New Headphones, Party with Friends, Dead Body in Attic, and To Do List

New Headphones

The new headphones came in. No make up here! Warning! In relax mode! I decided to order these with an extra person coming in the house. I can listen to video clips and do editing at any time and don’t have to be quiet. I can listen to music and with these big honkers on my head people can see me working and know I’m getting in some “me” time. Nothing says “do not disturb” like some big honker headphones. One thing is for sure. I like my quiet time a couple of times a day. Some in the morning and some in the afternoon. An introvert requires it for sanity and rejuvenation.

Family has Flown Back Home

So no sooner than they got here, they are off again headed for their flight. Katy, Cody, and Little Roo flew home Saturday mid-day with a slightly delayed flight. Once in Dallas they had a two hour trip home, had to go pick up the dog Findlay and she said they all had to have a bath including the dog! lol. So they are glad to be home to relax some and since Katy is out of school she is happy to have nothing to do this week but unpack and enjoy being home.

Phone Wallpaper

Just playing around on Canva and made a b/g for my Home Screen. You are welcome to snag it if you want. Sometimes I like having multi designs on the Lock Screen. But it doesn’t really show up that much to tell you the truth. The background cannot be too busy or you can’t find your apps.

Summer Party with Friends. Christmas Gift Swap and a Pool Party!

We had a fine time at our friend Don and Lisa’s house. Above is their doggie Reese, named after Reese cup for his coloring. Such a sweet standard poodle. I was so incredibly tired though. I sat by the pool for a long while and just “vegged out”. I want to have our friends over for some fun too, but I’m not having anyone over til the floors are done. We are getting close folks! Very very close. Mom’s move #1 will be over with by the end of next weekend. ONE CAN ONLY HOPE! So I’ll be pushing for these floors. I’m at the end of the rope were the floors are concerned. The carpets have been abused way to long and now they are abusing us! lol. Flooring yes…. This has to happen!

Lisa had beautiful decor, as always! So pretty and inviting. I didn’t take pics of people for the blog. Not everyone likes to have their faces on display for the masses. I get it. Quite honestly, I enjoy taking pics of the decor and the food anyway!

Lisa had the most awesome watermelon salad. And I called it “salad fest”, with the hot temps outside in the 90’s, having the salads was so appetizing. I don’t have the names of all the salads, but they were all tasty.

George made an Orzo salad. This is it above. Loved it!

This was a coconut cream pie that George bought. It looked good to him. I bought some chocolate fudge iced brownies. Yummo.

As seen poolside. Love the birds on the cushions.

Lisa has beautiful landscaping and flowers. This was in the pool area. No pics of the pool area as people were all around. Trying to be respectful.

By the time it was time for us to get home to Roger dog, the sun was starting to go down. Snapped a pic of the sunset coming through Nashville. It was fiery through the clouds.

Video has gone live today. See previous entry.

If you didn’t see the previous entry, the video is now live. See the previous post for the link. These are a labor of love. I used to worry when not many watched them. I quickly got over that. It seems when you post it and walk away (after letting folks know it is out) it just happens that a few will go in a watch. My niche is out there somewhere. Working FT is hard to find time to put into finding my niche. The truth is I don’t have to be successful on YouTube, I don’t need it. I have enough money to retire before too long. But it is a goal to increase the subscriber load and to develop a following. When I sit down to try and realize where I want to go with this, and what my “success line” is with this, I realize I’m already reaching it within. The whole thing is a hobby and the fun is in the learning and in the sharing of our lives with you. I’m already doing all that. I’ve reached success already. If the things gets tossed around and grows and provides value to someone then that is good too. I just enjoy doing it, so I’m not letting myself get disappointed if the numbers are slow to grow. I was kinda the same way with the blog. The fewer that read it the less trolls you’d have, lol.

Trip to Mom’s for a few last loads…

Imagine George’s surprise at pulling what appeared to be a dead body from the attic. I’m sure you’ll see this clip again somewhere.

And the follow up….We concluded the dead body was “Mrs. White”. LOL. Mom used the mannequin when she used to sell Premiere Jewelry.

Meanwhile Little Roo was good at the airport and slept a lot too. I’m gonna miss our little man. I wish we could be near him often where we could babysit and play and spend time with him.

