Office Decor and Vibes, Nutrition Breakfast Bar, and a Personal Update

The little bulletin board has been hung. It looks crooked from the angle I took but it doesn’t look crooked in person, lol. I will be adding some things to the board that I need to remember from time to time. Common phone numbers, a few GL codes, and such.

This plant adds a lot. It gives a little bit of height to the room. Don’t you love my little cowboy Roo?

I like my little spikey plants.

A big part of my “feel good” in a work day is having a nice wallpaper background. I use Microsoft themes and change them up from time to time. I’d have enough of the Winter snow scenes and changed it to an ocean theme. Also the little LED lamp for $27.99 that takes up no space at all, allows me to have a low light situation and calming w/o the overhead lights blaring down. This helps with stress tremendously.

I ordered some breakfast bars from Target, picking them with protein, less sugar, and the most nutrients I could find. This one was awesome. I told you all I’d share my journey on converting from the wellness program that I do that is network marketing, to finding food, supplements, and drinks on my own that become solutions. I just wore myself out on the wellness company I was doing. Their breakfast bars were so heavy and dense they added to constipation, lol. But I was really not liking the price with shipping and tax for just the piddly items I was ordering. If you are all in, it’s worth it but I piddle (lol) with it now and who wants to pay nearly $40 for a bottle of sleep spray every six weeks? I’ll find my melatonin elsewhere. I’m about to run out of the critical items so I’ll have to begin my research and visit some health stores for replacements. They are about to change our carts on my wellness program and ordering system and lower the shipping I think, so I thought about waiting, but I still think it will all be overpriced as you are paying for those that sell it. While I want to support MLM (multi level marketing) I’m just trying to trim some expenses because we’ll be heading into retirement in a few short years and I won’t be wanting to pay those prices then.

But this Kind Bar is a winner. Excellent taste. Good protein, made with super grains. It had a good cinnamon taste but not too sweet. A good mix of flavor. Like you could taste the nuts and oats but it was chewy and not too “oaty”! Loved it. Comes with two short bars and was a perfect thing for breakfast, along side some fruit or save the fruit for break. I had applesauce with me so I had that. I also buy the natural applesauce without added sugar. It’s really good as a snack or side dish. And an apple a day keeps the doc away so maybe applesauce will too.

Don’t know much today but here’s what I do know.

*Katy and River are feeling better. River took 3 steps at daycare, surprising himself, Katy said. ;-). He’ll be toddling very soon. Such an exciting milestone. I’m sure we’ll be face timed one day and get to see it.

*I’m only three returns away from Quarter End being done. But have to do Year End w-2 reporting in all states that we have employees in, plus any year end reports that the states have. I will have to count how many returns/reports I’ve done. I get the w-2’s today and will be able to start working on them after my payroll duties today – I cut garnishment checks on Thursday mornings and pay on line child support, and get ready for next payroll garnishments (some have to be figured each week). I also have a couple of new garnishments to process and so I can’t ignore my normal weekly job. I have been working over each night. Have tried to get there earlier but that part is not working out because when I work late then my evening is shorted and end up needing time at home the next morning so it’s just a cycle of ruining the routine. Again, I feel really good that 1/31 is soon here as I’ll either be done or not and we can just go from there. As of right now I’ll be working some this weekend. I’ve decided I will not work FT both days though b/c I will be as sour as load of clothes sitting in the spin cycle for a week, if I don’t have some time off to do some personal things. I guess my personal view on it is that it’s just too much to cram into small time frames – even if I had not gone to TX, we didn’t have the snow day, or Mom didn’t have a bunch of doc appointments and I didn’t have to be taken away for meetings then I’d still not have had the w-2’s until 2.5 or 3 business days before deadline in which one day is part of a main payroll processing day. That doesn’t give me a fighting chance to finish on time does it? – for 26 or 28 states, plus the same for the other company – maybe 10 or 12 states? Nope. So I guess I’m of the opinion that we should change something if we want to be a success. But I understand that everyone else is on deadlines too and so it just is what it is. But all this will soon be over – the deadline at least. And just having that over with helps. I’m not sure we’ll make it. It doesn’t seem fair to me to be the one left with the weekend to try and get all these done. I’m NOT, repeat NOT working ALL weekend. The tribe has spoken, lol. Soon I’ll be able to focus on my agenda and not working extra and I cannot wait to get some of my life back. I’ve looked forward to bed every night so I can not think about it for 7 hours. lol. Now that we are at the end, I’m tired, mad as wet hen, and wavering, lol! I’m ready to have some down time. This month has exhausted and flattened me. But I Thank God for keeping me sane b/w work, Mom, and trips, snow, and flu. 😛

*I have come home and poured a glass of wine and we eat and watch Ozark. We are almost finished with the season. So I’m thankful to have had that diversion when I get home. I often fall asleep during part of it, but then get up and go to bed.

