Gold vs White, but Worried about the Blue

Don’t laugh. Sometimes comfort overrides looks. I had a soft white comfy cushion added to the toilet a while back as I knew that asking for bathroom remodeling is next in line to asking for a divorce. Quite literally. You get used to things – mainly because you have to accept them I guess. But I didn’t really realize just how bad it looked til the new white toilet was installed. The better news, it wasn’t even my idea. I mean I still have blue linoleum guys. We are back in the 70’s here still. So to me, the flooring and kitchen is more important – til the potties and sinks back up. Oh well. So they have been out here working on completely redoing our pipes and of course installing the new toilet. As with many redneck Tennesseans, the old toilet did not stay on the front or back porch after install, or not kept for planting flowers in the side yard. But don’t think I didn’t think about it. It was wrapped in a trash bag and carried off as if it was dead. It kinda was. I guess the trash bag was so germs would float off into the Hiller van and catch itself up someone’s nose and cause COVID-like conditions. Good move.

Before I go on to grace you with the new white potty, I did want to show you my new shower curtain. I like it, but it’s really only there to hide the ugly sliding glass door that I’d really like removed along with the “gold tub”, but as previously mentioned – I just don’t ask for stuff anymore. Best to just go get on the computer and scurry up a blog post, watch a show, and forget the gold tub, blue linoleum and the other long list of “it’s gotta go’s”.

And now here is new white potty. The seat closes slowly – no slams. Now if it can just remind the Hubster to actually CLOSE it so it can close slowly instead of leaving the seat up. Do you know how many times I almost grabbed a black marker and wrote on the back of the toilet seat “Please Close me!!” Instead, I myself would slam the old one closed as it made me so mad. So the sign on the back of the toilet seat will still be an option – however, it’s so nice I might order a label machine and make a nicer little sign instead of one with a marker.

And I notice the tile really needs to be cleaned. Now that there is whiteness in the toilet maybe I’ll be in the mood to clean the bathroom more often. And yes, my efforts at cleaning the kitchen have waned because my distaste for the kitchen has grown. I really don’t even like to cook anymore b/c I hate the kitchen. I tried to renew my efforts at liking the kitchen by redecorating with cacti to give a southwest Texas kind of flair, but I guess now with all the expense here, will make my kitchen redo and floors – further down the road. If we’d not waited so long to remodel things – they wouldn’t all come up at once. But who can complain when I did want the new living room furniture as I was tired of the 15 year old itchy and scratchy. And I wanted the big TV. So again, when I get disgusted with the way things look, I just go watch TV and poof it’s gone again. I have always said – the house may fall down around me, but I’ll always eat well. George loves to cook. But I’m not giving up hope. I may one day have to risk divorce. But I’m wanting the flooring and kitchen done.

Insert your Survivor music here: (Here I did it for ya).

I had to change the soap basket. I love my little basket of soaps. Only appropriate since I’m on a Soap Box apparently this morning.

I am grateful for the new white potty though. But seeing all the work done makes me realize my floor and kitchen is further down the road. I think I really have given up hope on all my dreams but what I can create on the computer. No travel in an RV. No new flooring. No dream kitchen. There are a few things on the horizon to look forward to though at least. Til then we hide away in a sea of Netflix adventures, YouTube adventures, and getting around learning curves to video what small excitements we do have in life – like white toilet installs and sewer line redos. Yeee Ha.

Sorry, purging this morning. I am truly grateful for the new changes. But I’m worried about my floor and kitchen!!!!!!

Katy and Cody arrived last night. We got to see them for about an hour and we provided some appetizers of potato skins and meatballs. They had a dinner to go to at Cody’s Mom’s. Wedding festivities and prep happen for them in the next few days and they also visit with friends. We get to see them again on Sunday before they take off on Monday. I didn’t get pics. I was just happy to see them. They had been on the road all day and I didn’t wave cameras in front of them. But Katy says hello. lol

So the hay was put over the dirt in the yard at least. But the BIG problem right now is quickly turning away from the floor and the kitchen because the washing machine broke and it’s been several days of no laundry. Things are going to get critical really quickly. We may be using the new toilet for reasons other than it was intended.

What? It has a great spin and rinse cycle?

Anyway, the place George called yesterday will not service a Whirlpool. What? So now George has to call someone else. I just want to hear that “we have an appointment” and someone is coming to fix!!!!

I agree I am definitely testy this morning. For some reason I am tired and cranky and should not be. But I am. I am trying to figure out why. I am blessed and grateful.

Truth be known, I guess I am just over the work week already. There is so much going on and I just really wish I could be home this week. Maybe I should put in for another vacation day. I don’t know. I definitely need to work on my attitude. So in preparation for that, I went and got more coffee.

Findlay has arrived. She is a sweetheart.

The Blue Angels fly over today. I wonder if we get to see them. If not, we may at least hear them.

OK, so all that said. I am thankful and happy over many things. I am just a bit of a perfectionist sometimes. And I’ve really been very patient for MANY MANY things over a long period of time. And I know that God has plans for those that have patience. So I will continue to press on although please understand that these little eruptions will burst through the surface periodically as they have today. But I choose to remain married and I will accept the white toilet and hold on to the hope of losing the blue linoleum one day.

And that is all she wrote today. Off to work we go. And in a hurry.

Taco Tuesday, Repairs Galore, and Could I Have Had Covid-19?

I can’t believe it is heading toward the midpoint of May already. A Pandemic sure does fly fast in my world. Mainly mine did not stop except for the weekends.

