Blissful Domestic Day at Home

It was a big day today with a lot of progress made in the house. I started the day with laundry but quickly went to do a blog entry after a few days of NOT doing one. I saw “Gone with the Wynns” had posted a new video on YouTube so I had to switch over to see what they were up to. I got a shot of my omelette that George dropped in front of me and Jason from the Wynns was in the background. If you like watching videos on YouTube, give them a shot. They bring beautiful and delightful “videos” each week. I am sure if you go to my YouTube channel you will see them there under my subscriptions. I think you can see who I follow.

Katy sent me this because I love how it smells! I thought it was just for “clearing the air” but apparently it’s really a cleaner. It smells like cloves. I was so excited to get it. I will be putting it in a sprayer today b/c it has to be diluted. She sent some toothpaste also that George loved. I like it too but we have different bathrooms and that was his gift. I told him to get me some for Christmas, lol.

We went to the store yesterday morning late – close to lunch time and OH MY GOSH – a Saturday HOL weekend – Kroger was absolutely packed. It was one of those grocery trips where you can hardly stop to decide on a product because if you do you are keeping people waiting. It was so crowded. And if you stand anywhere for longer than like 2 seconds you will be asked to move or someone will stand there looking at you like you are the biggest thorn in their side ever. I was so irritated by the time we got out of there. You could find the most OUT OF THE WAY spot to stand and STILL someone will need to be where you are. LOL.

I took this pic, mainly for Katy. She loves Pumpkin Spice lattes. I’m not fond of flavored coffees anymore. I drank a lot of almond coffee and flavored coffees in my late 20’s and it seemed after I was pregnant and had Katy, I didn’t want the flavored anymore. I like mine black. No cream. But, I like cinnamon sometimes – especially if it’s strong coffee.

So happy fall to ya’ll that like flavored coffee!

I worked in the kitchen this weekend making it a little more fallish. I changed the recipe book decor again. I also took the old lights down and put up some more. After a while it’s safest to do so. I had a light bulb pop off and some were starting to go out.

We enjoy the lights under there and it makes our kitchen festive too.

Got the fall decor done on the mantle. I’m still undecided about the mirror. I just grabbed it from downstairs thinking I could use it somewhere up here either as a mirror or a jewelry holder or as a base in the bathroom counter but nothing really worked except to put it on the mantle. It may come down. I have a fall wreath to hang and how it looks with that will determine the final outcome.

I picked out some cookbooks I wanted to peruse through for fall and have those ready to go so as we sit in the den I can grab one for some fall ideas. I like to do a meal or so every now and then as it gives George a break. He doesn’t seem to care so much though because he loves to cook. But I do too sometimes!

I pulled out some baby blankets of Katy’s to wash and send to her. Amidst them was this PINK blanket. Katy laid on this one a lots as a baby. It was a great thick one to put on the floor and put her on it. I decided that little River may NOT like pink so I put on the sofa for Maisy. The blanket is starting to wear anyway, so I decided not to hold it out for a girl. It’s a perfect Maisy blanket. She took to it immediately. She likes a little something to lay on, on the sofa.

I also worked on the sunroom, putting out the fall placemats. I opened a few screens and turned the fans on so that close to sundown it would be fairly cool in there to eat dinner. We had an awesome steak and crab leg dinner planned for us.

As I was working, I couldn’t help myself. I had to look at this Greek cook book. It’s an OLD book and has some very simple recipes in there. I’m excited to try some things. It also has some written chapters in there about the Grecian way of life and thinking. I put the book down to finish up in there. It’s easy to get distracted at home! Despite my normal distractions I stayed away from my office so I didn’t get pulled in to it! I’ve saved my office work for today and will talk about it later. Lots of pics today to share!

Washed the blanket on the long sofa in the sun room. My cushions have all faded. They are expensive to replace. So I just covered up the chairs with blankets. I mean after all the dogs are on them anyway. Even if the cushions were not faded by the sun, the big flowers are probably pretty out of style by now, lol. We don’t get to sit out here much as there is no longer any a/c or heat out there. So we are out there very little anyway. There is a gas fireplace but I don’t think it’s safe to use. It would always get too hot with it anyway. I use the mantle and that’s about it.

The “tea center” is all ready to go. We will drink more tea in fall and winter. I stuck the “China Moon” menus for take out in the basket as a fun reminder to do some Chinese take out. We love it and it’s great during the fall winter.

I stopped to grab of pic of the crab thawing. We don’t usually see Crab in our house. We only had enough space for the one box when we bought them. Now that we’ve eaten that one, George is going back today to get another one! It was great! It is rarely that cheap. It was $14 for a 2 lb box.

