Things Lost and Found, Productive Weekend, and Feeling Accomplished

What a weekend! It was productive on all fronts and we enjoyed it as well. Time well spent. All the normal weekend things happened such as laundry and picking up the house and vacuuming. I began working on the sun room, vacuuming it, washing the sofa covers and pillow covers and will continue this week/weekend to get it dusted, windows clean etc. But I went to get the easter things to decorate and I could not find them. I decided on a whim to do some organizing in the basement. Organizing is something I am good at. And I decided to do some things I thought my help us get started in cleaning out the basement some. While doing so, the whole time, looking for my Easter decor.

I began by putting all the empty cardboard boxes together, folding the moving blankets neatly, starting a Good Will pile, throwing away trash, and putting like things together. While doing so I discovered a box I’d brought home from the office when our office moved. (Thinking about this time in my life makes me cringe. Moving Mom during the holidays and trying to shop, family coming in, wanting to spend time with them, and then our office up and decides to move as well. I about lost my marbles and it’s still kinda up in the air whether I did or not, quite honestly). But I found this box. I had to buy more plants from Amazon. And I found my little turtle bobble head I kept on my desk. I missed him too. I will take a pic of him later. I am so happy to find this box.

George came and helped me look for the Easter items and said they might be at Mom’s but to be aware – she had sent a lot of stuff to Good Will.

George knew that removing the bed in here was important to me. I thought we’d have to both move the mattress but he did it without me even seeing him. I’m not sure how he did that without breaking things with such a flimsy bed. So now I have room to redo parts of this room. I sat in there a while considering the best look for it all. I have a wooden filing cabinet for files coming up and a black bookshelf in the basement which I intend to put camera equipment on. I’m not sure how the room will be rearranged. I’ve considered rearranging the entire thing to have a different look and feel, but that is more involved. I will have to play around with it and see. It’s cramped right now the way it is. But I will figure it out. The main thing is that the bed is gone. I’ve wanted it gone since November, but we had so many other fishes to fry that was more important. It’s taken a pretty minute to get Mom settled. She is not there yet but close. And we’ve had to pry away some to get some stuff done that we wanted done so that all our spare time is not spent over there.

The bed being gone is big for me. It’s a huge representation of getting my life back, my office back, some time back. The box being found is big with my plants in it. It made my day. And when we went to Mom’s yesterday, I found the Easter box. This has truly been a real life Easter egg hunt. For in the Easter box were these guys. I would have been very sad to lose them.

I’ve had these quite a while. And their presence made me smile! So happy these didn’t leave for very long. George had moved them to Mom’s thinking they were her Easter decorations. He did not know. I bought most of my Easter decor last year when Mom was coming to the house and spending the weekend and I wanted to make it festive for her. Matter of fact, I don’t think George believed me that I had Easter decor. He quizzed me strongly about what was in them to see if I knew. I knew then he doubted me. But why would I make that up?

I had forgotten about this little bunny though. I honestly don’t remember it and wondered if it was Mom’s and she didn’t want it or if I had just picked it up somewhere last year when buying last minute easter decor as last year was such a blur!

So I began putting out some of the Easter things last night as George fixed our beef stew for dinner, which was out of this world.

We will be having Easter dinner here. I encouraged George to go ahead and buy the spiral honey ham while we were at Aldi’s. And it is time to plan the menu! I want some salads! At least two! Like maybe a layered salad, macaroni salad and then a couple of hot sides and rolls and I want to eat off the leftovers for a few days! I’m looking forward to this meal! We’ll go get Mom and Fancy and have them over.

An Easter Bunny, River’s Books for us to read to him on FaceTime whenever he calls sometimes and there is my niece and nephew who we have so missed growing up these last few years after my Mom and sister’s last and final argument. It’s just so sad.

I hope my niece and nephew know we love them but they probably forget who we are at this point. My sister banished both Mom and her Mom-in-law from her life. And with all that strife and dissension that makes it hard for the family to all get together. I tried the first year but my sister was not happy with the timing and said we didn’t really want to see them and said to just forget it. So we did. My guess is from that conversation is that they really didn’t want to see us. And that is ok. You can’t make people like you. Especially if you don’t try, lol. I’ve missed my niece and nephew but my sister sent me updated pictures and I’m grateful for that at least. And that is all I will say. I don’t want to sin against my sister by judging her. It is what it is and I try to stay out of their relationship or lack thereof, but ultimately a permanent family division can’t help but have ripple effects on the whole family.

