Mom’s House, Upcoming Schedule, Ring Light, and an Evening Out

Mom’s house is coming along. The brick arrived and they are working on that. It’s dry walled and I guess they will be bricking and putting in the cabinets next. I haven’t heard if they called her yesterday. The usually call every Tuesday with progress.

Mom has not felt her best the last couple of days. She said she just has her off days either due to the meds or the meds not working right. I don’t know. But prayers please. She refuses to get the shot. We got the shot so we could live our lives and protect others. It’s an individual preference. That said I hope we don’t take anything back to her. She has had a choice as we have. So based on her having made that choice we have chosen to do what we want to do and not stay home. But we have kept her away from crowds – as much as she wants to be anyway. I worry about passing things to her, but again, she could protect herself if she wanted and she does not. So….we still go to work and will go out to eat, and to the shops and are not being recluses. We are also not wearing masks since we got the shot so we wouldn’t have to. She is wearing one though. I’m not saying that we won’t ever – we do when it’s required. I can’t breathe in them and it makes me cough, so I don’t prefer to wear one. Anyway, I hope she stays strong and doesn’t get anything until this thing can calm down and we can get her in her house with minimum exposure to the rest of the world. Because we are in an out all the time.

Only the right side of the house and porch is Mom’s. It’s a “villa” so someone else is on the left side you see here. I’m excited for her. I have mixed feelings about the next move though. I’m excited to help her get it in shape and in order. Excited for us to fix and have meals there from time to time. Excited to help her shop for what she needs. But it’s coming at a very busy time of year, which getting ready for Christmas on top of working, already physically wear me out by end of year, plus we are trying to get to go to River’s first birthday in January. That is next to impossible also which will make me have a very busy January. We pulled it off last year by the skin of our teeth. So perhaps we can fly out. I also wanted to think about flying out for a long weekend in October too but just not sure we’ll have enough PTO – but it’s in the back of my mind to try and sneak a visit in before Mom’s house is ready. I guess it’ll give George and I something to discuss on our Anniversary Saturday.

So yeah, I’m looking forward to helping her set up and decorate. That is something that I enjoy. But I’m also wondering how we will get everything done. George is calming and says “we’ll figure it out….it’ll be ok” and it will. We just have to change all plans, lol. Not everything will happen for anyone as fast as they want it to. Just like the rest of the year. All plans cancelled. That creates more time. And Mom’s house may not come together as quickly as she wants but we’ll do the best we can to keep everyone happy on all fronts. Just pull us in 40 directions and we’ll go! I don’t know. One day at a time and one elephant bite at a time. Last I heard we can’t cancel Christmas so…somehow we’ll have to get the shopping and wrapping done and decor. Lord help us!

It’s gonna get exciting but we ALL have to realize that things may not happen on ANYONE’s timeline!

George fixed us a surprise breakfast on Sunday morning and delivered it to our locations in the house. I was working on the blog I think. Mom was probably in the recliner on her tablet.

Sunday George and I taped a video of us going through our freezer to see what all was in it. There were a few surprises. I had ordered the ring light knowing we’d be doing this.

Only the phone fits into the ring, but you can take the ring off and use it as a camera tripod. I don’t need it for that though as I have several already. Had to have George help me a bit to understand how it all fit together. Picture instructions but they were “iffy”. I was pleased it came with a carrying case though.

After getting it put together I realized it didn’t plug in, but has to be charged up via USB, LOL! So we ended up not using it as it was not charged well enough.

One part of videoing is getting the light right. It’s an aspect I hope you can see improvement on in my videos although I’ve not done much videoing from home lately. Most of it has been out and about and that is kinda – “it is what it is”. Videoing on the go!

I had to set up the camera though to look down in the freezer and we shot from two angles. It will be interesting and difficult and a new thing – for me to do that. I know how to do it, but it will take a lot of work to infuse them together. I will have to mute the audio on one of them I guess. But this will not be out until MONTHS from now. I’m working on May right now where we are packing and getting ready to move Mom. I made some significant strides with it last weekend and should be able to have some time this weekend to continue working on it. Once I retire, I can set a schedule of having videos weekly I hope. They will be shorter, less content, less editing, and over a shorter period of time but will come more often. That’s the plan anyway.

Tennfold Brewing, Donelson

We met BIL and SIL, Kevin and Susan, at Tennfold Brewing in Donelson and then went to their new place after in a 55+ apartment complex, which was very roomy and I liked how you went inside to your room, like a hotel. It was VERY nice and luxurious. Then we went to eat dinner at a place in Lebanon on the square. I was tired at that point and didn’t even take any pics.

