint of May already. A Pandemic sure does fly fast in my world. Mainly mine did not stop except for the weekends.

I am glad to be back on the premises for the most part. But being home for two days a week did have its perks and I miss that part.

I have been doing some video this week in preparation for VLOGGING. We will see how it goes. I told George you all wanted to see more of him and the cooking. He will always be photo bombing. You can count on that one. I have some ideas for the VLOG. I have a tendency to want to make something perfect before I start this as there is a lot to consider. YouTube has a lot of legal requirements and if for some reason my followership increased, I’d want to make sure the blog and vlog are in order. And I want a intro to the Vlog that will go in each video and and ending. But you know what? I have learned that sometimes to keep forward momentum you just “start where you are”. That is what I did when I began blogging. I didn’t have the blog all decorated. I just started typing. So this week – I just started videoing. lol. I’ll improve as I go. It will be quite a bit different from the trips videos. I will have to develop new habits and be of the mindset to capture more by video, but still get photos for the blog. I’m hoping these won’t take as long to do. And that I’ll be able to pump one out every week. But they will be behind the blog a week or two. But often I think that people either become VLOG followers or BLOG followers and very few will be both. But we will see. I’m exciting to give it a whirl.

I can see that on the weeknights, it will be fun to pick the music for each one. I enjoy listening to the tunes on Epidemic Sound. It takes a few samplings (kinda like iTunes as you can sample the song) to find one that is just right. Like for example this week has been harry and busy so I’m trying to find some “busy” music to match.

Wow, what a busy week though. I thought last night was going to be a hard one but George saved the day. He went ahead and baked the potatoes for our “potato skins” – which really still have most of the potato in them. I am fixing them like a restaurant that used to be in Nashville called “Darryl’s”. They had THE BEST potato skins. Only a little of the tater was scooped out and they put in sharp cheddar, REAL bacon crumbles, and chives and they would bring sour cream and BBQ sauce to dip them in. So we are having those tonight when Katy and Cody come in.

So I scooped out a bit of each of the potatoes after slicing them. And made some creamed potatoes with those. I’m taking that for lunch. 😉

I baked the meatballs last night and we’ll be crock potting those with BBQ Sauce and grape jelly. And then George has some little Corn Dog poppers he is fixing in the air fryer.

I told Katy that we were having appetizers and they were on the heavy side as opposed to the lighter side – not chips and salsa. So they will be filling. But they will be hungry after a days drive. We will have happy hour ready and waiting.

So we had Taco Tuesday last night. They were so good.

The avocado was a nice touch. It was so good. The shells were from Aldi and were not as fresh as I would have hoped but the insides made up for it.

George fixed the onion and red peppers – like fajita fillings. I had requested red pepper since the tomato seeds might bother me. I imagine one day I’ll eat tomatoes again soon. I’m kinda thinking that my situation might have been a little more than diverticulitis. I have weighed back and forth on this.

We finished off watching Frankie and Grace last night. And we have finished off Ozark this week so we are looking at other options. The Crown is done too. We have Dead to Me to watch and Outer Banks to finish and we will be picking up another show here or there. So last night was not as busy as I thought it would be.

I did vacuum before going to bed and set a 10 minute timer to just “pick up” the house. Well, quite frankly only the living room was picked up. That is about all I had time for. lol

So the washing machine died this week and George is calling another repair person as the one we use is not starting back until next week and he has a long line of folks waiting. So we have another place he is calling today.

Ok, so I’ve been seeing some articles on the COVID-19 and stomach distress. So I go back and read some of my blog posts since the first of the year. I began not feeling well- random aches, pains, tiredness. I remember having some headaches here and there that I usually didn’t have, I began having to clear my throat constantly and severely at times (gradually going away but nearly drove me crazy), I had blisters in my mouth, I have had random little chest pains here and there around Feb- nothing severe or pervasive but little pin pricks – almost nothing. Not even worth mentioning. I had a fever one weekend and then had the stomach issues. At first it was loose stools and then I had an infection in my stomach which I told my doc it was diverticulitis b/c my stomach was backed up like that. Only it was in infection making it happen. I remember thinking it was different than the last times I’d had it, as there had been warning but this just flared suddenly.

Then after I had the antibiotics – they helped but it wasn’t strong enough and it came back and I had a rash that broke out around on my skin right where the infection was. I’m really kinda wondering if it’s possible that I had a mild case of the COVID? They say some don’t even have many symptoms. And this time period of ailments this year has been so weird so it makes me wonder.

I remembering being really tired all around that time and dragging the weeks before the infection. I can’t remember having a sore throat but I may have as some time in the last few months I remember saying I had the makings of a cold but it felt better with coffee.

George also had a fever around that time and didn’t feel good. And had aches and pains a bit in his feet. I was complaining of aches and pains as well in my ankle and parts of my body here and there. One of my entries was called something like “Pains Here, Pains There”.

Anyway, I’m wondering. Is it possible I had the COVID and didn’t know it? I’m still struggling with my throat trying to get it cleared – it’s so annoying but getting better.

I wouldn’t have thought this though b/c so many have severe reactions. But is this possible???? I wish we could have that antibody test so we could know.

Found the doggies laying close together yesterday.

I love how they get along and will do this sometimes.

Maisy has been having some issues the last week with just peeing in the middle of the den floor. George said it started happening before we gave her the meds. He said he thought it was a behavioral thing.

