Relaxing Three Day Weekends Should be the Norm, Negative Thoughts vs Positive Ones

Well, as much as we were off (3 days) I spent very little time at the computer desk. I did do a blog entry and delete the debris from the last video and started the file for the next video with pics and videos – no editing. I really just took a huge break from it all for the most part. The goal was to make it a nice 4th meal for Mom and George (and me too), to work on our house some, to enjoy Dexter, and to relax. Of course there was a lot of housework done – vacuuming, dusting, and laundry – which seemed to have exploded. But going back to work I thought What a Relaxing Weekend. If life were even almost fair, we’d all have 3 day weekends every week. Work would still get 4 so we need to split it to 3.5 days a week right?

He’s been good to get in my lap and snooze. When he did, it made me relax too. It releases joy hormones to be able to hold a pet in your lap and to get snuggles and kisses.

We face-timed with Little Roo. And that made us happy too!

I went to get Mom and here she is meeting Dexter for the first time. It didn’t take long til this happened below.

Dexter is eyeing the bowl. lol. I just noticed that.

We had a nice meal.

Caprese Pasta Salad
Dressed Eggs
My 4th of July Plate :-O

I didn’t eat the hot dog. Well… I had to save it for later.

Mom and I tried to watch a Lily Tomlin movie, Grandma, but it was so filthy with language at every other word, I finally said “no way“. So we switched to HGTV where there was no filthy language.

Dexter was a charming little boy all weekend long. He is really good when we are home all day.

Since we went back to work yesterday and came home last night and again this morning……he has been just short of a terror, lol. He has been into everything and doing everything he knows not to do – my guess is 1) Not enough entertainment during the day 2) Missing us 3) Frustration Management – lol. He’s been a wild man, not letting us eat, chewing on everything, and getting into as much trouble as he can. Any strides he made toward us opening up doors, have now shrunk back. He will learn. Once he gets the shots we may consider doggie daycare some. It comes with some perks. But it’ll come with some down sides too – as he’ll pick up what others have. So I don’t know for sure what we will do.

Our vet appt for the last of the shot series was to be today after work but the vet called and they lost a vet recently and had to move us to next Monday after work. That is fine. This is a busy week anyway.

I watched fireworks from my bedroom window Monday night. I had to be at work early for payroll (and Mom’s eye doc make up hour for those Fri afternoons that I am off once a month). I went to bed happy knowing what a great weekend it had been.

Gift from a friend

A friend at work gave me this. It’s so sweet. It has choc chip cookies in it. I will enjoy those. Perfect for when you want a little something. I have decided that chocolate chip cookies mean a lot to me, lol. Someone had brought some to work not long ago and I really enjoyed having them with my coffee.

I’ve been trying to eat fruit here and there. I had a plum over the weekend. Of course I had a banana too. But yesterday I had a peach and it was so good. I try not to buy too much of anything. For me I just buy one of something so it doesn’t get thrown away.

The recipe book came in from Amazon yesterday and I immediately put in all of my Hello Fresh recipes. It has the plastic insert. (Katy, if you are reading this and I’m gone one day, just know that the Amish Pork Chop Recipe, BBQ meatloaf recipe, as of this date anyway, is in this book along with the Hello Fresh. So don’t toss it til you look thru it. It also has that easy bread recipe that the waitress gave us at Carrara’s on a napkin that day. I finally made it and it was good and easy! Gonna make it again soon with cinnamon.)

I’m pleased. I only wish they had included “Beef” and “Pork” tabs instead of just Meat. They had a chicken and a fish tab, and a vegetarian tab, lol. But I can make more dividers I guess. I just put everything else under “meat”.

We had this one last night. It was Ginger Chili Pork Noodles. Great flavor!

So what’s going on this week? Well, quarter end will need to be worked on this week, although it’s a short week with the loss of one day’s work so it’ll be hard to have much time, but I will do what I can. Next week and after will really have to get after it.