So what did we do today? Here was the line up!

We were on the road by 9:30 a.m. and then went to Mom’s and I packed up the remaining 1 last box of the guest bedroom items, taped and boxed some remaining kitchen items, hauled canned goods and pantry items to the car. Stayed at the bottom of the attic while George handed things down. Mom gave me the Lane cedar chest that was up there. And it’ll have to come back on the U-Haul truck.

We also brought all of Dad’s many fiddles here on this load as we were coming straight home so they wouldn’t sit in the heat. And so we came home and unloaded everything for the basement and put the canned/pantry goods upstairs as Mom said we’d need to use some of that stuff up. She also wants us to use some of the freezer items when it arrives. I guess she pay rent with food, ha ha! We will tease her.

OK so…then I had to run to Target. I wanted to buy some more of the towels I had bought but apparently they were popular. On line they were outrageous. And they were gone in the store. So I had to buy plain white towels but they were made by the same company so I know they will wash well and hold up.

I would have bought more from Target but their store would not let me see my Alexa grocery list that was on line. So tough tooty Target, I went to Kroger then and bought the rest of what I needed because if you block internet service for your customers then….you lose some profit! Those that have lists on their phone can’t see what they need. That’s bad, really bad.

So yep, off to Kroger I went for the rest of my things. And happily so. Thank you Kroger for allowing me to see my Alexa grocery list! You rock! You get the sale!

The home to unload groceries. George had mowed and showered. He fixed us a cranberry and vodka and so I decided to do a blog entry while I drank it.

Week ahead?

Another busy one.

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on

Well, this is just another one of those busy crazy sink or swim kinda weeks with all of us. Including Mom, b/c so much needs to happen.

  • First of all we have to work Full Time this week all week.
  • My sunglasses broke so going in early Mon to take a long lunch to go get those fixed.
  • Arrange with the storage place to pay for the big storage unit coming open on the 19th and get the keys/lock Saturday morning. (Pray for us b/c if this doesn’t come open we are in trouble and have to figure something out).
  • Set up Fancy’s August trim (yes have to book that far in advance)
  • Mom has to get all her utilities set to change over to new people and cable and security and all that.
  • I need to find Mom a heart doc and a regular doc here in town or nearby
  • Mom needs to have her mail forwarded if not already via post office
  • I have a hair appt Wednesday
  • Go get Mom on Thursday evening – we get her, the last loads we can fit in two car loads. George is coming with me and he’s driving her car back.
  • Friday afternoon Mom has her first eye appointment (injection in the eye) in Hendersonville (I’ve been going in early on Tuesday’s to be able to get in extra hours for the month to take off for a Friday eye appointment once a month)
  • This weekend is the BIG U-HAUL move. It will HOPEFULLY be all over by the end of the weekend.
  • And try to get this house in order, iron, fold laundry change George’s sheets
  • And will be trying to adjust the house for Mom as she needs it with more fans, more lights, moving things where she won’t trip, etc. George has already been training her how to use the TV. lol
  • After this week, I’m looking forward to planning with Mom being here: Meal planning, excursion planning, shopping trip for me some pants, and maybe a top or two, flooring, planning Mom’s birthday, 4th of July, and George’s birthday. And maybe just maybe a little excursion away for a long weekend somewhere? Who knows.

Seeing the light at the end of the tunnel ya’ll! But it ain’t over quite yet. Prayers please for this final final leg, this last final week of moving!

Nonni and Poppy’s Day with Little Roo

We had a wonderful time with our Little Roo Thursday. George and I both took off work to get some quality time in with Cody, Katy, and River. We went to eat Sushi. Mom stayed home and took a nap, Sushi was not her thing. We had the sushi date planned for a long time. They don’t get a lot of good Sushi around the ranch area so it’s been the game plan all along. We took Mom something else to eat to hold her until we all went out for dinner.

Salad and Cucumber Roll, Mori Mori, Mount Juliet, TN

Knowing we would be eating a lot of calories later in the day, I opted for a small salad with ginger dressing and a cucumber roll. I don’t eat the raw sushi. I have but prefer shrimp, scallop, crab, or veggie rolls. I DO LOVE the ginger slice, wasabi sauce, and dipped in soy though. I also love the hot green tea.