The only thing I can figure is that I’m not home as much. She loved to be with me on Wed and Friday and I moved out the desk and took things back to work and I’m gone most of the day. I wondered if she was upset at the change. As I was home 4 days a week. However she often has done it even when I’ve been here, so I don’t think that is it. Sometimes you take her out to pee and she comes right in and pees immediately on the floor. It’s almost like she is marking territory. George has been here and there have not been any issues between her and Roger. But it’s driving us crazy. She did not do this yesterday though. She was a good girl. We’ve been getting on to her and having some serious talks about it. I even tried Tugie’s old diapers but they are too small and it’s hard to get her tail in them, lol. I wish I had video’d that! But it took two of us to try to get it on her. FAIL and it left her scurrying behind the sofa to get away from our “cruelty”. lol. She didn’t come back out until she smelled food. Since then though she has been a tad better.

So Katy and Cody arrive today. I’ve not had a text or anything to see if they are on the road yet. So please pray for their safe travels. I need to get to work. I plan on leaving at 4 today as that will put me there about the same time as they get there. Thank goodness George is here today to prep and heat up between emails since he is working from home.

Oh yeah and the people came and laid the new water pipes from the street to our house. They do the rest today and the rest of the week. There is hay over the area now, but it looked like this earlier.

They will be installing the white toilet today. And hopefully we will have news on the washer repair man. If I can get an appointment time it’ll be great. That is half the battle. Til then we will begin to wear the old underwear – or buy more.

Also I had lost 5 lbs but I think I found them and maybe a few more with all we have eaten since I’ve been better. I think I’m going to have to go buy some big girl britches. I had sold them all or sent them away. I need to go up half a size as mine are getting uncomfortable this week all of a sudden.

I could try to lose it I guess and go back to cleansing. I’ve just not felt I could do it as I’ve not felt good this year. So not sure. I haven’t been up to the task of eating healthy the last month – it was more about what could I digest without pain. And I’ve been testing out various things and so far so good. The last couple of weeks have been good. Thank the Lord.

Anyway, got to run to work and get the day going. Ya’ll take care.

Mother’s Day Weekend

Well that 3 day weekend flew by fast. I did not get to do everything I thought I would but the trade off was fun as some of the fun things I wanted to do were done, like the video I posted yesterday. Thanks to those who commented here on FB or messages regarding it. It made me feel really good. I realize I have a lot to learn though but find myself correcting others videos in my head, lol. Like – why didn’t they clip that part out? It’s not meant from a critical standpoint though, just a notion of “if it were mine I would have done it this way”. So my point being that now when I watch videos on YouTube I look at it from a different standpoint simply because I’m learning what you can do and what the options are. But so much to learn.

One thing I did do this weekend was to wash the new masks that came in. I prefer to iron them as well. I don’t dare put them in the dryer. Who knew going into 2020 some of us would be looking for fashion masks, lol.

We did get to do something VERY important this weekend. And that was to go see Mom. Maisy rode in the back seat where she was most comfortable and happy. Bless her heart I guess the gift bag tissue was in her face most of the way.

And Roger, a seemingly happy little fellow was miserable most of the way. He wants his Daddy but he is uncomfortable now as he is old and wants to be comfy. And just could not find his comfort spot in a lap. On the way back I chauffered George and both dogs as they rode in the back seat. Maisy eventually came up to the passenger seat as she really wanted her Momma.

We stopped at KFC to get chicken and look at this long line. Thank goodness it didn’t take too long. We were getting the chicken. There was no question. Mom never asks for anything and she asked for KFC and KFC it would be. We all enjoyed it too.

We tried to sit outside, but with a high of 68 or so and the wind blowing, Mom found it too cool. But we set in on binge watching Outer Banks on Netflix. I think we did 3 or 4 shows. Mom told us to pick a show and that is what I picked. Normally she likes the Hallmark Channel but I think she has about watched it out.

This photo kinda describes our day. lol. Very restful. A nice little afternoon with our bellies full of fried chicken, slaw, green beans, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese.

Here was my view. I love the poodle. I guess I didn’t get a pic of Fancy, Mom’s Dog this time. She is a cutie pie. She is 13 and gained a few pounds during the Pandemic. I hear she likes cheeseburgers like myself. lol

Mom’s back yard was pretty. Their area was hit hard with the storms too a week ago with many trees falling over, many with roots and all just pulled out of the ground. You could hear the sounds of chain saws and people were out hauling wood from here to there and yon. It was truly like a small hurricane came through on land. I’ve always liked Mom’s peaceful place there.

I shot a pic through the screen coming in from the outside. Oh if you look close you can see the back of Fancy under George’s foot. lol

I found another hat downstairs that I had used when we had a garden. So I brought it up and added it to the hat wall.

And that is about all she wrote for the weekend! Literally.

It’s a big week for us. Almost overwhelmingly so. While George is working from home we found it a good time for the plumber to come, the roofer to come, and of course Katy and Cody are coming as his brother is getting married.

And this is the week I will be making the decision about the baby shower – whether live and in person or all virtual. And then a week from now will be getting those invitations out.

Much to get ready for Wed night as we are having appetizers but you know our appetizers are going to be the good kind. lol. Findlay will be coming! Looking forward to seeing that girl.

Better get dressed and get to work!

Maisy Going to the Vet, My Amazing Bedhead, and Vacation Day

Miss Maisy girl is going to the vet today. She has had an increase in her coughing spells. So I’m doing a “walk in” visit as I think it is time to put her on the heart meds – like Tugie had. They helped her out a lot and kept her with us longer. George said she had a tough time yesterday while I was at work. I had already on a whim scheduled myself for a vacay day and the bosses were ok with that. I normally plan them more in advance but it’s not been a good time to take any time but as quarter end is over, I just decided to take a day. I was dismayed to realize part of it would be sitting and waiting for who knows how long as I couldn’t get an appointment but I’m at least on the “call ahead” list which puts you before the true walk in’s without a call first. lol. I think I have to call and check in and wait in the car til they are ready for us. So no problem. I love my little Maisy girl so we will go get this done today. Better than on a Saturday where the wait has been as long as 2.5 hours.

