Errand Running for Mom, Signs in the Universe, and Dexter Learned a Bed is for Sleeping

Friday went well at work. I was finally left alone enough to be able to make some progress toward Month-End. And also finished the one return that was left for Quarter End. Friday night we had lobster ravioli in a homemade butter, lemon, wine sauce that George made. It was 5-star quality.

Saturday Morning Errands

Saturday morning I made the breakfast above. You can’t see the fried eggs but I made fried eggs, bacon and biscuits – which I had butter and cinnamon honey on mine. I have not made breakfast in a long time and decided we should use these ingredients up. I was up at 4:30 as Dexter was whining and hungry. He slept with me from 2:30 to 4:30 and was really wanting me to get up at my normal weekly time. So I didn’t get to sleep in. George let me sleep a lot the last few weekends so I let him sleep this time. Getting up so early I get a LOT done, and more time to play later.

After cleaning the kitchen and getting several loads of laundry done, I left to go to Publix to get the fruit Mom wanted and some peanut butter. She later texted and had me add bacon bits and pecans. I also bought my grocery needs – everything except the cold or freezer items. Those will have to wait as I wasn’t going directly home. Then I went to KFC to get a bucket of chicken. Mom had wanted us to eat lunch with her and I told her I wasn’t sure about our timing (mainly wasn’t sure as I had not talked to George and it depended on the weather and timing and his intentions for yard work). I didn’t want to box us in for plans and then have to change them or commit to them. Sometimes it is nice just to NOT have plans, you know. But as it turned out – we ended up eating some with her. I had a piece of chicken and a tablespoon of potatoes and tablespoon of slaw. I didn’t eat any biscuits. The more we could leave for Mom the better, for at least another meal.

George met me out there with Mom’s car so we could drop that off and I got her mail, we ate some KFC, took her trash out, cleaned her guest toilet. She is still hurting when she walks. But her foot is better. George brought Dexter with him and Dexter likes Fancy but Fancy being an older dog and not feeling too good is in NO mood for Dexter. She showed her teeth which only made Dexter want to toy and play with her. Before I got there, Dexter pounced on Mom’s sore foot. So George had to keep Dexter on a leash. Dexter would knock Mom over if she stood up- he is definitely a big strong doggie. Wouldn’t mean to but just loves to jump and love on you. Now that he is bigger, we are going to have to stop him from that. He ends up hitting you in all the wrong places. His paws reach up to my chest level which hurts when you are in PJ’s and also he has been known to “take George out” in a few places below, lol!

I also ordered Mom another 32 oz water cup. She has used it every day and night for years. It was thundering and lightning and about to storm when we came home. So I opted out of going shopping for my capri jeans and Mom’s lounging pants. My goal was to defer that to today. And unless something changes, I’ll not be able to do that today either. I will explain later.

Signs in the Universe

While leaving Mom’s I saw this incredible sphere of beautiful colors, like the rainbow. If you look closely it appears to have an eye in it. Maybe it was the eye of God or Jesus peeking down. Can you see it? It’s like a round rainbow.

More pretty clouds from earlier in the day below. Below, the clouds began building early in the day.

I could sit and watch them move around all day. But I was so glad to have caught this colorful rainbow sphere above. It was truly spectacular to behold.

Our earth and the universe is definitely showing signs of change and unusual behavior, intensifying in displeasure of all the evil that is occurring upon it. It is as if a taste of “the four horseman” have been delivered already too. (Revelations, end times, prophesy, what the Bible says, Daniel). This all has to do with the antiChrist, conquest, war, famine, sickness, death as a part of the “end times”. Most don’t understand Revelations – me neither but I’m doing the most excellent study right now by someone who has great knowledge of Hebrew and Greek and understanding of the original translations. Most choose to ignore it (Revelations) as it’s too scary. It’s too overly visual to even think of it. God allowed Daniel to see it. Even God told Daniel “seal it” (the scroll) until the end. He didn’t want all of it to be revealed or repeated yet. But in the end, ALL WILL understand whether they want to or not because this knowledge will be increased / revealed at that time. God says the earth will have birth pains of the end times. You can see it in the news daily. Not believe the news so much? Me neither. I’m witnessing with my own eyes.