Where it has impacted me the most is what I’m having trouble with. We could have really used the help with Mom’s move. And I always thought that my sister and I would be close while taking care of our parents. We lost Dad early on, unexpectedly and the family seemed to ravel apart after that.

But I just have to pretend that I’m an only child. When I don’t think about having a sister my anger goes away and I don’t sin and then I don’t have to go through a forgiveness cycle all over again. You can love a person and not like their actions. You don’t have to accept it. But having to take care of so many things on my own has really made me angry at times. And I don’t want to be that way. I don’t want to let the actions of another person have ownership of me. So I choose to put it all away and forget all of it. It’s easier that way. The past and everyone’s anger in this situation has taken a toll on everyone.

My sister would tell you she “got out” for her sanity. So I guess I’ve chosen the insane route and it does feel like I’m going insane sometimes. But I feel like I’m doing what God wants me to do in serving Mom who is not only a parent but a widow and cannot do all the things for herself she once could. I would never turn my back on her. I guess I should never say never. It would take a lot for that to ever happen. I would have to fear my life was in danger. And while our relationship has also been a strained one across my life – she still put clothes on our back and saw that we were safe and I intend to do the same for her.

Wow, this post took an unexpected turn, lol. Anyway, I try to keep my mind focused and forget all that has happened so that I don’t form awful opinions, hold on to anger, and then sin. It’s also very cathartic to let these feelings out here that I have harbored and pushed down for so long. I see no harm it mentioning these things on the blog because anyone that knows us pretty much knows our family is divided. I don’t think it is much of a secret anymore so no family secrets are here. It’s all public knowledge. And these are my feelings anyway so…..yadda yada. You know my motto anyway – ya’ll not want to be news worthy tomorrow – be nice to your fellow man today! Lord knows many lips have flapped about me over the years by ALL!

But yes, every bunny needs some bunny! In a big way. And God fills in the missing gaps when other people are not present in their God given duties. A dog would help too. lol

We had a great weekend of getting things done and finding things! We ate well too. But not too bad. The chips were the worst thing I ate. I fixed chips and salsa and a turkey sandwich, also with chips because I like the crunch.

On Sunday we took Mom to church. And went to Ruby Tuesday’s after and had big salad.

I piled it high and it was so good! I could do this every Sunday. I love their salad bar! This holds me for a long time. But last night we had beef stew and it was excellent. We need to have it more often.

We also took Mom to AT&T to get her TV streaming live TV. We spent about 45 to an hour at the store and got her box and then had to figure out how to get it all started up at the house. It was a little confusing but each thing prompted us on and it was hampered by Mom forgetting and not knowing passwords but we got those changed (I can’t keep up with my own passwords either – so no judgement there). Between the three of us we got it figured out. It took all afternoon. Once we got her signed in we had to get the google microphone set up so she could speak what channel she wants as she can’t see well enough to pick the channels on the guide. (And she says she is going to get out and drive soon. :-O).

I did get to spend some time with the cat. I love it when he nestles on my lap. But mostly he doesn’t stay there long. George and I watched a movie Saturday night about 9/11 with Tom Hanks and Sandra Bullock. Last night we watched Law and Order but I didn’t really like it. Not my bag.

I’m pleased that we were able to get things done here and also Mom set up with TV and streaming. She missed her Hallmark Channel. So hoping that keeps her happy this week. I was even happy that by Saturday afternoon, I made significant progress on the next video and I think you will like it much!

The Week Ahead

So I get my hair cut Tuesday night. Storms Wednesday. :-O. Thursday to Mom’s for dinner. Sunday to church. I suppose Saturday we will continue to work on things here. I was thinking of getting a pedicure. Might do that Friday night or might wait til next week depending on how busy next week is.

