Sunsets, Masks, DIY Cleaning Solutions, and Office Decor

What a great day of “therapy” it has been. I’ve cleaned on the house, done laundry, rearranged my office walls. Everything is always ok in the house. It’s outside the walls that go awry. Well work is fine. But the rest of the world needs some help. My day at home was all one could ever ask for and it’s not over yet and there’s still tomorrow.

To relax during commercials in the evenings, sometimes I will take a glance at my Web Cam online app. I like people watching and weather watching mainly. Lately I’ve been wanting to see if people in other countries are wearing masks. They are. Anyway, look at this pic of a rainbow, sunset, storm that I caught in Cheyenne, WY. (Mona, do you know where this is?).

It’s the oddest place to have a webcam but there is the best weather scenes there in the background. I pop in occasionally to see some nice sunsets or interesting storms.

We had more interesting sunsets here as well. I’ve been known to be in a middle of a movie, look out and sprout from my chair to go catch a sunset yelling “it’s almost too late, I bet it’s too late, where’s my camera?” lol

Of course, at this time of night, even though we have a limited view of the sunset, I’ve enjoyed a moment of just savoring the skies and the breeze. I love the breezes the Lord has sent to us lately. It’s as if he is saying “I know you all are going through a hard time but I’m going to keep you amused with Saharan Dessert Sand sunsets and nice warm breezes for your faces to feel – for those of you that get out to enjoy my little loving rewards that I have provided for you”.

And George has provided good meals of late. I loved the bites of venison and chicken kabobs. He even made a kebob for the dogs to split. Of course he removed the bites for them. ha.

I kinda cheated though as I needed some protein and some “love” and I had ordered this for lunch Friday.

Sadly I ate both Logan’s rolls it came with during the day, along with the rice. Oh dear. So I wasn’t very hungry coming home. I had used a gift card since there is not one where we BOTH can go. There is one close to work so he told me to go ahead and use it. Well I love their salmon and chicken and steak at Logan’s. So I ordered this and picked it up and ate it in my car. I enjoyed my time away from my desk and watched the news since I’m not allowing myself to be on social media.

So I could not eat much of my dinner that George fixed and I felt bad. But…he was able to eat it for lunch today. So that was good.

Our new masks came in.

I have a little mask laundrymat going on in my bathroom. I have Dawn dedicated to mask washing and a little bowl I use to soak them in. Usually overnight, but I had so many to wash lately that I would soak them at least for an hour or two and hang them to dry. I first hang them in the shower.

I have these spots that are made for sponges to hang. I don’t use sponges, so it works out great. When I get out of the shower and I hang the ones that have been soaking to dry there as you see above. And then after they get through dripping they go to the towel rack.

The towel rack happens to hang over over the toilet paper. I don’t like my toilet paper wet. So that’s why they first have to drip dry in the shower. There is a vent on the floor that blows air onto them on the towel rack and finishes them off – then they go to the door knob of the bathroom to be put in either my work bag or George’s work box, lol! So a little system which works well as I come and go from the bathroom. This is all so absurd. Like, last year, can you imagine thinking about having to go through this. I never thought that we’d be going through a real Pandemic. I thought it was only for the movies. Or if so, for a brief period. It seems forever though doesn’t it. I know it won’t be, but for now, it feels like forever. We are starting to wonder if we will be able to travel in August as some of the states are starting to shut borders or are at least considering it. Countries definitely are closing up tight again. So time to batten down the hatches again. I’ve decided I’ll be ok with it. I mean you have to come to terms with it right? Otherwise it will drive you crazy. God says we have to find our contentment in whatever situation. So I’m trying!

So I had researched the cleaning “homegrown” style – a few weeks ago when I feared we may not be able to buy cleaning items. Also was trying to find a solution to the plexiglass shower doors we have that has a permanent array of soap scum that will not budge. It is totally my fault at not being able to keep up with it. And then realizing “oh crap a good scrub doesn’t even take it off”. If it were glass I think there would not be a problem but it sticks to this plexi material like concrete. It’s not coming off. It’s why I bought the shower curtain to go outside of it. Geez.

