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  • Breakfast with Family, Surprise Time at Home, and Packing

    Having family in town this week has been great. We also got to eat out a lot. It was the first week with the new dog too. And there were some other things going on behind the scenes that our attention was drawn to. So a pretty fast and sometimes overwhelming week, but God gave…

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  • Changing My Schedule and Planning Vacation

    Good morning! Enjoying my coffee here this morning. I was up at 4:40 on a Saturday morning hearing Maddie throwing up in her cage. It was just a little spit up, likely due to an empty tummy. There was something that didn’t agree with her when George gave her some people food two nights ago.…

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  • Maddie Dog is Fitting in Fine, Thinking About the Beach

    All is going well with “Little Toot” Maddie. Miss Madelyn. Or Madeline. We will officially call her Maddie. She is doing great and working into the schedule. She is able to roam around more alongside her brother Dexter. He’s being gentle. Sometimes she freaks out but as he is less and less intrigued and gets…

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  • Memorial Day Memories, and Life with the New Dog

    It’s been a great Memorial Day with family and a new dog. George fixed a lot of meat and we ate well. Here’s some pics from the day. An empty plate for those that could not be with us. Enjoying life with the dogs. Here left to right: Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken and Mom…

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  • Baptisms, Blogging, First Day With the New Dog

    Baptism: More People Choosing to Have a “Child Like Faith”! First of all in the excitement over the dog, I sloppily forgot to mention a very important thing. We had baptism in our church yesterday. There are those that say Christianity is dying. Well there may be fewer followers but there are still people wanting…

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  • Sometimes a Day Brings Huge Surprises

    We have something brewing. And it’s a good thing. Our neighbor’s daughter found this one and rescued her. Not chipped, and no one is claiming a lost dog and area vets have not received notice. Our neighbor had not decided yet if she could keep her when we met her. I wanted to carry the…

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