  • Finding my lost pink jacket. I have one place to look. At work. If not there I’ll order another one. ::sigh:: It’s not here, not in our car, not at mom’s. The last place I remember it is in my car. Or at home in the chair. Not either of those places.
  • Finish ironing
  • Fix my google credit card expiration date which will hamper this blog if I don’t get the card updated for the annual renewal of my domain.
  • Check out the candidates for voting so we can early vote.
  • Set my annual physical with Dr. Pare for August.
  • Finish sunroom cleaning for the warmer temps and early summer evenings. By June’s end it’ll be closed off again until fall unless we have some rainy days.
  • Measure my patio table for an example of finding mom a table for her back porch.
  • Order Pics from Shutterfly – will I ever get this done?
  • Set up my puzzle
  • Work on my videos.
  • Learn how to do GIF’s in videos on Final Cut Pro. I thought I had this one figured out but something didn’t work for me the other day. So I’m trying to learn this and also learn a new trick each week.
  • Shop for Mom a cabinet for her laundry room
  • Read some
  • Cannon Camera lessons. Bless it’s heart it gets put off last.

So is this enough to keep me busy this week? I feel like we are getting into a routine now, thanks to God who I have yelled at, begged, (bless him for understanding as He does) and so I think we are settling in with a routine that works. If we can get some important things done as well as some hobby/personal time in, we’ll be good. We all have to be patient which is what our Sunday school lesson was on. I noticed that neither George, Mom, nor I offered any advice on that subject less we end up judging one another and saying “why you giving advice to others about patience?” LOL Yeah we all sat there with are mouths shut! LOL

Meanwhile in Texas

River said “Poppy”! It’s so cute. He’s learning to TALK ya’ll!!!!!

Y’all have a good day! Anything accomplished or fun you had on the weekend????

Work Day at Mom’s, Hot Dog Fun, Cheap Shopping Spree, and Letting Go of Life’s Callouses

Yesterday we went to Lowe’s and bought the TV Wall hanging device and then headed over to Mom’s. George got the TV hung and hung up several more pictures. Mom and I went into the garage and I loaded the car with items for Good Will and a few things I decided to keep. I think we unpacked two boxes. That was it and she was tired and needed to sit down. At this rate, we will never finish. Mom says we got a lot done, but to me we didn’t. There’s so many boxes left to open. Much of it just doesn’t have any where to go. There’s still a few items she is missing and so as we move things around perhaps one day they will be found amidst the sea of boxes. She is looking for some more pictures and also some kitchen items, and some of her china, and some of it is probably just in a poorly labeled box. I really thought we were planning to attack the boxes yesterday and make some severe progress while we were there, but she tires out so quickly. She can’t breathe well as I hear her panting terribly when she stands and walks. I think her heart is just not pumping well enough for her to move around much or be on her feet much. At least some of it can go to Good Will though and all in all it is just her deciding to let things go. Much of it she is keeping and putting back in the boxes. And that is ok too, but we have about 3/4 of the garage to go through still, after the original move in. We have moved those boxes around and around and around since her move in Thanksgiving weekend. It just goes around in a circle. lol

Looking Back

Every time I think of it when looking back, and I realize it’s March and how much was done during the holidays, I just cannot believe it. I felt the same at the first of February. Three months of setting up another household after moving her in on Thanksgiving. Three months of shopping, buying, ordering appliances, ordering beds, ordering supplies, organizing, moving, unpacking – on top of holidays, festivities, two sets of company coming, hosting the family Christmas, taking two trips, doing month-end, quarter-end, year-end, and let’s not forget moving our company’s office in December on top of all that. When I think of this whirlwind, I still cannot believe how far we have come and how much has been done in such a short time with just the three of us.

I am always equally surprised (and if I am honest, dismayed) when Mom thinks it has happened so slowly. But I do understand she is used to doing so much on her own and she is no longer able to do so. I have to remember that (and she does too) that just because she can’t do things every day, doesn’t mean we can do those things she would have done every day. We can’t be two people. We can only be ourselves and while we can help and it will be slower than she wants because we have a life (or are trying to) have a life too and can’t be there by her side to do what she wants done right then at that moment. So to her, it must be taking forever as she is used to having what she wants and when she wants as she made it happen and she can’t now. Patience must be very taxing for her as well.

So I think this next weekend will be three Saturday’s in a row for doing Project Momma things and we will have to start focusing on some things here at our house after our trip. I enjoy our time there, and glad to help, so don’t get me wrong we don’t mind helping but we simply can’t spend most of our spare time there. We just need to be able to get some of our things done too. Life was already out of balance! lol. And eventually we will hope to be on a set schedule so we kinda all know what to expect and how to plan, but I don’t know if we will. Someone will probably always be disappointed somewhere til we figure out how to make a day longer than 24 hours and not feel the impact of it, LOL!