It was nice to be able to sit outside this past weekend. The weather has been a little kinder.

However, today the remnants of Hurricane Nicholas is coming through and we have flood warnings out.

Here’s how Fancy sleeps. It’s no wonder she is preferring to take to Roger’s old bed. She has no room in the chair. However, I have to wash the blanket of the dog bed often. She will refuse to sit on it til it’s washed and then she will go back. So I’ve made a mental note – the weekend I change my own sheets, I will also do her bed blanket. lol. Doesn’t this look uncomfortable?

I follow this group on Instagram. I really like their messages. It’s very helpful to the acceptance of oneself into your environment. I have noticed there are certain people that can pull me out of my quietness. Certain situations can as well. Some people I have been talkative too around before and have learned not to be. Life trains us. Some people I’m just not comfortable talking to anymore. It’s nothing that I even notice or think about. Like I said, I think life just trains us to subconsciously protect ourselves. But I have noticed that I do or don’t. I guess we just have to “feel safe” in our sharing, knowing we are not going to be laughed at, argued with, shot down, judged, or our ideas poo poo’d, or being told why our thoughts or ways are “no good”. I….just….can’t.

So if you are THE RIGHT PEOPLE and you can get me to talk! You are special! 😉

Prayer Requests

Please pray for River, as he has “the croup” the doc said. Doc said he was on the healing end of it and gave him steroids. So…..please pray for him. He has almost figured out crawling. He can get across the floor but hasn’t figured out to bend his knee yet – he just uses his feet to lunge forward from all fours. lol

Sacred Saturdays and Productive Downtime

Good morning! I thought I’d jump in for a quick hello this morning. I’m excited to say I had another full day at home yesterday and that plus my day off Thursday has put my psyche in better shape, not to mention the house. It’s still not perfect and honestly I worked on other things yesterday. I mainly got my to do list for the day completed and that made me happy. I was even able to work on files and start the next video.

Saturday’s To Do List was Completed

I wore Alexa out yesterday giving her my grocery list. What started out as small has vastly increased. I wonder if she is able to carry on with the strain on her memory now, lol. Please note Mom’s medicine basket and vitamins, and Fancy’s meds in the plastic bag. And the treat basket for the dogs. I managed to store all the dog food underneath the table from Mom’s Chewey’s order. I was hoping we could eliminate the table as the kitchen looked great without it but it’s a quite useful table. You know how horizontal real estate space is. It’s in short supply and we are all itching to find some and cover it up.

I worked on my “wellness company” order which ships on the 12th. Added a couple of things for this week. And making a list of things I might add next month. I’m needing some “snacky” items so I’ll leave potato chips alone. I love a good crunch.

George has a birthday coming up, also on the 12th. I managed to get his birthday gifts wrapped. I have a few more things to add, but I’m not going to the store again until Tues night.

I also changed George’s sheets and got those washed. I ironed a few things. I have been putting off wearing my linen tops and they are so comfy in this hot weather. So I got those done and pressed some wrinkles out of some pants.

I tested the alarms in the house for their batteries for fire and carbon monoxide. I didn’t check the one downstairs though. We need to check that one too.

Restocked my vitamins for the week.

Made Brownies to take to Don & Lisa’s.

And gave George a hair cut.

And then……Yay……Got to work on my videos.

So, yeah, I’ve got the files pulled in for this video which includes St Patty’s, Mom’s Visit at Easter, and the finding of her house. So I’m feeling better about being behind. That covered a lot of the year right there. I have files for about two more videos after this one. I always want to be a little bit behind, lol. Do you know how happy this made me? Yes I’m very happy to be able to do this.

Why Do I Want to Do So Much with Such Little Time?

I guess my aspirations in life far outweigh the time I have. I was thinking about that yesterday and wondering why I have so much I want to do. What inspires me to want to do x, y, z, z1, z2, z3? lol My immediate conclusion was “because I don’t want to be bored!” I almost wanted to argue with myself. Really? That is why you put so much on the list? Well, that was my soul’s answer. I’m not sure it is a good answer. But I ALSO KNOW that I get deep satisfaction from accomplishing anything I set out to do. It gives me glee. And that’s all I really know without digging down into the surface. But there is definitely something that I enjoy about doing the videos, and creating something with the photos and video I’ve taken.

