Video UP: Crab Boil for Two, Fall Decor, and an Anniversary Weekend

The next video is up! Other than the very first video I did, I think I struggled with this one the most. Improvements are needed and will happen over time once I get time to learn how to video myself and get comfortable with it. Just need time to do the lessons. But, I also had over 2 hours worth of footage and had to get it down to 18 minutes. Was shooting for 17 but by the time you add the ending it went into 18. So it’s a little choppy as I cut nearly every breath and pause that I took out of it. All in all though, I think I did an ok job with the effects and music to try and make it presentable. I have laboured over this one for HOURS! I pushed it to finish yesterday, ignoring my household responsibilities.

So if you want to give me some love and support, go to Youtube and subscribe and give it a like. You do have to sign up but it’s free. They will ask you to do the paid one and just ignore that and do the free one. I have 31 subscribers and hoping for 100. I never dreamed how hard it would be to get to 100 subscribers. It really messed with your psyche. But in doing my research, I see that it is never easy to get the first 100 and it gets easier after that. But I have highs and lows after I publish a video. I get excited and then deflated. This time I’m not as excited. I’ve kinda detached my feelings from this one. Well sort of. Let’s just say I’m not getting my hopes up and then maybe I’ll be surprised.

I’ve been in a funk the last few days. Probably several reasons for it. But I’m working my way out of it. Lots to be thankful for, lots to trust God with, and a restful 4 day Thanksgiving weekend ahead that we are looking forward to. The Bible study above was great and it’s finished now. So I’ll be looking for another one of his. I needed a break from the normal study ones that I do. Which is usually Beth Moore.

Yesterday was spent mainly on the video. George gave Roger a bath as he has the walk in shower. I dried him off and gave him a trim. I was surprised that he let me do it. He was very patient for a very long time. I think he knew what I was doing and trusted me. He looks a bit choppy as I don’t have the proper tools and my scissors need sharpening. But this is the way we are going to have to do it. He struggles with his balance. I even had to watch him after the shower as he does his nose and side body along the floor but he runs himself under the bed and gets stuck, nearly knocks over guitars on the guitar stand, and he’s just not safe. Regardless of me being the trimmer, he seemed happy, much cleaner, and looked better. He snoozed.

Grandson News

Katy called us and sent us pics and videos of River’s 3D ultrasound. You can see his face. He’s a cute one. They caught a pout when they kept poking him to move around some. lol. His little cheeks are cute. He looks like a combination of both of them but I can’t tell about whose features are whose. I had decided he had Katy’s cheeks. He looks a lot like Cody but still a lot like Katy. Of course it is hard to tell with the 3D images.

I’m not sure what I can post and can’t. I was told not to post their faces and home in video but I think I can probably post the nursery on my blog. There shouldn’t be any reason that would be a problem. Plus I want to brag on my girl! Look how pretty. She has done a great job with it. And the floor is open for play time!

That dresser was mine growing up and then eventually Katy’s.

I got on line and ordered some vitamins I needed and a few more Christmas items. We blew it out of the water for Christmas shopping already. Our Amazon bill was incredible. There was more than Christmas on there too I think. So we’ll be shrinking back a bit on the things we do. And with COVID rearing it’s ugly head again, we have another reason to hang low. It’s ok. While I’m sad that we can’t have the hustle and bustle, there is a part of me that is totally ok with less hustle. I mean really is that not what the blog is all about? LOL And of course I just went and filled my coffee up again.

Thanksgiving Update

We downgraded our menu for Thanksgiving since Mom is not coming. We are not going to have the broccoli salad, not going to have dessert, having plain cranberry instead of the gussied up cranberry salad, and no longer having rolls – we are eating those this morning for breakfast with the leftover ham. George is buying stovetop stuffing instead of making the real thing. I’m considering making dressed eggs though. Mom was going to bring those, but I think I may make those now. So we’ll have turkey, dressing, pea and asparagus casserole, dressed eggs and we’ll have the special Japanese sweet potatoes that George got from Demeter’s Common.

So today’s goals?

  • Iron, finish laundry.
  • Pick my wardrobe out for tomorrow
  • Take care of doggies
  • Watch for the rain coming
  • Look at the forecast for this week
  • Clean my office
  • Vacuum
  • Clean the tub
  • Fan blades clean in the kitchen
  • Clear out the imovie and start the next one
  • Read a chapter in my book
  • Do a devo
  • Look at some cookbooks for things to fix to help George out

It has the potential to be a lovely day, despite the grey outside. I’m ok with a grey day.