And after the past year and a quarter, we are waaaaay behind on getting things done and also getting to enjoy hobbies, see friends, other family etc. I hardly plan anything anymore with friends because it is so taxing to our time. It’s sad. But we usually need what spare time we have left to get groceries, do laundry, run errands, sleep and get done what we can at our house after doing Mom’s things. When we do get away it is a blessed relief to have some fun – anywhere. I mean late yesterday afternoon we thought about going out and doing something fun and we were both like – no just head home – maybe we can get a few things done. Yes, don’t bother, it’s just me fussing about time again like I have my whole entire blogging life. We just all live busy lives I guess. But when you are focused and determined it really messes with you when you are not productive or becoming less so. And well, we are taking care of another person and it’s just going to be an adjustment we may not ever figure out. And yes, I know you are thinking it – yes, I DO have to continue working at trying to let go of the fact that the other sibling is not helping. It’s a daily “bless and release” I have to do in which I’ll speak of later in the blog entry today.

At Least We Ate Well

I fixed hot dogs and Mom had a wonderful salad and dressed eggs. George beautifully decorated his hot dogs. I was impressed. Mine are the two dogs on one bun with chili. Mom had already attacked hers so I didn’t get a pic, lol. I thoroughly enjoyed this yesterday and loved the BBQ Chips which I don’t usually allow myself to have on a regular basis. Only at a party. And well….this was a working party, lol. It makes a Saturday work day fun when you can include a fun meal inside of it.

A Cheap Shopping Spree

What did I do? Shop. I usually make a habit of going out in March to find a few tops. I didn’t get to last year and I won’t get to this year either (weekends are all booked up and I have to much to do at home) so I spent the afternoon and evening on Amazon looking for tunics and shirts. I mean I got into the BOWELS of Amazon. lol I have never spent so much time looking on line for something. I’ve discovered that Amazon will begin to throw some cheaper and some different things at you in the searches after you have kept looking for so long. lol. It wasn’t until I began looking at men’s t-shirts to use as some casual tunics (because they are much less in cost than the women’s) and had put them into my online cart. I found cute men’s striped t-shirts a 2-pack for $10 and another for $11. I didn’t buy them because that is when they opened up their back items to me and began showing me cute women’s things (finally) for a less price. They were holding out on me! That was really strange. So I bought women’s cutely designed shirts for $16 to $19 instead of the mens for $10 and $11 but don’t worry, they are in my “save for later” list. I didn’t want to spend too much in one whopping spend. I bought 3 or 4 tops yesterday and a camera “sheet cheat” for $24.99 to learn how to use the darn thing. lol

I don’t have time to watch videos on it so I bought some cheat cards on a chain, maybe I’ll have time for that. I started to buy a book (like I have time to read either) but I think this will be best as you can throw it in the camera bag. I will take a pic of my purchases when they come in. I want and need to learn the basic concepts of photography and videography. We have spent so much money on this camera and lenses and I’m so dismayed that even on basic things (especially video) I usually come out with crappy work that can’t be used because I grab the camera and film without really knowing what the settings need to be. I don’t want to keep settings on automatic, I want to be able to take amazing pics and do a good job with lighting and colors on videos as well. I just erased an entire video segment I taped as a preface to the flooring video -because it was yellow and I looked horrid, so I’m not even going to put sloppy work out there anymore like that. I just hit delete. Even the coloring didn’t help much. I looked horrible that day anyway and the camera angle did not do me any favors. I just can never find time to work on these skills. Because whatever time we have is eating, sleeping, blogging, doing laundry, maybe some housework as I do other things and I try to get my videos done as it usually brings me joy, peace, and happiness to put those together. I am determined however, and I will somehow find pockets of time to learn and grow in this area. I’m nudging forward ever so slowly. And it brings such joy when I finally have time and make ANY progress at all.

