Tornado on the Ground

We were woken up – thank goodness – by the phone’s emergency alert.

See where that Blue Dot is? That is where we were. Right in the path. About a mile south of us (and that blue dot) is where the devastation was.

I got up turned on Danielle Breezy on WKRN Channel 2 news and saw it was headed straight for us, I told George “tornado on the ground” and then Maisy and I went to the basement. George always has to decide if he is going or not. He finally came down with Roger. Maisy went behind the sofa upstairs and I couldn’t get her out until I opened the fridge and got out treats for her (sandwich meat) and she followed me downstairs. We hung out in the basement for 30 to 45 minutes in a concreted block area of our basement just under our porch. We could hear the chairs moving around on our porch and we could hear hail, and some thunder -but were not able to hear wind so much down there. I remembered the cat was on the front porch and I hoped for the best. I remember thinking this could be a bad thing and was embracing for the fact that our house could be hit. But everything I really needed was right there with me in the basement. We waited until the red blob moved away from us on the radar and emerged. As of now we don’t have damage and no debris in our neighborhood. I imagine at some point, we will determine if necessary to have roof checked out.

So there is this “debri ball” tracker which can detect where things are flying through the air. They switched to debri tracking often and could locate where the rotation was and used that to determine if it was on the ground. We stayed up to try to see if there was any damage, but reports were slow to come in. There was damage in Germantown area of Nashville and we heard that there was some in our area but didn’t know what as we finally went to bed.

When we got up we didn’t really hear much of anything other than there was damage and teams would be out at daylight to begin showing the damage. Usually a roof is off somewhere and a tree falling here and there and that is what I expected the damage to be. So as time went on we began seeing there was more extensive damage to certain areas where there were touchdowns. And more and more information came in. I could hear some things on the radio after I finally found a station that was covering it. It was late into my drive to work which took over 3 hours.

So, once I saw that I-40 was opening up again, I began making my way toward it from the main road but due to damage near I-40 that was closed and I took another route as directed by Waze. Waze left me as there was no cell coverage so I couldn’t get road information as I was out there trying to get to work. Every access point to I-40 seemed to be shut down. But I was SO stuck in traffic in the middle of chaos in Hermitage (b/w Mount Juliet and Nashville). We inched forward, car by car, as one car fell out and went back home. None of us going anywhere unless someone fell out of the line and headed home. Two hours on Old Lebanon Dirt Road was all I needed to stay committed to my efforts at getting to work. I thought I may as well keep trying as it would probably take 2 hours to go back. Finally I turned a direction no one else was, which usually means it’s not a good option. But I found a way to get out of the construction zones once I went that way and obtained cell coverage again. Then I could use google maps and Waze to get to work. I needed to potty though after the 2.5 hours of being in the car with coffee and water. What was I thinking? Why was I drinking those things while stuck?

Anyway, finally found a McDonalds that was open. All things were closed near the impacted areas. But on the route to “get out” of the disaster area, I, along with everyone else, found a McDonalds open. I went to potty there. The first stall was closed. The 2nd was not. Yay! Then I headed to work rather quickly from there. My drive would not have been so long had I known not to get on Old Lebanon Dirt Rd.

Lessons learned during driving in disaster zones:

  1. Know your route before you leave if you can, because you cannot assume that cell service will be available for navigation.
  2. Keep bottled water in the car and some type of crackers or food for the drive in. A normal 30 min drive might turn into 3 or 4 hours.
  3. Keep a magazine or something entertaining. If you have to stop.
  4. Drink your coffee/water sparingly and slowly to delay bathroom stops, lol as there may not be any.
  5. Be patient and help out your fellow drivers – let people go
  6. Remember to treat all non working traffic lights as a 4 way stop when the power goes out.
  7. Let work or family know that you are about to leave if you can and that it might be a while and let them know when you arrived. You might not be able to text while you are on the road. Against the law in TN anyway but some of us have hands off ability to text. But often the texts won’t go through in a disaster zone area as cell service is hard to get.

We also texted to let people know we were ok, if they hadn’t already texted. I finally made it to work and began setting in for the payrolls and in a hurry. I got them all closed but stayed late to do it. Getting home was a breeze. No problem at all.

I had an awesome Greek lunch yesterday. But my heart rate was beating fast most all day yesterday. I figure my blood pressure was high from a combination of eating a lot of red meat lately, lots of creamy cheeses and sauces, including this below. And also from the stress from the tornado, lack of sleep, and the drive in.

