Shampoo Games and Christmas Items

Over the years with all the travel I’ve been blessed to do – even with work – I have a collection of little shampoos, conditioners, and lotions from the hotels I’ve stayed. I have them separated into little bins in the closet shelf. I have used these through the years when going to Mom’s house or friends houses at overnights and it’s been nice, but the bins are overflowing and hardly getting used. So I decided during these Pandemic times, that I would start using them up. I mean maybe I should wait for retirement or perhaps RV’ng if I am ever lucky enough to get to do this in my life. But life has no guarantees, so I decided to just start using them.

Much of everything I do in life has a “game” about it or at least a “game plan”. Or an order. I’m methodical about most things. It’s why sometimes I have a hard time deciding something or answering a question because I go through a list of pros/cons through my head and decide if there’s something I need to do first, last, or instead, LOL.

So here’s my Shampoo Rule. I keep 3 varying shampoos in the shower. I think your hair does better when it has more than one type of shampoo. One is always my Suave Rosemary Mint shampoo or the Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo from Trader Joe’s but we rarely get there. The 2nd shampoo has always been an Herbal Essence shampoo because my hair has always done well with it, and usually it was a color one or the original one. But I’ve gone natural now and my color one is almost gone. I’ll replace it with the original most likely as it’s done best with that.

The third shampoo has always been the WILD CARD – it’s the one when getting low, I’ll pick any shampoo I want to try. This has been a fun system as I have my favorites plus getting to try other ones too.

As for conditioners – well, I mainly use VO5 Kiwi Lime as it is easy to wash out. I have deeper ones for the weekends but find I’m impatient with them. So I bought a spray on conditioner to use and like that from time to time when I remember to use it. I recently bought some shampoo and conditioner bundles to try and so the game is – if you use the shampoo you use the corresponding conditioner that goes with it so that I won’t just wimp out and use the VO5 and never use them. That’s the rule. Or I can just use none or the spray on if in a hurry.

Back to the shampoo. So….I have decided my little travel shampoos will become my 3rd shampoo until they are gone. I have made some little shampoo travel containers out of my system’s little cleansing bottles. They are a little bigger than these and I can use the shampoo from the big bottles to fill them if I ever need a smaller travel size.

So….game on. My 3rd bottle of full shampoo (the wild card) is almost gone so I’ll start using these up. I figure I’ll keep a start of about 5 little bottles so I won’t have to keep digging into the closet bin to get them every day. That will at least be about 2 to 3 weeks worth since I’m also using the other two bottles (Rosemary mint and Herbal Essence). I could also use the closet space for toilet paper! We ALL will be hoarding TP now until we die. LOL

Publix had their candy on sale for half price. Probably will have that all across the other stores? Maybe? Just letting you know. Quite a deal I’d say. I did not partake but it’s tempting.

I have a little Christmas pile started. Well there is that little turkey back there in the back. Doesn’t he look lonely. Actually he looks scared. As he should be. The holidays are coming around. Aren’t the elves cute. That came from the Dollar Store. I had been wanting some Christmas trees. And these are candles. I’ll be using them for decor. We will use them on our Christmas table.

I’m looking forward to the holidays this year. Except we won’t get to see our daughter though. That part makes me sad. I think George is sad because of it too because he keeps saying how different it will be. He kept saying that when his parents were gone. It’s sad. I am excited about it because Mom and my Aunt and Uncle are coming. And WE are here and alive and I feel we should make it as special as we can. We are not guaranteed any time at all. With Covid around, and us being heavy set – ok fat – we will have the harder time with heart disease or stroke or other issues looming about over our heads. So it makes me think we should enjoy the holidays regardless of the situation. But I guess it is really sad for him with no family from his side of the family at Christmas Day. As for our daughter, she is growing our grandson and it’s NOT the time to travel that close in. So we will miss seeing them. And I thought maybe we’d still get to do Christmas but we are shipping the gifts this year. In future years we can hopefully plan to eventually have a gift opening at some point. But I think we should plan to have a great holiday season this year and try to make it special to overcome what we will be missing.