George and I worked on the trees this week and got most of it to the road. The rest of it is heavier pieces that I cannot lift. He probably can.

My Asian lily is blooming. I love this hearty plant that never disappoints year after year. I should plant more of them. But they do not last for long.

Work went well this week. Things are picking up it sounds like, lots of employees are being hired, and people are starting to come back from furlough. I hung a command strip mask holder on my computer. Sometimes it is hard to remember the mask. I start to walk out of my office to go file something or or go do something totally immersed in thought with whatever I’m concentrating on and then realize “oops” and have to head back. I never get far, but it is a challenge to remember. So far we also have to take our temp as we arrive.

The quarter end is over and I’m so happy to have a vacay day Sad that our trips are cancelled for the real vacay but what can you do. I think George is still taking the time off. I’m not. I’d rather have a slew of Friday’s off than to take a whole week if we are not going anywhere. It has to be a good vacay to be worth all the extra hours of making it all up the next week when you are gone for a whole week. You definitely pay for it. But at least in this job of payroll I don’t have to work while I’m on vacation, like I did before in the other job. So I have waited a while to have this day as I really needed it here and there. But refused to take it during quarter end processing. I needed every minute of the month to get it all done.

One of my favorite web cams while hanging out sipping coffee while I wake up in the mornings, or wine during commercials in the evening. In the mornings in this “cafe” in Barcelona they have coffee going in the mornings and they have their bar going – late into the night apparently. They have been closed for weeks but I checked in and they are gearing up for an opening. The place looks like a mess. But they have been cleaning and prepping. Some of my other favorite webcams are no longer active. I miss checking on the family in the Vining Living Room. I always wondered if they all knew they were on camera. Or if one or the other spouse was taping the rest or the teen taping it. But they were there for anyone to see. And I would peek in to see them watching TV and loved to watch the 3 dogs they had and how the family loved them and cared for them. It was sweet. But they are no longer on line, lol. But here is the Barcelona Cafe cam. Anxious to see if the same waiters/waitresses come back.

I love the web cams! It’s so bizarre to me that you can be in your own living room and be watching the sunset on a beach across the world, or someone doing laundry or getting their hair cut, or shopping at the grocery store, lol lol. People watching can be fun. I also miss the Russian meat market. They must have got the COVID. No longer on line.

Look what awaited me yesterday when I got home. The door was open going to the basement and they were there at the top of the stairs with waggin’ tails. (Roger has no front teeth so if he is tired or just woken up from a nap his tongue hangs out. )

They are looking a little furry. I may have to see if I can trim them but…I think our groomer will be opening up soon if not already. We may wait until our June appointment as it’s hard to get a Saturday appointment.

We talked with Katy again this week and we’ll be getting to see them this next Wednesday night and again on the following Sunday night. We are so looking forward to seeing them.

We went to the store Wednesday night at Kroger. Again we spent well over $200 and normally a store run not that much. However, we normally go 2 to 3 times a week and do smaller runs. I’m doing less of my Isagenix as I’m the type that really needs to have a wide variety of flavor. The mornings have been chilly still and so the shakes are few and far between. Still doing the drinks though and the vitamins. And I no longer do many of the snacks because after two years I’m just needing varying flavors and quite frankly the high protein bars are just like putting lead to my stomach these days. Some have the nut pieces in them. I do miss those some, and may try them again. I can’t even give them away as we can’t share food at work. lol But anyway, I’m buying more at the store.

I’m also having some cravings, which I’ve not had much of for a while. I’m allowing my indulgences because quite frankly I’m just so glad and blessed that I can eat and digest again! So I had been craving Chili Flavored Fritos for about two weeks. I got them. I have had them for snack and then also had them for breakfast with coffee this morning when I just needed “a little something”. It was fabulous. lol My craving was bologna sandwiches last week or maybe it was the week before. It wasn’t Oscar Meyer beef so it wasn’t my favorite. I keep looking for it at the store.

I’ve lost 5 lbs during my challenge but it’s because I ate broth, jello, mashed potatoes, crackers, and a lot of liquids for many of those days. Less calories. I’m not going to be able to finish my challenge to get the $200 as I’ve said before b/c I didn’t spend 500 BV. I just haven’t bought as much as I’ve been stocked up and haven’t used as much of it. Ironically though I have received a $100 commission from them this week, and I’m not really sure how. But I’ll take it because I put a lot of hours and effort into the company on the front end of my doing this business. So if I reap some reward back from all that time when the rewards weren’t coming at all – I will take it. I will always want to be a customer but I don’t want to actively sell it. However, if anyone is interested I won’t turn them down. I need to remember to transfer the money to our account this weekend from the Pay Card.

I hardly have any twinges of pain at all. None in the last few days at all except for a tiny bit of more pressure than pain as that spot in my colon heals and it’s usually after having a big meal. Big meals are not good for me. But sometimes it is hard if George fixes something wonderful and we go back and have leftovers. I have to remember to drink a lot of water after.

The new probiotics and supplements are working great. I feel good these days. There was one day I was tired and I remembered I had not taken the vitamin pack, just the supplements. I was just focusing on payroll and totally forgot to pull out the vitamin pack. If I DO NOT have a shake every two or three days and forget the vitamin pack too, I can really feel the down surge of energy. But a shake puts me back where I need to be. I may have one here in a few minutes as my Chili Fritos are wearing off. I guess that was my serving of corn for the day, lol. I can’t eat corn normally so that tasted pretty good.