Note the “gold potty” there. At least some good things have happened this year. I have a totally white potty now! 😉

But….I am noticing that Dawn, vinegar, and water is gradually making a difference over time. And then I use the Daily Tilex spray to keep the current day’s soap scum at bay. I needed a better spray bottle so I ordered a couple from Amazon (they had the labels included, ha) and mixed the two mixtures above.

But the other mixture: Vinegar, Water, Lime and Rosemary (Lime juice b/c I did not have lemon peel, lol) I made for general use. I have cleaned SO MANY THINGS with this general cleaning mixture. I think I like it with the lime juice. I will try lemon next time. You can’t use Dawn in that mixture b/c some things you don’t need the soap suds situation going on. I cleaned crevices here and there and it immediately cleans! I am so impressed. It is FAR better than any other general cleaner I’ve used EVER. Take a peak.

My sink is as spotless as if I’d used bleach and baking soda which is my usual go to for our porcelain sink.

While cleaning I gathered help from George who could give our window some muscle. Got the window cleaned and that makes me happy.

George is making a Lamb Roast for dinner tonight. So excited. I love lamb.

He made simple syrup for the lamb.

He went outside and gathered some mint as we grow some. I also asked him to get enough for some cocktails with mint in them. He said he would fix mojito’s as he had made enough simple syrup for that too! So he did. It was kinda funny. Neither of us use lemon or lime juice on a regular basis. But today we both depleted the lime juice, lol. Mine with my cleaning mixtures and his with the mojitos. Do you know how many times this happens? We are always getting in each other’s way, but it’s all good. All’s well that ends well.

I enjoyed my Mojito. His is soooo fresh. Nothing like you would get at a restaurant. It was wonderful.

I also enjoyed a couple of cups of coffee BEFORE my Mojito. I needed something to encourage me to fix up my office after the letter board came in. It’s amazing how one little thing can make you try to rearrange your whole office. I rearranged it only to put it back again pretty much the way it was. lol I guess somethings you just perfect the first time around.

So this was a no go b/c I liked the table where it was before I moved it here:

So we are going with this:

Because I really like looking at this:

I did add the rest of the “travel” pics to the wall above the iMac. And I added the sailing ship to my table. Since I watch sailing shows and love to travel and in love with the sailing life (Will never happen for me at this point, but maybe a simple sail or a passage sometime).

So it’s not a “lovely” filming pic from when I film from my office but it’s “MY filming pic view”. And I guess I will be ok with that. It looks better and I totally love the message board. I think the phrase “Everything will be alright” is probably one of my favorite phrases. The white roses underneath is a nice touch that I stole from the mantle in the den. Now the den needs something, lol.

George helped me get my white board moved.

So Here ya go. All that and when I film you may not even be able to read the letter board, lol.

Sorry no make up here just testing things out. Ha! You can see I still have brown tinges in my hair. I will soon be cutting it out. But I’m trying to let it grow. I really am enjoying the hair going longer now that I have the new hair dryer round brush thingy!

My hair has more body using that and also not having color in my hair. I’m also getting used to the grey coming in and kinda like the highlights of gray agains my skin. God’s natural highlights. He knows what he is doing.

And still I say that George’s mojito is wonderful. lol

I have enjoyed my day today. And George also helped me to video the last piece of what I need to work on the next video.

So I’m ready to start working on that tomorrow! I’ll be downloading the music. I picked it out already. And I have some ideas going for the next one. So….these are getting easier to do. I hope I can get it down to a rhythm soon. My goal is to do one every two weeks but I think I can only manage to commit to every three right now. So maybe by the first of the year I’ll have it down. Til then I’ll just be “playing”.

But I’m happy with what I did in here today in the office.

I will leave you with a couple of pics. I wrote this list out for fun today. I love George’s “Another Dam List” pad. It’s on our fridge. But I just made one out for you all for fun. I wrote it while drinking coffee this morning and this was my plan for the day. I have done all but “read”. I’ll get to that soon.

And then while cleaning up, I just noticed this below and it just gave me a good a good moment. Good chi, which to me means a good “energy”.

It’ makes me just want to cook! If I only had a new floor that wasn’t blue and new countertops – ha!

Oh well, maybe one day I’ll be in the mood to cook again. I have to like my atmosphere before it likes me.

