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  • A Whirlwind Blur of Icy Cold Weather, Tax Returns, Illness, and Lack of Sleep

    If I were to describe this week in a few words, I’d say it has been a whirlwind blur of: icy cold weather, coughs, tax returns, congestion, working from home, working from work, tiredness, what to eat, what to drink, driving to work, driving home from work, whether to take cold meds or not, getting […]

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  • February Challenge: Loving Yourself, Loving Others, Loving Your Space

    Hello everyone! So February is arriving! And one month of the year is already gone. Oh my. I’ve set a February Challenge for myself and anyone that would like to join along. February is the love month! So I figure we will pounce on that. Feel free to do your own layered challenge and change […]

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  • What Sixty Feels Like. What Now?

    I picked this photo out of all the other choices because it looks like me. It’s not, but I had to do a second take. I’d love to have a fluffy grey cat like that! But this is so me, getting out of the shower, contemplating life, loving on a pet, and wondering “what’s next?”. […]

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  • January Reset, New Dishes, New Bedspread | Come Organize with Me

    Somehow this week before I began feeling bad, I was able to get this video done. All I had to do was upload and get the thumbnail done. I hope you enjoy it. Here’s the link below. If you enjoyed it, give it a like ON YOUTUBE, or better yet, subscribe if you would like […]

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  • Hello From Bed…

    Ugh, I got whatever George had (has). He’s still not over it. I spent most of the day in bed. Very little sleep the last two nights. And fever got up to almost 102. So I decided I had to stay home. It’s currently between 100 and 101 now that the sun is going down. […]

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  • Ways to Be More Frugal This Year: Here’s What I’m Thinking! What are You Going to do?

    The economy situation is starting to hit a lot of us pretty hard. Life’s expenses are going up all around us yet often our salaries are not – especially for us older folks where companies often choose to invest more in their younger generations instead of their older more seasoned crew that are nearing retirement. […]

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