Bavarian Pizza and Shopping Excursion

George’s Bavarian Pizza
Kielbasa and German Smoked Sausage

Saturday night George fixed an excellent German meal for us. Despite losing Roger, he continued on with his plans for this excellent meal.

The pizza was pumpernickel bread, pizza sauce, Swiss cheese, and thinly sliced kielbasa or sausage on top. It was really good. Lots of starches in this meal. I did not eat breakfast Sunday morning as it was still with me! lol I had one of my hydrate drinks instead.


Some of you wanted to see what I bought when I went shopping. I actually took *some* video in the dressing room after I put on each top for a vlog later on but I’ll likely have to do voiceovers instead of the audio b/c the music was so loud. I think the music is supposed to make you buy more but it was ruining my video time, lol! So I began just giving a thumbs up and thumbs down. Likely it will be Christmas time before it comes out b/c you know how behind I am.

So here is the shopping excursion. I had prayed before I went. I often do that now. I don’t want to spend too much, I want to buy what I need and will use. I want to find bargains. I want to find clothes that will last. My summer clothes had dwindled down. And some of my tops are too small now. But I did lose 9 lbs apparently from my LAST doc visit so it seems I’m going in the right direction despite all we have eaten. But we had really gained a lot during COVID. Maybe we have been so busy and on the move lately that we’ve kept some of the weight off. Moving helps with that. lol

Liz Claiborne White Skinny Capris but Stretchy! And a Green Top.

I was so happy to find this green top. When do you ever see this color? I loved the texture. It was lightweight. And I’ll have to iron it. I think it was completely rayon or something like that. But I have other linen tops I wear from time to time and don’t mind the ironing. I watch YouTube shows now while ironing, LOL!

I love stripes! And I bought a couple of striped shirts. I also found some cropped jeans. They were not capris but are very summer like and cute with the cuff at the bottom.

Bought a couple of flowery designed tops. I will also have to iron this one too, it’s rayon. But very lightweight for July and Aug months. All of these are work worthy and casual too and can wear to church so it fits nearly every occasion. And LOOK AT THOSE PRICES. You can do a clothing spree at places like Ross, TJ Max and Penny’s when prices are this good.

Flamingo Shirt

Look at this Flamingo Shirt! I absolutely loved it. I wore this to church yesterday with the white pants. It was so comfy and cute. Guess what! It was $6.99!

This one reminded me of the Pioneer Woman. The whole thing was cute. The back has pleats in it too if I remember correctly and the details n the sleeves were cutely made.

Well this little fringy thing is actually a kimono of sorts. I had the whole family trying to figure out what you call it. Cardigan, cloak, moo moo, duster… Everyone was throwing their ideas in the ring. But I’m not sure any of these are the word I was looking for. It’s open in the front and you wear over another blouse. Anyway, I’ll have to dry clean this b/c of the fringe, but I have another one too and I keep the home drying kits on hand. That way I’ll just wear these with a week or two of each other and dry clean them. Of course I think you can do a couple or three wearings of these as they are only overlays and not against your skin. Whew that was a brain workout this morning but I think we’ll call it a kimono. lol. Now I’ll be staring into the closet trying to figure if it’s black or blue on my striped tops and this kimono, but I think this kimono is blue.

And a cute little black floral top that I’m wearing today with some black pants. This one is polyester blend and these last forever. This one is very summery with short but flowy double layered sleeves. Covers the arm flab on top but tapers to almost no sleeve underneath but still very airy. LOL A unique top to me actually. I’ll have to wear my wool cape though at work lol, it’ll freeze me out wearing short sleeves in the office. I will try to remember to take my black sweater today. But I’ve discovered if I keep both my heater on one side and the fan on the other – it makes it quite comfy in my office. It seems like now it shuts off more so it goes from hot to cold to hot to cold and if I have both on it makes it consistent like it used to be before they hooked up this snazzy system that doesn’t work as well that everyone complained about. But I keep my wool cape there always in case I need it.