Anyway, ya’ll have a good day – I’m told dinner is ready and I must go!

Updating Decor, Cleaning, and More Travel!

With the weather raging outside, and me in the back doing yesterday’s blog, George began removing ornaments from the tree – much to my surprise – as normally I do most of this. After I finished with my blog post, they were gone, whisked away and no longer in site. Wow. I was left scratching my head and asking, “did you wrap up the breakable ones?” and he said “I know what I’m doing”. So…ok. And followed with, “If you don’t want me to help I won’t”. So…ok. I’ll take the help, but I had to ask. Normally he just takes the boxes up and down and trees back and forth. So I was very impressed to have the extra help. The ornaments are always probably the process that is the most lengthy for me as I take great care in the packing and wrapping of them. I still had to wrap all the breakable Santas and such and pack the snowmen and reindeer so their “twigs” don’t get broken and such. Now when I look at Christmas decor I think, “will it be easy to store” and “will it break?” So I was appreciative of the help and in getting the decor packed and out of the way.

He brought empty boxes upstairs and I packed away all of this below:

George had a timeline he wanted to meet and with the warnings beginning to come in and the damage swath reports – George decided to go out and run his errands as all this was approaching. I wished he would wait, but when he has a plan, it can’t be ruined so he had a timing of when to go and he DID. I said “you won’t be back by the time the storm gets in –so be careful”. I knew those would be the only words that would get him back before the storm as he would have a challenge then to prove me wrong. Whether he took my challenge or it was just fate, he DID make it back just before the arrival of the storms, which quite frankly – were not bad here. The wind was bad for many many hours and the rain was very hard. But often, the storms die as they cross Nashville and I-65 (not always as we’ve had horrible tornadoes nearby), and the storm lines often split with the worst going north and south of us. And that happened yesterday I believe.

Katy woke up and gave us a Face Time call yesterday to say they had snow in Breckenridge (TX), and I had seen the snow on radar over their area and thought – wow they are getting a pretty good snow. Since it was 76 the day before, she really didn’t expect to see snow on the ground. Below is my screen shot of our FaceTiming. Ignore my unkempt hair (what’s left of it after that last hair cut) and no makeup in upper right corner! I guess I snapped right as Findley gave a poop pose (sorry – story of my world – so fitting – normally when I try to take pics of our pooches is the exact time they need to take baths and lick their tooties).

FaceTiming with Katy -unfortunate timing on screen shot! Still sharing!

I put up the cactus curtain in the kitchen and tried to make it a SouthWest feel – well Texas and beyond!

Cactus Curtains (OK Cacti – but who wants to say Cacti?)

I like to decorate with small cookbooks since there is no back splash around the counters. It also gives inspiration to cooking. When George saw I had “had my way” with the cookbooks from his shelf downstairs, he winced. I said “what?” And he said he had spent many hours sorting them. I may have moved a few. I had no idea they were in order or needed to be untouched. I thought they were meant to be used. But I get it. I’m pretty picky about my organized ______ fill in the blank. All my stuff gets moved too, lol: spices, pantry, drinking glasses, dishes, and so forth – but the one that bothered me the most that I had to get over was “everything having a space and not having anything on the tables and horizontal surfaces (including beds)”. George lays out all of his things across any and all horizontal surfaces. lol But at least when we have company he is good about removing it all and placing it away, without having asking. Of course if anyone drops by, which is rare, it’s visible. But we are both messy in different ways. I have become more messy as I age. Surprisingly so. I get on a mission and focused on something and I’m liable to: leave cabinets open, forget to flush (lol), throw dishes/glasses in the sink or counter for later instead of dishwasher, leaves clothes on the floor for a day or two or three – including PJ’s and undies in the bathroom – which I cringe over and try not to do. So see – I can’t really complain. How did I go off on this tangent? Tangents are my thing I guess. Oh yeah, George was frowning at my perusal through cookbooks. Anyway, I still used them for decor. I mean if he needs those few, he’ll know right where they are. Yeah I know, Ramen Noodles (in the pic) had nothing to do with Southwest (yet). But I actually enjoy Ramen Noodles sometimes and interested in the recipes. I never use all the seasonings they have in those packets. But I heated Ramen up in the hot pot at school. I always ate Ramen when studying for my Accounting Tests. My Psych tests (which I loved Pyschology – I got Nacho Belle Grande’s and water and studied on site at The Bell) as kind of a treat. I guess all the other subjects I just studied on the go wherever I was. lol. Funny how food and memories go together.


