Little Dudes Enjoying their Texas Childhood and Making Lists and More Lists

One of the things we did in Texas was go to the JR Livestock show. It’s a BIG deal! Schools let out for it each year. Our friend, Shelby, that we met as she is one of Katy’s best friends – she is the one that stayed with us here in Nashville a couple of years ago and we gave her the Nashville experience. So Shelby’s daughter showed some cows – I’m not sure the proper names, lol. But she was the champion in her class. How awesome.

Here she is. I’m so impressed at how pretty the cows were. They have to wash and blow dry them. It takes a lot of brushing. It takes about a week to get them ready.

Little Roo’s best friend, Little H, from day care was there. River was eating his little baby rice cake. lol
I don’t know everyone’s names, but these are Katy’s buds and then Katy is in the maroon coat, Shelby to her right and then me.

Being there for bath time was fun.

This was our gift to him, the ball pit. And when Little H came over for the party, he loved it too! Look at that face!

So we are back now and all is fine. It is taking a little minute to get all transitioned in. There is so much to do. I still have lots of pics that I’ll share all through the weeks and try to relive each moment. It was too much to blog each morning like I used to do. No laptop and no time to really do it. Since Little Roo gets up early too, our days started early.

I sat at the airport and made several lists – grocery lists, a Target list, a bucket list, Mom’s list. The folks that make fun of our list making need to be thinking twice about that because they might not get what they want if they don’t get a spot on it. ha!

Anyway, I’m working on all my lists. There’s much to do. And some of it is fun stuff. I will try not to talk about how much time I need to do it all, but I do look forward to doing it. I used to play this game on the blog with myself, that I would write what I would do today if I were off. It kinda helped relieve some of the tension of wanting to do it all and do it all right now. I like my life to be in order and I don’t mind working to get it that way, but I like to have some spare time at the end too to relax.

So today if I were going to be home, I’d do the laundry, go to the grocery store, do a Target order, vacuum, empty the trash in all the rooms, put stuff up, dust, and begin putting out my normal decor. We have company coming to spend the night Saturday night. We eat breakfast with neighbors Saturday morning. So most of my getting ready will be done at night this week from this list I listed about what I would do today. I’ll have to do all those things at night.

George is taking Mom to get her car tags changed over to Wilson County. He’s off today. I’m jealous. Very jealous! But embrace what is and forge forward – not much lamenting over what cannot be. But I’m looking forward to being able to work on the house and some of the lists. Yee Ha. Anyway, glad to be back home, but we had a fabulous time and we are considering the possibility of a Hot Springs meet up on Katy’s spring break – for a long weekend. Six hours is not too bad of a trip and that is half way for each of us.

Oh and I have lots of doc appts to make, including the yukkie one – colonoscopy that I have put off for two years over the recommendation. Since polyps were removed it’s necessary to do this. I put it off in 2020 as I just didn’t want to do it. So 2021 was the year I needed to do it, then our spare time for self-care was zapped and given to Mom’s move and all her appointments – so that didn’t happen. This year 2022 is the year. At least we are not having to pack and move so I should have some time to sneak in some appts of my own – not that I want to.

Alright, I need to get ready and scoot on in to work. Hope you all have a great week this week. I may pop in for a quick bit in the morning but the next big blog entry will be Wednesday, Lord Willing. Then work is going to be a time suck this month as well as it’s quarter end/year end. Ooops I’m complaining. Or maybe just stating reality. We will go with that.

Hot Springs and Working our Way Back Home

We headed out east from the ranch near Breckenridge about 9 a.m. or so yesterday. The dust was still settling over the area.

We headed to Arlington, TX and stopped at Total Wines, Sam Moon, and In/Out Burger.

It was a rough start with Roger being unsettled but he finally slept.

We stopped for a Starbucks (thanks Auntie M and Uncle K for the Starbucks cards). This gave us a morale boost on one of our stops. They gave us a pet pup cup of whip cream but Roger had settled and faced against us and we didn’t have room to set it so George ate it! lol We got in a huge traffic jam and WAZE to ok us around it. It cost about an hour of extra time.

I played my game some but read a lot in my book that I chose for this trip. It’s really good, seeing what the crew does working for yachts. I am not sure what my life’s connection is to boats, yachts, sailing, and all things nautical but there’s always been an interest there.

Roger sleepytime above. It took forever but about 6 pm we arrived in Hot Springs at our hotel, had our arrival cold beer from the cooler while Roger ate, then headed for dinner to Capos Tacos where Roger stayed in the car.

Many Tacos to choose from. We had to ask our waiter for the favorites. And they were very filling!

Their margaritas were good and hit the spot. When we got to the car Roger was stuck in the floor board with a pillow over his head and howling.

We slept good last night. Roger needed to be up and down a lot. He had a diaper on. So no trips outside in middle of night. And he held it. Good bit it is concerning a bit. George said he’s not peeing as often as he should. When we get home we will watch his habits with and without a diaper.

A text this morning revealed that Little Roo had a great night last night. He slept! Except for feeding times. I was happy to hear that. As I woke up a couple of times and worried that were not getting enough sleep to function.

Amazing that I got in all rings of activity being that we were in the car most all day but we shopped and my day started at 3 a.m. hour.

We just past Memphis and will be home in 3 hours or so! Can’t wait to be home! Might be a couple of days before the next post while I catch up to life!