I bought two pair of black pants. Two sizes but both fit. One was just a little looser. But look at that. Wherever it used to be – it was $68. Now $14.99. Of course we all know these regular prices are usually not there for the long haul as companies run specials at 30% off and such. But one could typically pay $40 for these out somewhere when they are new in their shelf life. I pay thirties usually or twenties if I’m lucky at Belk. But on this day I chose to do the sale shopping first. So when I got to Belk I really did not buy anything. They had good sales, but maybe not this good. That is a good lesson. Always do Belk last. lol. I was hoping for another short jean capri but didn’t find. That’s ok. I might try to find the favorite kind I have now online somewhere as I know it fits. But I’ll give it a few weeks since I just did this spree. My car payment ends soon but we have flooring to pay for in it’s place for a while doing the 24 months same as cash.

C H U R C H / S U N D A Y

We went to church Sunday and all went well. There IS instrumental music – very lightly – before church starts but not during the worship service. I was surprised Mom went back after last week. There was no mention of church until Friday night when Mom asked if we were going. I told her we were planning on going. I wasn’t sure she would go or stay home and do her on line thing. She DID tell me yesterday she liked their preaching. And I think maybe she is ok with the Sunday school class. We have had some really good discussions in there. It’s really meant a lot to me these last few weeks to go to that class. It’s so good to be with and discuss issues of today’s time and it lifts us all up and also makes us think and ponder. It’s just really a good thing. I would hate to break away from that if Mom chooses another church. But I will keep my promise to take her where she wants (even if it is to drop her off and pick her up).

After church we went by Mom’s house. Her villa is on the left side. There was this truck there – huge truck – and a man and woman digging up stuff out of the dumpster. I took a pic of the materials laying about and also their truck and them, in case any materials were missing. They probably shouldn’t have been there. But I personally don’t have any problem with someone getting things out of a dumpster if they can use it. The man said they were throwing away perfectly good materials. I chose not to call the police but took a pic of materials, the truck and even the people. I called Good All and told them and also told Mom’s realtor.

In the afternoon I did MANY loads of laundry, cleaned on the kitchen some, changed George’s sheets, picked up and washed Roger’s blankets and watched a huge rain storm come in. I was so thankful for the rain and not having to water the flowers yesterday as it was a scorcher of a day. Very hot and humid.

And I started moving things around – emptying china cabinet and moving things we don’t use into the sunroom so it won’t be so much to move at the last minute. We are awaiting the call to see when they can do the flooring. I told George NOT THIS WEEK now, b/c they have waited to give me the transport side of the numbers to try to close month end (still don’t have them yet) and I am left to scramble this week to get that done and won’t be able to take off. Matter of fact, may have to work Saturday since I won’t get to work on it much until Thurs/Fri now that the data is coming so late. But still there is a LOT TO MOVE. So we’ll see what happens.

This morning Mom has a doc appt at 8:00 so gotta hurry and get out the door for that.

My focus for the week is to: 1) Get quarter end finished – working on unemployment returns for Transport side of the business and 2) Getting things moved into the sunroom. 3) Working on my photos/files for setting up for future videos and doing my photo storage to keep.

And I gotta go get ready!

Meanwhile in Texas, Little Roo outgrew his car seat and got another! He looks like the King of Breckenridge here in the new one, LOL LOL. I notice it has a place for his sippy cup!

Did you have a good weekend? I was thankful for mine even though it was busy.

What all did you do and what is YOUR focus for the week?

His Mercies are New Every Morning, but Not Necessarily is Anyone Else’s! LOL

A coworker gave me this book, and I had rearranged my office early in the year and created a prayer journal. On the first page I gave myself “guidance” at what should be written within the pages. Since then I have written in it every day and late in the week last week, I wrote on the last page. At the end of the book I had written back in January, a reminder to read glance back through and SEE what all the LORD had answered.

That said, I “thought” we had the issue of “church” resolved, but I should have known better. The week before we were a minute late so I didn’t want us to be late this week since it takes us all 10 minutes to gather things, lock up, get in the car and actually pull out the drive so I said “let’s leave at 8:05 instead of 8:15”. So we did. We had 8 minutes to spare as we crawled into the pew. I was pleased we did so well.

