Battery Died, But I Had a Ride

There is no need to make the statement at how weird and odd this year is. I guess 2020 will go down in the books as the year everything tanked. Normally I’d be all over the weather channel, keeping tabs on Isaias. And even though no doubt it as impacted a lot of people, we have been focused on everything going haywire around us while attempting to get ready for vacay. But my heart goes to those that have been impacted and I am sorry I’ve not been able to watch the news on it. Prayers for all!

Yesterday morning, I was determined to get the video out. It’s out. Not sure anyone saw it, or cares, but a few did and I appreciated those that commented as it made my day. I worked hard on it. But I do realize the following:

  1. It’s not going to be my family and friends that will follow, subscribe, and watch. Sure there are a few of you.
  2. It’s not going to be noticeable on Facebook as it might have a few years ago. FB has probably moved certain video platforms to lower viewing status in their efforts to control what’s being said that is doesn’t fit their plans/model (or political status, lol). I say that b/c I can tell which types of posts I get comments on and which ones I do not.
  3. It’s not going to get a lot of recognition on YouTube itself as there is too much competition.
  4. I’m new at it. And don’t really have a lot of skill yet and have basically been doing iPhone videos.
  5. It’ll be a constant improvement – that was the plan all along.
  6. I’m not sure I want masses of people watching it right now anyway, LOL.
  7. And I realize that the vlog watchers are really not even going to be you all that are here. Some of you will, most won’t.
  8. And this is the biggest one: My camp of Vlogger people IS OUT THERE somewhere. I just have to tap into them. And I will. Just not today. I won’t let the stats get me down. For each video I did, I have less views. They are going down and not up, but I just have to find my “Vlogger People” – lol.

So yeah, that took some time getting the Thumbnail up and getting it published. Was determined. And it’s done.

And then I do the dishes b/c I wanted to as they had piled up. George was staying home but I didn’t want him to have to do them. So I rushed through that and barely had time to get down to the car and head out for work so I’d be there early. Burning the candle at the top of the morning to try to get in to work and get extra hours in so no one complains Thursday at our leaving early so we don’t have to be driving late at night.

So I go to start the car and it won’t work. It was the battery. Thank goodness George was working from home for the dishwasher repair guy. So he was able to go and buy a battery at lunch and get the old one out which took coca cola poured on it as the battery was in bad shape and hard to get loose. He got the new one in.

The dishwasher repair guy didn’t come til late in the afternoon. They refused to let George know when they would be there. The guy came and the dishwasher started right up. Apparently something had blocked the thing that spins that allows the water to flow, back when that last load wasn’t done. Geez. All this time we washed dishes by hand and nothing was really wrong with the dishwasher.

So anyway, I had to take this guy into work yesterday. I noticed that George did not offer for me to use his new ride. LOL Naw….I was given the keys to the old Flinstone Mobile.

And yes, I was in a hurry and went to work with it on E. This is after I got to work so it was above the E when I left. Then yesterday when I left work, I forgot to stop at the station near me but luckily made it to Donelson at the Shell. This car is not very good for the interstate. Sometimes you need to be able to go fast to get out of a situation and this car will not provide that service, lol. And it’s a little wobbly. Easy to go left or right. It’s like an old man out of balance. But thankfully it did get me there and back.

I got there and got the payroll done. It was kind of an interruptive and aggravating day yesterday for a payroll day but it finally got done.

By the time I got home I was just spent. But I was relieved that everything was back to normal. Well, as normal as anything can be this year.

I was glad to see my doggies.

We ate something for dinner and I should have been doing the many things I’d planned to do, but I just couldn’t. I hung out on the Mac and social media for some “time off”. And then after dinner I did a few things. The rest I have to do tonight. A lot more has to be done tonight. Tonight’s the final packing night. Tomorrow’s the day. After work. George is off though but I told him I needed to work a few hours. It’s not a vacay day for me but I will have worked my hours for the week and then some Mon thru Thurs morning.