I even ordered a pack of Christmas “Red Truck” socks. Mine have dwindled over the years and so as a sock lover anyway, these made me happy! You can see them barely in the pic above.

And so I’m off to do a few things. It’s payroll closing day. So an important day. Yesterday was a busy Monday as the plants had a lot of stuff they were holding on to, to send. Hardly had any emails all week then Monday BAM! It wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle. But wish that procrastination was not the name of the game. Nevertheless, I still had a bit of time to work on the quarter end yesterday and of course did not find the $1700 ish dollars. So…I’m not sure how to find this. Everyone’s numbers seemed correct. I’ll have to defer to the experts til I learn what rocks you look under. Last conversation I had with my boss she wasn’t sure either. So I don’t know – maybe we need to look at the spreadsheet again. Maybe it’s just a simple thing we’ve missed. Usually something that makes you go “DUH”.

Onto more coffee….I like to hit publish and then go get a 2nd cup and read what I wrote. Secretly, I don’t even spell check until after I’ve posted. I’m sure it’s not a secret as you probably see my spelling errors. It’s usually a missing word where the computer is saving as I’m typing and missed a beat or it’s a word like “cents” where my brain has misfired and used “sense”. I know which one it is but my fingers sometimes have a misfire from the brain. I try to have time to spell correct. Honestly sometimes I just barely get through getting my ideas on the pallet here. Some days there is not time for spell check so I apologize for that. I don’t claim to be a Pro. Just raw and real as I can be without getting into trouble. If I could say what I thought I’d be forever alone and fired as no one likes to see the truth in black and white, LOL. So I keep some of my reality to myself but most of it. I’d say 95 percent of it is raw and real. The other 5 percent that is missing is me being nice and not mentioning the flaws and rudeness in others. I have them too. I mention my own quite frequently.

Ya’ll have a good one. Coffee here I come.

Funny Moment, New Followers, and Shopping

I forgot to mention this yesterday….but Saturday, we had a funny moment.

Situation I:

George had left to go run an errand. I was home by myself. I decided to toss out some old muffins and bread so the critters could have it. So out the back sunroom door, I began throwing the bread and those big old brown muffins out the door. I threw them hard and up in the air and they landed on the ground with a thud. I wanted the birds and squirrels to see them. Then I hear a noise and I can barely see the front of the old Toyota we have parked in the driveway. I see the front door is open and see an arm leaning in. The arm has long sleeves. George never wears long sleeves. I run to the back window and peer out and the figure is gone already. Oh my gosh, is someone trying to steal in pure daylight? Of course nothing in the car should be of value. One might thank them for even taking it off. But still.

Situation 2:

George is outside on the driveway getting out of the old Toyota he has driven to run his errands. He hears a thud on the ground. He looks up and sees a brown object raining down from the sky. Oh my gosh is the squirrel throwing walnuts at me? But there is no tree there. What the heck is happening? What is that?

He comes in the house.

Me: Oh good that was you. I thought someone was stealing the car. I was throwing muffins and saw an arm with long sleeves reaching in it. I thought you were still gone. But I see you have your coat on – it must be pretty chilly for you to wear a coat.

Him: Throwing muffins? That is what that noise was. I kept thinking the squirrels were throwing things at me from the tree or that walnuts were dropping, but there was no tree and no squirrel.

What is so funny is that we counter each other all the time like this in nearly everything we do. He’ll lay something out and I’ll put it up. Out of all the rooms in the house, we will pick the same moment to need to be in the same spot. We undo what the other did a lot. It’s always amusing.

I had a surprise in my mailbox this morning. I’ve reached 200 followers. That is awesome. I have not really tried to grow the blog so much as the YouTube channel so I can get a few benefits from that. But in promoting the YouTube some, I’ve promoted the blog b/c that is where the VLOG came from and the videos are an extension of it. I think some are just networking and advertisers or marketers but some are real people just being friendly. Some are as we always know, snoopers. And that is ok too. It’s a public blog. But again, as I said when I reached 50,000 hits! Thank you whoever you are, even the snoopies for the follows. I don’t know that I really had any goals as far as numbers when it came to the blog, but when I saw the hits were going to go over 50,000 soon it was exciting and then also I saw my follow numbers heading toward 200 and made a mental note that would be fun. So it’s nice to see the blog go out there.

