Gender Reveal Party Video Texas Style

Here the next video. A bit of Flair from the Breckenridge Texas area, gender reveal baby party and decor, cute fur babies, and a LOT of Texas sunsets set to beautiful music! And most of all – the GENDER REVEAL! Girl or Boy? Most of you already know! We are so happy to be grandparents and to be able to share this moment with you!

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Texas Bound & Travel Tips YouTube Video

Here it is. Our getting ready for our Texas trip and traveling with the doggies. There is something I found in George’s car too! What was it? LOL

I hope you enjoy it. Many hours spent putting it together. A little more than normal I think when it was all said and done. The decision to add the tips in and share those, took some extra film time and editing. But I figure the lessons we learn along the way are worth the share. Live and Learn right?

I’m so excited to get this one out. We have been busy since back from Texas but a lot of things are calming down and we are catching up.

Other Updates

The work week is almost done and we are staring down at our 3 day weekend. We DO have some plans here and there.

My muscles have been weird this last week. I’m not sure what is going on. It’s like I have to really exert myself to make myself move. So I’m going to have to try to increase protein, eliminate the sugar, eliminate the carbs, up the greens, and up the fruits. It’s always a challenge and a battle to eat right. Exercising will help the muscles stay elastic too, I think. It might be time to try that Senior Tai Chi You Tube channel that my friend Christie sent me. And today I began having a splitting headache in my left temple. I really believe it is from chewing gum, believe it or not. I had quit but picked it back up again due to the stress of catching up on things after vacation. It’s just a stress buster for me and an anxiety release. I will have to work on that too. I’ve had these headaches before and if I quit chomping on the gum they stop. My muscles have been weird for a long time and when I eat right they improve. It’s just so hard to eat right all the time. Add to it sleep deficits by the end of the work week and I’m exhausted and ready for Friday. I had a shake today from the nutrition company I use. It helped a lot. I just have been tired of having them every morning but they always helped me with muscles and energy. I had Vanilla Chai Whey based this morning and it was very tasty. A new organic formula they have. I’m such a rebel though. I like to do things my own way. I have always been one to like variety and choice.

Today at work, I will say I really just wanted to come home, lay in bed, close my eyes and just sleep and sleep. But instead I grabbed the coffee and pointed the fan in my face and kept going. I did go to Logan’s mid day for a treat. I’ve been craving a fried chicken salad with honey mustard dressing. I rarely have cravings or much of an appetite for anything special anymore so when I do – I go for it. Yeah I know. That’s a downfall. This did not help my healthy notions ONE bit. But I did enjoy every bite with a smile. So there is that.

Home now, glass of wine in hand and about to go take an acetaminophen I think, maybe stretch out and rest. But what I really want to do is watch the latest videos out there that I keep up with. That is always so relaxing. Ya’ll have a great HOLIDAY weekend. May we all get some rest and have a little bit of fun.

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Thanks so much for your support always. I have to laugh at the pic below..this is NOT me. But oh my gosh it sooooooooo could be! I like the laptop, the after shower effect. Are her feet dirty or is that just a shadow? Just happened to notice that. The bed looks super comfy and those under eye treatments, I would love to have some of those. I don’t know that I have ever worn pants with a robe but if you are sitting Indian style and having your photo taken (or the laptop pointing at ya- ya never know) it is necessary in today’s world. Regardless, she looks peaceful and comfortable and that’s really all we can ask for right about now! Huh?

Photo by Anna Shvets on

What are you doing this weekend? I’ll be back to share my weekend, Lord Willing as the weekend happens! Happy Friday tomorrow – looking forward to the weekend for sure!

Gender Reveal Party and Decor

I had to wait to post all these as I transferred them to the iMac at home. But it was a special time in our life and so I want these pics on the blog and to be able to share them. Mostly did not include a lot of people since you are never sure about who is ok with it and who is not. So I usually stick with family, the decor, and often I end up getting pics no one else did. So it works out. Most of the time.

They surprised us with shirts! So so cute.

I hope you enjoy! This will be mainly pics of the decor! We are not allowed to take pics of much on the ranch and was reminded of that periodically while there. So hopefully with these pics we will not reveal any secrets, whatever they are! lol.

I am sharing this one because these are Katy’s friends that she teaches with. They are awesome! They have been so good to Katy. They all look out for one another! So I appreciate these ladies so much! The let me take their pic so I am guessing it is ok to share on here.

I’ll be doing a separate Texas Sunset entry soon but I did want to put a couple on here because the sunset was a special part of the night that night. Also have to mention the WIND! The wind was blowing a lot that day and made the decorating very difficult. But all in all it turned out to be a great party. It was outside. It was 105 or so starting out the party. But not humid – still very hot. Maybe that is why sunsets are so special sometimes, lol!

The actual gender reveal section is on a video which has mainly only been shared on facebook in a more private matter. I’ve been asked not to include it on YouTube, and videos don’t do well here on the blog unless it’s been added to YouTube, so I can’t actually show the reveal part – not by my choice – but I will honor the request.

Bottom line – it’s a BOY! Due in January! And we are so excited. We just hate they are so far away. Fourteen hours away! What are we gonna do?

Notes from the Week:

Ahhhhh I should probably just not include this part but I will say that this work week has pretty much been____________ at work. Sometimes it’s best to just leave the blank there but “sucky” would do just fine if you really need a word to be there. Bless its heart! I think it’s a good week to put work in the corner – in time out. It’s not been good this week. It’s too bad we really cannot ‘punish’ work when it’s been bad. lol. But I can blog about it. Not about people but “it”.

So many things making it harder on you than it really needs to be. I’m behind but it’ll just have to be that way til I catch up. It’s one thing to stay over for work when its busy and to make sure everything and everyone taken care of the best of your ability. But it’s another to have to stay over to fix things others should have done. I’m trying to keep a good attitude. But right about now, I’m really very very tired and ready for the weekend.

I went to the dentist yesterday morning and so I was a couple of hours late coming in. So I didn’t take lunch and for the most part lately I have not all week- no time to) except for a quick drive thru one day. So I made up the time but I ordered Greek for lunch thru an app and it was so good. We didn’t have a lot for dinner last night so I was glad I did. This meal got me thru the day yesterday.

When I came home I folded the laundry and rebooted (started the next loads – tossed the washer clothes in the dryer and so forth). Then sat on the sofa in the sun room and watched the deer eat in the back yard. Very much needed down time there. And this morning I need to go reboot the laundry again, lol.

We are headed to the store tonight and think we are going to get Pho or some kind of Asian soup or dish before hand. Just ready to be done with the work week. I was going to go in early but decided I didn’t want to give up my blog entry just because others are creating a lot of extra work for me. Didn’t seem fair somehow! lol. So here I sit.

Ya’ll take care. Prayers for those impacted by Laura.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll do the Texas sunset post from the cam! I think this is my favorite though. I am still learning! This is on automatic settings most likely.