Stuck some “fall flair” here at the “snack basket” center. This is where we put the crackers and chips and almond slivers and such. Also where we would tack up gift cards and invitations and events we were going to. Boy has this year been bland. That board is almost unnecessary now, lol. We have a few bucks left on a Cracker Barrel card left I think and a few reminders George stuck up about voting and I’m not sure what the other thing is – maybe oil change? lol

We love a good weekend to just be at home and be domestic. George worked on the meal board. Here’s the next few meals coming.

No shortage of good meals around here. That’s why it’s hard to lose! I have to try to eat less all day and save up for night. :-O

I added “Loon Pasta” and “Loon Chicken Salad” to the list. I watched a couple of shows on YouTube of “How to Feed a Loon”. It’s two guys that do a splendid job of explaining and cooking a recipe. They are a lot of fun as well.

Told ya there was a lot to share today. Give me an extra day at home and I’ll get into a LOT. This is a reality blog and this table is rarely clear. So to show you the fall flair, I have to show you the real thing, lol. I had MY stuff removed from the table early on, but it’s just a convenient place to put things. From wallets to recipe books to ipads, to — A1 sauce? Yep a new bottle I think for dinner. George made us some cocktails from sherry. It was a bit sweet for me. So he made me a Paloma.

In the den, I set up the diffuser for a lemon and rosemary smell which is one of my favorites. I think I will order some more clove and cinnamon though for fall. I just threw some fall leaves out here.

I have to laugh every time I am near this “table” below that I begged for, as it matched our dining table. Times were a bit tight at the time. I had $200 in Christmas money to spend and we’d only be out a $100. He was going for “no”. I knew it was perfect for this spot and perfect for the room and for a dining table match. It was a different kind of table too – an unusual style.

Immediately it became evident that it would become a liquor cabinet and George’s ipod deck went on top. I could care less about a liquor cabinet. I like a beer here and there and wine. I like to have a dark rum around and a lime or cucumber vodka in the freezer, but for all the hoopla surrounding the onset of getting this table, it’s ironic that it is mainly George’s. lol lol lol

And I’m ok with that! He’s a great bartender and manages to offer a good selection to friends when they come and go. I have plenty of room for my stuff elsewhere but it I mainly wanted the table to fill the spot, to put things like crock pots and kitchen extras, and to decorate on top. But I’m married and I can share. I still have a little room for photos and it’s a great place to put pics of some of our buddies. I need to add a few more. I’ve not updated this in a while. I don’t think he uses that dock anymore though. Why is it still there? I could put something in that spot! So I threw a bit of color here as well. Kinda pitiful on the fake sunflowers there. lol. I probably need to tuck the vase behind a frame so you don’t see the bottom. I’ll rearrange I’m sure.

And the foyer has a bit of fall flair too.

So I’ve been a bit unhappy with my bathroom lately. My major complaint is really that it was becoming unfunctional for me getting ready and it looked untidy. When company comes I have to either clean up or let them see my make up mess. So I worked on the storage drawers and also the cabinet space underneath. I really just had a basket of collected makeup and it was messy. I also have masks soaking in there a lot. And then I like to listen to Alexa in the morning. I have a “news briefing” set up with a collection of services like NPR, AARP, and a local news station. It gives me the main headlines in the morning, including the weather and a Bible verse. But it’s always hard to figure out where to keep it. I’ve tried hiding it, tried hanging it, but this is the best set up yet.

I also took the “green” plants from around the den and kitchen areas in which I placed more fall looking foliage, and placed them in the bathroom. Seeing this made me realize I’d needed a color pop in there all along. It only takes an item or too to get creative juices flowing. I actually have some “weird” but cheap ideas going. I hate to spend a lot on decor. Maybe you can tell? lol I just think when you decorate it has to be functional and it has to give you “THAT FEELING” when you walk in the room. I always have used that term “good CHI” which came from reading about feng shui – which only interests me from an intriguing decorating standpoint – not from a religious or spiritual standpoint – but YES “Good CHI” or GOOD ENERGY is definitely what I look for when putting a room or a space together. We all seek that moment of liking whatever we have created. Not near as perfect as what God must have felt when he created the heavens and the earth and said “it was good”. But I loved what the green did and I love way it turned out. Not perfect but more along the lines of acceptability.

The green mask was there to be washed next. I decided to use the little cream bowls for washing masks and make up brushes.

Now it’s making me want to take the plain pics down that I threw on the walls of our nature hikes, and put some pretty prints that have color in them. But what I have in mind may be a bit different than what many would do. I want to be able to change things around in there and don’t want to spend a lot of money. So I have some ideas that might work. I’ll hold on to them for now and we’ll see if it comes to fruition. My wheels are turning though. I did not put fall in here! I’m keeping it green. Sometimes you just need a place that is fresh and green away from fall, Christmas, winter, or whatever. So I’m keeping the fall decor mainly in the living areas.

I also was able to move all the camera set up to it’s new case in my office.