So off of here to get going. I don’t know if I will be posting again tomorrow. Likely not. It may be while we are on the road. I can blog from my phone. But we’ll see. I may be the one driving.

Prayer requests for safe travels, a safe trip all the way around – no Corona virus, no wrecks, a fun time, no car issues. I kinda won’t believe that this vacation will happen until I see us actually arrive in Texas. Not many plans have made it this year. So I’m kindof expecting something will happen to destroy our trip. Yes I’m a realist. This year has show us that plans are useless, but yet we still try. God says always just say Lord Willing. So that is what I will say. We will soon be in Texas, Lord Willing.

It wasn’t just Maisy that crashed hard at bed time. I joined her, then Roger and George. The sleep was good and much needed.

Now off for another day. Wondering what it will bring. I’m scared to ask.

Next You Tube Video is Published

Enjoy! Bloopers at the End!

In good shape this week. Very busy. Worked 10 hours yesterday. Month End taxes are paid! Now to conquer this week’s work.

Came home and worked on the laundry, packing supplements and vitamins for the next few work days, gave myself a pedicure. Hopefully the last self given one for a while. September I plan to go get one – I think.

Brought the suitcase upstairs, watered the plant outside and gave the cat more water. Charged another camera battery. Fixed/repaired my ear buds, and packed a few more things. Every night has his list like the above. It just takes a while to get ready for a trip. Just a whole lot of itty bitty details.

Worked on the thumb nail for video this morning as I was too tired last night since my mornings are starting at 4:00. So I’m kinda running behind on my morning and now need to catch up to get to work at the allotted time I had decided on.

I was going to wash dishes. Oh well, no time. I had saved it for last. ha. Dishwasher guy comes today to fix it – hopefully. So George is working from home today awaiting his arrival.

Gotta go ya’ll. See ya!

Beef Shawarma, Wine Bottling, and Working on Next Video

George fixed a beef shawarma dish Saturday night and it was almost just like eating at a Greek restaurant. YUM!

As the temps cooled a bit I was able to sit in the sun room some this weekend and sip coffee. However, I did not take much time off other than getting ready for the work week and working on this next video.

The video is finished. It has been uploading since about 6 p.m. yesterday. Our internet does this thing – well it’s probably a Mac thing – every so often the internet will just quit and it tries to search for a network. Before I always thought I had to reboot but now I just stop the internet and restart it from the settings – then it finds our assigned network again. It’s really strange. So I guess overnight it quit and I thought it’d be through this morning but I had to restart the internet.

I’ve learned that you always set your video on YouTube to Private first until you make sure it IS what you want. I always play it through first. If I don’t like something, or something was corrupted – I can ditch it and I still have the movie in my timeline on iMovie. I can change something if needed.

So I worked on this for several hours yesterday. It is getting easier but I still think it takes about an hour for every minute of footage with all that goes into it. I’m ok with that though as I like being creative with it. Kinda have to be to make sitting at home interesting at all.

I was worried about the footage if you have been reading. We haven’t done much but cook and eat and I got my new camera. We went to see Mom. So while it’ll be similar to the other videos – it’s still a bit different. I also had not been in the mood to video. I can see that during the week with work, lack of proper sleep, I’m just surviving. But on the weekends when I can get more sleep I’m in the mood to video or take pics of everything. So being worried about what footage I had, I videoed a bunch this weekend but didn’t even need it. I have a whole ‘nother video to do before we do the one in Texas. Of course it’ll have to all wait til we get back. In this video though I promised the next one would be at the ranch for the Gender reveal, so I’ll have a video that takes up to that point on the ranch. How funny is that that I ended up with extra footage.

This is when I wish I had a mac laptop for the road so I could work on it- but NO I’m not going there, lol. That laptop is for retirement days and travel one day, Lord Willing.