Praise be to God for helping me to feel better and be able to eat. He is the Great Physician and leads me to what I need to heal myself. I love to eat. I don’t like worrying about the tummy issues. It scares me. So I am hoping for a long period of wellness as far as that goes.

We have really been getting into Ozark at night. In the final stretches of finishing that one off. We can hardly contain ourselves to see what is next. We are totally into the characters. Every show has a surprising twist. I keep saying that. But it’s good!

I must be crazy for showing this, but I have been known to be comic relief on occasion. George took care of doggies and the coffee and feeding them and taking them outside while I slept in on my vacay day. Maisy however, just wants her Momma to get up. So I got up and stumbled in and got my coffee and passed myself in the mirror and had to go get my phone. I think I’ve had the most unusual BedHead this morning that I have ever had.

My mascara all over the place on this and look so bad w/o makeup I made it black and white. But you HAVE to see my hair!!!!!

Haaaaaaaa! It’s too funny NOT to share. I’m bold yes. And happy to have slept OH SO WELL last night!

Even Maisy laughed!

Well, I think I will work on my videos some today. See if I can do this Tulsa Video. Then I’ll go back and work on Texas. Maybe even Christmas of 2019. Just really needing some practice before I set in to try to do some of our week. I have no idea what that would look like. But if I can BLOG, I can VLOG. I will be doing some practice runs at some point. I look forward to this. Are you up for it? It would be connecting the blog to YouTube I guess. I have lots of ideas in my head. I figure that I would do it as a Reality Vlog but honestly things are not that interesting around here. But as things pick up we’ll talk about things we get out and do, things I organize around the house, apps I use, the dogs. I look forward to learning more about making videos, doing the B rolls, telling a story with the camera, and giving you all some “feel good” stuff or some funny stuff in a world of crazy. But I’m a little bit nervous. All I can do it practice and try and practice and try. I can just see it evolving over time. A new hobby emerges, but it’s a time suck. So….they may be few and far between. Creating content and then putting it together. It’s a fun hobby til you get frustrated. But I’m trying to realize that it’ll be worth the frustration and I’ll have a new skill.

So yeah, that is what I’ll be working on some today. Working on videos is the only time in my life where I have actually forgotten to eat and not wanted to stop to eat. So I try to make sure I have plenty to drink. But that should tell you how much I love the video editing. And learning about it. And watching others videos and seeing how they do things. I’m eating it up.

I felt guilty about paying for the monthly fee for the free music downloads for the videos, but I’ve decided to save money by doing my own nails and by doing my own hair for a while to offset it. Plus we are not going on vacay and spending money – so I’m not going to worry about it. I am going to go get a pedicure though. The cost not bad where I go and it’s easier to let them do your feet and make the soft again. I can’t do all that. But I may just do it during the summer or every two months in the winter. I’m definitely cutting back on the hair and nails money. Already saving on no color. So I’m no longer feeling guilty about that. Because now I’ve cut out way more than I’m spending. Plus my Isagenix money that just shows up everynow and then as I’m still active as a consultant even though I’m not selling actively.

Well, leaving you today with a pic of Roger and George. A front is coming through. And it’s rainy and chilly today and will be having a rare freeze tonight. So glad I didn’t plant flowers. I’m sure I will eventually. I may need to put that on the list for the next week or so. It’ll be too hot later.

I’ll share my list of to do’s tomorrow. I need to redo it, rearrange it and add some things to it. I’m managing to keep busy during this Pandemic. I never get bored of my hobbies, my learning, and trying to figure life out.

Ya’ll have a good weekend. What are YOU doing this weekend?

Trump Visit, $4,000 Bra, Leaky Roof, and My Thoughts on Corona Virus

Yesterday’s day off was a piece of bliss sliced off from heaven. I must have needed the unstructured time. That is exactly it. Unstructured time, which there is very little of. We are little robots that fit into segments of the week with little to no “free time” – it’s all filled with work and responsibilities, and moments of snuck in time here and there to get personal things taken care of.

And yesterday flew by. I sit here and try to recall where it went. As I recall, I got up around the time George did and took Maisy out, fixed coffee, and fed the doggies, watched the news, started the laundry, folded laundry, and subsequently washed several more loads. I planned dinner, with a quick search on Pinterest and started a “Air Fryer Recipe Board” where I placed “air fried chicken thighs”, a recipe with the skin ON.

I cleaned the kitchen by emptying the dishwasher, rebooting it, and washing any leftover dishes. Cleaned and dusted the pub table in the kitchen. I fixed boiled eggs (steamed eggs) in the egg steamer.

I began gathering things for my trip next week and made the decision how to get to the airport Thursday – I’m driving myself and parking in long term parking.

I watched some of the breaking news stories from our area. Where Trump visited.

He boarded helicopters which took him to the tornado impacted areas. His helicopters flew directly over our neighborhood. They were fairly low to the ground as we had cloud cover around that time and I could hear them coming and looked out the window for them. I texted George and within 20 minutes or so, George said they were seeing/hearing them there in Gordonsville. There was also damage there as well, which hasn’t really made much of the news.

I began shopping on line as my intentions were to place a hurried Target order so I could get my makeup in before my trip. However, Target did not have my shade in stock – well – they DID – but I’d have to go pick it up – they wouldn’t ship it. So nehhhh, not going past the tornado zones to get makeup in a two hour segment of time. So I ended up with “old faithful” (Amazon) who had it in stock and would bring it today if I wanted. Or tomorrow. But I chose “fewest packages” on Sunday for delivery. And it was free with Amazon Prime. I also decided to search for tunics (some comfy transitional types versatile for the weather we tend to have in spring, winter, fall). I found two on sale and reasonable.