Yesterday while doing payroll – the last half anyway – I listed to Candy Music Room on YouTube. I think it might be by Epidemic Sound. Anyway this particular one yesterday played jazz while a slight hum of air plane noise is back ground. Was perfect for doing payroll by. I get bored doing the last two payroll plants. We have four that I do and by the time I am through with two of them, I’ve over it already. So it helps to add music to the last two.

I can’t believe it is July already. That means that half the year is gone.

Photo by Vie Studio on

If I were going to allow negative thoughts to intrude, they would be the following:

*Why are the blog stats down for everyone on WordPress? What happened? Is it being yanked from the SEO somehow after the news that WordPress is shrinking? I mean a lot of us are down 25 to 40%. That is a lot. Most of my regulars are here so that is good.

*The thought of a nuclear war just makes me want to give up, panic, cry – and scares the bejeezie out of me

*I’m still wanting a bit more time to do some of my goals – mainly things like learning the camera and practicing, working on my 2022 goal list, doing some research, working on the basement clean up, spending more time at home, working on vlog and blog growth, more videos on a more regular schedule, 20 min exercise instead of 10, jewelry project, time to style my hair in the mornings, spending more time with Dexter, and so forth.

*I worry about Mom

*Our heat is at extremely high levels. 110 to 115 and the extreme warnings are out. Very dangerous.

*Why am I so tired lately?

But we’ll try to be more positive and think on the things below.

*God has this. And us. As far as the future. He promised.

*Live and let live. The numbers will be what they will be with what I have time to do as far as stats go. I like to push myself some to prove I can do things. No one likes to go backwards, but somethings like SEO and changes in algorithms you just have to tangle with and overcome if you can. I guess we are no longer showing up in feeds. I have my own domain but I guess that doesn’t matter as it still goes through WordPress. Still need time for more research.

*God says to take care of today and tomorrow will take care of itself as today has its own worries. Isn’t that the truth?

*I will simply enjoy the time I have to do what I can do.

I’ll get to work on the video tomorrow. I don’t think I can pull off a video for this Saturday since I didn’t get much done on it already. So no video this week – maybe the following week.

*I had extra subscribers to my YouTube this week, despite the fact that I did some car chronicles which some found not their favorite – but during this time period, it was the best I could do to document how busy and stressed we were. It was important to me to do that. But I heard you loudly and I will try to pick up the video more and show actual clips versus me talking.

*Someone said nice words to me yesterday and it made my eyes sting with tears. People don’t give compliments and thank you’s and kind words much anymore. And they take you so far when you get a praise from someone. I can live without it – I’m not saying I require it – but I’m saying it was nice to hear nice words. It’s very confirming when you try so hard to have someone notice or say “thank you”.

This blog entry is sponsored by Dexter who has done the following whilst I try to type, think, and come up with some form of a readable post: ate part of his pee pad, tried to chew on the carpet, tried to chew on a book, stole George’s sock while he was trying to get ready and had to be chased, got a q-tip from the bathroom trash and had to be chased down, did about 6 zoomies around the room and the hall, had to be stopped from chewing on the hallway doorframe. He knows it is a work day by our routine and my guess is that he is not happy and wanting me to play instead of blog.

So, I’ll be back soon. Probably Friday with an update. As long as I know people are reading. Ya’ll have a fantastic day. I’m going for more coffee. I’m relaxing and letting the mind be free to do and think what it wants. Except for the fact that I must get ready and get myself to work. Busy days head.

Hope you all are doing well! Let me hear from you. It warms my heart and lets me know people are out there somewhere.

Do You Find That Life is Getting a Bit More Confusing?

Photo by Miguel u00c1. Padriu00f1u00e1n on

Well it’s time to do a blog post on confusion. I picked the best photo I could find to represent it. This is a blurry photo and I guess that works. This is something that has been on my mind for a while. The fact that life on earth can be so confusing. This day and age has become so difficult. Many things you try to do contain numerous hurdles to accomplish, whether it’s buying something, repairing something, traveling somewhere, going to the store to buy dinner, buying fuel. Getting and finding true information is also a problem. Who to believe? Who to trust?