*We have booked with our neighbors for Trivia night next weekend and to buy their dinner. We had it scheduled for last week but I forgot about Mom’s doc appointment day that we were going after for a blooming onion so I had to cancel as the blooming onion was already planned. I should have known to consult my calendar book as busy as it gets. But they can do it next week so we’re going then.

*George has been focusing on our dinner with the Ireland’s soon. I cannot focus that far yet until Feb 1.

*My boss asked if I wanted to go to lunch today. I said yessssssss. She said we are close enough to Feb 1st. It doesn’t matter anyway I guess, I’m already having to work this weekend, at least for part of it – might as well eat.

*It’s supposed to snow tomorrow, but…..only like a dusting to half inch. I’m keeping my eye on the situation and the radar and all that. I may just take some work home and go home early in case the streets get icy b/c it’s going down really low in temps and we have so many hills to go up and down to get home. I get scared.

*I did have time one evening to finish up the Roger tribute video, while George cooked our dinner. So I’ll see if I can get that loaded/uploaded for the weekend. So I might not blog tomorrow so I can get that going on YouTube. We’ll see.

Ok so over and out. That is all my thoughts and feelings for now. I guess by the weekend we can do a drum rollll……did she finish Year End or not? My prediction is NOT. But I will do what I can at work and a reasonable amount this weekend, Monday on 1/31 is when I prep for the Tues payroll so not a lot of time will be spend on it. Que sera sera!

Ways to Save Time During Crunch Week at Work

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I know my blog regulars are about ready for quarter end and year end to literally END so I’ll quit talking about it, worrying about it and obsessing about it. I’m with ya. I even overheard a superior saying “I’m so ready for this month to be over”. I think we all are. The end is near and boy, is it! I think the excitement of the deadline date itself approaching is giving me happiness instead of fear because one way or the other – finished or not – at least the deadline will be here. Zippo -dead and done! The obsessing and worrying will be over. Que Sera Sera! Then I will feel like I can live my life again to some degree.

As mentioned, I don’t really have time to put extra duties of month end, heaven forbid year end, into my already busy schedule, but yet there it is. It is the same for all of us in our department at least, that I can see. I’m not sure what the others tricks are to being able to accomplish the feat of the dreaded time crunch each year, but here’s mine.