I had a bowl of popcorn later mid afternoon too.

George at one of his favorite sushi spots, Mori Mori, Mount Juliet, TN
Precious Little Roo, needing a nap!
Mom with Little Roo

Honestly I don’t know when I’ve seen Mom smile SO BIG. She was so happy to meet River. I’ve been good to send her pics all along so she sees him grow. And now she gets to meet and hold him. She was so happy.

I’m thinking all we need NOW is to scare the little guy. lol. But we all took turns putting on the red nose. I think Little Roo is wondering what kind of family he was born into!

He wasn’t sure what to make of his little splash pad. But he had an open mind. The water was a little chilly – and he was confused as to why it wasn’t his warm bath water. But he was a trooper and didn’t cry. He would sometimes kick his feet. He got the little rings stuck on his feet and legs, lol.

After he got into dry clothes, his great grandma “Nana” tucked him under the blanket and warmed him up. She told him how his Poppy loves to freeze everyone out in the house with his temperature controls, lol, lol.

Meanwhile, Roger naps.

Nana held him while George fed him some sweet potatoes. He loves them. A bit of remnant can be seen on those cute little lips of his!

M.L. Rose Craft Beer and Burgers, Mount Juliet

We have a new place in Mount Juliet that we have been excited about. M.L. Rose – they have local craft beer and awesome burgers and a few other things. We have been to other M.L. Rose locations in the Nashville area in recent years. So this is exciting!

Little Roo was not as excited as we were.

We passed him around and tried to keep him entertained. At least three of us walked him, we all held him, his Mom fed him, he had to be taken out to the car to be changed (poopie diaper, it happens). No changing table in the restroom at M.L. Rose (gasp…)

Poor fellow. He survived the night.

Maybe when he can eat burgers and drink beer he’ll enjoy it more. I don’t blame him for being bored. We did the best we could. We even put him to himself in the carrier with the cover over him to give him some space. Oh no. That didn’t work AT ALL. He calmed down after being fed and was all smiles again. (It was a little early for a feeding but it worked.).

Southern Belle Burger, M.L. Rose Craft Beer and Burgers, Mount Juliet, TN

So this is why I ate a light lunch. My burger, oh my gosh, had pimiento and cheese, onion straws, bbq sauce, lettuce, tomato and cheese, and bacon. Oh it was good. The Southern Belle.

So tomorrow we take them back to the airport. Sad to see them go. I know they will be glad to be back home and settle into their summer now that Katy’s school is out.

True to the fashion of my life these days, I was unable to finish this blog entry last night. I rarely get to finish anything I start in the same day anymore. So it’s Saturday morning as I end this. Had a wonderful 9 hour much needed sleep.

I had more to blog about but will save it for another day.

VIDEO UPDATE: I should be able to have it uploaded for 7:00 a.m. live time Sunday morning. That is my goal. This was a fun one to work on. Well they all are. But I loved going back to Texas in my memories with this one. I’ll pop an entry here whenever it goes live.

Ya’ll have a good weekend – what all are you doing this June weekend?

Finding My Happy, Pushing thru to a Good Mood

As angry skies gathered, I took myself out to lunch yesterday. I allowed myself to have the salmon, although it was not as good as in the past as they didn’t use the same sauce and herbs. But I needed the fish for my psyche, the baked potato was for my soul, the salad with ranch dressing was my splurge and the iced tea for my energy. The staff was unmotivated, as was I as their customer, just exhausted from recent days and still a bit of anger lingering within my stirred up emotions.

Much as the day cleared after the storm, so did my thoughts and so did the issues. We secured the extra weekend in June to move, Mom signed off on the addendum to allow it, I ate a Reese’s cup mid afternoon with coffee, texted with my sister who agreed to try and sell some furniture for Mom as she’s had success listing on her FB page and also wanted Dad’s desk, and is going to get a couple of Dad’s fiddles.

I texted with a friend, and was face timed by Katy and River, and grabbed a white wine and watched “Sailing Project Atticus” on You Tube, and so happy that Desiree got her cute puppy dog to take onboard. Was fun watching them with the puppy.

