Errand Running for Mom, Signs in the Universe, and Dexter Learned a Bed is for Sleeping

Friday went well at work. I was finally left alone enough to be able to make some progress toward Month-End. And also finished the one return that was left for Quarter End. Friday night we had lobster ravioli in a homemade butter, lemon, wine sauce that George made. It was 5-star quality.

Saturday Morning Errands

Saturday morning I made the breakfast above. You can’t see the fried eggs but I made fried eggs, bacon and biscuits – which I had butter and cinnamon honey on mine. I have not made breakfast in a long time and decided we should use these ingredients up. I was up at 4:30 as Dexter was whining and hungry. He slept with me from 2:30 to 4:30 and was really wanting me to get up at my normal weekly time. So I didn’t get to sleep in. George let me sleep a lot the last few weekends so I let him sleep this time. Getting up so early I get a LOT done, and more time to play later.

After cleaning the kitchen and getting several loads of laundry done, I left to go to Publix to get the fruit Mom wanted and some peanut butter. She later texted and had me add bacon bits and pecans. I also bought my grocery needs – everything except the cold or freezer items. Those will have to wait as I wasn’t going directly home. Then I went to KFC to get a bucket of chicken. Mom had wanted us to eat lunch with her and I told her I wasn’t sure about our timing (mainly wasn’t sure as I had not talked to George and it depended on the weather and timing and his intentions for yard work). I didn’t want to box us in for plans and then have to change them or commit to them. Sometimes it is nice just to NOT have plans, you know. But as it turned out – we ended up eating some with her. I had a piece of chicken and a tablespoon of potatoes and tablespoon of slaw. I didn’t eat any biscuits. The more we could leave for Mom the better, for at least another meal.

George met me out there with Mom’s car so we could drop that off and I got her mail, we ate some KFC, took her trash out, cleaned her guest toilet. She is still hurting when she walks. But her foot is better. George brought Dexter with him and Dexter likes Fancy but Fancy being an older dog and not feeling too good is in NO mood for Dexter. She showed her teeth which only made Dexter want to toy and play with her. Before I got there, Dexter pounced on Mom’s sore foot. So George had to keep Dexter on a leash. Dexter would knock Mom over if she stood up- he is definitely a big strong doggie. Wouldn’t mean to but just loves to jump and love on you. Now that he is bigger, we are going to have to stop him from that. He ends up hitting you in all the wrong places. His paws reach up to my chest level which hurts when you are in PJ’s and also he has been known to “take George out” in a few places below, lol!

I also ordered Mom another 32 oz water cup. She has used it every day and night for years. It was thundering and lightning and about to storm when we came home. So I opted out of going shopping for my capri jeans and Mom’s lounging pants. My goal was to defer that to today. And unless something changes, I’ll not be able to do that today either. I will explain later.

Signs in the Universe

While leaving Mom’s I saw this incredible sphere of beautiful colors, like the rainbow. If you look closely it appears to have an eye in it. Maybe it was the eye of God or Jesus peeking down. Can you see it? It’s like a round rainbow.

More pretty clouds from earlier in the day below. Below, the clouds began building early in the day.

I could sit and watch them move around all day. But I was so glad to have caught this colorful rainbow sphere above. It was truly spectacular to behold.

Our earth and the universe is definitely showing signs of change and unusual behavior, intensifying in displeasure of all the evil that is occurring upon it. It is as if a taste of “the four horseman” have been delivered already too. (Revelations, end times, prophesy, what the Bible says, Daniel). This all has to do with the antiChrist, conquest, war, famine, sickness, death as a part of the “end times”. Most don’t understand Revelations – me neither but I’m doing the most excellent study right now by someone who has great knowledge of Hebrew and Greek and understanding of the original translations. Most choose to ignore it (Revelations) as it’s too scary. It’s too overly visual to even think of it. God allowed Daniel to see it. Even God told Daniel “seal it” (the scroll) until the end. He didn’t want all of it to be revealed or repeated yet. But in the end, ALL WILL understand whether they want to or not because this knowledge will be increased / revealed at that time. God says the earth will have birth pains of the end times. You can see it in the news daily. Not believe the news so much? Me neither. I’m witnessing with my own eyes.