The part I failed to mention was the sounds of emergency sirens during my drive in. So many vehicles trying to get past us on this curvy 2 lane road, with all of us trying to get over. The urgency of everything and the noise just sent tears spilling because I knew someone was needing help and here we were in the way. We all found a way to get over by pulling into driveways, and creating a middle lane for them somehow. In those moments stuck on this road, I realized how bad things were.

So Nashville, Mount Juliet, and Cookeville were hit hard. As of now twenty something have lost lives. Seventy seven missing in the Cookeville/Putnam County area.

Katy’s former high school was hit hard. Several schools in the area were.

Trump is coming to visit Friday, I think. And here is a YouTube of the some of the destruction. I didn’t get to watch TV or spend time on social media much b/c of payroll so family texted this to me so I could get a grasp of what was going on.

I feel like I’ve ignored my community by leaving and going to work, but I also felt it equally bad not to get payroll done for our 4 plants, so one does the most responsible thing they can. We will figure out a way to donate time or money or whatever needed in the coming days.

We were indeed lucky. No…God kept us safe! A very close call. I had a conversation with God about all this and why he allows these things to happen. He reminded me of the good that will ultimately come out of it which is hard to see right now or to explain to those that have lost loved ones. But it is true that people are showing love and compassion where it was missing before. Sad to take a twister to bring that out of folks. Here on this earth we face peril and death and there is really only one way to escape that, through Him. We all have our time, too. And while we all still do it, God says not to store up treasures for ourselves in this life but invest in the next one. So true.

Hope you all have a great rest of the week. I’ll pop in again as I can. Better try and get ready and get into work. I hope it doesn’t take as long. I don’t think it will.

Thanks to those who reached out to us yesterday to see if we were ok!

Nashville, Fat Bottom Brewery, and Weekend Tales

This has been a superb and restful weekend, although still beset with errands and chores. The laundry is done, ironing done, vacuuming done and cleaning in this week’s “zones” are done (I’m not home enough to do the whole house at once). Yesterday, we did a Walmart run, something we hardly ever do since we mainly use Kroger, Publix, and Amazon now for our needs. But I had a Walmart gift card to use. And with Walmart, you go in thinking you will run in for a few and a huge buggy and $233 later – you come out on the other end – money and time gone – and you wonder what the hell happened. lol

Arriving home and putting up our purchases, we had just enough time to have some home popped pop corn and watch a show and then we set out for our evening on the town to meet Kevin and Susan, BIL and SIL, in celebration of Kevin’s birthday! I snapped a few pics of our night out. Several of you commented that you really enjoyed seeing pics of Nashville. Most of these taken from the car to the Fat Bottom Brewery where we had both “cheer” and dinner.

I took this one below mainly because the clouds were so pretty.

This woman below must think I’m trying to take a pic of her. I really wanted her out of the way of my pic. lol lol lol Or perhaps she is just admiring the sunset. lol.

The clouds seemed to be on fire as we entered the neighborhood of the brewery.

Fat Bottom Brewery with a noticeably unlit “B”.
Fat Bottom Brewery on a Cold Evening – normally a packed courtyard in summer.
A flight includes 4 small glasses, about the same as a one regular size beer but I like the tastings.
Fat Bottom Brewery

We had a lot of appetizers we split and a couple of main dishes. We waddled out and made another stop on the way home at the Cork Dorks – George’s favorite beer, wine, liquor store. He wanted to show Kevin and Susan the place. I picked a couple of red wines that were suggested for me. George picked a Scotch he’d been wanting.

So then the ride back home. Was hard to get any good shots as I was on the wrong side of the car for that!

Did not sleep too well last night. Roger itched and scratched and did not sleep and kept me awake for a couple of hours. Finally when I was sleeping good, he got up and went to the end of the bed with a moan and it woke me up. So I had to take him out and also Maisy. Then fixed their breakfast and so I was up since 5.

I was able to go back and get a nap – thank goodness – as I just didn’t want to do anything. I also know that we’ve had lack of sun for a chunk of the last couple of weeks and I’ve been spotty about taking vitamins and drinking shakes. So I know my D and B vitamins are down and I can feel it in my spirit and persona.