About then Mom said “Do I hear music?” I tried to figure out what she was talking about and faintly you could hear some calm and soothing music before the worship service started. I said “yes”. She said it had instruments in it and that wasn’t right. Then I realized what she was doing. I leaned over and said “I am trying so hard to please you. If you don’t like this church then PICK ANOTHER ONE! And good luck with that because you are not going to like any of them as they won’t be perfect.” She retorted that she had raised me better than that to accept music in the worship building. I told her I didn’t limit my worship of God to the church building like she did. And that because of that if I lived by “her rules” I would have to be forced to listening to AC/DC’s Highway to Hell going down the road instead of listening to a Christian station that would encourage my soul, so I don’t just expel music with instruments just because it contains a Godly message or has instruments. What good does that do a person to just delete music from your life when you believe in worshipping God all week long and not just on Sunday. She said she wished she had just stayed at home and not moved up here. Which was a verbal slap to my face after all we have done to get her here.

Worship service started at that point and she said she didn’t want to go to a liberal church and then I said “then pick another one!!!!” and she began talking to the air with her fists balled up – words that were meant for me that she couldn’t say out loud, I’m sure. And then she lowered her head began crying. I looked around and saw George was like “what in the heck?” and others were looking.

I filled George in on what was going on and he said “well do we need to leave now?” I said “ABSOLUTELY NOT”. I got up early, showered, dressed to come in to worship and I was bot going to let her ruin worship for us. She sat the service with crossed arms and didn’t sing. She can let Satan get in the way of her worship if she needs to but I was not letting him get in the way of mine. I also stayed for Sunday school. For the record. There was no instrumental music in the worship service. I’m sure all of these people, including my mother don’t turn off the radio when God is mentioned in a song that has instruments outside of the service. I understand where she is coming from the but logic does not make sense to me. God’s point is that he wants us to focus on Him with our hearts. With her being this way it was taking our focus off of Him and onto the music. She was making the exact issue she was trying to avoid. And I can assure you this was NOT pleasing to our Lord, this exchange at the time we should be focusing on Him. So try that thought on for size.

We came home and she holed up in her room all afternoon and came out before dinner.

I’m over the church drama. She needs to 1) either pick a church or 2) shut up and eave mine alone. The ball has been in her court THE ENTIRE TIME. She HOLDS THE CHURCH CARD. She just needs to tell me what she wants or where she wants to go. She can have her way if she wants it. Just PICK ONE ALREADY or HUSH UP!

If she were not 76 I would think she was a teenager! I’m mean wooooosh! I am worn out over this issue. I am now VERY angry in my heart at the scene of yesterday. I mean really. Does there always have to be drama. I can write about this b/c it was a public event folks – this is not taking place in the comfort of home but a public place. If you had been there you could have seen and heard it – especially if you are on a pew around us. I’m almost embarrassed to go back now. But at least everyone can see what I have to deal with and what kind of life I have had. My opinions and thoughts have not been allowed to be my own. And I’m just wrong if my opinion does not agree with hers.

And that is why I am the way that I am. If you think I’m stubborn? There is a reason we come from the Mule capital of the world. And it was appropriate that I drank from my Mule town mug yesterday. Although I didn’t know it at the time when I picked it out to have my coffee. Maybe I should find some fruits of the spirit coffee cups. We seem to be missing those around these parts!

George, bless his heart, aside from God and His comforter that He sends, is my rock through all of this. He grounds me, comforts me, and gives me guidance. Both of them. Otherwise we had freaking yelling matches when we got home. I was yelled at and heard the yelling enough as a child growing up. I will not put up with it in my home. But I will defend myself and yell back to get my point heard. I couldn’t do that back then or I’d get smacked. My opinion never mattered. But I’m 58 now and my opinion does matter. And in this case, I’ve offered to take here where she wants and so she just needs to either pick a place or leave me alone about this one. Cut the drama before I cut the cord like my sister did. She completely drew her boundary away from Mom. I believe in honoring your parents. So I’m trying to do God’s will and honor my mother. She has the card in her hand and just needs to use it instead of creating the church issue every Sunday. Well to be fair 2 of the 3 Sunday’s have had drama.

Looking back after I’ve slept on it, Sunday’s were not a lot much better growing up. If ever a day there was going to be drama or anger or bitterness, it was ON SUNDAY. I don’t know why. I just remember dreading every Sunday. It was hectic getting ready and getting out of the house. Everyone got ready at once. We had one bathroom. Everyone would be mad when we got in the car. Well Mom would, I would, and my sister would. Dad, bless his heart would go get donuts, biscuits and do his best to lighten the mood. He was always so quiet in spirit. I guess that is why they got together, Mom could do the talking for him. She likes to be in control, lol.

