Needing Some Self Time to Rejuvy

You can probably find these charts on CDC, news websites and other official places, but The Weather Channel also is tracking the numbers on their website for your state. Here is Tennessee. This thing doubles every few days.

I am feeling tired this morning. I had a full 8 hours of sleep. And drinking coffee now. I forgot to take my vitamins yesterday despite the fact they were sitting in front of me. I will need to do that today. And we have had more sugar than we should have had through this. Those darn Little Debbie oatmeal cakes and peanut butter reece cups. My system is saying ‘no no no’ to the sugar. It was really good at the time. But no one wants their hips to bloom outward. So we are gonna have to slow it. And I will have a shake this morning to get back on track. I’ve not cleansed in a while. I am kinda afraid to. I don’t want to be in a weakened state at all with this virus floating around.

George told me that Prince Charles now has COVID-19 – he tested positive. This is crazy. I hope he will be ok. And that spells trouble for his household and the royals? How often have they been together?

My spirits, I’m noticing are a bit low today. For many it is Wednesday but for me it is Thursday as I had to work over the weekend. I’m ready for some chill time. Even though we have been home, I have faithfully been at my desk for the hours I should be and then some (since no commute). But I need some time with God, time to watch my shows, time to rejuvy and get away from this virus thing. I really had planned not to work Friday since I’d have in my time and then some. I guess we will see how Friday is. I’d really like to have it today but there is too much to do. It is month end, and quarter end, so it’s all stacked up. I was able to run most of the reports to PDF. I have mounting emails and lists of things to print when we are back to work so that we have records where they need to be for the tax files and such. I use those records when doing the quarter end filings for each state.

I did get a lot done yesterday in getting the weekly taxes paid such as fed withholding taxes and state withholding taxes that we are set up weekly for. I paid child support on line and all that.

Several other states are shut down for the virus. This impacts two of our plants across the nation. We still have two operating but that could change. We do have a transport company that is essential so that is going. It’s been a little crazy I think everyone scrambling trying to figure this puzzle out to keep the company going in what way it can.

I think we are supposed to see some sun today and I think that is a good thing. I plan on taking some extra D today based on my blah approach to life today.

I certainly need to go back for coffee.

We had a good time talking with our Kate yesterday. I think the plan is to try and come to Texas when the VIRUS crap is over with. She goes back to school in August. July is hard month for me to take a week off, b/c of quarter end, but we could do June or maybe just come down while she is in school, but I don’t know. Thanksgiving is not an option this year. But at this point, I just refuse to put any plans in motion. No plan has any value apparently. Although my dentist did renew my dental cleaning for August. I had changed my plans I think b/c of work – and changed the appointment to April. But I went ahead and told them to book me first available at beg of day on certain days I could do it and it’s August. I am really missing my teeth cleaning and had I known this would have been an issue, I’d have kept the first appointment somehow. I suppose I could go during the middle of the day and just drive back and forth but I always try to get it on one or the other side of the day to conserve gas and be more efficient with time. So August it is. Well, it is scheduled for then. By then we may have another new virus from China, or we’ve all died from chapped butts, b/c no one had Toilet Paper, who knows.

So that said I believe I’ll toddle off and get dressed and get more coffee and start this robotic day into motion. Yes. I’m. Needing. Downtime. I’ve missed 1/2 my weekend last weekend and wasn’t home the weekend before, and it’s just been busy and my mind is needing the time desperately.

Roger says hello. Actually it was “goodnight”. He was ready to sleep. And despite whatever else that may look like in the background – it IS George’s elbow. lol. I had to do a 2nd take myself. lol Have a good day. How are you doing? Is your state hunkered down? How are you coping? Our spirits are fairly good but it’s only really Day 3 of our mandated stay at home order. My downward spirit is mainly just needing downtime to do things for my psyche that make me happy, make me worthy (worship), and just fill the vat of happiness for a few minutes with things that bring joy. I’m tired of the news and I’m tired of scrolling Facebook, and I just need to have some self rejuvy so I can come back strong. Before you judge me, yes, I’m grateful to have a job and be working. But one cannot help how their psyche feels and what their body needs. It’s about taking care of self, renewing one’s mind, so that you CAN adequately function and be there for any role you play. So don’t be thinking I’m ungrateful because I need to be renewed and have some meditative time and down time. TRIBE SPOKE. lol

Ya’ll have a great day!

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  1. We don’t have a shelter in place yet, but we are supposed to be social distancing. Everything is closed except essential businesses such as clinics, hospitals and grocery stores. Many restaurants are open only for food deliveries or pick-up at the curb. I’ve been ordering groceries online and picking them up. Many things are out of stock. My kids are all able to work from home. One of them is here, one is in Nebraska and one is in Washington, D.C. I’m able to work from home part-time too. Several in the family have compromised immune systems so that’s a concern. I hope your day goes well and that you stay well.

  2. I am in the Berkshires in Massachusetts . Think Tanglewood with all the music in Lenox, Ma. We have been on lock down for quite some time. The kids were suppose to go back to school as of April 7th but today that was pushed back until May 4th. But of course school gets out in June so I’m sure they won’t be going back.
    Work places , all non essential are closed. For some reason package stores are considered essential! lol That makes me laugh!

    I think if people would listen to the shelter in place maybe this illness , virus will start leaving! Everyone is going to gain 200 lbs! lol

    Best of luck to you and your state!

  3. I can see why you need a day off. I woke at 5 a.m and I lay there thinking of what has been happening. I try to distract myself but it is hard. All this stress and worry is exhausting. The entire thing is unbelievable. Everything just about is closed. I am drinking my smoothies and trying to fix healthy meals and take my vitamins. I hope I don’t get sick. I guess I will try to find someone who has eggs tomorrow. I haven’t been inside but have heard from others the shelves still look empty. I buy just a little extra unlike some who are hoarding. It makes it hard on everyone.
    Hang in there, Sonya. All of us are in this together.

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