Confusion can also be found in relationships whether family, friends, work – and for most of us – that is nothing new. Confusion is in politics, the news, social media, and I could go on and on. You know what I’m talking about. Life has become so entangled in red tape. And so has our economy, which in some way in the last two years has touched all of us.

While we once grew and expanded, we are shrinking and going backwards. Our global expanses are failing us at times and we are left to stretching across our own resources and community for just about everything. I have faith in God that He will protect us and I also know How it all ends and I think that is a blessing.

All this talk about confusion in my own head, had me writing down and listing the times in which I have felt confused across my life. I love doing these little inventories. It’s almost like interviewing yourself. lol

Confusing Times I’ve Had in the Past

  • Matters of the Heart. Oh I don’t even want to go there. But I suppose life ended up well and I’m where I’m supposed to be. It’s so hard to make decisions in your 20’s that are right for you. The heart is ripe for love, there is fear of the future and of being alone. The need for independence but yet feeling dependent at times. We have images of what we think we want, but it’s hard to even know what we want or need at that age. I can go to bed at peace at night knowing I’m safe and content now, finding a mate that was good for me.
  • Meshing all the opinions that float on any given topic and trying to form my own opinion. I’ve always been able to see “both sides” or “most sides” to a story. Sometimes it is hard to decide. I would never make a good judge. lol
  • Understanding myself. This has been one of the hardest things. I think it’s really me trying to understand how others see me. And if anyone is ever critical of me, you betcha I’ll be doing some kind of psychoanalytical study to figure out what went wrong, lol.
  • Understanding the psychological layers in others. I’m not sure I’ve totally figured it out yet. But the older I get the wiser I get. One thing a person does wrong does not mean their whole being is rotten. But I’ve been around those who think that for a chunk of my life and that has not helped me any. I realize you are only getting the surface here on these bullet points. Really each one could have their own blog post. lol
  • Understanding the psychology of work and working relationships throughout my career. Basically trying to understand “where the fart people are coming from“, lol, putting it in every day terms. I’m not even going to try to explain. There is just a lot. I keep saying I’ll write a book on it. We’ll see. I would do it only if it helped others to get through the bumps. I guess there is so many different personality types at play and the dynamics of the working relationships have both interested me and plagued me, lol. That is all I will say. Some relationships have been heaven sent and others, well I guess they came from the opposite direction, LOL! Maybe there is no more to understand. I just figured it all out. lol
  • Any matter in which the facade covers the truth. Our society is so full of it. What is really happening beneath the surface on most anything? It’s probably quite a lot. I will always believe where there is smoke there is fire. It’s confusing though because you want to believe the best, but then we keep getting conflicting information on nearly everything!

Remember when you were a child, you felt you could trust adults, the news, any form of media for the most part, and you could trust that an agency or company was usually honest and had it all together. Most people knew and followed the rules. There was a moral code that even people who didn’t know God would follow. So much has decayed over the last couple of decades.

It’s my belief that the devil wants us to be confused and he would love it if we were confused because we were fearful on top of that. But you know what? There is so much that doesn’t even matter any more. So much that really does NOT have to be figured out.

God has asked to have a child like faith. Well that pretty much sums it up. If you don’t believe in God or the Bible that won’t mean much to you. Neither will the outcome of this blog entry. We don’t have to have all the knowledge. We know how it all ends. We know God places our feet onto the proper path. We know he will snatch up his own before the world gets too horribly bad.

The signs are all there. The mountains are crumbling, the earthquakes are happing, the waters are stirred, the signs are in the heavens, the selfishness has been here for some time, the famines have been and are coming, it’s going to be harder and harder to live.