Decorating with cookbooks

Greek and Cuban aren’t exactly SouthWest either but these peeked my attention, and fit the color bill. My kitchen could probably use a coat of pain at this point, 12 years in, but…I’d rather not have to do that so hopefully a bit of fantastic can clean up the walls a bit with some spring cleaning. Til then, covering it up with cookbooks works for me. I don’t see as detailed as I used to – so often do not even notice how dusty/dirty things can get til I see a photo or put my head up really close. I can’t stand things unclean, and now after getting up close and seeing dust I’ve not know was there sent me going through the kitchen with an extended duster (to the ceiling for cobwebs), door facing tops, picture tops, and I was astonished at how dirty the kitchen curtain was (the old one I took down) that I went to the living area and took down all the curtains and washed them.

I also took the pillows from the sun room and washed the covers and put them in the den. I may have washed these once before. But I bet it was 6 to 8 years ago, if then. But they came out great when zipped back on. And I’ll use these as they go with the den so well. The doggies and humans love the pillows. I’m glad these are washable as now we’ll be washing them more. The old ones I had in the den were washed as well and will go out in the sun room. You had to wash the WHOLE pillow with those but they survived and are drying in the sun room.

More decor in the kitchen:

Cactus backsplash decor
Needs something!

So the nice bigger black board is up. Yes the snack containers need some reorg too. And I had a wreath bought to place here next to the blackboard but did not like it. So I’ve got to think of something else to put there. Nothing in the house fit the bill for that. I considered a calendar but think it will be best to be put in the den where we can reach it better to update it w/o having to reach over the microwave cart stand and snack baskets. I will have this resolved quickly as I cannot stand an empty space like that. But I wanted the chalkboard where we could reach it too so I didn’t center it on purpose, knowing we could just put something to the left of it. I thought about painting a big cactus. Then I remembered I sold my paint set as I’d not used it in 15 years, and I don’t have time to paint anyway – especially with oils. Although I may reconsider in my old age at some point. But I have far more fun making graphics. I haven’t even done that much either as photography is kinda more my thing now. I’m no expert and honestly don’t really want to know all the details of photography – as I’m too impatient for that. I just use the eye and go for it.

Anyway…it’s been fun placing the ordered decor and kinda sad that it seemed like for all I spent, there was little to show for it. I guess normally these things are bought over time and not all at once. I haven’t and don’t usually spent a lot on house decor and this was year as so much needed updating. I try to go downstairs in the basement and shop for what we have, but at least it looks nice (sort of) and will try to solve this constant itch to redo the counter and floors – at least for a while. But we are getting to the point where if we are going to continue to live here, we need to do something with it. I’m so sick of the blue linoleum that I am to the point of wanting to do something temporary if we are not going to do something permanent. I was trying to hold out for wood flooring through kitchen and den and hallway. But I’m about ready for more linoleum if we are going to wait forever. I’ve been patient in this arena for the 12 years we’ve been here.

We have spent a lot though on Christmas (A LOT) and we have spent a lot in TX, and we were planning a trip to Amelia Island but I was told to hold off as George doesn’t know what is happening with his job, he said. 😦