No man knows the day nor the hour, but if you study God’s pattern of time with everything else he has done so far, we are definitely in the season. The time is near. IF anyone is interested in this YouTube study I’m doing, I’ll post it again for you. Just let me know in the comments. I don’t want to scare anyone or make you have nightmares. But it is something we all need to know and be aware of and be ready for. As it will happen like a thief in the night when the Lord comes again and takes His church, His bride, His body of believers. He will take them so that do not have to endure the roughest times to come.

These clouds remind me of all that the Bible has said.

Home Time

After Mom’s we came home and I began working on the next video. I’m close to being done. I had to do a lot of voice over work. I am VERY pleased with my last training session in which another vlogger made suggestions on settings to use. That has worked well. I think when you see the next video you will see that it did pretty good for my vlog session. I video’d in current time, taking you all back to January of 2022. Then George made an excellent dinner. It may not look very good here, but it was.

Dexter Finally Discovers the Bed is for Resting and Sleeping, Not Playing

Now that he has discovered he can jump on the bed, he will go and rest on it some. Yesterday I couldn’t find him in his usual spots – normally in the room with me. But I was moving all over and I guess he got tired of following and jumped on my bed for a nap all curled up.

So he has appreciated the bed for a nap. After George went to bed and lights out and I went to bed too and shut my door, he scratched on my door and whined. I thought to myself maybe he gets it. I opened the door, he jumped on the bed, scratched his spot, and curled up and snuggled beside me. Yay. He did not do zoomies in the bed, didn’t bark at me, didn’t paw at me to play. He just curled up beside me and I put my arms around him and pet him and told him “Good Boy”. After a few minutes he changed spots. I think it was hot. He moved around some on the bed but never got down. I woke up a lot conscious that he was there and being worried about it in the back of my mind. Would he wake up and be confused and pee on the carpeted floor? Can dogs see at night? Could he see the hall where his pee pads were? Would he get up and chew on my shoes from the shoe stand in the corner? He stayed in bed with me all night. At 3:30 he was ready to get up but I said “go back to seeeeepy” and he tried to. At 4:20 he stood up and jumped off the bed. I decided to go ahead and get up. I would not be able to sleep anyway wondering if he was going to get my shoes, lol.

Do I have a Stomach Bug? Or Was it Something I ate?

So when I got up this morning, I didn’t feel good – mainly just tired, cold, and as I drank coffee I began to get a little nauseated. But mainly I’ve had just really bad —let’s just say “issues”. So I have had to be near the girls room so to speak. I’m not sure if it was something I ate or I have a bug. I have no fever, and while I have been a little stopped up, at first this morning – even that is gone. I’m OFTEN like that though with sinuses. I feel cold but definitely no fever and not much of an appetite. But I’m trying to stay hydrated. Even though I don’t want much. I had a piece of cheese – always worked before, LOL LOL. And some baked Cheetos b/c that is the only thing that sounds good. Salty potato chips. I went back to bed for an hour or so when George got up – so someone would be with little Scuttlebutt (Dexter).

So needless to say. No church today. And likely NO SHOPPING today until I can get this figured out or it subsides. I have much to do this week.

The Week Ahead

Well today, I still need to fold some towels, put my meds and vitamins in the case, change George’s sheets, wrap his gifts. One hasn’t arrived yet. I need to finally take a shower, maybe finish this video up.

This week I need to get some baby gift wrap paper. Why do I continue to buy big things that won’t go in a sack and takes lot of paper, lol? I need to wrap the baby gifts for an upcoming shower.

I need to go in handle some personal but important email – insurance stuff. Need to go on line and print something out.

The dog needs a bath, but we’ve not done it yet. It has to be a coordinated effort. We are kinda scared, lol. But I think the walk in shower will be the best option. I need a combat bra though. Might wear a bathing suit for protection, LOL. I kinda hate to take for grooming until after he is neutered in case they put them all together, ya know? Or we can just take him for the big DIY bath thing. I need to do training on how to brush his teeth and how to do his ears. Also to work on training too.

I get my hair cut on Thursday.