I also began searching for bras. Having been a bit too cheap on some former purchases and ended up throwing one in the trash and “dealing with” the other (hurtful straps – not a good fit), I decided to pay more and buy better ones. So I started with the most expensive. I still could not fathom paying $60 or more for a bra and personally think that you can find excellent ones for $29.99 and up if you look for a deal and watch what you buy. I was going for $40’s though to buy a good one, if a deal couldn’t be found. But when I sorted by price, I was shocked to find that there was one for $4,000. I laughed and said “wow, it must do the dishes too”.

Needless to say, I did not purchase this one, but I was entertained by it. Surely it’s a joke or a mistype of some kind. I should have read the 13 views to see what it said, but didn’t. I quickly got rid of that one.

While I spent time shopping on line the doggies were happy and curled up nearby and that made me happy.

Then I spent some time creating an Instagram Story of the doggies. Why? Because I had time and I love doing Instagram stories. I just seem to not ever have the time or focus anymore because so many things distract me in so many ways. Or too much going on or too much to do.

Spring is trying to pop.

Our house needs some TLC, both inside and out. In big ways too. I found a leak yesterday in the house up above the TV. I think we had hail damage to the roof. George says he is getting up there today on the roof to see and to also inspect the sunroom area that is prone to leaking as it leaked horribly in there by the fireplace in the sunroom. There is an area that it leaks where the sunroom was built up next to the bricks/fireplace and it does not sit perfectly together and allows water in. We’ve had to keep a pan by the fireplace to keep the occasional drips in, but it was a huge leak now and the pan spilled over – not good. They epoxy it around the roof but has to be done about every two years. I’m sure it’s been about 4.

I’ve asked to have a professional person come in and do this. I just don’t think George needs to be climbing up there on the roof. He wants me to hold the latter which tilts at an angle where he has to place it to get up. The last time this happened I was not strong enough to hold him up. He says he wants me to lean my body against it and not use my arms. I’ve told him I’m not doing this again. I’m older now and I realize what it was like last time. He’s always thought I was stronger than I am when moving things. I’ve had to say numerous times “no” to moving or picking things up b/c I know my limits. My back hurts if I pick up 4 – 2 liters of cokes (I remember that from having to carry drinks back and forth at work for events). I had to start carrying 2 at a time instead of 4. So NO, I will not be holding the ladder. I told him I would call a neighbor. He didn’t want me to schedule that b/c he didn’t know what time he wanted to do it. So – I would say “whatever time the neighbor has”. I’ve drawn the line and I am not holding the ladder because I want someone to hold it that can actually have the strength to do it so he is safe. He swears he will get up alone and do it. If he does that will be his own stubbornness to not ask for proper help. It’s not going to be on me. I’ve offered to call for help. He should let the professionals do it as they are the ones that need to be climbing up there anyway and will have to inspect it. I am shaking as I type this b/c this just all makes me nervous. But he has to do it his way or no way. You all know what that is like. No man likes to take ideas or advice from a woman. Or be told what to do by a woman. I guess they think it is a sign of weakness. The strongest men I know appreciate the help and ideas from women and use their talents.

Little Bit enjoyed coming in and hanging out with us for an hour or two.

I rebooted and folded laundry through the day.

Katy called and we discussed our trip. She was excited to be out for spring break.

I also began working on a iMovie of the night the storm hit. I had totally forgot to look at the video to see if you could see anything, or how bad it got in our area. That took a lot of time watching that and also took some time editing the video and clipping the uninteresting parts out. I left most of the lightning in where there were big flashes and as the storm approached, hail, sirens, and finally the wind. Then it was suddenly gone and just rain, which I did not include. I am posting the video below. Keep in mind that this is from Nest cam segments so it records Noise, Motion, and people. There was an orb in there before the storm came and I think it was edited out. I should have kept it in there. Anyway – Here was the night of the tornado. You can’t see any funnels but you can tell the skies are angry. It’s eerie watching it because you know in these moments lives are being lost and people’s worlds are literally being ripped. We were in the basement, having been woken up by the weather alarm on our iPhones.

And after this, I realized WOW, my afternoon is gone. I began to prepare for dinner and wanted to set the mood for George coming home from work to start his weekend. He called on the way home and said traffic was bad and wanted to see if I needed anything from the store. But I needed nothing. He made it home quicker than I thought. I lit a candle, put some “energy/wellness” essential oils in the diffuser of sweet orange, clove, and frankincense. A someone pleasant aroma, yet cleansing of the air.

I clipped this photo out from a video so it’s not perfect, lol. But this was the mood setting.

Once he got home and saw the leak, we had the “roof/ladder discussion” so I’m not sure any of it was really mood lifting, lol. But at least he was home for the weekend and kicking it off. He’s doing taxes and wanting to do yard work today and look at the roof thing. You can see the leak below next to where the roof meets the wall. Yes we have ugly popcorn ceilings. You think I’ll get to do anything about that ever? lol NOPE. I still have blue linoleum remember? (Grr). Maybe one day.

I’m going to be working on the house today and working on my to do list. I have mega ironing to do as well. I’d really like to finish up some things on my list which I have mostly ignored as it’s been crazy and with up to 3 hour commutes and alternate schedules- there is no time to do anything during the week.

Well, I am glad we have no plans this weekend. I’m just glad to be home for three days. We were not here much all of last weekend and so there is a lot to do.

Oh our chicken dinner was good! I will fix it again.

Please pray for us and the roof situation – both with George’s determination to get up on the shaky ladder and roof and that someone can/will help him as it needs to be someone that can actually do something if he starts to fall. I cannot hold his weight. It’s unsafe for both of us for him to assume that I can. It scares me and I don’t even want to be watching.