God is already at work and the show down is beginning to get serious. He’s taking back what is His, little by little. The devil and his followers do not like it. Some serious laws are changing about and coming into play. The devil and His angels are going to be very mad and things will get worse.

I’m so glad to know that He has us believers in His hand. Most won’t see this post because it has the word God in it. I truly believe that media crushes whatever we try to post now with spiritual references. But that is ok because God delivers and He will overrule where it needs to be overruled.

It’s been on my heart to do this post because the confusion continues, but for those that believe, we don’t have to worry. God made it very clear just what we need to do and what will happen. We just have to listen and follow the instructions.

Enjoying the Blissful Long July 4th Weekend, Dexter Dog Photos, and Some Good Eating

Dexter, Sleeping in My Office

The Bliss of a 3-Day Weekend and Dexter Dude Update

Saturday was quite blissful, waking up and knowing that the 3 day weekend was before me and I really only have to get out of the house to go get Mom on July 4. I love being at home and the three day weekend always brings such balance. We should have them every week to have true balance, lol! (Wishful thinking at play here.)

Mr. Dexter has been quite good yesterday. Today might be a different story but it’s mainly because he does not want me to blog, put play. As I type this I’ve somehow managed to obtain a headache which has something to do with my eyes and sinuses. I’ve a bit of a runny nose and my head hurts when I read or type but goes away when I shut my eyes. I have a lot to do today getting things ready for our meal tomorrow so I hope it gets better.

I love it when he is calm. Most of the time he is. It’s just those two hours – one on each end of the day. Sometimes it doesn’t coincide with our schedule. Like right now, I really want to get this blog done. I have to get in the kitchen and start cooking soon. We had a really good day with him yesterday and when I relaxed mid day, he took a nap in my lap. I love this! This pic cracks me up. Don’t you love my crocs? lol. I love that he feels safe to be in my lap.

When George is on the computer, he goes under the bed. Not sure how much longer he will fit under there, so his 2nd spot is on the other side of George’s computer chair. He hid there while I blow dried my hair. He does not like the blow dryer, nor the vacuum. And is not sure of the bathroom drawers that make such noise when opened and closed. Yes, remember this is the dog that is scared of a bird tweet outside, lol!

Sometimes I Conflict With My Goals – Do You do That?

A New Peanut Butter

OK so you know how I said I am cutting back and going cheaper with our groceries? We always make a liar out of ourselves. We might have just paid close to $30 for two jars of gourmet peanut butter. I’m not even sure I want to admit it. So I’ve now fully contradicted myself. lol I’m still on with my cheaper goals but I reserve the right to forget that fact here and there. Our neighbor asked us if we wanted to order some. Together our order would give us free shipping. So we said “sure why not”. The Cinnamon Toasties was really good. American Dream <—-clicky here and it will open in a new tab. The regular peanut butter though is $6.99 so not too bad, but the shipping costs could be bad if you don’t order enough. It’s healthier peanut butter. So the link is there if you want to check it out.

I put it on toast yesterday and it was heaven!

Getting Ready for the July 4th Meal

Yesterday I prepared our dining table for the 4th. George had to clear off all of his “stuff”. He managed to clear all but the end. Isn’t it just like a man to lay claim to the domain, even if it is just a slice. A woman can’t have a perfectly clean table for a holiday meal? Go figure. I’ll do my cooking today. I went through the house to find any red, white and blue items. I don’t like red so not much here. Anyway, I thought the red radio flyer wagon would be great to put the chips in. So I washed that out and put a napkin in there. The “Cracker Barrel” golf tee game seemed American enough to add to the table. lol And of course I added the flag. I bought the 4th of July decoration in the middle at the dollar store a while back. It’s about time to go back to the dollar store. I have some ideas for future endeavors and gifts. 😉

George ran errands yesterday and went to Houston’s local butcher to get the meat for the burgers and he also stopped by the local “farmer’s market” for fresh veggies.