So…I’ve been wondering how the year would play out with vacays. Sounds like George not wanting to get Amelia Island on the books yet, but it’ll be ok. I told him that while I like an ocean view, on the next vacay I’m ok with downscaling our condo type unit to a more low key sleep and go type of thing – although would be nice to have a kitchenette with stove so we can cook breakfast in the room. But not even necessary. I told him that I’d like for this vacay to be more about getting out and exploring, taking photos, seeing places and even being on the road some. There are lots of islands and excursions to do along the coast there. I even want to be on a boat some and he said we could go deep sea fishing. He seemed relieved and excited that I was up for exploring. He doesn’t like to sit on the beach for days on end. My days are over for that as well. I told him I was good for walks on the beach and maybe an afternoon or so. WE both will be in it for the food. So he’s not ready for us to book it yet. But when we do hopefully it’ll be cheaper as we won’t stay on the beach this time but from a distance. As long as I get some walks in by the ocean and some exploring along it’s side – I’ll be good and that will be a good compromise. Mom will be going with us and anyone and everyone can go along for the excursions as they desire. But can’t plan it yet. Since we will not be oceanside the scurry to score a decent room at a decent price will not be urgent as urgent and we will be ok with staying away from beachfront. They won’t go as fast. Hopefully. All that said we have the option of staying in a couple of places if we so choose, for the sake of extended exploring. We still want to be able to spend time with Aunt Martha and Uncle Ken as well. Looking forward to planning this when George feels he can be off some. I wondered if maybe he was avoiding the expense but I think he would have come out and said it if he was.

Anyway, Katy and I FaceTimed at 3 p.m. yesterday and planned our girls trip for the year. She and I are going to Tulsa and to see Pioneer Woman. I really thought we were just going to look at things and see and then book later, but after our 2.5 hour face time over wine to plan our trip – we are now booked with airlines, hotel, rental car and have our places to eat picked out and the things to do picked out. lol

So…what is hilarious and an awesome thing…when I was telling her about my flight choices and we were comparing to try and arrive in Tulsa as close together as we could we discovered that we could arrive at the SAME TIME…which led to us discovering that we would be on the same flight! lol lol lol lol. She has to fly in from Dallas. I can’t fly to Tulsa direct so I have to connect to Dallas to get there. So we’ll be on the same flight going in. We booked it the same way coming home. I’ll be picking her up and dropping her off in Dallas! HOW COOL IS THAT?

So..the tickets weren’t so cheap for me but could have been worse I guess. $500 round trip – actually more but I used some points I had and then bought more points which made it about $100 cheaper buying with points rather than buying ticket with $ and I have some points left over.

We are excited about the trip. I know there will be a day when we won’t be able to take them each year – when she has kids it’ll be harder to do in many ways. We probably shouldn’t be spending the money either. But we are enjoying these jaunts about as we can. We want to venture further out but the flights are even more. We both love Ree Drummond the Pioneer Woman and are looking forward to this excursion as a part of our trip. It took forever to figure out where to stay in relation to things we want to do. We will be staying at a nice hotel known for it’s awesome plump beds and I got the AARP rate and there’s free parking and free breakfast and the room was decently priced. So happy about that. But flying in and out of Nashville has become expensive due to it’s popular destination now. That is always going to be a problem on my end I think. Plus Tulsa is no direct flight and that means two flights for me each way.

Kitchen Decor

So…do you think we need more timers? lol

Was on my feet all day pretty much until dinner and then sat under a blanket and the cat joined me. I love this!

Slept til 8 this morning (yesssss!) and did a Bible Study on my new apps on the iMac. I miss YouVersion on here but found three that I use separately. One is a Bible app with various translations and access to free online research. Another is a prayer app where you can track your prayers and see God working in your life. It’s category based. And also a Bible Study app which has plans similar to YouVersion. I finished Ecclesiastes and started another on the nature of God.

Scotch Eggs in the Air Fryer

George fixed Scotch Eggs in the air fryer. These are sausage encased eggs, air fried – no oil. Dipped in a mustard vinegar sauce. It was so good. Quite the trouble though. However, he wanted a cook book that was a little more intense and this one was in the cookbook I gave him for Christmas – or if not it was where he got the idea. So he did good. They were great. I only ate one and saved one for later. One was very filling.

I need to go get a shower, finish up some laundry and ironing, vacuum, and maybe have some time for some shows to catch up on – maybe with some afternoon pop corn and a frozen hydrate after.