I’ve pushed myself to finish the housework I wanted to do but feel better after the nap. I will concentrate on getting the nutrients in this week as best as I can. I decided not to cleanse tomorrow. We are trying to eat up contents of the freezer and George has some really good meals planned. Plus last week when I cleansed, I was so hungry for two days after that, I ate just about anything in sight and was pretty “testy on Tuesday”. With a combination of lower vitamin D’s and B’s, on top of a testy Tuesday could spell out a really not so fun payroll day, especially on top of some other zesty things going on. So I think I’ll pass this week on the cleanse.

I had a scare about the freezer in our new fridge this morning. It made some really strange noises this morning – kind of like those hissing ice maker kind of noises. And then it stopped suddenly. I opened the freezer to check on it a few minutes later. The light was out on the freezer and it seemed wet on all the packages instead of frozen. I began wondering if it was thawing. That was about the time George got up. Of course I hit him with it as he was getting up and hadn’t even had time to open his eyes hardly. He acted like I had 3 heads and seemed to think it was fine. He fiddled with it and made it colder and it seemed to be working at that point. The light was on and began making the normal freezer sounds instead of just quietness when you opened it. So whatever happened is fixed. There is ice on everything now and no water droplets. He said maybe it was because he had it open for a while yesterday rearranging. I don’t know. I just don’t know what happened. But as long as it works – we are good. I know it was NOT my imagination as I know the difference b/w frozen food and melting food. I wondered if God (or the devil) was trying to tell us something.

Yesterday we wrote down all the things we currently have in the freezer (or ideas to make from what we have). This is BEFORE we get the pig and the 1/2 of a cow. But George made more room and we think we won’t have to buy an extra freezer now. All this has made me wonder why we are getting the pig and cow, as our freezers are still pretty full – but while we do have a few beef things left – we really don’t have a LOT of beef or pork in our freezer, so this will last for another year I suppose when the cow and pig come in. We will only need the sides and fresh ingredients for the most part. And it’s the good stuff.

So here is the chalkboard I bought and our list of things we already have. That way for a long while we will know what all is in our freezer. We forget and end up eating off the top of the freezer and forget to dig all the way down. The last time we did that we bent the ironing board as we put the meat on it as we dug down. The ironing board buckled and I had to buy another. lol So we did NOT use the ironing board this time. (The freezer is in the laundry room.)

So today George gave Roger a bath – it was really a shower. He can easily take him in the shower in his bathroom – it’s sort of a walk-in shower with a lot of room – nothing modern by any means before you get any visions, lol. WE thought this was soothe him. But quite the opposite. He was very upset and although waggin’ tail and excited, as pets often do after a bath, he was most agitated and uncomfortable. He began moaning and groaning and itching and scratching and the wetness and the shampoo which was some kind of natural shampoo George had, shouldn’t have irritated him, but he was miserable. So we gave him part of a Benadryl and blow dried his hair and George took him out for a romp outside. Then he had a long sleep and has been settled. Bless his heart. But the vet said they couldn’t find anything wrong when he did this before. Maybe the Benadryl will help him for a while. The vet had given us antibiotics and also pain meds when we took him before just as a precautionary deal – in case it was a tooth. I don’t think it’s a tooth as he was so clearly more agitated after the shower.

I’m so happy to have had such a good weekend. And to have time to rest and relax even though it seems we have been busy for a lot of it. I’m going to go on and continue to enjoy what is left of my Sunday. I will do my devo, which I’ve not done yet. And I will look some things up on the internet regarding my recipes, and watch some shows, and do some things on my to do list – won’t get all of that done but will do what I want, I suppose. George is fixing pork chops for dinner from a big pork roast. Giving us quite a bit of freezer space from that one thing. lol.

Oh and I’ve had way too much bread lately as he fixed sausage and biscuits this morning (also from the freezer). Bread is a huge weakness for me now that I know I shouldn’t have it. It seems I’m always saying “well ok during the holidays” or it’s ok to eat one if we go out, or “well it’s a corn muffin it’s got corn in it”. lol Cutting back is so hard. Now I need to exercise but I’m not in the mood b/c I want to do other stuff.

So I will.

