Waiting for the Bombs to Drop

George starts working from home today. His company gave him a laptop. So that is new. Their office is beginning to work remotely to distance themselves. Meanwhile at my office we huddle together resolving issues. We try to social distance but when we are trying to figure out something it’s kinda hard to be 6 feet away and we shuffle papers back and forth. I wash hands and use hand sanitizer as much as I can. We all use restroom, copiers, handles, etc.

George also found toilet paper and bought a roll, found milk, and eggs. I would like to find some chicken this weekend as we don’t have any. We needed both canned and some to freeze for dinners. We’ve not searched for chicken, but a couple of places were out. We have a freezer full of beef, pork, and fish. But I like to have chicken too. Normally we stock up on sale chicken but b/c we had to save room for the half of a cow and a pig we bought, we didn’t do our normal sale shopping.

My Walgreen’s order has yet to send a delivery date. My guess is they don’t have anyone working to pack them as so many businesses have sent their employees home. I went ahead and ordered more Science Diet thru Alexa so we have a 2nd unopened bag on hand as we may go through that faster if we can’t get Fresh Pet for them.

I feel like we are waiting for the big bombs to drop. And yes, that is exactly what we are doing. We are not prepared to do payroll from home, to my knowledge. Two people know how to do it, if we both ‘get it’ – b/c if one of us does the other will -as we work so closely together – then no one will be able to do it. I worry about that. And if we have to close b/c someone gets it or has it and the building needs to be emptied due to contamination – then what then? And due to the numbers and how this thing blows up – it’s just a matter of time before it all closes down all over.

Rumors going around now of mandatory quarantines according to my sister’s intel – wherever that comes from. So…..I think everything will just be behind for weeks and it may be jobs, our paychecks, or whatever b/c people will be at home instead of working and not everything in society can be done at home. This is not going to be pretty. It’s a reality about to happen. And we all sit and wait for July and August when the heat burns the crap out of this virus so we can all get back to whatever our normal was. But for many it will be too late. Some businesses won’t survive.

In the mean time every morning I wake up and say “yay I don’t have it…yet”. This whole thing though makes me sick as it does everyone. It’s been two weeks since I had some solitude and my normal down time. I was grateful to have time with my daughter, although we risked alot – a lot more than we knew – by doing our trip, which at that time we were told “go on about your travel domestically”. But it’s been two weeks since I’ve had time to be home and do things here and relax and chill w/o being on the go. So I’m looking forward to this weekend. And yes I know at some point this will be a 14 day at home point – we just don’t know for which cause – as a mandate? Because someone you have been around has it? Or b/c you get the darn thing yourself? Or b/c a company shut down or job lost? We are just waiting for the shoe to fall.

And ya’ll know me, I like to plan. lol

I’m trying to work a bit harder at finding joy in my day. And in trusting God. I prayed this morning, God I put my trust in you. I don’t know why you didn’t answer my prayers the other day the way I thought you should, but…I am going to trust that you did what you needed for a reason, one that I don’t know about yet. I told Him I wanted to be in his favor and not let the evils of this world give me trouble, as they so often do – things irritate the fire out of me – it’s usually electronics not working right or things not going the way I see that they should. I have to really concentrate on letting God have his will and just letting go of mine.

Well this virus thing sure changes priorities! That is for sure. I took down our Winter Bucket List – and in thinking of a Spring Bucket list – the priorities change on it. No longer will it be attending our favorite restaurants, or visiting new breweries and wineries, going to flea markets, but it’ll be things to do around the house and yard and playing monopoly, making new recipes out of what we have. Reading and show watching can be on there and household chores and checking on the neighbors and our family.

I imagine we will go ahead and cancel our trip. I just don’t see that we will be able to do this with all the uncertainties unfolding.