Saving Time During Crunch Week

  • Eat breakfast at the desk while reading the mornings first emails, getting work desk set up, etc.
  • Eat lunch at the desk – and while a quick break is probably necessary and mentally healthy, avoid going out for lunch as it takes extra time – time you don’t really have driving there and back.
  • Wear less make up or even no makeup. Use that time at your desk. It may have its downside of not feeling like you look the best, but if your goal is to get things done and not impress people it’s time to pull that one out of the hat as we are in dire straits here.
  • Really pull the plug and let the hair go! Pony tails if you can or barrettes! If it’s clean don’t worry about it, we are still taking our showers here. You can go for pomp and circumstance later and people will notice you can fix up. People will also notice “oh she’s going through a rough patch” lol lol by your lack of attention to self and that is ok. Perhaps they (company and coworkers) should notice and should realize what you go through for the teams sake!!!!!!!!!
  • Put off personal appointments, goals, and projects until later. I didn’t make any of my own doc appointments in January. Of course I can’t ignore the ones for my Mom so I had those. And if it had not been my grandson’s 1st birthday I wouldn’t have taken those 3 PTO days to travel to Texas. But when it’s not family responsibility – put off what you can. I even put a LOT of my personal goals, to do’s, projects on hold because I knew I’d be exhausted coming home and also would have less free time. But it is important to have one fun thing to do each day if you can – like reading a chapter in a book, watching a quick TV show, so you don’t feel like your life is totally obliterated during crunch week.
  • Prep and pump up your immune system, take vitamins, drink water, wash hands, use sanitizer, eat better, do preventative things for your wellness. How does this save time? You might avoid the flu taking you away from work, or having to work WITH the flu which Lord knows we’ve all done out of fear of otherwise not getting things done!
  • Put off all non-essential work duties! I protect crunch weeks with all my heart and soul! I have a list of things I need to do once crunch time is over. It’s a massive build and may take me til next QE to do it all.
  • Stay a bit longer, come in a bit earlier, take less time for lunch or all of the above. Just add a few or a lot of extra minutes each day and that really helps to get through the “list of many’s”.
  • Having supplies handy at work (whether it’s work supplies, water, snacks, etc.). Any time spent looking for supplies and work needs just sucks time away from accomplishing things.
  • Do as much of your tasks as you can ahead of the crunch time. Calculating things up, looking up information, organizing information. I’m limited with quarter end/year end as I can only do most of it after a certain payroll date.
  • Rally around those that you need help or information from that impacts what you are doing. I try to ask, beg, plead, remind others when I need info from them – in advance instead of the last minute. So that we are not left scrambling. Guess what? We usually are scrambling anyway. For example, there’s still info I’m waiting on right now as the week closes in. But at least you have tried right? There is a lot of information I have received though just by asking. I didn’t get it all yet, but I got a lot of it and I’d be more behind if I hadn’t asked.
  • Wear easy comfy no fuss clothes. Aside from the comfort it will bring, there is no ironing, primping, and fixing and fussing involved. Just throw it on and go. You can fix up later. lol
  • Try not to have too many conversations that are not productive. I love to say “hello” and “how was your weekend?” and answer back and I do it anyway. But it is a way to save time during crunch week – keep it short. After crunch week you can go back to being more friendly and caring at the coffee center, hallway, or bathroom sink and discuss grandkids, life’s woes, and how’s momma and ‘nem!

I could add to this list to give up blog time and donate that time to work each morning, but nahhhhhh, I think I’ll claim and keep SOME of my personal time as my own. I’m probably already some sort of “bear” during crunch weeks and we don’t want me to be more of one. It gives me a sense of having something in my day I like to do during crunch time. But if I can tame the bear in me from having to rush around like a chicken with her head cut off and can just be silent and work – that saves time. Right? So maybe I should put “be sure and do your blog entry or a fun thing on the list so you are not a bear” because it’ll save time complaining and being negative, lol!

Ya’ll have a good one and leave any suggestions you want to add. I’m sure there’s room for more.


Daughter Katy is feeling better from recent dehydration and stomach flu/illness/food poisoning (we don’t really know). Fluids and IV helped her feel better along with nausea meds. She was able to nibble some yesterday. So prayers for her and also prayers for grandson Little Roo who is transitioning from formula to regular milk and having some throw up episodes. Hard to know if milk or if he had a virus too, except that he doesn’t act like he felt bad at all. So as a Mom it’s hard to know what to do and especially being sick herself. So prayers for them. It’s been a rough patch.

Progress at Work, A Death in the Family, Another in the Hospital, and Building Up the Immune System

We had the prettiest sunrise yesterday morning! And I got to enjoy it all the way to work. It was very quiet at work yesterday and had done a lot of my payroll duties yesterday at home so I had a chunk of the day to finish up withholding returns for both businesses, including the Oregon “all in one’s” for both and including the STT taxes for Oregon for both company’s. I am almost through with unemployment returns for one side of the business and have to do it now for the other. Then I can begin working on the year end reporting for all states. I think there are 26 states or something like that. It’s the bigger ones that are the problems – where you have to hand enter a w-2 in its entirety – I think Oklahoma is the worst, lol. But I have to stop to do payroll and the weekly taxes for this week so they won’t be late.

