Virtual Doc Call and Weekend Ahead

George recently fixed an amazing polenta and sausage dish. I think I actually pointed it out in the recipe book. It was great. The next day though I was experiencing some pain in my left side, indicative of diverticulitis. I think it was in the makings the day before this though. And last night I switched to much lighter fare. I had liquids most all day but had potatoes and green peas for dinner.

I just noticed the near ‘gone’ banana to the right of my plate, lol. That is gone now. lol

Friday at work was “ok”. I just had a lot of frustrations last week but it’s expected considering all that is going on. All one can do is the best they can do. There’s just not many of us to do a lot of things but what can you do.

Just smile and go on. I was indeed glad it was Friday because I needed two days to chill out. You can’t move a stone statue up a hill.

Anyway I had an appointment in a virtual visit with my doctor to address the issue. They asked for me to come in but I said I didn’t want to come into a doc office with COVID-19 going on. So then they offered to do a virtual. So they called back with the schedule of 1:15 and then sent me the email link. My doctor is so funny. Kinda of a dry humor kind of way. He came on and said “hey I see you”. I was on the iMac – I wondered if it made me huge, lol. Have no idea. But he called me in antibiotics.

My pain has been light, with the exception of Thursday night and Fri morning, although it subsided. I told my doctor I could tell it was diverticulitis but that it was a light case, but I didn’t know if it was coming on full blown and didn’t want the weekend to bring a bad case and have to go to ER. He said “no you don’t want to be in ER, so I’ll call you some antibiotics in”. He told me to eat light for a couple of days – no steak and pork chops. lol So I drank a lot of liquids – with some munching on a cracker here and there. George also made some really good broth. At least I was hungry. In the past sometimes if it’s bad, you are NOT hungry. So this was good. I am even questioning if I should have called, but overall I think it was the right idea. I’m not sure what it is that is causing this but I decided this time I’m not worrying and fretting over it. So many say it’s stress. That is possible. I also think that sitting too much can do it. I did ask to join a couple of Facebook groups though of people with this condition so I can see what they are saying, how they cope and deal with this, and what works for them.

Getting the antibiotics and realizing the weekend was nearing, it put me in such a better mood.

For two days I’ve not listened to news and my psyche has returned to an almost near normal state. I don’t think I could stand to hear anymore news for just right now. We are learning to live in our “new normal” as they call it, which changes daily. I have mixed feelings about working 3 days a week back at work now. It puts one at risk. George not happy about it either but it is at least a job and quite frankly it’s much easier to do it there. It’s quite the effort at home and not nearly efficient. I can’t print so I have to save to PDF and print it when I get there so we have the records we need. .

George and I have scheduled a concert night for Friday night. We can’t go out, but we are pretending it’s a big night out. We will be watching “Ringo at the Ryman”. I think it’s a video he has. It gives us something to look forward to as we really don’t have any events to look forward to.

George made a list of things for us to watch so he didn’t have to make a list every night for us to pick from when we played “the game” to pick one. So he asked me to pick some for my little list to the right. I was impressed that he added some of my shows. He didn’t know their names but he did the best he could “those other sailing people” – lol. That would be Matt and Jessica of MJ Sailing on You Tube. “Tennessee peoples” are Less Junk and More Journey – sounds like our titles are similar although I got my blog title idea from a devo book called Less Hustle, More Jesus. The “Wynns” are “Gone With the Wynns”. KYD is “Keep Your Daydream”. All of these on You Tube. I also am very fond of “Project Atticus” a couple prepping to sail across the Pacific until Covid-19 hit. They are still out there in Panama area but pushing their big trip til next season. Oh I love my shows! Since I can’t travel I travel with them on every journey they post. My face lights up no doubt. So I’m impressed he put my shows up there. I need to add “Traveling Robert” and also Three Little Trees.

Dinner is ready so since I only got to blog about Friday today, I’ll blog about Saturday tomorrow!

Take care! Food calls. I’m much better today!

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  1. I have heard bone broth is very healing. Maybe some jello might help too.
    I hope you feel better.

  2. I’m glad you got the virtual visit. I hope the antibiotics help along with careful eating.
    Too much news is bad.
    I’ve backed off for the weekend. It seems harder to avoid during the week. I pride myself on not getting paranoid but it’s a fine line for sure.
    You look really nice with peach? color t-shirt. Compliments your skin tone. 🙃

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