What really lights my light is when people comment. It truly makes my day. I get that it is not easy to comment sometimes and people hardly even have time to read much less comment. And people that just don’t want their name out there to be seen on it. LOL. But I always cheer and do summersaults inside when I get that special *ding* on my phone. It has a certain sound and I know it’s a blog comment. So I appreciate those that take time to comment. Truly warms my heart and makes my day. If you don’t that is ok too.

Look at these ornaments I got from Cracker Barrel last week. I had to have them. They were not much. Cracker Barrel always has the cutest ornaments and usually they are inexpensive and make cute gifts to add to a bag or to give to coworkers/friends. We will have an extra little tree this year coming from Mom’s. She gave me one. So I took the liberty to buy the owl as we have an owl out back we hear quite often and the red bird ornament reminds me of my Grandmothers. Two cardinals. One for Mam-ma and one for Nanny.

Well, I started the next iMovie and began working on it. I actually have more material now than I thought. So I will have one that is kinda what we did in Sept and another for October. Something like that. One will be about After Texas, and going to Columbia, and cleaning the house, deer footage and anniversary weekend. And then the one after that will be more fall related, our house decor (not much) another trip to Columbia, And will include some footage from yesterday and a will have more to add to it I’m sure.

I did our big Target order yesterday of just household supplies. Mainly things like shampoo, face wash, face scrub, and the face wipes which I use at bedtime. Also ordered cat food and treats and ordered laundry detergent, softener liquid and softener sheets. Ordered a few crackers for snacking. Things like that. Haven’t done that in a while as it usually takes longer these days to get things. But I’m ordering in advance of when I need them so we’ll be good.

Well, I need to get ready and head on in. It’s supposed to storm today. I guess another front moving through. I hope I can find the missing $1700 from the taxes. lol. I will finish going through all of our employees looking at their gross pay minus their insurance and making sure the numbers add up. Or subtract right I should say. I would like to get to the bottom of who is changing the last names to start with a P. That is just weird.

Much to do after work also today. Need to run to the store and pick up RX (blood pressure meds). Might do a stroll thru to see if anything I want to take for work. I’m tired of trying to figure out good work things to eat that are easy.

I also need to do my orders for the baby shower of a coworker and probably send an extra item for Katy’s upcoming shower. I have something I want to get that she doesn’t know she needs. I need to “reboot” the vitamin/supplement container for another week. And work on the iMovie until dinner.

We also started the next season of Yellowstone as it arrived from Amazon. We just bought it instead of paying for the streaming.

I’ve got to see if Sister Wives is back on. Does anyone know? I keep seeing new articles on them so I figure they must be getting ready to air or have aired. They are all also suddenly more active on Instagram and such.

Well, ok I’m off of here this time. Ya’ll have an excellent day. Take care.

Fall Camera Shots, Baby Showers, and an Evening OUT!

I was in the laundry room – you know – doing laundry and ironing and all that great stuff. I looked down and laughed. Maisy was all in the sheets and hanging out with me. When we left to go vote, she actually slept in there. So I’m thinking of making her a bed there for when we are gone. Roger seems to take over the dog beds (all of them) and so she won’t get on them unless I have a clean blanket over them. So I think I will just put a blanket there for while we are gone then Roger will go for the softer bed and leave her area alone.

Not long ago I used a credit on Audible to download Hamilton. I was shocked at what my credit was bringing me. Wow! Thirty Five hours of listening time. THIRTY FIVE HOURS!

It seems that when I go back and forth from house to car – it doesn’t sync. Maybe there is some setting I’m missing, but I have to listen to it over again usually (you can’t fiddle with things in the car while driving). So I decided I would have a dedicated laundry time book going since I spend a lot of time in there every week. So, yeah…wonder how many months it will take me to get through this one? lol

Got the kitchen clean! It wasn’t too bad but I did have a few dishes to clean up after the Friday night spaghetti dinner.