I need to go to Belk and find my jeans and find Mom some casual pants to lounge in. This will probably end up being a weeklong or even monthlong quest. Since Mom’s not with me that means having to take it to her to try on for her part, but I know she’ll be glad to have something comfy to wear. That shopping was going to be today but not unless the issues improve. And I’m not sure it’s not a virus so kinda hate to go out in Public. But I suppose I’ll be in my office tomorrow. Someone needs to do payroll and I’m not wanting to burn any PTO time either yet. I feel good enough to do this blog entry. I just have to be close to a restroom. I’m sipping green tea and have been having luck with baked Cheeto’s to not be nauseated. I might have a piece of bread and peanut butter shortly.

And next Saturday is Fancy’s vet appointment (Mom’s Dog) and then George’s taco lunch out if Mom feels like it.

I will finish Month End (surely). lol

All the Things I Want to Do that I Can’t Get to Because I’d Rather be Videoing and Catching Those Up:

  • Doggie videos (mentioned above for training, ears, teeth)
  • Looking at and redefining my Blog, Instagram, YouTube
  • Learning Tube Buddy
  • Playing around and learning how to use Canva with the YouTube videos in Final Cut Pro
  • More Final Cut Pro lessons
  • More Canon Lessons
  • A study on SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Jewelry Project
  • Working on the Basement to get rid of or organize things but a lot of it is George’s
  • There’s more but I’ll stop with that. It’s mainly all the things I’ve mentioned before.

We always end up getting done the things we either have to or want to do the most. I’ll be back mid-week unless I end up making an extra post along the way if time comes my way.

Is there anything you would like me to blog about specifically? Do you have any questions? Or curiosities? lol

So what are you guys up to this weekend?

Requested Recipes Shared and Weekly Update

24 HR Layered Salad

Recipes that Were Requested

So here is the recipe above that I use for the 24 hour salad… that you saw in the Less Hustle More Coffee YouTube Christmas Crunch video (video embed is a couple of entries a go if you wanna “look see”). I make this around the holidays and sometimes in the spring around spring or summer if we are having company. ***But I don’t use water chestnuts, and I prefer scallions to red onions, but pretty much everything else is spot on. Thanks to Twilla Brazelton, who I believe was the mother of someone I rode the bus with in elementary school. 😉 I have used this recipe since I was in my 20’s – it’s vintage as I’m 59 currently! :-O

As for the Pumpkin Bread Recipe…

I used this one from —-> Pumpkin Bread Recipe

Both are tried and true and delicious.

Weekly Update

So I had my physical Wed morning at 7:00 a.m. The good thing about that is that no one else is there. It’s the top of the day and so not eating since ten the night before is no issue. The physical takes over an hour though and then I went through Chick-Fil-A drive through because I’m still a kid at heart and my reward was breakfast. 😉 I was at work around 9 a.m. since the school zones were done my commute was only 30 min. Otherwise this week the commutes are 45 to 50 minutes to get home, and even longer as I’ve had errands to run after. The days have been busy and fast and not a lot of down time.

As for quarter end and work? Well I only have 1 return left to file for Oregon on the STT tax for Transport and I am willing to bet that even after asking twice for the data, that it is probably not in my stack of data. I could be wrong. I haven’t had time to look. But I will likely have to ask again for it. We’ll see. I don’t recall seeing it in there.

We’ve had a 401k audit and so while I have been trying to file returns and pay this week’s payroll taxes, I have had to pull numerous 2020, 2021, and 2022 records. You get one set pulled and here comes another request. So it’s a wonder I am sane at all between all that, the dentist, the physical, leaving early one day for Mom, running her errands and trying to find her shoes to wear (had to go back and swap sizes). I’m surprised I’ve made any progress at all but I’ve tried to rush through everything.

I have not had time to work on Month End at all. It all has to be done by the 15th. There is still time but I’m picked to death every few minutes, even that will be difficult. But what can you do? lol

We’ve eaten pretty good this week. This kale salad was delicious. And that is pork chop with it with a sauce and carrots on top.

Dexter has been a little wild man. He misses us during the day/the week so bad. The only thing messed up is his pee pad paper. He had two but he at least only tears up one. He sometimes breaks out but he hasn’t bothered anything when he does. Sometimes it’s the humans that forget and leave a door open. I feel so bad he’s at home by himself for a while.