And I ate an entire pint of Halo (270 calories) after our dinner last night as we watched two back to back Lillyhammer shows, the 2nd of which I snoozed through. Once it was over I quickly got in bed and snuggled next to my little “Snuglet” or “Snuggie”. The little thing has had several names. I call it whatever comes out.

I’m 58 and without a dog or human in my bed (due to hubby snores and an old Roger dog that can’t sleep and is needy all night- long story) – but I’m 58 and totally ok with having a “fake doggie” in my bed even if it is a sloth. I don’t know why, but it gives me great comfort to pretend I have a dog in bed with me. Yes, I’m 58 and sleep with a stuffed animal in the bed. My dogs have been so important and I miss them. So as I sleep, I just simply pretend it’s my dog. Somehow it works for sleep! I have a favorite “blankie” too, ha! It has a picture of Tugie on it (former poodle) and it radiates body heat back to you. It is the warmest thing. I keep it on the bed and if I get cold I use it.

So all that said “It took a village and lots of food, favorites, fun, and sleep” to get my happy mood back. But I’m a bit de-stressed, de-flated from my anxieties and anger, and feel happy this morning.

Knowing that today was Friday helps. I have managed to get caught up through the work week from being a HOLIDAY Monday by a couple of days of going in early. I already have in 2 extra hours of the four I will need to take Mom to the eye doc later this month. I don’t want to use PTO so I’m going to work earlier 4 days of the month to get the 4 hours worked so my work does not suffer and so the hours are reworked before I reclaim them back for the doc appt. I think that will work well and will be fair. I will be able to get my work done so it’s all good.

Facetiming with River. I look awful! And he looks blurry. But this was the best I could do in a screen shot.

The night before last George fixed us a comfort meal, breakfast for dinner. Forgive me if I already posted this. If so what harm does it do to post anything with bacon twice! But this was so good.

And texting was pretty funny. I dislike auto correct. I think it does more damage than good, lol.

So I wanted to pop in and say that everything is alright. We are all just tired and exhausted but we get about 2 weeks off from the move details and can concentrate on River and seeing our friends and having a little bit of fun in our lives again. It has been work, work, work nearly 24/7 except for sleep. Our stamina held for so long but it seemed to unravel the last few days with morale tanking on EVERYONE’s part. So having a break will help.

I might even get to clean and do SOMETHING in my house. It’s all gone to total disarray here. Things need a complete cleaning, house needs to be picked up, laundry needs doing again as it is already Friday. Trash cans need to be emptied, bathrooms need cleaning and so forth. It’s good that Katy and Cody are not staying here. It’s a mess!

I also have my follow up today at the Urgent Care place. The place on my back is not better by much but I think that the antibiotics are keeping it from getting further enflamed. I think it is trying to dry up and heal in spots but it’s just not there yet. It might be a little less sore, but yet it still is. So subtle difference in two days. I’m just wondering if this wasn’t a spider bite on top or next two a place that was already there. It seems like there’s two things going on. Anyway, I think the cellulitis part is not as bad. It no longer seems like blisters are around the edges.

This has been the weirdest year. lol. I think I liked 2020 better. It was at least easier! ha. No I don’t want to go back into a Pandemic state, but I am looking forward to not spending my every moment on the moving Mom project. Again, we love her and are glad to do it, in case my words are mistaken as people LOVE TO DO, but I mean I think we all agree that we are all exhausted trying to do this on the weekends. But we have had no choice as we can’t quit our jobs and don’t have enough vacation time to do it any other way. And didn’t want to pay $17,000 for a complete move job which would have been complicated as some things are going here and some in storage. And it all has to be done again in Oct/Nov. But…that move should be easier! It’s already packed! The unpacking will be fun! I love that part. I’m looking forward to helping Mom with all that.

Ok over and out. I have to deal with putting a dressing on my back. I figured out how to do it on my own without help. And we get to see River the next two days. We pick them up at the airport tomorrow. I am so excited! So prayers for their travel. They have to travel 2 to 3 hours to Dallas from Breckenridge and then pray that River is good on the plane. Their first time to fly with the baby. And I hope his ears do well on the landing. Babies can’t chew gum or pop their ears.

I’m so glad it’s a weekend! And a weekend of fun.

What you all doing this weekend?