There’s nothing wrong with waiting til I get back to work on the videos. And I should have enough at that point that I can keep on going and get ahead or behind – however you want to look at it. I’ll have movies to work on – several in a row and won’t have to wait for interesting things to happen, I hope. lol

So this video will be up tomorrow, Lord willing. It has 22 min left to upload but I need to make the thumbnail and such.

At Kroger yesterday I couldn’t resist buying a Student Planner. I’m such a goober. I get so excited for the next calendar year and the next planner that sometimes I end up buying a planner in the fall with the students and then another when the new ones come out in January. But it seems that is driven by whatever my needs are. Sometimes I don’t like the planner – that’s usually what it is. I bought a hardback one that was hard to write in once. I bought a big one for the room and it was big and bulky. The black one above has been great as it’s flexible. But our world has shrunk and mine with it and I kept thinking how nice it would be to have one that fits in my purse with enough room to put to do’s on each day. So BAM! This one was it. I never saw a price but figured it would be cheaper than the one I’d be buying for Jan over the internet. So I spent some time converting dates in this. Now I have it on the go in my purse.

So I cut George’s hair yesterday. It looks good if I say so myself. I’m really nervous about getting behind his ears though. I forgot to get a photo but I did video it.

And he bottled some wine yesterday. This time it’s Pinot Noir. One of my favorite sipping wines.

He buys generic labels for them.

One thing about doing a Blog and Vlog is trying to remember to both video and take pics of everything. LOL

I did get some video done for the first time on the new cam as I didn’t do much of that at Mom’s when I played with it for the first real photo session. But I quickly learned as I wanted to video a scene of his wine bottling. We will see how it goes. It’ll be on the next video after this one coming up. I was proud of myself for remembering to keep a battery charged up.

Well, I need to get moving. I’m getting up at 4 all week on the first crack if I can, so I can get to work early, maybe help George with the dishes some since the dishwasher is broken, and then tonight I have to do my pedicure and some laundry and redo my vitamins for the week. Oh the dishwasher guy comes on Tuesday! Yay!

Oh and I did a thing yesterday! I bit the bullet and did the subscription for Canva. As much as love graphics, photos, illustrations, gifs, and background removal – it will be my new graphic program of sorts. That is exactly what it is. So I need to think of it as that instead of just an app. I have salivated over the Pro Version of this for over a year. So I gave in. It will help me tremendously! It makes things so much easier. So Epidemic Sound and Canva are my main two tools. I also have a pro version of Word Press and my own domain as well. But for a hobby I don’t think my expense is much at all. I mean it could be golf, lol. I get to enjoy my hobby every weekend – heck really every day. No matter what the weather. It’s been the one consistent thing I’ve done in my life I think.

I pop in now and then on this bar in Spain. So many nights they have been filled with party goers and no masks. I see the stools now are taped down and every other table is too. This is Bar Oviso in Barcelona.

And it’s a coffee/cafe during the morning and daytime hours. I notice she is wearing a mask too. I have been trying to see in webcams what other countries are doing and it appears that all across the globe mask wearing is being done.

So I have a system update to do on my Mac, but I’ve been advised by various YouTubers/MacOwners to wait a month before downloading updates and never allow the automatic update. That way they can get all the bugs out and your apps/developers have time to react. So I think I’m about a week or two in – in waiting on it. But I noticed that my email has jumped up again. I haven’t had much time the last two weekends to go through it. I guess I’ll do that on the way to Texas when I’m not driving.

Every now and then I have to go in and cancel a few things. I can’t keep up with some of the things I like to keep up with. I enjoy the WebMD articles and even like the AARP articles, although I don’t get into anything political with that group I just want the benefits – but I forget about them, lol.

Anyway, best get off and get rollin’. I’ll be trying to pop in every day even if it’s for a minute. Since I’m working extra it will give me something to make me feel like I’m getting to do something for ME! But soon it’ll be time to GO to TX.

Ya’ll have a good week. What you up to this week?