Our World is Changing Fast as COVID-19 Spreads

It’s interesting and frightening watching this thing play out day by day. I take a mental note of my feelings as I go through the day and I’m noticing that as we switch off to start working from home, I become less anxious about getting the virus. There is some excitement to being able to work from home – once the switch is flipped. We automatically get 1.5 to 2 hours of commute time each per day back into our lives x 2 people = 3 to 4 hours of household or home time to do things around here. And there will be less prep time for make up/grooming/dressing – yes we’ll get our showers in – but we get to wear pajama wear if we want. Don’t have to pack lunches, stop for gas, etc. So add in another hour a piece there. It’s kind of appealing. So I’ve noticed there is a glimmer of a good side to the virus – is George and I hunkering down together and working from home together and getting to eat lunch together (or at least wave at one another if our work schedules don’t mesh). It’s a new thing for sure.

All that said, this is not a matter in which one can find a permanent delight as our jobs were not technically meant to be done from home, and if business doesn’t bounce back either of us could be facing some uncertainties. So this is no pleasure cruise we are boarding, but it does offer some solace and a unique situation to be home at once, and possibly at times – fun. But the reality is that the longer it all plays out, the increasing likelihood that one or both of us could lose our positions. This fact cannot be overlooked. Am I worried? No, but of course I am concerned and I do care. I have just noted the reality.

From the beginning, knowing this could be bad, I’ve stated that we are smart and talented folk and we’ll figure things out – for us, our family, and friends. We will do what we need to do and when and will figure the how and the where along the way. We will survive – as long as we survive the virus itself. lol. We certainly will be taking losses though like everyone else. But with retirement 5 years away, I think we will certainly rebound by then. One can only hope.

And with all that in mind, and the virus not playing out until probably summer – we cancelled our VRBO rental for Amelia Island in May.

This is bad, but there is the option now of maybe going to Texas this summer and seeing one fine Katebug and a Cody! Their rent is free and we buy dinner! ha. I don’t think my heart can risk booking a trip to the beach during hurricane season. I just know my luck. But as the good Lord has reminded us it’s kindof a vain approach now to be worrying or planning for the future. Today brings it’s own worries and no man knows whether he be a coming or a going. Well ok not exactly a direct Biblical quote but look in Proverbs and I’m sure that planning is a folly, lol. I, for one, have not looked at a to do list since Tulsa’s flight check in’s.

Much of the to do list is just really defunct. Plan fun things to do on vacay – deleted. Plans for a shower held here at the house – deleted – it’ll be virtual. Plan time with Mom in April? Who knows – I don’t want to infect her. New Drivers License update – heck no – I’m not going to go to those nasty places with this virus going on. If they are even open? Research Stevia’s impact on the body? Who cares now, we are in survival mode – I mean George just brought home Little Debbies oatmeal creams! Plan rest of the year’s PTO – well hell no – we’ll be using that during the upcoming weeks – likely. As this thing is not going to be over til we hit 80 degrees +. So life stops for a while outside the house.

I am ready to hunker down b/c as this thing quickly and wildly spreads, our risk of getting this thing increases exponentially. I’m even getting paranoid at work. I myself am not even 14 days away from being in not one but two major airports and 1 smaller one, plus several plane rides across a few hours in which you are closer together much more than a cruise ship. I’m at day 7 now from the final day of our trip. And numerous ones have traveled as well that we are in contact with. Who knows who holds the ticking bomb as it’s hidden.

So I was able to move a desk to the end of the bed in our guest room. Likely no guests during this hunker down period unless we need to go get Mom. She is better off being there alone w/o us coming in every day from the outside infecting her though, but I’ve offered to come get her or help her if at any time she feels she needs us or our help. My sister who lives in same town as my Mom has also offered to step up to help and will drop off supplies or food on the porch. (They don’t confer directly, but that is none of my business. It does make me the middle guy in which I had set boundaries, but during a crisis I will forego the boundary thing to keep people safe and alive, and cannot guarantee that my eyes are not crossing in the process). Hey honesty here. It’s not like everyone else hasn’t been verbal about their feelings.

Since IT could not get the laptop to connect to a wifi, I’m using the ethernet cord. Is it ideal? No – see for yourself. I can see a dog foot pulling the cord out, while jumping off the bed, taking the laptop for a spin. But – it is also what it is. Maybe a longer ethernet cord? Anyway I was pretty happy to discover I could move a desk in there and set up, log in and be ready to go. It’s not a permanent set up but will do for now. So no guests but we’d likely not have them anyway. If so they will become intimate bedmates with an ethernet cord. Maisy on the other hand is happy as everything! Drinks have to be on 2nd shelf as to not spill over in the small space into laptop. I think I will need to find a tray table to extend the desk into a work area. Where my papers gonna go?

Anyway, I’m trying to make the best of all this. I woke up at 3:30 a.m. on my day to sleep in – go figure – trying to figure out how to make my job work from home. It’s not going to be easy b/c we can’t print. I’ve made a list of things I need to print before I leave work Monday to see if it will help me. I mean certain things have to be printed now before the next payroll as it’s quarter end and such. Once payroll runs again it will add another week on it and the numbers will be off. So certain things have to be done Monday! If I get that done I can work on some of my stuff at home. I know they said not to worry about taxes but I really want to try and get as much as I can done so it’s not pandemonium later. Well, it’s already pandemonium so…..but I’m thinking of bringing the 2020 tax files with me in a box so I can work on all the returns and such. So many things going through my head this morning.

Anyway, I’m going to focus on the house today, get our laundry done, bake some bread if I have time, and vacuum, and surface clean and pick up the house some. Much to do. I also may take a day off next week since I worked yesterday. Or instead of working full days, work partial. Haven’t decided yet. I know we have to be there Monday and hope we don’t have to be there beyond that b/c I’m personally ready to hunker down and work from home seeing the numbers get bigger every day. And who knows who already has it? Do I? Someone else? That is the thing. We are all getting increasingly exposed every day. Ugh… that’s why so many scrambling to get groceries. WE are not used to this kind of thing.

So I went in and did payroll yesterday. And my immediate boss also went in for moral support of me. I love her for this. While I would have (and have) done it myself at Christmas time, it was nice having her there and she helped me in the processes of time sheets and piecework review. One person can only do the actually closing but she was there in her office next door and we ordered Cracker Barrel which is delivering through Door Dash (they set it up – not you – you just go on line and order for delivery and they get it to you and send a link so you can see the door dash people coming.) Bless them. WE enjoyed our comfort food from Cracker Barrel. Never mind that cooties and viruses could be on the bag or in our food. One just has to use hand sanitizer and hope for the best?

Then at home, George was in good spirits. He’d found chicken for us and paper towels and potatoes and onions.

Dinner was great. I asked for Asian chicken. He just created a recipe which he’s good at, with whatever sauces, seasonings we had.

We watched The Crown. And I fell asleep during the 2nd one. He wakes me up if I do. So I think I fell asleep twice. But these days have been so long and a bit stress filled with uncertainty.

Well, I want to go watch Katy’s church service. It’s streaming live at 9:00. WE watched it from the airport last week!

I’ll post again tomorrow. It helps me to park my feelings here of course. You can too in your comments. Just always pour out what you need to say. I’m praying for each one of you as you do! Love you all.

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