Also there is someone sending ugly texts/links to me by creating an email address and sending to my phone number along with 20 other people. Each time I block the email address but they just create another one that is not locked. I deleted it and also have reported them as well. I never click on the link and it’s always easy (and kinda fun) to block them. It’s more amusing to me than it is annoying. It’s just a text. But I’m not sure what kick it brings to the person doing it. It’s a lot of work for them to have to do this and they get nothing for it. lol So I guess it’s better to keep that person entertained with doing that kind of thing so they don’t go off and do worse things? What a sad life though. I don’t have my number out there except I do have anyone as a close friend on FB can see it. It’s also on our phone list and distribution list at work and of course someone could have just randomly picked my number. It’s mainly sent to area codes in Indianapolis, Bowling Green, and Houston. Or someone could just think they are wanting to irritate me but I doubt that. If so it’s not working. It’s just amusing that someone would go to so much trouble. I mean maybe it’s a website that sells sex stuff or something so maybe it’s marketing for that and they make money off of it. I’m not going to find out as I don’t want to visit the link, or to give them the benefit of it. It could also be some kind of hack. But I probably will go in on FB and change who is considered a close friend. Nothing I can do about work. It’s just going to be out there for the masses in our internal system and then it is on my email signature at work. I’ve been lucky til now as people always talk about getting calls and stuff and junk messages a lot. I rarely get them. I think you can also set your phone to where you only allow your contacts to message you. I may do that if I have time. It doesn’t bother me but I’d rather not get them if I had an option not to. If not it only takes a second a hit delete and well – at least someone cared enough to text you. – lol. Bless their hearts.

Anyway, I guess I’ll go do something else on my list now that the blogging is done. The Titans are playing and since I am not a sports fan I’m not watching, but George seems to be happy they have scored some points. He keeps coming to tell me even though he knows I’m not a fan. I hate that I am not a companion in that way, as a spouse that loves sports too, but then again we each have our issues, lol. He is not a companion to me in other ways so….I won’t feel the slightest of guilt about that! At least he cooks for me and I do his laundry and we keep each other entertained and amused. ;-). “Amused” must be the word of the week. I’ve used it several times lately.

An old pic a few years ago. Trying on gardening hats!

Have a good week ahead!

Birthday Weekend & Joy in the Kitchen

First of all let me just say that this weekend was glorious. Getting to catch up on sleep did my soul and spirit wonders. I had to make myself stay in bed though at 3 or 4 a.m. for another round. And while I missed “to do” time at home, I made up for it by having double energy and a good attitude. 😉

The early parts of Saturday and Sunday were spent sipping coffee, doing laundry, spiffying up the place a bit, and for me, writing and doing things on the Mac.

And somewhere along the way, while putting up a southwestern towel with cacti on it, another with turquoise and orange and yellow (southwest colors), it occurred to me how well these colors would go with the kitchen. I’d been trying to think what would make me happier with the kitchen since the stove is old and the linoleum is “forever blue” — named forever as I’ll probably never see another color in this house. Maybe one day. I’m trying to be patient but I do realize that it was one of the first things I wanted to change and we have been here 12 years. The counter tops are ugly and old as well. Before I die, I’d like to have an updated kitchen. By the time that happens I’ll be too old to do anything in it. lol. George doesn’t like to replace anything that still works. I’m lucky we got the fridge. So I’m trying to be patient. And decided I’d give the kitchen a facelift. Only in the curtains, decor, and a bigger chalk board for menu planning. I told George about this and was met with a blank face and no return comment, which anyone can give their best interpretation. However, it was my Christmas and Birthday money to spend. ;-). Also I’ve been dumping my Isagenix earnings into our account to help pay for Christmas. And I also quit getting my hair colored saving us about $60 or $70 the other day. ;-). We did Christmas up right. Holidaying and vacays are over.

And now it’s time to save. (It’s really time to start planning the next vacation but that has been halted for now as George says he is unsure about what will be going on with work. This work thing getting in the way of vacations sucks. I think we have to wait til Feb to plan this one as he will have a better idea of what week will work and what is going on – recently taken over by another company.). However, I guess Katy and I can get our time on the books and get the date on the calendar. Then we can pick the place for sure and get that booked later. Getting it on the calendar is the hard part. But it is time to save some. We have been spending like there is no tomorrow. And well, you never know.

We do have a lot of things to do at home and I enjoy being at home so much. We also have our friends who love foodie excursions – either out or on the Homefront. And here’s me wanting to lose more weight, but love my Nashville cuisine and friend time.

We did it up right this weekend too. We went to Mexican Friday after work, already mentioned and then Saturday we headed out at 3 p.m. to go by Farmer’s Market and also the TN State Museum. George wanted a pewter TN license plate holder for his car for Christmas. You couldn’t get them on line but he had seen them there. But They didn’t have them.