Video Editing

If I had 10 or 15 minutes here or there I’ve worked in Final Cut Pro on the videos. I’ve picked out music, edited some clips, resized photos, and last night I was surprised to find myself with some quiet time while George fixed dinner. I used my camera to film some introduction to the next video talking about the new year and our going to Texas and “looking back” upon the first of the year. I decided to film the next video as a “look back” from the current time because I had very little footage of either us. We were just in critical mode almost as the month was so busy and I had very little time to video anything, but I had some pretty good pics to share and also some instagram stories. So I’m pulling it all together in a Jan 2022 video. And I’ve also promised myself to begin doing the videos a little differently as I work to “catch up”. I want to morph into more current time frames, update the intro with Dexter, and then begin introducing some new intentional segments in there, that will actually be useful, and still a part of my life. I will always share our life and I want to get better at that too.

You will have to let me know if there is anything you want to see or want me to share, or do a video on. I’ll take some requests, lol. An example is “what kind of toys to buy a puppy/dog that is going to grow big in size”. I could do a segment on what we bought to keep him entertained that has worked. Or my make up routine. How I stay Organized. These are just a few of the thoughts I had. I also thought about doing a behind the scenes “here’s how I edit videos” on Final Cut Pro. I’m not a genius but I could share how I do it and the order in which I do it. I could share my Amazon Wish List, lol. There’s all kinds of ideas I’m developing. I could do one on Christmas Ideas. How I decorate my table. How I get so much done in a week. How I use my phone to organize my life. All kinds of ideas floating around in there. When I retire I can go hog wild into filming intentional videos. I’m trying to morph into it if I can catch up.

I have been able to go from once a month to three weeks. My goal this year was every three at least and I have met that I believe. I have even surpassed and done two weeks a couple of times. I have also done one week back to back ONCE I think. So the timing is improving and that makes me happy.

I’m getting close to having some time to “continue learning” with goals being to integrate more from Canva, learning how to use Tube Buddy to my advantage, continued camera learning and practice (the last video did great – I think- I’ll see what the transfer looked like) with the new settings. I also want to do some blog research on SEO and such. As the goal is to continue growing the blog too. It is growing, slowly and surely so we have more of a community here.

Life has been busy this week and the to do’s are mounting. It’s August you know! And soon it will be the transitional month of September. We will have to get our act together on the Christmas season, start planning our trip to Texas at Thanksgiving, figure out what to do with Dexter (he gets his neutering done this fall – it’s already booked in October), get the house swapped over to fall, clothes swap. I always look forward to these things. I also have to do our fall bucket list and share what we did and didn’t do for summer. And in October it will be quarter end again. Ahhhhhhhhh! lol

We have to give Dexter a bath and I’ve been thinking about buying one of these. lol Do BIG DOGS go and get groomed? Anyway I think we may have to take care of it on our own til he is neutered. And I need to learn how to brush teeth and do ears. So more training to do on that.

George’s birthday is coming up on August 12. I bought his gift already but he saw it b/c Amazon delivered it while he was home and it was not in another box but had what it was on the side of the box. ::sigh:: So now I need to order a surprise. What do you get the man who has everything? I’m not sure. Socks and underwear is boring and he’ll usually throw those in the cart and say “wrap ’em up”. So I have another idea but the “thing” won’t be ready til later. So I’m in a quandary about another surprise and time is ticking. He wants to eat out a lot and we are doing that. We are doing an excursion tomorrow with his sister and her hubby. And Mom offered to take him out on his birthday weekend and he picked tacos – if she feels like going.

So Mom says she is better. I hope she is. We will see her tomorrow and bring her car back and take her the new shoes. I need to see if I can find her some capri lounging pants (jog pant type thing) that are loose and comfy. Amazon was not really pulling up what I need. I may have to go to Walmart or Target and actually look and feel.

I have to wrap George’s birthday gift (even though he knows what it is I feel like I need to wrap it). I have two baby gifts to wrap and I have to go buy paper for that.

I think we are about to place membership with our church and when we do we’ll be spending more time with that I think. So life could get a little bit crazier than it already is.