Photo by Bekka Mongeau on

Speaking of Joy and the Baggage We Bring

Today’s lesson in the Activating Joy book, was talking about the callouses we have in our heart. Areas where our heart has been hardened. When you begin thinking of one, you begin thinking of so many others – a person here, a person there – areas where you have been wronged, or have not been properly heard, and maybe not even apologized to. I have things in my life I’ve held on to. Oh the baggage we carry with us all the time that has shaped our thinking and taints our future decisions, how we handle things, and how we think of things and yes- makes our heart hardened, sour, and gives us a horrid disposition if we let it. I suppose this is where the forgiveness comes in too. It’s all connected.

I think for me any lack of forgiveness and hardness, comes from not being heard and/or not being understood, and/or not being able to say what I need to say and then harboring that inside and allowing the bitterness to stay in our hearts. I guess that is why when we talk to God about it, (or blog about it- ha) we at least get to say what we need to say and Him, being a higher power, can at least do something about it, or you all – my blog friends too – in which you sympathize and support me. And we can sometime proceed to let it go once we’ve acknowledged it. But it takes a step further as it often comes back because we have memories! There are some pretty big things I’ve given to God to let Him handle, otherwise the baggage would have been too great for me to successfully handle. There are other things I’ve chosen to hold on to. Usually things that slap me in the face every day. Those are harder as they don’t really go away. I could choose to change things but the changes would be very dramatic and so I choose not to be selfish and change those things. I just learn to live with them and try to forgive it over and over again.

Even this last week I had someone that did not believe me when I told them something and they had to see proof for themselves. It really stung and also hurt my feelings at the time as well as another person’s. I decided life had much too many other irons in the fire to let it reside within me. The person is not really an important person in my life on an everyday basis anyway, so I don’t really feel the need to set things straight or give boundaries with the person.

The dealings you have with people, either give you a positive or negative feeling (I call them cookies or chips) for every encounter you have with them and honestly this person’s cookies/chips they have dropped in my pockets over time are heavily weighing in on the negative side pocket. I’ve just come to accept that the fact that I feel bad every time I have an encounter with the person. I rarely have any positive feelings after an encounter because they try to install some kind of fear, emit their distrust, or make me feel guilty that I’ve not just sold my soul for their own efforts. I’m not the only one either that have felt that way.

Bless and Release

So what do you do? I just rolled my eyes (not at the person, just internally or behind a wall, lol) and I read a verse of Scripture for support and went on.

I didn’t let it impact the rest of my day like I would have in years before. You can’t really tell what is in a person’s mind and I realize they can’t really tell what is in mine. And while it was disappointing, degrading, and patronizing – screw it. So what if they don’t trust me and had to see proof. Their unbelief is on them and in their hands. It just showed them that what I said was in fact handled. But how embarrassing for them. Although I doubt they were embarrassed. I would have been. And other than using it as an example, I’ve moved on. I have chosen to not let this situation or any in the past have a holding or a callousness in my heart. I don’t have good feelings in my heart but I don’t think I can change that because it wasn’t a good thing that happened. But I’m learning to have joy remain in your heart that when you think of how people have hurt your feelings or let you know they think of you in a negative way or how they have mistreated you – you let the thought happen and then release it. I’ve heard it call “blessing and releasing”. Pray for the person – which I realize I did not do and need to have done. So I am doing that now, lol! OOPS.

I think as long as we have memories we will always deal with hardness of heart, forgiveness, callousness. But if we can recognize the feeling or memory, pray for it, and bless and release, God will soften our heart and not make it a pain staking issue taking up residence and space in our hearts, not allowing love in otherwise. I still think I have a lot of work to do in many areas. I’m very sensitive, introspective, and an introvert – and I think when you are – things stay with you longer, bother you more, and maybe take longer to resolve? What do you think? I could be wrong on that. I’ve only been me so I can’t say, lol.

iPhone Home Page

Every now and then I like to update my apps and move them around – I made a couple of changes. The home page are things I use most often and need to get to quickly. I have started putting a photo in my widget at the top to remind me of my focus this month. I’ve really been trying to “nudge” toward learning the camera, as mentioned, so I’ve put a pic of the camera at the top so that life doesn’t override and smush out my own personal goals. I just need a few minutes of learning time wherever I can pick that up. I loved that picture of the camera as found on Canva. I used it earlier in this blog entry.

