Friday’s Thoughts and Predictions

Good morning! Just a quick pop in.

Not really a lot to tell. Day 4 of the Safer at Home went fairly well and was upbeat. Routines are pretty well established. And that is good but it does feel a bit robotic. At least we are separating work from home, for the most part. It is nice to be able to start the laundry, take the dog out during the day, not have to pack lunch, not as far of a walk to the bathroom and break room, and commute time is spent walking. Finally a chance to infuse walking into my schedule.

It’s a little harder from a working standpoint. While I’m making work “work”, it does take longer as I can’t print anything out, can’t scan, etc. And payroll, of course will have to be done at work next week as there are so many things that have to be printed.

So today is Friday. I have worked full days all week and also worked last weekend, so I’m kinda ready for a down day as I have mentioned previously in blog posts this week.

Tomorrow marks my 14th day after being in two major airports. So glad that is almost over. Just need to get through today and tomorrow. Meanwhile cases are beginning to surge in Nashville and even cases starting to grow in surrounding counties, doubling, it seems, every couple of days.

My predictions are that the mayors will shut down various cities, as has the Davidson County/Nashville area. And with the governor now saying he is “open” to a future “stay at home” order, and the pressure he is getting, I feel like will also eventually give an order of the same in Tennessee. Medical professionals, are just pleading for him to make this decision and he hasn’t done this yet but deferring to local government. They feel he is putting money and the economy ahead of lives. It’s a hard place to be. I get it. It’s so hard to see the crumbling of businesses that once thrived. And the increase in layoffs have soared. Some of them from our company too.

So I do feel like at some point the Governor should make that call to save lives, and stop the spread or at least “flatten the curve” across time, but I DO understand it’s all killing our economy. The hospitals are just not able to treat people though when it surges as once – resulting in more deaths. Very difficult. But – my prediction is that the governor will end up having to shut down for additional time – at some point as this thing starts to inflame the health care system. It may take deaths for him to be convinced though, sadly. But as George said, our governor is a Business man – he owns several businesses in Nashville. But I can see that this is coming. I could be wrong. I feel like right now we are set to go back into work after it is all widespread and then more of us will get it. And it’ll be in our facilities and then they will be shut down. So this is NOT over and it’s not going to be for a while. And every plan will change about 3 to 5 times before anything is accomplished.

It’s been interesting to watch decisions across the country being made by businesses, some choosing to ignore their governments guidelines for their areas, some claiming loopholes and deciding for themselves what is essential and not essential, putting people at risk for the virus.

Every day I wake up and it takes about 30 seconds or so to realize “oh yeah we have that COVID-19 thing going on”. And my spirit drops a bit. I know it seems like it will never end. I know it will. But China is still heavily dealing with this and they have been having this issue since January right? So yeah – I think this is going to last well into the summer. And another prediction is that I feel Trump will end up shutting down parts of the regions on a mandatory level. I could be wrong, but I think he is looking at it region by region now with his task force. It’s just all so confusing. But the bottom line is I think we will be back and forth to work. I would hope that we could work from home during most of this voluntarily for most days. What good is it to stay home for two weeks only to go back to work, when it’s going widespread, get exposed, and get the darn thing – then the question is – will you recover or be a dreaded dead statistic. This is nothing to mess with or take chances with. So it’s very concerning.

I think I’m kinda numb. I don’t know what to think. I don’t even know what to say. I don’t think anyone has real answers. But I’ll have to say the only one who does is God. And so we just have to trust in Him and ask Him for guidance. In the meantime we have to try to patient and get through this and spend our time and thoughts on things that matter the most. Be there for each other, and try to be positive and find joy in things like nature, things we like to do at home, and trying to spread joyful thoughts to others. How sweet it will be when we can go out in public again and not have to worry about this dreaded virus. We took all these things for granted.

So the insurance adjuster came by and looked at our roof. Our roof is fine and has about 5 more years in it. It was another problem – where some pipes are- in the roof. They need to be fixed. They have a rubber boot on them that needs replacing. I’m sorry my terminology is not there – I don’t know what they are called. But good news. The adjuster needed to use our restroom as they can’t stop anywhere in Public to use them as everything is pretty much closed. She said it was quite challenging. So of course we let her use our restroom, but one can’t help but cringe. She is in and around so many with all this tornado damage stuff going on. So, I wiped and sprayed everything down.