No man knows the day nor the hour, but if you study God’s pattern of time with everything else he has done so far, we are definitely in the season. The time is near. IF anyone is interested in this YouTube study I’m doing, I’ll post it again for you. Just let me know in the comments. I don’t want to scare anyone or make you have nightmares. But it is something we all need to know and be aware of and be ready for. As it will happen like a thief in the night when the Lord comes again and takes His church, His bride, His body of believers. He will take them so that do not have to endure the roughest times to come.

These clouds remind me of all that the Bible has said.

Home Time

After Mom’s we came home and I began working on the next video. I’m close to being done. I had to do a lot of voice over work. I am VERY pleased with my last training session in which another vlogger made suggestions on settings to use. That has worked well. I think when you see the next video you will see that it did pretty good for my vlog session. I video’d in current time, taking you all back to January of 2022. Then George made an excellent dinner. It may not look very good here, but it was.

Dexter Finally Discovers the Bed is for Resting and Sleeping, Not Playing

Now that he has discovered he can jump on the bed, he will go and rest on it some. Yesterday I couldn’t find him in his usual spots – normally in the room with me. But I was moving all over and I guess he got tired of following and jumped on my bed for a nap all curled up.

So he has appreciated the bed for a nap. After George went to bed and lights out and I went to bed too and shut my door, he scratched on my door and whined. I thought to myself maybe he gets it. I opened the door, he jumped on the bed, scratched his spot, and curled up and snuggled beside me. Yay. He did not do zoomies in the bed, didn’t bark at me, didn’t paw at me to play. He just curled up beside me and I put my arms around him and pet him and told him “Good Boy”. After a few minutes he changed spots. I think it was hot. He moved around some on the bed but never got down. I woke up a lot conscious that he was there and being worried about it in the back of my mind. Would he wake up and be confused and pee on the carpeted floor? Can dogs see at night? Could he see the hall where his pee pads were? Would he get up and chew on my shoes from the shoe stand in the corner? He stayed in bed with me all night. At 3:30 he was ready to get up but I said “go back to seeeeepy” and he tried to. At 4:20 he stood up and jumped off the bed. I decided to go ahead and get up. I would not be able to sleep anyway wondering if he was going to get my shoes, lol.

Do I have a Stomach Bug? Or Was it Something I ate?

So when I got up this morning, I didn’t feel good – mainly just tired, cold, and as I drank coffee I began to get a little nauseated. But mainly I’ve had just really bad —let’s just say “issues”. So I have had to be near the girls room so to speak. I’m not sure if it was something I ate or I have a bug. I have no fever, and while I have been a little stopped up, at first this morning – even that is gone. I’m OFTEN like that though with sinuses. I feel cold but definitely no fever and not much of an appetite. But I’m trying to stay hydrated. Even though I don’t want much. I had a piece of cheese – always worked before, LOL LOL. And some baked Cheetos b/c that is the only thing that sounds good. Salty potato chips. I went back to bed for an hour or so when George got up – so someone would be with little Scuttlebutt (Dexter).

So needless to say. No church today. And likely NO SHOPPING today until I can get this figured out or it subsides. I have much to do this week.

The Week Ahead

Well today, I still need to fold some towels, put my meds and vitamins in the case, change George’s sheets, wrap his gifts. One hasn’t arrived yet. I need to finally take a shower, maybe finish this video up.

This week I need to get some baby gift wrap paper. Why do I continue to buy big things that won’t go in a sack and takes lot of paper, lol? I need to wrap the baby gifts for an upcoming shower.

I need to go in handle some personal but important email – insurance stuff. Need to go on line and print something out.