I am glad to be back on the premises for the most part. But being home for two days a week did have its perks and I miss that part.

I have been doing some video this week in preparation for VLOGGING. We will see how it goes. I told George you all wanted to see more of him and the cooking. He will always be photo bombing. You can count on that one. I have some ideas for the VLOG. I have a tendency to want to make something perfect before I start this as there is a lot to consider. YouTube has a lot of legal requirements and if for some reason my followership increased, I’d want to make sure the blog and vlog are in order. And I want a intro to the Vlog that will go in each video and and ending. But you know what? I have learned that sometimes to keep forward momentum you just “start where you are”. That is what I did when I began blogging. I didn’t have the blog all decorated. I just started typing. So this week – I just started videoing. lol. I’ll improve as I go. It will be quite a bit different from the trips videos. I will have to develop new habits and be of the mindset to capture more by video, but still get photos for the blog. I’m hoping these won’t take as long to do. And that I’ll be able to pump one out every week. But they will be behind the blog a week or two. But often I think that people either become VLOG followers or BLOG followers and very few will be both. But we will see. I’m exciting to give it a whirl.

I can see that on the weeknights, it will be fun to pick the music for each one. I enjoy listening to the tunes on Epidemic Sound. It takes a few samplings (kinda like iTunes as you can sample the song) to find one that is just right. Like for example this week has been harry and busy so I’m trying to find some “busy” music to match.

Wow, what a busy week though. I thought last night was going to be a hard one but George saved the day. He went ahead and baked the potatoes for our “potato skins” – which really still have most of the potato in them. I am fixing them like a restaurant that used to be in Nashville called “Darryl’s”. They had THE BEST potato skins. Only a little of the tater was scooped out and they put in sharp cheddar, REAL bacon crumbles, and chives and they would bring sour cream and BBQ sauce to dip them in. So we are having those tonight when Katy and Cody come in.

So I scooped out a bit of each of the potatoes after slicing them. And made some creamed potatoes with those. I’m taking that for lunch. 😉

I baked the meatballs last night and we’ll be crock potting those with BBQ Sauce and grape jelly. And then George has some little Corn Dog poppers he is fixing in the air fryer.

I told Katy that we were having appetizers and they were on the heavy side as opposed to the lighter side – not chips and salsa. So they will be filling. But they will be hungry after a days drive. We will have happy hour ready and waiting.

So we had Taco Tuesday last night. They were so good.

The avocado was a nice touch. It was so good. The shells were from Aldi and were not as fresh as I would have hoped but the insides made up for it.

George fixed the onion and red peppers – like fajita fillings. I had requested red pepper since the tomato seeds might bother me. I imagine one day I’ll eat tomatoes again soon. I’m kinda thinking that my situation might have been a little more than diverticulitis. I have weighed back and forth on this.

We finished off watching Frankie and Grace last night. And we have finished off Ozark this week so we are looking at other options. The Crown is done too. We have Dead to Me to watch and Outer Banks to finish and we will be picking up another show here or there. So last night was not as busy as I thought it would be.

I did vacuum before going to bed and set a 10 minute timer to just “pick up” the house. Well, quite frankly only the living room was picked up. That is about all I had time for. lol

So the washing machine died this week and George is calling another repair person as the one we use is not starting back until next week and he has a long line of folks waiting. So we have another place he is calling today.

Ok, so I’ve been seeing some articles on the COVID-19 and stomach distress. So I go back and read some of my blog posts since the first of the year. I began not feeling well- random aches, pains, tiredness. I remember having some headaches here and there that I usually didn’t have, I began having to clear my throat constantly and severely at times (gradually going away but nearly drove me crazy), I had blisters in my mouth, I have had random little chest pains here and there around Feb- nothing severe or pervasive but little pin pricks – almost nothing. Not even worth mentioning. I had a fever one weekend and then had the stomach issues. At first it was loose stools and then I had an infection in my stomach which I told my doc it was diverticulitis b/c my stomach was backed up like that. Only it was in infection making it happen. I remember thinking it was different than the last times I’d had it, as there had been warning but this just flared suddenly.

Then after I had the antibiotics – they helped but it wasn’t strong enough and it came back and I had a rash that broke out around on my skin right where the infection was. I’m really kinda wondering if it’s possible that I had a mild case of the COVID? They say some don’t even have many symptoms. And this time period of ailments this year has been so weird so it makes me wonder.

I remembering being really tired all around that time and dragging the weeks before the infection. I can’t remember having a sore throat but I may have as some time in the last few months I remember saying I had the makings of a cold but it felt better with coffee.

George also had a fever around that time and didn’t feel good. And had aches and pains a bit in his feet. I was complaining of aches and pains as well in my ankle and parts of my body here and there. One of my entries was called something like “Pains Here, Pains There”.

Anyway, I’m wondering. Is it possible I had the COVID and didn’t know it? I’m still struggling with my throat trying to get it cleared – it’s so annoying but getting better.

I wouldn’t have thought this though b/c so many have severe reactions. But is this possible???? I wish we could have that antibody test so we could know.

Found the doggies laying close together yesterday.

I love how they get along and will do this sometimes.

Maisy has been having some issues the last week with just peeing in the middle of the den floor. George said it started happening before we gave her the meds. He said he thought it was a behavioral thing.

