Stress is Obviously Taking a Toll

Well, hope you all are doing well. We have a schedule that came out at work that clarified who needed to be in and where so as to keep it under a gathering of 10. We all have separate work spaces. So it has been established that I will go in on Mon, Tues, and Thurs. That way I can do payroll and process check cuttings for garnishments later in the week and also I can print out things and so forth that I can’t do at home. I really only need 1/2 day Thursday at work but I guess I have to be there the whole day it sounds like.

So we are now under a mandatory stay at home order in TN. We were under a “safer at home” in Nashville and I believe Mount Juliet was also. The definitions may be a bit more strict I guess. You just can’t be out period unless you have official business or getting food and supplies and so forth. They had tried not to go this route but said they were watching the cell phone tracking and everyone was going places. So they felt they had to do the order. So regardless I think all along we have deemed ourselves essential at work but I guess since TN has the order and if they plan on enforcing it, I can keep the schedule showing we have to be at work on certain days. I’ve been told payroll was essential so I think I’ll be ok if I get stopped. Our work has declared itself essential anyways. George told me to print that schedule out and put it in my purse for sure so as not to have any issues.

Work has been stressful and I’m trying to nurse myself out of a diverticulitis situation. So far no infection or fever. I ate a little yesterday as I wasn’t sure if it was diverticulitis or kidneys or another situation. But last night I had to get up and take acetaminophen to knock the pain. I woke up feeling wonderful but just had another bout of pain a few minutes ago. I honestly do not know what causes this – unless it’s eating the bread and pasta – or eating more than normal. We have eaten a lot lately. It could be stress induced. And I think I have increased amounts of time sitting and that is probably the biggest issue as I’m sitting for hours hunched over. The stand up desk works good. I can use it on Monday and Thursday’s. At home I just need to set a clock and get up and stretch every 45 or so. Normally at work I am running around doing things, filing, and moving around more. I just have to make myself get up more when we are at home.

I am hoping I will not have to see a doctor with this. I will plan on calling the office if it doesn’t get better. It’s not a full blow case yet – but if it becomes more painful and inflamed or infection where I have a fever, then I will call and have them give me antibiotics. Hoping that they can do this over the phone with this pandemic going on. I’ve asked the Lord to heal and so I believe He will.

But today I will probably need to maintain more of a liquid diet and see how it goes from there to give my stomach a break.

Work is crazy right now. So much to do. Have tried to be a team player and help others but I also cannot afford to get behind. That said, I’m glad it is Friday! There’s a lot saved up that I need to get done this weekend.

Needless to say I guess the pet trims our cancelled. It is not essential I guess. I am wondering if I need to order a dog trimmer set and see if I can figure it out. We may come out with new skills after all of this. lol

I am not sure how the online ordering is going of things. I thought I’d try to do a household supply order through Target. I think we are going to venture out again for more fresh veggies and then hunker down for a while. I really don’t want to go. So we’ll see. But we’ll be out of fresh pet soon.

I wanted to make a gluten free bread this weekend. I guess we’ll see if I can eat. I have a variety of things to open up gathered in the floor of our foyer. lol. Waiting for germs to die. I think I can open them up this weekend and get rid of the boxes.

I have some cleaning to do and laundry as usual. Lots to do but most of all looking to have some down time. I may even do some shopping on line and buy a new blouse. I have some $ from my consignment built up on ThredUP and they have some good sales going on. With the stay at home more stuff going on, I might buy some more jogging pants.

I also need to get my head around planning for a virtual baby shower for our nephews wife Ellen. I have some time for it but don’t want it to sneak up on me.

I guess Katy will not get to come home in May for Cody’s brother’s wedding. I’m guessing. They have not made the decision. However, I don’t think this mess will be over and the airports are not a good place to be, if they are even allowed to fly or leave the state. But somehow when this is over I hope we get to see them. Not even sure weddings can even happen at this point as there are not to be any gatherings. Such as a sad time for those getting married. They either have to postpone or elope just the two of you, if that is even a possibility at this point. Possibly not.

Crazy times for sure.

I don’t have a lot to tell you. It’s all been work and no play except for watching a show while we eat. I fall asleep most nights before the show ends. I kinda quit listening to the news – not totally but like every other day to just catch up. That seems to help my well being.

Yesterday was the first day that I really didn’t want to just put my head down and cry. It was mainly because I was too busy trying to figure out things and was frustrated, knowing that I know how things go and I can predict certain things. lol. Everything is so unsure and our world is so different and you try to figure out how to live and operate in the new world. It’s like being on Mars. You try to figure out how to keep trains on their track – or how to put it on the track after its fallen off. lol

Please pray for the diverticulitis stuff going on. I just really don’t need that right now. And life needs to just calm down so we don’t all lose our health and die before this virus thing even gets to us.

Ya’ll have a good day and hope you have something to look forward to for the weekend? I’ll look forward to watching some of my favorite shows and quite frankly just to sit and play candy crush. lol I need to have a change of thoughts. And to have less worry and fret over things and how to handle things.

It actually makes me mad that across my life, I worry about people being angry at me. I always worry if I’m doing or saying the right things or am I forgetting something. It seems all my life there has been someone yelling or angry at me, even when I’ve had the best of intentions. I don’t know why people don’t like me or think so bad about me that they think they have to raise their voice or yell or try to make me feel bad or think negative against me. Does anyone else have this issue? Is it just the world we live in? or is it just me? Am I a horrible person or something? George says he has his own theories in which he just believes the world is full of A Holes. lol. Well, I don’t know but define A Hole and if they shoe fits I guess one can wear it. But I’ll not be assigning that judgment. I’ll let God do that. It still is hard just to let God handle things sometimes. It’s a new struggle every day it seems letting God handle the pitfalls of this world.

And I’ll log off with that. So raise those coffee cups in the air and ask God to help you not to the BUTT in someone’s day! But a Blessing! lol lol lol I try to do that every day and by days end I’m the butt it seems. I can do nothing right to some. But at least I try. I think really there are just some you cannot please. I’ve been around those all my life. I probably can’t be pleased either b/c I’m part of that world too and I myself have pretty high expectations.

I should stop typing. lol

4 responses to “Stress is Obviously Taking a Toll”

  1. So sorry that you still have to go into work 3 days a week. There would be a lot of stress with everyone depending on you for their paycheck. I hope that you feel better today and that you don’t get a fever. I’m thinking a lot of us will be learning new skills, or at least making an attempt to, during this time. Take care!

  2. We picked up son Gatorade at the grocery as It will preplace the electrolites in you system when you are feeling bad. We have not drank any but wanted it on hand in case we get down. Here weeding are still being held with only family in groups of 10 only. All major things are cancelled.

  3. It’s amazing how many people are not taking this seriously. People having birthday parties etc.
    I really hope your “d” does not develop into anything more serious. Hopefully you can calm that issue. Stress most likely a big factor. I hope you can destress some this weekend. 🙏

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