The dog needs a bath, but we’ve not done it yet. It has to be a coordinated effort. We are kinda scared, lol. But I think the walk in shower will be the best option. I need a combat bra though. Might wear a bathing suit for protection, LOL. I kinda hate to take for grooming until after he is neutered in case they put them all together, ya know? Or we can just take him for the big DIY bath thing. I need to do training on how to brush his teeth and how to do his ears. Also to work on training too.

I get my hair cut on Thursday.

I need to go to Belk and find my jeans and find Mom some casual pants to lounge in. This will probably end up being a weeklong or even monthlong quest. Since Mom’s not with me that means having to take it to her to try on for her part, but I know she’ll be glad to have something comfy to wear. That shopping was going to be today but not unless the issues improve. And I’m not sure it’s not a virus so kinda hate to go out in Public. But I suppose I’ll be in my office tomorrow. Someone needs to do payroll and I’m not wanting to burn any PTO time either yet. I feel good enough to do this blog entry. I just have to be close to a restroom. I’m sipping green tea and have been having luck with baked Cheeto’s to not be nauseated. I might have a piece of bread and peanut butter shortly.

And next Saturday is Fancy’s vet appointment (Mom’s Dog) and then George’s taco lunch out if Mom feels like it.

I will finish Month End (surely). lol

All the Things I Want to Do that I Can’t Get to Because I’d Rather be Videoing and Catching Those Up:

  • Doggie videos (mentioned above for training, ears, teeth)
  • Looking at and redefining my Blog, Instagram, YouTube
  • Learning Tube Buddy
  • Playing around and learning how to use Canva with the YouTube videos in Final Cut Pro
  • More Final Cut Pro lessons
  • More Canon Lessons
  • A study on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Jewelry Project
  • Working on the Basement to get rid of or organize things but a lot of it is George’s
  • There’s more but I’ll stop with that. It’s mainly all the things I’ve mentioned before.

We always end up getting done the things we either have to or want to do the most. I’ll be back mid-week unless I end up making an extra post along the way if time comes my way.

Is there anything you would like me to blog about specifically? Do you have any questions? Or curiosities? lol

So what are you guys up to this weekend?

Uncle Bud’s Catfish, Mom’s Birthday, Cooking Up Pork Chops, and Dexter Dog Chases the Cat

Momma had a good birthday at Uncle Bud’s in Donelson. The atmosphere, the food, and the service was very good. It was so enjoyable. See there is a smile on her face. She did not feel her best as her toe and foot hurt her more than she originally let on.

Did any of us need the fried food? Naw! But it was really good. I got the chicken tenders and catfish platter. They already had navy beans and hushpuppies and pickle on the table family style. And this came on a bed of a few home fries. They were the good kind too. Dinner fries! lol I did not eat all of mine. I had left overs and ate catfish for breakfast yesterday morning. I had mayo and cubed pickle in my little office fridge and made my own tarter sauce to go with it. I’m getting to be quite the chef in my office, lol. Often I make tuna fish or chicken salad with the mayo and pickle. And since I have some balsamic vinegar vinegar dressing – I’ve even made slaw out of my left over asian salad kit by mixing mayo and balsamic vinegar dressing, lol. I love my mayo which I am sure keeps the tummy and hips plump! :-O

We went to the Dollar General Market. Mom did not feel like making it through the store. So I had to go around and get everything. This one’s layout was working against my brain. I like for there to be a systematic flow from produce and then aisle to aisle. It was confusing. I wanted to go one way and Mom went another and then George even elsewhere with our own buggy. This drives my brain nuts. There has to be a systematic approach. Anyway as I put Cascade in the buggy it was the wrong format. I knew if I got tabs it was supposed to be liquid and vice versa. They did not have everything she needed. And then she forgot to put hairspray on the list so we have to get that later in the week.