So because of my need to “plan” I think I just have to minimize my world at bring it back in to the “home” level. That way I feel I have purpose, meaning, and that I can see progress during a day. So I will put cleaning items on the list and fun things, just to give my psyche some focus. I also plan to refocus on Bible study. And perhaps read some more. So I am bringing back the to do list, just rearranging it some. I always delight in my to do’s. I enjoy seeing things progress. I guess it makes you “feel like” you are in charge of SOMETHING in your world. It’s not much though.

I guess our pet trims are cancelled for next Saturday, I’ll have to call and see. And I guess “finding TP” will be on the top of the next to do list as well. I think we could open the sun room up these days but honestly I’m scared to – there are more allergens in there and I don’t want to risk getting a sinus infection and having to worry I’ve got the dreaded virus. So thinking of just keeping that closed off until fall.

I guess I’ll close here, other than to say I’m glad the weekend approached. I already have my full week in since I worked over the last weekend, so I will be working today off and on and available today if needed, and I will be – don’t worry. But it’s time for some down time. So pockets of the day, I will be doing some things I need to do personally. And then come Monday I guess I’ll be going to work to do Payroll in the office or either try to do it at home. I have a bad feeling about trying to do this w/o being at work to do it. It will not go well. And there is a lot of PTO to enter so it’s going to be a very long processing of the payroll. And will likely take two days instead of one. I don’t really mind going into the office if there is not many of us there. I’ll wear gloves or hold a wipe to open the door. But I agree it is more risky to be there as often as we use buttons on copiers and share door handles and knobs and cabinet drawers, etc. But I’m willing to go in a day a week or two if needed to help keep things going.

Anyway time to go do a few things and head into our morning conf call. Ya’ll take care!

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  1. I’d do the same thing if someone came in and used my bathroom. I hope the payroll goes well and you won’t need to go in to finish it.

  2. Hi love, I’m remembering to comment this way, I forgot yesterday and did it in comment but don’t think it…went…! Anyway I’m pleased that your first week working from home has gone well. Is there a reason that you can’t print at home ,,,other than just not having a printer ?,,,,I too would be worried about going into work next week. I don’t know what happens here with payrolls etc but I do know that unless your job is vital you MUST STAY HOME. It’s amazing to see the streets almost empty of cars and they say that the air quality has cleared almost 100%. In towns. I think it must be difficult in the US as you have so many layers of …government….like your city mayors, governors etc etc and if they have not got the same thinking on directions hard. Over here if the government say lockdown or as it is now total lock down then that’s what it means…no movement short walk per day with your partner or child. Shopping once a week. And that’s it outdoors everyone must be 6 ft between each other even in shops, if there is waiting outside they must also stand 6ft apart, in supermarkets they have been drawing lines in the aisles to show how far apart people are and the check out have got plastic screens to protect the staff we are advised to pay by card if possible.. it’s really dreadful…of course all schools colleges, university’s are closed totally…. However we are ok here I. Just about to go out and sit in the sun for an hour it’s just after 2pm and temp is 13c 55f. Alexa says ! Take care. Much love winging its way to you and George xx



  3. Keeping things going and planning what you can is all good Sounds like you have positive attitude about it all glad the roof has another 5 years in it as it gives you time to save for it

  4. I knew Bill Lee was late to act on this Covid-19 mess. That had me concerned for you a week or so ago.
    I think him and Trump feel $$$ is more important than lives. I don’t understand & I can’t relate to that logic. Hopefully people & their lives will prevail.

  5. The entire situation with the coronavirus is depressing. I think this will go down in the history books. I was thinking last night it is a miracle any of us survive this life we live. I was thinking of how many changes I had seen and lived through in my lifetime. I never thought anything like this pandemic would ever happen. All we can do is take every precaution to stay safe.
    We stayed up late last night watching one of the craziest documentaries I have ever seen. Tiger King (Netflix) We binged watched, you can’t just watch the one you want to see happens next.
    Joe Exoctic was a piece of work for sure.
    You have got to watch. It was funny though and entertaining. It took my mind off of everything that is going on.
    Truth sometimes is stranger than fiction. Very interesting how other people think and live.
    I am taking every precaution I can think of when I leave the house. Now I read the virus can live on the bottom of your shoes. We take our shoes off at the door but I guess we might be better to leave them outside before we come into the house. Onward we go. More cleaning to do today. More laundry.

    Hang in there… Enjoy your weekend.

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