We had our nice dinner in the sunroom. It was a long one. We had a lot to eat and the crab legs take a while. But they were so good!

After dinner I sat in the sun room for a bit, letting dinner settle and reading some and catching up with messages and such on the phone. Maisy knocked off my doll on the sofa and made herself a tent.

I put the doll back and told her she had to share the sofa with the doll.

I think she was politely telling me it was bedtime. And it was after a few games of candy crush. That game relaxes me and sends me to the finish line. I really think it doesn’t matter what I’m doing – about 9 – I turn into a Pumpkin. I’m done, unmoveable, and just gone for the day. Pretty much fell asleep knocking a candy into another one – swoosh and snore!

Today is a fun day for me. My office day. The decorating done, the cleaning done, and now I will clean up the office a bit which won’t take long. I will be doing the following today:

  • Changing my autoship for that company I use for the products I’m needing for this month.
  • Return or swap some jeans from Belk that didn’t fit. It’s so hard to buy pants on line, especially jeans as they are so form fitting.
  • LTD order (maybe) which is
  • Might order my decor stuff to decorate with or at least look into it.
  • Devo
  • Change my watch band from the white one to the sand color one.
  • Refill the vitamins which I keep in my office.
  • Tell the white chili recipe ingredients to Alexa for the next store run.
  • Download my 2 available Audible credits.
  • Work on my iMac files – I’m reorganizing a few things.
  • Do a back up of the files that are not on icloud. I’m still a bit confused about all this – may watch a few more videos. I’m still trying to get around the Mac learning curve
  • Do my iPhone updates
  • Drag photos in for the next videos coming up.
  • Drag other photos into the 2020 spots for saving
  • Delete old photos from my iphone
  • And I guess that is the main thing. If I get all that done, I’ll be doing good. I’ll move onto other things on the list.

Well told you there was lots to share. But I’m done now and anxious to get started on my day! Ya’ll have an excellent Labor Day holiday! If you made it to the end, let me know! ha. Here’s to all that get to see a beach this weekend! I miss being around the water!

Happy Labor Day, wherever you are!
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Gender Reveal Party and Decor

I had to wait to post all these as I transferred them to the iMac at home. But it was a special time in our life and so I want these pics on the blog and to be able to share them. Mostly did not include a lot of people since you are never sure about who is ok with it and who is not. So I usually stick with family, the decor, and often I end up getting pics no one else did. So it works out. Most of the time.

They surprised us with shirts! So so cute.

I hope you enjoy! This will be mainly pics of the decor! We are not allowed to take pics of much on the ranch and was reminded of that periodically while there. So hopefully with these pics we will not reveal any secrets, whatever they are! lol.

I am sharing this one because these are Katy’s friends that she teaches with. They are awesome! They have been so good to Katy. They all look out for one another! So I appreciate these ladies so much! The let me take their pic so I am guessing it is ok to share on here.

I’ll be doing a separate Texas Sunset entry soon but I did want to put a couple on here because the sunset was a special part of the night that night. Also have to mention the WIND! The wind was blowing a lot that day and made the decorating very difficult. But all in all it turned out to be a great party. It was outside. It was 105 or so starting out the party. But not humid – still very hot. Maybe that is why sunsets are so special sometimes, lol!

The actual gender reveal section is on a video which has mainly only been shared on facebook in a more private matter. I’ve been asked not to include it on YouTube, and videos don’t do well here on the blog unless it’s been added to YouTube, so I can’t actually show the reveal part – not by my choice – but I will honor the request.

Bottom line – it’s a BOY! Due in January! And we are so excited. We just hate they are so far away. Fourteen hours away! What are we gonna do?

Notes from the Week:

Ahhhhh I should probably just not include this part but I will say that this work week has pretty much been____________ at work. Sometimes it’s best to just leave the blank there but “sucky” would do just fine if you really need a word to be there. Bless its heart! I think it’s a good week to put work in the corner – in time out. It’s not been good this week. It’s too bad we really cannot ‘punish’ work when it’s been bad. lol. But I can blog about it. Not about people but “it”.

So many things making it harder on you than it really needs to be. I’m behind but it’ll just have to be that way til I catch up. It’s one thing to stay over for work when its busy and to make sure everything and everyone taken care of the best of your ability. But it’s another to have to stay over to fix things others should have done. I’m trying to keep a good attitude. But right about now, I’m really very very tired and ready for the weekend.

I went to the dentist yesterday morning and so I was a couple of hours late coming in. So I didn’t take lunch and for the most part lately I have not all week- no time to) except for a quick drive thru one day. So I made up the time but I ordered Greek for lunch thru an app and it was so good. We didn’t have a lot for dinner last night so I was glad I did. This meal got me thru the day yesterday.

