OK, You asked for it, so I’m giving it. Some of you wanted to see the GoodAll model home that Mom viewed and the model she is having built. I *think* this is called the Arlington, but Mom’s would NOT have the upstairs. It is a beautiful place. Plenty of room and open space, large windows, walk in closet. I believe it had a walk in pantry but I’m trying to picture where it was. Maybe I didn’t video it. The master bedroom was huge. The garage/storage area was huge. It had a place for an office. And the prize was the nice patio space. In it you can see Mom and Cody’s Mom, our realtor, and the gentleman that was hosting the model home that day. I’m sure they probably didn’t mean for this video to go anywhere, but there are only about a hundred of you that actively see the blog – even though there are 500 followers. Who knows, maybe more of you will seek out some GoodAll homes. Enjoy!

The downside was that the 2nd bedroom was a bit small to be able to hold a bed, dresser and chest of drawers. It might would hold a queen size bed, but Mom’s bed she wants to bring is a double bed. So guests have to be skinny folk. If we spend the night one of us will have to sleep on the sofa, lol. So that is the down side is that the guests won’t be very comfy unless they are alone or underweight. Mom can upgrade to a queen bed though if she chooses. She just doesn’t want to give up that bedroom suit and it happens to be double. It’s a nice looking one. May not be practical, but it will look nice when people come through. lol

Mom had called a realtor to list her house. They were calling her back yesterday as I was talking to her. I’m hoping Mom signs the papers Saturday for several reasons: 1) It’ll save a trip 2) It’ll lock in the price – I’m afraid the prices will go up before she signs based on the price of lumber and supplies that keep going up 3) It’ll be one more hurdle crossed to the finish line.


I have so much going on in my head right now. A lot of things I need and want to get done here. I need to go to the store tonight, and wrap a baby gift for a family shower that I won’t get to go to this weekend, get ahead on some laundry, and so forth.

And of course my list of to do’s grows daily as does my idea list and my want to list. Not to mention reading, shopping (I need new pants!). When I get off work I go to my office and just stare at my to do list! I try to regroup and figure out what is the most important thing to get done today. “They say” focus on your top three: Right now it’s STORE, and WRAPPING BABY GIFT, and DOING A LOAD of DARKS so I have jeans for the weekend!


I had to make some decisions (again) on the weight loss deal. I am doing my cleanse day, but not going to do the challenge. I was hoping to get some $ free product back from my wellness plan purchases. But I have to spend more to get the free product and I don’t really think I will be wanting to do that. I want to order what I need and no more. You have to spend so much per month and it is more than I want to do. But I am going to do cleanse day Monday’s again and see if I can’t get some of the weight back off. I think the cleanse day will have to be a way of life – intermittent fasting day. It’s the only thing that has ever worked for me and the only thing that has ever been able to cut to the visceral fat – fat that comes deep within your cells. The nutrition within the cleansing drinks are incredible with the deep berry ingredients it has. Only I’m doing peach this time b/c summer is coming on! So I have it ordered. I will start on Monday as long as I have enough to cleanse with on hand. If not it’ll be when my next shipment comes in. I will also start using the weight loss tracker I posted on here last week! I will share my efforts and let you know my numbers as they improve. I won’t put my weight on here but I’ll share my lbs lost, lol!

Mom’s Build Site Location and Back Patio Model

This is my payroll calendar. It’s a free one sent by “Boys Town”, after giving a donation to them. I’m not really so fond of the calendar, but it was there and free so I used it. But the April picture is just a cute one. The kids could be my niece and nephew. It kinda looks like them. And for a long time they had a place on the river. The dog patiently waits alongside the kids. I’m sure the parents have said they absolutely cannot get in the boat. There must be a bucket of worms or fish back there as the birds are delighting in whatever is in the bucket. The American flag is flying in the background. It seems like it would be early morning as the fog is in place, but would the kids be up early? Maybe it’s late afternoon and clouds are rolling in. And a sailboat is in the background. I love looking at a painting and seeing all the details and giving my own interpretation of what is going on in the scene. Looks like the artist is Terry Redlin. Good job on that Terry. It’s a good one.

Here is the “famous patio”! The first place did not have a nice patio and these do! It’s perfect. I’ve taken lots of video but the patio was the big deal. This is the model of course. Mom’s has not been built yet.

I went yesterday and put down a check to hold the property for the site that she wants. It’s in a culdesac but it will be facing the side of another home in the distance. At first we thought it would be the woods but it will be facing the next home over. Still the spot she has, has more grass and space around it than the others. The culdesac lots have more land – not much but a bit. There will be less traffic as she is in the back of the property though. She will get the afternoon sun. We said we may have to get shades. But the sun will retreat behind the other homes so I don’t think it will be too sunny there for long since it is a covered patio and homes on the other side.

