Coping with Changes by COVID-19 in our World

Here in middle Tennessee, we finally found the sun after day upon day of gray. Actually weeks of gray! I had to run back in and get my sunglasses as I was blinded. But I’ll take it. It was a mood lifter for sure.

I went for another walk yesterday. It’s nice to ditch the commute and have time to walk around the block – which I did 4 or 5 times. A mile to a mile and a half. I lost count and I wasn’t really trying to reach a goal other than to feed my psyche, get out of the house for a bit, stretch the bod, and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature. It’s amazing but almost the entire neighborhood walks in the afternoons around 3 to 5, during the warmest part of the day. Neighbors are meeting neighbors, at safe distances and where not, all are friendly in greeting.

I can tell my mood is much different from beginning of week to middle of week. I won’t really go into it here, but there are some very definite reasons for it. Part of it is that my psyche needs a plan and it needs to work a plan. It’s hard to work a plan when there is not one, lol. And that is it in a nut shell. It’s just a dynamic world right now. No one can really plan anything because everything is always hinging on something else. And that something else is always hinging upon something else too and it’s just a chain of unknown.

We are all in similar boats. Maybe the boats are different but we all are experiencing change in some way. I’ve blogged a whole entry here and erased half of it. But in doing so at least it’s given me clarity to work through some things. And it’s given me some ideas to get through these uncertain times. And so that has become my “plan”. My psyche has to have a plan or it will go SEEK a plan.

I still hold my ground that God places my feet. And He will continue to do so through this – one path or another. He is allowing this COVID-19 so that we can see our priorities, shake up our world, and through this we will all come out changed and many of us with very changed lives, changed patterns, changed views, and…changed plans. I mean right now, it’s hard to have a plan. But we can PLAN to follow HIM and spend time with HIM. And I think that is really the answer and the whole purpose for why we are going through this. All things work together for those who BELIEVE in HIM.

So we focus on our blessings, what we do have, what we DO KNOW. And we let God set our plans. Because heaven and earth know that none of us can do much planning as it is right now. lol Nothing is really in our control. But if we bathe everything in prayer, it’ll all turn out the way it was supposed to be. Otherwise it is easy to wonder and worry – are we going to lose our jobs, are we going to get this virus, who do we know that we going to lose to this thing? It’s so easy to get caught up with all that and go down that path. But it’s all really out of our control. There is nothing we can do to fix anything. But God says He can and will. So I’m gonna let Him. He can have it. He can have it all.

And so I’ll leave you with a few of these photos that I snapped while we were on vacation last year – back when stores were open and we all were not scared of one another, lol. It’ll hopefully bring some joy, some focus, and some meditation on all things precious and good.

And a funny for ya since we are home a lot!

I know that I still haven’t shared a lot of my vacation pics. It’s just that all this COVID-19 blew up and all that we were dealing with, with all that, and it’s just not been the time. I think I shared most of them though.

Ya’ll take care. Going to get started on work. That is all in HIS hands too.

3 responses to “Coping with Changes by COVID-19 in our World”

  1. It looks so nice there! We still have snow on the ground, but I’ve been taking walks too, even on days when it hasn’t gotten above freezing. It helps to get through this time.

  2. It’s been nice having daily blog posts from you to read. One good thing about the COVID-19 pandemic and your working from home is that it gives you more time to blog. There’s always a silver lining to everything!

  3. Well, my mood(s) have been up & down this week. I don’t know why, except the last time I left the house or property was March 13th. 2 weeks ago. I have been reading lots of fiction. That’s one positive. I know my husband & I have done our part in the social distancing program. lol
    We finally got the Ninja, and we’ve played around with that. Pretty cool. I want to do zucchini chips. But I need a zuke. YumO
    Well, I hope you got thru the payroll. Tomorrow is Friday and I need a drink!!😮

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