Easter Fun, New Homes, Good Food, and a New Wellness Checklist

We have really had the fun this weekend. It’s been a blast having Mom here. We have done our toes professionally, did our OWN nails the next day, have eaten like there is no tomorrow, fixed fancy green teas, and have visited models of open homes, and watched movies. It’s like having a new best friend around. Of course George has been here too for a lot of it. Maybe not the pedis. lol. But today I take her home. Here are some pics of our adventures and meals.

I went with a color that was between a really dark pink and a light red. It seemed to say “summer is coming”.

George fixed a heavenly BBQ meal Friday night. YUMMERS!

George took a slice of cornbread before I could get back to get a pic. lol And it was good! Here was the board for our weekend of meals.

The above is our board for upcoming meals we are wanting. We had avocado toast and eggs Saturday morning. We also had Sister Schubert rolls with those little weinies inside.

I made the green matcha pineapple tea like Starbucks. Boy that was an adventure. The emulsifier did not work well – well I used it in the wrong way I guess – green powder blew up everywhere. Then green liquid flew up everywhere. It was kinda like when you make cake batter in a small bowl and flower and icing goes everywhere? There were green dots everywhere! LOL LOL LOL. You can see a green dot on my thumb. The picture is deceiving! Ha! I also did not know that I needed to shake the can of coconut milk so we had a very creamy drink. I made a 2nd one as I had matcha mixture left over. And the rest of the coconut milk was not as thick on the 2nd one. However, the little cans of pineapple juice have a LOT of sugar in it. So I’m going to have to find a different recipe I think. But it was very good. I will keep tweaking, but I’m going to have to order the bamboo whisk to mix the match up. Either that or just pour in the green powder and mix the whole drink with the emulsifier instead of just mixing the match up with hot water. I should have seen that coming! Just call me Green Freckles!

Fancy enjoyed her time here too. And I think Roger liked having the extra company.

Looking at a Model Home for Mom

We were having a relaxing Saturday at home and Mom’s realtor (Cody’s Momma, Julie) called and said she found another property for us to tour. It’s the same company of builders building a community up but it is in Lebanon and only 15 minutes away. Of course Lebanon is in our county and honestly it’s easier to get there than the one that is 15 minutes away in Mount Juliet. It’s just less traffic and less red lights! I think it was about 7 miles away from us. A very easy time getting there and back quickly. A very nice neighborhood. It’s an HOA and so she would not have to do a lot of yard and maintenance work etc.

This is the model below. Mom loved it. It had the nice patio. And enough grass for Fancy to safely run out and pee out back. What? That is important for the dog to be able to pee w/o fear of a car on the street being a 1 or w feet away! We came back and talked about it and I think Mom is going to do it. She said she was awake all night moving her furniture in. LOL It’s a sweet deal. It’s a new build, she can pick her preferences and upgrades, they will take her contingency on selling her house for up to six months. She has to have a contract though before they start the build. And if it doesn’t sell in 6 months the deal is off. But we think her house will sell. It’s going to be very busy for ALL of us until the move is complete. But it’ll be a fun buzz of busy. And it will take a lot of our time but we will help her do this! Then we get to see her and can be together when she is up here! And we can help her. The move in time would be around November/December if all goes to plan. I’m so glad this looks like it will work out because there are not a lot of deals right now that would work with a contingency. And quite frankly not a lot of affordability. This one is a stretch as it is, especially with the upgrades that are really non-negotiable like the flooring. Mom can’t have carpet with the dog and she can’t live with dark cabinets. ;-). Blue flooring comes to mind but we won’t go there. lol. Anyway hopefully Mom will have her new house soon and hopefully I’ll GET MY FLOORING and rid of my ugly blue linoleum and this nasty carpet! We will all be straining the monthly budgets so as to not tamper with investments. But we’ll see how it goes. Hopefully EVERYONE can be happy this year! If not, we will have given it our best shot. And I’ll move in with Mom if we don’t get this floor done. HA! I’ve been patient for this for a long time and it’s time.

I was waiting til this weekend was over to push the flooring issue. We were going to work on that after Mom left. Mom has asked for us to come get her next weekend so she can come back and go through the model house again. I told her we could do both. I DO want to go to the flooring place. But I think we can work both in. Picture me cross eyed and running around like a chicken. lol

Health and Wellness Tracker

I snuck away a bit of time this weekend to do this hobby of blogging and also to work on my personal to do list, one of which was to start at weight loss/wellness log. I did just that. It’s on the Mac and also I guess on all my devices as it’s in the cloud.