I have plans to film our day on Thanksgiving from start to finish. We’ll see how that goes. My learning curve with the camera is not coming along too well as I don’t have time to sit and do the lessons. I keep doing videos on a whim w/o taking time to learn. Why? Because life doesn’t stop. However it seems like it is slowing down so I will take advantage of it and I plan to do that some next weekend – maybe I can sneak in a lesson today before Thursday when I’m supposed to video some. Much of the video I shot in the latest video in the house was out of focus. It didn’t look out of focus in the view finder. Anyway, I will make the most of the time we have and try to learn something. The lighting in the house is horrible also. I have not invested in the lighting equipment yet. That will have to come later. But it’ll be a big help when I am “learned” (lol) with the camera itself.

I’ve been working on my list of things to work on in 2021 and I’m very excited about that. Mainly has to do with the video and vlogging journey.

And with that I think I’ll end. I’ve not taken a lot of photos lately. Not much going on and it’s kinda been a tough week for me for a LOT of reasons. I will admit it has been a struggle. But I will not park all my feelings here. To do so will just wallow in it and make it worse than it is. I’m choosing to rise above it, LET GOD do HIS thing, and then I’ll do my things in peace.

Likely I will not be posting much this week unless I get some time from somewhere. I have 3 very long and busy days of trying to cram 5 days into 3 for payroll and taxes. It won’t get all done and I’ll play catch up the following week in a month end situation. But I will work longer hours to get the critical things done. And then we will have 4 blessed days off. And we are looking forward to that. We’ll also start decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. I’ll film some of that too. ha.

I better get cranking with all the footage I already have! Bless its heart. We’ll see! And I may do a private blog entry to just get a few things off my chest.

Fall Peak Weekend, Presidential Winner, Baby Shower, and a Big Night Out

What an absolute joy of a weekend. The temps were perfect. I could not stop taking pics. So many years the beauty has not been as vivid and just dried up, but this year we had more color and I had more time to enjoy and bask in its beauty. Above was the scene while ironing. Always love looking into the woods while ironing.

The kitchen view of course had color.

The sun room was gorgeous! And the doors were kept open to the sunroom since the temps were mild.

A Winner has been “CHOSEN”?

While posting pics I saw that Biden had been called has the winner of the presidential election. I posted a statement in Facebook that it wasn’t my candidate but that regardless I had BIG BIG expectations from Mr. Biden to protect our rights as citizens and not let our country go to pot, as it already has and that he has some big tasks ahead to reverse it. I really just want to live in a safe place, have appropriate rights as a person, and for everyone to love one another. Even though he is not my candidate, I will hope and pray for him and will still expect for my rights as a US Citizen to be met and to not have any further hardships as a country. He has a lot on his shoulders and I hope he is up to it. Of course as soon as I posted it – my friends started commenting and attacking one another on the post. And telling me not to get ahead of myself. I stayed out of it. Even when you say something nice and have good intentions people attack it on Facebook. I’ve come so close to just deleting the entire account a few times. But it holds so many memories and photos on there, that I hate to. Plus I don’t want to lose contact with friends.

I was told it wasn’t over yet. It’s not. They are still counting. Yes anything can happen. Still, I can post what I want. I don’t know who to trust and who to believe but I remember what it was like in HR and you did an investigation and the mud slinging started and anything and everything started coming out – true or speculated. So glad I don’t have to deal with that stuff anymore and this reminds me of those days. I just try to ignore it because you don’t really know what is fact or fiction as I sit in my little house in Mount Juliet.

So I’ve not looked at the news this morning. But as of now, as far as I know, Mr. Biden, “Tag, Your It” and we will see what you can do in those shoes. I expect much of you as I would any leader! I will still expect the same from you as I did Trump. I was not a fan of Trump’s arrogance and tweets, but he seemed the best candidate in my opinion that matched where I wanted the country to be. I think those traits really hurt him in the presidency. I’m not sure any candidate can adequately run our country to tell the truth. Our country is mainly changing because of the people in it and their attitudes and corruption. So if anyone can solve those issues and keep us our rights, more power to you literally! I will pray that the Lord moves through you!

Katy’s Virtual Baby Shower

Saturday morning we had time to leisurely work on household projects, laundry, some planning, and getting ready for the week ahead. We were in Gallatin, TN by 1:00 p.m. for Katy’s virtual shower.

My SIL Susan had some little snacks sitting out.

What great fun!

We then hung out for a while after saying our good bye’s virtually and we headed to Madison to the new Yahoo Brewery there. We had plans to celebrate Susan’s birthday.