Then Dad would take us out to eat for lunch so everyone would be in a good mood going home. To restate my point here. I loved going to church as a child. I enjoyed it and learned a lot. I worshipped my Lord, was baptized at the church. But there was always drama going to it and coming back from it. Mom was always in a hurry to get away from it and didn’t always like to hang around after and fellowship. She liked to go straight to the car. That is another issue we are having as well. She is ready to dart out the door and well, we could have done on line service if we were not going to fellowship. So Mom is having to grab a chair and wait. She has made comments to let me know that is not acceptable to her, like “we thought we were going to have to send out an army to find you”. I had been gone less than 10 minutes talking to friends I had not seen in a year and a half.

So this is my world. There is no use hiding it. It just is what it is. I have always said if you don’t like what you see about yourself on the blog, then change your ways. This is what happened to me yesterday. So I’m writing about it. It shouldn’t have happened but it did.

So George fixed a wonderful rib dinner.

Here’s what’s on the menu board this week.

Here is the beans from the bean soup we’ll be having later in the week. The cherry tomatoes are some that George grew. The deer have found the bush though now. Sadly.

There was corn cakes with our meal last night! Slathered some butter right on it. George had some kind of relish he put on the beans but warned us it was hot!

He made a really good homemade slaw. My plate below!

My tummy is better now that I had a DAY of letting my tummy digest. It worked. I will also not eat a lot during the day time the next few days.

Ahhhhh…..well several of you enjoyed the video I released yesterday. It was not the best of the best, but then again it was winter and we didn’t have much to share other than the snow and our little Valentine’s excursion. I will begin working on the next one in a week or so but I want to stop and work on some files from my phone and camera since May 1. I want to also work on my office a bit – need to dust and do some filing of personal documents and such. I also may have to stop and get ready for them to come and do the flooring. I don’t want to start on that until I know when they are coming in case they can’t get materials or have to schedule it out. I will wait as late as I can before putting things up (Nic Nacs and things we use often that is on furniture). I don’t want to be inconvenienced for weeks!

Here’s what on the schedule this week.

  1. Mom’s Birthday on Tuesday – She doesn’t like us very much right now as we are heathens and she wishes she hadn’t come to stay with us as she has said, so she may not want to spend it with us, lol, but we are all she has right now – so we’ll take her out to eat.
  2. George works from home Tuesday and is going to set up the flooring – doing the finance option of so many months same as cash and will set up the timing for them to come. And we’ll know more then anyway.
  3. Wed morning at 6 a.m. I have a physical. I made it early to not miss much work.
  4. I will take her for her hair appt on Wed after work.
  5. Thursday after work, we are doing trivia with the neighbors.
  6. If we don’t have anything planned Saturday, I’m calling it to go find a some more jean capris. I need more casual pants. And I will do some sale shopping. I’m calling it. I need some time away before I go bezerk and just run away for good! lol
  7. Then next Monday a week from today is Mom’s heart appointment at 8:00 a.m. and I’ll be late to work that day. I will have to work extra in the week to make up for that b/c it’s quarter end and I need to NOT get behind with that. Right now I’m about on target I think.
  8. Then we will focus on George’s birthday and my nephew Kadon’s birthday.

Thanks for letting me vent today. I’m just trying so hard to make things right but it doesn’t matter how hard I try it’s NEVER good enough. Others have to do their part too and on the church thing, if the current church is not the fix – then she needs to pick one. Til then we will just keep doing the same thing and pleasing ourselves.

Anyway, Mom’s been told that. So her fate is in her own hands. And has been all along. She has made all of these decisions on her own. We have simply carried them out.

Finished Puzzle, Flooring Costs, Stomach Issues, and Good Deed Failure

It is finished! I enjoyed working it. I’ve decided we shouldn’t try to work another until after flooring is done. One less thing to put up on a whim. I think Mom would enjoy it more if she a comfy place to sit. But it’s hard to work a puzzle from a recliner chair! Anyway I will get another puzzle after flooring is done.

Flooring Update

So the estimates came in. Whew! Had we done this a year ago or more I imagine it would have been a few thousand cheaper. The price of waiting definitely has its price. So a 14K upgrade it is! That is with labor and everything. It is not scheduled yet. George just got the email with the details. We will look at scheduling it next. We do have a lot of SQ FT in the house so I knew it would be bad. I was thinking 10K or more and George was thinking 12K.