The only thing I can figure is that I’m not home as much. She loved to be with me on Wed and Friday and I moved out the desk and took things back to work and I’m gone most of the day. I wondered if she was upset at the change. As I was home 4 days a week. However she often has done it even when I’ve been here, so I don’t think that is it. Sometimes you take her out to pee and she comes right in and pees immediately on the floor. It’s almost like she is marking territory. George has been here and there have not been any issues between her and Roger. But it’s driving us crazy. She did not do this yesterday though. She was a good girl. We’ve been getting on to her and having some serious talks about it. I even tried Tugie’s old diapers but they are too small and it’s hard to get her tail in them, lol. I wish I had video’d that! But it took two of us to try to get it on her. FAIL and it left her scurrying behind the sofa to get away from our “cruelty”. lol. She didn’t come back out until she smelled food. Since then though she has been a tad better.

So Katy and Cody arrive today. I’ve not had a text or anything to see if they are on the road yet. So please pray for their safe travels. I need to get to work. I plan on leaving at 4 today as that will put me there about the same time as they get there. Thank goodness George is here today to prep and heat up between emails since he is working from home.

Oh yeah and the people came and laid the new water pipes from the street to our house. They do the rest today and the rest of the week. There is hay over the area now, but it looked like this earlier.

They will be installing the white toilet today. And hopefully we will have news on the washer repair man. If I can get an appointment time it’ll be great. That is half the battle. Til then we will begin to wear the old underwear – or buy more.

Also I had lost 5 lbs but I think I found them and maybe a few more with all we have eaten since I’ve been better. I think I’m going to have to go buy some big girl britches. I had sold them all or sent them away. I need to go up half a size as mine are getting uncomfortable this week all of a sudden.

I could try to lose it I guess and go back to cleansing. I’ve just not felt I could do it as I’ve not felt good this year. So not sure. I haven’t been up to the task of eating healthy the last month – it was more about what could I digest without pain. And I’ve been testing out various things and so far so good. The last couple of weeks have been good. Thank the Lord.

Anyway, got to run to work and get the day going. Ya’ll take care.

Mother’s Day Weekend

Well that 3 day weekend flew by fast. I did not get to do everything I thought I would but the trade off was fun as some of the fun things I wanted to do were done, like the video I posted yesterday. Thanks to those who commented here on FB or messages regarding it. It made me feel really good. I realize I have a lot to learn though but find myself correcting others videos in my head, lol. Like – why didn’t they clip that part out? It’s not meant from a critical standpoint though, just a notion of “if it were mine I would have done it this way”. So my point being that now when I watch videos on YouTube I look at it from a different standpoint simply because I’m learning what you can do and what the options are. But so much to learn.

One thing I did do this weekend was to wash the new masks that came in. I prefer to iron them as well. I don’t dare put them in the dryer. Who knew going into 2020 some of us would be looking for fashion masks, lol.

We did get to do something VERY important this weekend. And that was to go see Mom. Maisy rode in the back seat where she was most comfortable and happy. Bless her heart I guess the gift bag tissue was in her face most of the way.

And Roger, a seemingly happy little fellow was miserable most of the way. He wants his Daddy but he is uncomfortable now as he is old and wants to be comfy. And just could not find his comfort spot in a lap. On the way back I chauffered George and both dogs as they rode in the back seat. Maisy eventually came up to the passenger seat as she really wanted her Momma.

We stopped at KFC to get chicken and look at this long line. Thank goodness it didn’t take too long. We were getting the chicken. There was no question. Mom never asks for anything and she asked for KFC and KFC it would be. We all enjoyed it too.

We tried to sit outside, but with a high of 68 or so and the wind blowing, Mom found it too cool. But we set in on binge watching Outer Banks on Netflix. I think we did 3 or 4 shows. Mom told us to pick a show and that is what I picked. Normally she likes the Hallmark Channel but I think she has about watched it out.

This photo kinda describes our day. lol. Very restful. A nice little afternoon with our bellies full of fried chicken, slaw, green beans, mashed potatoes, and mac and cheese.

Here was my view. I love the poodle. I guess I didn’t get a pic of Fancy, Mom’s Dog this time. She is a cutie pie. She is 13 and gained a few pounds during the Pandemic. I hear she likes cheeseburgers like myself. lol

Mom’s back yard was pretty. Their area was hit hard with the storms too a week ago with many trees falling over, many with roots and all just pulled out of the ground. You could hear the sounds of chain saws and people were out hauling wood from here to there and yon. It was truly like a small hurricane came through on land. I’ve always liked Mom’s peaceful place there.

I shot a pic through the screen coming in from the outside. Oh if you look close you can see the back of Fancy under George’s foot. lol

I found another hat downstairs that I had used when we had a garden. So I brought it up and added it to the hat wall.

And that is about all she wrote for the weekend! Literally.

It’s a big week for us. Almost overwhelmingly so. While George is working from home we found it a good time for the plumber to come, the roofer to come, and of course Katy and Cody are coming as his brother is getting married.

And this is the week I will be making the decision about the baby shower – whether live and in person or all virtual. And then a week from now will be getting those invitations out.

Much to get ready for Wed night as we are having appetizers but you know our appetizers are going to be the good kind. lol. Findlay will be coming! Looking forward to seeing that girl.

Better get dressed and get to work!

Tulsa Girls Weekend in Video, White Toilet, and Busy Week Ahead

Enjoy our Girls Weekend Video

Here is my labor of love regarding our girls trip in mid-March right as the COVID-19 began to unravel. I hope you enjoy. You have most likely seen all the photos before if you have read my blog about that time.