I also have really come to love the iPhone’s reminder app. But I realized I had it set on Reminders to show in the widget instead of my “Today” list. So that way I see the focus for today. Notice I have 12 things on my little Reminder app there on the bottom. It amazes me how sometimes it can take a week to get one thing crossed off sometimes. lol. So guess what I’ll be trying to do today? Get some of those things off my list. Here’s today’s list anyway. It’s in the video format b/c a screen shot could not capture it in one photo, lol. I could get more done if I didn’t blog every morning or every other – but that is the one thing I won’t compromise on.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’m going to go fix eggs with spinach, finish laundry, vacuum, dust, conquer some things on the list. And maybe try and have some fun. I hope to find a wee moment to work on the flooring video. I have to retape a segment to preface it. I trashed the one I did earlier.

George wants to do a good will run so we can get the stuff out of the car. I don’t really want to do that but I want it gone too, lol.

Oh well, we’ll see what all we get done. Hope you made it to the end, lol. Weekend posts are longer! 😉

My Work Office Decor and Sister Wives Demise

Everything’s coming together for one of my 2022 projects, decorating my office at work since we moved back in December amidst the crazy season. Back then there was no way I could focus on anything else but just surviving with so much going on. Just a desk, a printer, a computer and ink pen and the basics. But with my Amazon points I’ve been able to make the office a little more homey, more warmth, and more depth. I have to make it a happy place since I’m there most of the week.

The chalk board was added yesterday by our fabulous maintenance crew. I was so grateful for their willingness to help (and so is George) because I, myself, is not handy with a drill. I had asked George if he would be willing to come help and he said “don’t you have some guys around the office that would help with that?”. I laughed thinking about that. My response, “um no, I don’t think so, they don’t do things like that – they are all too busy and I wouldn’t dare interrupt or even ask”. I can’t even imagine any of them doing anything but being on a computer, lol. I’m sure they do but, geez I would never ask. But the plant maintenance crew came to the rescue as one of my coworkers “new who to call”. My boss also got her things hung. I can do hammer and nails but heavier things – I’m just not trained to use a drill. I guess I could be trained but I’m one of those computer geeks too.

The chalk board there is also a magnet board. I’m very happy with it. And they got the dry erase board hung. I need to order some dry erase markers. I had some at the other plant that I liked and someone swapped out my good ones for some funky off brand ones. They probably thought I would not notice, lol. I didn’t even take them with me when we left – I didn’t want them either but I hope they enjoyed mine. So I’ll order more and keep those locked in my drawer I guess so they don’t sprout legs. lol.

Someone at work brought me the dry erase board. I had one at the other office they were suppose to move over here but it never showed up. I don’t think this one was mine and I’m not sure where mine ended up but it doesn’t matter. I was not planning to use a dry erase board this time but anyway but they brought me that one and I decided I could use it after all. I was thinking the one I had at the other place was bigger and had metal edges, but I could be wrong. Maybe that metal one was when I was in HR. I didn’t pay close attention to it. But this will come in handy. And honestly is a better size for what I would use it for. So I’m happy with it too.

I wish that map would much bigger to fill the space behind me but it’s ok. I just like being able to see where places are in the world. It works, but that wall is big. lol

George put together a small black shelf for me last night. And it will behind me. I’m hoping it will fit and I may have to move the lamp around some and pictures, but I needed a little place to put paper for my printer, my Kleenex, sanitizer and so forth. I guess I will take it today and see how that works out. I’m thankful for that too. Glad to have the help yesterday in making things come together.

Here’s my view from my desk out into the other part of our accounting area. I need to get the stickers off of the furniture and computer but I’ll save that until after these w-2’s are entered. Just have not had much extra time. So when I talk about doing payroll, working on month end or year end, you know where I am!

I love my little job but it’s too much work at year end for sure. Just so much extra reporting and I don’t get the information to start on year end until 2 days before it’s all due, so there was no way to humanly possible meet the deadlines at that point as we have so many states (on top of weekly payroll processing), so here I am still working on it. I think I will also still be working on w-2’s next week too. I’ll be lucky to finish one state today and then will be able to hand enter around 150 more for another state next week. Payroll has been needy this week. Yesterday I worked much of the day on garnishments – some new ones, responding to them, setting them up and so forth.

But I’m data entering every opportunity I get once the payroll duties are done.

Watching Sister Wives

Yesterday after work I came home, sat in the recliner and finished watching Sister Wives on Discovery Plus. I still have the reunion show to watch and will likely finish it off in the next week so I can cross it off my list. I’m wondering if there will be another season. Not giving any spoiler alerts but if you see Google News at all, you will see that there have been some changes. But I may end up spoiling a few things here if you have not seen the season and intend to. You can quit reading here if so.