The irony of this payroll is that it is month end again, lol. I’m rolling my eyes because it seems to never end, lol – but I have until Feb 15th to get that monthly withholding payments done and it goes fairly fast. At least now I’m starting to feel some relief but there is still a lot to do and it is still questionable as to whether it can all be done by Feb 1st, even working on the weekend, but we will see. I’m not even sure that if I didn’t have payroll whether I could even get it done or not. There is just not much time in my week normally to work on extra things so why would there be now? lol But I will at least have the returns done 2/1 and should have quite a bit of the annual reporting done by 2/1. I predict there will be some left to do but we’ll see. I’m trying to accomplish the goal. I was happy being in my office yesterday and so glad I didn’t have to waste a day being at a legal meeting downtown. It’s just so much easier working in my office than from home in my temporary set up.

Meanwhile I learned that my 1st cousin has passed and on line I saw the funeral was a graveside service about an hour and half away from us in the middle of the day. She was a generation older than me and our families have not hung out really since I was child. We really only saw them at family funerals which is kinda sad. I’m not going to be able to go. I thought if there had been an evening visitation that we might try to go if it was late enough where I didn’t have to leave early from work. I’m sure Mom would have liked to go but after talking with her, she said “no we are just too far away”. And with that variant virus so rampid I guess the simpler the service the better. So that is some pressure off. I was afraid Mom would be bitter and hold it against me for not taking her. So I’m relieved that she was not expecting to go. I am glad because I don’t want to lose my job and I’ve had to take off for so much already and still much to come as I will be needing to make some of my own appointments this year too. Unfortuneatly “cousin” is not on the funeral excused list, either. So I will send a card of sympathy to my remaining cousins and George and I plan to donate to the American Diabetic Association (whatever was listed in the funeral notice). I’m quite fond of Lynn, who is more my age. And I want to reach out to her for the loss of her sister. I’m sad and I’m also sad that our families did not hang out more. People grow apart for various reasons through the years. We all know how THAT goes. I’m of the mind that if you don’t see people while they are living, it sucks to go see them after they pass. Sorry but just a weird thing that kept going through my mind yesterday. I know we need to be there for those that remain, but it’s just sad that extended family ignores each other until there is a death. I guess our world is just so huge and explosive with so much going on that there is not the time to spend with all the people you would like to. And no one ever cared enough to do family reunions to tie us together so we end up not even knowing who our extended family is anymore. It’s really sad to me.

Coming out of the neighborhood.

Driving over the lake.

So I worked late and got home and George fixed a soup and sandwich for us as I showered and changed and put on warm PJ’s. We sat into watching the 3rd show of Ozark for this new season that released. And we get a call from Katy. She has been throwing up and sick from food poisoning or some thing. And was dehydrated and almost passing out, so Cody took her to the hospital and she was put on IV and given nausea meds. She began feeling better immediately once she had liquids. She can dehydrate so fast. She is frustrated as they have all been sick over and over again. River had also been throwing up some in the last day or so but seemed fine otherwise.

So I am thinking that they need to boost their immune system. I know that being around kids in school and day care exposes one to everything the community has as it is such a collection of germs from all over the place. As a woman and to build up immunity, what would you take in vitamins and supplements to get well? I want to suggest these that I take:

*Vitamin D – this is one thing that really makes a difference. My legs and body get really week when I’m low. A shortage of Vitamin D can impact a lot of things.

*Zand Naturals, Immunity Gummies which has Elderberry and Zinc (on Amazon) – Just gives an extra boost.

*Vitamin C. I don’t drink juice and probably don’t eat enough fruit but I think this has helped some.

*Vitamin B Complex – Oh my gosh. This is my feel good pill right here. If I don’t have enough B’s I get emotional, nervous, and anxious (I know I know I’m always anxious, lol) but seriously it’s on steroids if I don’t have this. There is certain brand I use that works and has a veggie capsule so it will actually get in your body.

The rest is just trying to get in some greens and fruits and eat healthy nutrition including a lot of protein. Sometimes even a spoonful of peanut butter can get me through til I can get something better.

Do you have any suggestions for Kate? She reads the blog and she will read your answers. I’m worried about her. She is home now after being able to keep sprite down.

So pray for them all out there in TEXAS. They are having a rough time trying to keep everyone well. But I’m thinking it’s time for Katy to work on the immune system. And see if it won’t help. It’s frustrating to me to be so far away and can’t run over and help with River. But someone came over while they went to the hospital. I just pray she feels better today. And I know she feels like she can’t miss work either. But she will need her rest and to get better.

Ok off to get ready for work and get payroll done. Ya’ll take care!