When I came home I folded the laundry and rebooted (started the next loads – tossed the washer clothes in the dryer and so forth). Then sat on the sofa in the sun room and watched the deer eat in the back yard. Very much needed down time there. And this morning I need to go reboot the laundry again, lol.

We are headed to the store tonight and think we are going to get Pho or some kind of Asian soup or dish before hand. Just ready to be done with the work week. I was going to go in early but decided I didn’t want to give up my blog entry just because others are creating a lot of extra work for me. Didn’t seem fair somehow! lol. So here I sit.

Ya’ll take care. Prayers for those impacted by Laura.

Tomorrow maybe I’ll do the Texas sunset post from the cam! I think this is my favorite though. I am still learning! This is on automatic settings most likely.

Random Pics from Texas


I miss my daughter’s dog Findlay, aka “Little Stink” as called by George, or “Fin Fin” by any of us. She is a sweety pie. She would often lay in my lap while I worked a crossword.

I miss the ranch window. Love to sip coffee and look out at the morning glow and the evening sunset.

We cooked a lot for “the kids” as we call them, although they are very grown up. And each evening I would change up the centerpiece – just from whatever Kate had setting around for decor. I hope it didn’t bother her. I tried to make it different night to night.

See the dog ears on the napkins (paper towels)? LOL

Findlay loves to sit and run along the back of the couch. It’s hilarious. She looks for her Daddy to come home.

My daughter is an excellent decorator. I always enjoy her flair.

George with Findlay

I could take pics of the dogs all day long. She was good to pose for me, and has calmed a bit from our previous trips. Before it was hard to get her to be still for long.

Sweet Roger

There’s something about these mesquite trees that I love.

Miss Maisy wanting some attention.

George at the helm cooking up some din din!

A cook book I looked through at Kate’s and I put some lemons in a bowl. Katy enjoys her fruit. There was some liquor George had bought in the background. I thought it made it pretty picture.

We did try to do this, Cook with Love! I love the spoon holder message.

George began making pizza dough one day. I was practicing using the camera.

Mr. Roger, doing what he does best! Except for scaring the deer off. He loves to scare the deer away.

What a great message to see every morning before taking your shower. I love this. And I also loved doing laundry there. If anyone put a load in, I folded it. I washed a couple of loads of towels and also a couple loads of our darks so we could rewear our “comfy jeans”.

Every laundry center needs one of these. I find change nearly every time but I don’t have one of these. This is cute. I guess it pays to do the laundry.

And that pretty much sums up the “extra pics”. I still have some Graham pics to share and also some Gender Reveal extra pics as well as some sunset pics.

So, for the daily update:

Work has been extremely busy. I think I’m sortof caught up from vacation now. But I’m not really caught up from last week yet, lol. I didn’t take a lunch yesterday but just ate what I could find around my desk. I was pretty full anyway from all we’ve eaten lately.

I came home and fixed chili yesterday, after talking with my sweet friend, Lisa. Have been in the mood for some chili for about a month.

Also saw this wallet on Amazon.

I’ve been wanting a thinner one. This one keeps people from getting your card information. Apparently people can get your number just by standing around you. But this has that protection so your information cannot be read by those special devices. This above is an example of an ad that pops up. I didn’t order it yet. I will wait. I need to check it out further and make sure it’s what I want. I like mine now but it’s just soooooo big. I need something a little flatter. And I would like to have one of these RFID wallets.

Amazon has perfected their ads to the point that they are showing me ads of what I’m thinking about. How scary is that? I’ve not written, mentioned, or spoken of a new wallet. But thought about it a few days ago. And there it is. However, I did speak with someone over the phone that had their account broken into so perhaps it recalled that conversation. But there have been numerous times lately when I thought about ordering something and the ad shows it within just a few hours. Like some blue casual sandals – bam – there they were. lol. They may have already discovered a way to know what we are thinking? lol lol lol I’m not worried about it. I like having ads that suite me rather than ones that don’t. Less having to hunt for things. Whooop, there it is! That item I needed. lol

Well I better go get ready and go. It’s payroll day. Once payroll is done, I sigh a big fat relief sigh and just process everything from the payroll run the rest of the week such as pay taxes, upload and pay 401k, pay the garnishments and then get ready for the next payroll week. I had a lot of garnishments come at once last week – I want to say like 15 or 18 – so I had a busy day yesterday of taking care of those and getting them set up on top of everything else going on.

Anyway, I hope everyone is safe from the Hurricanes. I know that our area is awfully muggy today. I think the southern mugginess from these storms is being sent our way. I had to take out Roger last night at 11:30 and it was horribly muggy then.

OK off for more coffee and figure out what to wear today. I’m not sure I’m happy with the line up I picked. I need some more pants! I’ve focused on the tops way more than the pants but I’ve got to order some I guess and then see if they fit.

Ya’ll have a great day out there. Is the hurricane going to impact you any?