Anyway, I’ll pop in tomorrow hopefully and report out what all we did today. Hopefully it’ll be fruitful.

Oh I should mention something about the Corona virus. It’s kinda taken a back seat in our community with all the tornado relief efforts. However, cases are popping up everywhere. Right before Katy and I are to take our flights to Tulsa. I just don’t even know what to think but as of right now we are still going. I’m not sure what to do or if we should consider cancelling. I try not to let the media scare me. I’ve spent most of my life scared of something. It’s hard to know what to believe. So yeah if the “flu” got the attention would we be doing that with that? What if it is just this year’s flu? Were the Chinese conspiracy theories really true? Were they reporting real numbers? Is it any more of a threat that normal flu? The hype of it is really going to mess us all up. It’s like when snow is announced and you can’t find milk and bread in the stores. I made a list of things that I thought we might need to store up on, but with our week we’ve had, I have not had a chance to get anything but bleach and toilet paper – we needed them anyways.

I noticed how bad the virus was and getting all the media reportings and then the stocks started to crash and then I noticed everyone starting to play it down – but is that for real or just everyone wants the stocks to come back up so they are calming fears? I don’t know what to believe and there is really no way to know for sure.

However, here’s my plan. I do think that we were given the talents to be prepared, but not over do it. It’s wise to be ready and someone responsible to have supplies on hand for any type of emergency. Much like deer fed from humans, we become used to our current habitat and immediate conveniences and we become accustomed to that. For generations before us, our predecessors learned to handle crises and adapt from whatever crises were at hand. Yes many of our problems and situations are different than they were in the past but we still have God and we still have the ability to cope and to figure things out as humans. We are resilient and very creative and build upon one another’s ideas. Where one is weak another is strong. To panic would not be the thing to do. To plan is prudent. To be prepared is prudent. Like anything you do in life. If you are afraid of something, have a plan for how you will handle it and follow that plan. If it happens you know what to do, if it doesn’t then great!

In this life we all kinda just go from one change, an event, or situation – to the next one. There are fears of many kinds, sadness, anxieties, and while we want every day to be happy and perfect it’s just not. Still we all strive for it and are there for each other to make it as good as we can make it be. Pray, seek God, deal with today before you can deal with tomorrow, but do the best you can. One day there will be no more sickness or pain or strife or stress or death for those that BELIEVE.

May God be with us all in the coming days/weeks/months/year/forever! Amen.

French Weekend with Friends

With doggies in tow, we took to the road and made our way into Franklin, TN to visit with friends for the overnight. And for our “French Cuisine” focused weekend.

It didn’t take long for us all to settle in, although I think Don and Lisa thought we might be moving in for a month or two! It looked like we were set for an expedition with our cooler, boxes of food, pans to cook fondue with, our overnight bags, the dog’s needs.

The wine began to flow. And this one above was my favorite.

Roger stuck close by in the kitchen – not sure if it was to be near his Daddy or to be close to the smelling good French cuisine, or because the mat was just comfy there.

We snarfed down some cheese fondue.

Ate French pastry filled with escargot and oysters. This was my first time to have escargot. They are on the same order of mushrooms and oysters – the texture and taste are not going to be my go to foods, for sure. lol

Maisy had the right idea and found her comfy spot on the sofa while everyone was in the kitchen.

With about 6 of us sipping wine, it didn’t take long for the 2nd bottle to be cracked.

When the humans fondue and feast, the doggies get the good seats. 😉

And then came the French Onion soup – oh so heavenly. George did a great job of it and the fondue.

Hours later, as it turned into evening, Don fixed us a French martini and then we did our Christmas!

And you know that was all just the beginning! Don and Lisa fixed an awesome dinner! A lamb roast, lima beans, and then I had made the potatoes – a French type of scalloped potatoes with Gruyere cheese.

Lisa had made a gluten free bread shown above, and I loved loved loved the taste of it. I want to make some.

Then we set into coffee, French roast of course! Caffeine could not keep me awake. It was not long after before I headed to bed and the doggies joined. Everyone else stayed up later. I’m always the first to go to bed with my early to rise and early to be routines.

We had a comfy bedroom suite with our own private bath and a back door to take the doggies out. While I did have to take the dogs out around 4 a.m., the did allow us to sleep in until about 8 I think. RARE! They were patient. Once we did get up Maisy began barking until she was fed. I was scrambling to get it done, trying to find their bowls, their food etc.

We sat around this morning talking about how full we were and drank two pots of coffee. One regular French roast and the other chicory flavor. And then guess what!

We ate again!

These above were quail eggs. We had regular eggs too. And some good bacon. mmmmm. And Lisa whisking up the eggs!

French loaf of bread – yes!

And I’m just a fan of some good looking decor! Fruit and chocolate and roses! Need to throw that in there! So pretty.

Lisa had slaved away the day before making some crepe’s. The strawberries and creme and chocolate was great drizzled on it.

The husbands were serious about their portion of the morning feast. (They would make someone a good wife, we teased.) lol

We were supposed to have the chocolate fondue after dinner the night before but we were too stuffed so we had it after breakfast.

Let’s just say the chocolate fondue was really good. A shot glass of chocolate had both Lisa and I heading for bucket fulls of water a few minutes later. The sugar and the caffeine – might have sent us a bit overboard.

The girls then did the hot tub after cleaning the kitchen and had a long talk out there with Lisa and Amber and me. We came in and I took a shower and made the bed. Maisy wouldn’t let me finish.

While the guys (Don, George, and Dillon) did their hot tubbing us girls went for a neighborhood walk as it was sunny and 66!

Yes, I was facing the sun, but it captured what I was seeing!

Not long after, we packed up and headed home. The doggies have been tapped out and resting.