So I asked my sister if she would help with Mom and she told me how busy they were but agreed to help order her groceries and Amazon orders. I told her she would have to communicate with Mom (it’s not helpful for me to be the go between – if I have to text her what to do every time, it’s just as easy to order it myself if we have to do it that way). After all the internet orders are really nothing and take not much time.

As for groceries Mom doesn’t want to pay for instacart but my sister would have to communicate with her anyway if she ordered her groceries. I’m not texting anyone to order mayo and ketchup on Tuesday. May as well just do it yourself ya know if you have to be the go between? That’s just not helpful and makes more chaos and red tape. But she said she is afraid to communicate with Mom in case the conversation went south. She said she had a lot of healing to do and had come a long way and did not want to slide backward. I didn’t get a text back after I suggested she call her and unblock her if she really truly wanted to help, but I had listed all the ways she could help and the needs Mom had since she said she would be glad to help. I guess time will tell. Til then I guess we can expect to do it all ourselves, George and I. Maybe I’ll be surprised but I’m afraid that Mom’s care will simply be left on my own and we will see if her words of being glad to help will ring true. I hope that they do. Because things will get worse before they get better. Since you can’t always count on many humans for help in a crises, I’ve engaged God daily in the situation. Mom gets a lot of attention from us in our spare time here and there, but we will need to look at options for her to have some daily help until it’s time for assisted living – we are not it – we don’t have time to be “the staff” lol. Mom had previously poo poo’d help from the outside before, but we’ll see. I think she is good for now as long as this gout stays away, but it’s certainly been a wake up call.

Yay it’s Friday! And I need to go and get ready and get to work! Ya’ll take care! What are you doing this weekend? I’ll be back probably Sunday afternoon if I get time. Busy Saturday and then church Sunday. Will do what I can to squeeze it all in. Have to get laundry done, grocery shopping done (need a few things for work – breakfast and lunches), and whatever housework I can fit in. I don’t think it will be a restful weekend with us being gone most of it. We also have to take Mom’s car back and get her shoes to her on the way to Cookeville tomorrow. For the person that says “I only want to go to a grocery store 1 time every week or two- I will have been there at least 4 times within a week, after I go again this weekend. ::sigh:: One time was to swap the shoes, and I was supposed to get cat food and forgot b/c my mission was the shoes til George threw the cat food on me at the last minute but I totally forgot! I can’t remember anything anymore if it’s not on a list. There’s too many other things biding for my time and attention.

Ok I’m not off the hamster wheel yet and need to get ready and get out of here. Take care.

Thursday Went Missing, Getting My Crown, and Mom’s Declining Health

So, something happened a couple of weeks ago. Thursday went missing. lol. It’s aggravating when things start to disappear. But my life has been in somewhat of a shuffle this month. I always take good care of things and try so hard to put things back where they go so they don’t get lost. I keep my pill case in my work bag. At work, I always take my meds for the morning and then toss the pill box back to my work bag and the next morning when I get the new one out of the case I put the old one (yesterday’s) back in the case. Well I had other things in my work bag too, including a box of Triscuit crackers and other things.

I told George I’d lost Thursday. It was kinda funny. I just had used a baggy for the pills in hopes it would show up. Well it did.

I got a text from George that said. I found Thursday. It was in the Triscuit box. lol lol

So you are looking at my pill box and wonder what all those pills are? No problem.

I only take one Rx and that is for blood pressure. I’ve refused Metformin and other drugs. I chose to just eat better and take supplements and exercise more. I have a physical tomorrow and we’ll see how I do. Still prefer not to put a lot of chemicals in my body but I’m ok with supplements and vitamins. I have found a mix that finally work for me to aid me in staying as healthy as I can to avoid diverticulitis, lethargy, brain fog, moodiness, helps with heart issues, etc. Who knows if I’ve chosen well but I’ve come off the pricy multi-level marketing (MLM) vitamins and supplements that I liked, for a less expensive approach. I think I was getting overloaded with the MLM stuff anyway. It’s been confusing making the switch in the last year and a half, and who’s to say I won’t still mix things up from time to time.