Mom said she just can’t do more than one thing every time we are out now as it’s too much for her. That is unfortunate because we can’t be over there all week doing different outings one thing each night. But we decided that we would order groceries and have them delivered and/or pick them up. Ya’ll have been suggesting that for a while but Mom enjoyed getting out so we hadn’t started it yet. But now I think she is mainly wanting to just stay in. The foot and gout has really taken a lot out of her. She can get up and do things still around the house a little at a time. I’m not sure she can even cook a long meal anymore. She said we’d have to come over and help her cook and she’d share her food with us. Sadly we cannot do that every night either. But maybe every now and then.

At every angle it is looking more and more like assisted living staff. We are not it. I don’t have time to cook and clean over there as I hardly have time to do that here either. We are doing our best to follow her wishes but at some point it is going to be time. I knew it when we moved her in the house that she had about a year or two in it and that was going to be it. I was hoping she would bounce back from the gout but she is not as good as she said she was. She moaned and groaned in the back seat at every turn and bump. I felt bad for her.

She has already declared that she is no longer going to go to church. There was an issue over baptism I think which I don’t even understand what the issue was. For some reason she thinks they don’t baptize people for remission of sins. They do. So I’m not sure what the deal is. I was not there when the conversation came up in Sunday school. My guess is they embarrassed her in class or something and so she doesn’t want to go back. She had made her mind up from the beginning that she didn’t want to go to that church and has looked for something to be out of line. I told her no church is going to be perfect. So she is back to doing her church on line. I think she kinda doesn’t want to spend the energy to get ready and go out anyway. She says that we don’t want to go to church anyway, which is the untruth. We do love that church and love going, but sometimes it is not feasible as our lives are spread thin. But in our world, we know that our worship is not limited to a church building. That said, I enjoy being with a body of believers anywhere I am. I am lucky to be with them every day at work too. I have some “sisters” there and I also have some “sisters” just about everywhere! Even on here! Are you a “sister”? I need one. The real one is MIA. 😦

Katy sent Mom some pretty flowers and a fruit tray and had it delivered from Publix. That was so sweet of her to do.

Just keep Momma (Billie) in your prayers. She is having a tough time feeling good. She is out of breath a lot with her heart, can’t get around as good, doesn’t feel like doing much. Help us to know how to help her and to know when it is time for assisted living. Personally I think it is almost time. I think we wait and see if the foot heals. I keep waiting for her to tell me when it’s time. I don’t want to force her into anything. We have a lot of doc appts coming up and also Fancy appts and hair appts. I have my own as well. We have the Friday afternoon eye appt next week, right at quarter end but I’d warned my superiors of this so they didn’t wait til the last minute to give me the data to do my part but they have been too busy and now we’ll be down to the last minute and I will be doing payroll and Mom doc appts. But I had this planned a long time and we do this every month so – no surprise there. I’m not worried over it either because I’ve basically had no control over it. I can file returns for which I have no numbers. (The tribe has spoken, lol).

The clouds were pretty on the way home the other night. I dropped George at the house so he could be with the dog. The dog is alone all day and we hate to leave him alone at night too. So I dropped George off and took Mom home and unloaded her groceries and her birthday surprise. And we put the gift from Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken in the freezer of their Omaha Steak delivery. She barely had room. Her freezers are full of food.

I cooked last night and fixed the Hello Fresh meal and it was Honey-Butter BBQ Pork Chops with red pepper flakes. The green beans were steamed in the microwave and you added grated lemon zest, and butter and sneezes from two lemon quarters. Oh my gosh they were good. The sweet potatoes were boiled and then mashed and butter and sour cream and salt and pepper added. Have never added sour cream but they were ok. I would have liked to have add cream or milk instead I think. However I am still in love with the concept. I’ve never made mashed sweet potatoes before and I will do that again. I also loved the lemony green beans. Wow! And the honey butter pork chops. Now I know I can cook pork chops and it taste good! And quick too. I think it was about 4 min on each side. And look, mine looked just like the picture! 😉