Well, this has been a wonderful weekend. I did a bit of cleaning yesterday and laundry. And then we headed out to Lowe’s to pick out a WHITE TOILET to replace the gold one in the bathroom. And yes, I still have a gold tub but it’s now behind a shower curtain. :=)

Let me tell you. EVERYONE WAS OUT YESTERDAY in Mount Juliet! Look at this! Traffic backed up all the way to the interstate. There were also some neighborhood family get togethers I saw in our neighborhood with 8 or so car loads around. And so I’m thinking that about 2 weeks from now the numbers of COVID are going to explode and we’ll all be back in lockdown again. People are going wild. It’s easy to think things are normal but they are really NOT.

And look at LOWE’s

Everyone lined up yesterday all the way around to the side of the building at Lowe’s. Of course doing their best to social distance, sort of.

So we get in there and when you first go up and look at the toilets – they just all look alike. LOL

Then I saw some were elongated seats and some were round. Elongated made them stick out a couple more inches and I didn’t want it to take up extra room. So I went with round. Most all of them had the potty seat that closes really slow and doesn’t slam! That is nice, lol. But mostly they still all looked the same. So we picked out this one.

And George says “Look it comes with a biscuit”. If you look at the label at the bottom of the photo it says “white” and “biscuit”.

So off we go to the car, toting a toilet on our cart bed. LOL. It’s kindof embarrassing toting a toilet through a store. But, I am not sure people noticed. Everyone was busy watching to see who had on masks or just going after their own agenda’d items.

Then we went to Aldi’s to get a few things for “Appetizer’s” for when Katy and Cody arrive. What a busy week ahead. Plumbers, roofers, and Katy and Cody all on top of working! And we get to see Mom today.

Katy and Cody are staying with his Mom and Dad but Findlay is staying with us. So George went ahead and planned all the work this week. It won’t impact the kitchen so we should be good.

Once home, I had worked up an appetite. I fixed a ham sandwich made in the pan with ham and Asagio cheese melted in and also spinach leaves.

And I added some chili fritos into the sandwich also.

The kitchen looked like a “terror” so I set into cleaning and rebooted dishwasher and washed the big pans up from the night before.

It’s always nice to get the kitchen clean.

Meanwhile, George was working on those final tree trunks from the big bad storm last week. He pulled the RAV4 around and loaded the backend of it with the logs and then drove them up to the front. Way to go!

I went to wrap Mom’s gifts and I guess I have used all of my nice big flowery gift sacks. I thought we had plenty so we’ll have to stop and get a bag. We had to stop for something else anyway so no biggie.

Also my nails look a bit better than yesterday.

Worked on laundry and took care of doggies and before I knew it, it was dinner time already. George had fixed beef stew.

We are VERY VERY close -like maybe 2 or 3 shows away from finishing Ozark. We will be anxiously awaiting the next season! So we’ll have to pick a new one. However, “Dead to Me” is also pretty good and it’s back out now.

As usual, I didn’t get too far on the To Do list this weekend. I’ll blame it on the video creation.

Just in looking at the all the details – there are some things I need to add to my list. I want to completely redo my YouTube – maybe even another channel and connect it to the blog but need to look at copyright content and things like that. I want to do everything right. But I want the YouTube to be my Blog’s YouTube it will be an extension of the blog – eventually.

I’m thinking of also redoing the blog’s logo to something a bit different. Similar but different. Before I do all that. We’ll see how it goes. I have a vision. I’m working toward it, as best as I can.

So – busy week ahead and headed to see Mom shortly. Be back soon! Should be an interesting week.

And today I leave you with a pic of Findlay’s Bed Head. Just got a text from Katy that said “Findlay gets BedHead too” (See blog entry from – I think two days ago). This little cutie gets to come see her Grandma!

And I wish all the Mother’s out there a very Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your day.

Making the Tulsa iMovie, Maisy Update, and More

Maisy and I went to the vet yesterday. We sat in the car and waited to be called. I had to walk her to the foyer, hang her leash on a hook, leave my debit card in a tray, and head back to the car as they took her back to examine her, and wait for a call from the doc.

Turns out, they said they could not hear anything in her lungs but that it seemed she had an irritated throat from most likely allergies. They asked if I wanted an x-ray to be sure but suggested it was fine to just try the allergy meds and see if they helped her. They said that if that doesn’t solve the issue then we can bring her back and do an x-ray. The problem DOES come and go. The vet said if it was a heart problem it would not come and go but would be persistent. She said that she still does have the heart murmur but her lungs seemed fine.

So I guess that is good news. I figured we’d be starting heart meds from here out. The vet could be wrong without having the x-ray to be sure, so I guess we wait and see. Here’s what we were given. One has an antihistamine in it and the other is an anti inflammatory. They did not want to put her on steroids as that can enhance the heart murmur into a heart condition.

One is Hydroxyzine and the other is Rimadyl. We have to start the Rimadyl this afternoon – she said to wait a day before beginning it. The rimadyl is also for pain but mainly they wanted her to have it for inflammation. I will give it to her today if she is coughing but if the one med does the trick not sure we’ll need the other. Might do some research on the drugs. Can you tell I’m always picky about these things?

I think the Hydroxyzine helped yesterday. It was about a 2 hour ordeal at the vet. I vow to switch vets, to one that is not quite so busy. However, they seem to do a good job, they have a history of our pets, and are often open til 6 or 7, and they will allow the walk ins although it’s a very long wait to be worked in. I didn’t want to be out of the house for 2 hours yesterday on my vacation day but I love my Maisy so off I went to do it.