Everyone nearly was outside. And why not – lots of spread out tables and seating and the weather beautiful and deer grazing nearby.

George, Kevin, and Susan. And I did my best to get a selfie with ALL of us. I’m not good at that.

Afterwards we went to have a nice meal at Lincoya restaurant in Hendersonville. We shared a poutine dish which was OUT OF THIS WORLD!

Poutine is fries, gravy, cheese curds, and onion straws. It also had bits of roast beef in there. They had so many nice things on the menu that it was hard to decide. So when Susan said she was getting a burger I let me eyes wander over to that side of the menu. And I liked what I saw and could get my salad too! And as it turned out. I think it was the best burger around, possibly the best one I’ve ever had. I was hungry and it was snarfed down in a hurry! No fries. We already had them under the poutine! I needed the salad!

We sat by a most unusual clock. Susan said it was previously owned by Conway Twitty. The restaurant we ate at used to be Mallard’s. I will want to go back here. I really liked it.

We came home and slept well and then had a big day Sunday at home. Once again the leaves falling got my attention as we had some wind gusts mid-day. This is looking out my office window.

More of the sun room. I told ya I couldn’t quit taking pics.

Big Day of Shopping Online

George and I gave Alexa a lot of ingredients for our shopping list for Thanksgiving. We will go ahead and get what we need for the meal this week. George secured the Smoked Turkey from Aldi. And I sat down and began ordering things. George’s, Momma’s, Aunt Martha’s, some for Katy. George will have to help me with the men, and he always does. But we are in good shape.

Christmas plans are also coming together sortof. So I am feeling good about our weekend progress. I stripped the guest bedroom sheets and washed them so I will shift some focus onto the cleaning – as there are things that need to be dusted and cobwebs in the corners and such. I did get our blue linoleum floors mopped yesterday – except the part where Maisy was sleeping. LOL With each mop stroke, I dreamed of my new flooring – coming soon!

And now I need to go get a second cup of coffee and get to work. Oh, I painted my nails which needed it. It won’t last but 3 days. I need to get a top coat I guess. I just cut them all short as my attempt to grow them is not working right now. I really miss getting them done but I am wanting to use that money toward my monthly subscriptions I have – in support of my hobbies. So when I look at my nails I remember how much I love making the imovies. However, I did not have time to work on the current one in progress due to the HOLIDAY HOOPLA and events we have had planned but I keep making some more footage so we’ll have a lot to do going forward.

I am trying to remember to video more as life happens. But not very good at that in public yet. I also have noticed my iphone getting slow. I deleted a lot of old video footage from it Saturday while we were traveling in the car and that helped. The goal is to keep getting better on every level. I am going to start working on my 2021 plans soon. Looking forward to that. In the mean time we stay focused on the holidays to try and make it special for everyone as it’s different this year.

Here’s my 2021 goals so far! LOL. Don’t worry it’ll be filled up soon. January is Grandbaby Month and February is Flooring and Hibernation Month. That is all I have so far. Ok off to more coffee! See ya mid week or as I have something to say!

Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on

Leaves Turning, Sunsets, and Holiday Planning

Good morning! It is Saturday morning as I type this with an excellent cup of hot coffee at my side in my favorite “Blue Lobster” mug from Maine! I have noticed the leaves changing this week. I vow every year to slow down and enjoy it. As I rushed out the door to work one morning, backing out of the driveway, I suddenly realized the “time is now”. I got out of the car and took pics and a video. It’s not as pretty here as it is at work. I’m not sure what makes the difference. So I also stopped there and took pics of the fire redness in the leaves.

It seems I’m out the door at sunrise and home and sunset.

Cloudy morning on the way to work complete with bird splat on window view, lol. Gotta love a reality blog right? lol

A Triangle in the sky formed by planes going across the sky. Of course I took it as a sign of change. Triangle = Delta = Change. Ooops you can see the reflection of my white board through the window.

Sunset on the way home.

Leaving it behind as I travel East toward home.

Another glimpse looking West getting off my cloverleaf exit at Mount Juliet.