Tonight I’m cooking a pasta dish with spinach in it. It was on sale so I ordered it and really meant to fix it for work day lunches but we have had other things to take and so George suggested we have it tonight as a side dish with these frozen cordon blue chicken things we have. It is a creamy sauce I think instead of tomato. The meals are easy to follow from Hello Fresh, but they do get all involved and you are busy once you start it. But it comes together fast. The instructions are so well put together. I feel like a REAL CHEF in there whizzing about making things happen. It’s fun, but I’ve discovered that Tuesday’s – the day I do payroll is not a good day for me. I need to unfocus those Tuesday evenings. It’s brain overload. Any other day is fine.

I read some last night after dinner and after we ate watermelon. It was nice to just sit and read. Dexter seated between us.

Here’s a video clip of Dexter and the cat in the house yesterday. Little Bit needed a break from the heat and Dexter’s shots have kicked in now so I figure it was time for them to mix around and play some. They have nosed each other as it’s been hard to keep them apart. Soon after I had to pen up Dexter to coax little bit back outside as he was hiding. I was afraid I’d get in a situation I couldn’t handle by myself. I don’t want them to be scared of one another. Dexter wants to play. Little Bit wants to be loved but not chased, lol.

We are really looking forward to the weekend and down time. The work days are busy and long. I long to be home more and more myself. I really hate leaving home every day to go to work. But I suppose retirement will get here soon enough. I really wish my job could be done at home. A lot of companies are doing this now, and I don’t see why ours can’t work toward this as well. It really is a good way to attract workers. It is a highly coveted perk for sure. So we are gearing up for a relaxing weekend and much needed. I need to order George’s birthday gift. I know what I’m getting him pretty much.

No video tomorrow. I think it will be ready by the NEXT weekend. This one is longer and I’m trying to cut down the footage. I’ve been through it several times and having to go back and weed things out. What is left should be a good story of our December. Lots of video and less photos. Both of me and George. I’m enjoying working on the video one day and blog the next.

I’m leaving you with a good pic of Dexter. He was being a good and patient doggie yesterday, having just eaten, been outside, played with the cat, and he and I sat down for a minute as I read messages and caught up with the news on my iPhone. Oh he slept with me from 2:30 until 4:30 this morning. He did good. I had to go to the restroom and I let him come in and join me the rest of the night. No zoomies in bed this time. lol

What you guys planning to do this weekend? I’m Over and out. Need to get to work.

Working, Cooking, Being Productive and Keeping Afloat During this Busy Time

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Sitting here drinking coffee and getting my thoughts together for this update. Sometimes it is a challenge to remember what happened two days ago through the present. We have mainly been taking care of ourselves, the dog, work, and checking on Mom, moving Mom’s appointments and rescheduling and making notes of future things that need to be done.

Sunday was relaxing and I was able to get much of our laundry done, ironing, packing items for work (mostly food/drinks for the week) and I was able to get a chunk of the next video done. So we will have a video Saturday at 7 unless something unforeseen happens. I’m almost to the end of 21 in the videos and at the point where I will stop and create the 22 files. I *think* I have less coverage in 22 (I may surprise myself) but I am anticipating that the catch up will be quick once we get to 22. I need to stop and delete pics from files and move over pics to my photo files as well as the upcoming video files.

Photo by Cats Coming on

Mom’s gout is improving and she has been able to get up and clean and cook and walk. Some days she says she over does it but yesterday she was better. She sounded tired however. I hope she can get better and be able to start exercising some because when you are in motion you can stay in motion. Once you become sedentary it’s pretty much a given you will remain that way as you lose what you have. Your muscles go and your stamina and it becomes hard to move. If she can’t care for herself, fix meals, get showers, do light cleaning etc, then it will be time for assisted living or worse, a nursing home. Sadly for her George and I are unable to be assisted living staff. Even with her gout, we have still had to work our jobs but offered to help find her care – she started feeling better at the mention of it. But I’ve asked the Lord to help in the situation. Luckily or hopefully the gout is only a temporary thing. George has had it also and got better. So hopefully all will be well for now. We shall see. I’m coming over Thursday to get her mail and take fajitas and we’ll eat together. That is tomorrow!