When we got through it was waaaaay past lunch and I had a distinct craving for Taco Bell. I almost turned right to go thru the drive thru and get something to take home. However, this big ugly dark cloud was coming and it looked scary. Having not paid a lot of attention to the weather, I decided it best just to go home, plus with Maisy in the car – she’d be wanting my taco, lol.

So home we went where the plumber was there working up a deal with George.

Turns out we are going to be replacing our plumbing pipes. We’ve had issues since we have been here. Most all of our neighbors have also had to redo part or all of theirs over the recent few years. In the last two weeks the issues in our house have worsened. Usually George has been able to remedy it. But we could let the plumber doctor it, and continue to have issues and have to call them or it could break and we really have a problem. I teasingly said I should wait for that to happen so then as the pipes busted I’d eventually get new flooring. I told George I was ok with the upgrade to the pipes to avoid damage issues as long as he agreed I could get my flooring and updates to the kitchen before long (flooring, counter top, stove upgrades). He said we had begun our home improvement season. This is a good thing. I’m even willing to forego our Christmas giving to one another (ok a few little things to open maybe). So we are getting the pipes pretty much a complete overhaul, complete with adding a filter to the tankless water heater which means all taps will have pure and clean water. And I get a new toilet out of the deal. lol I am getting rid of the old gold toilet. We will be going to Lowe’s to pick out the new one. I’m going white. And our water pressure will be better as well.

So the roofer will be here next week to fix the chimney – concreting over the chimney of the fireplace that is never used and probably unsafe to use at this point and will be fixing all around the fireplace so that the roof does not leak in the sunroom anymore.

Here is where I sat most of yesterday creating the next iMovie video of our girls trip to Tulsa. It is true what they say about these videos – that for every minute of video footage, it’s about an hour’s worth of work. The Tulsa video is, I believe, my longest creation to date and I think my best work so far as I’m coming around the learning curve. Of course I bought Movavi and still need to do some things with it. And as I am seeing other do will eventually move toward Final Cut Pro – but we’ll save that for much much later. It’s an iMovie on Steroids with many bells and whistles and for professional video. I want to do a professional video but I’m not a pro! It seems that our vacays have always been when it’s dark and dreary, so most of my footage is just dark and dim.

My goal with the Tulsa girls trip video was to show what we did but to show it with the feelings that we were feeling. I specifically chose music that depicted our anxiousness about the virus as it was unfolding, yet our excitement to be together, to shop, to eat and do the things we love to do together. I feel I did that.

I was better organized with creating this video. I organized my files first as I’ve been trained by these video creators on You Tube. The usual method is just to start dragging files in from my photos directly into the iMovie media file. NO – did NOT do that this time. I created a file on my computer first and then uploaded all of them at one time into my iMovie media folder.

I also picked out songs ahead of time that matched the various moods of the different scenes of the video. I’m loving the use of Epidemic Sound. George thinks it’s hilarious that I downloaded Epidemic Sound during the Pandemic. He actually thought I came across it because of COVID-19, lol. But no – a lot of the video creators are using this one. It has all kinds of music you can use by mood, or genre. And has sound effects too. It’s most awesome. I believe that I can download and use in my iTunes for personal use as well. Unlimited downloads for $15.99 month with a free trial period and the music sounds awesome.

So next I want to learn a few things about adding Text and Graphics and learn tips for simplifying the process. For example, I’m needing to learn all the Mac short cut keys. I’ve tried to avoid this but apparently it’s a good thing with the Mac as it really IS a short cut worth knowing. For example if you shorten all your photos to 3 seconds instead of the 4 that it auto drops into the iMovie, you can hit Control A or something like that – no I’ve not learned them all yet, and it will mimic all the pics to be like the current one you just changed. That saves a LOT of time.

So now that this video is done, I can focus on making some that are just about our week or whatever is going on with the Less Hustle More Coffee household, lol! So I guess I need to move on to getting around THOSE learning curves – and the big one of filming myself and being able to get through that, the confidence, the audio of it and sound quality, the lighting, and perfecting THAT process. These videos will be quite a bit different as they are capture more live video and less photos. And will need to tell a story of sorts as best I can piece it together. But I’m looking forward to trying. My fear of doing this is there will be nothing interesting to capture, especially during the Pandemic where outings are minimal except work and of course work is off the table. There will be no video at work. Even though that would probably the most interesting footage of all. lol lol lol Talk about watching THE OFFICE. lol Version 2! So no – nothing from there – the TROLLERS who TROLL and WATCH need not worry. Place your heart to rest. It’s all gonna be ok.

So it’s looking like tomorrow will be the day I’ll post the YouTube on here. It’ll be posted to YouTube itself in an hour and 24 minutes of which was a 3 hour upload. But I wanted good quality.

I will also have to figure out space as I get more of these under my belt. I guess they will have to be parked on another drive or another website somewhere. As I have found in doing this, one expense leads into another. lol

But like I said I’m easing up on my hair and nails expenses. And may stop my audio book subscription since I’m not getting much of them read. My trip into work is pretty quick these days. And there are always podcasts and I can always buy a book or two when I do have time to listen to them. So we’ll see.

Here’s what I did during our Netflix session of watching the new season of “Dead to Me” last night. I finally got the ends off of the “Dip” that was on my nails. My gosh it tears your nails all up. They are so tender and brittle. As mentioned I’m going to do my own for a while. And going to get some new polish colors too. So obviously “doing nails” is on the list. Hey this is a reality blog so you get the raw real me – well most of the time.