Nashville’s Farmer’s Market and Capital in the background.
Inside the Food Court and Shopping section of Nashville’s Farmer’s Market

We got a beer at the Picnic Tap room there. As we were leaving a gentlemen stepped forward and asked if I remembered him. It was my friend Mac from Cain-Sloan and Dillard’s. I am not sure he worked long at Green Hills but we had hung out some during that time after Cain Sloan closed. My memory fails but I believe he worked in security. We had lunch some. I was really close to his Mom when I went to the Dillard’s Green Hills location as she worked there in Customer Service and Gift Wrapping. (Dillard’s bought Cain Sloan and that was their introduction to Nashville many years ago – an Arkansas based extended family business at least at that time. I’ve seen Mr. Dillard in person! Although he is probably not around now.). So it was fun running into him and he and George talked about the Gibson and guitars and such.

Then we headed to dinner but we were early so we stopped at Union Common and got a cocktail to pass the time. We had been there on a “foodie tour” once and had always said we’d like to go back. No one is ever there, but as George said “we are early as the crowds eat late these days”. It’s turning into New York lol. Places have to stay open later and later for dinner service I guess as people just can’t get there by dinner time. And to think I grew up when 4:30 to 5:30 was dinner hour – it was ready at some point during that time frame. Then when I moved to Nashville it became 6. George always ate around 8 or 8:30 so we had extreme adjustments on when to eat. I will never get used to 8 or 8:30 as a meal time. And George will try to have it ready by 7:30 or 8. He usually cooks. When I cook, I have to clean and have the kitchen perfect and do the laundry reboot first, so mine is often late too. But there was hardly anyone in Union Common and hardly anyone in Giovani’s.

Giovani’s Nashville, and George on the front steps.
A “lighted” wine list

When you open the wine menu it lit up. How cool is that? There were also some $2500 bottles of wine on there. No Thank you.

Barbera D’Asti, Michele CHiarlo 2016 – an Italian Wine, and a very good one.

We picked one and it was so good. I got gluten free spaghetti. It just seemed better for you since it was available. And there was an awkward moment when the waiter said “ok I will remove the crouton’s then from your salad” and I said “oh please don’t I want the croutons”. (lol). He said “but if you have gluten allergies?”. I said “I don’t have gluten allergies, just cutting back on…” and he looked away and finished taking George’s order. I wasn’t sure if I was cutting back on calories or what I was cutting back on – “bad stuff” I guess. That is it. Cutting back on the bad stuff.

Anyway, we had a wonderful dinner. The food was good. I had a Caesar salad. I wish the lettuce had been broken up a bit and easier to eat without having to cut the romaine, but it was good and served with a crispy piece of bacon. I have had better Caesar salads, but it was still good. No picture of my spaghetti bolognese which was really ziti I think as that was what was gluten free. You just don’t feel as bloated when you eat the gluten free, but often it is not as good. This however, if it was truly gluten free, was good. The sauce was excellent. The bread was good. It was a pretty place. A fine dining experience.

And then Sunday afternoon at 3 my SIL and BIL came over to swap Christmas and also we headed out to do my Birthday celebration.

Susan and Kevin

This is George’s sister and her husband. We had a fun Christmas swap and then went to Bar Taco where I had picked for my birthday.

Bar Taco, 12th South, Nashville, TN
Bar Taco, Nashville, TN

Some may have wanted to go out to another place and I was game if they wanted to, but they let me decide and I chose home. The 4 a.m. hour comes way too early.

I finished shopping on line as I had not gotten to finish earlier and then I realized – yikes it’s 10 p.m.!

Anyway it was a splendid weekend and now that the birthdaying is over, and Christmas events are over, I can go ahead and begin gathering up the Christmas stuff, and look forward to doing the kitchen decor redo. I’ve taken the before pics already. You won’t be able to see much difference I’m sure as it’s only a few small changes. And mostly have to be upclose. So I probably need to take some more unclose photos for my before shots.

Very few “to do’s” scheduled for this week. A birthday gift to send out, and schedule doc and dentist and dog appointments, and see when friends want to set dates for various things. There are about three friend dates hanging out there and I’m afraid they are all going to come about at once. Also friend Christy wants to go see Little Women.