Here is where her house will be built. This is her corner! Her back patio will be facing the sides of the houses that will be built along this street that runs parallel to the left there. She may have an opportunity to switch sites if she wants, but for now this has been held. She still has to sign the contracts and such. They only required a minimum amount to hold it. This site gives her pretty views out her side, front, and back windows. She will still be able to see the woods to the right. So I think this will work just fine. It’s just such a perfect deal for her.

We go back Saturday at Noon to go over details, pick out colors, see HOA documents, pick out the upgrades and possibly sign contract. I hope it can be signed by then to have minimal trips back and forth to Columbia and back. I know we’ll have a lot of trips to get things done, but I’m hoping we can be efficient with the trips and the time.

I drove around that area looking to see what all was there that would be easy for Mom to drive to. She thinks she may still be able to drive some still. I’m a little worried about her being up there driving around. She will have to see what she is comfortable with.

Can you believe the church we went to is on the same road – about 5 to 7 minutes away? I’d like to take Mom there. The people are very nice. We actually know people that go there and I would like to introduce Mom! I think she will like this church. And it’s so close. I’m just going to go ahead and load the video I took for Mom.

Meanwhile Back in Texas…

Here’s their Easter photo of my daughter and hubby and Little Roo taken at church I think. Take note that it appears Cody has a pacifier attached to his pocket. lol.

This all the news I have for today. Must go and close payroll!

Yes to the New Address

Spending time in the Sun Room.

Well, that was a fun weekend. I got Mom home safely and came home. I did not quite know what to do with myself when I got home. I had a lot to do, a lot on my mind, I was worried over the financials surrounding Mom’s move. I wasn’t sure to work in the house, to rest, to watch a show, or work on my To Do list. I needed to work through some stuff in my head. I didn’t know where to start. I just sat down in a chair and did nothing. George was reading. We talked about the situation and decided it was dependent upon a few certain things as to whether this situation was “doable” aka affordable for Mom. While we talked, Mom was doing some investigating into her finances. She called. And it appears everything is in order and it is doable and affordable – despite some odd or unforeseen situation. It was a relief to all of us. After that, I was relaxed in my mind. I’m excited to have her come this way and so if all goes according to plan, after seeing the HOA rules, and looking at the build site, Mom plans to “say yes to the new address”!

Saturday we will be picking her up and going back out there and she will pick the lot, put down the deposit (I guess, unless it’s done before then). Then we start working to get her house ready for sale. It’s going to be busy but very exciting. So my new project is “Project Mom”. LOL. Looking forward to having her here where we can have time to properly take care of her. The move puts her new home built by December. We think her house, in this market will sell very fast. So she will stay with us in between. We have a lot of storage room downstairs for temporary storage. Some can go here and likely we will have to temporarily rent a storage unit also – we’ll see. We will figure it all out.

Exciting times for sure!

What’s Next?

So now that Easter is over, I’ll be working this week on my To Do List, and the next video, which is our Texas trip. I have been VERY bad about not doing any filming/videoing of anything in the last month. I guess I’ve kinda been in crisis mode with the videos. I’m at a cross roads of having to decide how it is I want to continue doing them. I want them to be more intentional and that means more planned. This based on several of your comments. But what happens is there is minimal time for planning these things. I usually just pieced together snippets of life as it happened, unintentional – but some of you complained or gave comments that you wanted more of this or less of that. So I just kinda clammed up instead. One thing is for sure, I don’t really have time to do them. I’m stretching right now with working FT and life happening. Time is always an issue. But I’ll figure it out.

I also have to decide if I want to work on my To Do List or the videos themselves. lol. Lately there has not been time to do much of anything and my time is going to be narrowing as I deal with the move for Mom and once she is here I’ll be spending a lot of my hours with her or for her. But, like I have said before. I love doing the videos and will figure it out. Right now I just feel like my life is in turmoil for some reason. I’m sure it’ll iron out! lol

At least we are having fun. I’m also wanting to go the flooring place this weekend. I’m anxious to see what this is going to cost us. And I’m anxious to get this done. I told George and Mom, I’m about ready to move out myself! This is going to have to be on me to make it happen and pushing for it b/c George is NOT going to take the lead on spending money!

Ok I’m going to be over and out and work on my To Do List some. We’ll see what happens.

Meanwhile in Texas

I think River made peace with the Easter Bunny. I see his little grin!