It has been a quick minute of a week this week. I could hardly grasp that it was really Friday. Much accomplished yesterday with cleaning up from quarter end – meaning neatly packing up the reporting materials and prepping for the next one with worksheets and getting them ready to go for the next one. I also began getting everything ready for the next payroll quarter that starts in January. What does that mean? Tracking excel sheets where I have to track the numbers of employees for each state on the 12 of the month for unemployment reporting, making labels for all the tax sheets and payroll records where I have the w/e dates and pay dates. Saves me from having to write it about 30 times – just pop a label on it, and makes it easier to read and find when doing returns. I also placed the request for the files for our 2021 withholding and unemployment tax files. I also made out my 2021 calendar already with all the Friday pay day requirements for each payroll – certain days of the month require commissions to be paid for sales folk, auto allowances to be paid another Friday. Some paydays require holidays to be entered, some we deal with the fuel expense once a quarter for the sales folks, and then we have every other week is a salaried payroll in which I need to make sure I include their withholdings and deductions as a part of my records for tax filing and 401k uploads. So the calendar is set for 2021. I use my down time (not a lot of it) when it’s not quarter end or month end, to do prep work to make the quarter end easier and to catch up on what got behind during the quarter end. It works out about right on the time line. So it felt good to get started on some things I needed to get done and get ready for. I had to box up some 2019 records to make room for the current records. All that will go to storage. And we are about half way to the next quarter end lol. Time is flying by. By the time you get through with one, caught up, it’s time for the next one.

Dinner has been good this week. We’ve been busy a lot at night. But George fixed a pork roast one night.

And beans and corn bread! YUM.

We love this skillet! It’s my bacon skillet. But it makes excellent corn bread.

George gives Roger some much needed loving. He’s just an old doggie now. We have decided not to even take him for the next grooming. Just not sure we want Roger nor the groomer to go through it. He’s so uncomfortable and moany and groany and whiney when he’s not happy. He is more and more intent about being where George is. He seems happy at home because he is used to it, but he gets lost, stares at walls, stares into space, looks for George in the wrong places, trips and gets hung on our shoes, table legs, falls and wobbles over. And his back legs splay out when he walks on linoleum with his back legs not strong enough to stand up on the linoleum at times. We know our time with him is limited.

I don’t like to think of it coming but sadly it is. He is just a very elderly dog.

All week we have worked hard, we have done chores, we’ve planned some, we’ve done health insurance webinars, made weekend plans, made Christmas plans, made plans with friends, made to do lists, ordered Christmas gifts online, and have really been moving forward with plans/life despite the rage in coronavirus.

None of us knows what tomorrow brings. We are making plans and sometimes plans have to change but for now WE ARE MAKING PLANS. And it’s just been a busy little week of doing all that plus keeping up with the house and the dogs and ourselves.

So Friday night, even though I needed to be doing a ton of other things, I grabbed a hot tea, a blanket, and caught up on a few of my YouTube shows. It’s just what my soul and psyche was needing. I love our little den with the BAT (Big A$$ TV). It’s perfect for our day’s end.

So Katy’s shower is today and we’ll be going to a virtual shower and spending it live with my SIL and BIL Susan and Kevin. We will be celebrating Susan’s birthday after the shower.

Here’s our peeps right here, a photo of the last time we were together:

This is an angle I rarely get to see, the sun coming in through the sun room. Saturday’s it is so pretty. The sunroom is usually closed off these days as the evenings have been too cool. You can see the leaves changing. I keep fresh quilts/throws on the love seat there – I really need those stair step kind of a quilt rack to put it on. Where you can put 4 or 5 on it. I will grab in there and get the next one when it’s time to wash the current one. As always there is system for everything with me. LOL.

So for the next week or so the focus will be on Thanksgiving – cleaning the house, getting guest bedroom ready for Mom, listing and obtaining ingredients needed, and when to cook what and who is cooking what. George is hoping to secure the smoked turkey soon from Aldi. Christmas gifts, ordering is important. I have asked off for a vacation day in December. I had one day to burn so I wouldn’t lose it. Will still have my 40 to use in January – it will be 40 by then. So that felt good knowing I would at least have a day to do “something” toward Christmas.

I also want to work on the next LessHustleMoreCoffee YouTube video in iMovie. I’ve started it but have to stop long enough to make some strides toward our holiday goals so I don’t get too stressed. I will get stressed, but trying not to. We already have almost booked up our Saturday’s. We are really looking forward to getting the days off after Christmas. lol. It’s b/c the weekend falls that way. So yeah, looking forward to that down time after all the rush.

A lot going on in my office it seems. It doesn’t look as messy from a distance so that is good. I’ll be sitting here doing some orders and making some plans.

And “Christmas Corner” is expanding as gifts are starting to be purchased. It’s so exciting! And I guess I should get up and get started on the house and getting ready! I am going to wear makeup today. So excited! lol.

I’m leaving you with Mr. Turkey! George said he liked Mr. Turkey! Made my heart glad. That is what he is there for, to make us smile! I love a bit of holiday flair and so glad to find him.