Here is what goes in my pill box:

  • Rx for blood pressure
  • D3 – it’s just so important for regulating everything and women don’t get enough
  • Vitamin C is there because somedays I don’t get enough fresh fruit in. If I do I will leave it off.
  • Active B Complex – This has been vital for my emotional well being. If I get sad and moody – I probably need more veggies, greens, fruits, and B-Complex! If I don’t take this B Complex as a supplement I start having bad days.
  • Omega-3 – (Fish oil). I just recently started taking this for my heart as we don’t get enough fish in our diets. I really need to work at that. I used to eat a lot of salmon but it’s gotten expensive and the restaurants are different in the new area I work. I eat tuna fish but not near enough. This one has a vanilla taste and is much smaller of a pill to swallow. I first ordered some big honkers and had to give those to George as I was afraid I’d choke.
  • I have to take Calcium for my bones per doctors orders, but I don’t take near enough. I kinda felt like the calcium was blocking my blood pressure for working. I am only suspicious of that. But I try to take half of what he wanted me to at an alternate time of day from my Rx. I also try to eat mozzarella cheese or the lower fat cheese sticks, and I drink Glucerna “Snack” drinks periodically all in an effort for increase dairy with doing damage. We have been eating more sour cream though b/c some of it comes with Hello Fresh in making the drizzle over sauces. Might be good, might be bad.
  • And turmeric is supposed to be good for inflammation and several other things so I faithfully take it now.

I take some in the a.m and some in the afternoon, just to NOT take so much at once.

Also at night I have my probiotics and magnesium and then a couple of squirts of melatonin. For the most part these things tend to work.

Do you have certain supplements that you take? Let me know if you have found something that works well and why you like it.


So I got a crown at the dentist office Monday morning and was very impressed with their service and the crown itself. They brought a warmed blanket out. I’ve never had that before. And the technology was incredible. They had my tooth up on a 3 D screen and got it exact. I cannot tell the crown from my real tooth. It was so fascinating how they used graphics to do it. I wish I’d gotten a pic for the blog but my phone was in my purse across the room and I was under a warm blanket. They even provided dark glasses for over my regular glasses so the dentist light wouldn’t be in my eyes. Oh my gosh I love this dentist office. They also put on HGTV for me. Does your dentist do all that? Come move to Mount Juliet, just for the dentist, lol!

Monday night George fixed us a great meal! A good salad and then also the Hello Fresh meal as seen below. So good with the yogurt sauce. I forgot what it was called but it’s kindof a Greek dish. Hello Fresh always has good flavors and layers of flavor.

Also Monday night George and I had to go get my car. We had put it back in the shop (again) Sunday once we found someone that had a key/note drop off. Our favorite place had shut down. George had a half day Monday and the car was ready so he ran by and paid for it and then we went to pick it up Monday night.

Mom had asked every day since we borrowed it if we got the car fixed and/or if we brought the car back so it makes me uncomfortable borrowing it. I’m not sure if she is worried we are not going to bring it back or maybe she was just genuinely curious but every day she asks “did you bring my car back?” So I will be glad to get the car back over there so she won’t have to worry about it or ask about it every day, lol.

Mom’s ’bout with gout is back. Tuesday I get to work and about to start payroll and Mom calls and says she can’t walk at all that the gout is back and that she can’t feed Fancy or let her out and she needs me to come over after I do payroll. I told her I’d come at lunch so Fancy would not have to cross her legs. The dog uses paper most of the time but Mom lets her out some. Mom said not to come at lunch and admitted that she had been able to get the dog some dry food and let her out once already. She wanted me to come after payroll and not at lunch. She gave me a list of things to get at the grocery and added to it with texts during the day. She accidentally texted the neighbor to bring her cherry juice thinking she was texting me. So the neighbor brought cherry juice. lol She also asked me to stop and get her dinner. I called George and told him I’d be home for dinner eventually that I had to go do all that.

I ended up leaving around 3:15. I made good progress with payroll and did about three tax returns while waiting for our deposit to load to the bank. I only have two returns left. It broke my heart to have to pay penalties and late fees and interest fees yesterday, but when you don’t get the info in time you can’t do a month work of work in the last week of the month, so everyone has no choice but to live with the results. We had special circumstances I guess but still, it’s not how I like to do things. I like to get things done early and certainly by on time.