This is a work in progress. I took the “travel” template that was already a template in the Mac and converted it. I am sure I’ll change it a thousand times. I tried to think of how to best measure my progress and quickly. I needed a place to park ideas and so it’s a 3 pager. So much for simplicity. (It really is simple though, a tracker page and then some behind the scenes places to work in if I have time or need inspiration). So there are three tabs: Tracking, Notes, and a Bucket List. But this first tab is my accountability chart of sorts. I added some photos to make it fun. I intend on entering an entry every weekend!

Meanwhile Back in Texas

River was not a happy camber for his Easter pics! lol

But here in Tennessee we ended our day yesterday with our Easter Meal:

The broccoli salad I fixed turned out good. And of course George’s meals are always good! But the real bacon is a must in the broccoli salad and totally makes a difference. I garnished with a few pieces as well. Even the doggies were laid out afterwards. We watched a movie called “MUD” before heading to bed.

Roger though was up and walking around and is not pictured.

So all going well but then Mom fell this morning here in the house and gave us a scare. Luckily nothing broken. I teased her we may need to skip the new home and go straight into assisted living, that she can’t be falling or that’ll mess things up right away! So glad she is ok. If something had been broken that probably would have changed everything.

Pray for us as we go through this adventure. And I hope things will all work out.

I have to take Mom home today and luckily was able to get our laundry done throughout the weekend. I had cleaned house at night all through the last week so just have to refill vitamins and do some ironing when I get back from taking Mom home. It’s 3 hours + round trip so much of the day gone already. We are going to eat breakfast this morning, I’ll get a shower and then we’ll to take her home and back. I’m sure I’ll be worn out by the time I get home.

Anyway, that was our weekend in a nut shell. I’ll probably be back mid week or so. I’m anxious to work on the new movie! Looks like my time will be quite absorbed. But I’m trying to still hold on to some of my hobbies and keep *SOME TIME* for myself.

Ya’ll take care.

Over and Out until I can get back!

Easter Weekend, Looking at Homes for Mom, and Eating at Nadine’s Hermitage Haven

Went to get Mom after work yesterday. EVERYONE is traveling for the EASTER WEEKEND! lol. The interstate was packed. WAZE app took us the long way around just so we’d not be stuck in traffic. But Fancy dog did good and so did Mom!

We went to Slim Chickens and picked up Chicken fingers and wings to go. We got the “Crowd Pleaser” and it comes with 10 different sauces. Also with potato salad and slaw. They had other sides but that is what we picked. No beans though. They should add baked beans or some kind of beans to the menu! Anyway we had a fun night eating our quick, but late dinner. And sat around and talked and watched a show and then went to bed. I went about 30 minutes before everyone else did as my day started before anyone else. Sleep was good, George’s snores were tamed (breath right strip?) and Roger only got up once that I know of.

This morning I got up fixed coffee, started laundry (I needed jeans!) and got showered. Everyone else got up and began to get ready.

Nadine’s Hermitage Haven for Breakfast

We went out to a place called Nadeen’s Hermitage Haven in Hermitage, TN (very close to us). They have a grand reputation of having a great breakfast and also seemed to have a good lunch menu too. Even our new neighbor that has not hardly even moved in yet, told us about it. I had already had two others to tell me about it! It lived up to its reputation. It just restaurant in an old Pizza Hut building. The food was awesome. The inside had it’s charm.

George’s meal looked awesome. Hueavos Rancheros. We should make this at home!

I just ordered the plain breakfast of eggs, choice of meat and hash browns. They do have country ham too. But I love my bacon. I felt guilty over the biscuit, but not too guilty, lol. It’s Easter weekend.

The Butt Hut….LOL!

We had to laugh at the little BBQ shack next door to Nadine’s. Just a little hut. The Butt Hut. It had a little patio. Apparently it is primarily a biker spot and they often have live music (outdoors I think). I looked it up on Facebook. Looks like a band called Pretty Grim plays there. I never knew this existed and drove by it a thousand times. But…it’s not like I’m a biker and I never will be. Not much of a partier any more either. ha. But a fun spot.

Took Mom to look at a Model home today in our Area!

So we went to see the area Mom is interested in living in. The continue to build the homes and she would be able to pick her model. But she loves to sit outside and the back patio is just not very big and not very interesting to look at. Not much grass for the dog. There is the front yard grass though if the HOA allows dogs to go there. There is a dog park nearby but it may not be convenient to walk the dog over there a lot. Mom needs to be able to just let the dog go out while she watches. The main deal was the lack of a good patio area. This will likely be the case in many of the conjoined homes, I suspect. But the insides were beautiful in the open model we toured. They only had a town house model open and she would want a main floor.