I need to redo my “to do” list for next week. It’s pretty easy stuff now that Christmas is over. Mainly:

  • Get dog appointments set for April
  • Turn in vacay time at work for our trip
  • Look up Chili Mac Casserole
  • Make Orzo salad b/c I’ve been craving it
  • Finish thinking up my 7 favorite books of all time (scared I’m going to miss one).
  • Winter Bucket List is past due. I will call it “Winter into Spring” (Jan – March)
  • Finish the decor in the kitchen

I never really talked about my goals for 2020 and never really decided on any. Some just emerged in my thinking – I’d like it to be simpler, try to spend less $ as I feel we’ve been blowing it out the water recently lol but have nothing so far into 2020 to establish that yet as I have done nothing but spend since the year turned – although much of it with $ from Christmas. But this trip was not so cheap. And here I sit wondering about more trips, updated kitchens, and flooring, and a bluetooth printer for the iMac (I have differed until it becomes quite necessary), the graphics program for outlook or parallel for outlook which is likely- thus making me want to save more so that can happen. So I did quit coloring my hair! lol. At least there is that. I do want to just enjoy life, blog, eat well, read, spend time in God’s word, write beyond blogging if He leads me to do that, take photos, see new places and yes TRAVEL until my heart is content. I will long for the RV travel til the day I die, and of course that is a big huge goal that I may never see, but it’s always gonna be my “maybe someday – somehow”.

Probably blog again mid week if not before. We’ll see what comes up that I want to share or write about. Today was fun though, just getting to sit and pour my heart out!

Off to spruce up the place, get the clothes sorted for the week (iron mainly) and listen to Sally Field’s autobiography while I do so. Oh and when taking breaks, I love to the app Web Camera Online on my iPad. I will try to take some screen shots for ya. It’s a great place to people watch from your home. lol. I love looking at airstrips, mountains, landscapes (sunrises/sunsets), bodies of water with their boats moving about, Australia now too – trying to see the smoke and what the state of the region is. Snoksred? How ya’ll doing? If you are reading? (From Australia). What part or region are you from? Anyway will take some snapshots of some things I’m viewing on there. It’s just fun to pop in. There was a couple fixing dinner in Ogden Utah. You have to wonder if these people know they are on cam? There are restaurants, laundry mats and pools, and hot tubs. lol. I love watching one site where the people land into a pool coming out of a slide. This has provided hours of entertainment. But my favorite is a family from Vineland. I just love their family and three dogs. Last night the woman disappeared for a while and came back with ice cream shakes, lol. They were all cuddled up with their fur babes, much like our own household watching TV. I pop in during commercials to see how they are. I love seeing them talk and hug their pets. So odd to me to be able to do this. I don’t think I could. But who knows with all the equipment we have, we may be on line too and don’t know it, lol.

Tornado Watches, Christmas Decor, and a Time to Mourn

Well, trying to enjoy a little Saturday morning here but the weather is playing havoc all around. Hopefully the power will not go off and hopefully no trips to the basement. What was supposed to be the worst weather to our south, has us with Tornado Warnings north of us, now meaning that we are in the wild weather path. And at 66 degrees and gusts to 40 – not a good scene. All the elements coming together. So we are under a Tornado Watch now. And the reddest part of the storm headed straight for middle TN.

I’ve brought in cushions from the front porch furniture which I never do, however it’s about the windiest I’ve seen. I was worried I wasn’t signed up on any alert system as I deleted the local news teams alert apps. However, our county through Nixle sends a text, I have the weather radio going and we have the news on. So the alerts are dinging my iPhone watch, coming through on the iMac and going off on the weather radio and TV. No shortage of alerts here. lol.

This week I have focused in on the To Do’s and have been able to get a lot done at work. Still much to do but on track for success hopefully and all timely. I have finished with all the Dec Withholding payments and have moved now toward doing the Withholding returns for the quarter, some with a Year End return. Many I have to wait until the w-2’s come out to do a final report. So I will finish up the withholding returns this next week and begin working on the reconciliation report I have to do and towards the unemployment part of closing the quarter. The there are LOTS of Year End reports to be done for each. So I’m trying to get in early and have been staying to 5:30 most days – except yesterday – I went in earlier instead of staying later. I left – I think around 4:15 or 4:30 or so since I was cooking. It was a treat to leave a little bit early.