Now, I’m not for polygamy in any way. I think God laid out his plans for marriage and sexual intimacy very clearly in his word. But I have watched the show since the beginning and have come to love these ladies personalities and for who they are, despite their decisions. Hey – we’ve ALL made bad decisions in our lives, we all sin, and so no matter how you look at it, these are real ladies with real feelings and real personalities, and I really like each and everyone of them as a person. It’s not my place to sit and judge any of them but I am going to wrap up my opinions below b/c after all it’s a TV show. God gets that duty of judging them though. As He will judge all of us too. And will judge the judgers even more harshly, for their attempt at trying to be God.

I really feel like Cody tried hard at first to keep everyone happy but geez, that’s a hard job with 4 wives and when Robyn came on board – it was clear how fond of her he was and the others seemed to be second rate – at least it came across on camera that way and according to all of the wives he spends most of his time there with Robyn. It’s much more complicated than that, I realize as she has the youngest of children and likely needs more help even though they apparently have a Nanny. (Probably a perk of having your own TV show, lol).

Meri got pushed out pretty much over the catfishing incident and their relationship never recovered – actually their relationship didn’t seem to be all that great before which I think was why out of loneliness and despair she had reached out on line to open her vulnerable self up in search of someone to touch her soul and it was a scam. Cody couldn’t seem to forgive or allow their relationship to recover. So bam! No more intimacy for Meri.

Christine and Cody seemed to have a good relationship at first but with minor arguments to pop up over how to do things. Christine has a will of her own (as anyone should) and when he quit showing up for her in the marriage, she became her own independent self and allowed it to flourish. What did it for me (ended their relationship) is when Cody refused to go to their daughters very serious surgery and how it hurt their daughter’s feelings. He didn’t go because of Covid, but there were certain risks one needed to take and in my opinion that is the final straw. Christine seems like such a fun person and in the last two years I’ve seen her drawn up and sad. You can see it in her eyes and her face. I hate that and I hope she finds her life again and finds happiness.

Janelle, has always been so reverent even though she is very much an independent lady and can be determined (didn’t want to use the word stubborn b/c I think it’s a good thing). But even through Covid you could see how she was NOT going to choose Cody over her sons – as far as who to see when the boys could not quarantine. Cody didn’t want to come around if they were socializing with others. She had to make choices and she chose to continue seeing her sons and he sort of set that one up I think. I kinda wondered if he didn’t want to go house to house and wanted to just be with Robyn and not see all the others. He certainly managed to fix it that way whether he intended to our not, in my opinion.

Bottom line, I think all the wives are pissed. lol. I find myself talking the TV screen and getting mad at Cody. He acts so surprised when they all turn against him. I really think he gave up a long time ago. I think he really wants to be with Robyn. And I do think she ended up being the “alpha wife” – whether she intended to or not b/c whatever she says or wants, Cody responds to. I think his heart longs to be monogamous and he is fleshing that out by focusing on Robyn’s family and not being willing to focus on the others, using the front of Covid for the reason.

It’s true that what does not get focused on or flourished, can so easily perish and deteriorate. When there is no intimacy in a relationship it takes a lot of other things to keep it together at that point. It seems like he may be about to lose all of them, if he is not careful, if he hasn’t already. It may be to a point where they would not welcome him back to their bed, if he wanted.

And those are my thoughts on that subject. Gotta get going and get off to work and try to rock some w-2 data entering and also get ready for payroll by doing time edits and prepping for PTO’s for next week and several other Friday duties I do.

So, we have company coming tomorrow to go out to eat (late celebration of my birthday) and they will spend the night. I may not blog in the morning, but we’ll see. I have to change sheets, refresh the bathroom, restock, and probably run to the store for some breakfast items Sunday morning. I hadn’t even thought of that til now as we’ve been on the fly this week – except for last night where I goofed off, which I feel bad for since George cooked dinner and put my bookshelf together, but Lord I just needed some brain down time. So I took it. I’ll be back eventually but will take care of company and my INTRO this weekend and then I’ll be back after that! Yeee ha! Lasso’ ing the world – one to do list item at a time!