Behind Everywhere, but Moving Forward in Life

It sure is. And we are dancing all over the place trying to accomplish all the goals we set out for ourselves and all the goals that everyone else has set for us, and then some!

It amazes me how much there is to packing and unpacking for a trip. Just the making sure you have everything you need. We are so dependent upon all our things and we don’t want to be without them. Mostly everything is unpacked, but I cannot say that everything is put up. I’m still not in the groove, but slowly getting there. Just have been limping by and getting only the critical things done. Laundry is well underway. Work pants have been washed and ironed. I never dry my work clothes in the dryer. So I have to touch them up usually. They last longer that way and have less static.

Monday night we had to go to the store for a few things buggy load of things needed. We bought baked chicken from the deli area and had lima beans and a salad with it. It was so good. And good for us. We watched last week’s Below Deck while we ate, then crashed after!

Tuesday night, George paid some bills and worked on the finances. While we were out something went on with one of our credit cards. We figured it was because we used it out of area. But now I believe it was because a bill that was mailed failed to make it in time. The post office has been two and three times slower. George still pays by paper – most things. He never has trusted paying on line. I told him it might be time to change if we can’t trust snail mail to move! We can’t have that. Our credit score is perfection and we have prided ourselves at that. The only time my score has been bad is when Mom paid a school loan late once that was in my name. When I tried to sign up for something as a young adult I discovered my financial power was basically screwed and worthless. I cried and cried over that because I had done nothing wrong, but it was in my name. Not long after that I was given the whole loan to pay off on my own and was able to pay it perfectly. Mom had good intentions, she wasn’t trying to ruin my financial start in life, she just delayed it to pay for our Christmas. I can’t say whether that is right or wrong. I’m not judging. I’m just stating what happened. And since then through the years we have built up our credit and I don’t want the old USPS to mess that up. They do NOT want to have to deal with ME! lol

This was one of the calendar “insights” from last week. I meant to tear off the days and take with me. I had “calendar” written on my pack list and when I got to it, for the life of me, I could not recall why I had written “calendar” on the list to pack. Later I realized what it was. My desk calendar. I love the little sayings.

No one likes it when you speak the truth, but we all have to accept it whether spoken, hidden, or dancing right in front of you.

Have been trying to catch up at work. The ticking off of the boxes is hard to do while you are in payroll processing which doesn’t ever go away really. I came back from vacation into payroll processing mode. It took most of Monday to catch up on emails and make sure Tuesday was set to go, and to answer employee questions and needs and get organized again, but all is well and I’m now in the groove as far as work goes. I will need to work some extra hours to get caught up and get the quarter closed and the year closed. I can safely say that I think the withholding returns will be on time and if given the unemployment info soon, that too has a chance of being done on time. The w-2 reporting- I think we are usually behind on some of that mainly from a technical standpoint where you have to hand enter over a hundred w-2 information. That will NOT be on time! I can tell you that right now. But I will do my best to get as much done as I can. I plan to work this weekend. At least Saturday. Maybe some on Sunday. And then maybe some next Saturday. February is mine! Nobody touch it. It’s my hibernation month – as if we haven’t already hibernated all of 2020. lol.

I have so much I want to do though. And I will do it.

The first order of business for me was to order this chair and ottoman. I ordered it last night. It will go in my office. Now I need to order a little round side table that doesn’t take up a lot of space. I will make sure we don’t already have anything but I need something to put a drink on and a book on. Do you know how excited I am about setting up a corner chair in my office? I can watch my YouTube shows, my training (camera/YouTube), have a devo and prayer spot, reading spot, writing spot. It will be a project though as I have to move around what is currently there and it will make me have to “reset up” some things in my office but I have room to do so and it’ll work out. I plan to VIDEO all of this too! I can’t wait to get back into making videos but there is so much to do first.

Among other projects, Christmas items are still out. The trees are in the house still (artificial, but still). The ornaments and Christmas decor is packed, but the trees need to go down, wreaths taken down, Christmas dishes worked in the hatch, wrapping papers need to go down. A good dusting needs to happen and then I will set the house back up for a fresh start and put the normal decor back out.

I also need to upgrade my iMac to Big Sur and re do things for that. I need to order the back up drive and a external hard drive as well. And I need to order my coffee selection for the Coffee Club George gave me and oh, I need to pick a new security system for the mac for malware and such for Big Sur. I have a lot of things running out as far as household inventory and need to place a Target order most likely. Also George wants me to order my telephoto lens for my camera, but I need to research this one. I have to redo my Isa Order and need to do that probably today so I change what is in my autoship to something I need.

I want to do it all and do it all right now. But I’ll wait and get it done one thing at a time. There is just so much built up all at once. I think mainly it’s been building from about November and December and then after our trip – I had so many things to do “once January gets here”. Then January arrived and it was busy too. So looking like some of my projects will be done in February. This month is basically done! Well, toast as they say. There IS NOT much spare time left in it.

We have some fun planned for Saturday evening. And I look forward to that. We are going out with my BIL and SIL to celebrate BIL’s birthday! We get to go somewhere I’ve been wanting to go but never got to. Looking forward to our time with them and catching up!

This was another of the calendar days. There is a lot of **STUFF** in one’s life you have to let go of for sure. Katy even gave me a good book to read on the subject. I’m looking forward to it. When you get over 55 it helps b/c you can’t remember it anyway!

I liked this one too on my daily calendar page. Set your goals and reach for them – reach to the stars! At least you will get a good view if you don’t happen to grab a star!

And with that said, I need to go and get a few things done before setting off to work.