Getting Some Time to Catch Up, Cut Hair, Do Research, and On Line Shopping

I also had time to look up some things on line and do research on self parenting, narcissism, and ended up finding some reading on your “inner child”. It’s all fascinating stuff. Anyone in therapy has probably been through all this stuff. I have never had therapy although I’m sure some family members wishes I had. Same to them if so. I may have the same wish about them, if asked or prodded or backed into a corner. lol. Truth be known we all could use a little therapy! I am happy that between God and myself we usually do our own. Not to knock therapists. I probably would have gone to one by now if it were free. I always loved psychology. So these kinds of topics always interest me. One day I will write my thoughts on it and post it as what I call one of my “canned” blog entries. I usually write about my day. But I like to throw those things in every now and then. There is a canned blog entry coming Tuesday! 😉 It’s already scheduled but it’s about “Confusion”. It’s still my thoughts on it though, and my opinions, so while it’s a canned post it’s still very much my writing. When I call something canned, it’s like writings for a rainy day, or writings that deserve it’s own post and not buried within my daily updates.

I always get confused about what you all like the best. Many of you say the daily updates as opposed to my bullet pointed thoughts and opinions. Does that still hold true? I like to grow the blog though and sometimes these other posts interest the outsiders to come in, and maybe they like the daily updates as well, but no one can find me as there are so many of us. If you are here and read, like, comment, I thank you. Or if you just read, I thank you too. Anyway, I was glad to have time to do some on line things yesterday.

Oh, I also cut my hair! It feels better to have some layers. It was very hard to do on my own. It’s just hard to cut the back but I did the best I could. It will hold me until August for sure. I may not need much of a cut then to tell you the truth. I may have to move it out, but we’ll see.

Most of the laundry is done also.

I ordered a trash can with a lid yesterday from Amazon and also ordered a recipe binder for the Hello Fresh meals. We refer back to them so much. Last night George made grilled carrots and green beans and a tomato salad of sorts. He looked up the Hello Fresh menu to see what degree to put the oven on. We had a lamb roast. Also fresh corn! It was really good. I had some of my Halo vanilla bean ice cream after.

We are sort of in a crises mode as to what to watch. We have finished all the shows we wanted to watch. I’m awaiting the summer shows that are supposed to show up but haven’t. I thought Virgin River would be out by now. There is not a lot left that we BOTH like. So hopefully we will have something we want to watch soon.

I will leave you today with a pic of our lovely doggie and his nice display of modesty along with today’s to do list. He got some good rest yesterday. We gave him his heart worm med so it could have made him lay around more. But anyway he’s a live wire today. George put on some mellow YouTube music but I hear him in there doing zoomies, lol!

Today’s to do list, in case you are interested:

  • Make more tide mixture to clean the floor with where Dexter misses. 😛
  • Change our sheets
  • Make dressed eggs, caprese salad, and a cake
  • Next weeks vitamins and meds in the daily containers
  • Check prices for dog food, pee pads, etc and get the next order placed
  • Iron (pressing a few items for next week’s wardrobe
  • Decide on Doggie Health Insurance – Is it worth it?
  • Brush Dexter – he likes it.
  • Make the sure the outside cat has water

If I have any time left to play:

  • I’ll clean up the latest video debris and start working on the next one which will be more fun I promise.
  • Do research on how to improve my video thumbnails
  • Canon classes and photography learning
  • Blogging ideas with Canva
  • Learn more about Tube Buddy and do I really need it

Everyone have a great 4th. I love to hear from you. If you made it this far let me know. Ahhhh Dexter is finally setting in. George left to go take Mom to church today. We are dividing and conquering on Sunday’s so the dog is not alone and then we also get 8 to 12 hours a month back into our schedule to get things done here. Kinda helps offset the time we are spending doing care-giving for Mom. We don’t mind it at all but we just have things here we need to get done so dividing and conquering seems to work. Over and out ya’ll! Much love to each and every one. Be safe.