Well it’s 10 a.m. and I need to hop onto getting ready for the upcoming work week as we will be spending time with Mom tomorrow and of course I goofed off (geeked off) lol yesterday so I must get some things done. Here’s a list of to do’s. It doesn’t show everything in each section. I also don’t use the sections like they want you to. I use it like this:

Urgent – in Pink – is Urgent but “This week”

Not Urgent in Green- is really usually fairly Urgent but most likely not til the following week.

Not Important in Blue – is stuff that is important to me but not likely to get to until I have time to! Usually hobby related.

Grey area is stuff that will be postponed til later on in the year. It’s fun to kinda reshuffle this as one week morphs into the next. This is the “Focus Matrix App” and it’s the premium version so it’s on the iMac and my phone. And it syncs.

And I must really go and tackle life before I blink and today is gone too!

Ya’ll take care and hope your weekend is a fantastic one!

Maisy Going to the Vet, My Amazing Bedhead, and Vacation Day

Miss Maisy girl is going to the vet today. She has had an increase in her coughing spells. So I’m doing a “walk in” visit as I think it is time to put her on the heart meds – like Tugie had. They helped her out a lot and kept her with us longer. George said she had a tough time yesterday while I was at work. I had already on a whim scheduled myself for a vacay day and the bosses were ok with that. I normally plan them more in advance but it’s not been a good time to take any time but as quarter end is over, I just decided to take a day. I was dismayed to realize part of it would be sitting and waiting for who knows how long as I couldn’t get an appointment but I’m at least on the “call ahead” list which puts you before the true walk in’s without a call first. lol. I think I have to call and check in and wait in the car til they are ready for us. So no problem. I love my little Maisy girl so we will go get this done today. Better than on a Saturday where the wait has been as long as 2.5 hours.

George and I worked on the trees this week and got most of it to the road. The rest of it is heavier pieces that I cannot lift. He probably can.

My Asian lily is blooming. I love this hearty plant that never disappoints year after year. I should plant more of them. But they do not last for long.

Work went well this week. Things are picking up it sounds like, lots of employees are being hired, and people are starting to come back from furlough. I hung a command strip mask holder on my computer. Sometimes it is hard to remember the mask. I start to walk out of my office to go file something or or go do something totally immersed in thought with whatever I’m concentrating on and then realize “oops” and have to head back. I never get far, but it is a challenge to remember. So far we also have to take our temp as we arrive.

The quarter end is over and I’m so happy to have a vacay day Sad that our trips are cancelled for the real vacay but what can you do. I think George is still taking the time off. I’m not. I’d rather have a slew of Friday’s off than to take a whole week if we are not going anywhere. It has to be a good vacay to be worth all the extra hours of making it all up the next week when you are gone for a whole week. You definitely pay for it. But at least in this job of payroll I don’t have to work while I’m on vacation, like I did before in the other job. So I have waited a while to have this day as I really needed it here and there. But refused to take it during quarter end processing. I needed every minute of the month to get it all done.

One of my favorite web cams while hanging out sipping coffee while I wake up in the mornings, or wine during commercials in the evening. In the mornings in this “cafe” in Barcelona they have coffee going in the mornings and they have their bar going – late into the night apparently. They have been closed for weeks but I checked in and they are gearing up for an opening. The place looks like a mess. But they have been cleaning and prepping. Some of my other favorite webcams are no longer active. I miss checking on the family in the Vining Living Room. I always wondered if they all knew they were on camera. Or if one or the other spouse was taping the rest or the teen taping it. But they were there for anyone to see. And I would peek in to see them watching TV and loved to watch the 3 dogs they had and how the family loved them and cared for them. It was sweet. But they are no longer on line, lol. But here is the Barcelona Cafe cam. Anxious to see if the same waiters/waitresses come back.

I love the web cams! It’s so bizarre to me that you can be in your own living room and be watching the sunset on a beach across the world, or someone doing laundry or getting their hair cut, or shopping at the grocery store, lol lol. People watching can be fun. I also miss the Russian meat market. They must have got the COVID. No longer on line.

Look what awaited me yesterday when I got home. The door was open going to the basement and they were there at the top of the stairs with waggin’ tails. (Roger has no front teeth so if he is tired or just woken up from a nap his tongue hangs out. )

They are looking a little furry. I may have to see if I can trim them but…I think our groomer will be opening up soon if not already. We may wait until our June appointment as it’s hard to get a Saturday appointment.

We talked with Katy again this week and we’ll be getting to see them this next Wednesday night and again on the following Sunday night. We are so looking forward to seeing them.

We went to the store Wednesday night at Kroger. Again we spent well over $200 and normally a store run not that much. However, we normally go 2 to 3 times a week and do smaller runs. I’m doing less of my Isagenix as I’m the type that really needs to have a wide variety of flavor. The mornings have been chilly still and so the shakes are few and far between. Still doing the drinks though and the vitamins. And I no longer do many of the snacks because after two years I’m just needing varying flavors and quite frankly the high protein bars are just like putting lead to my stomach these days. Some have the nut pieces in them. I do miss those some, and may try them again. I can’t even give them away as we can’t share food at work. lol But anyway, I’m buying more at the store.

I’m also having some cravings, which I’ve not had much of for a while. I’m allowing my indulgences because quite frankly I’m just so glad and blessed that I can eat and digest again! So I had been craving Chili Flavored Fritos for about two weeks. I got them. I have had them for snack and then also had them for breakfast with coffee this morning when I just needed “a little something”. It was fabulous. lol My craving was bologna sandwiches last week or maybe it was the week before. It wasn’t Oscar Meyer beef so it wasn’t my favorite. I keep looking for it at the store.