The Makings of a Spaghetti Sauce

I fixed Spaghetti last night and this time used the green pepper. It really adds a special taste to the sauce that I like. I made enough that I had 3 lunches left to take and put that in the freezer. The picture above is before I added a jar of Spaghetti Sauce – not homemade of course – but when you work FT – short cuts are allowed. There is still plenty of homemade love and attention to the rest of it. I added some Chianti wine to the sauce from the bottle we were having. And added some Cherry Balsamic Vinegar. I totally forgot to add anything sweet, but it must have already had some sweet in with the Cherry Balsamic Vinegar as we really didn’t need it. Or perhaps the green pepper added an element making the sweet not be so important. I didn’t miss it. I usually add a bit of honey to the sauce. Weird I know but the elements of sweet, heat (red pepper flakes), sour (the balsamic vinegar), and salt (already added) need to come together to add layers of flavor. I also added Italian herbs and had sautéed onion and canned tomatoes along with the pepper and eventually the meat. I love building up a sauce and/or a soup! These things are easy for me. And fun.

I didn’t get a pic of the final version as we devoured it when it was done. I also try not to use enriched flour anymore for the noodles. It has to be spinach, gluten free, or pasta made with a variety of things like veggies, beans, brown rice, quinoa and so forth. It helps with the digestion and of course nice to get something that is actually healthier for you and provides nutritional value.

This week, my orders came in to give the kitchen an uplift. I’m not sure how much of an uplift it will be. It’s not much to show for the $ spent, but I’m giving it my best shot. The cactus curtain topper came in. I ordered two so I can ruffle them up with waves instead of going straight across. It should give it a clean and cute uplift. I’ll try to do before and afters.

I am most excited about the chalkboard. I paid $29.99 for a pretty big one that is made well and easier to write on and easier removal of the chalk without so much smudge. It’s the perfect size and white washed distressed trim around the edges. George will hang it for me and we can do our meal planning there. The other chalk board we had is just too small.

I’ll do pics soon. I hope we get the chalkboard hung this weekend, but…I imagine the Christmas putting up will come first. George, to my surprise is already taking down the tree ornaments. lol. I told him I was going to blog first. I did, however, gather most of the Christmas items earlier in the week and they are ready to be packed.

So, I’m looking forward to getting some things done today. And these warnings are going off. Planes are flying low and sound like bombs going over as they descend and the sounds scatter through the atmosphere. I guess they are all in a rush to get on the ground before this line moves in.

It’s all about to go down. Hopefully will be here tomorrow to give an update. In the mean time I’m going for more coffee.

I do have sad news about our neighbor that has been in a coma, having stopped breathing during her sleep and revived. They did an MRI but there was no brain activity. I’m hearing this from other neighbors. I did speak to the son last night who was outside while taking their dogs out and let him know we were praying for them. And they are letting her go from the machines on Sunday. I told him we wanted to bring dinner to them at some point but didn’t know their schedule. He said church had a line up nights and he could go get the schedule. So I said it’s ok, we will get with you in a few days and bring dinner. (I have decided that it is ok to wait to do things for people after the event has happened because when everyone else is back to life and it’s time to go back to routine – it’s nice having those pockets of people that are stragglers to come around and be there for you.) But this has all been such a shock and so I can’t imagine how much of a shock it is to the family. This one has been hard to swallow. She is/was such a bright spot in everyone’s world. My heart hurts for what they are going through and this situation has been with me in my heart and spirit and thoughts and prayers all week.

In the verses of scripture – “there is a time to mourn” and most definitely it is for our neighbors and for us too as we think, pray for, and try to figure out how to be there for our neighbors. I’ve told them we will be happy to do anything as we are right here – can help with dogs or whatever needed. Just what can you do but try to support. Nothing can bring their Mom/Wife back and it just breaks my heart. The two teenage sons (high school and college) – and although almost grown, will be difficult and I will be praying for them continually as time goes forward.

For the good news, my niece gets her license. We miss her and do not get to see her often but I have her birthday card going out in the mail today. She turns 16 and gets her license on the 13th.

I think my Dad passed on the 12th of Jan – back in 2006. So tomorrow will be 14 years. Wow. If I’m thinking of it right. We moved here in 2008 to MJTown.

Anyway, I’m truly off now to get more coffee and wait for these storms to blow through. And dive into the Christmas “putting up”. And we’ll see what happens from there.

What are you doing this weekend? And what’s the weather like where YOU are?