I moved her Echocardiogram to a date in August. That works better for me anyway with quarter end.

Dexter had his vet appointment and last set of shots Monday. He has to wait 2 weeks now as these last shots set in, to be able to socialize. We are looking forward to that so we can take him places. I have to call the vet (on the to do list) to get his neuter scheduled and chip scheduled. He has been a pretty good boy and still has those hours periodically where he just goes insane and berserk. Usually 1 to 2 hours a day. The vet said he will lose the puppy teeth. Thank goodness. George plays with him and sometimes the teeth get him. He has bandaids all over, lol. Me, I’m more cautious and guard my hands and limbs when he starts to play. He will jump up trying to grab a toy or treat and grab your hand as he lands down and it has a rip effect ::ouch:: He doesn’t mean to. He is learning to sit but won’t do it if he has something in his mouth as he will try to play keep away.

I let him lay on my bed for a little while as a test last night and he did pretty good. If you remember I through him out to the hall overnight with his water and bed because he wanted to play. I just have been tired and when I work it’s rough if I don’t get enough sleep. So sadly he probably won’t sleep with me until I know for sure he can make it 7 hours at least without bothering me. My days are very long and my mind has to be clear and focused on what I do in paying payroll taxes, doing returns, and doing payroll. It is very easy to make silly mistakes when tired and off focus and not feeling well. I have been doubly tired lately – the past two weeks. A doc appt is coming up later in the month and I will bring it up. It could be that my blood pressure is up, or current meds not working as well, or something else. I pretty much want to be laying down. It might just be that I am overworking myself to get everything done. Most of our life is enjoyable though but I guess it can still be overwhelming when you think of it. Having full time jobs with a commute, caregiving with two household schedules, cooking and cleaning and laundry duties, ordering and obtaining groceries and supplies ongoing, a new puppy to train and care for, running a blog, an instagram and Facebook account, maintaining a YouTube channel and doing several videos a month, economic crises and expenses going up, trying to see friends when we can sneak it in, not to mention the looming nuclear war that is inevitable. No wonder I am wearing down. So sleep is a must. But when he gets to where I can sleep with him in the bed, possible at retirement, that will be nice. But maybe I’ll just move his bed in my room at some point. He will have to be out of chewing stage too.

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Work has been ok. I’ve been doing payroll and filing unemployment returns. I was met yesterday with a couple of requests to rush it up on payroll (not by my department though – my department knows that you can’t rush payroll). Apparently someone moved a meeting up and I had two people (one was an executive) that came to me as they needed the data from the payroll sooner or they needed to be in the system to do their reporting b/c not many can be in it at once when running reports. You can’t rush payroll though – if you do it can cause simple mistakes or missteps that can cause a whole day to fix and involve programmers. If payroll needs to be done early it has to have at least a day or two notice as supervisors have to go in and have their time and piece work fixed earlier so I can close an accurate payroll. We have done it for holidays and for when we knew a big snow was coming. But once you are already doing the payroll it’s too late then to decide you need to finish early. LOL LOL It makes me giggle to even imagine it. You have to plan such in advance. Payroll will be what it is going to be and will take the time that it takes. All I could say was “well hopefully I will be through”—while trying to be polite, b/c the time to plan to be over sooner was past. It’s just the way it is.