I’ve lost 5 lbs during my challenge but it’s because I ate broth, jello, mashed potatoes, crackers, and a lot of liquids for many of those days. Less calories. I’m not going to be able to finish my challenge to get the $200 as I’ve said before b/c I didn’t spend 500 BV. I just haven’t bought as much as I’ve been stocked up and haven’t used as much of it. Ironically though I have received a $100 commission from them this week, and I’m not really sure how. But I’ll take it because I put a lot of hours and effort into the company on the front end of my doing this business. So if I reap some reward back from all that time when the rewards weren’t coming at all – I will take it. I will always want to be a customer but I don’t want to actively sell it. However, if anyone is interested I won’t turn them down. I need to remember to transfer the money to our account this weekend from the Pay Card.

I hardly have any twinges of pain at all. None in the last few days at all except for a tiny bit of more pressure than pain as that spot in my colon heals and it’s usually after having a big meal. Big meals are not good for me. But sometimes it is hard if George fixes something wonderful and we go back and have leftovers. I have to remember to drink a lot of water after.

The new probiotics and supplements are working great. I feel good these days. There was one day I was tired and I remembered I had not taken the vitamin pack, just the supplements. I was just focusing on payroll and totally forgot to pull out the vitamin pack. If I DO NOT have a shake every two or three days and forget the vitamin pack too, I can really feel the down surge of energy. But a shake puts me back where I need to be. I may have one here in a few minutes as my Chili Fritos are wearing off. I guess that was my serving of corn for the day, lol. I can’t eat corn normally so that tasted pretty good.

Praise be to God for helping me to feel better and be able to eat. He is the Great Physician and leads me to what I need to heal myself. I love to eat. I don’t like worrying about the tummy issues. It scares me. So I am hoping for a long period of wellness as far as that goes.

We have really been getting into Ozark at night. In the final stretches of finishing that one off. We can hardly contain ourselves to see what is next. We are totally into the characters. Every show has a surprising twist. I keep saying that. But it’s good!

I must be crazy for showing this, but I have been known to be comic relief on occasion. George took care of doggies and the coffee and feeding them and taking them outside while I slept in on my vacay day. Maisy however, just wants her Momma to get up. So I got up and stumbled in and got my coffee and passed myself in the mirror and had to go get my phone. I think I’ve had the most unusual BedHead this morning that I have ever had.

My mascara all over the place on this and look so bad w/o makeup I made it black and white. But you HAVE to see my hair!!!!!

Haaaaaaaa! It’s too funny NOT to share. I’m bold yes. And happy to have slept OH SO WELL last night!

Even Maisy laughed!

Well, I think I will work on my videos some today. See if I can do this Tulsa Video. Then I’ll go back and work on Texas. Maybe even Christmas of 2019. Just really needing some practice before I set in to try to do some of our week. I have no idea what that would look like. But if I can BLOG, I can VLOG. I will be doing some practice runs at some point. I look forward to this. Are you up for it? It would be connecting the blog to YouTube I guess. I have lots of ideas in my head. I figure that I would do it as a Reality Vlog but honestly things are not that interesting around here. But as things pick up we’ll talk about things we get out and do, things I organize around the house, apps I use, the dogs. I look forward to learning more about making videos, doing the B rolls, telling a story with the camera, and giving you all some “feel good” stuff or some funny stuff in a world of crazy. But I’m a little bit nervous. All I can do it practice and try and practice and try. I can just see it evolving over time. A new hobby emerges, but it’s a time suck. So….they may be few and far between. Creating content and then putting it together. It’s a fun hobby til you get frustrated. But I’m trying to realize that it’ll be worth the frustration and I’ll have a new skill.

So yeah, that is what I’ll be working on some today. Working on videos is the only time in my life where I have actually forgotten to eat and not wanted to stop to eat. So I try to make sure I have plenty to drink. But that should tell you how much I love the video editing. And learning about it. And watching others videos and seeing how they do things. I’m eating it up.

I felt guilty about paying for the monthly fee for the free music downloads for the videos, but I’ve decided to save money by doing my own nails and by doing my own hair for a while to offset it. Plus we are not going on vacay and spending money – so I’m not going to worry about it. I am going to go get a pedicure though. The cost not bad where I go and it’s easier to let them do your feet and make the soft again. I can’t do all that. But I may just do it during the summer or every two months in the winter. I’m definitely cutting back on the hair and nails money. Already saving on no color. So I’m no longer feeling guilty about that. Because now I’ve cut out way more than I’m spending. Plus my Isagenix money that just shows up everynow and then as I’m still active as a consultant even though I’m not selling actively.

Well, leaving you today with a pic of Roger and George. A front is coming through. And it’s rainy and chilly today and will be having a rare freeze tonight. So glad I didn’t plant flowers. I’m sure I will eventually. I may need to put that on the list for the next week or so. It’ll be too hot later.

I’ll share my list of to do’s tomorrow. I need to redo it, rearrange it and add some things to it. I’m managing to keep busy during this Pandemic. I never get bored of my hobbies, my learning, and trying to figure life out.

Ya’ll have a good weekend. What are YOU doing this weekend?

Downed Trees, Masks, and Making Plans!

Back to work Monday and we are wearing our masks. I drape mine over the edge of my computer monitor when I’m not wearing it for a quick grab out the office door.