Anyway, I’m going to get off and go in to work. It’s been storming here a bit. But not bad. Maisy woke me up when the lightning started around 4:45. I checked radar to make sure nothing severe, and it wasn’t – thank goodness God lightened the storms before they arrived here. I think the day is not over yet. More to come and those may be more potent. I hugged Maisy and that was good for me too as I needed to be held. I had woken up in the night around 1 a.m. when lightning woke me up at that time too, and my thoughts went to the virus and I couldn’t go back to sleep. I keep thinking that this is all a bad dream. To go to sleep, I imagined that everyone I loved that was gone before us was hugging me spiritually. It made me cry slow tears. Daddy was there, and my grandparents. That is all it took to fall back asleep. It was sweet and I thank God for that moment in which He allowed love to cross over death so they could hug me and swoon me to sleep. It was a tight cocoon of “everything’s going to be all right”.

I’m glad George is going to be here during the day and not having to make 2 hours of his day driving and will be able to use that time in other ways. May God help him learn (and be able to see the font) on that small screen. He may have to have a dock. But hopefully he can make it work to do what he needs. Might have to get a magnifying glass, lol.

I’m all caught up at work from vacation now – I had to do things twice for last week and this week over the last few days to catch up from the 2 days off. So today when I go in I’m doing today’s work only. Yay. I do have a return to refile, that somehow I selected the wrong year on the drop down screen by accident and filed a return in 2012 instead of 2020. I have NO idea how that happened. Was very surprising as we were taxed a penalty for it so I have to go back and revise it or refile that and try to get the penalties lifted. Geez. It doesn’t matter how careful you are – it’s so easy to select the wrong thing or do the wrong thing.

I keep counting the days since my travel, as if that will matter. I guess it will. I mean the most immersed I would have been in germs would have been the airports, the plane, the hotel, the rental car, the restaurants and breweries. I feel like when 2 weeks is up from returning from that – the hugest risks are gone. But then it depends on who else has had exposure that you are around. And every time you go to the store – while you sanitize – is it still in the air – or do you get it on you from the wipes? I mean good gosh.

I still don’t see a bunch of posts of anyone talking about the experience of having it. Of course I don’t get a lot of time to search for that stuff. I’m sure they are out there somewhere. I only have a few minutes on social media or to google anything each day. I’m either at work, in the car, or at home and I scroll when I can to see what is going on. I have tried to block some of it as it makes me so anxious. I want to know what I need to know and I don’t want to be frightened.

Anyway, I’m going for more coffee and getting myself back to work. I’ve asked God to be with us today and to help me have a Good Friday. More than anything, I need more sleep and time to do something else instead of thinking about all of this and what is happening.

Love you, my friends, I hope you are coping well. I will try to be more positive, but for now, I’m just being me! 😉 You need to vent too, so go ahead and comment so we can be in this together!

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  1. Relax about all of this. The media is feeding this to the people and they love the negative reactions they can produce. It is fine to be aware of what is gong on but it is important not to let your whole life revolve around the fear. Ken is working today as they have to get out a shipment to the Dominican and then he is off until next Friday for the same type of shipment. I am going in. We have out clients wanting to come in only when no one else is there. So far that has been working. Take care and all will be okay

  2. Oh my!
    Unfortunately I have read too much & have watched too many reports on this virus.
    In a way, you’re better off not being as exposed to as much media. I think everyone who takes this serious, is scared. The “bombs” are dropping. Every day it’s more. Maybe because I’m too close geographically to NIH & Washington DC, I get too much information. A lot of it is NOT correct. I don’t want to get into the politics of this mess.
    Do you have access to my email address from your blog? I would be happy to say more, but I hesitate to say more in comments. Too much info & trolls. Try & find some peace in your day. It is Friday, if that helps.
    I’m scared of all this uncertainty and the unknown too.

  3. Glad you’re caught up to today so it should be a fantastic Friday for you we have to remember prayers are always answered just not the way we planned. Gods ways are different from ours. He is always with us and His promises are true

  4. We can get through this. It will not be easy. The main thing is to take care of our health.
    Be careful and keep in touch with those you love.
    God help us all.

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