Setting up to Work from Home and Laptop Won’t Connect to Wifi

Quick update. We had a meeting yesterday to begin the process of working from home amidst rumors or heads up that there would be mandatory federal shut downs next week (Tues/Wed announcements coming) and rumors that there will be a TN mandatory state shutdown by end of the weekend.

So we began getting my computer ready for payroll at home which is going to be very difficult and burdensome to do but somehow we will figure it out. But my gosh the first problem is that my IT was not able to even get my laptop to accept wi-fi. I may have to reach out to family or someone else for help. I don’t know what to do. They didn’t have much time yesterday but hopefully hooking up w/ethernet I can get them to remotely fix it. I’m counting on them to do this b/c the ethernet is only a temporary fix option for me due to the location of the router.

I am shocked that I have a laptop that cannot accept wifi. It once did. What changed? They couldn’t figure it out and gave me the ethernet cord. An ethernet cord gets me there if plugged into the router but it is not convenient in my house for me space wise to work where the router is – I need to be where I can set it on a desk and use mouse and the bigger screen – or WE WILL NEVER GET PAYROLL DONE! I can only sit on the bed in the guest room in there with an ethernet cord – and you can’t set up mouse and a monitor on top of a bed. lol This is gonna be a mess if they can’t get the computer where it will be hooked up to wifi. I mean who has a computer that won’t hook to wifi?What? Me, of freaking course. Me! Hopefully we can get it fixed. If not we will have some serious issues when I try to do this. I’ve searched on line for an answer to try to fix it myself. But ran into “administrator” issues as it’s not my laptop. I will be sending them the link since they ran out of ideas yesterday. Seems like we had this issue before and they fixed it.

But these days connecting to wifi should be easy.

Anyway, knowing this is a huge snafu I’m going in to close this payroll at least – today so we know we can get this one payroll done. Will be going in to work after I finish this post.

The next one may be done (or not) with me standing upside down crouched in b/w the bed and the router in a 2 X 2 foot space on the floor, if they can’t get this connect to the internet thing handled where I can set up in the dining room and actually have a desk. I really would like to at least be sitting at a table top. Really not much to ask for to be able to connect to the internet and be able to be seated in a chair and use a table versus a 2×2 slot on the floor.

I hate to ask it but would someone pray for my work laptop? lol. I mean really. This is important. About 300 people’s paychecks will thank you for your prayers, George will love not listening to me fuss, and my company will not want to hear me continually asking why I have a laptop that won’t connect to wifi. It is after all, a good question. lol

And I’m going to go on into work now and then I’ll pick a day next week not to work in it’s place since I’m putting in the time today. Because – we are about out of laundry, my house is filthy, and I need to surface clean after George went out to the store and I’ve worked all week. Things are a mess here. And I also need some down time, but I’m sure we have plenty of that coming. Maybe sooner than later if we don’t get this wifi thing figured out b/c I will tell you – I’m not young anymore and not going to be able to sit on the floor for long in a 2×2 area. Not quite sure that I can even fit there and the bed is not comfortable for desk top work with a monitor, lol. It’ll keep falling over won’t it? How the mouse work on the bed? Probably get a book or something?

My morale will be up if my wifi is fixed. If it is not fixed, and you hear screaming just know it’s me from TN! It will not be pleasant for any of us. ::sigh:: But I have confidence that God and my IT department will figure it out so that payroll can go on!

Meanwhile, giving up my weekend for the cause. Update tomorrow!

And our numbers are starting to flare. I hope none of us have it. This is all gonna blow up soon. And as this gets more real with the mandatory shut downs coming – George went and got more dog food, cat food, and some snacks for us, and dishwashing detergent and even MORE WINE! lol

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  1. It’s about time your company sent you home. If IT can’t get you connected and properly situated to do payroll it is NOT your fault. Make the big guys you work for aware. It’s there problem at the end of the day. I know, it’s “easy” for me to say. Bottom line is that people are dying and we need to protect ourselves.
    I will 🙏 for your laptop!!
    Sorry, but with recent revelations about who knew & when, just totally took my positive outlook away.😥

  2. Just watching the national news, while I try not to watch too much as it is overwhelming maybe you should for a little bit to put things into perspective. (Sorry but being honest here). I have two daughters who are RN’s one working in ICU. From what I remember you have an office. If your WIFI won’t reach shove your bed over and move your desk there. No ones coming over to visit 🙂 Everyone is having to make do somehow. The important thing for all of us is to take a big breath and figure out what’s really a big deal and what’s not. ( and in all probability your IT will figure things out). You have a home, food, ongoing income, and your health, you’re good.

  3. I hope they get laptop problem fixed. People will need their pay now more than ever. Wonder if someone from the cable company could help you figure things out. They helped me once with a problem I was having with my computer.
    I am glad you will be working from home. It will be much safer than risking getting sick.
    Your little doggies will be so happy to have you home all the time. It will be interesting to see how husbands and wives cope with being together 24/7.
    My husband has already mowed the lawn and next, he said he is cleaning out our garage.
    He went to the store to get milk yesterday and was going to get bread and they were out of light bread. He did get milk though and another pack of chicken.
    I could not believe how the Walmart parking lot was full yesterday. he went to the smaller store.
    This coronavirus is no joke. There has already been a death in our county due to it. I am worried for all of us. It is like a nightmare I can’t wake from. I never thought I would see anything like this in my lifetime.
    I may be baking bread this weekend since the stores are out. I have never made so I am hoping it will be eatable.

  4. I think maybe this is how I will be able to make a comment, I’m not really sure but I will try. I do hope that you can get your laptop etc sorted so that you can get a WiFi connected….you know me and my knowledge of the internet so I couldn’t be of any help you that’s for sure. (However I can pray and ask our Lord to help, I just hope he is not too busy trying to make people understand that he has not sent the virus to kill us all, but to warn everyone …who will listen…that if we all don’t change our ways even bigger disasters can be expected. We have all been warned…). Today is Mother’s Day here but we have been asked not to go visiting our Mothers ( chance would be a good thing)…all restaurants bars clubs etc are closed on one of the busy days for them so they are really going to find it hard financially. But some nicer news Yesterday Saturday was a lovely sunny and out of the wind actually warm..first day of the year I have been able to SIT OUTSIDE away from the wind it was lovely..makes our hearts rise, sitting in the sunshine… Take the opportunity if you can to sit out in the sun if only for a few mins. Love and prayers always Sybil xx


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