Monday morning we also saw the extent of trees down in our yard, and also in the neighborhood. Massive amounts of trees down and there were 40,000+ folks w/o power in the greater Nashville area. Sadly as of today there were still 30,000+ without it as it snapped entire poles and everything. Many saying it was tornado but everyone sticking to guns that it was just straight line winds of 70+. Ironically just passed us a tornado warning was issued, so…..I did see the funnel like finger clouds coming down from the sky. They were low hanging and with them came wind. But our house is fine and that is what matters. We do have a roofer coming to fix a couple of things on our roof though that needed some “help” as we have an area by the chimney and sun room that needs to be fixed and another spot or two.

And more down in the wooded area behind us. George cut everything up with a chain saw the last two days after work. And the neighbor boys helped take to the road the first day and George gave him a good tip. I helped him yesterday to haul the rest and asked “where’s my tip?” lol I got a good cold beer. I took it.

Afterwards, I took a shower and put on PJ’s and headed to the sun room, opened the screens, and sat with my little beer glass and talked to Katy. I saw she had called while we were outside.

Looking out, you can see the rhododendrons are blooming. Very pretty.

You can see back there that there is still more debree across the yard to pick up. And that angel statue always falls over. None of my angels would every stay in place. George really gave a trim to this bush here. It grows and gets out of hand quickly every year. Once it gets really tall it’s hard to trim. I’m laughing at just how low he did trim it. It says “I’m through with you bush for the entire season”. lol

We have eaten well this week. Well – meaning – calorie wise. George fix Poutine one night which is a northern and most likely originally a Canadian dish. You find the real good stuff up there anyway I hear. But it’s french fries with some kind of gravy on it and then cheese and scallions and peppers. At least that is how he made this recipe. The gravy was not sopping like you may think. It was lighter but the cheese on it was excellent. This is not pictured. I think my phone was not in the room at the time but it was a pretty dish. And it tasted good too.

We got the fried coconut shrimp from Aldi and had that with my request (and love) for Allen’s green beans and twiced baked potatoes.

Last night we had Hamburger Helper Strogonoff, which was often a dish we had many moons ago after work when we were in Gallatin with horrible commutes and hardly any time to cook.

We have finished with the Crown, several nights ago. Last night we watched Below Deck Sailing. It’s not anything incredible to watch but it’s interesting to see the boat and the boat crew and all the “below deck” drama. lol. They all get tired as the season goes on and then they all get mad at one another and things fall apart. Sometimes the customers (paying charter boat guests) are interesting in themselves. Also you get to see what the Chef is cooking up. The Chefs are usually quite cocky and entertaining and they are all moody at times. It’s just a low key break from something with intense drama like Ozark where you want to sit and ponder what happened and what is going to happen next. It’s quite unpredictable though. So many times we say “well I never saw that coming”.

At the end of each day, I’m having to soak my mask and let it dry for the next wearing. I have two right now so that works well. As it’s dry for sure within a day. My other three from Etsy will be here probably next week sometime. Maybe even by end of week. They are NOT Amazon so no 2 day service. I try to pick individuals that have good ratings, a lot of customers already and good comments on quick delivery. I feel sorry for the Newbies out there but…you just have to do what you have to do.

I just keep this little bowl in my bathroom and a little thing of dawn. I am always needing it to wash out the little cloths that I clean my glasses with. They say not to dry them in the dryer, plus they get lost. Dawn is so good to get make up off of anything. It draws it right out. They eye glasses place said I could even soak my glasses overnight to get the make up off the nose pieces and the crevices b/w lens and glasses. I’ve not really done that yet, but I guess I could one day.

So let’s see…..we actually have PLANS!!!!!

We are going to the store tonight for a restock of fresh items and some special items for special dishes.

We are going to see Mom this weekend. At her request!

We get to see Katy on Wednesday and get to keep Findlay, our granddog.

Our time with them will be Sunday afternoon/evening as we will have dinner here before they set out the next day home.

Here’s the numbers! Lots of it increasing as society is ramping back up.

There’s just some odd things about this virus. Lots of suspicions. It’s almost like things have been targeted.

Anyway, readership is down by nearly half on my blog in the last couple of weeks. But I mean my gosh – what has there been to say? We slept, we worked, we ate, and here is what I cleaned this weekend and what I looked up on the internet or geeked out on. lol I get it. It’s not very interesting. I mainly blog for myself and a few of those who have stuck around that I appreciate very much. At least there is 80 of you out there that pop in every day. That is still a lot. There were 160 but I suspect some of them were “trolls” as they always called it on AOL journals. “Spying” is what I call it. lol. And some of that does go on. I’m happy if I don’t have that. But you always do have those reading for the wrong reasons. And when you reality blog about your life, it goes with the territory. I don’t have any thing to hide and no secrets to share. And if I do they won’t be here but the private blog which is unreachable to the trolls, unless they are really good at hacking. lol I do have a tracker on my blog and can see the location, the computer, the IP address, and more. It’s amazing what these things can do. It says if it’s an iphone or computer and what software, what browser. It doesn’t say if you are a troll or not though. lol. The software not that good yet.

I always thought the word troll was funny used in this instance. I keep picturing little people with big ears and noses and funny pointed hats sitting under bridges and peeking behind trees to see what they can see and hear what they can hear. Sometimes those trolls get bitten by snakes too when they do that. lol.

But troll or not, thanks for visiting or spying or whatever. I hope you are reading for pleasure and enjoying the read during these days when nothing much is happening. I’ll do the best I can to have an interesting time at home but what is interesting to me is not always what everyone wants to see. Like me geeking out over video software, lol.

Better get off and get to work.