We are busy here, but happy! We have heard from our Little Roo. He’s doing pretty good on sleeping, still wanting to eat all the time instead of every 3 hours, and just had his newborn pics made yesterday. I’m looking forward to getting some pics and getting them in frames and setting them about.

Ok headed out and leaving you with this pic of Roger from a few years ago on our beloved Tybee Island trip. I loved our Tybee time. He was so young here. And Tugie was next to him. I miss her. And Roger is just very old now. He wobbles around like the old man that he is. He has slept fairly good since we’ve been home. Has to get up a time or two at night though. He is lonely without another dog around. But it is not time yet. George and I have mentioned we may wait a bit. And the flooring? We will be working on that soon. I think we will be doing research and doing this after Valentine’s day as the plumbing will be paid for soon. The date keeps rolling forward but we honestly have been too busy to even fool with it. But yeah that is a big one. Also my car payment is over in August! Woot Woot!

Have a good rest of the week ya’ll.

Back Home in Tennessee!

What a long one! Two days of travel but we are home again. Thanks for all your prayers over this long awaited and quickly fleeting trip to meet our Grandson. We made it. And here is a very tired ME, consoling Roger for the last few miles as we headed for the last 40 minutes to home.

Hoping George picked Nashville and not Jackson, MS LOL!

It was a pretty quick day. But the last few miles always the longest. We played “What am I thinking of?” And it lasted many miles! It takes a while to guess things like: Dust, Catholicism, Boppy, Cell Phone Tower, and Brewery. We had quite a few laughs.

At home we unloaded of course, which seemed to take forever in the cold wind. And I fixed spaghetti, which I’d been craving. Called my neighbor/house sitter/Little Bit looker-after and gave her a few surprises (and payment) for taking care of things, and got the remote back to the house/garage so I can get back in/out of the house tomorrow. It’s so nice to have someone to take care of these things.

We watched Below Deck and I went to bed at 8:00. I feel somewhat rested this morning and ready to tackle the things ahead. I had a bad dream though. I dreamed that the person in the position before me in my job, came back and fired me saying I was making too many mistakes. I kept saying “what mistakes?” They couldn’t tell me what they were as there were not that many other than just human ones that everyone does (+ or – 3%, lol). I realized I was being cast out because they liked someone else better than me. And came home and told George and we went to call our lawyer. Then I woke up and realized it was just a dream, LOL. Thank goodness. I like my job and want to keep it. I guess we dream of our fears. I’ve feared that I would lose the job because my grandson was born during the most critical time of the year. Of course, my company has been very kind to me through this. I’ve worried about this for some time because I am a responsible person and want to meet my obligations. And I’m happy to say that everyone realized family responsibility does indeed come first and my horribly timed vacation was approved. I was prepared to lose my job over it if I had to. But of course I’ll also be expected to pick up the pieces and get the quarter and the year closed as if nothing ever happened. I will try to do just that as best as I can. I will do what is humanly possible and will give it a few extra hours. And as George says, “You will do what a reasonable salaried person would do in this situation”. So yeah I won’t be living there but I’ll be trying to get the boxes ticked off the best I can. The first order of business though is getting the next payroll done and making up for being off last week. Then I can move forward to the rest.

Also there is a LOT of stuff to be done at home. Big things and little things. But we have a lot of time to work on it and through it. Plenty to keep me busy for a while. Most of it fun things. I will come up for air about March! lol

Anyway, glad to be home but I miss my Little Roo. Katy sent this to me yesterday of Findlay watching him in his swing.

So I better be off to work. Gotta shower and get ready first so as not to scare anyone. I’ve not even had coffee yet. I came to let you all know I was home while it was brewing and kept typing as usual!

Hot Springs and Working our Way Back Home

We headed out east from the ranch near Breckenridge about 9 a.m. or so yesterday. The dust was still settling over the area.

We headed to Arlington, TX and stopped at Total Wines, Sam Moon, and In/Out Burger.

It was a rough start with Roger being unsettled but he finally slept.

We stopped for a Starbucks (thanks Auntie M and Uncle K for the Starbucks cards). This gave us a morale boost on one of our stops. They gave us a pet pup cup of whip cream but Roger had settled and faced against us and we didn’t have room to set it so George ate it! lol We got in a huge traffic jam and WAZE to ok us around it. It cost about an hour of extra time.

I played my game some but read a lot in my book that I chose for this trip. It’s really good, seeing what the crew does working for yachts. I am not sure what my life’s connection is to boats, yachts, sailing, and all things nautical but there’s always been an interest there.

Roger sleepytime above. It took forever but about 6 pm we arrived in Hot Springs at our hotel, had our arrival cold beer from the cooler while Roger ate, then headed for dinner to Capos Tacos where Roger stayed in the car.

Many Tacos to choose from. We had to ask our waiter for the favorites. And they were very filling!

Their margaritas were good and hit the spot. When we got to the car Roger was stuck in the floor board with a pillow over his head and howling.

We slept good last night. Roger needed to be up and down a lot. He had a diaper on. So no trips outside in middle of night. And he held it. Good bit it is concerning a bit. George said he’s not peeing as often as he should. When we get home we will watch his habits with and without a diaper.

A text this morning revealed that Little Roo had a great night last night. He slept! Except for feeding times. I was happy to hear that. As I woke up a couple of times and worried that were not getting enough sleep to function.

Amazing that I got in all rings of activity being that we were in the car most all day but we shopped and my day started at 3 a.m. hour.

We just past Memphis and will be home in 3 hours or so! Can’t wait to be home! Might be a couple of days before the next post while I catch up to life!