The patio areas were kinda in back but there are brick walls you see in between, not an open area. But enough area to put a small patio table and chairs. You have to park in the back. There is a garage and drive way.

The entrance was pretty.

So I’m not sure this will work for Mom. But if she can figure out what the patio looks like on the model she wants and can get a cover over it, she would be happy I think as long as Fancy is happy. I know of another area that might work for her I told her we could drive by and see it. She’d have to wait til something came open though. Once she knows what her house is worth and gets hers sold we can look to buy. Most of the time you can’t do a contingency, but never say never I guess. She really just needs to talk to the realtor to have these conversations because I’m not familiar with the market. And Mom will not believe me anyway but she will be more likely to listen to the realtor. I mean come on, what do I know? Right.

So within the hour we will be getting our toes done. I’m also trying to work on laundry and do some of my weekend stuff as I can, aka blogging! 😉

Not much to tell though. We have a BBQ, white beans and corn bread tonight for dinner. A relaxing evening. Tomorrow we don’t have a lot to do and will be home most of the day. I may ride her around and look at some neighborhoods though. So she might have some ideas if some places come open.

I would love to have her up here. But again it’s a big scary decision and she may be too scared to make the move. Where there is a will there is a way. One thing though is that if Mom makes her mind up no one will stop her. So it really depends on whether she wants to do it or not. If she does she WILL find a way. We told her we’d help her with all of the processes – every bit of helping her through it and including the moving part – once she gives the green light. I’m not pushing though. It’s totally her decision. But it would be wonderful to have her up here where we can help more. We just can’t be down there as often as she is going to need help. Assisted living will come sooner if she stays down there. We can give her company and get things for her and help out more when up here, take to doc appointments and so forth and keep her going in a place up here for much longer.

I’ve prayed about it and it’s mainly b/w God and her. All I can do is offer the opportunity and help provide information as long she doesn’t retort that I’m being pushy. My information stops dead in the tracks and on the spot if that happens. I don’t want to get in the way, I’m just trying to help. That is all I can do.

Better go. We are headed out shortly. Maybe I can sneak in again at some point.

I hope you all are having a great Easter weekend!

St. Patrick’s Day, Spring, Storms, and Little Roo

Kind of a strange little day yesterday. I wanted it to be a good day. I mean it was St Patrick’s day after all and we had a great meal planned and even bought special beer for the evening. However, the weather was a threat, all day long. Not just rain but possibility of storms and severe storms at that. This was a messy little system. But I know there were tornadoes to our south.

I even had a small window of time to walk to the mail box to take our overnight package in the office complex. I always look forward to this little walk outside, even if it is a little one. The skies let up for a pretty minute so I can run the envelopes out and I took the camera because the Bradford Pears are blooming. I think that is what these are. They are most beautiful on a sunny day against a blue sky and green grass. But this will have to do.

The blooms don’t last long. It’s always around March 17th and you can see from the pic below that the leaves come out quickly and replace the blooms. I love this time of year when the blooms come out. It’s always so beautiful when the rains come and warmer temps arrive, and the blooms follow, and the grass turns a beautiful green. As green as our St Patty’s day wear!

God answered our prayers here to limiting it to mainly a rain event. I really did not see any high winds. There was lightning but the storms were calmed and he answered our prayers. There was not an overnight event here, just rain and flash flood warnings. We live in a hilly little area over here and are higher ground at our house and the water runs down. But I was able to sleep all night.

We face timed with our friends, Don and Lisa, at happy hour. It was a fun time and we caught up a bit.

How ’bout some cuteness that has been showing up in our social media! Little Roo! There is nothing in the world that melts my heart like that smile. Oh it makes me break out into a big smile!

The lighting here makes him look yellow, but he is not yellow! Here is his little St Patty’s outfit.

Can’t you just see him kicking and so forth? Do you know HOW BADLY I want to hold this little fellow and hug and squeeze him and talk to him and make him smile. He needs to smile at his Nonni!

Here was dinner….our corned beef and cabbage and carrots and turnips. It was so good! It’s so funny. I cleaned the counter up for the shot so no crumbs will be in the background and then George picked up flakes of red pepper and “flew” it over our plates and there was pepper flakes landing all over the counter, messing up my pretty shot. Oh well. We always counter each other’s productivity! lol

So today is my Friday! I’m off tomorrow. I have a lot I need to get done today if I can. It will make Monday easier. I think I may eat out today. Not sure. But I’m kinda ready to do something other than eat on the fly in the break room. Eww that sounded bad.

Anyway, top of the morning to ya! Be back soon – when have something to tell! lol.