She is my special girl, following me around the house wherever I am working.

Friends asked us out to dinner last night and we had a splendid time. On the square in Lebanon, TN eating at a new to us place called “Town Square Social”. Oh my gosh. It is wonderful. An old building with modern touches and yes a very social atmosphere. I don’t think there were a lot of social distancing going on. It was crowded. And we had a great time eating off of this WIDE range of a menu. It had bar food, but it had salads, tacos, burgers, pizzas, wings, mac and cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, Nashville Hot dishes. And the food was special, not your average. (Sorry dudes in the windows).

We had wings, chicken nachos, and pizza for the table. Then we each ordered our own meal, knowing we would likely have 2nd’s for another meal today. The pizza was from their wood fired oven and was just a piece of heaven. I want to go back for more! We are putting it on the calendar to accompany a Lebanon Christmas shopping trip one Saturday.

Lebanon, TN is about a 20 to 30 minute drive from our house. Reaching it’s outskirts in about 15 but the innards of the city is probably more like 30. It’s a small town with quite a bit of growth lately and of course we have decided to “rediscover” what it has to offer with this upcoming trip. (Yay more to video, LOL).

Here was the brick inside the building. I took a pic mainly as it is “texture” I can use as transition pieces between videos.

So I took some pics outside with the camera and some video of the fall trees and George mowing. Really just wanted to see if I could video properly. I also did some videoing inside the house. Just kindof redoing some of the video I had messed up earlier having it on the wrong settings or SOMETHING!! Everything came out ok. I guess I took both raw images and jpeg images and need to learn more about that. As I got a TWOFER (two for one surprise). I think I had it on the settings that the guy in the video told me to have it on. I’m anxious to see the differences b/w the two and to learn more about what it is doing b/w the raw and jpeg. I have no idea what I’m doing yet. But. I know more than I did and was happy with the images from yesterday. George did a great job cleaning up the yard a bit and doing a final (maybe we’ll see) mow.

Here playing around with the focus spot through the lens. Focusing here on the bench chair in the woods.

Here focusing on the closer object, the leaves. I love, love, love, being able to do this where it is blurry in the background!

LOOK! It’s a drive-by greeting!

So the leaves are starting to turn with the recent cooler temps. The day temps are still very warm 60’s to 80’s.

You can see the cemetery begin to come into view.

And there is our house from the cemetery.

And a focus in on the leaves in front of me…

The camera did a wonderful job of capturing the detail on the tombstones.

And of course this morning, I had leftovers as I watched The Wynn’s getting back to their boat in Tonga. Yeah I know, so much for diet mode. Thus drinking lots of water, not planning on eating again til dinner, and planning a lower calorie – perhaps even a cleansing day – for tomorrow!

Just kind of a cloudy day today with a bit of rain moving into the area apparently. I’ve been behind on keeping up with the weather! Some days I’m surprised. That is NOT like me.

I’m going to be working on the iMovie some today I think. But I do have some other things I need to do – like a Target order for some household supplies. A friend at work is having a baby and I need to send something to her house. That is what I had planned all along that way she doesn’t have to wag it from work to home but it’ll be delivered. We can’t have any kind of parties at work, celebrations, or birthdays now, due to COVID. No sharing of food or anything. They did set up a table for her at work with balloons and flowers. It was very pretty. But lonely with no people or love surrounding it.

Katy had a shower yesterday given by her friends. I am not sure what I can share/not share. I think she didn’t want a lot shared by video but I think she is ok with a few things in the blog. I’m pretty sure I’m safe to share these few things if I rub out some details of the location. They are not allowed to share anything with company logo, or property etc. The shower is not on the property though. Isn’t she pretty, my girl? I put a star over the ranch name. In case you wonder what that is, LOL.

This is how big the baby is!
Party kitchen, it’s just Gorgeous!
Caramel Apples

The shower was so pretty. Looks like a wonderful fall theme related to pumpkins “Little Pumpkin on its way!”. I can’t wait to see all the things she got for the shower. Looking forward to that facetime call! And that is all she wrote for today!