Matter of fact b/c I knew people were now rushing me, I made a mistake by accidentally skipping a step but I was able to rectify it, thank goodness. I don’t think I have had that happen before where I have had staff rushing me through payroll because of a meeting but I decided to bless and release. But blessing and releasing is just important these days. I understand that everyone is out for their own agenda so I’m choosing to forgive instead of letting my ire get to me over being made to feel rushed. I get it – well, in a way. I get it. Everyone is out to get their own agenda done even if it means rushing mine. It’s just life these days and the way God warned it would be. We often don’t think of our brother. And certainly we don’t think in advance, LOL.

I saw this on Instagram yesterday and it reminded me of how I feel at this stage of my life. I still do pick my battles though. I am not one to just slink under the desk and let others run over me, but some times on some days you just say “whatever” or “bless and release” and go on. Because some days it just isn’t worth the effort or the drama. When you can’t really change anything you are left with just saying “sure” and going on. Here’s a screen shot of my buddy “mysharonno” sharing an Instagram post of @mypostiveoutlook and that is the way I feel sometimes too at this age and stage in my life. I still am caught sometimes between setting people straight in their thinking where it belongs to things that impact me. But on the inside realm looking out, sometimes it just is a waste of time and you have better more productive things to be done and focus on. I would never take that attitude though for something like taxes or things that would impact us negatively but on some things to prevent drama, I’m in!!!! Or out!!! However you want to look at it. Just too much going on and sometimes your opinion is not sought after anyway. lol

We have still been enjoying Hello Fresh but the last couple of times I made it, while being tired, I’m thinking why am I doing this. Last nights meal was all involved. It was easy enough but had a lot of steps. A lot of veggies to chop, forming turkey meatballs with your hands, making a sauce, and making a bulgar salad. My brain was just not ready for that after closing 4 payrolls. So perhaps Tuesday night is not the best night for me to cook. My brain is not that frazzled after a normal day. I didn’t feel good anyway. I got it done though and it was delicious and packed with flavor. And I learned a lot. Just learning so much how to cook in ways I’d not considered before and with flavors I’ve not had. But I was worn out after this meal and while we tried to eat Dexter was a nightmare. But he finally settled.

Turkey and Feta Patties on Bulgar salad with cucumber and tomato along with a Turkish Seasoning and Creamy Yogurt sauce

I finally fixed it to where the recipe was straight on instead of having to bend over and read. Anything to help.

The veggies were pretty. I always like to get them out and wash them. Truth be known I usually enjoy fixing hello fresh but I was just so tired last night. I was informed I am cooking tonight as George has to push mow. The mower is still in the shop and so it takes longer. It’s ok. But I was planning on working on the video. So I told him instead of watching a movie I want to get that finished up tonight after we eat because I won’t have tomorrow night as I’ll be going to Mom’s and Friday is too late as that is upload day and it will take all day. ::sigh:: Always the fight for time.

Steaks George cooked Sunday night with a bit of blue cheese butter and for me….lots of Heinz 57. Not Hello Fresh, lol

This above was good. It was from Hello Fresh. It was pork chops with apple chutney, grilled Brussel sprouts, and mashed potatoes. Oh so good! I also order a salad kit from Hello Fresh each week too. This week I got the Kale salad with poppy seed dressing and cranberries and pumpkin seeds. I added white albacore wild caught tuna because I needed a hearty bit of protein yesterday. This was so good. I enjoy salad days at work.

Dexter got a gift

Dexter got a gift from his fur baby friends Gus and Reese. He hasn’t met them yet but one day soon. His real first gift Katy sent from Texas though so want to mention that. Anyway he will enjoy his cookie.

I’ll probably be back on Friday. But plan for a live video Sat at 7 on the YouTube channel (same name as the blog). I’ll come back here and do a reminder.

Well, I need to get ready and get to work. It seems we are always at work. lol But at least we are in the “over the hump” day. I don’t think we have any grand plans for the weekend and I’m fine to keep it that way because if not I’m going to have to take a PTO day for a self care, resting, rejuvenate day and I really don’t want to have to do that as I’m trying to save my time. But I feel so blahhhhh right now. I could go back to bed and sleep a month.