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  • Baby Gender Reveal by Cake and Weekly Update

    Well, this was so cute. It was revealed to me what the gender of my 2nd grandchild would be by my first grandchild’s tongue. His Mom had cut the cake and he had partaken and the results were on his tongue. So. A cute reveal for me! But this video was priceless! So cute. In…

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  • Diverticulitis Scare, Banana Milk, a Weekend Wedding, and Anniversary Flowers

    This has been my world of late. Except the rice. I never ate the rice but did instant mashed potatoes instead. I have had to revisit the way that I look at and eat food. And I think I am going to have to make a permanent change. There are some common threads to this…

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  • Taking Some Time to Myself, A Jewelry Project, and another Shopping Haul

    Good morning. The new VLOG is up and you can see it HERE. In this vlog I’m enjoying a rare day off, spending time with the dogs, doing some projects, fussing with my camera, opening up my weekly shopping haul and sharing the Melaleuca products I bought and sharing the website. What a fabulous day.…

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  • Big Announcement! Baby #2 is coming in Spring 2024!

    It is with much JOY that I announce Grandbaby #2 is on its way. Is this not the cutest thing? Little Roo kissing his little baby brother or sister. We will know soon the gender. The baby comes in late March of 2024. We are very excited! I think this one is my very favorite…

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  • Good Eats, A Very Long Monday, and a Few Annoyances

    Sunday night after Life Group, we were only mildly hungry. So George fixed us a little frozen meal, Publix brand, that had chicken, pasta and spinach or kale. Sorry I forgot to check what the green was. You just added water and cooked in a skillet. George added more ingredients, like a bit of white…

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  • A Night Out in Nashville, TN: Good Eats, Bela Fleck Concert, Nashville Symphony

    Life has been full lately. First of all…We’ve really had a couple of nights of great Hello Fresh meals at the end of the week last week. We had a bulgogi like dinner with meatballs and baked carrots over rice. And we had creamy bacon spaghetti with broccoli. Maddie had a successful spa day Saturday…

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