I went to Kroger and got Mom’s things and killed two birds with one stone by buying her baked chicken from the deli and it will take care of several meals for her. I got potato salad also and some kind of chicken salad with cranberry and pecan for her to eat for lunch and a pre made salad that has to be eaten in the next day or so. Hopefully this will get her taken care of til she can get around better. So I took care of the dog, fed her, put dirty dishes in the dishwasher, got her mail and she asked if I brought her car back, again. “No Mom when I left the house this morning I didn’t know I was coming over here so I’m in my car.”

Fancy’s eyes look swollen around the rim of her eye like she is allergic to something. Fancy looked rough yesterday. She will be to the vet soon.

The phone call yesterday has made George and I realize that assisted living is coming sooner rather than later. We have already known it would be a short stint in the house but if she keeps getting gout, which can do permanent damage if not put in control, she will be less likely to get around much. So we began talking about where do we go from here. George and I have to work still. We are not at the point of retiring and cannot just go and take care of Mom’s needs every day. I’ve said before we are not assisted living staff. The past few days have already been so stressful for me with everything going on: car, work crunch as QE is late and it’s already month end again, family birthday’s to prepare for, plans being made for this and that, and the dog, and Mom’s dog, and all of Mom’s needs stacking up. I’m about to lose my sanity. It’s just hard working FT and trying to deal with everything we have been dealing with. It’s times like these when I remember my sibling is out there living her best life hanging out on beaches, and not here to pitch in to help the mother that raised her. It’s her choice but I have to give it to God continually in prayer because I’m trying not to sin during these times when family needs to be supporting one another. My sister knew this was coming I guess I didn’t want any part of it. But God keeps telling me to take one day at a time. Otherwise I will end up unable to function. When I get overwhelmed to a point, I get paralyzed and can’t do anything and have to shut down for a day or two.

I immediately googled assisted living places near us. And George knows of an agency that helps you find a place for Mom. But he said it goes quickly. Once you sign up with them Mom would be in a place within 6 to 8 weeks. So I think it is time to start considering this. She is going to have to eat better. My guess is she is eating only starches and sugar and her body is reacting. She needs greens and fruits and grains (not white bread) and a balanced diet. But I think she reaches for unhealthy things and apparently doesn’t want to cook anymore. She is so addicted to sugar. Something really needs to drastically change because we can’t just get to work and be called to come take care of her. I already miss enough work as it is. This is not working for us. I don’t mind taking her things once or twice a week but we just can’t be there every time we get a call. This has all just been so much. I never dreamed things would be like this. With Dad dying, my sister taking off into the blue yonder and leaving us here to deal with this, and the time this would all take. I don’t mind helping – that is not the point. If I minded, I’d be on the beach too. But I’m doing my God given responsibilities but it is still overwhelming trying to get it all done. Time is the problem. I’m behind on everything in life. The older I get the more behind I get. Well at work I’m not the reason for the lateness, it’s because the numbers were not given to me in time but all the rest, it’s just because there is no time to cover it all.

We are also headed into the busy time of the year and that scares me. Of course we are and of course we will be stupidly and insanely busy again. So I am going to just have to rely on God to get me through these insecure times.

Today I have my physical at 7:00 a.m. I am sure my BP will be sky high. I’m behind at work and have all these appts this week. But it is what it is. I’m trying to be happy and take one day at a time.

Overnight I felt I was coming down with something. The dentist asst and dentist sounded like they had a cold, but they were wearing masks. I just felt really run down over night. I didn’t exercise this morning but rested instead as I sat under a quilt and sipped coffee. Anyway off to the doc and then to work and will check on Mom. Her foot was a little better but it hurt to walk on it. George said you can walk with gout but it is painful. I reminded him she had a lot more weight on her than he did.

Anyway, we’ll see how the rest of the week goes and where we go from here. But if things don’t change I think we are going to have to talk about assisted living where she can be assisted and fed three meals and have her needs taken care of. We just can’t wait on her like they can.

I’ve not forgotten that several of you asked for recipes of things cooked/fixed in my YouTube video. I have pulled the recipes and have them here and will get them posted in the next few days. I’ve run out of time today. :-).