George is thinking we need to go ahead and prep for “the moving of the rooms around” for the carpet. I’m thinking we need to buy some rubber tubs – one for each room – to set things in. All the Nic Nacs and such. So I don’t have to try to remember where it all goes. We can use the tubs later for moving Mom’s things that she is using now, and then we can keep them for our own storage items for the basement. We can use them. But I need to get a good deal on the tubs.

Tummy Issues

Mom and I both have had tummy issues. She has had upper issues and I’ve had lower issues. We cannot narrow it down really. We have all eaten so much lately. George is fine.

I have a box of Life cereal in my office and enjoy that with Vanilla Almond Milk about once a week. I love the Cinnamon flavored Life.

Despite not feeling too good, I ate quesadillas from Santa Fe. I forgot to say beef instead of chicken. And had memories of the chicken enchilada from Oscar’s the other night. I ended up picking the chicken out to inspect it, LOL. It was good but I wish I had gotten the steak or beef version, considering how Taco Tues turned out.

We did not go to the Trivia night as our neighbor had to work late. I was not feeling it anyway and neither was Mom so was relieved in a way. I just needed to relax and take it easy.

Photo by samer daboul on

So the beloved coffee pot would NOT work this morning. It almost seems like we have some kind of evil spirit after us, trying to bring us down. First my car, the kitchen sink clogged, the washer leaked and that pipe clogged, the new lights fell, the lamp fell, the shrimp bowl broke, and now the coffee pot. Really, taking away our beloved nectar? Don’t NOBODY touch the wine! lol

Remember how Maisy used to stare at me? Now Fancy is doing it. She is trying to read my face somehow. We finished watching Ten Commandments. She stared at me nearly the whole time. It was funny.

Good Intentions Quickly Goes South

Something happened yesterday that made me very sad and kinda ruined my day. We had a retirement party last week for a coworker and had sandwiches from Panera. We had a lot of leftover boxes. I put them in the fridge. That was a week ago. Yesterday I reached in the fridge to get water, the first time in over a week and I noticed boxes still in there. So I tossed them out so no one would get sick.

Then, about an hour or two later, I was told that those were not from last week but from yesterday at an event off site. I was told not to bother anything in the break room again unless I asked first.

I felt soooo bad.

I threw away 6 boxes. That is 6 lunches. I had saved the chips. Even the cookies were hard as rocks so I tossed them. Maybe I saved someone a tooth. lol Who’d have thought though?

So lessons learned. Leave the fridge cleaning to someone else and stay out of it. It’s unlikely that I will go and ask if I can clean the fridge, lol. I kept thinking yesterday I can’t win for losing. I mean what were the chances? It kinda ruined my day yesterday. I try so hard to do good things, to help, only to do the wrong thing. Naturally I offered to go buy more or to pay for them.

Of course it’s foolish to give up doing great things, even if there is a little humor in the cartoon there. God REALLY DOES see the good we TRY to do in the world. Even if others don’t or even if we misinterpret the scene. About 2:30 I kept thinking that if we had fresh sandwiches no one had sent a note about it so how would I have known. And then I felt better. And plenty of others might have thought the same about those boxes not knowing they were fresh so how would anyone have known they WERE fresher boxes and edible. About that time an email came as if I had spoken the thought out loud. Of course it was after lunch by then and most had eaten. I guess someone else thought the same thought about no one knowing, thus the email lol. So I guess there were more boxes that came from somewhere that were saved from my “good intentions”.

Still it kinda ruined my day. But again, lessons learned. I’ll clean my own fridge at home and keep out of everyone else’s. I’ll stick to cleaning the fridge front finger prints and perhaps cleaning the microwave – when I can find time.

I won’t give up on good deeds, but some days you want to.

Everything’s gonna be OK! We just have to focus on making it a good day, continuing to be good people and helping others, but yes, perhaps be a little more persnickety about what deeds we choose to do! OK? Ohhhhh Kayyyy!

Photo by Anna Shvets on

Now on with the day, and to seek more coffee. Because my outlook might not be as bright if I don’t find it. 😉

Oh – taking Mom for the eye injection today. Then will focus on laundry and this next video! I may have to ignore the world around here for a few moments. But I’m hip on getting it done so I can move on to a few other things!

Have a lovely Friday!