Anyway, I better go get ready for work. I really need to be leaving about now. Probably won’t blog for another couple of days or toward the end of week. It seems to be working well to do it this way. I also have more material to cover, lol. If I blog every day I end up getting too deep and personal and this way I keep it on the surface. For the most part. I still usually thrown in if something is heavy on my mind though.

Hope you all have a great week. I’m about to dive into mine.

Excursion to Downtown Nashville

When Company Comes….Fresh Flowers

So guess who is home for a visit? Our Kate! She brought her friend Shelby that she teaches school with. And we have had a blast. Picked them up at the airport Thursday night and we ate Sushi at a local Asian restaurant that we love. Then Friday the girls met up with friends at Arrington Vineyards, in Franklin, TN area while we worked. Then we headed to The Pharmacy Burger.

Just to make them feel special…

Saturday we had a lazy morning where I did laundry and worked on the blog and they slept in and watched Lifetime Channel. Then we headed out for a day on the town. We caught a hop on and off Trolley Tour and was able to allow Shelby to see Nashville. I must insert that waiting for the trolley that very few minutes was hot as Hades and it was hot on the bus but at least shaded.

Superfood salad from Milk and Honey, Nashville, TN

So we got off in “The Gulch” in Nashville and tried to grab a seat at The Pub but it was overly crowded. We walked further down and was able to get a seat at the counter (ok -bar) at Milk and Honey. After last night’s burger and knowing what was for dinner, I tried to eat healthy. This salad was excellent.

Beautiful Day in Nashville but it was HOT!

We got back on the trolley to get back to downtown Broadway, where we were going to pop into Robert’s Western World, to let Shelby experience it. Much to our surprise some friends of ours were there from Michigan and also some local friends. Imagine our surprise.

Me, Katy, and Shelby on Broadway in Nashville
Katy and Shelby
Katy and our friend Herb (Who jokingly leaned in to Photobomb)

We had plans to meet some friends of Katy’s at Hattie B’s for some Nashville Hot Chicken. So we headed to our car and headed over. Mainly due to parking, we found ourselves doing a lot of walking yesterday. I had four miles on my Apple Watch by end of day.

Hattie B’s Nashville Hot Fried Chicken

Not exactly a healthy meal. I at least got the black eyed pea salad. And the crinkle fries and ketchup were on my radar. For some reason my piece of chicken was “complicated”. It was a breast and wing (quarter) and it was hard to get the meat off of it. I laughed at my term “complicated”. I mean who ever gets a complicated piece chicken? Me apparently. It was wonderful. However, I am afraid my “hot, sticky, and miserable” began showing. I am sure I seemed quiet the rest of the night. I was truly miserable, tired, hot, sticky. I tried not to complain. Everyone else was too. I was ready for a/c and a nap.

India and Casey

Katy wanted to go to Jeni’s ice cream after. So we went there. A storm began brewing. We finished up and everyone wanted to go get a cocktail at a speak easy place, Patterhouse House.

Patterson House decor, Nashville, TN

The cocktails were good but the place was hot – very hot and we were crowded around in a small booth. I was glad to be with my girl and her friends, but I truly was miserable. I could hardly join in the conversation. It was after 9 at that point, my shoulders and neck were hurting, hot, sweaty, could not cool down, sleepy, and morale dwindling. So finally we left and came home with a/c full blast. I took a shower and put on jammies and the bed felt so good.

Last night our Roger dog didn’t sleep too good. He moaned a few times and this morning continues to moan at times. He often moans when he needs to go out. We take him out. He had loose bowels yesterday so may be something he has eaten that is not setting right with him or hurting him. He seems to not be comfortable. We are watching him to see if this is just a tummy issue or something else entirely. But we are worried about the little guy.

I think even after two cups of coffee, I may try to go back and get another few minutes of sleep before beginning the day. Today Katy and Shelby are going to eat lunch with Cody’s family and then George and I are going downtown Nashville to an old friend’s retirement party. I am not sure what the plans are for tonight. All I know is it’s HOT here in July in Nashville. And the heat is certainly oppressive and no one’s a/c downtown seems to be working very well. So hopefully today will not be as hot. It’s cloudy right now.

I don’t really have an actual list of things to accomplish this weekend- however I do have a list rolling around in my head. At some point should put it on paper.

Well, I’m heading back to bed! I need more rest! 😉 Ya’ll have a wonderful Sunday.