I’m looking forward to 2022 because I want to upgrade to Final Cut Pro! :-). I can do more with it and take it to the next level as far as what all I can do. iMovie is limited. But it has been great to learn from. And YouTube is great for teaching. I can have more layers within the video settings and various fonts and other things to add more special things to the videos. That said I’ve still not mastered iMovie to perfection nor done all the things with Canva that I could. But I’ve about tapped into what I wanted to do and I am finding myself wanting to do certain things now that iMovie won’t let me, so that to me is a sign I’m ready. But I know there is a bit of a learning curve. I’ve not even taken my camera lessons yet. I just keep going with the flow. I need to focus on that *somehow*. I’m going to have to push it to make it happen. I need to schedule it. But it’s like my health. I never find time to get the walking in.

BBQ Grilled Chicken by George! Love that Grilled Taste!

Much to my delight, George grilled yesterday. He has a sudden interest in grilling again and that is what delights my soul. I’ve missed grilled food. It used to be something one looked forward to as a child and a teen and other times in my life when the ingredients were gathered, the fire was started, the mouth watered. So grilled chicken and Brussel sprouts and it was so good.

He also had made homemade slaw and we had a corn salad he made. Yum yum. Dinner was excellent.

Saturday’s are Sacred

Photo by Maria Orlova on

Things are starting to feel a bit more normal now and falling into a routine with Mom and with the house now that flooring is down. The only problem I see really is that Mom is not getting out enough. And I think she has a time adjusting to our meal times.

We work all day and are ready to be home in the evenings and then on weekends I like to have at least one full day at home to get laundry, housework done, orders done, get ready for the next work week, take a glance and what all needs to be accomplished for the next week, and so forth. And then the other day is errands, grocery, going to church, or going other places. I can deal with a mix of the two if I get a “morning” time to get things done. If I’m going out in the mornings then I’m not near as productive when we come back. So Saturday morning is really critical and important for me in many ways. It’s the only day I can truly sleep until I wake up with no alarms. It’s the only day I can hang in PJ’s all morning and sip coffee.

Mom used to eat out every Saturday morning. So we are completely opposite. I cringe to think of giving up my Saturday mornings. But I can give up some. So I guess we just have to plan it. I also do not eat big meals at the beginning of the day anymore. So we have that difference. It’s not like I can’t periodically though as I love breakfast. I just like to wait til I’m hungry to eat it though. Mom likes to eat with a few minutes of getting up. I probably don’t eat until after I’ve been up 3 or 4 hours. I get up in the 4 a.m. hour and eat around 8 at my desk at work. And it’s never a huge deal.

So Mom on the other hand sits here all day and is ready to get out and go somewhere. She is not driving up here so she can’t get out safely by herself. She can’t see anyway so it’s really a blessing that she is not driving so she doesn’t hurt herself or anyone else.

She skipped church last week and we really didn’t have appointments this week so she likely is stir crazy. She laid down yesterday simply because “there was nothing else to do” she said.

Getting Mom Out of the House

So we have a lot of things going on this week that she will get out of the house for. Then she will likely be ready for a rest. Church, eating, and appointments seems all that she really wants to do. She doesn’t get anything out of shopping anymore – mainly cannot see I guess. She can’t walk very far either as it seems to hurt her to get up and move at all some times. I hear her saying “whew” over and over as if it has just taken all of her energy to get across the room.

So we have church today, George’s birthday outings this week, and her eye appointment on Friday. We will then plan an excursion one Saturday for breakfast out and a couple of other stops and take her on a tour of Lebanon. But she really doesn’t seem to want to be out for very long.

That is the only thing we need to work on I guess is making sure that she gets out some. This past week has been exceptional though being that we had the flooring put down and just really needed to be home more. The fact that she skipped church didn’t help. Anyway, like anything, we’ll keep trying to perfect to what she needs just like we do for what we need.

So we invited her to go with us today to D & L’s but the length of the day I think was going to be too much for her and she is not exactly a social butterfly. So I think she prefers to be home much of the time anyway. Like I said she mainly just wants to go out and eat and to church. I think this move and change has taken a lot out of her. I also think she is sad about the whole thing. I know she is looking forward to her house, but I’m sure she is worried over her heart and overall health and the ability to keep living on her own. And well, that is another story for another day and another venue.

Ok so over an out. Going for some pool time and friend time after taking Mom to church and through a drive through of her choice. Looking forward to seeing our friends!