Our time with Don and Lisa and Amber and Dillon goes by so fast. We had a lot of fun, shared a lot of laughs and said “oui oui” way too often. We are still pondering our next theme, but we are considering a 4th of July weekend extravaganza! 😉 The date pretty much set and while it was our turn to host the next one, Lisa said let them do it so we can swim in the pool since it’ll be summer, and then we’ll host the fall one.

It doesn’t really matter where we are, we’ll have a good time. As always!

I was pretty tired when we got home. George said “are you really tired from relaxing all weekend?” Yep, I am. lol.

So, as far as everything on the personal front – I’ve been trying to work on some projects as I get time. I have been working on getting my photos from the phone drug over into my iMac files which I’m doing by year.

And then I realized I still had most of my videos from our November vacation last year. And I temporarily (or permanently) got side tracked and began doing an iMovie video. Clearly I need more skill. And for the life of me I cannot remember to turn my phone sideways to video. So I need to finish dragging all the photos and videos over to my files and will need to watch some iMovie videos on YouTube to learn some more. I have done the iPhone version but the desktop one is quite different. I kinda have a goal to do some periodic “Vlogging” – and do our vacations and other than that do some videos seasonally as we have enough built up. I want to integrate that into the Blog and create a channel to go along with it, just for fun. I’m quite taken with the video creations I see and I love what I’m learning and I’m just evolving in that direction. I’ll also be able to put those on the blog itself as well.

So, it should be pretty fun and will likely end up being a new hobby. It takes HOURS to put these videos together. But I have enjoyed the ones I’ve done in the past and I’m looking forward to trying to learn how to do them where they look professional in quality.

So I’ll have to quit doing the iMovie work until I get these photos over to the iMac so I can delete a lot from my phone for my next trip – Why? So I can put more photos on the phone! The problem with doing the iMovies is that they will be put together as I have time and will be published much later – not as quick as the blog photos. But that is ok. I’ll be learning and doing them as I have time and I think it will be something I’ll enjoy but I have a LOT TO learn. And they won’t be perfect. I also have to find out where to get music from. Hopefully free at first. I don’t mind paying a little bit for a site to use loyalty free music (or rights to use it or whatever the term is) if it’s something I’m going to be doing ongoing.

I finally got my Isagenix 1099 downloaded for George. But I still have a lot of things I have had on the list that I’ve not done yet. George needs to get me my documents (they are locked up) for my updated drivers license. I need to send Mom Fancy’s ribbon for her hair since her hair dresser can’t find pink ribbon (I guess she doesn’t use Amazon). I need to make sure I still have my graphics files (tubes) and we need to start planning things for the Amelia Island trip. However, soon I will be meeting Katy in Tulsa – not this week but next week. And I have a lot of other projects around the house to do, and when I get back from Tulsa (Susan and I )- we need to plan the shower for June and I need to start getting the house in order also. So not really making a lot of progress on much. Slow and steady with these photos slowing me down. At least I’m almost to 2020!

I was so excited to have all my photos synced automatically. It’s great for when I blog! No downloading or uploading of photos. But, if you delete off your phone, it deletes off your photos on the iMac (on the cloud). So I’m having to drag over the ones I want to keep off the cloud so they permanently stay. I had a lot of things on my phone too. So there is quite the many photos to transfer. Then I get off on tangents as I said earlier of doing iMovies and such and – well, it was fun. I also have been known to get off task by playing video games as they are fun to me. I found one that mimics Sim City – the very old version I love it! So yeah, I get OFF task sometimes. Anyway, I love being able to do these kinds of things. I love being geeky. I love planning new things and working toward them. So the to do list still looks the same as it did last week, pretty much!

I’m thrilled that it is March! Spring will be popping soon! And I’m so glad to have my life back! No travels, no open enrollment time, I get to enjoy some time with my daughter soon and all this makes me happy. With warmer weather coming, I suppose that the Corona virus will rid of itself. I sure hope so. It’s a bit scary doing air travel in the next few days. That puts you in a higher risk zone for sure. But I’m not cancelling my life over it. I’ll take the risk to see my girl.

My food tracker journal arrived and I’ll be starting that up this week. I’ll take a pic and show you what it is like as the week progresses. But what a wonderful weekend we had. Now I need to do laundry and all that I normally do on the weekends during the week as best as I can. But tomorrow night I’m getting a pedi so I can wear sandals in the next week or so. And I’m so ready for a spring shopping spree. Might need some more sandals! 😉 Hope you all enjoy your first week of March and I’ll pop in for some short little blog posts this week!

You Still Awake?

Ahhh, well the big deal this week – again- is sleep. Roger has itched, scratched, and dug, and has not been able to sleep. It’s been like having a newborn. A few things have changed in the last month or so. He wants to go to bed with me but yet wants to stay up with George and so he’s been up and down and up and down – waking me each time as our bed is tall and he is a short fellow. So to get where he wants he has to be taken. However, if determined, he WILL jump off the bed and then he’ll be limping for days b/c he just can’t handle the jump. I’m afraid he’ll try and hurt himself so when he gets near the edge of the bed I can’t sleep then either.

He’s been given the Benadryl (thought about taking it myself but I hate to take anything beyond vitamins and my BP pill and I would really like to get off that). The Benadryl helped him sleep some over the weekend but didn’t phase him on the main night he was having issues night before last. George says he will get off early and take him to the vet to be checked on. It’s probably allergies. The bath over the weekend seemed to really fire him up and bother him instead of soothe him. He’s been itching in high gear since then. But he will get up wag his tail and be happy. He will moan and groan when it keeps bothering him. I’m thinking it’s just b/c like a human, he gets tired of itching and scratching.

Anyway, ya’ll have ideas for allergies in dogs? I hate to just change his diet b/c that leads to other issues. We finally found something they love too in the Fresh Pet and so I really hate to take that away. We also feed them Science Diet too.

Night before last Roger did his up and down thing during my 9:30 to midnight “best sleep” time. George came to bed probably sometime b/w 10:30 and 11:00 and I was still awake from Roger being up and down and scratching and digging. When George got in bed he began snoring and it was like sleeping in bed with a chainsaw. He always feels so bad that his snoring keeps me awake. But if I get to sleep in my 9:30 to 1:00 deep sleep, I don’t even notice him getting in bed and I don’t hear him start to snore, and if I wake up I’m usually groggy enough to go back. But if he beats me to sleep – I can’t do it.

I got up the night before last to find my earpbuds that go in my phone and was missing the little doey that connects it to the iPhone as a few years ago Apple changed the shape from a hole to a slit and now you can’t use the regular cord unless you have the little connector piece. Darn them. That was in my desk at work. So I couldn’t drown out the noise. So I really was concerned about having to do payroll on no sleep and decided to save what night was left and move to the sofa. The extra bed in the bedroom had stuff on top and I didn’t want to mess the sheets up in there. The sofa is comfy and so I slept in the living room until 3:30 where Roger had woken George up and George had to take him out. I got up, moved to the bedroom and slept like a baby until the rude alarm went off. I wanted and needed to keep sleeping but payroll called. So I think I had gotten to sleep sometime after midnight and so I got about 3 hours and then a few catnaps.

I was pretty awake though but really began feeling it after lunch. I semi hurried through payrolls so I could get them done before I ended up being thick headed with the need for sleep. My saving grace was that it was an easy week this week with not as much to enter except a few vacations.

I had to laugh when George sent me this email:

So what followed was him offering to move to the guest room if I couldn’t sleep from his snoring. And that we could swap rooms from time to time as we both like our King bed. I told him the only thing that really changed was Roger. If I get to sleep early and stay asleep we are good. I also can’t drink my (natural and vitamin packed) energy drinks with Isagenix after 4. I will drink hot sleepy time tea around 8 before bed. I will take Maisy to bed, shut the door. George will keep Roger with him until he goes to bed. Roger doesn’t get an option any more to sleep with me before George comes to bed. Roger stays with George til he comes to bed. Then I am asleep and can get my sleep.

So this worked last night and made it a normal night. He did go to the edge of the bed which I didn’t notice until I got up this morning so he got up with me instead of staying in bed with George. This adds about 8 to 10 minutes to my morning routine as he is slower, wants more time outside, has to have his buddig sandwich meat on his before he’ll eat his breakfast, and then I have to stand there and make sure Maisy doesn’t eat his after she eats hers. So then George gets up and has to wait for me to get out of the shower as it makes me move into his shower time, but he makes it up b/c he doesn’t have to do all the above with Roger as I’ve done it.

Sooo last night’s sleep was awesome. And the coffee is good. I DID fall asleep during the last bit of Below Deck. George usually wakes me up but I think he didn’t dare do it last night. The Sleepy Time tea kicked in as well as I was really already sleepy and we’d just had a wonderful meal (ham, potato cakes, and asparagus).

We have our Valentine’s set for Valentine’s Day. We are going to do one of the Asian/Pho places around and then on Saturday after Valentine’s we are set for reservations to go out and eat pizza at a place that gets great reviews with Kevin and Susan. I told George on Valentine’s Day I didn’t want to go to Nashville but just hang close in and so we’ve been wanting to go to some of the newer places. WE have not made reservations and actually may not. I don’t expect big crowds at these places and if one is crowded we’ll go on to the next. But at least we have a plan. I DO have reservations for the pizza place though.

Our cow and pig will be ready soon. We may have to go get it Saturday. Not sure if I am going or not. I will not go if threatening snow or if I feel I need to get things done here. We are going to meet up with our Crotchety Gourempt group (yes it’s spelled that way). Don’t know if it’s on purpose or a mistake but that is what we call ourselves. We are getting together Saturday and I’m making the salad. So I have to have time to make that and get laundry done. So we’ll see.

And I guess that is about all that is going on. Despite being tired and sleepy I worked on my to do list some. I have picked my dish for our French meal. It’s a potato au gratin dish made with guereyre (don’t make me look up the spelling, I’m running out of time) cheese. It looks so good. It will be rich but good. You make a cream sauce using some herbs -one is with fresh thyme. I found a good recipe for it and a funny little partner duo that cook, blog, and have their on YouTube show – called “Feeding the Loon” or something like that.

And I have my beefy Mac casserole that I’m making next week for us. The ingredients are on Alexa’s grocery list (she keeps my grocery list). And George and I worked on our bucket list for winter that will take us into spring. I was amazed as George listed off lots of things to do and I was a blank slate. Part of it was I was too sleepy and tired to think. But even as I tried to think of fun things to do and places to go – all I could think of was “I want to stay home and read and watch my shows” or “go visit things out west” (like that is going to happen on a Saturday afternoon, lol). I just enjoy my home time if I’m not traveling. Our excursions are fun but we’ve “excursioned” so much around here that it is not as exciting anymore. So as I filled the list with George’s things to do, I simply thought that…well we will do what George wants to do…and then scribbled in “Read 3 books” for me. It’s just ideas but I didn’t have any. :-(. I also added some time in to spend with Mom. This is a draft copy so no pics yet, but I’ll work on the final this weekend.

Oh, I finished Sally Field’s book and now reading (audiobook) on Captain Lee (the Below Deck captain). It’s pretty interesting. And I better get ready and get myself to work.

Ya’ll have a good rest of the week.